OLTL Transcript Monday 4/21/03

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 4/21/03

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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" Ė

Carlotta: You've accepted Cristianís proposal?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, I have.

Blair: You stole the diamond!

Dorian: I did not. It's rightfully mine.

Jessica: He doesn't think that you're going to get your sight back.

Mitch: You're not going to leave me, are you?

Marcie: I know you're doing drugs, Al.

Al: You think that I'm on drugs?

Jen: You're the hotel thief, and I just caught you in the act. I'm going to be your new partner.


Mitch: Craig, is that you?

Craig: Yes,

Mitch: Is she here?

Craig: No, Sir.

Mitch: Did she call or leave any word?

Craig: I'm sorry.

Mitch: Jessica, where are you?

Craig: It's time for your medication.

Mitch: The hell with the medication! You got to get me out of here and get me home. Everything depends on it, you hear me?

Craig: Yeah.


[Knock on door]

Dorian: Just a minute.

Dorian: Yes?

Lois: Mrs. Laurence, R.J. Gannon is here to see you, ma'am.

Dorian: Thank you, Lois. R.J.!

R.J.: Dorian! I knew -- I knew your visit to Capricorn was more than a social call.

Dorian: Now, what makes you say that?

R.J.: Dorian, what do you need?

Dorian: R.J., I assume that you still maintain certain connections?

R.J.: Well, now, you know I'm strictly legitimate now. Why?

Dorian: I'm about to acquire a very large gem, and I need to dispose of it very quietly.

R.J.: Mm-hmm. Well, you have my attention.

Dorian: It would have to be a very discreet transaction.

R.J.: So it's not only large, it's hot.


Renee: Bo, I have a feeling that a person I just fired might be the person responsible for the break-ins we've been having at the hotel.

Bo: You got a name for me?

Renee: Well, unfortunately, I don't have any proof, just a gut feeling, but -- Rex Balsom. The burglaries started right after he was hired -- the way he has been acting lately -- and I'm afraid that's all I have.

Bo: All right. Thank you. Keep me posted.

Renee: Will do.


Bo: Hey, everybody. Sorry I'm late.

Gabrielle: Oh --

Al: Hey, you're not late at all, man. Really great to see you. Thanks.

Bo: Well, I think when you make up four incompletes from last semester, that's something worth celebrating.

Al: Yeah.

Gabrielle: Definitely.

Bo: Congratulations.

Gabrielle: Here's to American Lit, Psychology --

Al: Oh, come on, Mom.

Gabrielle: Oh, and here's to you, Professor --

Marcie: Oh, why, thank you.

Al: Yes. Hear, hear.

Jen: Marcie, hey.

Marcie: Jen, hi.

Jen: I haven't seen you around lately.

Marcie: Well, I've been busy.

Jen: Okay, well, give me a call. Maybe we can get together or something.

Marcie: Maybe I will.

Jen: Rex, hey.

Rex: Great, like I need this. What do you want from me?


Viki: This is good. It's a strong lead, but you need to restructure the last two paragraphs -- make them sharper and much shorter. Thank you. Have you reviewed all the background material on the McCarthy bribery case?

Man: Yeah, I'm up to speed.

Viki: Good, because the trial starts Monday in Philadelphia. Thanks, both of you.

Man: Thank you.

Viki: Carlotta! Hi! This is a surprise.

Carlotta: Yes, I know. I -- when Jessica told me that you were working here, I didn't -- well, you know.

Viki: Yeah, I know. Mitch Laurence does now own "The Banner," along with everything el in the estate, and when he asked me to stay on as editor, I had no choice. I wanted to save my employees' jobs.

Carlotta: Oh, I see.

Viki: Yeah. So, to what do I owe the pleasure, hmm?

Carlotta: Oh, Viki, I know you're very busy, but I know you feel the same way I do. We have to do something about Cristian and Natalie.

Viki: Why? What happened?

Carlotta: Well, they want to get married soon. We have to stop them!


Antonio's voice: Jessica, wake up.

Jessica: Antonio?

Antonio: We have to go.

Jessica: Where?

Antonio: To the train station. I need to make sure you're safe. I'm a cop. It's my job.

Jessica: Is this really just a job to you?

Antonio: No, I -- I've been going out of my mind. I -- I've tried, I swear, but I can't get you out of my mind.

Jessica: Antonio, no Ė


Mitch: Jessica. Come to me. Come to me. I need you. I need you.


[Doorbell rings]

Antonio: Bad time?

Jessica: No, no, I was just lying down.

