OLTL Transcript Tuesday 6/24/03

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 6/24/03

By Eric
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Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Flash: I'm so sorry that I lied to you about being your cousin, being Sarah.

Rex: Let's just go all the way to Maryland.

Jen: Why?

Rex: Well, because it's easier to get married there.

Antonio: "Lion Heart." I found it.

Jessica: Release my mother, let Walker go, or I swear you'll lose me forever.

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Troy: You know, you were pretty amazing last night.

Claire: Well, I had an amazing partner.

Troy: Ah, I see. You tired? Didn't get much sleep last night.

Claire: No. As a matter of fact, I haven't felt this good in a long time.

Troy: Really?

Claire: I was kind of hoping that we might get together again tonight, if you're not busy.

Troy: Oh, that sounds very good. You know, if it's anything like last night, it could become a habit.

Claire: Good. Because you could become an addiction.

Natalie: What are you doing?

Jen: Uh, my class assignment. Why?

Natalie: What's the course, invasion of privacy 101?

Jen: Don't you have anything better to do than follow me around?

Natalie: Get over yourself. I'm here to see if Cristian got the technician job that he applied for.

Jen: Hmm, sounds like a step up from chauffeur.

Natalie: Huh. You know, not everybody gets money handed to them in their lap, ok? Some people have to work?

Jen: This coming from a Buchanan?

Natalie: Forget it.

Jen: Gladly.

Natalie: One last thing that I have to say to you -- stay away from my brothers, both of them -- Joe and Rex.

[Music plays]

Joey: Flash? Has anybody seen flash?

Rex: Wasting your time, padre. Not here.

Joey: Any idea where she is?

Rex: Don't know, don't care. Glad to see you do, though. She's perfect for you.

Joey: What's that supposed to mean?

Rex: You know, needy, confused, broke. All the things they taught you about priest school, right? Much more your type than Jen. By the way, I'm still planning on marrying her.

[Headphones blare]

Nora: Flash. Flash? Hello.

Flash: Oh. Sorry.

Nora: That's all right. What are you listening to?

Flash: It's just a rough mix of our stuff -- really rough.

Nora: Oh. You don't sound very happy with it.

Flash: No, it's -- the band's playing great, the songs are -- the songs are cool.

Nora: So what's the problem?

Flash: The problem is -- nothing. Forget it.

Nora: Well, I probably could, but I don't think you can.

Nora: If I was to assume the problem was with Joey Buchanan, would I be wrong?

Flash: I'm such a jerk. I've been lying to him for months, right to his face.

Nora: About?

Flash: Everything that matters -- about what I am, about who I am.

Nora: So, who are you?

[Phone rings]

Bo: Buchanan.

Antonio: Commissioner! Can you hear me? It's -- it's Antonio!

Bo: Antonio. Yeah, you still in the Lenape Forest?

Antonio: I -- commissioner, listen, the signal's really weak, but I found it, commissioner. I -- I found Lion's Heart.

Bo: Yeah, I can hear you. Listen, that's great. Give me -- give me your location and I'll send in backup.

Antonio: I can't be sure, commissioner. My compass is worthless. But I doubled back on myself a couple of times. I -- I can't see the granite ledge, but I can hear the waterfall. It's a mile away maybe. I'm in some -- some clearing, maybe five, six -- six miles away from where the road ended. I didn't see it on the map.

Bo: All right, all right, you stay put, ok, because we've got choppers back up now, so maybe they can bead in on your cell phone signal.

Antonio: I'll leave the phone on, but the signal's dying as it is.

Bo: Yeah, you're breaking up.

Antonio: I can't wait, commissioner. I can't wait. Walker's disappeared and Jessica's in there trapped with -- trapped with some lunatic. I got to get to her before it's too late.

Bo: No! You wait for backup! An-- Antonio? Damn!

Bo: Let's go. You're with me.

Antonio: Hang on, Jessica.

Jessica: Do what I'm asking. Go. Leave now!

Viki: I'm begging you, don't hurt yourself, please.

Jessica: Then leave. Leave me with my father, ok?

Mitch: Listen to our daughter, Viki, and do what she says. She means it.

Viki: No, I'm not leaving without her!

