OLTL Transcript Thursday 5/1/03

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 5/01/03

By Suzanne & Eric
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>>Previously on One Life to Live--

Riley: What's up with you and the rev? 3EB17CD1.JPG

Flash: I don't know.

Antonio: So Dorian's working against Mitch?

Jessica: Seems like it.

Dorian: So far, so good.

Blair: What if he figures it out?

Dorian: He'll be too far gone by then.



[Music plays]

[Blair sighs]

Bartender: Tough day?

Blair: Tough year. 

Bartender: You ok?

Blair: No, I'm not ok. I took a chance tonight, and I crossed the line and I don't know if I can ever go back.


Marcie's voice: "He's quiet now. Must be exhausted. Maybe the worst is over -- the physical part  anyway. Today was the turning point. I know it. He's going to make it, and he'll work hard and just be really together. I'm so proud of him. 3EB17D3A.JPGWe did it, Marcie. I think, just maybe, we pulled it off."

[Music plays]



Riley: The transition from c to f sharp is off, but good job on the lyrics. The bridge works. Awful quiet in here3EB17D69.JPG.

Flash: Oh. Yeah, I'm sorry. 

Flash: Everything's changing, Riley. You know, my whole life. Everything that I ever counted on. You know, the good, the bad, all the dead ends I was used to -- it's all changing so fast, and I'm not sure that I can keep up.

Woman: So, who's Antonio? 3EB17D8C.JPG

Jessica: Excuse me?

Woman: That was one hell of a dream you were having there, you and this Antonio.

Jessica: I don't know what you're talking about.

Woman: You only said his name about 10 times. You kept repeating it over and over in your sleep.

Jessica: Um -- Antonio's a friend of mine, that's all. He's helping me through a -- a weird time in my life. He's a cop. Locking me up here was his way of protecting me. Not that he has any right to. 3EB17DB1.JPG

Woman: Somebody after you or something?

Jessica: Yeah, something like that. There's a lot of craziness going on in my life right now with me, my family.

Woman: And your friend's trying to get you out of a tight spot?

Jessica: Yeah, he -- he says that he's just doing his job, but he has enough stuff in his life to handle, you know? He's just lost somebody that he really loved. It's tough, you know? Anyways, it's weird that I was dreaming about him. He just keeps on finding this way of popping into my mind. 3EB17DDB.JPG

Woman: Sure sounds like it, honey -- and your dreams.

Jessica: Yeah, well, dreams are just dreams. I can't help that.

Woman: Sounds like you don't really want to.

Jessica: Antonio's a good man with a good heart -- a broken heart right now. Anyways, he's just trying to help me. Go figure. 

Flash: Joey was supposed to help me find C.J. That was it. Short and sweet, right? No big thing. But t3EB17DF9.JPGhen something happened.

Riley: Like what?

Flash: I'm not sure, exactly. It's like something inside of me went all weird, you know? Things shifted. I just -- I had things all stacked up nice and neat, and then they fell out all over the place. Everything that I'd hoped for it's like I didn't hope for anymore. What the hell am I supposed to do, riley? This is all that I think about. 3EB17E25.JPG

Riley: You got to decide what you want to do, I guess. You ok?

Flash: Love sucks. Everything's so confused, you know? You think you've won and find out you lose.


Blair: I got caught up in something serious, and I don't see a way out. And I hate this feeling of being trapped. Go, don't go. Trust, don't trust. All I want is just a little peace in my life, something nice and controlled. You know, look at me. Here I am way, way over my head. 3EB17E5B.JPGI feel like I'm in water and I'm sinking and I can't breathe. And I met this guy. I'd like the time to take it nice and slow, get to know him because I actually think that we could be good together, you know? I can't. I just can't.

[Phone rings] 3EB17E85.JPG

Blair: That's him. I can't answer it. He'll just find out what I'm up to, and he'll want to stop me or help me, which is exactly the same thing. No, I can't drag him into this. I'm on my own. I'm in way too deep to stop, and I'm scared.

[Mitch groans] 3EB17EAE.JPG

Mitch: Dorian!

