OLTL Transcript Tuesday 4/1/03

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 4/01/03

By Eric

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Troy: Blair, the police think that the killer could've actually been after me.

Nora: Jen, do you have any reason to believe that your mother may be connected to your father's death?

Jen: No.

Nora: She's lying for her mother.

Lindsay: Jen hates me.

Mitch: You told her that you shot Sam? thing left for me to do.

[Music plays]

Jessica: You always do that!

Jessica: You go back, I go forward.

Cristian: Listen, I'm the man here, ok? I do the leading. 3E89FE27.JPG

Jessica: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Natalie. Ah, cake looks great.

Natalie: Thanks.

Jessica: Here -- you know, why don't you dance with Cristian. I'm stepping all over his feet.

Natalie: No, go ahead. I'm sure I wouldn't do much better.

Jessica: Well, Antonio's the expert. Why don't you show me how it's done.

[Doorbell rings]


Asa: Nigel? What the hell are you doing? Get the door.

Nigel: I would, but --

Asa: It's Roxy.

Nigel: That's what I'm afraid of.

Asa: I'm going to tell you right now -- you gut it up. You'll be quitting smoking as of tonight. 3E89FE64.JPG

Roxy: Hey, hey, baby. Time to get the little guy fixed.

Asa: Well, the chopper's gassed, and ready to go.

Roxy: A chopper? Ooh, I'm going to Atlantic city in style.

Asa: Well, I hope this snake oil salesman of yours is worth it.

Roxy: Hey, Mysterio is no salesman. He is an artiste. He's the best damn hypnotist in Atlantic city, and I know that because he stopped me from drinking just like that. Of course, I only lasted about a week, but, you know, I got one of those resistible personalities. But Nigel -- he's a wuss. He's never going to pick up those cigarettes ever again.

Nigel: Oh, but I'm afraid I will, sir. I can't go to Atlantic city. I can't fly. You know that. And I am certainly not going to be buckled into a seat with her in a helicopter. 3E89FE91.JPG

Troy: Blair, I agree with you. You definitely shouldn't let Mitch Laurence victimize you. But you do realize that you're talking about taking the law into your own hands here.

Blair: Whatever it takes.

Jen: Mom, where are you? Why aren't you answering your phone? What's going on? Please, please, just call me, ok? I know I said some things, I said some awful things about what you did, but I'm just -- I'm really worried about you.

[Lindsay gasps]

Mitch: Poor Lindsay. What's going to happen to you now is so very sad.

[Music plays]

Antonio: I don't really feel up to dancing, Jessica. I'm sorry. 3E89FF8E.JPG

Jessica: Ok. Natalie, do you need any help?

Natalie: No, thank you.

Jessica: You know, this dinner was a really great idea. You did a beautiful job. It's just what I needed.

Natalie: To have fun?

Jessica: Yeah. You know, why don't you let me serve this and you can go and dance with Cristian.

Carlotta: Why don't you both go dance and let me do this. Go. Go he e fun.

Natalie: I got to get the coffee.

Cristian: Let's dance.

Jessica: I can do that. Hey, Antonio, I need a big, strong man to help me with the coffee. Come on.

Al: The voice of the night is here, saying hello to the first night of spring. And don't give me technicalities. This is the first real night, the first warm night, when the air is like the woman you love wrapping her arms around you. 3E89FFC5.JPG

Carlotta: You know, I think I'll put these chuletas inside. You can freeze them and have them another night.

Natalie: I hope the cake is going to be ok. I think it was a little too dry.

Cristian: I'm sure it's fine.

Natalie: I don't know. I don't know.

Cristian: Look, Natalie, everything was fine. My mom loved all your food. It was perfect.

Natalie: So, did you have fun dancing with Jessica?

Cristian: Yeah, I guess.

Natalie: I mean, I'm sure you guys probably danced together a l, , right? I mean, you guys dated for so long.

Cristian: The only one I want to dance with is you.

Roxy: Listen to me, you little weasel, you're going whether you like it or not -- 3E89FFFB.JPG

Nigel: Help!

Roxy: And nothing, and I mean nothing --

Nigel: Have mercy!

