OLTL Transcript Friday 4/25/03

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 4/25/03

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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" –

Marcie: We're staying here until the drugs are out of your system!

Nora: Attempted burglary? The judge isn't about to be inclined to go easy on you.

Dorian: Mitch just killed his valet, right in front of my very eyes.

Antonio: Blood.

Mitch: Jessica, where's my cane?

Bo: What's wrong?

Craig: Laurence. He stabbed me.


Blair: What?

Dorian: I cannot find it anywhere. I mean, really, this is insanity!

Blair: Wait -- and you're sure that Mitch didn't move the body on his own?

Dorian: Blair! He's blind!

Blair: Well, maybe it was a test. Maybe he knows that you didn't put the body in the garden shed, Dorian.

Dorian: How would he know that?

Blair: He's Mitch, all right? And you know how he feels about disloyalty. You know what he did to his own man.

Dorian: Yes, killed him right in front of me. 

Dorian: I swear to you, my heart literal stopped.

Blair: Well, you know what? You might be next, Dorian. What are you going to do? You going to live here until he kills you, too? Is that what want to do?

Dorian: No, I'll get to him before he gets to me. I haven't come this far to give it all up.

Blair: Please, I just say quit while you're still alive, Dorian.

Dorian: I am not quitting! I'm seeing this thing through to the end -- and so, my darling niece, are you.


[Phone rings]

Bo: Buchanan.

Craig: Is it safe to talk?

Bo: Yeah, this line is completely secure. Where are you?

Craig: I switched locations.

Bo: All right, but I'm going to have to know where you are because we're going to have to meet, plus you need help.

Craig: No. Too risky.

Bo: Did you see a doctor yet?

Craig: I saw that guy you told me to see. He stitched me up, told me not to move for, like, 48 hours.

Bo: But you took off anyway.

Craig: Wouldn't you? The problem is I think I'm bleeding again.

Bo: All right, I want you to stay put. I'm going to send a car to you and they'll take you to the hospital.

Craig: And let Mitch find out I'm still alive? Forget about it. I'll meet you tonight after dark.

Bo: All right, where are you? All right, look, you stay there and I'll contact you. In the meantime, try to see a doctor.

Nora: Bad time?

Bo: What's up?

Nora: You wanted to go to Jen’s hearing. You know, for The Palace burglary?

Bo: Yeah. Just give me one second here. Hi. This is Comm. Buchanan. Please tell him that. You know that guy that I talked to last night? He called me again just now.

Nora: He's legit?

Bo: Yeah. His name's Craig Lombard. He worked for Laurence. Now he's on the run.

Nora: Why doesn't that surprise me?

Bo: Well, he says Laurence shoved a knife into him.

Nora: What?

Bo: But he's willing to give to make an arrest. That's assuming hed oesn't drop dead. Hi. Yeah, yeah. Listen, I need a big favor, okay, and I need it today.


Jen: Can I make a phone call?

Officer: Local calls only.


Marcie: "After completely ceasing the use of drugs the first 24 hours are the hardest."

[Phone rings]

Marcie: Hello?

Jen: Marcie. Hey, it's Jen.

Marcie: Oh, hi.

Jen: I'm meeting with Judge Fitzwater today. So if you want to come, you'd better leave now.

Marcie: Yeah, you know what? I can't be there.

Jen: Why not?

Marcie: Because, well, I'm kind of in the middle of something.

Jen: Well, is it more important than me going to jail?

Marcie: You know what? I -- I can't talk about it.

Jen: What do you mean, you can't talk about it?

Marcie: You know what? I'm sorry. I can't be there. But let me know what happens, okay?

Jen: Come on, Marcie, I don't have anybody else.

Joey: Yes, you do.


Dorian: So you just go home and get everything ready.

Blair: It's too risky, Dorian.

Dorian: We have no other choice. Oh, hello, Jessica.

Jessica: Dorian, Mitch wants you. He's asking for you upstairs.

Dorian: Fine, fine. Bye-bye, Blair.


Jessica: I thought you were still mad at Dorian.

Blair: I -- I am.

