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Mitch: All you have to remember is that we were together when Todd Manning shot Sam. Check everything. Make sure there's no trace of Todd Manning.

Sam: How can you sit here pretending to cry when you're the one who killed me? Go ahead, Lindsay. Tell them what you did.



Blair: I can't. I can't do it, Todd. I can't do it. I can't do it. Oh, I can't do it. Yes. This is an emergency. I need you to send somebody over to the Lord -- Lord mausoleum. Yes, behind St. James cemetery. Yes, there's somebody -- there's somebody buried in the sarcophagus. There's -- a sarcophagus! It's where -- it's this big concrete thing that they bury people in! No, no, no, the man's not dead! He's alive! He's buried alive! What? No, I'm not making this up! I'm telling you the truth! He's alive! Just -- what -- God! Todd! I –


Sam: Confess. Confess.

Andrew: Lindsay, are you sure you want to do this? I know how difficult it must be --

Lindsay: No, I have to do this. I have to do this because what happened was wrong. Sam's not the one that should've been shot. Sam's not the one that should have died.

Lindsay: It should have been Troy.


Natalie: Finally. All they did was argue the whole time they were here.

Cristian: Yeah.

Natalie: You know, first it's like my grandfather, he starts yelling at Nigel. Then Nigel gets snappy with Roxy. Then Roxy starts yelling at Nigel. And then they just go off and off and off. Aren't you glad we're not like that?

Cristian: Oh, maybe we will be someday.

Natalie: Don't even think that.

Cristian: Nah. I could never yell at you.

Natalie: Are you okay with this? I mean, I know the money is one thing, but I'm sure you're not too hot on painting Roxy. And I know you only came down here to look at it to shut me up. What was that for?

Cristian: Well, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be painting anything.

Natalie: So, do I get a kiss every time you pick up a brush?

Cristian: You might.

Natalie: Nice. Have you talked to your mom?

Cristian: Nope, not yet.

Natalie: Cristian, she's called and left messages on our answering machine twice since she's been back from New York. Come on, you can't keep shutting her out.

Cristian: I've been busy, Natalie.

Natalie: Cris, why -- why still be angry with her?

Cristian: You're kidding, right? After the way she treated you?

Natalie: We got to put all this behind us, right?

Cristian: Yeah, well, it's up to her to say that she's sorry.

Natalie: Okay, I don't want to be the one who wrecks your life because I come between you and your mother.

Cristian: Natalie, how can you wreck my life? You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Natalie: Okay. Then you won't mind if I make sure of that, will you?


Carlotta: Just worried about you, mijo -- and your brother. He doesn't return my calls anymore. And then when I call you from New York, you hardly said a word.

Antonio: Mami, how many times can I tell you that I'm fine? How many times can I possibly ask you if Aunt Rosa’s okay? Look, you know I don't like talking on the phone.

Carlotta: You know that's not what I mean.

Antonio: Drop it, okay?

Carlotta: Antonio, you lost the woman you love and your beautiful baby girl --

Antonio: I said drop it! I'm tired.

Carlotta: Because you're working yourself too hard. Comm. Buchanan shouldn't let you keep driving yourself like this.

Antonio: Don't worry. Look, he took my gun, okay?

Carlotta: What? Was he -- was he afraid that you might do something?

Antonio: Look, I said I didn't want to talk about it! How many times do I have to talk about something that's none of your --

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Vega. A burglary where? No, I'm at Angel Square. Yeah, yeah. No, I'm on it. I'll talk to you later.


Blair: Okay, all right. See if I can get this under here. See if I can do this, Todd. Todd! Oh, I can't get this in here. Todd!


Lindsay: It all went wrong.

Lindsay: Troy should have been the one.

Jen: Mom? What are you saying? Why are you talking about Dr. MacIver? This is about Daddy.

Lindsay: What I meant -- I know you were there. I know you were there. So when Todd lost control -- who he was jealous of was you. The person who he thought he was shooting was you. Sam was -- he was wonderful. He was kind and he was good. You are not! You never were!

Will: This is tough, okay? It's tough. Come on.

Lindsay: You should have been the one that Todd killed.