Roxy: Did you hear that? You're getting on that chopper if it's the last thing that I ever do.

Nigel: Well, it may be the last thing you do.

Asa: You -- now, get out of the damn chair, nig.. it's time for you to start acting like a man.

Nigel: Sir, you know I'm terrified of choppers, as you so eloquently put it. I simply can't go.

Joey: Hey. What's going on?

Roxy: You must be Joey. We're taking Nigel to A.C.

Asa: Roxy knows a hypnotist who can cure this one of his horrible smoking habit, Joey. 3E8A0020.JPG

Joey: Nigel, that's terrific.

Nigel: Hmm.

Asa: He set the drapes on fire in the gun room last night.

Joey: That was you?

Nigel: Yes, I'm afraid I'm guilty. Yeah.

Asa: Well, we got room for one more in the chopper, Joey.

Joey: Oh, you know what? I -- I can't. I don't have my wallet.

Nigel: Well, I'll stay here and help you find it.

Joey: Thanks anyway, but I know where it went. Good luck.

Asa: Time is a-wasting, Nigel.

Nigel: Oh, no, sir, I can't. Please, if you have any pity in your heart, spare me.

Asa: Nigel, I promise, I will get you to Atlantic city safe and sound. 3E8A004C.JPG

Nigel: So we're not taking a helicopter?

Asa: Of course we are. I'm your pilot.

Nigel: Oh. No, no, no.

Hank: Whoa. Drinking all alone, huh? That's not a good sign.

Rae: Don't worry, I'm also eating alone.

Hank: Oh.

Rae: You know, as much as I hate to admit it, my kitchen is full of dirty dishes.

Hank: Well, that's no big deal. I don't even have dishes. What do you say we share a table?

Rae: I would like that.

Troy: Why don't -- why don't you just let the police handle Mitch Laurence, please?

Blair: Police? All Bo is interested in is framing me for shooting Sam. 3E8A007F.JPG

Troy: Come on. We both know you didn't do it.

Blair: Do you believe that?

Troy: Of course I do.

Blair: Well, you're the only one.

Troy: All right, look, why don't we -- why don't we just concentrate on what happened with Todd.

Blair: He must have gotten out of the crypt somehow.

Troy: Blair, it would take more than one man to move that lid. With him being knocked out, there wasn't much air in there.

Blair: No, no, no, no. No, he's not dead. He's not. He -- he tricked Mitch somehow. That's what happened. And he got out, and he's out there somewhere trying to protect me and his family. I know that. 3E8A00A9.JPG

Troy: Well, that does sound more like Todd.

Blair: Yeah.

Troy: You know, here's what I don't understand, though. If Antonio Vega was right, if the police do think that I could have been the real target and not Sam, well, then why haven't they dropped the charges against you? I mean, what could they think that your motive would be, anyway? If anything, Nora would be the number one suspect.

Blair: Nora?

Troy: Well --

Blair: She wouldn't kill anyone.

Troy: No. But Lindsay would.

Blair: Lindsay?

Al: Hold on to the night while you can. Pretty soon, the sun will come up and all those dreams, those beautiful thoughts will just disappear.

[Music plays]

Roxy: Is this place dynamite, or what?

Asa: My stables are cleaner than this dump.

Nigel: Could we please just sit down?

Roxy: Ok, we got to sit up front, or else you can't see.

Nigel: Oh, yes. We're lucky we're not crushed by the throng.

Man: And now mysterious Mysterio.

Roxy: Yay!


Asa: This had better work, or you can kiss that beauty parlor goodbye.

Nigel: I've tried hypnotism three times. It wasn't successful.

Roxy: Why didn't you say that before?

Asa: Oh. The watch. We did that -- 3E8A01DD.JPG

Roxy: Shh! Shut up.

Mysterio: Hypnosis is really quite simple. Using only the power of suggestion, one can completely control the mind. The power of suggestion and a swinging watch, of course. A perfectly harmless word, a word such as -- ooh -- "bourbon" can compel you to fall in love with the first person you see. Then, with a snap of the fingers -- like this -- it's over. And when you awake, you have no memory of your love affair. It's as simple as that.