Jessica: So you came by to --

Blair: I came by to see her. She is my aunt. I do care about her, and I worry about her living here with Mitch, and I worry about you, too, Jessica.

Jessica: Well, he’s my father.

Blair: Yes, he is. Please be careful.

[Tap on door]

Jessica: Antonio --

Antonio: Come here.

Jessica: Why didn't you ring the bell?

Antonio: Because I don't want Mitch and Dorian to know I'm here.

Jessica: What are you doing here? Why did you come back?

Antonio: I never left. I've been here all night.

Jessica: Antonio protection.

Antonio: Listen to me. Look. It's blood. Now, I've checked the grounds, I haven't been able to find anything, but my guess is something went down last night and that's what Mitch and Dorian were trying to keep us from finding out.

Mitch: Jessica? What's wrong? What is it?

Jessica: I – I just remembered I have to go and do something. I’m going to get Craig to come.

Mitch: Craig's not here.

Antonio: As soon as I find out what it was, I'm getting you out of here.

Jessica: Antonio, no, I'm staying.

Antonio: When are you going to believe that Mitch is dangerous? When you're stumbling over some guy's corpse?


Dorian: Yes, Mitch?

Mitch: We have to move Craig’s body.

Dorian: Oh?

Mitch: We can’t leave it out there on the property. Anyone could [jumbled] over it.

Dorian: We can't move it. Jessica's here, the staff is around.

Mitch: Get rid of them. We'll take him down where we found the jewel and bury him there.

Dorian: Fine. I'll take care of it.

Mitch: Dorian, wait. I'm coming with you. I want to make sure that it's done properly.

Dorian: We can't move the body.

Mitch: Why not?

Dorian: Because -- it's daylight.

Mitch: Not to me it isn’t.

Dorian: We'll just have to wait until tonight.

Mitch: All right, I suppose you're right.

Dorian: Where are you going?

Mitch: I want to check and see if the body is still in the shed.

Dorian: And why wouldn't it be?

Mitch: I woke up this morning with a terrible thought -- what if Craig wasn’t dead?

Dorian: Oh, he was.

Mitch: Did you check his pulse? Great. If he somehow got away, you and I are both going to prison.

Dorian: But you cannot get out there.

Mitch: I'll make my way. I'll find it.

Dorian: Yeah, you will trip, you'll fall, you'll break your neck.

Mitch: All right, come with me.

Dorian: No. We can't both go out there together. Don't you remember last night? Antonio and Jessica were so suspicious. We'll just raise an awful lot of questions if we both go poking around in some sheds together.

Mitch: All right, what do you suggest?

Dorian: I'll go out there by myself, very quickly check on the body, and then I'll come right back.

Mitch: Fine.

Dorian: Good.


[Al moans]

Al: Oh. Oh.

[Al chuckles]

[Al pants]

Al: Oh.

Al: Marcie?

Marcie: I'm right here.

Al: Hey.

Marcie: Hey.

Al: What time is it?

Marcie: It's 3:30.

Al: A.M. or P.M.?

Marcie: P.M. See? You made it through the night.

Al: Yeah. And the morning, half the afternoon.

Marcie: Yeah, but that's real good. You know, that means that the worst is over.

Al: I hate to tell you, but we're not even close, Honey.

Marcie: No, it's going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay.

Al: You got to give me something, Marcie.

Marcie: No, Al. No.

Al: Please? Listen, it doesn’t have to be a pill. It doesn't have to be a pill, okay? Just a drink.

Marcie: No.

Al: A drink would be good.

Marcie: No, no, no, that’s the worst thing that you can do!

Al: Will you stop quoting that stupid website?

Marcie: Okay. Okay. All right. Well, I' read something else. It says right here that the Holy Roman Empire -

Al: I don't care about the Holy Roman freakin Empire!

Marcie: Okay, okay! Well, what about Art History or Anthropology?

Al: Oh, I don't really care about that either, Marcie! Please.

Marcie: Okay. All right, well, then we have to do something, you know, to keep your mind off how bad you feel!

Al: I don't know, tell me a story! Tell me a story about anything.

Marcie: Well, the only stories that I know are from the Stephen King novels, and, you know, you don't want to hear one of those now!

