OLTL Transcript Monday 5/5/03

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 5/5/03

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Previously on "One Life to Live"

Joey: Jen, I can't see you anymore.

Al: I'm going to do my best to prove myself to you. So from today on, no more drugs.

Viki: You once told me you had a hidden source of power, father. Was this it? 

Antonio: Rex Balsom -- he's in on something illegal with R.J. They're looking for a driver.

Troy: Flash? 

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Gabrielle: So, know anything about this band, Midnight Logic?

Marcie: Yeah, they rock.

Gabrielle: Oh

Al: Yeah, they're a garage band. Small, but very solid.

Marcie: The singer's dynamite.

Gabrielle: Good.

Max: Well, she better be on  her game tonight, because if this band bombs, R.J.'s going to have a fit.

Joey: Trust me, they're going to be terrific. I actually just heard some of their new songs.

Al: Well, have they laid down any tracks?

Joey: No, no, it's just -- it's just Flash solo. Vocals only.

Al: Oh.

Joey: It sounds great.

Al: Cool.

Joey: Excuse me. Hey, man, I know you said Flash was on her way, but --

Riley: No, no -- I know. This is even late for her.


Flash: No --

Nurse: The doctor ordered oxygen --

Flash: No -- I said no! Please, leave me alone!

Troy: Flash, I know you're upset, but you need to relax.

Flash: No, I don't want that --

Troy: Listen to me. You're very sick.

Flash: Please!

Troy: Do you remember what I said about pneumonia and the anemia?

[Flash cries]

Flash: Please, go away! No, I need to get to Capricorn! I got to sing!


Rex: You meant it, right? The stuff about natty?

Cristian: What, about making her happy? Yeah, of course. You, too, right? I mean, you would never do anything to disappoint her.

Rex: Of course not. I mean the stuff about you making sure that you have the cash to give her a good life.

Cristian: Yeah, yeah. Sure, man. I'm always looking for a way to make more money. You know, the big money. But driving for Asa Buchanan doesn't cut it.

Rex: Well, I may know about another driving job.

Cristian: Driving jobs don't pay anything.

Rex: This one might.

Jen: Hey, Rex, I'm dying down here.

Rex: What can I get for you?

Rex: Ah, that's the best order I've had all night. Too bad it wasn't meant for me.

Antonio: Man, some people are hard to please.

Jessica: Antonio, an arrest warrant out on Mitch is hardly news. I mean, how many times have you arrested him and how many times has he walked?

Antonio: Yeah, but this time, we've got him.

Jessica: No, you don't. You don't even know where he is. You know, listen -- thanks for the drink offer, but I really don't feel like clubbing tonight.

Antonio: Jessica, I -- I can't let you leave.

Jessica: Why not?

Antonio: Look, I could make something up, but you wouldn't believe me, anyway.

Jessica: How about the truth?

Antonio: Ok. I promised your mom I'd keep you from heading back to Llanfair.


Viki: How many more secrets, father? , My word. What did you store down here, hmm? Did you pass it all on to Mitch? Or maybe you left one little thing for me to find, did you? One little thing you saved? One special thing just for me? 

Viki: Oh, my God. This was my bedroom when I was growing up.

Young Viki: Who's there? Is someone there?

Viki: Oh, my God, my father. My father was standing here watching me.


Jessica: So you suckered me all the way down here just so you could be my babysitter?

Antonio: I should've lied.

Jessica: I'm serious about this.

Antonio: Yes, Jessica, I know, but I can't let you go.

Jessica: Excuse me?

Antonio: Look, we both know that Lawrence is dangerous, all right? And your mother has good reason to be scared for you.

Jessica: Yes, I get it, ok? What I don't get is why you feel the need to be my shadow.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Look, I'll tell you what. I'm off in five -- I'm off, ok? And -- and sit down. Have a drink with me, ok? Yeah, hello. Vega.

Cristian: So, what's the job?

Rex: Some people I know who are looking, that's all.

Cristian: Ok, well, what kind of people, and why do they need a driver?

Rex: Actually, you might not be right. Natty always said you're a real standup kind of guy.

Cristian: So?

Rex: So, this might involve some different skills.

R.J.: Max. I left you in charge of this evening, didn't I?

Max: Well, you left me in charge --

R.J.: Why is it becoming a fiasco, hmm? These people expect to hear a band play some live music in just a few minutes, and the lead singer's not even in the zip code.