Asa: Honey? I'll have a double bourbon.

[Music plays]

Natalie: You designed the statue of that angel?

Cristian: Yeah. It feels like forever ago. 3E8A0231.JPG

Natalie: Oh, it's so beautiful.

Cristian: Yeah, especially from this angle, you know, with the beer lights blinking behind it.

Natalie: The halo.

Jessica: Natalie is good for Cristian.

Carlotta: Still, there's no one like you.

Jessica: I wish I could help him.

Carlotta: Ay, pobrecito,

Antonio. He loved Keri so much, and the baby.

Jessica: It's hard when you lose a baby.

Carlotta: Your uncle took his service revolver.

Jessica: He what?

Carlotta: I don't know. Is this police procedure after something like that? I don't know about these things. 3E8A0268.JPG

Jessica: Here you go.

Antonio: Thank you.

Jessica: Things have been hard for you lately.

Antonio: Yeah. Please, please don't tell me they're going to get better.

Jessica: Well, they will get better.

Antonio: Yeah, and the sun will come up tomorrow.

Jessica: And that's true, too. You know, I know it doesn't help, but it's true. How's work?

Antonio: What work?

Jessica: Yeah, I heard that uncle Bo took away your --

Antonio: You know, uncle Bo took away my badge, too.


Joey: Flash? Come on, Flash. Where are you going to go? "Sorry about the loan, rev. I'm good for it. You'll see. I've just got to do this on my own, so thanks for everything. Bye." Nice going, rev. 3E8A02AD.JPG

Troy: All right, let's think about this. Let's say that Lindsay sees us out together, and then she follows us back to your --

Blair: What?

Troy: Lindsay came by my loft that night. I told her I was going to your house.

Blair: Wait, wait, wait. That doesn't explain the gun.

Troy: Right, Todd's gun.

Blair: Yeah. He would never give Lindsay a gun. He thinks she's a wacko. Wait a minute. What if Mitch got to Todd and did something to him and then gave Lindsay his gun? No, no --

Troy: No --

Blair: No, that's too far-fetched.

Troy: No, Blair, listen to me. Listen, listen -- 3E8A02D1.JPG

Blair: No -- what?

Troy: What if Mitch knew that Lindsay was so out of control about me and that's why heave her the gun?

Blair: But they don't even know each other --

Troy: What? What?

Blair: They were together that night.

Troy: Mitch and Lindsay?

Blair: Yes, Troy, they were together that night. A reporter from "the sun" told me. They were each other's alibi.

Troy: Blair, this is starting to make sense now, especially -- especially since the police think that I could have been the real target. Oh, we --

Blair: Wait, wait, wait. Why would Lindsay -- why would Lindsay shoot Sam? 3E8A02F2.JPG

Troy: She wouldn't do it intentionally. It was an accident

Blair: How?

Troy: Lindsay thought that I was Sam. Blair, we got to go to the police on this. Let's go. Get your coat. Come on. Are you coming with me? Let's go.

Blair: Um -- yeah. Yeah. But I just need to go the ladies' room. Be right back.

Troy: Lindsay.

[Phone rings]

Jen: Hello? Oh, no, commissioner. I'm sorry, she's -- she's still not home. I was actually hoping maybe she was with you. Would you like me to take a message? Oh, you -- you still want to talk to her? Sure, yeah. I'll tell her. No, I don't really know where she is, but I'm sure she'll be home soon. 3E8A0332.JPG

Mitch: You were so overwhelmed with guilt, weren't you, Lindsay? Well, that's perfectly understandable. I mean, who wouldn't be after killing the father of one's own children? Beautiful. But was so thoughtful of you not to cause them any more pain. Good night, sweet Lindsay. Pleasant dreams.

Mysterio: Now, all you nervous types, don't fret. You can't be made to do something you wouldn't normally do. So you won't become a bank robber or a compulsive shopper or the Osbourne family.


Mysterio: So, you  would like to volunteer?

Asa: We have a volunteer right here. He wants to be cured of smoking. Also afraid of flying. Up you go, Nigel.

Mysterio: We can take care of that. Good evening, sir. Now, do you want to quit smoking? Because this won't work if you don't.

