OLTL Transcript Friday 4/18/03

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 4/18/03

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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Antonio: What are you asking, Cole?

Cole: Just a shot at trying to make things good.

Bo: Lindsay just said that Mitch gave her the gun that she used to shoot Sam.

Jessica: He doesn't think that you're going to get your sight back.

Mitch: You're not going to leave me, are you?

Carlotta: You've accepted Cristian’s proposal?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, I have.


Cristian: So you'll do it?

Antonio: Yeah, man, you bet! I'm happy for you.

Carlotta: What's going on?

Cristian: Antonio's going to be the best man at my wedding.

[Carlota rattles dishes]

Antonio: I'm -- I'm going to take this downstairs. Don't -- don't worry about me. Oh, yeah.

Cristian: What's wrong, Mom?

Carlotta: First, Natalie says she wouldn't dream of getting married without my blessing. The next thing I know she's wearing a diamond ring. Now, what were you going to tell me? Was I going to be surprised when I got the invitation in the mail?

Cristian: Natalie knows you don't like her. What, do you think she's going to come around here asking you for advice?

Carlotta: Cristian, you and I never argued like this before she came along. This is all her fault.

Cristian: No, it's not. It's yours.


Roxy: Hey, Nattie, I got a little present for you. Even though I'm not officially your mom anymore, I thought maybe you could use a little -- you know.

Natalie: What?

Roxy: Someone to be, like, a personal schlepper? This one is my fave. And, you know, not everybody could pull this off, either.

Natalie: Guess not.

Roxy: Oh, wait. Wait, there's another one. Oh, yeah. This one. What do you think?

Natalie: Look, I -- we better get back to work.

Roxy: Ah, I don't think the boss is going to mind. So, what do I do now?

Natalie: Roxy, I can't even afford those magazines.

Roxy: Ah, I took this from the dentist's office.

Natalie: That's not the point, Roxanne. I can't even afford any of the dresses that I wouldn't be caught dead in. I mean -- look.

[Roxy whistles]

Roxy: Okay, last night I was watching "Smashin' Fashion," and they said the mini dress is back. I think it never left. But, you know, you got my legs. So, why don't you get a mini dress?

Natalie: What?

Roxy: It's cheaper, it's less fabric, and, you know, I'll chip in a little.

Natalie: Thanks, but, no.

Roxy: So who's going to be your bridesmaids?

Natalie: Uh -- well, you know, of course, Jessica.

Roxy: Oh-ho. Ix-nay on the ister-say.

Natalie: Why?

Roxy: Well, you know, Cristian and Jessie had that thing going on.

Natalie: Okay, that -- how many times do I have to tell you it's over?

Roxy: Honey --

Natalie: Way over?

Roxy: Honey, honey, you better think about this and not be so extra dense, okay? Imagine this. Cristian is watching this beautiful blonde slinking down the aisle, you know, just dripping with brains and class and a lot of sex appeal. And then she steps aside, and then he sees you.

Natalie: I -- I got to go.

Roxy: What's wrong?

Natalie: Nothing. Just things to do.

Roxy: Don't you want your magazine?


Joey: Jess. Thank God.

Jessica: Hey. What are you doing here?

Joey: I came to check on you. Have you been at the hospital all night?

Jessica: Yeah.

Joey: What are you doing, Jess?

Jessica: I can't let him go through this alone.

Joey: If Mitch is alone, it's because he deserves to be alone.

Jessica: Well, that's real compassionate. Is that what they taught you in the seminary? What about forgiveness, Joey?

Joey: You have to want it, and Mitch doesn’t. He's too sick with hatred.

Jessica: Yeah, well, now he's blind, and it's all my fault.

Joey: Well, I see it didn't take him very long to take advantage of that.

Jessica: He's my father. I'm all that he has left.

Joey: And whose fault is that? Come on, you can't blame yourself for this.

Jessica: You weren't there, Joey. All he was trying to do was hold me, okay?