Al: Tell me about you.

Marcie: There's nothing

Al: Oh, there's got to be something to tell -- where you grew up, what your parents do -- something, anything -- because if you don't start talking, Marcie, I am going to go nuts.

Marcie: Okay.


Jen: What, you didn't yell at me enough last night? You should have come downstairs to my jail cell. It would have made your day.

Joey: Jen, I'd like to go to the hearing with you.

Jen: Why, so you can make sure I end up in jail for the rest of my life?

Joey: Okay. Are you planning on talking to judge that way? Because if you are, you are definitely going back to jail.

Jen: Like the way I talk's going to make any difference.

Joey: It will. Just be polite and be honest. The judge will take into account all the extenuating circumstances.

Jen: You mean how my crazy mom killed my dad?

Joey: Right, that's the opposite of the tone you should go for.

Jen: I know, I know, you want me to be sweet little Jen, the girl who never did anything wrong, the girl who thought her boyfriend would love her forever and that her parents would always be there to help her. That's the kind of person you want me to be, right? Well, guess what -- she's an idiot.

Joey: No, she's not. And she deserves a lot better than this.

Nora: Hey, Joey. Going to the hearing?

Joey: Of course. I'm a good friend of Jen’s.

Nora: It's time to go, Jen.


Bo: You are not -- and I'll repeat that – you are not to use a siren. Now, it's going to take you a couple hours to get there. When you get there, you make the call. You say, "The fishing is good." Then you just sit tight until I contact you, okay? Is that understood?

Officer: Yes, Sir.

Second officer: You got it, commissioner.

Bo: All right.


Antonio: Jessica, I don't want you staying here.

Jessica: How about you tell me what [jumbled], okay?

Antonio: Okay. And here's what I can tell you -- something went down here last night and now this is possibly a crime scene

Jessica: You have no proof.

Antonio: I'll find it.

Jessica: On the inside, remember?

Antonio: What is it with you? You know how dangerous his.

Jessica: Of course I know how dangerous he is. But you -if you go in there and start throwing your weight around, what are you going to come up with? Nothing. Let me find what you need.

Antonio: What if he catches you?

Jessica: I have to try. Antonio, when I was helping Mitch to bed last night I found out how much he loves and trusts me. So you have to let me use it. You have to let me find some way to make sure that he loses all of this so I can give it back to my family.

Antonio: You think your mom is going to give one damn about this house, the newspaper, any of it if she loses you?


Newscaster: In local news, the dead body of a man identified as Craig Lombard was found in a rest stop at the side of Route 81. Police are still investigating, but early indica--

[Mitch turns off radio]

Dorian: Mitch? Mitch? Oh. There you are. All right, it's just as I said. Craig's body is in the shed, safe and sound -- well, relatively speaking.

Mitch: Oh, thank you. Such a relief.

Dorian: You're welcome. Glad to have helped.

Mitch: You know how I feel about betrayal. Why are you lying to me?


Nora: Your Honor, in conclusion, Ms. Rappaport has been through an ordeal you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. She needs rehabilitation, responsibilities, work, counseling, not incarceration.

Judge: Ms. Divine, as the injured party in this, are you in agreement with Assistant District Attorney Buchanan?

Nee: Yes, Your Honor, I am. As angry as I was, my heart goes out to her.

Judge: Ms. Rappaport. My last meeting with you, your father urged you to do the right thing, to confess your role in the manipulation of the jail time for Cristian Vega. It was hard for you, but you admitted your mistake. You showed some remorse. Yet here you are again. Do you feel any remorse this time?

Jen: Yes, I do. Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Divine, I'm so sorry. I don't know what I was thinking when I broke into those hotel rooms. But I promise you, it won't happen again.

Judge: Mr. Zwick?

Mr. Zwick: Nothing, Your Honor, except to say that as friend and colleague of the late Mr. Rappaport, I ask -- I beg the court to have some leniency in this matter. Thank you.


Marcie: Okay, I'll tell you about me. But it's kind of boring, though.

Al: Don't care.

Marcie: I'm from Ridgeview, New Jersey.

Al: What do your parents do?

