OLTL Transcript Tuesday 6/10/03

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 6/10/03

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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" -- 

Joey: I'm seeing someone.

Jen: Who? Flash? if you were so into her, then you wouldn't look at me the way you do.

Guard: Got a flower delivery.

Jessica: All it says is "Sorry for your loss."

Viki: No, no, no. Ben!

Bo: Llanfair -- this is Dorian's house.

Nora: They're connected?

Hank: That's how Mitch is getting around town.

Blair: Where's Walker?

Mitch: Goodbye, Brother.


Natalie: I wish we didn't have to go.

Cristian: Yeah, but you got to meet Roxy.

Natalie: Hmm. Why, I don't know.

Cristian: And I got that interview.

Natalie: You know what I wish? I wish that you didn't have to go to work and we could just live off of all of your paintings.

Cristian: Mm-hmm. Not today.

Natalie: But then tomorrow, right?

Cristian: Yeah, sure, tomorrow.

[Natalie giggles]


Renee: A little something for getting that drug dealer off the street.

Joey: Oh, thank you, but it was really Riley and Marcie that did all the work.

Flash: He came up with the idea.

Renee: Okay, okay, okay. Celebrate, both of you. Thanks.

Flash: Thank you.

Joey: Thank you. Actually, I didn’t. It was Antonio Vega and Marcie that --

Flash: You have no idea, do you?

Joey: No idea about what?

Flash: How much you do for people.

Joey: Not enough.

Flash: A lot.


Rex: Oh, glad those winds finally stopped. Thought they were going to blow all our stuff away.


Viki: We didn't know what to think when we got a condolence wreath.

Asa: But -- but Ben is alive.

Viki: Yes. Yes. The same as he was. It was just Mitch playing another game.

Antonio: I'm going to call the florist, see if I can get a lead on how the flowers were ordered.

Viki: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Yeah, Commissioner.

Bo: I need you to meet me down at the old Pyramid Theater, in the basement.

Antonio: What's there?

Bo: Mitch Laurence, I hope.

Antonio: I'm on my way.

Viki: Is that about Mitch?

Antonio: We might have him. Just keep your fingers crossed.

Jessica: Antonio, be careful.


Troy: Hey, Cristian. What are you doing here?

Cristian: I was applying for a technician job for the night shift.

Troy: I thought you worked for Asa Buchanan.

Cristian: That didn't work out. Don’t ask.

Troy: Oh. Well, you let me know if you need a recommendation, all right?

Cristian: Oh, yeah, yeah, that would be great, actually.

Troy: Well, it's not a problem. I'm glad to help you.

Cristian: Thanks.

Dorian: Hello, Cristian. Dr. MacIver, I need to have a word with you.

Cristian: Sure. See you.

Troy: No, don't leave.

Dorian: Give my best to your mother.

Troy: What do you want, Dorian?

Dorian: Oh. Blair is asking for Walker Laurence. I mean, she's worried about him. You know, they became very close.

Troy: What are you doing here, Dorian? Are you trying to play some kind of game or something?

Dorian: No, not at all, but she hasn't exactly been buzzing for you, has she? In fact, she wants to go home, tonight, and I've already arranged for her clothes to be sent over.

Troy: Wait a minute. She's not going to go looking for Mitch's brother, is she?

Dorian: Are you worried about her or jealous?


Mitch: Not much time before these candles burn down and the whole place goes up. A little glimpse of hell before you get there.

Walker: Damn it, Mitch, we are brothers!

Mitch: You remember Cain and Abel? You remember them, don't you, Walker? The first brothers. Yes, God preferred Abel. He thought Cain was unworthy. "Sin is crouching at your door," God told him. "Its desire is for you, but you must master it."

Walker: Mitch, you can still do that. It’s not too late.

[Mitch laughs]

Mitch: I wasn't talking about me. You’re the sinner. You sided with an enemy against your own blood. You chose Blair over me.

