OLTL Transcript Monday 4/7/03

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 4/7/03

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>> previously on "One Life to Live" --

Mysterio: A word such as "bourbon" can compel you to fall in love with the first person you see.

Sam's voice: He needs more than his mother. He needs his father, too. And that's you, bo. You're matthew's biological father.

Mitch: We are quite a team.


Roxy: It's a little hard to paint hair on the move, huh?

Cristian: Yeah, right.

Roxy: Whoo! Okay.

Natalie: Wow. This is starting to look like Mt. Roxmore, isn't it?

Roxy: Yeah. It's going to be great. Once the windows are all polished up and clean, I bet you can see it clear to Angel Square. Ain't that a kick, huh?

Natalie: Yeah, if you say so, Roxy.

Roxy: Yeah. Aw, don't tell me. Am I getting bills already? Just stick it over there. Asa will pay it.

Natalie: Actually, this is an invitation, and it's addressed to you.

Roxy: No way. Let me see that.

Natalie: Engraved, no less.

Roxy: Let me see this. Invitation for me and a guest to go to a party at Llanfair -- from Mitch Laurence.


Jen: Come on!

Troy: Whoa, Jen, Jen, Jen -- take it easy, take it easy.

Jen: What are you doing here?

Troy: I was just downstairs. One of the hotel guests needed a doctor. Renee asked if I could take a look at him. I just came from seeing him.

Jen: Fine, whatever. Can you -- can you just get the door open for me?

Troy: Yeah, sure. You okay?

Jen: Yeah. Yeah, my mom's crazy, my dad's dead, and she killed him, but everything's perfect. Thanks for asking.


Matthew: But, Mom, you always let me use it.

Nora: I know I do, Sweetheart, but I can't because right now, it's just -- it -- Sweetie, there's just --

Matthew: Please?

Nora: Oh -- okay, okay, okay.

Matthew: Yes!

Nora: But listen to me, listen to me. This is Mommy's desk, my sanctuary, okay? Very important papers on this. Don't touch anything. Don't mess anything up, okay?

Matthew: Okay. Got you covered, Mom.

Nora: Yeah, cool, baby. I love you. I got to go. All right? I have a meeting, and -- oh, you have to do me a favor. Come here, come here, come here, come here. You got to do me a favor. You got to tell Marianne do not touch my desk. No cleaning my desk, okay?

Matthew: Okay. I'll go get her.

Nora: All right. Hey, hey, hey, hey -- come here. Smooches. Love you. Be a good boy. Behave. No touching the desk!


Viki: Asa, I hope you know how much this means to us and how grateful we are for staying with you.

Asa: Oh, please. I just love having my family here. And you are a Buchanan, whether you divorced Clint or not. And so are you, young lady.

Jessica: Well, not exactly.

Asa: Oh, please. Don't give me that D.N.A. junk, Honey. If you were raised a Buchanan, you stay a Buchanan. And, Joey, you're welcome here anytime, soon as you get tired of that damn rectory.

Joey: Well, thanks, anyway, Grandpa, but -- no, I think I'll be all right.

Viki: Good morning, Sweetheart.

Jessica: What, no coffee?

Joey: I think I'm all coffeed out. Hey, come here. I found Flash yesterday.

Jessica: Oh, what, did she come back to see if you had another wallet to steal?

Joey: No, uncharitable one. Actually, she was at the train station, planning to leave town. I think I talked her into staying -- for now, at least.

Nigel: Excuse me. These were just hand-delivered. Miss Jessica, Master Joe, Mrs. Davidson --

Viki: Thank you, Nigel.

Nigel: Sir. Is Miss Natalie perhaps coming here later?

Jessica: I don't know.

Viki: "Mitch Laurence cordially requests your presence at Llanfair as he welcomes a surprise guest and makes a special presentation that will affect the house of Lord and the many lives of Llanview."

Joey: Can you believe that? Wonder who this special guest is.

Asa: "House of Lord" -- I'll tell you, that clown is sick as a coyote with rabies. Throwing a party -- huh. Well, it still is not his. And you're not buying into this joke, are you, Viki? He's just trying to rub it in.