Dorian: Bastard. Fumbling around in the dark down there. Well, there's one consolation, my dear husband. It'll all be over soon. Yes, one of us will get rid of the other. It's the only way this could possibly end. It's just a matter of who gets there first, and then, winner take all. The fall of Mitch Lawrence has begun.


[Music plays]

Riley: Love this tune. Used to play it in a cover band. I don't care how old it is, I still I love it.

Flash: Yeah, it's all about the music and how it makes you feel right here. You know, it -- that's all that I can let myself care about, you know? Everything else is such a waste time, especially love. 


[Door opens]3EB17FBE.JPG

Andrew: Hey, Joe. You're up late.

Joey: You, too.

Andrew: Yeah, I couldn't sleep. You playing those golden oldies, huh?

Joey: This one's a classic. Hey, you know, I haven't heard the voice of the night in a while. Wonder what happened to him. 3EB17FCE.JPG

Andrew: You're a fan?

Joey: He's pretty cool. Plays good music. Why do I get the feeling you're not here just because you couldn't sleep?

Andrew: No, Joe. I'm -- I want to talk to you about that time when we all first met Marty Saybrooke and what happened to me. 3EB17FE8.JPG

Joey: Yeah, sure. Met her through Billy Douglas. Why?

Andrew: Well, she's been on my mind. That, Joey -- that was a bad thing that happened between Marty and me and Billy.

Joey: Right. She spread all those false rumors. 3EB17FFF.JPG

Andrew: Yeah, that I'd come on sexually to Billy. She did it because she had a crush on me that I didn't reciprocate. And the way she reacted to that rejection and what she did to retaliate -- that took me by complete surprise.

Joey: But you were cleared of everything. 3EB18015.JPG

Andrew: Well, sure. But it took a long while. And in the process, a lot of innocent people at St. James were hurt. And it got ugly, and I was asked to resign, and it was your mother who fought for me.

Joey: Is this some kind of parable? Because what are you getting at, Andrew? 3EB18028.JPG

Andrew: Young ministers are susceptible to the women that come to them for help. Spiritual, psychological help I mean, maybe they're lonely, maybe they're in an unhappy relationship.

Jo: And you think this might be happening to me?

Andrew: Well, I'm just saying that we need to be v3EB18048.JPGery careful that we don't violate the trust of people who put their faith in us. Now, our job is to comfort and to guide, but there is a very real line that cannot be crossed, especially -- especially -- when there is a formal, professional counseling relationship in place.


[Music plays]

Woman: This Antonio must really care about you if he's going to all this trouble.

Jessica: Yeah, but not in the way that you mean.

Woman: I don't know. Must have been a pretty hot dream to get you all flustered like this. 3EB1805C.JPG

Jessica: Yeah, I guess, but dreams like that -- they're silly. They don't mean anything. It's just my way of escaping what my family's going through right now.

Woman: What are they going through?

Jessica: Hell.

Woman: Maybe that's it. Maybe you just need to get your mind off all that stuff and this guy does it for you. You know, he makes you feel safe and protected, like you say. 3EB18071.JPG

Jessica: Maybe.

Woman: Do I get to hear the dream?

Jessica: It's personal.

Woman: Best kind. Come on, we're strangers. I'll never see you again.

Jessica: I don't even remember most of it.

Woman: I'm dying for something I haven't been staring at for months. Like these four walls. Like my own life. What's the worst that could happen? I sell your dream to television? 3EB18097.JPG

Jessica: It was hot. Really hot, like summertime. And the air was -- it was thick and heavy, even with the fan.

Jessica: The water was hot on my body from the moment I stepped out of the tub. I was in Antonio's apartment. He was there.

Jessica: His breath on my body was the only cool thing I felt. It was soothing, like the ice that he melted on my neck and my back. He knew my body like we'd been together a long time. The way he touched me -- his hands, his lips -- I felt safe and lost and glad to be lost. 3EB1810C.JPGThe whole world was quiet. There was nobody in it but us. I wanted it to go on and on. I was lost in a dream with Antonio. But even there, I couldn't keep the real world from slashing its way in.