Nigel: Oh, no, I do. It's just that my brain is like Fort Knox. No one's ever been able to get in there. 3E8A04C3.JPG

Mysterio: Well, there's a first time for everything. Light a cigarette, please.

Mysterio: Now, sir, I am going to count backwards from 100. By the time I get to 80, you are going to be very sleepy. 100, 99, 98 --

Nigel: Very sleepy.

Mysterio: Looks like we're in Fort Knox.


Mysterio: And now, sir, when I tell you to awaken, you will find the taste of cigarettes completely repugnant. Awaken. Well, sir, do you still desire to smoke?

Nigel: No. No, I don't.

Nigel: I only desire one thing.

Jessica: Why would uncle Bo take away your badge? You're -- you're such a good detective. He has to know that. 3E8A0523.JPG

Antonio: I really don't want to talk about it, Jessica.

Jessica: Well, was he afraid --

Antonio: Look, I know why. I almost punched Dr. Maciver.

Jessica: Well, there must have been a good reason.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I wanted to hit someone. Look, I nearly lost it, Jessica. I -- I almost -- I almost lost it just like I did when I shot Ben Davidson.

Jessica: What happened with Ben was an accident. It was.

Antonio: Your uncle was right to take away my badge.

Jessica: You'll get it back soon.

Antonio: Look, I'm going to go now, ok?

Jessica: Would you -- would you drive me to my grandfather's, please? 3E8A054F.JPG

Antonio: Sure. Look, I'm going to take off. I'm going to drop her off and go home, ok? Thanks for everything.

Natalie: Yeah, thanks for coming.

Jessica: Thanks for the dinner.

Natalie: Yeah.

Cristian: Bye.

Carlotta: Well, I'd better be going, too. I have stayed much longer than I I planned to. Unless, of course, Cristian wants to open the diner for me in the morning. Hmm. I didn't think so. Well, anyway, thank you for everything, Natalie. It was a wonderful night.

Cristian: Bye. So, when's the next dinner?

Natalie: Am I hearing things? I mean, did I hear her right? Did your mom just say that tonight was a wonderful night? 3E8A0583.JPG

Cristian: Yes, she did. And it was.

Natalie: Yeah, right, but, I mean, she could have cooked all this herself.

Cristian: What's wonderful about tonight, Natalie, is you.

[Music plays]

Troy: Excuse me. Can you do me a favor? Can you check on my friend? She's about this tall, blonde hair, very beautiful. I think she went to the ladies' room. She might be sick.

Waitress: Sure.

Troy: Thank you.

Rae: I should probably tell you, I'm -- well, I'm getting back into therapy, sort of. Joe Buchanan -- he's asked me to come down to the community center and help him with the kids. 3E8A05BE.JPG

Hank: That's good.

Rae: Yeah. Yeah, well, that is good. I'm -- I'm even thinking about getting my license in Pennsylvania. Yeah. So, what do you -- what do you think about that?

Hank: Well, I think it's good you're keeping yourself busy. Now all you have to do is finish up your divorce.

Rae: It's already signed, sealed, and delivered. I'm officially a single woman again.

Waitress: I'm sorry, there was no one in the ladies' room.

Jen: Mom? Mom! Mom! Mom, are you ok?

Troy: Can you do me a favor? My friend's coming back. Can you keep an eye on this coat for her? 3E8A0619.JPG

Bartender: Oh, sure, just leave it on the chair.

Troy: All right. Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Troy: Hello?

Jen: Hi. This is Jen Rappaport. Dr. Maciver, I really need you to come to the gallery.

Troy: Jen, is this about Lindsay?

Jen: Please, please, I just -- I really need you to come.

Troy: Look, Jen, I'm sorry, but I already told you, I really don't want to have anything to do with your mother.

Jen: This isn't about my mom. It's about my dad's killer, and -- and it's about you.

Troy: All right. All right, I'll be right there.

Jessica: Looks like everybody went to bed. 3E8A0700.JPG

Antonio: Yeah, it looks that way. Good night.

Jessica: Oh, wait. Do you want to stay for a bit? I could make some coffee.