Viki: No, Asa, it's much more than that. I've been expecting this. I knew it was coming. As soon as he had the money and the house, I knew there'd be something else. Good Lord, what new hell are we all in for?


[Phone rings]

Dorian: Oh, pick up, pick up. Where are you?



Mitch: Hello.

Dorian: Hello. Where have you been?

Mitch: Oh, just tending to various things.

Dorian: Are you all right? You sound out of breath.

Mitch: No, I'm fine. Is there something wrong?

Dorian: Oh -- nothing other than the fact that half of Llanview is showing up there in a matter of a few hours.

Mitch: By the time everyone gets here, I'll be ready -- assuming they come.

Dorian: They'll come. Nobody wants to be left out, even by people they despise.

Mitch: I do like the way you think.

Dorian: I'll see you later.

Mitch: Yes, I'm looking forward to it.

[Doorbell rings]

Mitch: Lois, get that.

Lois: Of course, Sir. Good morning.

Bo: Lois?

Mitch: Commissioner. To what do I owe the honor of this all-too-expected visit?

Bo: Honor's never involved when I have to pay you a visit, Laurence. You remember Mr. Shiny. This is official.


Blair: Who were you calling, hmm? I thought you didn't want anyone to know you were back in Llanview.

Dorian: The weather.

Blair: The weather? The last time I tried, I could just look out the window and find out.

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Oh!

Cassie: Finally!

Blair: So good to see you.

Cassie: Oh, you, too!

Blair: Come in. Let me grab all your stuff. You look absolutely fabulous. Let me look at you. Oh -- oh, my gosh!

Dorian: Oh, my goodness. Cassie!

Cassie: Mother.

Dorian: Well -- this is such a surprise! What are you doing here?

Cassie: Let's not put the cart before the horse. What are you doing here? Blair says you're up to something.

Blair: Oh, she is. And now you can tell us both what it is.


Troy: Jen, come on, I don't want to leave you like this.

Jen: My dad's dead because of you. Either leave now or I'm calling security.

Renee: Troy?

Troy: Renee.

Renee: Hi. What's going on?

Troy: It's Jen Rappaport. She's -- she's pretty upset. Maybe you can talk to her?

Renee: Jen, it's Renee Divine. Come on, Honey. Please, would you open up the door? I can only imagine what you're feeling, but, Darling, is there anything that I can do?

Jen: Yeah -- tell people to leave me alone.

Renee: Well.

Troy: Maybe I can call somebody at the clinic. I'm sure there's someone there that she can talk to --

Renee: No, I doubt that she would agree to that, but --

Troy: I don't --

Renee: Hold on. Wait. Andrew? Andrew, Darling, it's Renee. No, I'm fine, I'm fine. It's about Jen Rappaport, and she really needs help. Good idea. No, no, no, no. I'm going over there anyway. I'll talk to him myself. Good. Thanks so much.


Dorian: Cassie, it is so good to see you. How are things in Savannah?

Cassie: Mother -- what are you doing back here in Llanview?

Dorian: Well, nothing that you should've come running up here about.

Blair: Well, see, you wouldn't tell me, but I knew that you just couldn't keep it from your own daughter.

Dorian: It's not as sinister as Blairís making it sound. Come on; let's go in the living room.

Dorian: I just want us to go to a party.

Cassie: A party?

Dorian: Yes. We were all invited. Now that you're here, we can put in a special appearance together.

Blair: Maybe you should just read it.

Cassie: "Mitch Laurence"? "A celebration at Llanfair"?

Dorian: I've already RSVPíd affirmatively.

Cassie: Mother, have you lost your mind? I'm supposed to go party with the man who tried to rape me?


Bo: Well, what have you been doing here, Mitch? Burying bodies?

Mitch: Actually, I've been remodeling. And, as you can see, I'm in the thick of it. So if we could somehow cut to the chase?

Bo: Well, you heard Lindsay Rappaport confess to Sam Rappaportís murder.

Mitch: Yeah, tragic. And to think I was actually with her that very night.

Bo: Oh, I know. And you made sure that I did know. But what I don't get is how you knew that she would need an alibi.

Mitch: "Alibi"? That's a rather odd way of characterizing it, don't you think? I was buying some art from her.