Marcie: I just have my dad. My mom was killed in a car crash when I was little a couple years after I was born.

Al: Sorry.

Marcie: Thanks. I don't really remember her much, except she was really pretty.

Al: Oh. You got any brothers, sisters?

Marcie: I have three older brothers. I'm the baby.

Al: Well, what else? I don't know, what does your pops do?

Marcie: He owns a restaurant. You know, a small family-style kind of restaurant. It's called Momo's.

Al: Momo's, huh?

Marcie: Yeah.

Al: What, that his name or something?

Marcie: No. My mom's name was Melinda, but my dad called her Momo. Anyway, I grew up busing tables and making change. You know, that's how I got my job in Mrs. Vega’s diner --

Al: Huh.

Marcie: Experience.

Al: Yeah

Marcie: That’s probably why I eat too much, too.

Al: What do your brothers do?

Marcie: Well, one's a roofer, one's a fireman, and the youngest is in the army at Camp Lejeune.

Al: Huh. Well, they must all be pretty proud of you, you know? I mean, you got a scholarship, straight A's.

Marcie: You know what? I don't really think so. You know, my two oldest brothers, they never really got me. They hated school and, you know, they thought girls should just worry about looking pretty boys and not have their nose in a book.

Al: What about your dad?

Marcie: Well, maybe. But I think that every time he looks at me, he just misses my mom.

Al: So, you close with your older brother -- I mean, the youngest one, rather? Sorry.

Marcie: Yeah, I'm close with the youngest one. Really close. He's gay, but he's scared to admit it.

Al: Don't ask, don't tell.

Marcie: He's such a great guy, you know, and he should be so proud of himself. But because of the way my dad treated him, well, you know, it's just such a waste.

Al: Is that what you think of me? I'm just a waste?

Marcie: No. You know what? I think you're really smart. You just don't apply yourself.

Al: Yeah, well just because you're, like a legend, you know, all A's all the time. We can't all be like that, Marcie.

Marcie: I'm not a legend. I'm just Marcie.

Al: Well, you're definitely a legend. I mean, look what you've done for me.

Judge: Ms. Rappaport, you cannot continually rely on the goodwill that this court will always have for your late father. Do you understand me?

Jen: Yes, Your Honor.

Judge: I certainly hope you do. All right. The prosecution and defense are in agreement. So the court will accept this arranged plea bargain. The charges against you have been reduced to illegal trespass, a misdemeanor, and you are found guilty. But -- and this is a big but -- the plea bargain will stay in effect if and only if you live up to the following terms -- one, that you make restitution to Ms. Divine for any expenses incurred, and, two, that you resume community service at the Angel Square Community Center. You will perform these services for a year. Rev. Buchanan, are you the supervisor in this?

Joey: I am, your honor.

Judge: If Ms. Rappaport misses -- and I mean so much as misses one session, I want to know about it.

Joey: Agreed, Your Honor.

Judge: Good all right. This court is adjourned.

Jen: Thank you. Thanks so much.

Joey: So I expect you there at 6:00 sharp.

Jen: I'll be there.


Dorian: Mitch, I haven't betrayed you.

Mitch: Then how could Craig’s body still be in the shed if it was just found dumped at a rest stop on route 81?

Dorian: Oh?

Mitch: Answer me! Why are you lying to me?

Dorian I --

Mitch: Hmm?

Dorian: I was just trying to protect you.

Mitch: By lying?

Dorian: When I found that his body was missing, I -- I was scared.

Mitch: Of what?

Dorian: Of upsetting you in your condition.

Mitch: Oh. How altruistic.

Dorian: I care about you.

Mitch: Oh, stop lying.

Dorian: I do. I care about you. Why else would I -- have hidden Craig’s body? Why else would I have helped you find the Badhra diamond? Don't you understand? We're both on the same side! We both want the same things! Don't you ever do something like that to me again, so help me. We're teammates in this. You wanted to get back at Viki. So did I. You wanted to get everything that was rightfully ours. Well, we've got it! So for God sake, let's enjoy it.

[Doorbell rings]

[Knock on door]

Bo: Llanview Police.

