OLTL Transcript Wednesday 4/2/03

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 4/2/03

By Eric

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Mysterio: Hypnosis can compel you to fall in love with the first person you see.

Jen: You killed my father. I will never forgive you!

Blair: You're going to tell me where todd is, or I'm going to kill you.

Dorian: Don't do it, blair!

Blair: Dorian.

[Captioning made possible by abc 3E8B4F93.JPG

blair: You're back. I can't believe it.

Dorian: Blair, put down the gun.

Blair: This is amazing.

Dorian: I heard you we arrested, so naturally I took the first anane I could.

Blair: And do you know why I was arrested, dorian? Or what this piece of scum did to me?

Dorian: I don't care what that man did. I can't let you shoot him. Now, blair, give me the gun --

blair: Dorian, do you know who he is?

[Music plays]

[Natalie laughs]

Cristian: Whoa!

Natalie: This room is way too small for dancing.

Cristian: Then maybe we should do something else.

[Moaning] 3E8B4FD9.JPG

Roxy: Oh. Oh, baby.

Nigel: Perhaps my humble servant's quarters? Yeah?

Roxy: No. Right here, right now.

Asa: Oh. I thought I heard something out there. What's going on?

Jessica: I couldn't sleep.

Joey: I'm on my way to the rectory. Mom's doing ok, considering.

Asa: Well, viki must be sound asleep. She was worn out.

Joey: Uh-uh. She's making lists.

Jessica: The questions for the lawyers, things to tell the staff at "the banner," ways to help sam's family --

joey: Yeah, she's in super-organizing mode. I may be staring at the ceiling tonight, too. 3E8B5007.JPG

Jessica: Oh, we can all thank mitch laurence for that one.

Joey: Well, it's not just laurence I'm worried about.

Jessica: Oh, let me guess -- flash?

Joey: She took off again. Not a clue where she went.

Jessica: Joey, why is she so important to you?

Asa: Joey's got girl problems, jessie, and he's not out to save her soul. That I can guarantee.

Woman: This is so weird -- you don't need your P.I.N. Number to make the card work.

Man: The secret of swipe technology.

[Woman laughs]

Man: There it is.

[Flash coughs]

Man: What are you doing?

Flash: I just want to get a ticket so I can catch my train. 3E8B5040.JPG

Man: Well, we're not done. You want to give us a minute here?

Sam's voice: He needs his father, too. And that's you, bo. I'm sorry I kept this from you, but you're matthew's biological father.

[Key turns in lock]

Bo: Hey. How you been?

Gabrielle: Hey. I didn't expect to see you back so soon.

Bo well, the soccer game -- I'll tell you, that little matthew is a soccer player. You know, he's fearless. Reminds me a lot of myself when I was his age. But it's so sad. Sam is gone now, so he's going to miss that whole part of growing up -- having a father, having a big guy to bounce things off of. 3E8B5075.JPG

Gabrielle: Oh, bo! I've done something terrible, and you're going to hate me when I tell you.

Lindsay: Hello. I've committed a crime, and I'd like to confess to my friend comm. Bo buchanan, please.

Officer: He's -- he's not here right now. I'll find somebody who can take your statement.

Lindsay: Oh, no, no. No, it has to be bo because he's my friend and he cares very, very much about me.

Jen: Mom, you're really scing me.

Lindsay: Oh, jen, I wouldn't do that.

Jen: Please, I just really need you to be yourself right now, ok?

Lindsay: I am. Who else would I be?

Nora: Lindsay? 3E8B50A2.JPG

Lindsay: Oh, i love your hair.

Nora: Ahem -- thank you. Um -- what are you doing here?

Troy: Excuse me. The blond woman I was with earlier -- did she come back for her coat?

Bartender: No, it's still here. Must have left without it.

Troy: All right. Thank you. What are you up to, blair?

Blair: Take a look, dorian. Take a good, long look.

Dorian: Blair, please. It was a very long flight here --

blair: Just look, dorian!