[Lindsay sobs]

Will: Just sit down. Let's just sit down.

Joey: The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom, then, shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life. Of whom shall I be afraid? Unto God's gracious mercy and protection we commit you, our brother Sam. The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious unto you. The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace, both now and forevermore. Amen. Will everyone please rise.

[Organ plays]


Cristian: Come on. Stop being so mysterious. So what were you going to say?

[Music plays]

Cristian: You said something about proving something.

Natalie: Don't laugh, okay?

Cristian: I won't.

Natalie: I'm going to solve the problems between you and your mom.

Cristian: Natalie, that's --

Natalie: No, I am. I am going to have a family dinner. How's Thursday night sound?

Cristian: Not good. Forget about it. My mom will figure things out on her own.

Natalie: Figure out what, that I'm the best thing that ever happened to you? I don't think so.

Cristian: Look, Natalie, I'm in love with you, and my mom will get that eventually. You're not the problem. She is.

Natalie: And when we told her that we were moving in together -- yeah, bad. Not good.

Cristian: Natalie -- look, I don't want you feeling responsible for that. I don't want you feeling bad. This is -- none of this is your fault.

Natalie: I don't feel bad. I mean, I feel great. I love you and you love me. You're painting again. We're going to have this awesome dinner party. What's there to be sad about?

Cristian: Nothing. You're impossible. You know that?

Natalie: But I'm cute, so I get away with it.

Cristian: That's because I let you.

Natalie: Oh, that's because you can't resist me.

Cristian: I thought that was the other way around.

Antonio: Police! Freeze!


Blair: I can't. I can't do it! What am I going to do? What am I going to do? Call Troy. I'll call Troy. What did I do with my phone? My phone, my phone, my phone. Come on, Troy. Answer, answer, answer. Oh, man. Troy, it's Blair. Look, when you get this message, I need you to come over to the Lord mausoleum. It's behind St. James cemetery. Yeah. Yeah. Look, they've got Todd buried. I heard one of his -- Mitch's goons say that they buried Todd in the sarcophagus. Please, I need you to help me. Thank you. Okay. What's keeping the cops? What's keeping the damn cops? Yes, yes, yes, it's an emergency! I called earlier! Yes, I called about a man being buried at Victor Lord's grave! Yes! No, I'm telling you the truth! Send somebody here, please! Jeez! I'll get somebody.


Antonio: Hands in the air -- now.

Cristian: Tonio, it's me and Natalie. What's going on, man?

Antonio: What the hell are you doing here?

Cristian: What do you mean, what I'm doing here? What's up with you?

Antonio: I got a report on a possible break-in.

Cristian: So you rush in like you're going to kill somebody?

Antonio: It's an abandoned building. How the hell was I supposed to know what I was going to run into?

Cristian: This building's not abandoned. Roxy just took a lease on the place. She's redoing the parlor. I'm telling you, there was a bunch of construction workers here a while ago.

Antonio: Yeah, well, we got no word on this. Why are you here?

Cristian: I'm doing a mural. You okay?

Natalie: I'm fine. It's the last few months -- the gun just --

Cristian: Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. Antonio was out of hand.

Antonio: Look, I'm investigating a possible crime. I got word about this when I was at the diner talking to Mami. She said she hasn't heard a word from you.

Cristian: That's -- that's a little complicated.

Antonio: Yeah? She the complication?

Cristian: Leave Natalie alone, okay? Mami wants me to choose between her and Natalie, and guess what -- I choose Natalie.


Andrew: Listen, I'm going -- I'm just going to say it one more time. No, no, you did not lose control of the service. In fact, you did extremely well.

Joey: Nah! When Mrs. Rappaport started freaking out, I should have -- I don't know!

Andrew: Joey, these ceremonies -- they're not scripted events. It's natural for people to become emotionally distraught at a funeral. Come on. Cut yourself some slack.

Marcie: Oh. There you are, Rev. Carpenter. Mrs. Rappaport was looking for you.

Andrew: Thank you very much. I'll talk to you later.

Joey: Hi, Marcie.

Marcie: Hi. You did an amazing job at the funeral, Joe. You know, for your first time, boy, you really knew what you were doing.