Al: Hey, listen, my dad is not --

R.J.: Excuse me. Look, if we have to give back any cover charges, I'm holding you responsible.

Max: R.J., You hired the band, I didn't.

R.J.: Partners share everything.

Gabrielle: Max, he can't expect you to pick up the expenses of this club, can he?

[Max sighs]

Max: R.J.'s just being R.J.

Gabrielle: No, no, no, no. This -- if this band is not a success, is that going to ruin your chances to be partners in this new club?

Max: Let's just get through tonight, ok?

Joey: So, how much is a fake I.D. Going for these days?

Jen: Oops, busted. Are you going to tell my new supervisor?

Joey: You're not getting a new supervisor. We just have to learn how to work together.

Jen: Is it ok for us to be in the same club together? I mean, I wouldn't want to break one of your rules you just thought up.

Joey: Don't twist this around on me, Jen.

Jen: No, I know, I know. You don't want me to get the wrong impression.

Joey: Yeah. That's right. Jen, I can't afford to blur the distinction between my position and --

Jen: And your pleasure? Excuse me.


Troy: Let us help you, ok?

Flash: I got to get to --

[Flash coughs]

Troy: Let us help you. Just lay down and relax.

Flash: I got to --

Troy: Shh.

Flash: No, you don't understand. Oh -- ow!

Troy: Ok. It's ok.

Flash: Got to --

Troy: Shh.

Flash: I got to -- I got to get -- I got to sing. I got to sing.


Joey: You know, maybe flash needs a ride. I'm going to go down to the garage and see if she's there.

Riley: Tell her we're ready to go.

Joey: Yeah.

Marcie: Still no Flash.

Al: Yeah. I'm kind of worried, you know? R.J. Has put all the responsibility for tonight on my dad.

Marcie: Al, don't put pressure on yourself.

Al: Why? What, do you think if tonight doesn't come off, I'm going to pop another pill?

Marcie: No. No, I don't. You're strong. I'm just a worrywart, ok?

Al: Marcie, it means a lot to me that you trust me.

Cole: Hey, man. Ahem. Pretend these are liquor choices.

Al: What? Oh. Right.

Cole: The date's set for hitting the gallery. Yeah. We start seriously planning, like, right now. You find us a driver yet?

Rex: Well, I have this one guy in mind, but I'm not so sure.

Antonio: Look, Jessica, there -- there are other ways you can help us get Mitch without putting yourself in danger.

Jessica: Hi, Cristian. Well, I'm going to go check my voicemail. I'll be right back.

Antonio: No, wait. Wait a minute.

Cristian: Moving on already?

Antonio: What?

Cristian: How long has it been? A couple months? Damn, you sure don't waste any time, do you, man? But hey, at least, you know, mom likes Jessica. You won't have a problem there.

Antonio: Where the hell is this coming from?

Cristian: That's one thing that I really love about you, Antonio. You know, the way you always try to make sure that mami's happy. The good son. The good cop. The one that never brings home the wrong girl.

Antonio: How many beers have you had?

Cristian: All right, look, I just want you to be straight out. Just be straight out and tell me. You hate Natalie just as much as mami does, right?

Antonio: Cristian, what the hell are you talking about? I've never said anything like that.

Cristian: Come on, Antonio! You tell me to my face that you're with me all the way, but you're not, ok, and you never were. And Natalie deserves better than that.

Antonio: Hey, hey, wait a second. Look, I don't know where this is coming from all of a sudden, but I suggest you calm down.

Cristian: Who are you to talk, man? Come on. Your life's in the toilet. Who are you to judge me, huh?

Antonio: I am not judging you.

Cristian: I do things my way, ok? So take your stupid rules and your brother act someplace else.

Antonio: Hey, hey, hey, look -- take it down a notch, ok?

Cristian: There you go again, man, telling me what to do. What are you, perfect? Look at you. You're alone in a bar, hitting on Jessica.

Antonio: What?

Cristian: You think I don't see that, man? You're playing that cop act to get her to trust you, but then, you know, once you get her to bed, then you'll be changing your tune.

Antonio: Hey, that's enough!

R.J.: Hey, hey, Vega! That's too much. What, do I got to call a cop? Look, you sit down or you leave.

Jessica: What was that about?

Antonio: I have no idea.

Rex: That's the guy I had in mind.

Cole: Well, he obviously hates Antonio. And I can't think of a better qualification. And talk about sweet. Antonio's younger brother helping us pull a job right under his nose? This is good.