Joey: Jess, did he try to --

Jessica: Did he what? Oh, that's disgusting! He's my father!

Joey: He's a rapist! He raped our mother! He tried to rape Cassie! That man has no trouble hurting people.

Jessica: He would never, ever do anything bad to me, okay?

Joey: I think he would, Jess, and I'm really afraid for you, very afraid.


Mitch: Jessica?

Dorian: No. It's me, Dorian. Oh, Mitch, when I heard what had happened to you, I was absolutely devastated.

Mitch: Then what took you so long to get here?

Dorian: I was making phone calls in your behalf.

Mitch: Really?

Dorian: Yes. When the doctors told me your prognosis, well, I just got on that phone and I called every single ophthalmologist -- well, the best ones in the world. I found out about a few new treatments. They're experimental, of course, but I promise you we are going to find someone who can restore your eyesight.

Mitch: A loyal wife should not abandon her husband in his darkest hour.

Dorian: But I told you --

Mitch: You told me lies! Fair warning, Dorian -- do not betray me.


Renee: Welcome to the all-new Palace restaurant.

Asa: The place looks great. I'm glad you took my advice.

Renee: I don't see a stuffed moose head here. I'm glad you approve.

Asa: Have you seen Nigel around? He's supposed to be interviewing some chauffeurs for me.

Renee: Did you fire Pritchert?

Asa: The next one to go is Nigel. Since that hypnotist got him to quit smoking, he's acting like he's brain dead.

Renee: You couldn't survive without Nigel.

Asa: Well, all good things come to an end sometimes. Anyway, I guess I'm going to have to do it. If anybody shows up for the job, I'll be sitting over there.

Renee: You got it.

Renee: Oh, Rex. If somebody comes to be interviewed for a chauffeur position, send them to Mr. Buchanan.

Rex: Okay. Will do.

Rex: Mr. Buchanan? Rex Balsom, Roxy’s son. We met before.

Asa: Give me a pot of coffee and a glass of orange juice.

Rex: Actually, I'm interested in the job. I've got great references, never had a speeding ticket, and I can start right away.

Asa: You work for Renee, right?

Rex: Well, naturally I'd give her two weeks' notice.

Asa: No way, son. You are not Buchanan material.

Rex: What's that supposed to mean?

Asa: Loyalty -- and you ain't got it.

Rex: Listen, just because some people might have --

Asa: I said no! Now, get me my coffee and juice. If anybody shows up here, I'll be right back.


Joey: Jessica, I don't even understand how you can look at him after what he did to our mother.

Jessica: Well, if he hadn't had done that to our mother, I would have never been born!

Joey: Okay. So one good thing came out of all this.

Jessica: What about forgiveness? Joey, what if now that he's blind and now that I'm there with him, he'll turn his life around? Doesn't he deserve a second chance?

Joey: He doesn't want a second chance.

Jessica: You're going to make one hell of a minister.

Joey: He thinks he speaks for God! That man is mockery of real faith!

Jessica: He can change.

Joey: Jess, I'm sorry. But some people do not have what it is that makes us moral humans, and he's one of those people. And if anything, his blindness actually makes him more dangerous.


Mitch: You should have been here last night.

Dorian: Yes, I know, you're quite right, but I am a doctor, and I think my first impulse was to try and find a cure.

Mitch: I'll never see my daughter's face again. I spent my entire life in the darkness that my father shut me in. And I swore that one day I would live in the sun like a king. And that day finally came, and the good Lord decided to laugh in my face and throw me back into the darkness forever.

[Mitch laughs]

Dorian: Now, Mitch, I don’t want you to give up hope.

Mitch: I don't care what you want. I want Jessica.

Dorian: She isn't here.

Mitch: Then find her!

Dorian: You need my help.

Mitch: I don't need anything. I never have and I never will. Now, call my daughter. All right, then I will.

Dorian: Uh --

Mitch: Get out of here!