Joey: You could tell it was my first, huh?

Marcie: I know lots of things about you. Well, the food's good.

Joey: Right. You know what? I should go talk to the family. Excuse me.

Marcie: Oh, sure. Idiot. "The food's good"? Some conversationalist.

[Organ plays]

Joey: I can't thank you enough for doing this for me, Andrew.

Andrew: It's no problem, Joey. I love weddings.

Joey: So do I, but I couldn't exactly do this one myself.

["Wedding March" plays]

Andrew: Dearly beloved –


Bo: You know what? It's probably just some wacky woman, but go ahead and send a unit over to the mausoleum just to be on the safe side, okay?

Will: Bo, hey. I don't mean to be pushy --

Bo: No, Will --

Will: I don't, but --

Bo: You know what -- we're doing everything we can right now. We know that Todd's car was left at J.F.K. airport, all right? He wasn't there, but nobody matching his description got on a plane. See, we will find him, will, all right? And I will let you know just as soon as we do.

Will: All right, thank you. Thanks.

Nora: Anything?

Bo: No, no, but that's a pretty interesting no-show at the funeral, don't you think?

Nora: Oh, Blair. Well, maybe she thought the funeral might be too much for her.

Bo: I think she figured that I had some questions for her.

Nora: What did you make of Lindsay and all that stuff that she was saying about Troy?

Bo: I want to ask her about all of that, along with a few other things.

Nora: Today?

Bo: Yeah. I don't want to put it off. I mean, every time I talk to her, she makes less and less sense.

Nora: Good luck.


Hank: Lindsay, Sam was one of the best attorneys I've ever worked with. He's going to be really missed.

Rae: If -- if there's anything that I can do to help -- well, you know --

Lindsay: Thank you.

Hank: Yeah. Excuse us.

Bo: Are you feeling better than you did at the church?

Lindsay: You know, I haven't eaten or slept. I don't even know what I'm saying half the time. I just -- just trying to get through today. Excuse me.

Bo: I think that Jen is probably the only one who really understands how hard that this has all been for you. About the gun --

Lindsay: Oh, Bo, I can't -- I can't talk about that today, please.

Bo: Lindsay, listen -- I'm worried about you, okay, after what happened at the church. I wouldn't be doing my job right now if I didn't make sure that you're not going to do something that everybody would feel awful about.

Lindsay: Like what?

Bo: Jen's afraid you may hurt yourself.

Lindsay: What -- you think I'm suicidal?

Sam: You're not suicidal. You're homicidal.

Lindsay: No.

Sam: You wanted to murder Troy, and you murdered me instead.

Lindsay: No!

Bo: Lindsay? What's wrong? "No" what?

Lindsay: No, no, I'm not suicidal. You shouldn't say that. Jen's wrong. She just jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Bo: Yeah, but you did have a gun.

Lindsay: Oh -- it was just -- it wasn't real. It was part of a costume from Halloween. It was a toy.

Bo: Well, if it was a toy gun, Lindsay, why did you refuse to talk to me about it?


Matthew: So that means you have two messages?

Troy: That's right. And actually -- hold on. Looks like they're both from Blair.

Matthew: How come you haven't answered them yet?

Troy: That's a good question. You know something? I think I'm going to do that right now. I'll be right back.

Andrew: All right, I'll keep an eye on him.

Troy: Thank you.

Andrew: How you doing, Matthew?

Matthew: Good.


Troy: Hey, Blair. I was going to call --

Blair: Troy, listen -- stop, stop, stop.

Troy: What?

Blair: I need you to come with me. Look, I broke into Mitch's place, and I found Todd's keys there.

Troy: Blair --

Blair: Yes, and I overheard Mitch tell one of his goons to put Todd in Victor Lord's sarcophagus.

Troy: Okay, just slow -- slow down, Blair, slow down.

Blair: They buried him alive.

Troy: Buried who alive?

Blair: Todd! Todd! Please, come help me.

Troy: Blair, wait a minute. Let's --

Blair: No --

Troy: Go to the police.

Blair: No. I called them. They don't even believe what I'm saying --

Troy: Blair --

Blair: So please help me!