Antonio: I -- I stopped by to make sure you're all right.

Jessica: I'm fine.

Antonio: I mean, after what happened with Cole Avery and -- I mean, you got thrown around a little.

Jessica: You got the worst of it. You still have your bruise. I'm sorry, come in.

Antonio: I -- I have to go to the hospital. I've been assigned to escort Lindsay back to St. Annís.

Jessica: Oh.

Antonio: You sure you're okay?

Jessica: Yeah, I'm fine. Actually, I have to go to the hospital, as well. I have to check in on Mitch.

Antonio: You don't owe him a thing. You know that?

Jessica: That seems to be the prevailing opinion. Can we just not get toto it, okay?

Antonio: Okay. I should go. Look, Jessica, about what happened -- about what happened after the run-in with cole -- it sort of got --

Jessica: It was nothing. It was nothing, okay? It was nothing.

Jessica: Antonio, if --

[Car pulls away]


Jen: What's with the attitude?

Rex: You're too high maintenance for me.

Jen: What's that supposed to mean?

Renee: What are you doing here?

Rex: I need to clean out my locker.

Renee: You should've done that the minute you were fired.

Jen: You were fired?

Rex: Okay, you misunderstood. I was not stealing Mr. Buchanan's money clip, okay? I swear --

Renee: If you want to clean out your locker, you'll do it in my presence, and then you will head straight on out of here. Stay away from him, Jen. He's nothing but trouble.

Rex: She's right. Stay away.



Bo: Jen? You okay?

Jen: Fine. Why does everybody keep asking me that?

Bo: Because they care? I thought you should know that your mother's going to be taken back to St. Annís.

Jen: Yeah?

Bo: Hmm-hmm.

Jen: Good, I guess.

Bo: You know, Jen, if you have a problem, you need any help --

Jen: I'm fine, okay?

Bo: Okay. Would you care to join us?

Jen: No, thanks.

Bo: All right. Jen, look, I'm around, okay? Just keep that in mind.


Carlotta: Well, don't you agree? I mean, if it were up to me, that marriage would -- would be put off until -- well, frankly, it would never even happen.

Man: Viki, I'm sorry. I just got off with the D.A.'s office about McCarthy. There may be a plea bargain in the works.

Viki: Oh.

Man: Mrs. D, could you sign off on this so I can send it to layout?

Viki: You know what, give me two seconds, guys. I'll come to you. Carlotta, I'm sorry. We're on a deadline.

Carlotta: I don't -- I don't understand. I thought you wouldn't want them to get married, either.

Viki: Look, it's their decision. Don't you think? What is this about? It's Natalie, right?

Carlotta: Well, look; I don't want to be rude. I know you love Natalie. But that girl has lied to me; she's made promises to me that she has no intention of keeping.

Viki: Like what?

Carlotta: Well, for one thing, she promised that she wouldn't get married without my blessing, and then when I wouldn't give it she just went off and started planning the wedding already.

Vi: Hey, you know what? You and Natalie are going to have to work out your problems between yourselves, okay? Let me just say -- why don't you sit down. Carlotta, when Natalie first came to Llanview, she was a mess. A mess. She was a bundle of raw emotions and angry and bitter and ready to lash out at whoever got in her way. She has changed, okay? I know it's not a 100% change. And frankly, you will never see Natalie the way you've always seen Jessica, all right? But Natalie has changed, and that change is going to continue. And what she needs from you right now more than anything is just a chance. And the other thing that I want to say is that our children -- they're not kids anymore, they're not children. They have their own lives, and right now it's up to us to decide whether or not we want to be a part of their lives because they're going to do whatever they want to. And the more resistance they get from us, the harder it's going to be, and not for them but for us. I mean, is that what you want?

Cristian: Mom. What are you doing here?

Carlotta: What are you doing here? And why are you dressed like this?


R.J.: Thank you. Well, you say this gem isn't actually in your possession?

Dorian: Not yet.

R.J.: But you're making plans, so you're sure it's going to be?

Dorian: R.J., you know me. I don't waste my time on unrealistic expectations.

R.J.: Well, now, come on. If you want me to broker this thing for you, you're going to have to be a little more forthcoming. I mean, what kind of gem is it?

Dorian: It's priceless. Unique, really. It would require a very discreet buyer with deep pockets, the kind of person with enough ego and wallet that they wouldn't care they'd bought a gem that would have to stay in a -- well, let's just say very private collection.

R.J.: What are we selling here, Elizabeth Taylorís emeralds?