Dorian: Fine! Fine! Whatever you want, dear.


Troy: They're trying Mrs. Rappaport on a different anti-psychotic. Just spend some time with her -- talk to her, ask her questions -- and if there's any change, give me a call.

Nurse: Yes, Doctor.

Troy: Thank you.

Dorian: Excuse me. Dr. MacIver.

Troy: Yeah. Mrs. Laurence, how can I help you?

Dorian: My husband seems very agitated. I wonder if you would take a look at him, please.

Troy: Sure.

Dorian: Thank you.


Dorian: Lindsay? Lindsay?

Lindsay: Is it --

Dorian: Yes! It's me! It's Dorian! Oh, Darling, it's so good to see you, but not like this. I've heard about what has happened to you. I feel so, so awful. It must be terrible for you, knowing that Mitch is just across the hall.

Lindsay: Mitch Laurence is here? I -- I have to get out of here, because if he finds out I'm here, he'll -- he'll hurt me.

Dorian: No, no, no, no, no. Trust me. He can't ever hurt you again.

Lindsay: But he's still alive, isn't he?

Dorian: He's had a little accident. Mitch is blind.

Lindsay: He deserves more than that for what he did to me. He deserves to die.

Dorian: You can tell me, Lindsay. What did Mitch do to you?


Natalie: What happened?

Cristian: Nothing. She's just in a bad mood. I thought you were at work.

Natalie: Yeah. I took a break. Roxy just kept babbling about our wedding.

Cristian: Let me guess. She wants everything to be hot pink.

Natalie: I don't know if I can do this.

Cristian: What, get married?

Natalie: No, no, I'd love to get married. It's just the whole wedding thing. I mean, it's such a hassle, and with everything going on and your mom hating me --

Cristian: My mom doesn't hate you.

Natalie: Can't we just elope?

Cristian: I thought you wanted, you know, a really big wedding.

Natalie: Yes, but it's not even worth it. I mean, look at this. Look at this.

Cristian: Ouch.

Natalie: Yeah. I mean, plus, I can just -- you wear it for one day and -- look, these sleeves -- they're great, but the rest of it, it's -- I don't like it. And then this one -- this skirt makes you look like a parade float. And then this skirt over here is cute, but – the rest of it's hideous. What?

Cristian: This isn't right. I mean, you're out there working, bringing money home, and what am I doing?

Natalie: Honey, you're doing what you love. I mean, look, you're even getting paid for it. You got $5,000 to do that mural.

Cristian: Yeah, but that was a one-time thing.

Natalie: Yeah, but, I mean, I'm not going to let you give up what you love. And besides, why should we both have a job that we hate anyway?

Cristian: No. No. I'm going to do my share. And if I can get you the wedding you deserve, I'm going to love every minute of it. See you.

Natalie: Yep.

Carlotta: Natalie.

Natalie: Hi, Mrs. Vega.

Antonio: Mami, te quiero.

Carlotta: Si.

Antonio: Good luck.

Natalie: Mrs. Vega, look, we need to clear some things up.

Carlotta: I think it's a little late for apologies, don't you?

Natalie: I wasn't going to apologize.

Carlotta: Oh, I didn't think so now that Cristian’s not here to see.

Natalie: Excuse me?

Carlotta: You act like you're so concerned about my feelings. But the minute I turn my back you go running to Cristian, making out like I'm some kind of evil person.

Natalie: Why would I do that?

Carlotta: You want to turn my son against me. But my son is not like you. You may not have any respect for your mother. But if you ask my son to choose you over me, you'll lose him.


Renee: Hand it over.

Rex: What?

Renee: Asa's money clip. I saw you take it.

Rex: Ms. Divine, I don't know what you're talking --

Renee: May I?

Rex: Okay, I didn't take anything. You going to report me?

Renee: No. I'm going to fire you. And, you know, I have a feeling, a sneaking suspicion that once you are gone all those mysterious break-ins we've been having will come to an end.