Walker: I was trying to protect you, to keep you from doing anything else! Mitch, this isn't you. This is our father talking. You used to protect me from him once. You told me to stand behind you. I will stand behind you again. Let me go.

Mitch: Am I my brother's keeper?

Walker: Mitch -- Mitch, don't! Mitch! Mitch!


Renee: Excuse me. I thought I made it clear when I fired you. You are not welcome here.

Rex: I have just as much right to be here as anyone else.

Renee: And I have the right to throw out anybody that I don't want to be here. Got it?


Flash: Do you -- you need to go over there?

Joey: No. No.

Flash: So you're not a total do-gooder?

Joey: Only when I want to be.


Roxy: Foxy Roxy’s is my lifeline. It's my imbecilical cord. And if ASA cuts off that cord, I'm a goner.

Natalie: But why would he shut it down? I mean, the place is doing great. You're making him a lot of money.

Roxy: Yeah, except he’s going to make more money from the tax break if it goes under, so it's an offer that I can't refuse. So he's going to sign everything over to me. I just have to give him the trigger that's going to dehypnotize Renee and Nigel.

Natalie: And it really works?

Roxy: Well, that's just it. It didn't work. I I sang "Melancholy Baby" and "Bye-Bye, Love," but it didn't happen like that. It was "Melancholy Baby" and Bye-Bye, Foxy Roxy’s.

Natalie: Yeah, well, first off, you shouldn't have been blackmailing Asa.

Roxy: Are you going to help me or not?

Natalie: Well, I don't want to lose my job, so --

Roxy: Well, I don't want to lose my dream.

Natalie: All right. I'll ask Asa. I mean, he's got to listen to me, right? I'm his granddaughter.


Viki: Asa, I've spoken with my family, and we all agreed. I'm going to let you submit my name for President of Llanview University.

Asa: Oh, good. Now, that probably is the best thing I've heard all year.

Viki: Well, I'm glad. I just hope the board approves me.

Asa: They will, Viki.

Viki: Oh --

Asa: You know, when you went to visit Ben, does his doctor have anything to say?

Viki: You mean is he improving? No, he's not.

Asa: Well, then, all we can do, I guess, is pray for him.

Viki: I do that, every minute of every day.

Jessica: Grandpa, I didn't know you were still here.

Asa: And where are you heading off to?

Jessica: Al's graduating. I have to get him a gift. I completely forgot.

Viki: You know what? I think I'll go with you.

Asa: And if she won't, I will.

Jessica: Mom, Grandpa, I'm fine. Antonio said that they think they got Mitch, so --

Viki: Please be careful.

Jessica: I won't be long.

Ofc. Conner: Sorry, Ms. Buchanan. Detective Vega left orders not to let you leave.

Jessica: What?

Viki: Did I just hear what I thought heard?

Jessica: I'm not going to stop living my life, and nobody can make me.

Viki: She's obstinate.

Asa: She is a Buchanan, Viki, through and through.


Bo: You smell that?

Antonio: Gasoline.

Bo: Police!

Antonio: Police!

Walker: Get the candles. Get the candles.

Bo: What happened?

Walker: Oh. No, Mitch -- he's gone totally insane. He killed Blair.

Bo: Blair's fine. She’s at the hospital. She's safe.

Walker: Oh. No. No one's safe, not with Mitch out there. He wants to kill us all.

Bo: Do you have any idea where your brother went?

Walker: Ow! Ah! ah, ah! No, he just took off. He left me here to die.                          


Mitch: "Thou shall give life for life, eye for eye, hand for hand, foot for foot, burning for burning, wound for wound."

Priest: Amen, my son. Amen. But have you done what you preach?

Mitch: I did what you told me, Father. Walker's soul burns in hell.

Priest: What of the others?

Mitch: They, too, shall soon share his fate.

Ghost father: When? You have had many chances, and yet you fail.

Mitch: I haven't failed. I'm invincible.

Priest: You're mad! Those women drove you out of your mind.

Mitch: I haven't lost my mind. I will cast out my enemies, and I will be saved.

Priest: The Lord has rebuked you!