Dorian: Yes or no?

R.J.: Oh, Dorian. Let me make a few calls.

Dorian: Ah. Needless to say, your fee would be substantial.

R.J.: Well, now, you see, profit is a motivation I can understand. And apparently, so do you.

Dorian: Uh, ahem. Yes, well, shall we stick to the subject at hand?

R.J.: It's the same subject -- bank statements, brokerage statements, and real estate holdings. My, my, my, my, my. You've been a busy little bride. Well, you wouldn't be planning to rob Mitch blind, would you?


Dr. Bowles: I'm sorry, Mr. Laurence. Discharging you now would be dangerously premature. Mr. Laurence --

Mitch: I'm signing myself out of here, with or without your consent.

Dr. Bowles: This is over my strong objection. Now, I need to get you set up with a therapist --

Mitch: No, I don't want therapy, thank you. I want to go home.

Dr. Bowles: Fine.

Mitch: Craig?

Craig: Yes, Sir?

Mitch: I am about to entrust you with some extremely sensitive information. But first, a little warning -- as far as I am concerned, there is no crime worse than betrayal. If you betray me, you will pay with your life.


Cristian: Well, I'm driving for Asa Buchanan now.

Carlotta: You're his chauffeur?

Cristian: Well, it's a job, Mom, that pays great.

Carlotta: But I thought you said you were going back to college this fall.

Cristian: And I will, whether I work with Mr. Buchanan or not. And he told me, you know, I could take whatever time I need.

Viki: Actually, Asaís very big on education.

Cristian: Plus, Natalie and i need to support ourselves.

Carlotta: Look, Cristian, you say you love Natalie and Natalie loves you. Wait with this marriage, at least until you finish college.

Cristian: Mom, I don't want to argue, please. Come on.

Carlotta: Fine. Tu nunca me oyes. Viki, thank you. I'm glad we said what had to be said. Goodbye.

Viki: Bye. Carlotta -- stop worrying, okay? It's all going to work out.

Carlotta: I hope you're right. I'll be at the diner.

Cristian: She didn't come here to talk about the marriage?

Viki: She's just concerned, Cristian, that's all. What do you got for me, something from Asa?

Cristian: Yeah, he wanted me to give you this. He said that it might help you out with Mitch.

Viki: Well, well, well. It just might.


Jessica: Hey. I thought you were taking Lindsay back to St. Annís.

Antonio: Yeah, well, Lindsayís in with the doctor right now for some kind of final evaluation, so I'm stuck cooling my heels.

Jessica: Uh, thanks again for your help with that guy Cole.

Antonio: Sure. Sure, just remember what I said.

Jessica: I will. I should go check in on Mitch.


Mitch: Craig, what the hell took you so long?

Jessica: No, no, it's me. It's Jessica.

Mitch: Oh, Jessica. I was afraid that you had decided to abandon me after all.

Jessica: No, no. I'm here.

Mitch: Against your family's wishes, I'm sure.

Jessica: I make my own decisions. Why are you dressed?

Mitch: Oh, I'm going home.

Jessica: Doctor, you're releasing him?

Dr. Bowles: He's going against medical advice.

Jessica: Are you sure about this?

Mitch: Yes, I'm sure. I know I would be better off at home.

Dr. Bowles: Not without constant attention and assistance.

Jessica: I'll help him.

Mitch: Jessica -- could you take my hand, please?


Bo: You're not hungry?

Al: Um -- well, I -- no. It's good. I'm just -- I'm not really used to being the center of attention, you know?

Bo: I mean, Al, you deserve it, you know? We're all proud of you.

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm.

Al: Yeah, yeah. It's just --

Gabrielle: It's just what, Al?

Al: Well, it's just that now it's just given me a lot more pressure when finals come around.

Marcie: Oh, come on, Al, lighten up. You know what, and don't worry about finals. We're a team now. I'm not going to let you mess up.

Gabrielle: And, Marcie, I have something for you.

Marcie: For me?

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm.

Marcie: Wow. Whoa! $100! I -- I can't accept this, Ms. Medina.

Gabrielle: Yes, you can. No, no, it's a bonus. It's a bonus. I would've bought you something, but I have no idea what you need.

Marcie: Thank you, that's very thoughtful.

Gabrielle: Well, I want to thank you -- both Max and I want to thank you. We appreciate it.

Marcie: Well, Al did all the work.

Al: Yeah. Yeah, that's right. And what about all the work I did?

Bo: Hmm.

Gabrielle: He thinks I've forgotten about him.