Woman: What do you mean, "the real world"? That family stuff you were talking about? 3EB18139.JPG

Jessica: My father's a vicious and hateful man. He's done terrible things to the people I love.

Woman: So why bother with him?

Jessica: I can't just abandon him.

Woman: Why the hell not? There's no law that says you got to love your father. 3EB1814E.JPG

Jessica: There was an accident. It was my fault. I'm responsible for it. He's blind because of me.

[Mitch screams]

Jessica: I can't help feeling guilty about it.

Woman: Why? If he's half as bad as you say, sounds like he got off easy. 3EB18165.JPG

Mitch: Jessica? Where's my cane?

Jessica: Yeah, maybe he did.

Woman: Wait a minute. How come you're locked up here? Because this Antonio guy's trying to protect you from your old man? Or was it to keep you from going after him? You're planning something, aren't you? You're really going to make him pay. 3EB18190.JPG

[Phone rings]

Woman: Sure you are. You're going to see he gets what's coming to him. Right?

Jessica: No matter what it takes. [Music plays]


Joey: You know, I don't follow. Where is this coming from, Andrew? 3EB18274.JPG

Andrew: Earlier, when we were at the garage and flash and her band were rehearsing --

Joey: Sure.

Andrew: Ok, and I saw you dancing with Jen Rappaport. Well, that concerned me.

Joey: She just wanted to dance.

Andrew: Ok.

Joey: Look, she's gone through a lot lately. I mean first her dad and then her mom and then this whole thing with the hotel. 3EB18288.JPG

Andrew: Right, she's in serious trouble, and the court has sentenced her to community service, and, Joey, you're her supervisor.

Joey: Right. There is nothing going on between us. I would never lead her on. Believe me, everything's cool. 3EB18299.JPG

Andrew: Now, don't misunderstand me. Joey, I'm not worried about you. I'm worried about Jen.

Joey: I -- yeah. I guess I didn't see.

Andrew: Those are Marty's eyes, Joe. Reckless and vulnerable. Those eyes haunted me for years.


  3EB182BE.JPGFlash: Rev. Joe's not here, if that's who you're looking for.

Jen: Is it?

Flash: What, is this a game?

Jen: So you don't know where he is?

Flash: Nope. Don't have any idea.

Jen: Well, if you do, could you tell him I'm looking for him? He'll know why.


  3EB182D7.JPGAndrew: What Marty did to me -- that almost ruined my career in the church. But please understand, I don't blame her. I blame myself. I wasn't paying the right kind of attention. I should have seen how fragile Marty was, how easily it was for her to misinterpret my comfort and the kindness that I was so proud of. Jen's in a similar place, Joe. You need to be careful. 3EB182F5.JPG

Joey: Yeah, I will. Thanks. Really appreciate the heads-up.

Andrew: And you're doing a terrific job. You are. Hey, I'm proud of you. Good night.

[Phone rings]

Andrew's voice: Hello. You've reached St. James church. If you'd like to leave a message for Rev. Carpenter or Rev. Buchanan, please do so at the tone. Thanks. 3EB1831E.JPG

[Answering machine beeps]

Jen: Hi. It's Jen Rappaport. I'm trying to reach Joe Buchanan. Joe, when you get this, I really need to see you. Call me. It's important.


Marcie's voice: "I have to admit, Al surprised me. Th3EB18376.JPGere's this gentle side to him, this appreciation for things I didn't even know was there. I'm not even sure he sees it. But I think he's learned something from all this about himself. I don't think he'll run from his life anymore. At least I hope not. 


Dorian: Time to pay an old friend a visit.

[Music plays]


Blair: I'm not sure of anything. What's right, wrong. Or if there is a right or wrong. All I know is that I have to protect myself and my kids. Because I can feel that things are about to get way out of control. 3EB183B7.JPG

Bartender: I'm not sure I'm following what you're talking about.