Dorian: I'm --

blair: Look! Look!

Dorian: It doesn't matter --

blair: Look!

Dorian: Oh, my -- oh -- it can't be. 3E8B50D9.JPG

Blair: Yeah, yeah, yeah, it can be. You thought you killed mitch laurence, didn't you? But no, no, no. He's sitting right here in front of you.

Dorian: Oh.

Blair: He faked his own death and he came back, and now he's here to claim victor lord's estate. But he dn't stop there -- no, no, no. He kidnapped me, tried to kill one of viki's daughters, and the list just goes on and on. But I tell you what -- it stops right now.

Mitch: Blair, I swear I didn'T. I've done a lot of things, but I did not shoot --

blair: Shut up! You sent somebody else to do it! 3E8B50FE.JPG

Mitch: Why would I do that?

Dorian: Blair, please! And don't point that gun at me. Really, honey, it is terrifying. Blair, stop it! I just -- honey, I cannot believe that this man is alive. Hey -- I went to prison for killing you. You damn near ruined my life!


Blair: Now you are going to tell me what you did to todd or you're going to go straight to hell. (Woman) don't you love this set from martha stewart everyday? . (Male announcer) introducing a new saucespecially made for dipping.

Joey: I'm worried about her because she's living on the streets, ok? I worry about lots of people. 3E8B51F0.JPG

Asa: Whatever you say, joey.

Jessica: Joey, flash has been living on the streets for a long time.

Joey: I know. She called me from a hotel the other night. She'd gone there to meet some guy.

Jessica: You know, I heard that a lot of the girls were turning tricks --

joey: Flash is not turning tricks. She called me because she couldn't go through with it. The whole idea, frankly, just freaked her out.

Jessica: You know what? When you're desperate and when you need money --

joey: But she has my wallet.

Jessica: Well, this keeps on getting better and better. Joey, you canceled your credit cards, right? 3E8B5218.JPG

Joey: Not just yet.

Jessica: Oh!

Joey: I want to see if she uses one first. That way I can track her.

Jessica: Are you nuts? How serious are you about this girl?

Joey: It's not like that. I just -- I owow a few things about her life, why it's turned out this way. I'm hoping I can help her.

Jessica: Help her?

Joey: Oh, don't turn into grandpa on me.


Asa: I knew! I knew I hea s something out there!

Bo: Hey, come here. I love you. All right?

Gabrielle: I love you.

Bo: I don't care what you said or what you did or anything else. It wouldn't make any difference. It wouldn't change anything. 3E8B5247.JPG

Gabrielle: Oh, I hope you still feel that way when I tell you that I --

bo: Oh --

[Phone rings]

Bo: You know what? No, no -- if this is the department, I got to take it, so --


Bo: No, it's nora. You know what? I'll tell her that I'll call her right back. Hello -- hey, nora? Listen, I'm right in the middle of --

nora: Bo, you need to get down here. Ahem -- lindsay rappaport is down here, and she'd like to make a confession, but she'll only talk to her very good friend comm. Buchanan.

Bo: Alright, I'll be right there. Listen, I think we got a break in sam's murder case, so I've got g go. 3E8B526C.JPG

Gabrielle: Really? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bo: All right.

Gabrielle: Ok.

Bo: No, wait -- you wanted to tell me something.

Gabrielle: Oh, no --

bo: No, go ahead.

Gabrielle: Nothing. No, no. No, you go, go, go.

Bo: Are you sure?

Gabrielle: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I'll be here when you get back.

Bo: Ok. All right. Well, you can tell me then.

Brbrielle: Yes, I'll tell you later.

Bo: All right. I'll be right back.

Gabrielle: Ok.

Dorian: Blair, please, don't shoot him. Now, come on, honey, give me the gun. 3E8B5284.JPG

Blair: Why are you defending him?

Dorian: I'm not defending him. I know who he is. I know what he is.

Blair: But then why do you rere what even happens to him?

Dorian: I don't! Honey, I care about you! You shoot him, you're going to jail!