Mitch: That's not true.

Priest: Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire!

[Mitch cries]

Mitch: No! Save me! Someone, please, save me!

Jessica: Mitch? Father?

Mitch: Jessica?


Bo: Troy?

Troy: What happened?

Bo: He's been shot.

Walker: It's my shoulder. I'm all right.

Troy: Who did it?

Walker: Mitch. He tried to kill Blair.

Troy: All right, come on. Let's get him into a room.

Blair: Walker? Oh, my God, are you all right?

Walker: I'm okay.

Blair: What happened? Where's Mitch?

Walker: I don't know.

Blair: I was so worried about you. Thank God you're all right.


Natalie: Okay, please, you cannot close down Foxy Roxy’s.

Asa: Why would I do any favors for you?

Natalie: Oh, I don't know. Maybe because I'm your granddaughter. Look, I can't lose my job.

Asa: Why don't you go tell that to that deadbeat boyfriend of yours, the one who quit me.

Natalie: Well, you know what? Maybe he quit because you treated him like he was a slave.

Roxy: No, she said that, but she doesn't mean it.

Natalie: Oh, I do mean that. You know, you think you can run everybody's life? Well, think again.

Asa: If I were running your life, young lady, I'd teach you some manners. Excuse me.


Nigel: Do you think, perhaps, we're carrying our charade just a smidgen too far?

Renee: Nigel, he has to appreciate the people who love him.

Nigel: Yeah, if he doesn't kill us.


Rex: Look, thanks for smoothing things over with Ms. Divine, but, you know, we didn't have to stay.

Jen: Yeah, we did. You know what? Order me the beluga caviar and the Dover sole and their most expensive bottle of champagne.

Rex: What, do you want to burn through your whole inheritance in a night?

Jen: I never wanted it in the first place.

Rex: Well, yeah, but as long as you have it, you might as well keep it.

Jen: What? You don't like your new jacket?

Rex: Well, yeah, but if you want to pop for me, I have a better way, surefire investment.

Jen: I don't want to talk business. Actually, I don't want to talk at all.


Joey: Okay. So, it's time to make good on our deal.

Flash: Our deal?

Joey: Second date, you tell me your real name?

Flash: Yeah, that.

Joey: Yeah, that.

Flash: All right. It's -- it's Charmaine.

Joey: What's wrong with that?

Flash: I don't like it.

Joey: C.J. didn’t like it, did he?

Flash: C.J.?

Joey: Did you change your name for him?

Flash: Well, I mean, didn't you do a lot for your ex?

Joey: Yeah. I gave her a divorce.

Flash: I'm sorry, Joe. I didn't mean to mention that.

Joey: No, it's fine.

Flash: Look, I didn't know Kevin, but she was crazy for giving up a guy like you.

Joey: Well, thank you. But, I mean, it had to do with a lot of things. I mean, Kevin and Kelly should have been together in the first place if she just wouldn't have lied to him from the start.

Joey: Cough still bad?

Flash: Not as long as I have this stuff.

Joey: What's this?

Flash: Who knows, but as long as midnight logic can cut a C.D. and I can sing, who cares?

Joey: Is Dr. MacIver cool with this?

Flash: He's not my doctor anymore, remember? You know what? I still got something in my eye. I'm going to be right back.


Troy: The bullet went clean through. Nothing else was damaged. The antibiotics should take care of any infection.

Walker: Blair okay?

Troy: I hope so.

Walker: Mitch tried to kill her.

Troy: Why would you bring her with you, Walker?


Blair: Mitch tried to kill Walker. How could you even ask him to do that?

Bo: He wants his brother caught as much as we all do -- maybe even more. And this is a chance. Excuse me. Hey, Troy, can we have a word for a minute?

Troy: Yeah. Go ahead. Mr. Laurence is going to be fine.

Bo: Listen, Walker, Mitch thinks you're dead. Now, "The Banner" and "The Sun" -- they'll run stories that say in fact that you are dead. Your niece Jessica -- she'll make all the arrangements for a funeral. Everyone will show up. Hopefully that includes Mitch.