Mitch: Answer the fool.

Dorian: All right, dear.

Dorian: Hello, Bo.

Bo: Hello, Dorian. I'd like to ask you and your husband a few questions about one of your employees -- Craig Lombard.

Dorian: Yes, of course. Do come in.


Antonio: There's a unit out front.

Jessica: Did you call them?

Antonio: Something must be up. I'm going in. Hopefully, this is it, because until Laurence is behind bars or dead, you won't be safe.


Jessica: Sorry. Not interrupting anything, am I?

Bo: No, that's okay, Jess.

Jessica: What's going on?

Bo: I'm conducting an investigation. One of your father's employees, a guy named Craig Lombard -- he was stabbed to death last night.


Al: Man. I’m pretty cold.

Marcie: I already put my extra blankets in the storeroom down in the basement.

Al: No! Please, don't go.

Marcie: Why?

Al: I can't trust myself. I can't be alone, not even for a couple of minutes. No, please --

Marcie okay. All right.

Al: I'll be okay, l right? I'll be -- I'll be fine. I just -- just don't want to be alone. I just -- I can't be alone, you know?

Marcie: Okay, okay.

Al: I can't do it.

Marcie: Well, just -- you know, we need to keep your body, you know, as warm as possible, okay? Here. Here. You know what? I know what we can do. I know what we can do. You're just -- you're just going to -- you're going to hang on to me, okay?

Al: Uh-huh?

Marcie: We're going to use body heat.

Marcie: Body heat. That’s what we’re going to use, okay?

Al: Okay, okay.

Marcie: That's all right. Just lie still, just lie still.

Jen: Marcie, guess what -- I don't have to –


Bo: According to the report, this guy Lombard -- Antonio. It's about time that you finally showed up.

Antonio: Yes, Sir. Sorry I'm late.

Bo: No, it's not a problem. We're just getting started. Mr. Laurence, when was the last time you saw Craig Lombard?

Mitch: Well, that would have to be before I lost my sight.

Dorian: Really, Bo, such insensitivity.

Bo: Well, I'm sorry, Dorian, but the question stands.

Dorian: Craig no longer works for us.

Bo: Well, that makes sense. He's dead.

Dorian: He was an incompetent. Mitch had to fire him.

Bo: Hmm. When was that?

Dorian: Yesterday, and that s the last time either one of us saw him.

Mitch: He left. We haven't heard from him since, until now.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Do you have any idea who might have stabbed Lombard?

Dorian: Oh, why on earth would we know that?

Bo: He was one of your employees, Dorian.

Dorian: Yes, we employed him. We didn't socialize with him.

Bo: Where were you last night, Laurence?

Mitch: Home, with my wife and my daughter.

Dorian: You know, this is -- this is really outrageous, Bo. What are you doing, accusing Mitch of having something to do with Craig’s murder? Mitch is blind.

Bo: What, does that mean he couldn't stab someone?

Dorian: It certain means that he couldn't have dragged the body miles and miles away to some rest stop.

Bo: Well, could he have had someone help him.

Dorian: Oh. We have told you, were at home together last night. And now, if you and Det. Vega are finished, I'd be very happy to show you the door.

Bo: Well, that'll be all for now, but we're a long way from being finished.

Dorian: Oh, good. We'll look forward to seeing you.

Mitch: Jessica?

Jessica: Yes?

Mitch: Comm. Buchanan has a grudge against me. That's why he thinks that I had something to do with Craig’s death.

Jessica: You don't have to explain, okay?

Mitch: No, I want to. I want you to know the truth. I swear to you that I would never commit murder. It's a sin.


Antonio: The guy's alive?

Bo: Mm-hmm. The media did us a big favor. They reported that we'd seen the body. Now, I'm leaving tonight for Baltimore. I'm going to meet with this guy. As soon as I get his whole story, I think that when I get back we can bring Laurence in, charge him with attempted murder.

Antonio: Commissioner, that's great.

Bo: Okay, but nobody knows of this. You can't tell a soul, not even Jess.

Antonio: Yes, sir.

Bo: Now, the official position is Lombard’s dead.

Antonio: Got it.

