OLTL Transcript Wednesday 4/16/03

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 4/16/03

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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

R.J.: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: The Badhra diamond. Oh, Victor used to talk about it incessantly.

Mitch: Jessica, I'm your father.

Jessica: You're not my --

[Mitch screams]


Troy: You still think she's faking it?

Nora: No, not anymore.

Troy: She was already at the breaking point when she tried to kill me. But when she killed Sam instead -- it's my fault Samís dead, Nora. If I hadn't used Lindsay to try and hold on to what you and I had -- but I did.

Nora: I guess that's something that you're going to have to live with.

Troy: What do you want from me, Nora? What -- what can I do? Please, I need you to forgive me.

Nora: Troy, what you need you can't get from me. You have to find some way to forgive yourself.

Troy: I'm trying here, Nora.

Nora: I know. We learn from our mistakes, Troy. Never forget what you did.


Flash: Lightning crashes, a new mother cries

Flash: Her placenta falls to the floor

Flash: The angel closes her eyes the confusion sets in before the doctor can even close the door lightning crashes an old mother cries

Flash: Her intentions fall to the floor

Flash: The angel closes her eyes the confusion that was hers belongs now to the baby down the hall oh, I feel it comin' back again like a rollin' thunder chasin' the wind forces pullin' near the ends of the earth again I can feel it lightning crashes a new mother cries

Flash: The moment she's been waiting for

Flash: The angels opened her eyes pale blue-colored eyes presents the sun puts the glory down to hide hide oh, I feel it comin' back again like the glory come to the earth again


Carlotta: It's bad enough to rush into living with her. But marriage? I mean, when did that sacred thing become so --

Antonio: Mami, por favor. Okay, look, it's Cristianís life. I mean, if he wants to marry Natalie, give him your blessing and let him be happy. I thank God he's happy. I mean, life's too short. It's way too short.

Al: Hey, Mrs. Vega? Can I get a cup of coffee, please?

Al: Thanks.

Al: What? You here to give me more grief?

Marcie: I'm here to say I'm sorry.

Carlotta: Y tu, mi hijo?

Antonio: I'm getting there, Mami. I -- it's not easy. I mean, I'm never going to stop missing Keri and the baby, but I'm -- I'm getting there.

Cole: Glad to hear it. Because it's time for you and me to set things straight.


[Blair groans]

Dorian: Come on, why isn't it working?

Blair: I don't know. Why did it close in the first place? I'll tell you why. The curse.

Dorian: The box.

Blair: Oh --

Dorian: It has nothing to do with the curse of the Badhra diamond. It has to do with that box! The minute we closed it, that's when the -- the wall closed.

Blair: All right, well, then we have to get it open, Dorian. We have to get it open!

Dorian: Oh, what about the diagrams? We need the diagrams.

Blair: I'll get the diagrams.

Dorian: There were three pages, remember? And there's a very, very specific sequence. You've got to be very careful --

Blair: You hold the papers.

Dorian: That we have to follow --

Blair: Don't push me.

Dorian: Okay -- why would I push you?

Blair: All right, now, I know that first we --

Dorian: Be very, very careful.

Blair: One --

Dorian: Now, wait a minute. The sequence is very specific --

Blair: Two, three --

Dorian: All right. Where did you put --

Blair: Over here.

Dorian: Okay.

Blair: Give me a hand. Oh!

Dorian: I told you to be careful!

Blair: I know, I know, I know. I was. I didn't know they were going to come out. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!


[Mitch screams]

Mitch: My God, my eyes! Please! Help! God, help! Help! Get someone! Oh! Oh --

[Mitch screams]

Jessica: Help! Somebody help us! Help! Somebody help us!

Jessica: Help! Lois! Is anybody in here? Help!


Dorian: Oh, yes --

Blair: Ow, ow, ow --

Dorian: This is definitely how Mitch must've cut his hand -- by trying to get that box open.

Blair: Ow! Ow! Be careful!

Dorian: Honey, you got to be a little braver.

Blair: It hurts, Dorian!

Dorian: It has to be tight or it won't work.

Blair: I cannot believe -- ouch! -- I let you talk me into this!

Dorian: Shh, shh.

Blair: No, you come back to town and you turn my life upside down, you know that?

Dorian: Oh, really? Tell me -- your life was so perfect before I came back?

Blair: Ow! God!

Dorian: For goodness' sakes! You should thank me! I stopped you from murdering Mitch Laurence! You would've been rotting in jail right now!