Blair: He killed todd!

Mitch: No, I did not! I swear it! Now, I can explain everything if you just give me a chance.

Dorian: You better do a very good job. I know my niece. She's perfectly capable of pulling that trigger.

Blair: And I don't want to hear any lies about how todd was not in that tomb because I know he was there. That's where you found his broken cell phone. 3E8B52A6.JPG

Mitch: You're right. You're right because he said he wanted to meet me

t the mausoleum. He told me that if I would drop my claims to the lord estate, he would make sure you didn't testify against me for the kidnapping.

Blair: No, no. Todd would never do that.

Mitch: No. He knows that the only thing that matters to me is not going to prison -- aside from my daughter.

Blair: Ok -- oh, let's not forget those millions, shall we?

Mitch: All right, all right! He really did believe that you shot sam.

Blair: I didn't shoot s - --

mitch: I know.

Blair: And you know it!

Mitch: Yes, of course I know that. I'm talking about what todd believed. He said that he had left a lot of incriminating evidence that would point at him, that he was going to leave town for a while, and that way the police would focus on him and they would -- they wouldn't pay any attention to you. 3E8B52DE.JPG

Dorian: That does sound like todd.

Blair: How did the cell phone get broken?

Mitch: I told him that I needed some time to think over his offer. He demanded an immediate response and -- I don't know -- one thing led to another, and he said he was going to throw me into the tomb with victor lord. Naturally, we fought, and that's when the cell phone got smashed. And then we heard somebody on the property, and todd just ran off. That's all I know.

Blair: You're lying. You are a lying sack of -- I'm going to give you 10 seconds to tell me the truth. What happened to todd?

[Music plays]

Natalie: What a perfect ending. 3E8B53E4.JPG

Cristian: Yeah, perfect. You know, it really meant a lot to me, you wanting to try and fix things with my mom.

Natalie: Yeah, well, she's not going to just accept me after I made her one meal. I mean, she probably just said that it tasted good.

Cristian: Why do you always do that?

Natalie: Do what?

Cristian: Put yourself down. You just did something really terrific tonight, natalie, and now you're turning it into nothing.

Natalie: I do that.

Cristian: Yeah. Why?

Natalie: Protect myself, keep myself from getting my hopes too high, I guess.

Cristian: Hey, you know what? You reached out to my mom and she met you halfway. You did good. 3E8B5417.JPG

Joey: Someone broke in. Call the cops.

Asa: The hell with the cops. I've got a gun.

Nigel: Oh -- it'sll right, sir. I'm afraid I'm responsible. Oh, please excuse my attire. I was getting into bed, and then I had this terrible suspicion I hadn't set the alarm system. And I hurried down, and I didn't turn on the light, and I bumped over the table. Just -- oh, silly, silly me. I was just going for a dustpan and broom.

Jessica: No. I'll go get one.

Asa: No, no, hold it right there. Just tell me one thing -- why are you so all-fired jumpy?

Nigel: Uh --

jessica: I'll go get a dustpan. 3E8B5438.JPG

Nigel: No, no, no. No, no, I'll do it.

Asa: You're damn right you're going to do it. And you're going to pay for that vase.

Jessica: Oh, grandpa, come on.

Asa: Or take it out of your salary. The ambassador of japan gave me that vase.

Nigel: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.

Nigel: No, no, no --

roxy: Yes.

Nigel: We don't -- we can't take any more chances.

Roxy: Yes.

Asa: Joey -- just find that gal and, please, get it over with.

Joey: Right.

Jessica: Joey, you should try asking bo to get somebody to track her. They could do it a lot easier than you could. 3E8B547C.JPG

Joey: Yeah. Yeah. Sure.

P.A. Announcer: First call for train 1284, the night cruiser, now leaving on track number four leaving for wilmington, baltimore, and washington, D.C.

Woman: Hey, that's us. Come on. Let's get good seats.

Flash: Just getting a ticket.

Gabrielle: Are you ok? You seem a little jittery.