Bo: Well, here's another odd coincidence -- the gun that Lindsay used was the same gun that Todd Manning was going to use on you.

Mitch: Is that so?

Bo: Oh, yeah, that's so. So how did that gun get into Lindsayís hands?

Mitch: Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Bo: Well, let's hear yours.

Mitch: Let's see. Todd needed to get rid of the gun, so he threw it away, and Lindsay found it? This is all very fascinating, Commissioner, and I've been as cooperative as I can be, but I have a party to prepare. I assume I'll be seeing you later this evening with Nora, would it be? Or Gabrielle this time?

Bo: Well, I think I'll surprise you.

Mitch: That'll be a switch.

Bo: Well, that's what'll make it a surprise.


Renee: No, no, no. I agree with Andrew. I think that Jen would be much more comfortable talking with you.

Joey: I don't think I'm exactly Jenís idea of a comfort zone. What the hay -- I'll try. Let me go grab my jacket.

Renee: Good.

Asa: Did you get one of these, Renee?

Renee: I certainly did.

Viki: We all did.

Renee: You're not going?

Asa: Hell, no.

Jessica: Neither am I.

Joey: Yeah, suddenly I think I have other plans.

Viki: I'm going. I'm not in the least intimidated by Mitch Laurence. And, frankly, I have to know what he's up to.

Asa: If you're going, so am I.

Jessica: So am I.

Joey: Me, too.

Viki: No. No, you two are not going. I really don't want that. Not you, and certainly not Natalie.


Roxy: Mitch Laurence at Llanfair? What, is he crazy?

Natalie: Little odd that he'd invite you.

Roxy: Oh, really? What am I, nothing in this town?

Natalie: That's not what I meant.

Roxy: You stay away from that creep. It's a good thing you got an annulment. Well, I think I need a little break. You know, posing's a lot more difficult than it looks. Don't models usually get paid, or just the ones who take their clothes off?

[Roxy laughs]

Cristian: I don't think we need to go there, Roxanne.

[Knock on door]

Cristian: I think you got a delivery.

Roxy: Oh, great, great! It's all my supplies. All my shampoo, conditioner, skin, my nail stuff, and hair dye. Hair dye. Speaking of hair dye -- I think you're going to be my first customer.

[Natalie laughs]

Natalie: I don't think so.

Roxy: Yeah, I think so. Yeah, I think I should make you a brunette. Or maybe jet-black. Or maybe back to red. You know, aren't you a little tired of looking like Jessica? And, baby cakes, let me tell you something -- she's a lot better-looking blonde than you are.


Dorian: Cassie, I wouldn't want you hurt -- not for a second!

Cassie: Then why do you want me to go to a party being given by the man who almost raped me?

Dorian: Now, wait, are you forgetting? I went to prison because of Mitch Laurence!

Cassie: No, I'm not forgetting that. Are you? Why do you want to go to this party? You almost killed him. You tried to! You went to prison because of him!

Dorian: Wait -- can we just take a breath here? Thank you!

Blair: See, Dorian -- she has an agenda here --

Cassie: Ah --

Blair: And she just won't tell us what it is. You can tell us what it is anytime.

Dorian: Don't you trust me to know what's best for our family?

Blair and Cassie: No.

Dorian: There is more going on here than either one of you could possibly imagine! Do you think that I'm happy that Mitch Laurence is back in Llanview? I am not! But I think -- no, I know that we can use this situation to our advantage. We've got a choice here, girls. We can fight each other, or we can fight together. And we can beat Mitch Laurence. Okay. You can go to this party or not. I don't care. But don't stand there and tell me that I don't love you!

Cassie: Mother, I never said that you didn't love me!

Blair: Oh, please, that's not what we were saying at all. We were talking about secrets --

Dorian: Okay! All right! Yes or no to the party -- I want an answer now.

Blair: Well, I'm game.

Cassie: All right. I'll go. For you. For us.


Gabrielle: Matthew. What are you doing -- why aren't you at school?

Matthew: Teachers' conference.

Gabrielle: Ah. Right. Well, you may not remember me, but we met the other day at the police station. I'm Gabrielle.

Matthew: What are you doing looking through my mom's stuff? She told me I'm not allowed to touch that.