Mitch: If you don't, she's going to kill herself. Is that what you want?

Viki: All right, fine! Ok, I'll go. We'll go. Jessica, I'm going to get you out of this, baby. I love you. I will always love you!

Cristian: I'm sorry to be so anxious, but this job is really important. I just got engaged and I need the job. Well, I didn't just get engaged. Let's just say this job would -- would mean a lot. Dr. MacIver said he was going to put in a good word for me.

Claire: He did. You're hired.

Cristian: I got the job?

Claire: Troy put in more than a good word -- Dr. MacIver. He gave you a very strong recommendation.

Cristian: All right. Well, that's great. And it comes with health benefits, right?

Claire: Human resources will explain all that to you. You just go downstairs to room 104 --

Cristian: I know where it is, thank you. Really, thank you very much.

Claire: My pleasure, although I really didn't do anything.

Cristian: Oh, you did, believe me. I'm going to go find my fiancée and give her the good news. See you.

Jen: Where do you get off telling me who I can't hang out with?

Natalie: Why are you so desperate? I mean, everybody knows that, "gee, I'm going to go marry Rex so that I can get Joe to notice me." It's so obvious.

Jen: You don't know what you're talking about, as usual!

Natalie: You don't think that I've forgotten all those sick games that you used to play to try to keep Cristian, and now you're playing the same games to Joe?

Jen: I'm not the one playing the games. It's that freak Flash. Or should I say Sarah.

Natalie: Sarah?

Jen: You are so out of it. Yeah, her name is Sarah Roberts. She's married to your cousin C.J.? It figures you wouldn't know about it. It's only your own family.

Natalie: Who told you that?

Jen: The real question is, why didn't anybody tell you?

Natalie: Because it's not true.

Jen: Yeah, right.

Natalie: Look, I know my own family, ok? I mean, Sarah Roberts is my cousin, but she's not married to C.J. They're brother and sister.

Nora: Sarah? My God.

Flash: Don't you start looking at me like that.

Nora: I -- I can't help it. I'm -- I'm -- I don't even believe it!

Flash: I can trust you, right? You can't say anything to anybody. I've already blown it with Joe. I can't --

Nora: Oh, for heaven's sake, Flash -- Sarah -- I mean, how did you expect him to react? You're cousins. I mean, you really thought that this was a good idea to date him, huh?

Flash: It's not like I planned it.

Nora: Well, I would hope not.

Flash: Things just -- they happened.

Nora: Well, why didn't you tell anyone -- me, your family?

Flash: I was looking for C.J. and I didn't want my mother to find out.

Nora: Why not? Tina must be worried sick about you.

Flash: She couldn't care less.

Nora: Now, why would y s say something like that?

Flash: Because it's the truth. I can't stand her, and the feeling is way mutual. It's like -- it's like she comes first and second and nobody else even matters!

Nora: Well, you know, the Tina that I remember really loved her children.

Flash: Yeah, well, things change. Mothers -- mothers are supposed to support their kids, right? They're supposed to believe in them and be there for them, the way you are for Matthew. Nora, God, you took me in just because Joe vouched for me! You made me feel like I mattered, like what I had to say and what I felt -- it was important. Why can't I have a mother like you?

Nora: Honey, motherhood is -- is a little more complicated than that. You know? Sometimes you have to say no because it's a part of love. I mean, it's the hard part, granted, but --

Flash: It's not just about love. It's about trust and it's about respect and -- and telling you to go for it. But did I ever get any of that from them? No, no way! Not from her, not from Cain!

Nora: Cain? Cain Rogan?

Flash: They tried to ruin my life.

Joey: You're telling me to stay away from Jen?

Rex: Hey, the man listens.

Joey: Think again.

Rex: It's what Jen wants, bro.

Joey: You don't have a clue what Jen wants.

Rex: Ah, think again. See, I'm the one who's got her.

Joey: No, you don't.

Rex: Excuse me?

Joey: You got nothing -- no brains, no compassion, and no decency.

Rex: Ok, whoa, whoa, sermon time!

Joey: Her father just died, and you're like some vulture swooping in to feed off the remains!

Rex: Whoa! Whoa!