Bo: Seems.

Gabrielle: Yes, hmm. Here. Bo helped me pick it out. I hope you like it.


Renee: Open it!

Rex: What, with you standing over my shoulder? No way. I've got personal stuff in here.

Renee: That locker is my property.

Renee: Thank you.

Renee: Oh. Take your things. Get out of here. And if I see you here again, I'm calling security.


Jen: That's the key you used to let yourself into the guest rooms, isn't it?

Rex: Look, back off, okay? Get lost. You're bad luck.

Jen: It's not my fault you got fired. Okay, okay, look, I'll back off. But, come on, let's just do it one last time.

Rex: Are you for real?

Jen: Come on, what have you got to lose?

Rex: Okay -- is your mom bouncing off the walls again, huh? Is that it? Is that what this is?

Jen: What has that got to do with anything? Come on, come on, just go upstairs --

Rex: For the last time -- no! Back off! Get lost, okay? Anand you're too much of a screwup to pull it off yourself, all right? In fact -- no, you know what? Here. Be my guest. Get caught. You never know when you'll need allergy medicine.


Al: Wow. I mean, you didn't need to do this, you know? I mean, there was no reason for you to go out and spend this kind of money.

Gabrielle: Oh, yes, there was. You worked very hard and you accomplished everything and, as Bo says, you deserve it.

Bo: Darn right.

Marcie: Yeah, now at least you have no excuse to be late.

Al: That's funny. That's very funny.

Marcie: Oh, there's that creepy Brad guy. I can't stand him.

Gabrielle: Why do you say that? He looks all right.

Marcie: Yeah, but he's a drug dealer.


R.J.: As I say it's a large gem. No, I actually haven't seen it myself. Look -- yeah, I know. Just do the best you can. This is going to take some time. It's hard to close on something when I don't know what it is that I'm selling.

Dorian: All in good time. Now, then, R.J., if you will excuse me, I have things to do.

R.J.: Yeah. Survey Mitch's assets.

Dorian: You know, you're making this sound awfully sinister. My husband is incapacitated at the moment, so I am just going to have to get more involved with handling things around here, that's all.

R.J.: Well, seems to me you have things around here well in hand. I mean, you've married Mitch, moving into Viki's house.

Dorian: This is not Viki's house. It's mine.


Viki: Thank yo very, very much for this, Cristian. It may not be enough to put Mitch Laurence away for life, but every little bit helps. Thanks. Something else?

Cristian: Well, I mean, I know my mom's a little down on Natalie. I hope she didn't come here talking about her.

Viki: Don't worry about it, okay? She's upset because she thinks that you're rushing into marriage, okay?

Cristian: I love Natalie, Mrs. Davidson. She's important to me, and I'm going to do everything I can to make her happy.

Viki: Cristian, we've known each other a very long time. You do not have to sell yourself to me. I am very, very happy for Natalie and you. I'm happy for both of you.

Cristian: Thanks.

Viki: Now, I think it's time that I had a little chat with Mitch Laurence.

Cristian: Isn't he still at the hospital?

Viki: Indefinitely, I hope.


Dr. Bowles: Now, remember what I told you. You're to take it easy for the next couple of weeks. And if your wife has any questions about the care, just have her call me.

Mitch: I'll be fine, thank you.

Dr. Bowles: Okay.

Mitch: Jessica? Are you still willing to -- to help me?

Jessica: I am.

Mitch: Your standing by me like this is --

Jessica: It's the least I can do.

Mitch: No, no, no. Jessica, you -- you're not to blame for any of this. It was all my fault -- the accident. I shouldn't have -- I shouldn't have been pressuring you like that. It's just that you mean so terribly much to me. Jess--

Jessica: You sure you're ready?

Mitch: With you by my side -- oh, I am ready for anything.


Viki: Excuse me, are you Dr. Bowles?

Dr. Bowles: Yes.

Viki: Oh, I understand you're treating a man named Mitch Laurence.

Dr. Bowles: Well, I was. He's left the hospital.

Viki: What? I thought he --

Dr. Bowles: I advised him, in no uncertain terms, against it. He insisted.

Viki: Do you happen to know whether there was a young woman with him -- pretty and blond -- Jessica Buchanan?

Dr. Bowles: As a matter of fact, I think she accompanied Mr. Laurence home.


R.J.: Well, I'll make a few more calls, but until you actually have this gem --

Dorian: I'll call you with a full description, okay, but the important thing is we've got to sell this before Mitch is released from the hospital.