Young Viki: I know someone's there. Who's there?

Viki: It's only me. Don't be afraid. I won't let anyone hurt you.

Victor: Don't be afraid, Victoria. You know I won't let anyone hurt you. I'm your father.


Man: Hey, what's the story with you guys?

Second man: Where's the damn music?

Patrons: Yeah!

Gabrielle: Any word yet?

Max: Nope.

Gabrielle: Boy, it looks like a lot of people are starting to leave.

Max: Young people have no patience and no mercy. Sort of like my partner, who may not want to be my partner.

Al: You know what? I -- I got to go take care of something, ok?

Marcie: Ok.

Al: All right.

[Al sighs]

Al: Phone, phone. Where is my phone?


[Monitor beeps]

[Flash hums]

Joey: Dr. MacIver, the front desk said Flash was here.

Troy: Hey, Joe. Yeah, she's here. She's also very sick.

Joey: Well, can I see her?

Troy: I'm sure she could use a friend right about now, so -- she's actually -- Flash -- Flash, come on. You need to stay in bed. Flash --

Joey: Where are you going, kid?

Flash: To sing.


R.J.: Ok, what are you going to do? Your girl is a no-show.

Riley: We're still hoping she can get here --

R.J.: Hope? Wish? You're going to play something. Look, I don't care if we have an instrumental evening. These people are going to hear some live music.

Man: Maybe we could --

Riley: No, no. No.

R.J.: What?

Riley: Look, Midnight Logic has been about Flash up front. It always has, and it always will.

R.J.: Ok. I'm going to say this real nice so you boys can understand. If you don't play some music here tonight, I will see to it that you never play anything anywhere ever again.

Al: Hey. Yeah, listen -- I got to ask you a huge favor. Yeah.

Jen: What was that about with your brother?

Cristian: Old news.

Jen: You here alone?

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, Natalie's at Roxy's hair haven. She's helping her out with the big opening.

Jen: I'm here alone, too. Not for long, though.

Cristian: New guy? Who?

Jen: I don't really want to tell people about it yet.

Rex: Hey, Cris. I'm thinking you might be the right guy for the driving job.

Cristian: All right. So, who am I driving?

Rex: Well, it's not so much who as it is what.

Cristian: Ok. What?

Rex: Right now, the less you know, the better. Interested?

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, of course. As long as I make enough loot. I want to make sure that Natalie gets the wedding she deserves.

Jessica: So he just attacked you for no reason?

Antonio: Let's -- let's forget about that. Let's just concentrate on you and Mitch Lawrence.

Jessica: Fine. How about we discuss how long I'm going to have a babysitter?

Antonio: As soon as we have him in custody.

Jessica: So as soon as he shows his face?

Antonio: We take him, and you're gone.

Jessica: Do you have any proof this time?

Antonio: Look, Jessica, we're building a case, ok? Now -- guy's name is Johnson. He's one of Mitch's followers. You ever seen him before?

Jessica: On the grounds, yeah. I mean, that's hardly a face you forget. Very strange-looking.


Johnson: We're here.

Mitch: Yes, here. At long last.


Al: Here you go.

Marcie: Thanks.

Al: No problem.

Marcie: Al, I saw you smash that pill.

Al: You know, it wasn't half as hard as I thought it was going to be.

Marcie: I knew I was right. I'm proud of you.

Al: Thanks. Means a lot to me. Whoa -- I have to go do something.

Marcie: What? Where?

Al: It's no big deal. I just have to go and do a little favor for my father.

Marcie: Ok.

Al: No worries.

Marcie: Ok.

Rex: I'll be in touch to set up a meet with the other guys.

Cristian: What other guys? What exactly are we doing?

Rex: Chill with the questions, ok?

Cristian: All right, all right. Well, at least tell me when it's happening so I can get the time off.

Rex: I'm not the answer man. Just keep your schedule free.

[Al sighs]

Al: Gordo must've thought I was nuts having you come to the storage room of a nightclub.

Man: Hey, engineers do whatever's needed, man.

Al: Well, looks to me like you got me all set up here. Hey, are you positive I'm hooked into the sound system?

Man: Yes. So, good luck. If you're a hit, we'll all be geniuses. If you bomb, we'll all be fired. But don't feel pressured or anything.

Al: Hey! Ugh.

R.J.: Max, you are not going to believe this, but our musicians have morals. It seems they'd rather commit professional suicide than perform one little set without their precious lead singer.