Joey: Her mom is in a mental hospital, and all you can think about is taking advantage of her!

Rex: You done?

Joey: I'm just getting started.

Rex: Ok, well, maybe you could pause just long enough to remember that Jen makes her own decisions. You see, we already got the marriage license. You're out of the picture.

Joey: You just want her money.

Rex: That's low. I love Jen. She's beautiful, she's smart. And let me tell you, collar boy, she is pretty damn amazing in bed.

Joey: Pig.

Rex: Oh, like you don't think about getting her into the sack?

Joey: Shut up!

Rex: Oh, oh. I hit a nerve.

Joey: Don't push it, Rex. This collar only goes so far.

Rex: Ok, go ahead. Lie, then. I don't care. You see, I know who you really are. Guess that collar only counts when you want it to, huh?

Joey: You think?

Rex: That was you who blackmailed me into helping with that stupid sting operation, wasn't it? And as far as Jen goes, you had your chance. She chewed you up and spit you out. See, that's the difference between you and me. When you really care about somebody, you fight for them, you stick it out. You don't give up.

Walker: Don't you move!

Mitch: "And Cain rose up against his brother Abel and killed him. And God said to Cain, 'where is your brother? Where is Abel, your brother?' Cain said, 'oh, I do not know. Am I my brother's keeper?' And the lord said --"

Walker: "And the lord said, 'what have you done? Your brother's blood is crying to me from the ground.'"

Mitch: Well done, brother. You could never shoot me, any more than you could shoot yourself. Or maybe you could. But you won't shoot me. No, you wouldn't be able to stand to hear your brother's blood crying to you from the ground.

Walker: I will do it, brother. I swear it.

Mitch: In the back? In cold blood? No, I don't think so. Love ya, brother. Oh, there is, um, a lesson to be learned here -- know thine enemy. If you do, nothing he does will --

[Jessica screams]

Nora: You need to start at the beginning for me, ok?

Flash: The only thing that's important to me is music. It's the only thing I care about, it's the only thing I'm good at. And they knew it.

Nora: Ok.

Flash: I used to sneak out and gig for an underground band at an after-hours club. And I'd come home at 5:00 A.M. In time for school.

Nora: 5:00 A.M.?

Flash: Yeah. I mean, it wasn't very good for my grades -- I know that -- but I mean, I found out what I really wanted to do in life. How many people can say that?

Nora: Uh, well, I'll give you that.

Flash: Anyway, my mom found out, she freaked.

Nora: Well, you know, I can't say that I blame her.

Flash: But, Nora, she shut me down, no more music. She took away the only dream that I've ever had!

Nora: Tina did this?

Flash: Her and Cain.

Nora: Are you sure there wasn't more to this?

Flash: I'm positive.

[Troy sighs]

Claire: I got us a reservation at a place called Madison Inn. It's perfect -- great jazz, great food --

Troy: You know something, Claire -- why don't you start paying a little more attention to what's going on around here, ok? I mean, you are the hospital administrator, aren't you?

Claire: Yes. Of course. Why, what happened?

Troy: Well, I just walked into an examining room that wasn't cleaned.

Claire: Ooh.

Troy: The nurse didn't know where her supervisor was and you weren't even in your office.

Claire: Well, I'm here. I can take care of whatever needs to be taken care of.

Troy: Good. Now.

Claire: On my way. See you later?

Troy: See me later? For what?

Claire: Well, we have a date tonight.

Troy: Oh, Claire --

Claire: Don't we?

Troy: No, we don't, ok? There's no date, there's no us. That was a one-night thing, that's all.

Claire: But I don't understand.

Troy: Look, Claire, I don't have time to explain myself to you now, ok? There are sick people that need my attention.

Cristian: I've got some amazing news.

Natalie: Don't tell me -- you got the job?

Jen: Don't hold back on my account. What's the good news, Cristian? Did your girlfriend's personality transplant finally come through?

Cristian: What's your problem, Jen?

Jen: Guess you've been hanging out with Natalie too long.

Cristian: What was that about?

Natalie: Nothing. Forget it.

Cristian: All right. So, yeah, I got the job.

Natalie: Congratulations! That's great. I'm very, very happy for you.