Blair: Oh, oh, excuse me. Well, thank you so much. I'd rather be here in the dungeons of Llanfair with you, a diamond with a curse on it, with that horrible picture to keep me company.

Dorian: Oh, sure, sure. Blame me for everything.

Blair: I am blaming you!

Dorian: Sure, everything I do is wrong! Great! Great! Turn it on me. The very least you could do is wait until we're out of here!

Blair: Well, how are we going to do that, Dorian, when the lever's broken?

Dorian: Well -- ugh! I can't panic. I have to focus on the diamond. That's all. Di-- diamond. Oh -- a cell phone!

[Dorian laughs]

Dorian: Blair, you brilliant girl.

Blair: You might as well forget it, Dorian. You can't get a signal from hell.

Dorian: What do you mean? No! Ugh! The diamond --

Blair: Let's just get the box open, shall we?

Dorian: Okay.

Blair: Okay. Okay. Okay.

Dorian: Will you be very careful this time?

Blair: I will be very careful.

Dorian: And we have to follow the sequence.

Blair: Ow.

Dorian: All right?

Blair: My arm is throbbing!

Dorian: Try and keep it elevated.

Blair: Okay, all right, all right.

Dorian: Now, wait a minute -- page one --

Blair: Okay, I want to ask you something really serious now. Dorian, listen to me.

Dorian: What?

Blair: What are we going to do if Mitch finds out, huh?

Dorian: Mitch?

Blair: Yeah, Mitch.

Dorian: Well, if it comes down to that, between Mitch and me -- I'm telling you, if he ever lays a hand on one of my girls again --

[Blair groans]

Dorian: I'll kill him. I know I killed him once. This time I'll do it better.

Blair: Oh, now, that was your plan all along, wasn't it? To kill Mitch so you could have the Lord fortune. That's why you wouldn't let me kill him because you weren't married to him yet!

Dorian: Why don't we solve one problem at a time?


[Mitch groans]

Jessica: We have to get you to the hospital. Here. Can you stand?

Mitch: Help me.

Jessica: I --

Mitch: Help me!

Jessica: I know it hurts.

Mitch: No!

Jessica: Okay, okay. Come here. I won't let you fall. We're at the car. Okay. Okay, just step in.

Mitch: I think I'm blind!

[Car horn beeps]

Mitch: Please, get me to the hospital. Hurry!

Jessica: Okay, okay.

Mitch: Go!

Jessica: Come on.

[Car engine cranks]

Jessica: Please, please, please!

[Car starts]

Jessica: Hang on.


Antonio: Be quick and get the hell out.

Cole: You remember what it was like when you first got out.

Antonio: Yeah.

Cole: Well, you changed. I don't have to be the same way, either. But people have to give me a chance.

Antonio: What are you asking, Cole?

Cole: Just a shot at trying to make things good. You can stand in my way, or you could step aside.

Antonio: Fair enough. I asked for that once.

Cole: Okay, then. I'll see you around.

Antonio: See you around.

Carlotta: You shook his hand.

Antonio: Yeah.

Carlotta: Have you changed your mind about him?

Antonio: No. Not for a minute. You know what they say -- "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies even closer."


Marcie: I'm sorry I said you were on drugs. Except for the diet pills, I've never actually ever seen anybody on drugs.

Al: Forget about it. I mean, I have been acting really strange -- wired all the time. Made perfect sense what you thought.

Marcie: Just tell me you're not, straight out.

Al: Marcie, the only substance I'm abusing is caffeine, and lots of it. Caffeine and stress.

Marcie: What are you stressed about?

Al: Grades, the future, life, my parents -- you name it.

Marcie: Well, you know what they say about stress, don't you? You divide the problems up. First, your grades. You're doing a lot better, thanks to my top-of-the-line, A-number-1 tutoring. And better grades mean a better future, which means a better life.

Al: I've been thinking about getting into broadcasting. You know, kind of like the Voice of the Night. You know? What do you think? You think I could do it?

Marcie: No. I mean, no offense, but, like, not in a million years.

Al: You're a real buzz kill, Marcie.

Marcie: Oh, Al, maybe your heart's in the right place, but, you know, he's got passion. You obsess. You know, the Voice of the Night -- he sucks the life in, he loves it! But you're always looking for the shortcut, you know? And -- oh, he's poetic, and I'd do anything to meet him. I mean, you know, you're fine. You're fine the way you are, but I would do anything to meet him. He's -- he's perfect. Oh, I'm sorry. Now, why don't you tell me to shut up.

Al: Because you're right. Yeah. You know all about my obsessions.