Dorian: Blair says that she's been very worried about you, but we've been assured that you're quite safe here.

Bo: It's your call.

Walker: If it'll keep my brother from doing any more damage.

Dorian: Okay. I'll go see Viki and see --

Bo: All right, I'll talk to Jess. Thanks.

Blair: You know you don't have to do this.

Walker: Yeah, I do. So no one else gets hurt.

Blair: You saved me. I owe you so much.


Mitch: Jessica? Jessica, where are you? Jessica, answer me, please. You’re the only one who can save me. Jessica, don't leave me. You're all I have.

Priest: You've never had her.

Mitch: She loved me! She took care of me!

Priest: Out of guilt. But you turned her against you, just like you always have with everyone.

Mitch: No! It was Dorian and Viki! They made my own daughter betray me. And for that they will pay.


Viki: Okay. Walker Laurence’s supposed death will be run on the front page of "The Banner," along with a notice of his memorial service, okay? So, if that's all --

Dorian: No. That's not all. I'm not ready to leave.


Jen: Do you really think someone like you has got a chance with Joe?

Flash: What, someone like you does?

Jen: You're only going to screw him up. You know, ministers -- they're not supposed to mess around with people they're helping.

Flash: That was you, not me.

Jen: Like you're not another one of his charity cases.

Flash: You can think what you want to think.

Jen: So what? You're some kind of eccentric millionaire who likes living on the streets? You don't even have a real name. I mean, "Flash"? What's that? Your picture's probably on a milk carton.

Flash: Look, you don't know squat about me. And if you did, you wouldn't even --

Jen: If I did, what?

Jen: Let's go.

Rex: Where?

Jen: I've got something I need to do. Come on.


Joey: Yeah, sorry to bother you at work.

Troy: No, Joe, it's okay. Now, what about Flash?

Joey: She's taking some kind of spray. I don't know. Some doctor prescribed it, but I don't know.

Troy: All right, well, have her come on in and I'll check out her throat. Oh, and, Joe, tell her to bring that spray with her.

Joey: Thank you.


Flash: Church stuff?

Joey: No. You stuff. Don’t get mad, but I called Dr. MacIver. He wants you to come in again, and so do I. I know, I know. I should back off, but I can't help it. I worry about you. So go ahead. Give it to me.

Flash: When do we go?


Blair: Came back to the house, but you were gone.

Walker: Mitch took me somewhere.

Blair: What happened?

Walker: He just left me there to die.

Blair: Dear God.

Walker: He killed our father. He told me. He was just a kid, but it wasn't an accident. He planned it in cold blood.

Blair: God, how horrible. I mean, are you sure that you want to go through with this plan's of Bo’s?

Walker: Yeah, we have to stop him.

Blair: Well, you can't stay here, Walker. I mean, he's going to -- if he finds out that you're alive, you have to go someplace. You have to hide.

Walker: Oh, Commissioner Buchanan said they'd set me up.

Blair: You can to stay with me.


Viki: No, Dorian. That's all. Just leave.

Dorian: Do I need to remind you that until recently this was my house?

Viki: Okay, the only time that this was your house is when you were married to my father, and that was a long, long, long time ago. Please, Dorian, go away.

Dorian: Ha. How do you manage to do it?

Viki: Do what?

Dorian: You always come out on top.

Viki: No, I don’t. Believe me, I've lost plenty of times.

Dorian: And yet you still have so much.

Viki: Well, so do you. You have a lot.

Dorian: No. I was trying to do something good, and it all blew up in my face, like so much in my life. Now, why is that?

Viki: Are you serious? Dorian, things don't just happen to you. They happen because of you, because of what you do. I mean, you make your own bad luck.

Dorian: Are you saying this is all my fault?

Viki: Well, I don't know who else you can blame, much as you'd like to.

Dorian: Thank you, Judge Viki.

Viki: What do yo really want?

Dorian: Is that a trick question?