Cristian: Thank you.

Natalie: I want to hear all about it. Um -- you know, I got to ask you something first.

Cristian: Sure.

Natalie: Ok, you know Flash, that girl that Joe's been hanging out with?

Cristian: Well, I've heard her sing, yeah.

Natalie: Jen claims that she's Sarah Roberts.

Cristian: Wait a minute. As in Cord and Tina Roberts?

Natalie: Yeah, except for Jen was saying that Sarah is married to my cousin C.J.

Cristian: They're brother and sister.

Natalie: Yeah.

Cristian: And Sarah's probably about Flash's age right now. But why would she call herself Flash?

Natalie: I don't know. You know, I'll ask my mom.

Cristian: No, no, you know what, I don't think you should do that. Why don't you wait till Jessica's home safe.

Natalie: Ok.

Flash: You can't tell my Aunt Viki who I really am, please.

Nora: Oh, now, see, you're putting me in a very uncomfortable position, Sarah.

Flash: I'm sorry. I don't mean to. But you have to promise me that you won't say anything until I figure this out, will you?

Nora: Oh -- I won't. But if you're smart, you'll tell Viki yourself. Well, it's your call. I won't say anything.

Flash: Thanks. I'm counting on you.

Nora: Uh-huh.

[Flash coughs]

Nora: You ok?

Flash: Yeah, fine.

Nora: Wow, that sounds bad. That's horrible. Honey? Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. Ok. All right. I'm taking you to the doctor.

Flash: No, please!

Nora: Yes.

Flash: Please, no!

Nora: Yeah, we're going right now. Come on, come with me, come with me.

Viki: Oh, my God. Antonio! Antonio, stop! You're going to kill him!

Walker: Stop!

Viki: Antonio!

Bo: That's enough! That's enough, Antonio! Enough! Get off! Get him up, make sure he's all right! Don't move. Mitch Lawrence, you're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present, now and in any questioning in the future. Do you understand?

Mitch: He tried to kill me.

Bo: I'll be damned if I'm not doing this one by the book. Now, do you understand?

Mitch: Go to hell.

Bo: I'll take that as a yes. Now that you know and understand these rights as I've explained them to you are you willing to answer some questions without your attorney present?

Mitch: For God's sake, the animal tried to kill me with his bare hands!

Bo: Take this man into custody. Come on.

Jessica: Why? Why would you do this? Why would you hurt everybody that I love?

Mitch: All I ever wanted to do, Jessica, was love you.

Jessica: I hate you. I hate you! I hate you.

Bo: Come on, get him out.

Jessica: I hate you.

Mitch: Jessica! Jessica! Jessica!

Jessica: I knew you'd come.

Nora: Come on. All right, here. Just stay right here, ok? All right? Hang on. Hey, hey, are you doing anything?

Troy: Yeah, a little bit. What's up?

Nora: Can you just look at flash for me, please, or get someone to?

Troy: I'll handle it. Flash? Flash, I want you to breathe, ok?

Nora: It's been getting worse all day.

Flash: I'm fine. I'm ok.

Troy: No, no, no, no, Flash, unfortunately, you're not fine.

Nora: Go, go. I'll wait in here for you.

Troy: I'll take her.

Nora: Ok.

Flash: I'm fine. I'm ok.

Nurse: I don't understand.

Claire: It's ok.

Nurse: He screamed at me for no reason.

Claire: Look, it's not your fault. It's Dr. MacIver. The least little thing sets him off lately. He's like two separate people lately.

Nurse: You noticed it, too?

Claire: Look, this is just between you and me, ok? We -- went out last night to dinner and, you know, back to his place. We had a great time. He was wonderful. He was sexy and tender and funny. He was so incredible last night. Today, nothing like that. He's totally cold, nasty, like he doesn't even want to know me.

Nurse: He did the same thing to me last week.

Joey: You know, I don't have time for this, and I definitely don't have time for you. But if you hurt Jen, I swear I will make you regret it.

Rex: Oh, what, you're her protector now? I don't think so. She's with me because she wants to be with me, ok, so stay out of it!

Joey: You're walking on the edge, rex.

Rex: Threatening me?