Rex: No. No way, no, ma'am, did I break into any of the --

Renee: And let me give you a really good piece of advice. Don't mess with Asa Buchanan. If he finds out that you did this he will have you drawn and quartered. He hates thieves more than I do.


[Roxy sobs]

Nigel: My love?

Roxy: I thought you went to Tokyo.

Nigel: I couldn't draw breath with all those time zones keeping us apart.

Roxy: Huh?

Nigel: Come here, my red-hot geisha girl.

[Tango music plays]

Roxy: I can't believe you got Asa to stick around.

Nigel: Oh, well, I told Mr. Buchanan that Mr. Nakamoto had to postpone, and then I told Nakamoto-san that Mr. Buchanan couldn't make it.

Roxy: So you lied so you could be with me.

Nigel: Oh, it was very risky. As I was making that overseas call, I could feel the hairs rising on the back of my neck.

Roxy: So hot.

Nigel: Oh, if Mr. Buchanan ever found out, he'd probably subject me to the most cruel thumb-screwing, bone-groaning form of torture ever known to man.

Roxy: Ah. Oh. Oh.

Nigel: Oh, I just -- I am.

Roxy: Here.

Nigel: My knees are a little weak just thinking about it.

Roxy: Here. Is that better?

Nigel: We can't go on this way.

Roxy: Does that mean you're going to break up with me?

Nigel: Oh, no, of course not. It's just that I'm running out of excuses to postpone the trip. And the thought of being away from you --

Roxy: Look at you. Your eyes are watering.

Nigel: Oh, it's nothing. It's -- it's nothing. Dear, dear Roxanne, I don't quite know how to ask you this.


Cole: Hey. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Relax. I'm not going to bite you or anything.

Jessica: I'm not scared.

Cole: Let me guess. Antonio's been running me down, right?

Jessica: I make my own decisions about people.

Cole: I like that in a girl. Truth is Vega and I had some run-ins up in Statesville. You know how it is.

Jessica: Whatever.

Cole: Just saying that we worked things out.

Jessica: Oh, would Antonio say the same thing if I asked him?

Cole: He'd say the same. I asked him for a second chance, like he got. You believe in second chances, don't you?

Jessica: I don't know.

Cole: Hey, whoa.

Jessica: Listen, can you just leave me alone?

Antonio: Cole!



Nigel: Oh, someone's coming. No, I can't be seen here.

Roxy: Are you ashamed of me?

Nigel: Oh, no, of course not, but I'm supposed to be helping Mr. Buchanan. I was going to tell him I was taken ill.

Roxy: I always use the dry heaves. It's a very good excuse, because no one will want to know.

Rex: Mom, you better start paying attention.

[Roxy laughs]

Roxy: Yeah. Well, I try to all the time, you know, but I'm a little hungry at the moment.

Rex: Mom, you shouldn't be eating this junk!

Roxy: [Mumbled] What are you doing? It's perfectly good. What are you doing?

Rex: Look, I just came from The Palace, okay? And you take a huge step on the Asa project or else Renee’s going to steal him right out from under you.

Roxy: [Normal voice] Good, because I don't want him under me.

Rex: Okay, you need to make a major play for him before it's too late.

Roxy: I'm not interested, okay?

Rex: Why not? He's got billions.

Roxy: Yeah, well, I'm in love with someone else.

[Tango music plays]

Rex: Okay, well, all right. Well, is he rich?

Roxy: Well, he lives in a mansion.

Rex: Okay, so he's loaded, right?

Roxy: Well, you know, he's not loaded loaded, but, you know, he works there. Look -- hey, I love him, Rexy, and, you know, love is more important than money. I mean, I lived with Max, and, you know, he had all this dough, and I loved him, but, you know, he wasn't interested in me, and I've never been as lonely in my life as when I was with Mx.

Rex: Okay, isn't it too early to be drinking, or haven't you been to bed yet?

Roxy: Couldn't you just listen to me for once in your life?