Blair: I don't know how things are going to turn out. But I did the one thing that I could do. I broke into the house. I didn't even break in because I had the keys. But I went straight for the safe. 3EB183D9.JPG

Blair: Someone gave me the combination. Well, they did because they thought that they could trust me, but I wonder what she thinks of me now. It was the weirdest thing. I was standing there, holding this thing, and I started to believe the legend, that it really was as powerful as they say and as cursed. So I took it. 3EB183FB.JPG

Bartender: What thing are you talking about?

Blair: Can't tell you. You wouldn't believe me even if I did.


Mitch: Dorian?


Dorian: Hello, Lindsay.


Antonio: "At approximately 11:45 P.M. On Monday, Apri28, I was approached by Max Holden, personally known to me as an employee of Capricorn bar in Llanview. Mr. Holden informed me of a conversation he'd overheard3EB1853E.JPG earlier between R.J. Gannon and Cole Avery, whom he identified from an official police booking photograph provided by this officer. Mr. Holden reported that Mr. Avery was planning some sort of heist or hit against one of our prominent local businessman. With Mr. Gannon's financial backing, Avery was in the process of assembling a team to carry out the operation. According to Mr. Holden, Mr. Avery was still looking for a driver for said operation. It is in my opinion and belief that by placing an undercover officer in the role of driver, we can monitor the actions of Mr. Gannon and Mr. Avery and prevent the operation prior to its completion. All parties her to can be lawfully arrested and successfully prosecuted. Pending approval from the commissioner, Bo Buchanan, I'll begin searching for a suitable individual."


3EB18563.JPG Al: Hey. I found a 10 in my sock. Got some Chinese food here. I'm starving. How you doing?

Marcie: Oh, don't you ever scare me like that again! 



[Music plays]3EB18587.JPG

Blair: Well, luckily, the man is blind as a bat. You know what they say -- once you lose one of your senses, the others get more sensitive. I'm telling you right now, this man can smell like a bloodhound. I froze. I knew that if he caught me -- 3EB185A0.JPG

Mitch: Dorian?

Blair: He would kill me.

Mitch: Jessica? Blair.

Blair: So I got out by the skin of my teeth, and I ran and I ran and I ran until I couldn't run any more. So that is the end of the story -- so far.3EB185C0.JPG

Bartender: Sounds like serious trouble -- stealing from some rich guy's safe. 

Blair: You actually bought all that? I made it -- I made it up. Hey -- but I had you going now, didn't I?


Dorian: You did very well. I'm quite proud of you. So, come on, how are you? Hmm?

Lindsay: I'm so much better. It was fun sneaking in and out of here with Blair. Like being in a mystery. Like playing the part of someone whole, sane. 3EB185F4.JPG

Dorian: Lindsay? I'm glad to hear that. I promise you something. Mitch is responsible for the condition that you're in, and once he is out of your life, then you can begin to heal.

Lindsay: That sounds good. What do we do next?

Dorian: It's time for the final step. 


3EB186F0.JPG Al: Good luck finding a station. Most of the radio stations around here have signed off by this time of night.

Marcie: I was hoping that the voice of the night would be back on. I miss him. I hope he's not too sick. 3EB186FB.JPG

Al: Actually, he's much better.

Marcie: How would you know?

Al: Just a hunch.

Marcie: I hope you're right.

[Classical music plays]


Dorian: So, are you absolutely sure that you understand everything that we've gone over? All right? Because it's -- if you think you can't go through with it, tell me now. Everything depends on this. 3EB1871E.JPG

Lindsay: I hate him, Dorian. He's turned me into someone I don't even know. He used me to get what he wanted, and then he let me take the blame for all of it. He made me crazy. He hurt my daughter, my family. I lost everything I ever loved because of him. Don't walk away from me! Talk to me! 3EB18741.JPG

Jen: What am I supposed to say?

Lindsay: I want you to say you forgive me!

Jen: Get away from me. You killed my father. I will never forgive you!

Lindsay: Funny, isn't it, that you should come back into my life just when I needed you most? Hmm. You're my savior, Dorian. I know that you're going to help me find my way out of this confusion. 3EB18762.JPG

Dorian: It's a bit ironic, but your illness is probably your best defense.