Al: Oh, no, I'm fine. Great. Just, you know, driving myself really hard lately. Study, study, study. You know, got to get those grades up.

Gabrielle: Good. So marcie's tutoring is helping?

Al: Oh, yeah, she's a real slave driver. No, she's actually doing a really great job. She's got me reading everything on the auxiliary list. 3E8B54C4.JPG

Gabrielle: Good. Still, I worry about you getting enough rest.

Al: Oh, no, don't woy y about me. I'm cool, no problem.

Gabrielle: Ok. All right. Look, is $100 what you need for those books?

Al: Yeah, yeah.

Gabrielle: Ok.

Al: 100 would be -- 100 would be great.

Gabrielle: There you go, sweetie. And I've put in -- here's an extra 20 for you, just in case. I know how you always need a little extra.

Al thanks, mom. So, where's bo? Working late again?

Gabrielle: Yeah, yeah. He's with nora. He's working late. The original plan was to stay at home, have a nice, quiet evening. But, you know, he's with nora. 3E8B54E5.JPG

Al: What does that mean?

Gabrielle: Nothing. Nothing. I really have no reason to be jealous. No, this time he got a call, and it really was a very important call. They had a break in the murder case.

Al: But everything's ok between you two, right?

Gabrielle: Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

Al: Good.

Gabrielle: Very good.

Al: Good.

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm.

Al: Good.

Gabrielle: You like bo, don't you?

Al: Sure.

Gabrielle: Because I -- I just want you two to be, you know, close.

Al: Yeah, I understand that. I mean, he's not dad, but -- 3E8B5509.JPG

gabrielle: No.

Al: Sure, I like him just the same.

Gabrielle: Good.

Al: Well, I got to -- I got to go. I got some things to take care of. Thank you again.

Gabrielle: All right, darling. You take care, ok? Anytime you need it.

Al: Yeah. Thanks, mom, again.

Gabrielle: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Gabrielle: Bo?

Joey: No, no, this is his nephew, joe. I take it my uncle's not there.

Gabrielle: No, he's with nora -- at the station.

Bo: Lindsay, I'd like nora to sit in on this. Is that ok? 3E8B5539.JPG

Lindsay: Of course.

Bo: Today is monday, march 31, 10:50 P.M. Present, comm. Bo buchanan, assistant district attorney nora buchanan, lindsay rappaport, and her daughter, jennifer rappaport. Lindsay rappaport has waived her right to have an attorney present. Ok. There's something that you wanted to tell us.

Lindsay: Yes. I shot my former husband, sam rappaport. I didn't mean to do it. I thought it was troy, so, you see, it's really his fault that sam is dead. I mean, I -- if troy hadn't been sleeping with her, I wouldn't have gone to blair's house in the first place. 3E8B556C.JPG

Bo: So you're saying that you went to blair manning's house intending to shoot troy maciver?

Lindsay: He hurt me very, very badly, so I went to the whore's house and I shot him.

Bo: But you didn't shoot troy maciver. You shot sam rappaport instead.

Lindsay: I did? Where did troy go?

Nora: Lindsay, do you know why sam was at blair's that night?

Lindsay: Sam? Yes, sam was there. But you said -- you said that sam didn't come until after I shot troy! I still don't understand why troy didn't die. I shot him. And then sam was there. Your father -- your father shouldn't have been there. Why did he love blair? He should've just stayed home. 3E8B55AB.JPG

Jen: She's not making any sense.

Lindsay: You should have just stayed home. You shouldn't have come. Oh, look at you. You're all bloody. Troy shot you and you're all bloody.

Jen: She's talking to daddy again.

Lindsay: Sam. Sam, I did whayoyou told me. I told the truth. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do it. I'm sorry, sam.

Blair: You put todd in that crypt. I heard you tell one of your sicko psycho goons.

Mitch: No, no --

blair: Yes.