Rex: No! No! Not if you're crazy enough to give up a billionaire for -- what? What? What? What? What is he, a gardener?

Roxy: Well, what do you care about that? You got your fancy-schmancy job at The Palace.

Rex: No, I quit.

[Tango music stops]

Rex: I got sick of cleaning other people's messes.

Roxy: Well, I would offer you a job here, but Natalie beat you to the punch.

Rex: You know, you're both nuts. I mean, here you are mooning over some servant, Natalie’s engaged to some starving artist.

Roxy: Well, I think it's very romantic.

Rex: No. It's dumb. And you had a chance at real money and you blew it. Guess it's all up to me now.


Renee: Oh, and, Cristian, let me give you a word of warning -- he has fired four chauffeurs in the last four weeks.

Cristian: Well, somebody's got to be the fifth one.

[Renee chuckles]

Renee: Good luck.

Cristian: Thanks. Mr. Buchanan?

Asa: What do you want, Vega?

Cristian: Well, I saw your ad in the paper. I'm interested in the job.

Asa: May I ask why?

Cristian: Well, I'm a good driver, I'm reliable. I used to run Break Bar. Max could vouch for that.

Asa: I don't want to hear about Holden. You tell me why you want this job.

Cristian: I need the money. Look, I don't know if I should be the one to tell you this, Sir, but -- well, Natalie and I are getting married, and I want to be able to support her.

Asa: Hmm. Well, being my chauffeur, you won't get rich.

Cristian: Oh, I know that, Sir. I'm an artist, and that's something that you never know if it's going to pay off or not.

Asa: Well, your art's going to be worth a lot more when you're dead. Sit down.

Cristian: I'll be going back to Llanview University in the fall, and hopefully I'll get my degree in art, and that way I can teach. It's just not going to make me a millionaire.

Asa: I want somebody full-time.

Cristian: Well, I'm not going back to school till fall, so I'm -- I'm available.

Asa: Well, I don't want my granddaughter marrying anybody that's a dropout. I hope you're not saying what I want to hear.

Cristian: Oh, I give you my word, Sir.

Asa: All right. You get your chauffeur's license and you got the job -- till the fall. Then you go back to college. I want you to make something of yourself.

Cristian: Thank you, Sir.


Lindsay: It's all Mitch’s fault. He made me do it.

Dorian: Bo told me that Mitch gave you the gun.

Lindsay: But I wasn't going to use it. Mitch knew how much I loved Troy. He knew that, but he wouldn't stop talking about Blair and how beautiful Troy thought she was and how he couldn't stop thinking of her and how he used me and threw me away.

Dorian: Blair isn't with Troy.

Lindsay: I didn't know that. I was alone. I didn't have any friends. Everyone hated me. Mitch pretended to be my friend, but he didn't care. He didn't care if I went back to prison. He didn't care if I killed Sam. I loved Sam, and now my babies don't have a father.

Dorian: I know, Sweetie.

Lindsay: Mitch needs to pay for what he's done to me.

Dorian: And he's going to. He is going to pay. I promise you that.


Troy: Your wife's a little concerned about you, Mr. Laurence.

Mitch: My wife.

Troy: Well, I can give you a sedative if you'd like.

Mitch: No, I don't want any drugs. All I want is my daughter. Where is she? Where's Jessica?


Cole: I was just trying to help her.

Antonio: He hassling you?

Jessica: No, no, I was just taking a walk and trying to think.

Cole: She's your woman?

Antonio: What's it to you, Cole?

Cole: Well, I was just wondering why you told her to stay away from me.

Antonio: Leave her alone, Avery.

Cole: Huh. Man, you got over your dead girlfriend and a baby real quick.

Antonio: Come on. Come on, let's go.

Antonio: Come on; let's go home. Go.


Natalie: I just tried to make things up with your mother, and I made them much worse.

Cristian: Hey, look, Natalie, don't let my mom get to you, okay? It's our wedding, our life, not hers. Besides, I got good news.