Max: So we have nothing?

R.J.: Oh, no, no, no. We have a club full of unhappy customers. Looks like someone will get to refund those cover charges.

Max: That's -- that's a lot of money.

R.J.: No kidding. Well, do you want to do the honors, or shall I?

[Max laughs]

Max: No -- hey, your pad, your deal.

R.J.: Thanks.

Max: Let's just hope they don't riot.

R.J.: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry, but it seems the band that was scheduled to perform this evening, Midnight Logic, has let us down.

Patrons: Oh!

R.J.: But I'm sure if you visit the bar, order some food, you can still have a good time.

Man: Hey, I'm leaving here and never coming back.

Second man: What a waste!

Al: Hey there, boys and girls, don't go away mad. Matter of fact, don't go away at all. The night's young, Capricorn's cool, and I'm back.

Marcie: That's the voice of the night!

[Music plays]

Al: Tonight's going to be special. So let's have some fun, huh? Are you ready? I am. You see, I've been away to a place where -- where the nights are darker, the dreams are stranger, and the dawn is a long way off. But everything's coming back to life. You can feel summer coming. You can feel the heat.

Gabrielle: Saved by the voice.

[Gabrielle laughs]


Young Viki: I didn't hear you come in, father.

Victor: I wanted to kiss you good night.

Viki: No. Don't you touch her. Do you hear me? Don't you touch her.

Young Viki: Father, please, I'm really tired tonight.

Viki: Yes, just tell him to go away.

Victor: All right. You sleep, then. And know I'll always watch out for you. I'll make sure you have everything I have.

Young Viki: What?

Victor: Llanfair, "The Banner," all my holdings, the Lord legacy.

Viki: You're a liar. You gave it all away to Mitch Lawrence.

Victor: Even when I'm gone, I'll be with you. We'll be together forever.

Viki: No! 

Viki: He can't hurt me anymore. He cannot hurt me anymore.


Viki: Lois! Oh, my goodness.

Lois: Mrs. Davidson!

Viki: Oh. I never dreamed that it would be you. But, boy, am I glad to see you.

Lois: Oh, you, too.

Viki: Oh, my goodness. Oh!

Lois: I was just going to leave. I left my notice on Mrs. Lawrence's nightstand.

Viki: You gave notice?

Lois: I just came back for my things. I can't be in this house.

Viki: Well, I don't blame you.

Lois: I wish I could stay and try to find more things to help you.

Viki: Oh, come on, don't worry about it. You've done more than enough. Finding that prenuptial agreement was fabulous. That's why I actually came back tonight. I was hoping to find something else that might incriminate Mitch, because I know -- I know for a fact that he coerced my father into writing a new will.

Lois: I did look, Mrs. Davidson, but I just didn't see anything.

Viki: Don't worry about it, please. And thank you for all the risks that you took. And hopefully one day soon I'll be able to call you and ask you to come back here to Llanfair to be with me.

Lois: I pray for that.

Viki: Yeah, you better go. There's no sense in taking a chance. Ok, bye-bye.

Lois: Goodbye. Thank you.

Viki: Ok.

Lois: Oh -- there is one thing that you might like to know about.

Viki: What's that?

Lois: Mr. Lawrence -- he spent a great deal of time looking at this book. I would find it open on his desk many times.

Viki: Thank you.

Lois: Goodbye, mam.

Viki: Bye, Lois. You take care, ok? I'll be in touch.

Lois: Thanks. Bye.

Viki: "Gemstones"?

Viki: The Badhra diamond. Badhra, Badhra -- father used to talk about that. But I thought it was a load of rubbish. Oh, my God. "This box dates back to ancient India and was said to be the vessel of great power."

[Music plays]


Jessica: Come on, it's not a bad idea.

Antonio: No, no, it's not a bad idea. It's the worst idea I've ever heard.

Jessica: It would be safe.

Antonio: Yeah, like nuclear weapons.

Jessica: All that we have to do is spread the word that I'm back in Llanfair, say that I'm sick. Mitch would do anything for me. He'll come back, come walking through the door, and, boom, you got him.

Antonio: Jessica, you have no idea how things like this work.

Jessica: I'm his daughter. He would never hurt me.

Antonio: Forget about it, all right? It's not going to happen. End of discussion.

Al: Ok, night people, question -- are we afraid of the dark? Answer -- no way. We're actually afraid of the light.

Marcie: This is so exciting! The voice of the night is somewhere in this building!