Gabrielle: Uh -- I'm -- I'm so sorry. I didn't -- I didn't know. You see, my friend, Comm. Buchanan -- he asked me to do something for him.

Matthew: He took me to that soccer game.

Gabrielle: I know. He told me all about it. He said you played very well.

Matthew: Yeah, it was cool. But all the other kids had their dads there.

Gabrielle: Matthew, your father was a very special man, and we all miss him very much.

Matthew: Me, too.

Gabrielle: Me? Um -- okay.

Matthew: Can you read handwriting?

Gabrielle: Yes. Why?

Matthew: I found this in one of these piles. My mom said I wasn't supposed to touch anything, but it had my name on it. But I can't read it.

Gabrielle: Oh, well, maybe you should wait till your mom gets home, and then she'll read it to you.

Matthew: But I want to know what it says now.

Gabrielle: Oh.

Matthew: Can you read it?

Gabrielle: Uh -- sure, if you want me to.

Gabrielle: "Dear Matthew -- if you're reading this, something's already happened and I'm not with you anymore. I hope you'll always know that the moment you came into my life was a blessing like no other I've ever known. You brought me joy and happiness, and I'm very, very proud of you. Your mom's going to need your help from now on, so be strong, Matthew. Believe in yourself. I love you. I'll always be with you, Son. I'll live in your heart like you live in mine, now and forever. Dad." You keep that somewhere special, always. I think I better go.

Matthew: Daddy.


[Knock on door]

Jen: Go away.

Joey: Jen?


Joey: Hey, it's Joe Buchanan. Can I come in?


Joey: I'm not leaving till you open this door.

Jen: Why can't people just leave me alone?

Joey: Come on, it's a beautiful day outside. Let me take you somewhere. Okay, then, is there somebody I could call? Hey, it's going to get better, okay? It just takes time. Come here. That's right. Cry, scream, whatever you need to do. Just hang on, okay? Just hang on.

Jen: Make love to me.

Jen: What's wrong? I can tell you're turned on. I'm glad that collar hasn't completely cut off your circulation.

Joey: We can't do this.

Jen: What? Don't you want me?

Joey: I -- look, you don't want to be doing this with me right now.

Jen: Believe me, I do. Hey, it was my idea.

Joey: Look, you've been -- you've just been slammed in, like, the worst way possible, okay? You're compensating. You're trying to forget.

Jen: Look, if you're going to play psychology --

Joey: Jen, you just lost your father -- and your mother, in a way. Come on. This is not what you should be doing right now, and definitely not what we should be doing.

Jen: You know, you always say you want to help people. You don't have a clue.

Joey: Come on, Jen --

Jen: Leave me alone. I don't need you. Nobody needs you. Get out.


Natalie: I just don't understand. This is creepy. I mean, why would Mitch send any of us an invitation? I mean, he can't really expect us to come.

Jessica: Actually, Momís going.

Natalie: Why?

Jessica: I don't know. I guess sort of to stand up to him, and I think that she's right.

Cristian: Yeah, she is right.

Jessica: She doesn't want any of us going, but I'm going.

Natalie: Well, then, I'm going.

Cristian: Not without me, you're not.

Roxy: You know, you're crazy, especially you. Why would you want to be anywhere near Mitch Laurence, huh?

Natalie: For my family.

Roxy: For your family? Okay, whatever. Well, as long as you're going to do it, you might as well look good. I got some stuff to show you. Come on. Come on, Nat.

Cristian: So, what, you think Diego Rivera got his start like this?

Jessica: You're getting paid to paint, right? That's a good thing.

Cristian: Yeah, I guess.

Jessica: You know, it doesn't matter who your subject is. The important thing is is that you're painting again.

Cristian: You know, you're right, Jess. I mean, I got a million ideas going through my head. And the more I do things, the more I get into it. Feel a little crazy.

Jessica: I got an idea.

Cristian: Uh-oh.

Jessica: Don't say that. You haven't even heard what it is yet.

Cristian: Well, great. What?

Jessica: Well, I was talking to will yesterday, and he said that he -- he's looking for somebody to run the gallery now that Lindsayís -- you know. I was going to do it, you know, after school and on weekends and whatnot in my spare time --

Cristian: Why?