Marcie: Hmm, well, you haven't mentioned her in a long time.

Al: You know me pretty well, you know that? I got to go. Thanks.

Marcie: For what?

Al: For giving a damn.


Jessica: Help! Somebody help! Help!

Troy: What happened?

Jessica: Dr. MacIver, please! We were in the garage and I didn't mean to! It was an accident and --

Troy: What happened?

Jessica: The shelf collapsed and rust remover got into his eyes, I think.

Troy: Set up an eye irrigation, stat. Okay, in here. In here.

Mitch: You have to do something. I can't see. I have to see!

Troy: Okay, okay.


Flash: Oh, yeah I can feel it oh, yeah I can feel it I can feel it yeah, yeah I can feel it

R.J.: Well, your agent here said that I should come and give you a second look.

Flash: And?

R.J.: Um, better. Better. Still rough around the edges.

Flash: Yeah, right, and we're nothing without you, right? Later.

R.J.: See, there you go -- walking out before I can even say that I was willing to reconsider.

Flash: Here's the deal, okay? We sign short-term, and the rights to my songs stay with me.

Joey: Come on, R.J. You know they're worth it.

R.J.: Well, sounds like we're in business. Um -- excuse me. Slumming?

Cole: I came to scope out the local talent.

R.J.: Oh, well, tread lightly. The walls have ears.

Cole: Word is there's more to that one than meets the eye. You know him?

R.J.: Well, I've seen him around. Gets by on "cute." He's a lightweight.

Cole: Perfect. We don't want anybody with big ideas.

R.J.: Look, you control your crew, right? You keep them tight, reliable. I don't think I need to see you until everything's set.


Jen: What are you doing?

Al: Huh? Uh -- I -- I threw something in there, and my keys went in with it.

Jen: Maybe you should get a flashlight.

Al: Good idea. Yeah, good idea. Hey, how are you, anyway? You know, I'm sorry to hear about your -- your dad, and your mom, too.

Jen: Yeah, life goes on. See you.

Al: See you.


Joey: Awesome, you guys.

[Flash laughs]

Joey: What was that for?

Flash: For, you know, getting R.J. to come back. You're all right, Rev.

Joey: Thanks. Hey, you're shaking. You still sick?

Flash: No. I'm great.

Joey: So, have you called C.J. yet? Why not? What are you waiting for?

Flash: I'll get to it.

Joey: Come on, you should tell him the good news. He'd be psyched.

Flash: I'll get to it when I get to it. Okay?

Joey: Listen, you came to Llanview to find C.J. Now you know where he is. So what's changed?


[Music plays]

D.J.: For all you loyal listeners waiting for the mysterious Voice of the Night, you ain't the only ones.

Carlotta: Marcie, wash these plates, will you? Marcie, are you all right?

Marcie: I hope nothing's happened to the voice!

Carlotta: Nora.

Nora: Hi, Carlotta.

Carlotta: Are you all right?

Nora: Um --

Carlotta: What can I get you?

Nora: Well, I could use some tea. Do you have chamomile, by any chance?

Carlotta: You know, I think I have some in the back.

Nora: Oh --

Carlotta: Coming right up.

Marcie: Hi, Ms. Buchanan.

Nora: Hi.

Marcie: I'm sorry about what happened to Mr. Rappaport.

Nora: Thank you.

Marcie: So, can you tell me -- is it true that Jenís mom has --

Nora: She had a psychological break. You a friend of Jenís? Good. She could use one right now.

Carlotta: Chamomile tea.

Nora: Ah.

Carlotta: Just what the doctor ordered.

Nora: Thank you. How's Antonio holding out?

Carlotta: Well, he seems better, but who knows? He holds so much inside.

Nora: I guess we all do.

Carlotta: And how's Matthew holding up?

Nora: Oh. It's hard, you know? Sometimes I think he's stronger than I am. I have both my parents, and there are times I just don't know what I'm supposed to say to him.

Carlotta: I'm sure you're doing fine.

Nora: Yeah, well --

Carlotta: What about you? Are you all right?

Nora: Oh, yeah. Just need a little time alone.


[Music turns up]

Riley: Hey, Miss Diva. You want to come help us celebrate?

Joey: Jen. It's good to see you out and about. How you feeling?


Troy: There's a lot of damage from the chemical exposure. I've paged Dr. Bowles. He's the ophthalmologist on call.

Mitch: Well, he damn well better save my sight.

Troy: Just try and relax.

Mitch: Jessica, are you still here? Jessica?

Jessica: Yeah, I'm right here.