Joey: Damn right I'm threatening you.

[Phone rings]

Joey: Hello? She is? Is she hurt? Wait, I'll be right there.

Jen: Why don't you watch --

Joey: I'm sorry, I didn't --

Jen: What's up with him?

Rex: Oh, the usual. He couldn't wait to get out of here. All hot to trot about finding his little squeeze, Flash. I'll tell you, I have seen guys go nuts over a woman before, but this is -- this is ridiculous. That man is totally in love.

Troy: All right, let's get this throat culture down to the lab. They should have the results back in 48 hours.

Flash: Thanks.

Troy: Not a problem. Look, Flash, in the mean time, I want you stay away from that spray. I can't emphasize that enough. It's the worst thing you could possibly do to yourself. Come on.

Antonio: We need a doctor now!

Claire: Take her into 115. I'll get a doctor.

Bo: Welcome back to the L.P.D., Mitch, your home away from home. Everybody say hello to Mitch.

Mitch: "I was naked and ye clothed me. I was sick and ye visited me."

Bo: Mitch, Mitch, Mitch.

Mitch: "I was in prison and ye came unto me."

Bo: Try to stay with me here, will you, ok? Don't try to cop that insanity plea because it's not going to work.

Mitch: I'm as sane as you are.

Bo: Oh, thanks a lot. Listen, right after we book you, we're going to take you downstairs, put you in a nice, comfortable cell. Now, I want you to make yourself very comfortable there because we have so many charges against you, we're going to use a whole ream of paper.

Mitch: Might I have a bible? Surely you wouldn't deny me that small comfort, commissioner.

Bo: Yeah, a bible you can have a whole stack of bibles. I'll tell you what you can't haves this.

Viki: Jessie? Sweetheart, can you hear me? Honey? It's all over now, baby. You're safe. It's all over and you're fine. Everything is going to be fine now, ok? Mitch is gone. It's all over.

Troy: I got it. Jessica? It's Dr. MacIver. Can you hear me? Do you know where you are? Does anybody know what happened?

Viki: Yeah, she was drugged. Mitch Lawrence injected her with some kind of drug.

Antonio: I think this is it, doc.

Troy: Let's have a look. Ah, diazepam. It's a tranquilizer. Nurse? Can you take this down to the lab and have it analyzed, and try to put a rush on it for me, all right? All right, I'm going to draw some blood and set up a drug screen, make sure there's no other drugs involved.

Jessica: No. No, no, stay away from me. Stay away from me!

Viki: Jessie?

Mitch: Give me that!

Walker: Mitch --

Bo: No, you calm down, Lawrence!

Mitch: I'm warning you --

Bo: No, I'm warning you you're going to have to find a new source of power because this -- this is evidence.

Mitch: That diamond is cursed, you fool. It'll destroy you if you don't know how to handle it.

Bo: Is that right? Guess I just have to take my chances.

Mitch: You have no idea what you're dealing with.

Bo: Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea.

Mitch: You think prison bars are an impediment to someone like me?

Bo: Yeah, I do.

Mitch: Have you learned nothing from history? I'm talking about destiny, commissioner, about things beyond your control, bend your comprehension -- powers you can't begin to fathom. Men like me. Men of strength and vision. Men above mortal law.

Bo: You are really out of your funky mind, aren't you, Mitch?

Walker: He needs medical attention, commissioner, a doctor.

Mitch: No, I can't be harmed, not a hair on my head.

Walker: He's not rational.

Mitch: Oh, on the contrary. My time here will be short-lived. I promise you.

Bo: We'll see.

Jessica: No, stay away from me!

Viki: Jessie, it's ok, baby! It's all right!

Antonio: It's not Mitch. You're in the hospital.

Jessica: No, you're wrong!

Viki: Honey --

Natalie: No one's going to hurt you.

Troy: Guys, why don't you wait outside.

Jessica: Please help me! Please help me!

Antonio: Do you recognize me? It's Antonio.

Viki: Sweetheart, listen to me -- ok, that's Dr. MacIver. It's not Mitch, ok?

Troy: Thank you.