Natalie: What?

Cristian: I got a job. I'm your grandfather's new chauffeur.

Natalie: What?

Cristian: Yeah, I know it's not a fantasy job, but it pays okay, and I got tons of downtime, which means I can draw, you know, when I'm waiting for him.

Natalie: No, babe, I don't want you being a servant for my crabby old grandfather.

Cristian: Look, it's only for a little bit. And we can save some money. You know, that's what matters. I got a surprise for you.

Natalie: Who's Angelica Rivera?

Cristian: She's a dressmaker in Angel Square. Show her all those pictures you showed me, and she'll make you a dress, the perfect dress, for a tenth of what the ones in the magazines cost.

Natalie: I don't know. It's not like I'm a designer or anything, you know.

Cristian: Hey, come on, you got a great, great eye. You like my paintings, don't you?

Natalie: Yeah.

Cristian: You're going to be the most beautiful bride. Come on. I'll show you.


Roxy: So, what were you going to ask me?

Nigel: It's too outrageous.

Roxy: No, it sounds like fun.


Nigel: Oh, quick! Someone's coming!

Roxy: Hi! Welcome to Foxy Roxy’s! You like?

Renee: It's very you.

Roxy: You know, we're not officially opened yet, but, you know, I could spice up this do a little bit.

Renee: I'm not here about my hair. I've come to talk to you about your son.

Roxy: Oh, yeah, Rex was telling me he quit his job.

Renee: “Quit"? Roxy, I fired him.

Roxy: How come?

Renee: He was trying to steal from Asa Buchanan. Do you have any idea what Asa will do to him if he finds out?

Roxy: You're not going to rat him out, are you?

Renee: No, I am not going to "rat him out" yet.

Roxy: Okay, because if you tell Asa, Asa’s going to do something crazy like shut this place down, so I'll do anything. Here.

Renee: "Free blowouts for the next five years."

Roxy: Yeah, and I can throw in some highlights, also. Just don't tell Asa, okay?

Renee: I wasn't intending to. But, Roxy, if I catch your son stealing again, I will go to the police. Make him understand that.

Roxy: Yeah.

Roxy: She didn't even take her gift certificate.

Nigel: You're trembling.

Roxy: Hey, look, you know, I know I wasn't the greatest mom in the world, but I didn't teach Rex how to steal.

Nigel: Let me comfort you, my darling.

[Tango music plays]

Renee: And one more thing –


Lindsay: I don't understand. How -- how is Mitch going to pay?

Dorian: I have a plan, Lindsay, but I need your help.

Lindsay: What do I do?

Dorian: First of all, you have to do everything that your lawyer tells you.

Lindsay: But my lawyer is Evangeline Williamson. Mitch hired her so he could control everything I do.

Dorian: No, Mitch has nothing to do with this. I hired her because, well, I heard she was one of the best.

Lindsay: Oh, thank you, Dorian.

Dorian: You're welcome. So, you see, all you need to do is rest. I'm going to get you out of St. Ann's, and I promise, if you just follow my instructions, we're all going to get everything we want. All of us except Mitch, of course.

Troy: Mrs. Laurence, what are you doing in here?

Dorian: I'm visiting an old friend.

Troy: Lindsay isn't allowed to have any visitors.

Dorian: Fine. I'll just go check on my husband. How's he doing, by the way?

Troy: He's calmed down, but he is asking for his daughter.

Dorian: Oh. Goodbye, Lindsay.


Dorian: Mitch, how are you feeling?

Mitch: I'm still blind, thank you.

Dorian: Look, I know that we have a rather unusual marriage, but I want you to know that when I heard what happened to you, I was indeed devastated.

Mitch: You have an odd way of showing it.

Dorian: What I'm trying to say is that I would like to do whatever I can to help you. So I'm asking, what is it that you need me to do? Do you need anything, anything at all?