Jessica: I really don't want to be leaning on my mom right now.

Cristian: I don't know, Jess. I mean, I just got back into this. I don't know if I'm ready.

Jessica: Come on. I know how good you are. All those sketches that you did of me, the landscapes, the street scenes -- I could show any of them. I could show all of them. They're amazing. Really.

Cristian: You think?

Jessica: Yeah, I do think.


Natalie: Do it.

Roxy: Do what?

Natalie: I changed my mind about my hair. I want you to turn it back to red now.

Roxy: Okay. Let's do it, girlfriend. But first, sit down. And I'm going to get out of this thing.


Cassie: Well, if I'm going to this travesty of a party, I might as well go get ready. Blair, I told Kelly I'd call her.

Blair: I'll do that. You get dressed.

Dorian: How is Kelly?

Cassie: Oh, you know Kelly. She says she's fine.

Dorian: Well, I do know Kelly, so she is not fine.

Cassie: I think Kelly and Kevin are having trouble. But I'm not sure, you know? Maybe I misread her.

Dorian: Sweetheart, it's really good to have you home.

Cassie: Thank you.

Blair: Okay, okay. So you're upset that I invited Cassie.

Dorian: Do you ever think? You should have known this would upset her.

Blair: Oh, come on, Dorian. It didn't upset her that she's back. What upset her is you insisting on we all going to that party.

Dorian: You said you were going to trust me. What happened?

Blair: Even I have my limits. I'm on board -- for now. But I'm telling you right now, you better tell me what's going on, and you better tell me soon.

Dorian: I'm going to get dressed.

[Doorbell rings]

Troy: Hey.

Blair: Hey.

Troy: What's wrong?

Blair: Oh, nothing. You know, Samís been murdered. Todd's missing. My Aunt Dorian is back. My children aren't. And then, of course, there is Mitch Laurence. But, you know, who's counting?

Troy: Yeah. Mitch Laurence -- you know, Blair, that's actually what I wanted to talk to you about.

Blair: Meaning?

Troy: Meaning I found a piece of duct tape on the arm of the chair in your living room.

Blair: So?

Troy: What's going on, Blair? I mean, you didn't have Mitch Laurence here, did you?

Blair: No. Of course not. In fact, he's throwing this big party, and he's invited me.

Troy: Well, you're not going, right?

Blair: Well, the Cramer women are going, together.

Troy: The Cramer women? Who's the Cramer women? You and your Aunt Dorian?

Blair: Well, and my cousin Cassie. Hey, how about you escorting us?

Troy: No, no. Listen, Blair, no. I'm not going, and I don't understand why you're going. I mean, you've been telling me for weeks that this is the guy that you think killed Todd.

Blair: I need you to go with me. Please?


[Doorbell rings]

Lois: Evangeline Williamson.

Mitch: Counselor. Hmm. You are looking lovely tonight.

Evangeline: Thank you. Expecting quite a turnout, I see.

Mitch: Everyone who's anyone.

Evangeline: But why invite me? I'm strictly your attorney.

Mitch: Exactly. And I do have a legal matter to discuss, but it won't take long. And afterwards, please, stay and enjoy yourself. Something I would like you to please look over for me before I sign it.

Evangeline: Frankly, I'm surprised.

Mitch: Oh, good. That's just the reaction I was hoping for.


Roxy: Oh, Natty, it's fabu. Feast your eyes.

Natalie: You're not just saying that?

Roxy: Of course I'm not saying that. You are a walking, talking billboard for this place. What gives with you, kiddo? Yesterday, first you said you didn't want your hair color changed, and all of a sudden, Jessica comes in, and I couldn't change that color fast enough.

Natalie: Who says this has anything to do with Jessica?

Roxy: Well, all I'm saying is you look great.

Natalie: Honeyed cinnamon. Scarlet ribbon. Kentucky bourbon?

[Music plays]

Roxy: I got to see Nigel.

Natalie: Nigel? My grandfather's Nigel?

Roxy: Yeah, it's going to happen. I got to go get changed.

[Music stops]


Jessica: Hi. How is Ben?

Viki: Um -- he's -- well, he's the same, but the doctors are actually a little encouraged. You know, he's stable.

Jessica: That's good news.