Antonio: Don't you have a staff that does that for you?

Jessica: Hey, didn't you read the newspaper? A judge gave Mitch Laurence everything my family had.

Antonio: Hmm. Everything? This -- this place is bigger than angel square.

Jessica: Ok, ok, so I'm still a princess.

Antonio: Princess Pollyanna.

Asa: Oh, Jessie.

Jessica: Grandpa.

Asa: I did it. I cured Nigel. He doesn't smoke anymore.

Jessica: That's great.

Asa: Well, you'd think he'd be a little happier about it, wouldn't you? 3E8A072D.JPG

Nigel: I'm ecstatic.

Asa: Oh, I know what the problem is. He still has a fear of flying. Look, I'll get you up in the chopper, and we'll fly around the city. We'll --

Nigel: No, please.

Roxy: Leave him alone.

Asa: Since when do you take his side?

Roxy: Uh -- well, why don't you just send him to bed so we can go off by ourselves, you know, and have a good time.

Asa: Like we were supposed to do tonight.

Roxy: Oh, well.

Asa: What is wrong with you, woman? I never thought I would see you turn down the slots and want to rush home.

Roxy: I got something wrong with me, that's all. I must be coming down with something. 3E8A075E.JPG

Asa: Just stay away from me. Tell Nigel to call Peterson to drive you home.

Nigel: You fired Peterson, sir.

Asa: Oh, what's his name? Call Pritchert.

Jessica: Grandpa, you fired another chauffeur? That's, like, three in a month.

Asa: So what?

Antonio: Listen, I'm actually taking off, so if you need me to drop you somewhere --

Roxy: No!

Nigel: No, no! I'll be happy to make sure Ms. Balsom gets home safely.

Antonio: Listen, Jessica, I -- I'm sorry about what I said earlier. I was kidding about it.

Jessica: Don't worry about it. I was, too.

Antonio: Well, with everything that's been going on with your family and Laurence, I was no help. 3E8A0789.JPG

Jessica: You were. It's ok. You know, Antonio, even without your badge, I've always felt safe with you. And don't worry, you're going to get it back soon.

Antonio: Good night.

Jessica: Thanks for the ride home.

Antonio: Sure. Oh, and -- my mom and Cristian -- they don't know I lost my badge.

Jessica: They won't. It's ok. And you'll get it back soon.

Antonio thanks.

Jessica: Good night.

Nigel: I should summon the car to take you home.

Roxy: That's right, the car.

[Tango music plays]

Nigel: It was very intriguing to see that hypnotist friend of yours. 3E8A07BC.JPG

Roxy: Mr. Intriguing.

Nigel: Although, not as intriguing as --

Roxy: As what?

Nigel: Atlantic city.

Roxy: Oh, Atlantic city.

Nigel: And you.

Roxy: And me.

Carlotta: Cristian. Natalie.

Cristian: Mom. I thought you went home.

Carlotta: I wanted you to have these.

Cristian: Those are abuelita's. She brought them from Puerto Rico.

Carlotta: And now they're yours.

Cristian: Oh, no, mom, we can't take those.

Carlotta: Of course you can. They're meant for a loving home -- just what you and Natalie will give them.

Natalie: They're beautiful. Thank you. 3E8A07EA.JPG

Carlotta: Well, I'll leave you two alone now.

Natalie: Buenas noches.

Carlotta: Buenas noches. Y espero que tengas muchas mas.

Natalie: I understood that.

Cristian: Good. Por que si no, no te puedas quedar con ellos.

Natalie: What?

Cristian: I guess I better take these.

Natalie: No, these are for our happy home!

Hank: There you go.

Rae: Well, it's lovely having dinner with you again. Felt like old times. Thank you.

Hank: Yes, it did. You know, actually, I need your professional opinion. So do you think it's pushing it too much if we go to the palace and have a nightcap? 3E8A081A.JPG

Rae: Well, now, in my professional opinion, I would say it's a lovely way to end a lovely evening.

Hank: All right. Let's do it.

Troy: Your mom should be asleep until the morning.

Jen: I know she didn't take any pills, but she did pass out, right?