Troy: Bo Buchanan is right inside. Let's talk to him.

Blair: If Bo finds Todd, he's just going to arrest him. Please --

Troy: I can't.

Blair: If you want to be my friend, please help me. I need you to --

Troy: Blair, Todd is in trouble here, and you can't pretend he's not --

Blair: He didn't do it. He didn't do it. I know he didn't. Now, please --

Bo: Blair, I'm glad to see you. I got to talk to you.

Blair: No, no, no. Look, there's not time.

Troy: Blair, Blair, just tell Bo what's going on, okay? Tell him where you think Todd is.


Antonio: Make sure it goes out at roll call. The building's under renovation. There's going to be people working all over the place. Right. Where's Natalie?

Cristian: She left before you had a chance to apologize.

Antonio: Look, Cris, I am sorry I upset her, all right? I'm sorry I busted in on you guys, and I'm sorry --

Cristian: Hey, man, don't tell me. Tell her.

Antonio: She's not here.

Cristian: Right, because you drove her away. Look, Antonio, she's got enough dealing with Mami, okay? She doesn't need you treating her like dirt, too.

Antonio: Fine. Look, I'll apologize the next time I see her. I just -- I've had a hard time handling -- sometimes I say things without thinking.

Cristian: Maybe you should get some help. I mean, doesn't the department give you free counseling? Dealing with this --

Antonio: The last thing I need right now is a lecture, Cris. I'm fine.

Cristian: Okay. What's with the gun? I saw the commissioner -- he took it away from you. So he just gave it back?

Antonio: That was the service revolver. This one's mine. I'm not going to go out on the streets without protection.

Cristian: Can't you lose your badge for doing that?

Antonio: Well, you want me to lose my life instead?

Cristian: Fine. Your call. So, listen, what are you doing Thursday night?

Antonio: I don't know. I'm off. Why?

Cristian: Well, Natalie's planning this dinner. You should come by, get to know her a little better. Maybe practice your apology.


Jessica: Joey said all the money's in here, and he was wondering if you could get those big coffee containers you got last time.

Carlotta: No problem.

Jessica: He would really appreciate it.

Carlotta: He can pick up everything in the morning.

Jessica: Great. Thanks. How was New York?

Carlotta: Oh, fine. Actually, not so fine. My mind is back here.

Jessica: Oh, the diner?

Carlotta: My sons. Antonio is still so -- I don't know -- every little thing, and it just sets him off like a volcano.

Jessica: I know.

Carlotta: And Cristian doesn't talk to me because I don't like his girlfriend. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Jessica. I know Natalie is your sister, but --

Jessica: No. I know that you and Natalie haven't hit it off. She can be a handful. Believe me, I know.

Carlotta: Oh, and all those things in the paper about how she lied on the stand in court -- I mean, trying to say that she'd had sex with that man just so she could get money from him.

Jessica: She means well. It was a big mistake. She almost ended up in jail for perjury.

Carlotta: Yeah. How does Cristian expect me to tell him that I think she's a wonderful girl when she does things like that? Hello, Natalie.

Natalie: Hi.

Carlotta: How are you?

Natalie: Fine. Jess.

Jessica: Hey.

Carlotta: Something I can get you, Natalie?

Natalie: No. No, thank you. I know you just got back from New York, and I'm sure you've got a lot of things to do, and I know you want to see Cristian. He's just been -- he's been really busy, but -- could you come to our house for dinner on Thursday night?

Carlotta: No -- no, I -- I can't. I'm busy on that night.

Natalie: Oh. Friday night?

Carlotta: No -- I'd have to check. Maybe if Cristian would call me.

Natalie: Sure, no problem. Yeah. Okay, well, I got to run.

Jessica: So long.

Carlotta: Goodbye.

Jessica: You know --

[Carlotta sighs]

Jessica: Maybe you ought to rethink that invitation.

Carlotta: Dinner? Being with her for a whole -- no, Jessica, it would be a disaster.

Jessica: Listen -- Natalie's really trying to reach out for you. And if you're feeling cut off from Cristian, maybe you should give her another chance. He loves her.