Lindsay: I can do it. I want to. I know that my getting well depends on Mitch being gone for good.3EB1878D.JPG

Dorian: All right, Lindsay. I want you to be honest -- with me, with yourself, all right? Nobody's going to blame you if you say no. Can you see this thing through? 

Lindsay: Oh, I'm in this all the way. He'll never know what hit him.


Mitch: Jessica --

Jessica: I know exactly what I have to do.


Gabrielle: Max --

Max: Hey, meeting somebody for lunch? Just give me a minute, I'll have a nice table set for you. 3EB1887F.JPG

Gabrielle: Marcie called me, and she wanted me to meet her here, so --

Max: That's odd. She called me and asked if I would be around today. Hmm. When I asked her what it was about, she said that I --

Gabrielle: She wouldn't tell you over the phone, right? 3EB1888B.JPG

Max: No.

Gabrielle: That's exactly what she said to me. So this has got to be about Al, don't you think?

Max: Well, what else would it be? Oh, damn. It's about his grades.

Gabrielle: Marcie. Ok, we're here. What is it? It's about Al, isn't it? Now, his courses were fine. Has something happened? 3EB18899.JPG

Max: Well, come on.

Marcie: Well, before I say anything, I need you both to promise that you'll just listen and that you'll do what I ask.

Gabrielle: I can't promise you that because we don't know what it is that you're going to ask.

Max: Gabrielle -- Gabrielle -- Gabrielle, please. Ok, sure. Go ahead. 3EB188A7.JPG

Marcie: Al's in trouble. Or he was. He's been on drugs.

Max: Drugs?

Gabrielle: That's impossible!

Marcie: Amphetamines. He was using them to study at first, but then things got out of hand and he was falling into a pretty bad addiction.3EB188B5.JPG

Max: No, I don't believe this. We would have noticed. 

Marcie: He got good at hiding it.

Gabrielle: All right, ok, so now we go to his place and take him to the hospital.

Max: I know3EB188C4.JPG a guy that runs a rehab --

Marcie: No, no, no, wait. Please, let me finish. There's no need. Al's done it himself. Cold turkey. I've been with him the last few days, and he's been completely clean. 

Max: You?

Marcie: The worst of the withdrawal is over. It was rough, but he's incredibly brave, a really strong person. But he's going to need your support now more than ever.3EB188D0.JPG

Gabrielle: Well, yes, of course he does, but we need to go and see him. 

Marcie: No, that's the reason I came. I'm asking you not to confront him. Let him come to you and tell you himself. I know he will. The best thing you can do is just be there and love him.


Joey: Hey. Sorry you had to wait. I had a couple of things I needed to finish. 3EB18907.JPG

Jen: You sounded kind of weird when you returned my call. What's up?

Joey: Yeah, um -- Jen, I can't see you anymore.



Dorian: Mitch?

Dorian: Mitch?

Dorian: Mitch?

Dorian: Oh, no. It's gone. 


Antonio: You ok? You know why I did this.3EB18957.JPG

Jessica: Yeah. I didn't like it, but I -- I understand. I'm a lot clearer than I was last night -- about a lot of things.3EB18973.JPG

Antonio: Good. So you know you have to stay away from Mitch and from Llanfair. Jessica, it's for your own safety. You have to forget about spying on him and Dorian. Agreed? 

Jessica: Absolutely.


Dorian: Oh, Blair, thank goodness you're here.

Blair: What?

Dorian: I need your help.

Blair: What?

Dorian: Mitch is gone.

Blair: Mitch?

Dorian: Mitch.3EB18985.JPG

Blair: Oh, my god!

Dorian: Lois told me that he just packed up his things and one of his followers drove him away. 

Blair: Calm down.

Dorian: I can't calm down!

Blair: Dorian --

Dorian: Don't you understand? Mitch is gone!

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Gabrielle: Al, is there -- is there a problem? 3EB18A50.JPG

Jen: You have a thing for Flash and I'm out. That's simple enough.

Viki: Mitch has gone away, and you don't know where he is.

Troy: Now, if Mitch Lawrence has disappeared, I'm sure it has something to do with your Aunt Dorian.

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