Bo: Do you think that Jess knows anything at all? You know, I didn't -- ahem -- I didn't want to bring it up in front of Laurence in there.

Antonio: Well, I -- I'll find out. I'll make sure nothing happens to her.

Jessica: Excuse me.


Mitch: Jessica, wait. I need to know that you believe I'm innocent. Swear to me that you believe I had nothing to do with Craig’s death.


Jen: Well, at least now I know why you couldn't come to my hearing

Marcie: Jen, I'm sorry, but this isn't really a good time.

Jen: What, hooking up with Al was more important than whether or not I go to jail?

Marcie: No.

Jen: What kind of friend are you?

Marcie: I'm a good friend, not one who just shows whenever she needs to use you!

Jen: So how'd you end up in bed with Al, anyway?

Marcie: I wasn't in bed with Al!

Jen: Wait a minute, I know, you guys were sitting around talking about how I'm totally selfish and how you both can't stand me, right?

Marcie: You know what, not everything is about you, Jen! I know you think it is and I know you get really upset when you're not the center of the universe, but I have news for you -- you’re not!

Jen: You think I give a damn about you and Al? I couldn't care less.

Marcie: You know, she gets really mad sometimes.

Al: Thanks.

Marcie: Sure.

[Marcie sighs]

Al: What's wrong?

Marcie: I don't know. I've never seen Jen look so bad before. I think I really hurt her feelings.


Mitch: Jessica, I can't rest until you tell me you believe me.

Jessica: Of course I believe you.

Mitch: You swear it? You won't betray me?

Jessica: I swear.

Mitch: On your life?

Jessica: On my life.

Mitch: Thank you. You have no idea what this means to me.

Dorian: Come, dear, come with me.


Jessica: Antonio, I thought you left.

Antonio: You know something about what happened to Laurence’s servant, don't you? When Bo was questioning Mitch, I could tell. Tell me, Jessica.

Jessica: Okay. Mitch has a knife hidden in his cane. I saw blood on his sleeve, and he was wiping off blood from the knife.

Antonio: Does he know you saw this?

Jessica: No. But I can get it for you. Come back later.

Antonio: No. No way in hell.


Bo: You know I'm going to be back before you know it.

Gabrielle: I know, but I'm still going to miss you every second.

Bo: Uh-huh.

Gabrielle: Oh, but it'll be worth it, though, if you get this guy to testify against Mitch Laurence, right?

Bo: Absolutely.

Gabrielle: Okay.


Matthew: And then I want to see the White House. You know who lives there?

Nora: In the White House? The King of England?

Matthew: No.

Nora: No?

 Matthew: Bo!

Bo: Hey!

Matthew: Hi, Bo!

Bo: Matthew, how you doing?

Matthew: Are you taking this train, too?

Bo: Yeah, I sure am. You, too? I'm going to Baltimore. Where you getting off?

Matthew: Washington. My class is having a field trip.

Bo: Washington? I didn't know you guys were on this train.

Nora: My last case pled, so, you know -- and I didn't think he could wait another minute. He was going to explode.

Bo: Whoa, Washington. You know what's in Washington?

Matthew: No. What?

Bo: Well, Charles Lindbergh’s airplane.

Matthew: Who's Charles?

Bo: Charles Lindbergh? You like airplanes?

Matthew: Yeah.

Bo: Charles Lindbergh was the Lone Eagle. He was the first man to ever fly solo, all by himself, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean.


Renee: Hey, kiddo.

Joey: Renee. Long time no see.

Renee: Yeah, seems like lifetimes. The food I promised -- the guys are bringing it in the back. Is that okay?

Joey: Perfect. Thank you.

Renee: Good. Where's Jen? You know, it's almost -- well, it's past 6:00.

Joey: Ahem. Yeah, you know what, she was pretty tired. She probably just fell asleep.

Renee: Joey, maybe we should call her. She s court-mandated to be here by 6:00.

Jo: I already did.

Renee: And?

Joey: No answer.

Renee: Joey, I hate to say this, but I have a feeling that she's not going to show up.


Jen: Excuse me.

Porter: Yes?

Jen: When's the next train to New York?