Viki: Yeah. I'm very, very glad I went to see him. Sitting there, looking at that very Sweet, handsome face, made me realize I can deal with anything. Certainly anything that Mitch Laurence can come up with. So I'm going to go get ready.

Asa: Oh, Jessie. I have no idea why she even wants to go.

Jessica: Well, we're all going.

Asa: You heard what your mother said -- no kids.

Jessica: Well, I'm not really going to argue about this. I didn't tell Mom because I didn't want her to try to change our minds, and I don't want you to, either.

Asa: Fine. Huh. Nigel?

Nigel: Sir?

Asa: Get my flask and fill it with some good bourbon.

[Music plays]

Nigel: There's no time for that.

Asa: What'd you say?

Nigel: I have to go, Sir. Now, excuse me. There's someone very important I have to see.

Asa: Nigel! Get your limey butt back here!

[Door slams]

[Music stops]

Asa: I've lost everybody.


[Classical music plays]

Viki: Natalie, Cristian.

Cristian: Hey, Mrs. Davidson, you look great.

Viki: Thank you very much. So do both of you. Oh, Sweetheart, I love your hair. I'm so glad you put it back to its real color.

Natalie: Thank you.

Viki: You know, I -- I really didn't want you to come here -- none of you children.

Natalie: Yes, I know, but we're not going to let you do this all by yourself.

Viki: I know that. Thank you. It means a great deal to me.


Cassie: I still can't believe this. What was my mother thinking? Where is she, anyway?

Blair: Oh, I don't know. Knowing Dorian, she's probably making some grand entrance.

Cassie: It had better be more than grand. Whatever my mother's up to, it better give Mitch the shock of his life.


Nora: Matthew had a great time at soccer. He can't stop talking about it. Thank you for taking him.

Bo: Well, it was a great time. You know what? I've got proof, too, because one of the dads got -- took double sets, so he sent some over.

Nora: Oh, that's good. Look -- an action shot of Matthew. Look how happy he looks.

Bo: This guy's a threat. Anytime he touches the ball, he's a threat to score.

Nora: That's great. There you are, cheering in the sidelines.

Bo: Yeah.

Nora: Oh.

Mitch: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome. I can't tell you how pleased I am to have you all here at Llanfair for what I hope will be the first of many such gatherings. The turnout is truly gratifying. Victoria, no hard feelings, I hope. After all, all is fair in love and war, as they say.

Viki: The war's not over, as they say.

Mitch: Hmm. Cassie. So nice to see you back.

Blair: Don't push your luck, Mitch.

Mitch: Natalie -- thank you, my dear, for granting me the annulment. I know we're both happier on our own, and happiness is so much more important than money. I'm sure your working-class hero, Mr. Vega, can tell you all about that. And how nice to see law enforcement so well-represented. Our esteemed Commissioner and the lovely A.D.A. Relax. I assure you both, you're off the clock. I wouldn't dream of doing anything tonight that might jeopardize my freedom.

Bo: Well, obviously, this is just another Laurence dog-and-pony show.

Asa: You've got that right, Bo.

Bo: And, obviously, there's not a surprise guest, so I don't see any reason we should stick around here. Viki?

Mitch: Ladies and gentlemen, my special guest.

Dorian: Please do stay.


[Tango music plays]

Nigel: Ms. Balsom? Are we alone?


Jessica: Joey, I was worried. Everybody's gone. Where have you been?

Joey: I was just talking to Andrew.

Jessica: What's wrong?

Joey: Nothing, nothing. It's just -- Jen Rappaport. She's in really bad shape. Angry, confused --

Jessica: Well, maybe it's --

Joey: I tried to get through to her, but I don't think she's ready to listen.

Jessica: Well, you know, Joey, maybe it's better if you just, you know, left her alone to deal with her own stuff right now.

Joey: No, believe me, that would not be the best thing. You know, I'm going to go get ready.


Blair: Dorian is the special guest? No way.

Natalie: Who is she? I mean, why is everybody so shocked?

Mitch: I'm sure you're all wondering why I invited you. It's a very special occasion, an event that shall be truly memorable for each and every one of you. Tonight, I am getting married. Allow me to present my lovely bride-to-be.


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