Troy: Well, she may have just had a panic attack and hyperventilated. I mean, that can cause a blackout, too. She's just lucky that she passed out before she got the engine started. Although --

Jen: What?

Troy: You know, it's crazy, but I tell you, I could have sworn I smelled chloroform on your mom.

Jen: Chloroform? 3E8A0849.JPG

Troy: Yeah. Yeah, I know, I'm -- I'm sure I'm mistaken. She's just lucky you found her when you did.

Jen: Yeah, I'm just -- I'm just glad she didn't --

Troy: Jen, you know that by law, I'm bound to report any attempted suicide.

Jen: I know. I know that you have to, but I wish that you wouldn't.

Troy: So this wasn't about -- this wasn't about your father's murder, was it?

Jen: I'm sorry, I was just really scared for my mom, and I didn't want to call the ambulance because of the police.

Troy: Right. You have any idea why she would do something like this, Jen?

Jen: No.

Troy: All right. Well, I know she's been through a lot. But you've been through a lot with your -- your father's dying, and I'm sorry. If you or your mom need anything, you just -- you know, just give me a call. 3E8A0885.JPG

Jen: Wait.

Troy: What?

Jen: If -- if somebody does something, and they weren't, you know, ok mentally but they confessed about it, they wouldn't really get into that much trouble, would they?

Troy: No. No, I'm sure they wouldn't. Good night, Jen.

Lindsay: Please, don't hate me. I didn't mean to shoot daddy, but I did. And now I've lost him. And if I lose you, too --

Jen: I don't hate you. I could never hate you. But, mom, you're sick. We have to get you some help.

Lindsay: No, I have to go to the police now.

Jen: In the morning.

Lindsay: No, now. It's not nice to keep the police waiting. That was really nice of Troy to come visit me. He's a very nice man. 3E8A099B.JPG

Asa: What are you doing back, Joey? Getting sick and tired of the rectory?

Joey: No. I just came to check on mom again.

Asa: Well, you missed it. I cured Nigel. He'll never smoke again.

Joey: Well, I'm glad to hear it.

Asa: Why -- why are you so down in the mouth? You got a problem, boy?

Joey: Just tired, I guess.

Asa: Well, by the looks of you, I would say one thing. You have girl trouble.

Joey: Yeah. Girl trouble.

[Tango music plays]

Roxy: So you think I'm intriguing?

Nigel: Well, that is what I meant to say. 3E8A09DB.JPG

Roxy: Oh, shut up.

Cristian: So, admit it. I was right. Everything was perfect.

Natalie: Yeah, but I felt really bad for Antonio.

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, I know. If I ever lost you --

Natalie: Hey, you won't.

Cristian: Promise?

Natalie: Promise. You know, I'm really glad that Jessica came tonight. I really think that she helped kind of cheer up Antonio. At least a little bit.

Cristian: You didn't mind that I was dancing with her, did you?

Natalie: No. Ok, I did -- a little bit.

Cristian: You don't have to worry about that.

Natalie: I know. I mean, that's -- that's the old Natalie I mean, I'm trying to get better. 3E8A0A13.JPG

Cristian: You don't have to get better.

Natalie: It's just -- it's kind of hard, you know, seeing you guys together. I mean, Jessica's so beautiful, and -- and you guys used to be together. You love --

Cristian: You. I lo you.

Lindsay: How do I look?

Jen: You look fine.

Lindsay: Good. I wanted to make sure that I didn't wear the wrong thing because, you know, the first thing people notice about you are your clothes. I wanted to make a good first impression. And I want Bo to be proud of me.

Lindsay: Are you proud of me?

Jen: Yes.

Lindsay: Then why are you crying? 3E8A0A6E.JPG

Jen: I'm ok. I'm ok. Are you ready to g to the police now?

Lindsay: Oh, no. You shouldn't cry. It makes your face all red and puffy. And you want to be pretty. You have to make a good impression.

Blair: I want you to listen very carefully. You're going to tell me where Todd is, or I'm going to kill you.

Dorian: Don't do it, Blair!

Blair: Dorian? You're -- you're back.

Dorian: Yes, I'm back. And please, do not ruin my homecoming by splattering blood all over my living room.

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