Porter: About 30 minutes.

Jen: Great. I'm out of here.

Matthew: Jen!

Jen: Matthew. Hey.

Matthew: Are you going to Washington, too?

Jen: I didn't know you were going to Washington.

Matthew: Mommy's taking me.

Nora: Hi, Jen.

Jen: Hi.

Matthew: Mommy, Jen went to Washington with Daddy when she was a little girl. I want to see everything Daddy and Jen saw.

Nora: Well, then you shall. And you know what, I need to talk to Jen for a minute. See Bo and Gabrielle? Gabrielle wants -- she wants to give you her email address?

Matthew: Oh, yeah.

Nora: Remember?

Jen: Yeah, Dad took us to the Smithsonian, he took us to the zoo, White House, everything.

Nora: Yes, I remember him telling me that. He took you and Will both. Said it was the best vacation he ever had.

Jen: He did?

Nora: Mm-hmm. He did. Was very proud of you. Really proud of you. But I don't think he's ever been prouder of you than when he took you to Judge Fitzwater’s chambers and you told the truth about what you did to Cristian.

Jen: He wouldn't be too proud of me today, would he?

Nora: Yeah, he would, very proud of you. Because you admitted your mistakes and you accepted your punishment. He was very proud of you. He loved you very, very much, Jen, just like a father should, unconditionally. So, what are you doing here?

Jen: I -- I was meeting a friend -- to bring her bag, but she already left.

Nora: That was really nice of you to bring her her bag.

Jen: I hope you and Matthew have a really nice trip.

Nora: Thanks. I'm sure we will.

Matthew: They called our train, Mom.

Nora: Okay, Sweetie.

Matthew: Come on, let’s go!

Nora: All right. Okay, okay, okay, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming. Here we go. Oh. All right, you all set?

Bo: I'm going to cal you when I get there. I love you.

Gabrielle: I love you.

Nora: All right.

Matthew: This is going to be the best train ride ever.

Nora: Bye, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: Bye.


Al: Thanks for covering for me with Jen. If she really knew what was going on --

Marcie: It's none of her business. And you don't have to thank me. Hey.

Al: What?

Marcie: You're not shaking.

Al: Hey. Look at that, I'm not.

Marcie: Well, don't yell at me, but, you know, I think the worst is over now.

Al: Yeah. I think you're right.


Renee: Sorry, Joey. It's almost 7:00. I think we should call Judge Fitzwater.

Jen: I'm sorry. I know I'm late, but I'm here, and I'll stay an extra hour, okay?

Joey: See? Sometimes you just need to have a little faith me on. Let's get to work.


Antonio: Hank has decided to go a different direction with the Mitch Laurence case.

Jessica: What about what I told you, though, with the knife and the blood?

Antonio: You might have to testify l, but right now they want to keep you out of the line of fire.

Jessica: I'm staying here, Antonio.

Antonio: No, you're not.

Jessica: Well, there’s nothing you n do about it.

Antonio: Yes, there is.

Jessica: What are you doing? What are you doing?

Antonio: A material witness to a homicide, which means I can take you into custody.

Jessica: Antonio -- no!


Mitch: This is not good.

Dorian: Everything was fine.

Mitch: What are you talking about? They know that Craig was murdered.

Dorian: Yes, but thanks to me, they have no reason to think you had anything to do with it.

Mitch: Yeah, well, Bo Buchanan will not give up. He's going to keep digging until he finds the answer.

Dorian: And he won't find anything because I'm your alibi. So, now that I have proven my loyalty for the umpteenth time, don’t you think that it's about time you shared everything with me?

Mitch: Define "everything."

Dorian: How about the code to the safe where you’ve hidden the Badhra diamond? Is there any reason why I shouldn't have access to it?

Mitch: I don't think we've quite reached that level of trust.

Dorian: Why? After everything I’ve done? I mean, I thought the bond [jumbled] -- was solid.

Mitch: Yes. Now I want to seal that bond.

Dorian: Excuse me?

Mitch: Make love to me, Dorian. Now.

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Joey: So why did you come back?

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Flash: Don't worry about me. I'm fine.

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