Viki: And Dr. MacIver is trying to help you. Sweetheart, Mitch is gone. He's not going to hurt you. I wouldn't let anyone hurt you anymore. Sweetheart, you have to let Dr. MacIver help you. It's ok. It's all over and you're safe.

Troy: It's ok.

Viki: You all right? Ok? Let him help you, babe. Ok?

Troy: I'm just going to take a little blood, that's all.

Nora: Was -- is that Jessica?

Cristian: Yeah, she's pretty upset.

Natalie: Yeah, she's scared to death. Who wouldn't be?

Joey: Hey. What's going on? Is Jess ok?

Cristian: She is physically.

Joey: What's that supposed to mean?

Natalie: Mitch had her kept, he had her drugged. He really pulled a number on her this time.

Cristian: Yeah, she lost it in there. She thought Dr. MacIver was Mitch.

Natalie: Yeah, well, I mean, look at what she's been going through.

Joey: I got to see her.

Cristian: Joey, I think maybe you should wait, man.

Joey: No, no, she's my sister. Doc, how is she?

Troy: Well, right now she needs to get her rest.

Joey: No, I need to see her.

Troy: Joe, in a little while, ok? She's been through some major emotional trauma. She's going to be fine, but it's just going to take a little time, ok? Oh. Lisa, hey. Can you take these down to the lab? I need a complete workup done, altered mental status. C.B.C., U.D.S., And chem. screen. Thank you.

Nora: Hi.

Troy: Nora. Hey.

Nora: Are you going back in there?

Troy: I'm going to check on her in a little while. I think right now the best thing for her is to be with her mother.

Nora: Um, do you have any idea what's happened with Flash?

Troy: Well, first of all, whoever prescribed that throat spray should lose his license. She's done severe damage to her throat tissue and vocal cords, and the only thing that spray did was mask the symptoms of the underlying infection.

Nora: Well, how serious is it?

Troy: It's very serious. Nora, there's swelling in her throat. It could end up affecting her breathing.

Nora: Bottom line?

Troy: The bottom line is she needs to rest her voice and she needs to stop singing, completely.

Nora: For how long?

Troy: Until the symptoms are completely resolved. Look, Nora, if she doesn't take care of this now, she could end up losing her singing voice forever.

Nora: Thanks.

Troy: Not a problem.

Nora: Uh, troy, by the way, how are you doing?

Troy: Me?

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Troy: I'm fine.

Nora: Good.

Troy: Why?

Nora: Why?

Troy: Why?

Nora: Um, no reason.

Troy: No reason, huh?

Rex: You ok?

Jen: Flash -- what a little freak. I mean, going after her own cousin? That's just sick.

Rex: Say what? Her cousin?

Jen: Long story. Never mind.

Rex: Yeah. Fine. Whatever. Listen, I just had this great idea.

Jen: I'm listening.

Rex: Well, I can't tell you what it is -- not yet.

Jen: So why'd you bring it up?

Rex: I want to get you something special, a gift. I know exactly what it is, but it's a surprise.

Jen: Cool. In the meantime, I am going to take the motorcycle out for a ride and blow off some steam.

Rex: Want company?

Jen: No. No, thanks, but I -- I just want some time for myself. We'll hook up later.

Rex: Yeah. Yeah, whatever. Oh, Jen, hang on, you forgot your -- purse.

Joey: I could kill Mitch for what he did to jess.

Cristian: Yeah, take a number.

Mitch: Fair warning, commissioner -- there's nothing you can do to me. Prison cannot hold me, for I am the burning and the shining light. I am the greatness and the power, the glory and the victory.

Bo: Hmm, no. I'll tell you what you are, Lawrence. You're finished. Get him out of here.

Walker: I'll come see you soon, Mitch.

Mitch: I may be gone by then.

Bo: Jeez.

Walker: What happens now?

Bo: With any luck, your brother will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Walker: What about that diamond?

Bo: I don't know. I, uh, just might keep it around here, make it a paperweight. It's going to be locked up tight in the evidence room until we sort this whole thing out. Why?

Walker: Just curious.

Antonio: Hey. Hi. I was -- I was thinking about you. I got your note and your yellow roses. I couldn't stop thinking about you. And I knew you were thinking about me, too.

Jessica: I'm glad that you liked them.

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