Mitch: No. What I said was that todd and victor belonged together for all eternity because they -- they're so much alike. It's not what you thought. 3E8B55ED.JPG

[Doorbell rings]

Dorian: Are you expecting someone?

Troy: Blair, are you in there?

[Pounding on door]

Troy: It's me, troy.

Dorian: Wellgeget rid of him.


Troy: Blair, come on! Answer the door!

Blair: He'll go away.

Dorian: Blair, would you go to the door, get rid of him. Make sure that you don't let him inside, ok? Come on! By the way, give me the gun.

Blair: You keep your mouth sh.. you keep an eye on him.

Dorian: Oh. Like a hawk. .

Hello. I'm neal karlinsky in doha, qatar, the headquarters of U.S. Central command. U.S.-Led ground forces have advanced to within 30 miles of baghdad. U.S. Marines have ptptured a strategic bridge over the tigris river, which now gives them access to an important route into the capital. They've encountered only sporadic resistance from republican guard divisions, but the pentagon says tough fighting lies ahead. Iraqi television broadcast these pictures today of saddam hussein meeting with his cabinet. It is not known when this was filmed. Farther south, in the holy city of basra, british troops found what they say was a torture chamber used by iraqi forces. Look for a full report later 3E8B5759.JPGtonight on "world news tonight."

Mitch: Dominic!


Dominic: Yes, sir.

Mitch: Lois leave yet?

Dominic: Hours ago.

Mitch: I want absolute privacy. You understand me?

Dominic: You and I are the only ones in the hou, , sir.

Mitch: Good. Get me those blueprints for the house. You did get them, didn't you?

Dominic: Of course, sir. I'll get them right away.

Blair: What the hell did you do?

Dorian: I let him go.

Blair: You let him go?

Dorian: Yes!

Blair: Why would you let him go, dorian? After everything that he did to you, what he did to cassie, and you had him right there! 3E8B5793.JPG

Dorian: Well, he didn't confess, even though you had a gun pointed at him!

Blair: Y you know because of him my children are in hiding?

Dorian: Oh, yes, and you tell me what good it's going to do your children if you're locked up in jail the rest of your life.

Blair: What judge or jury is going to punish me for killing that bastard?

Dorian: They certainly punished me!

Blair: Yeah, they did, didn't they? And now you are back. What are you up to, dorian?

Brad: Yo, watch it.

Marcie: Sorry. Excuse me. Did anyone find a silk scarf here yesterday? It's the only nice thing I got for my birthday, and it's -- 3E8B57C2.JPG

bartender: What do I look like, a lost-and-found? Either order or take off!

Marcie: Um -- I'll have a diet ginger ale.

Al: Brad --

brad: Yo.

Al: Hey.

Brad: Hey, man.

Al: Listen -- I need more of the same, please.

Brad: Cash and carry, holden.

Al: 20, 40 -- here.

Brad: Give me 15 minutes.

Marcie: What you doing, hanging out with brad?

Al: Uh -- we were talking.

Marcie: You know, he's always in some kind of trouble. Last week, his whole fraternity was suspended.

Al: Relax, ok? He was just telling me a funny story about one of our professors. 3E8B57FA.JPG

Marcie: Well, you weren't talking and you weren't laughing.

Al: Yeah, well, it wasn't very funny, ok? I need a soda.

Nora: Maybe you should just not be here.

Jen: The worst is when she talks to daddy. It started in the car on the way over here.

Nora: Listen, honey, you've done everything that you can, and you did great. All right? This isn't your fault.

Lindsay: No, don't touch me. Don't touch me. I'm bad, and if you touch me, you're going to be bad.

Bo: Lindsay, you got to take


Lindsay: I deserve to be punished. So don't touch me. I'm going to hell. Just don'T. 3E8B581F.JPG

Nora: I better get back in there.

Lindsay: Sam, I didn't mean it. Please leave me alone.

Nora: Lindsay, sam's not here.

Lindsay: I was so in love with troy, and he betrayed me, so I shot colin. I couldn't help it. I couldn't help it.

Joey: Jen. What's wrong?