Carlotta: I don't know. Oh, you're probably right. But I think it would -- hey. Hey, would you be coming, too? Because, you know, that would make things a lot easier.

Jessica: Oh -- sure. I mean, you know, if Natalie will invite me, I'll go.


Blair: So I tried to pry the lid off, but I'm not strong enough. I couldn't do it. I just hope that he's getting some air. I -- so, you don't believe me?

Troy: Well, Blair, I mean --

Blair: Look, Troy, I tried to do the right thing by telling them, and I did. But you know what? I'm not going to waste any more time.

Troy: Okay, just relax. No, Blair --

Blair: I've got to go find Todd. I hope that he's all right.

Troy: Blair -- Blair, would you wait?


Lindsay: Why did you tell Bo I have a gun? What were you thinking?

Jen: I'm sorry. I just thought that --

Lindsay: I don't need them coming after me!

Jen: Who? Do you know how weird that sounds?

Lindsay: You be quiet.

Jen: You were acting so strange at the funeral home. Now you're saying somebody's after you?

Lindsay: Be quiet.

Will: Mom, Mom, Mom -- what's going on?

Jen: Will, I'll tell you exactly what's happening.

Lindsay: Not another word! Sweetheart, I'd like to just spend a minute with your brother, if you don't mind, because I haven't seen him in a long time. All right?

Marcie: Jen, I saw you arguing with your mom. Is there anything I can do?

Jen: What could you possibly do, Marcie?

Marcie: I'm sorry. It's just that, you know, I don't like seeing you in all this pain. You look pale. Have you slept? Here, you need something to eat. Let me get you something --

Jen: I'm not hungry.

Marcie: Well, I know you say that, but you need to keep your strength up, Jen. You know, you really do.

Jen: You know, food isn't the answer to everything, Marcie. You of all people should know that!

Joey: Marcie --

Will: What the hell was that all about? Where does she get off doing that? I mean, Jen could always hold her own, yeah, but I've never seen her be just cruel like that. What's happened to her?

Lindsay: Cristian broke her heart. He's responsible for everything that's gone wrong in her life.

Joey: Marcie?

Joey: Jen should never have treated you that way. I am so sorry.

Marcie: Thanks, Joe. Well, you know, she's my best friend.

Joey: I know.

Marcie: Actually, she's my only friend, but -- you know, I'd do anything for her, but sometimes she can just be so mean.

Joey: No one should ever treat you like that. But, please, try to remember she just lost her father and she's hurting really badly. I'm sure she already regrets what she said.

Marcie: Oh, yeah? Except she's right. You know, I'm fat and I'm ugly and I know that food isn't the answer, but I just --

Joey: No, you are not. You're wonderful. You're warm, giving, smart. And, Marcie, you're a very, very pretty girl. I want you to remember that.

Marcie: You're not just saying that?

Joey: No. You're lovely. Never forget that.

Marcie: Our first kiss. Something we'll remember, huh?

Joey: Marcie --

Marcie: Joe, I know this sounds corny, but I knew you were the one for me from the first time I saw you. That's funny -- it's just like in the movies.

Joey: Marcie --

Marcie: Joe, I know that -- I knew you were the one for me, you know. I knew from the first moment that I saw you I'd never love anyone else unless -- I'd never be happy unless you loved me!

Joey: Marcie, wait --

Marcie: You know, it was when you came in from the diner. You came in out of the snow, and my heart just stopped.

Joey: Marcie, please, please --

Marcie: Yes?

Joey: I have something to say.

Marcie: Yes?

Joey: Ahem. Marcie, I don't -- I think there's been a mistake.

Marcie: What?

Joey: I am really, really sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but when I said that you're pretty -- and you are -- very -- I meant just that. And I hated hearing you call yourself fat and ugly. And Jen should never have treated you that way, okay? Marcie, um -- I don't like you in that way.

Marcie: Oh. I'm sorry.

Joey: No --

Marcie: I'm sorry.

Joey: No, no, it's okay. I -- wait! We can talk! Marcie.


Cristian: I thought you left because you were upset. You said you needed some air.

Natalie: No, no, I -- I had to run some errands. No big deal.