R.J.: Well, I'll do what I can, but keep in mind people paying this kind of money like to know exactly what it is that they're --

[Key turns in lock]

Dorian: Quick, quick! And get rid of the papers! Oh -- my goodness. Mitch, what are you doing out of the hospital?

Mitch: Not exactly the welcome I was expecting.

Dorian: I'm sorry. I'm just so surprised. Did the doctor say that you were well enough to be discharged?

Mitch: There's nothing more they can do for me, and besides, I just had to get back home to my new bride.

Jessica: Come on; let's get you settled on the sofa. I'll go back to the car and get the rest of your things.

Dorian: Uh -- no. I -- I'll take it from here. Thank you, Jessica.

Mitch: Darling, you know that I love you madly, but it means so much to me to have my daughter at my side right now. Please, let Jessica do it.


Gabrielle: Very handsome. Oh, and the watch isn't bad, either.

Bo: Yep. Looks real good. Don't forget to wind it.

Al: Thanks, Mom.

Gabrielle: You're very, very welcome.

Bo: Marcie? Do you have any proof that this guy deals drugs?

Marcie: Not exactly.

Al: It's a rumor. You know how people talk.

Marcie: You're defending him?

Al: No, I'm not defending him. It's just you can't ruin a guy's rep over a rumor.

Marcie: His entire fraternity was totally suspended last month.

Gabrielle: Well, I find this entire conversation quite tasteless. Anyone for dessert?

Al: I think that's a great idea. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to go get the waiter, okay? Hey, that table over there -- they'd like to order some dessert.

Waiter: Okay.


Al: All right. Listen -- I really need to talk to you.

Brad: Not here, all right? I'll meet you on the terrace in five minutes.

Al: Okay.


Renee: Bo, sorry to interrupt. Can we speak for a moment? Look, I've decided to put silent alarms in all of our rooms.

Bo: I think that's a good idea.

Renee: We already have a few in some of the rooms, and by the end of the month we can have all the rooms wired. And that three-digit code that arms the system? That can be reset every time a guest checks out. Foolproof.


Dorian: Mitch, we don't want to impose. I'm sure Jessica has things she needs to do.

Jessica: No, not really.

Mitch: There. You see? Now, please, excuse us.

Dorian: Yes, of course. Oh -- Jessica, I wonder if you wouldn't mind very much going out and getting Mitch's things from the car so we can get him settled in just as soon as possible, make him comfortable.

Jessica: Sure. I'll be right back.

Dorian: Thank you.

[Door opens and closes]

Mitch: What the hell was that all about?

Dorian: Oh, come on, don't be angry at me. I know how important your daughter is to you, but you are very important to me, and I just want to help. Now, please -- come on, let's go in the library and get you settled in. There. Okay. Would the sofa be alright?

Mitch: Yes.

Dorian: Uh -- it's such a nice surprise having you home like this.

Mitch: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: All right, here we are. We're at the sofa. And -- there. Can I get you an extra pillow?

Mitch: I'm just fine, thank you.

Dorian: How about some fresh air? Yes, I think that's what we need, some nice fresh air in the room. And -- good. Yes, indeed. Whew! Wasn't that nice? Ah. Is there anything else I can do to make you comfortable?

Mitch: Dorian, have you changed your perfume?

Dorian: No, dear. Why do you ask?

Mitch: Well, I just noticed a distinctly masculine smell in the room. You haven't started cheating on me already, have you?

Dorian: Oh, well, that would be really gauche, wouldn't it? No. I -- I had an interior decorator come over, you know, and I'm thinking of just changing a few things around here.

Mitch: I don't want a single object moved or touched without my approval. Is that understood?

Dorian: Yes, of course.

Jessica: Is there anything else that you're going to need?

Dorian: No. No. Nothing at all, and thank you again.

Mitch: Jessica, you will stay for a while, won't you?

Dorian: Yes, my dear, please do stay. Stay just as long as you want. But rest assured, Mitch is going to be very well taken care of. Yes. I'm going to see to that.


Al: Uh, you know what? I have to make a call. So I'm going to do that, and I'll be right back, okay?

Gabrielle: Do you know what, Al? I'm going to say goodbye to you now because I have to get back to "The Banner."

Al: Oh, okay.

Bo: And I got to get going, too.

Gabrielle: I love you, Sweetie.

Al: I love you, too, Mom. Hey, thanks a lot. Mom, Bo, Marcie, thank you guys so much for lunch and for the watch and, well, everything.

Bo: Okay.