Mitch: Get me out of here. Get me home to Llanfair and bring me my daughter.

Dorian: Joe, what are you doing here?

Joey: I need to talk to Mitch, alone.


Renee: What are you doing?

Roxy: Uh --

Nigel: Oh, she sprained her ankle.

Roxy: Oh, yeah. Yeah, this one.

Renee: You were giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Nigel, you were supposed to be at The Palace interviewing chauffeurs.

Roxy: Dry heaves.

Renee: What?

Nigel: I'm ill, Madam.

Renee: Obviously. What is going on?

Nigel: Please, Ms. Divine, after everything we've been to each other, I beg of you not to mention anything about this angel who's come into my life.

Renee: "Angel"?

Nigel: I feel I need to break the news to Mr. Buchanan in my own way.

Renee: Bring a weapon. Do you realize how upset Asa’s going to be knowing that you were skipping work to carry on with this hairdresser?

Roxy: Stylist.

Nigel: Like it or not, Roxanne is the woman I love, the woman I want to marry.

Roxy: Are you going to pop the question?

Nigel: Roxanne --

[Tango music plays]

Nigel: Will you do me the great honor of giving me your hand in marriage?

Roxy: Are you going to buy me a ring and everything?

Nigel: Will you be mine?

Roxy: You betcha.


Cole: Damn it.

Rex: Look, is that job you're offering still available?

Cole: You're interested?

Rex: Well, it depends on the risk factors.

Cole: The job's going to be like running downhill -- no worries at all.

Rex: So who did this to you?

Cole: A dead man.


Antonio: Ah.

Jessica: Sorry.

Antonio: Ah, no, I'm sorry I lost it. I wish you hadn't seen that.

Jessica: What he said to you was awful. I mean, I would have done the same thing, I think.

Antonio: Yeah, well, if I -- if I'd just kept mouth shut, you wouldn't have gotten hurt.

Jessica: He was going to kill you. Are you going to arrest him?

Antonio: I can’t. I started it.

Jessica: No, you didn’t.

Antonio: Yes, I did. I threw the first punch, and besides, I'm all right, and I think -- I think he's worse off than I am.

Jessica: Yeah. What if he reports you?

Antonio: He won’t. He won’t. He's on parole he won't jeopardize his freedom for a few cuts and bruises.

Jessica: I'm so sorry.

Antonio: Don't be. You didn't do anything.

Jessica: Antonio, I --

Antonio: I should go.


Singer: It is certain, baby I have done just fine everything is changin' love for you is still alive as we're moving forward together all the way lately I don't trust you that is why I say

Singers: Turnin' round be brave

Singer: Don't know what I've felt for you

Second singer: I've felt for you

Singers: From the first day

Singer: From the first day

Singers: Lovin' can be brave

Singer: From the first day


Mitch: Joseph. Come to minister to a fellow man of the cloth?

Joey: Shut up! You stay the hell away from Jessica!


Dorian: Dr. MacIver?

Troy: Mrs. Laurence.

Dorian: I want to take my husband home.

Troy: Well, that's actually up to Dr. Bowles. But in my opinion, I think your husband needs to spend some more time here with trained professionals.

Dorian: I'll be there for him.

Troy: Mrs. Laurence, you're going to have to understand that your husband -- well, he's living in a brand-new world. He needs to learn to deal with the loss of his sight, and there are therapists here who can teach him to do that.

Dorian: They can come to Llanfair.

Troy: Well, your home would have to be accident-proofed first.

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Troy: I mean, if your husband were to trip or to fall without any way to get his bearings, even the slightest accident could prove fatal.

Dorian: I will see to it that everything is taken care of properly. And I promise you, I will be very careful with Mitch. Very, very careful.

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Carlotta: We have to do something about Cristian and Natalie.

Jen: Let's just do it one last time.

Rex: Are you for real?

Mitch: You still willing to help me?

R.J.: You wouldn't be planning to rob Mitch blind, would you?  

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