Viki: No. I just want to know, Dorian. What do you want? Is it this house? The money? What?

Dorian: I want what I'm supposed to have!

Viki: Which is?

Dorian: A devoted family, friends, love, respect.

Viki: Well, you can't do the things that you do and expect to have any of that.

Dorian: What things?

Viki: What things?

Dorian: Yeah.

Viki: Why don't we start with marrying the man who almost raped your daughter?

Dorian: I did that for Cassie's sake.

Viki: Please. You know what? I'm not even going to ask you to explain the logic behind that.

Dorian: Oh, of course not, because you don't want to believe that I could possibly do anything for someone else's good.

Viki: I would love to believe that!

Dorian: Then believe it because it's true.

Viki: You know, Dorian, you could do so much! You could be so much more. You’re a brilliant woman. You're a doctor. You could have spent your whole life helping people, doing good. No. No, no. Instead, you just went after money and power and position, and if somebody got in your way, you held grudges and demanded payback. Hey, you're never happy unless somebody else is sad.

Dorian: That's not true, and it's unfair.

Viki: "Unfair"?

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Viki: Okay, let's talk about fair. How fair is it what you did to Blair? Getting her mixed up in this mess with Mitch? She almost got killed. And Addie? You almost lost your sister because of your schemes.

Dorian: I didn't want them to get hurt.

Viki: Of course you didn’t. You never do, because you never think about anybody but yourself.

Dorian: Oh. Yeah. You go right ahead, okay? You just pass judgment. But unlike you, I did not have everything handed to me. No, I have had to fight for every single thing that I've gotten. I do what I have to do. And if you don't like it -- too bad. You know, I came here because I thought maybe we could work together to end this nightmare of Mitch, but you know, we can't spend more than two minutes together.

Viki: Dorian?

Dorian: Hmm?

Viki: I will work with anyone who's against Mitch Laurence.

Dorian: Even me?

Viki: Even you.

[Dorian sighs]


Troy: This is a steroid.

Flash: Yeah?

Troy: Well, Flash, basically how this works is it reduces the inflammation. But when you sing, that causes inflammation. So, you see, there's never any real healing going on.

Flash: Well, I mean, why would the other doctor give it to me and tell me that it was okay?

Troy: Because not every doctor prescribes the best medicine. Look, Flash, I'm going to tell you the same thing I told you before -- don't sing. Not for any reason. And don't use this spray, either. Why don't you come back and see me again next week, okay?

Flash: Okay. Sure. Thanks.

Troy: Yeah.


Flash: Hi. Dr. Hickman's office? Yeah. This is Flash, the girl that's -- you remember. Look, I lost that spray, and I was wondering if I could get another one. Great. Thank you so much.

Nora: Flash, hello.

Flash: Hey.

Nora: You all right?

Flash: Totally. I'm just, you know, throat, getting it checked.

Nora: Oh, good. Oh, hey, you know what? I was going to actually take Matthew to go get some ice cream. Want to come with us?

Flash: Yeah. You know what? Would it be all right if Joe came? We had a date earlier, I kind of cut it short, and --

Nora: Sure, as long as he doesn't mind us horning in. Oh. So, another date, huh?

Flash: Yeah, go figure, the Rev with somebody like me.

Nora: Couldn't think of anyone better.


Rex: Nattie? Cris?

Jen: What are we doing here?

Rex: Oh, it's -- well, it's my place now, too. Hey, it beats some dumpy old theater, right?

Jen: You know what? Actually, I should go.

Rex: No, no, no. You're not still mad at me about that, are you?

Jen: No, no. Just like I said, I have things I need to do.

Rex: Well, yeah, but you didn't say what.

Jen: It's not a big deal.

Rex: Well, yeah, it is. You did, like, 180 tonight. What’s going on?

Jen: Nothing, you know, okay? Nothing.

[Jen turns on music]

Rex: Listen, we never got a chance to talk about my investment idea.

Jen: Why don't you give me one of those beers?

Rex: It's a guaranteed money-maker. Oh, hey! Oh!