Gabrielle: Bye, Marcie.

Marcie: Bye.

Bo: Bye.

Marcie: Listen, I have to go to the ladies' room. I'll be right back.

Al: Yeah, yeah.


Antonio: Commissioner? I'm glad I caught you. I -- I need to speak to you about Lindsay Rappaport.

Gabrielle: Bo, I need to get back to "The Banner," Darling.

Bo: Okay.

Gabrielle: I'll see you later?

Bo: Right.

Antonio: Nice seeing you, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm.

Bo: What's up?

Antonio: Listen, when I picked up Lindsay from the hospital and took her back to St. Ann's, she seemed dazed and disoriented like she didn't know where she was.

Bo: What happened?

Antonio: Nothing, really. It's not a big deal. But listen; when she realized where she was, she lost it. I mean, she needed to be sedated. I don't think she's faking this breakdown.


Al: Listen, I need to get some more stuff.

Brad: Okay, that's no problem. You got any cash?

Al: I need to front it from you. Please --

Brad: No --

Al: Please. I'm good for the money, okay? You know I'll pay you back.

Brad: You still owe me from last time.

Al: Please, do me the solid.

Brad: No. Look, Holden, I like you, all right, but this is business, okay?

Al: Hey, hey, hey. Wait. Wait. Look. I have this.


Cristian: Mami. Is everything okay?

Carlotta: Am I interrupting?

Cristian: No. No, but, look, if you're here to argue about Natalie, I --

Carlotta: No, no, I'm not. I'm here to apologize.

Carlotta: Mijo, I had a long talk with Viki, and it made me realize that I probably haven't been giving Natalie enough of a chance. So I'm going to do that. I love you, and if Natalieís the one that makes you happy, then that's what I want, too.

Cristian: Okay, so then what's the catch?

Carlotta: No catch. You're my son. And if this is truly what you want, I'm not going to stand in your way. Oh.

Cristian: Thanks, Mom. That means a lot to me.


Renee: An alarm just went off in one of the rooms. Rex was here earlier. It must be him.

Bo: All right, let's check it out.


Brad: Can I help you with something?

Marcie: Where'd you get that watch?

Brad: Well, that's none of your business. Go away.


Marcie: What are you doing?


Bo: Don't move!

Antonio: Freeze!

Bo: Police.

Renee: Jen?


[Doorbell rings]

Dorian: Oh, excuse me.

Jessica: This cane doesn't really look strong enough to help at all.

Mitch: Where?

Jessica: Oh, here.

Mitch: Oh, no. Nah, that'll be fine. As long as I have my daughter by my side, everything will be fine. Jessica -- again, I don't know how to really say how important this is for me to have you with me. Words fail me. I'm sorry.

Jessica: You don't have to keep on saying thank you, okay?

Mitch: I will regain my sight. Never to see your beautiful face again would be more than I could bear.


Dorian: Hello, Viki.

Viki: I understand Mitch was released from the hospital, and I'd like to see him.

Dorian: I'll check and see if he's receiving visitors.

Viki: It's not a social call. I have a little something here that I thought might interest him -- adversely, of course.

Dorian: Hmm.

Viki: If you're curious, just take me to see Mitch.

Dorian: Mi casa es su casa.

Viki: I don't think so.


Viki: Jessica. I heard that you brought Mitch home. Are you all right?

Jessica: Fine.

Mitch: Victoria. To what do we owe this pleasure?

Viki: Seems your friend Judge Grafton was in very serious trouble with the I.R.S. just before he ruled on Father's will. It's all right here in this file.

Mitch: Well, I haven't begun my Braille lessons yet. I'm afraid I can't read it.

Dorian: Let me.

Viki: Please don't pretend that you don't know what's in there.

Mitch: I have no idea what you're getting at.

Viki: You got Judge Grafton to rule in your favor on Father's will, using his problems with the I.R.S. as leverage.

Mitch: Well, that's a very serious charge, Viki.

Viki: It sure is. Sweetheart, Mitch is home now -- or at least what passes for his home at the moment -- and he is with the wife he so richly deserves. It's time for us to go.

Jessica: I'm staying.

Viki: I'm sorry?

Jessica: Mitch needs me, so I've decided to -- to stay here at Llanfair and be with my father.

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Natalie: I think that when you love someone, you should be with them in every way that you can because you never know what's going to happen.

Jessica: He's my father.

Viki: But you've never thought of him that way!

Dorian: I want you to put it back.

Blair: Me?

Mitch: I need you to get me downstairs.

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