Jen: Get me out of here. Please, get me out of here.

Joey: Yeah. Yeah, ok. Sure.

Nora: Jen?

Troy: Excuse me, miss? I'd like to make an -- nora.

Nora: What do you want?

Troy: Well, to be honest with you, I'm a little worried about blair. I don't understand why she's still being charged with sam's murder, nora. 3E8B584F.JPG

Nora: Well, you can tell your friend blair not to worry. The charges are going to be dropped.

Troy: What do you mean? Why?

Nora: We have someone inside who's making a confession.

Troy: What?

Lindsay: Please help me.

Dorian: Blair, honey, you're exhausted, and you are definitelyot thinking clearly. By the way, did I thank you fothe warm welcome home? Oh, come on. If I'd let you shoot him, they'd be taking you away right now.

Blair: I just wanted to make him pay for what he did, dorian.

Dorian: Oh, he's going to pay.

Oh. Yes, he is most definitely going to pay. I'm going to take care of that. You just have to trust me. Can you trust me? 3E8B5941.JPG

Blair: Wait -- wait -- trust -- ok, what --

dorian: Can you do that?

Blair: What are you up to? You are up to something. What is it?

Dorian: I am not -- I told you, you'll just have to trust me on this. Now, how about we go upstairs to bed? I mean, that's an order. Up.

Blair: I'm so tired.

Dorian: So am I. Now, am I finally gog g to get my welcome home hug? Hey? Oh, you.

Blair: I love you.

Dorian: I love you.

Blair: I love you so much, and I'm so glad that you're back. I think.

Dorian: Stop. Just trust me. 3E8B5969.JPG

[Dorian sighs]

Dorian: I can't wait to go to sleep in my own bed.

Blair: Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait -- it's kind of taped off.

Dorian: Taped off?

Blair: Well, you know, it's a -- crcrime scene. Sam, in your bedroom.

Dorian: In my --

blair: Yeah, well, it --

dorian: Bed?

Blair: Yeah.

Dorian: Oh, fine. All right, I can't wait to go to sleep in the guest room.

Blair: Well, I'm kind of --

dorian: Ok, fine. I can't wait to go to sleep in the other guest room?

Blair: Good night.

Dorian: Good night. It's good to be home!

Mitch: Dominic! I told you I needed the blueprints for the lower level. Where the hell are they? 3E8B599B.JPG

Dominic: I'm sorry, sir. I thought I --

mitch: Oh. Well -- good.

[Music plays]

Marcie: Did I really eat all those peanuts?

Al: I'll get some more.

Jen: Can I get a vodka on the rocks? I've got I.D.

Joey: You have a fake I.D. No way I'm letting you drink.

Jen: Look, you're not my minister.

Joey: No, I'm not.

Jen: So stop preaching and dance with me.

Joey: When you were at the police station, something happened that really upset you. Was it about your dad?

Jen: You never quit, do you? "Let me help you." I'll bet you show up at the police station every night just looking for some girl to rescue. 3E8B59E7.JPG

Flash: Seven hours till my train leaves?

Lindsay: You seem nice. Are you a policeman like my friend bo?

Troy: Come on, lindsay. You know I'm a doctor.

Lindsay: I like doctors. They're good people. They're very handsome, too.

Troy: Are you ok?

Lindsay: No. I ne y your help. I need you to protect me.

Troy: What's going on here?

Lindsay: I came here to talk to bo. I needed to tell him something, but he's not here. He's not -- did I kill bo, too?

Nora: No, lindsay, you didn't kill bo.

Lindsay: No.

Troy: Bo's fine.

Lindsay: No, of course. I wouldn't kill bo. I love him, and he loves me, and we're going to get married. Or we -- we were going to get married, but something happened. I don't know what happened. 3E8B5A23.JPG

Bo: I've arranged for lindsay to be taken to st. Ann's for psychiatric evaluation.

Troy: Good. Think she needs it.

Lindsay: Are they nice people there?