Jen: Big deal.

Marcie: I wonder where he is.

Jen: I came to hear a band play. I can't believe Flash has the nerve to even play diva like this. I'm out of here.

Rex: Hey, whoa. You leaving because the band didn't play or because a certain someone already left?


Joey: Hey, you're going to make it through this. I guarantee.

Flash: But the gig was supposed to be --

Joey: Shh, shh. You just relax. Here -- listen to this.

[Music plays]

Joey: Hey, doc. How bad is it?

Troy: Well, she's done some serious damage to herself by going without treatment. We're fighting both pneumonia and anemia in this case, and that's not counting the problems she has with her throat.

Joey: She's going to make it, right?

Troy: She will if she does what we tell her to do. But, Joe, she's not going to be singing for a very long time.


[Music plays]

Al: Know why we fear the light? Because that's reality, man. So the trick is to find a way to face your fears, not to run and hide in the dark. If you're lucky, someone who's not afraid to tell you the truth will step up and help you find your way home. I found somebody like that, somebody who listened when I needed to talk, somebody who talked when I couldn't say anything. Somebody who believes in me, trusts me, is proud of me.

[Music plays]

Al: And that's something special. Maybe even more than I deserve. I mean, she saved my life, and that's more than anybody can ask for. I get this pain.

[Music plays]

Al: So -- now you know. Big disappointment, huh. I mean, I know you thought the voice was cool, you know, knew all the right things to say. You kind of made him into this hero, and -- well, I'm sorry about that.

Marcie: You were my hero when you were at the dorm, Al, when you took back your life.

Al: You showed me how to do that.

Marcie: No. No, you did it all by yourself. You wouldn't give up until you won. And, no, I'm not disappointed. Just the opposite.

Antonio: Wait a second. Where are you going? You're not leaving.

Jessica: Oh, don't worry. I wouldn't dare disobey a lawful police order.

Antonio: Well, then, where are you going?

Jessica: To the ladies' room. You want to follow me?

Antonio: You want to tell me what that was a little while ago?

Cristian: Hey.

Antonio: Look -- and since when are you buddies with Rex Balsom?

Cristian: I don't answer to you.

Al: Crazy stuff's been happening tonight. Stuff nobody ever would've predicted this morning. The type of stuff that can change your life as you head out into tomorrow. Sometimes it doesn't even make sense. You notice that? It's like it has its own weird logic -- Midnight Logic, which happens to be the name of the band that you came here to hear tonight. Well, there's no sense in going out disappointed. You see, Flash, the lead singer -- well, she couldn't swing it tonight. But -- she's here, anyway.

Flash's voice: You ache so alone, afraid to show your heart. You think you're strong but she's tearing you apart. I never knew I could feel the way I feel for you. I never dreamed there could ever be you and me.


Flash: How can they -- how can they do that?

Flash's voice: I try to hide from the fire inside of you but my desire makes me a hero or a fool. I never knew I could feel the way I feel for you. I never dreamed there could ever be you and me.


Marcie: How'd you do that?

Al: Joey Buchanan. Man, he really came through for flash tonight, even if she doesn't know it.

Flash's voice: I never knew I could feel the way I feel for you. I never dreamed there could ever be you and me

[Cheers and applause]

Antonio: Yeah, Detective Vega. Yeah, she's wearing a black blouse, black pants. She just left Capricorn. She's in a 1965 blue mustang. Yeah, stay with her. Good.


Mitch: Johnson, did you hear that?

Johnson: It was just the wind.

Mitch: Yes, just the wind, huh.

Johnson: Are you ok?

Mitch: Why wouldn't I be?

Johnson: Anything you want me to get you?

Mitch: Yes. My daughter. Find Jessica.


Viki: What was in here, father? What was in here? Nothing is in here, that's what's in here! You're such a liar! Everything you ever said to me is meaningless! You promised to take care of me. You never took care of me. You ruined me! You did every single thing you could to destroy me. You destroyed my sanity and my life, and then you gave everything away, and then you died so you didn't have to face me! You're a coward! You couldn't deal with what you'd done to me, could you? God, I hate you so much. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you! I -- I hate you!

Viki: Oh, Mitch, I have got you. I have got you!

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Rex: You're still in, right?

Cristian: I want to know who else is involved.

Antonio: I had some guys watching Jessica. They lost her.

Mitch: It's time my wife learned her final lesson.

Viki: The net is closing quickly. This is your last chance.

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