[Jen laughs]

Jen: Ah! Okay, okay, okay!


Mitch: Well, let's do it, shall we?

Woman: Okay.

Mitch: Okay, here's the first woman. I want you to do it just as you rehearsed.

Woman: Right.

Mitch: All right?

Mitch: Here you go.

[Phone rings]

Viki: Hello?

Woman: [As Dorian] Viki, it's Dorian.

Viki: I thought we said all we had to before.

Woman: I just saw Mitch. I followed him. He’s got something of Jessica’s. He’s in St. Jude’s. I've called the police. They’re on their way. Come and meet me here.

Viki: I'll be right there.

Mitch: Excellent.

Woman: [Normal voice] Good.

Mitch: All right. Now I want you to impersonate the woman you were just talking to.

Woman: Right. She's actually easier. I got her right away. Okay.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Hello.

Woman: [As Viki] Dorian, it's Viki. I just saw Mitch. I followed him. He’s got something of Blair’s. He’s in St. Jude’s. I've called the police. They’re on their way. Come and meet me here. Dorian?

Dorian: Um -- yes. I'm coming. I can always have it reset.

Woman: [Normal voice] I almost thought she wasn't going to bite there for a second.

Mitch: She's a tough cookie, that one. Well, I'll take that. This is all for you for a job well done.

Woman: Wow. Thank you. Thank you. This is more money than I've ever made for 10 minutes of work.

Mitch: Oh, one other thing. if you tell anyone about this -- and I mean anyone -- I will kill you.


Asa: Make it a double.

Renee: Upset about something, Asa?

Asa: Like you don't know. You’re making a big mistake, Renee. This business between you and Nigel is just -- it's plain nonsense.

Renee: Tell me something, Asa. Why does it bother you so much?

Asa: Because the two of you were hypnotized. That’s why. It ain't real.

Renee: Is this real enough for you?

[Asa chuckles]

Asa: Oh, your wedding invitation. That’s sweet.


Walker: Hopefully, I won't have to stay long.

Blair: Anyone who saves my life is entitled to stay in my home as long as they want.


Nora: Troy, what are you doing here?


Joey: Mom? Jessica?

Joey: What am I doing? God, I really care about Flash. I just can't stop thinking about Jen. I don't know exactly how to handle this. I could use your help.

Jen: I had to see you. I can't stop thinking about you. I know you feel the same way about me, too, don't you? You want me, Joe. I know you do. And I know I'm off-limits. But that makes you want me even more.


[Music stops]

Cristian: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Jen: Okay, Cristian, don't pretend like you care who I see or what I do.

Cristian: I don’t. But this is Natalie's and my place, and I don't like anybody trashing it.

Rex: Yeah. Sorry, man. Things got a little out of hand.

Cristian: And what's with all this stuff? I told Natalie you could stay here because she said you were broke.

Rex: Okay, so now what? There’s strings?

Cristian: Yes, there is, when you're using us.

Natalie: What is going on? Oh, who spilt the beer?

Cristian: I'm throwing your brother out.

Rex: Nattie, come on. You're not going to let him do that. Are you?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah.

Cristian: Here's your beer.

Rex: Let's go.


Bo: All right, all the storm drains seem to lead here, but there are places like this all over town, so I want you to get all the guys, spread them out, and I don't care how long it takes.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Vega.

Ofc. Conner: It's Conner. I've been trying to get through to you.

Antonio: Yeah, we've been going through these tunnels. What's up?

Ofc. Conner: You said to keep Ms. Buchanan here, but --

Antonio: You let her go? Damn!

Bo: What happened?

Antonio: Jessica -- she's gone.

Bo: Find her. Find her. Go!


Dorian: All right, Viki, I'm here. What do you want?

Viki: What do I want? You called me.

Dorian: No, you called me. You said the police were on their way. Oh, my God.

Viki: That's what you said to me.

Dorian: Ha! Oh. Let's get out of here fast --

Mitch: Hello, ladies.

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