Troy: Yeah, lindsay, they're very nice.

Lindsay: Will you take me?

Troy: Uh --

bo: You can ride along if you like. Ofc. Roberts is going to take her.

Lindsay: Will you help me? Please?

Troy: You -- you want me to help you?

Lindsay: I'm all alone.

Troy: Lindsay, do you know who I am?

Lindsay: No. But you seem very kind. And sometimes, you know, the kindest people in the world are strangers. And that's all I want around me right now is kind people. 3E8B5A53.JPG

Troy: Ok, come on. Let's go. Let's go visit the kind people at st. Ann'S.

Jessica: I'm going to go get some sleep.

Asa: Good night.

Jessica: Good night.

Roxy: Come here, you.

Asa: Wait! What in the hell are you still doing here, roxy? Everybody is in bed!

Nigel: Oh, mr. Buchanan, I -- we were, uh -- well, it's the beauty salon, sir. Since you made me responsible in case anything went wrong with your investment, ms. Roxanne came back to get my input.

Roxy: Yeah, and he's going to give me as much input as he can put.

Nigel: Yeah, see, I was just instructing her as to which hair dryers to install. 3E8B5B5A.JPG

Roxy: Yeah, because, you know, I was talking about some of the top-line-models, you know, and they're really hot. And hot is good.

Asa: You two can put in all the hair dryers you want till the sun comes up, for all I care.

[Tango music plays]

Asa: Me? I am hitting the hay.

[Music stops]

Asa: I forgot my gun.

Roxy: What the hell is going on here? What time is it? We got back from A.C. Hours ago.

Nigel: Yes. Didn't pritchert drive you home?

Roxy: Lame brain, do I look like I've beenome?

Nigel: Well, please go. The sooner, the better.

Roxy: What the hell has happened to my clothes? 3E8B5B9C.JPG

Nigel: Pritchert? Mr. Buchanan's friend is ready to go home.

[Rock music plays]

Al: Hey. Where you going?

Joey: Jen, listen to me, you are trying way too hard he.

Jen: I said --

joey: Tell me what's going on.

Jen: I said no talking.

Joey: Come on, you were at t p police station. I'm assuming it had something to do with your dad's death, right?

Jen: All right, fine. My mom was there confessing. She shot him, ok? Are you satisfied? Do you have some extra-special holy advice to help me deal with the fact that my mother's murdered my father? 3E8B5BD5.JPG

Bo: Troy checked her into st. Ann'S. They're going to do an evaluation as soon as possible.

Nora: She killed one of the best men I ever knew, and she's already trying to get away with it.

Bo: You're not buying, huh?

Nora: An insanity defense is not going to fly. Over my dead body it will.

Bo: Nora, come on, take it easy. If she's faking it, the doctors will be able to figure that out.

Nora: Oh, come on, are you going to give her the benefit of the doubt?

Bo: I just want to be sure.

Nora: She killed sam. She killed him. She killed him! She -- she left matthew without a daddy! 3E8B5C0A.JPG

Blair: Oh, troy. Come in.

Troy: Blair, you're here.

Blair: Look, look, I'm really sorry that -- that I walked out on you at rodi'S. I just --

troy: Don't, don't, don't worry about it, ok? I've got great news for you.

Blair: What?

Troy: Everything's going to be ok. You're free. Yeah, lindsay just confessed to the police a little while ago. We were right, she's the one --

blair: She confessed?

Troy: Yes, she's the one who shot sam.

Blair: But --

troy: Everything's -- everything's ok. You don't have to worry anymore, blair. Well, blair, this isn't the reaction I was hoping for. I mean, the charges are going to be dropped. You're free. 3E8B5C2D.JPG

Blair: Yeah, yeah. That's -- at's great. Um -- listen, as you were pulling in, did you see someone leave, a woman, my aunt dorian?

Troy: No, I didn't see anybody.

[Doorbell rings]

Mitch: Don't trouble yourself, dominic! I'll get it!

Dorian: Darling. At last.

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