Mitch: Come closer so I know where you are.

Jessica: You know what? The doctor is going to be here any --

Mitch: No, don't go. Don't go, please. I'm scared here in the dark. Don't leave me, okay? Jessica? Jessica? Jessica! Jessica?


Dorian: I just think we've got it in the wrong order, that's all. Maybe this is --

Blair: Ow! Listen, it's not going to work.

Dorian: What do you mean?

Blair: It's not going to work.

Dorian: Just a minute. Let me have a look.

Blair: Oh --

Dorian: Take a deep breath.

Blair: Okay.

Dorian: Take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale.

[Blair groans]

Dorian: Oh. Sweetheart, it's already infected, just like Mitchís cut was. There's got to be some kind of poison they put on these sharp objects.

Blair: Put the -- put the diamond back.

Dorian: No, no, no, I have to focus on the diamond. See, the diamond gives me something that makes me forget my claustrophobia when I stare at it. Look at it, it's so beautiful.

Blair: It's cursed!

Dorian: Blair? Oh -- Blair. Oh, Blair, Honey, come on. Please, Sweetheart, don't do this to me! Come on, Honey, wake up! Wake up, Blair!


Joey: I'm sorry if you feel like I waylaid you the other day. I just thought if I could get you and Rae face to face that maybe --

Jen: What, she would make everything all better? Rae is a big fake, or haven't you heard?

Joey: Rae knows people.

Jen: Whatever. So, do you still think I'm a lunatic waiting to happen?

Joey: I never said that.

Jen: Do I look like I'm falling apart?

Joey: I don't know. Are you? Jen -- sometimes -- sometimes it helps if you talk with someone. Rae does have some good insight.

Jen: I'm not like my mother.

Joey: Nobody said that.

Jen: You know what I think? I think you're just making up excuses to be around me. But you had your shot and you blew it. If you want another one, you're going to have to work for it.


Rex: All right, I'm a busy man, so get to the point.

Cole: I'm putting together a crew for a special project. I need some guys with street smarts who aren't particularly enamored by the local P.D., if you know what I mean.

Rex: Okay, I'm listening.

Cole: Give me a call in a day or two for more specifics.

Rex: I'll be in touch.

Jen: Who's that guy?

Rex: None of your business.

Jen: If you're planning something, you'd better include me.

Rex: Back off, little girl. You're starting to cross the line.


[Music plays]

[Music turns off]

Al: This is the Voice of the Night, yeah, here to keep you going till the sun makes another appearance. Sorry I'm late, but I'm here now. And I'll be here until the sun makes another appearance. I said that already, didn't I? Well, I guess I should just shut up. I mean, you don't pay to hear me talk anyway.

Marcie: Something's wrong. The Voice of the Night is in trouble!

Jen: Marcie, I need to talk to you.

Marcie: Not now.

Jen: What?

Marcie: Look, I know you need me, but, you know, I'm only your friend when you want it. Somebody else needs me right now, and I'm not going to let them down just to make you feel better.


Jessica: So I did it. I pushed him.

Antonio: It wasn't your fault.

Jessica: That's what I'm trying to tell you -- it was my fault. What if he never gets to see again?

Antonio: Look, Jessica, stop it, okay? You did at you had to do. If I were you, I would file assault charges.


Mitch: I want my daughter!

Nurse: Sir, calm down.

Mitch: Jessica, don't leave me like this!

Nora: Mr. Laurence, you have to stay in bed.


Antonio: Look, Jessica --

Jessica: I'm fine. I'll be fine. So, what -- what are you doing here?

Antonio: The commissioner sent me down here to check on Lindsay Rappaport.

Jessica: What happened?

Antonio: She fell down a flight of stairs at St. Annís. Look, Jessica -- hey, anyway, why don't we go down to the station. You can file assault charges against -- against Laurence for attacking you.

Jessica: He wasn't trying to attack me, okay?


Mitch: Jessica!

Troy: Mr. Laurence, relax.


Jessica: He wasn't trying to attack me. He told me this awful story about his childhood, and -- and then he tried to -- and I just -- I got scared, you know?

Jessica: I know what I have to do.


Joey: Hey, Flash. You want to go get something to eat?

Flash: Yeah, whatever. If you're buying. Hey, later, guys. Great show.

Riley: Hey, take care of those pipes.

Joey: So, you know, you never answered me about C.J.

Flash: Do you know how many quarters it takes to call Hawaii?

Joey: Here. I'll say hi when you're done.

Flash: Isn't it -- it's really late over there, you know?

Joey: It's, like, five hours earlier.

Flash: Do you mind if I do this alone?

Joey: No.


[Phone rings]

Man: Hello?

Flash: Is -- is C.J. Roberts there?

Man: Sure. Hang on a sec.


Doctor: The medication should reduce the infection and inflammation. I'll watch your progress closely. Hopefully the damage isn't too extensive.

Mitch: Jessica, is that you?

Jessica: Yeah, it's me.

Mitch: I want to speak to my daughter. Everybody else, get out.

Antonio: Look, why don't you let me take you --

Mitch: I said get out!

Jessica: It's okay. It's okay. I need to talk to him. It's fine.

Troy: Mr. Laurence, it's Dr. MacIver. I'm going off shift now, but there will be another doctor on call. The nurse will be here with you all night. The morphine should help with the pain.

Doctor: I'll stop by in a little while to see how you're reacting to the medication.

Antonio: Are you sure you're going to be okay with this? All right. Be careful.

Mitch: Jessica? Jessica, come closer so I know where you are.

Mitch: Jessica Ė


Troy: All right, Blair, now you're starting to scare me. Where the hell are you?


Nora: You think God gives us tests in life just to see how we handle them?

R.J.: No. No. No, you're on your own, and then you're gone.

Nora: Was that supposed to be comforting?

R.J.: No.

Nora: Good.

R.J.: I'm sorry. It works for me.

Nora: I just -- every time I open the door, I feel like I'm being tested, you know? Looking out at all the stupid mistakes I've ever made looking back at me.

R.J.: See, you're over-thinking this thing. Life is random, hmm? You do the best you can -- which, in your case, is more than most. The rest you just -- just let it go.

Nora: You're a good friend.

Nora: That's Jen. Will you excuse me for a minute?

R.J.: Sure.

Nora: Jen? Has your brother left town?

Jen: Yeah.

Nora: Okay, well, we've been trying to get a hold of you. You know, your mother's had an accident.

Jen: What happened?

Nora: It's nothing serious, but she is at the hospital. Do you want me to drive you over there?

Jen: No. No, that's okay. I've got her car, so --

Nora: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything that you've had to go through. I know it's been hard for you. Matthew misses his daddy.

Jen: I do, too.

Jen: But I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm -- I'm very much okay.


Marcie: Mr. Voice? Are you okay? Al? What are you doing here?


Man: Hello? This is C.J. Roberts. Who's this?

C.J.: Hello? Hey, come on. This isn't funny.


Jen: I'm Jen Rappaport. My mom's in there.

Guard: Okay.

Lindsay: You came. Hi. Sweetie, why don't you step over here a little closer so I can see you? No, please don't go. You're all I have. Please. Please don't leave me here alone.


Dorian: Come on, Blair. Come on, Honey.

Blair: Oh --

Dorian: Woo, woo, woo! Come on.

Blair: Stop.

Dorian: Come on, Baby, come on.

Blair: Ow -- stop! What happened?

Dorian: You fainted, you fainted. Sit up very, very slowly, Darling. Don't try to move, just -- just sit up. Take a deep breath.

Blair: My arm -- it's burning. Ooh, it's burning bad.

Dorian: You are going to need some antibiotics, and soon.

Blair: I feel like the air's getting thin in here. Do you? Does it feel like it?

Dorian: Really, Blair?

Blair: Yeah.

Dorian: Yeah. It is, now that you mention it.

Blair: Yeah.

Dorian: It seems like the air is getting a little thin.

Blair: No, no, you know what? Maybe it's just me.

Dorian: No, it's not just you. It's me now. The air is different. I don't understand. How's that possible? We should have enough air in here for maybe a day or two. Even -- even three. I -- I don't understand. I may have to just -- focus on the diamond. Focus on the diamond. Oh, my -- ow! Why won't it work? Help!

Blair: Dorian --

Dorian: Help!

Blair: Dorian -- Dorian, save your breath. Nobody's going to hear us.

Dorian: Oh, my Ė


Lois: Excuse me? Dr. MacIver.


Jessica: I did this to you. I didn't mean to. I -- I mean, if I could -- what I mean to say is I'm still really angry at you, and I'm never going to forgive you for what you did to my family. But nobody deserves to have their eyes taken away.

Mitch: What are you saying?

Jessica: I can't let you face this alone.

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Mitch: Does this mean you would let me be a father to you now?

Natalie: Cris and I are going to get married.

Jen: Great.

Dorian: I finally get Llanfair back from you, and now we're going to die in it.  

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