Jessica: Hey, guys. So this is going to be Roxy's place, and she's going to do hair.

Cristian: That's right. You know, your grandfather is putting up the money.

Jessica: Oh, well -- whatever. Natalie, Carlotta changed her mind. She is going to come to dinner on Thursday -- if -- I'm assuming the invitation's still open, right?

Natalie: Yeah, sure it is. That's great, that's great.

Jessica: Yeah.

Cristian: Wait a minute. You went to see my mom? How come she had to change her mind?

Natalie: No, no, no, no. We're not going there. She's coming. It's over. It's done with. Now for the hard part -- got to figure out what to serve, what wine to drink. Will you come?

Jessica: You bet. Actually, I promised Carlotta I would be there -- because, you know, she'd probably feel better if it was a bigger party with lots of people. I hope that's okay, right? It's fine?

Natalie: Sure. No problem.

Jessica: Great.

Natalie: So, tell me, what's your secret with Cris' mom? How did you get her to accept?

Jessica: You know, Natalie, there's no secret. I just -- I've known Carlotta a lot longer than you, so she listens to me, you know?

Cristian: I also asked Antonio if he wanted to come, but he hasn't said yes yet.

Jessica: Really? Well, how about it, Antonio? So far it's Cristian, Natalie, your mom, and me.

Antonio: You're -- you're coming, too?

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Antonio: Sure. Sure, I'll come.

Jessica: Great.


Officer: We got here a few minutes ago, Commissioner, but there's no lady around.

Bo: Okay, never mind that. She's here now. Help us get this lid open. Easy.

Hank: Okay, it's moving, it moving. Come on --

Troy: Slide into it.

Hank: This is heavy.

Bo: That's enough. Don't want it to fall -- thank you.

Blair: Bo?

Bo: Well, there's only one corpse in there, Blair. Victor Lord.

Blair: No.


Natalie: Okay, now I need help figuring out where I'm going to get groceries. I mean, it's not going to be easy planning a meal for a woman who cooks for a living.

Antonio: Well, actually, Natalie, I need to call the station. But ask Cristian -- or Jessica, actually. She'll know where to get everything.

Cristian: So, what do you think? Think these lines are straight?

Jessica: Well, it looks straight. Cristian, I'm so happy that you're painting again.

Cristian: Even if it's a painting of Roxy?

Jessica: Well, I could've picked a better subject, but --

Cristian: Me, too.


Marcie: So, Mrs. Vega, would it be all right?

Carlotta: What?

Marcie: Well, you know, it's just that this has been about the worst day of my life --

Carlotta: Oh, I'm sorry, Marcie, but I just -- I can't. I can't let you have the night off. I have to catch up and do the inventory.

Al: So what if there's still some light left to the day? We still need music to get us through, right?

[Music plays]

Al: Sometimes days are harder than nights. We can be sad or lonely anytime. What do you do? Who do you turn to? And if you don't have anyone to turn to, what's left? What do you do?


Lindsay: How long do you think Will's going to be on the phone? Guess his boss out there in California must think he's pretty important, huh? Come on, Honey. Please, Jen --

Jen: Oh, now it's "Jen, honey"?

Lindsay: Don't start, please.

Jen: Oops, it's back to "Jen, shut up." You know, I try to stay current, but it's a little difficult.

Lindsay: Would you try to see my side of it?

Jen: I would love to, but it's really hard. You're mad at me because I'm worried about you because you had a gun.

Lindsay: Shh.

Jen: And I told Dad and I told the commissioner.

Lindsay: I know who you told!

Jen: What do you want me to do, take it back?

Lindsay: You could.

Jen: Excuse me?

Lindsay: You could tell Bo that you made a mistake.

Jen: Why would I do that?

Lindsay: You could -- you -- you could tell Bo that it was a toy gun.

Jen: A what?

Lindsay: A toy gun. That's what I said. You could help me out if you said that, too.

Jen: But that's a lie. It was a real gun.

Lindsay: I'm just asking you if you could help me out this once.

Jen: Why?

Lindsay: Because I can't take Bo asking me all these questions and accusing me!

Jen: Accusing you of what?

Lindsay: Murdering Sam.

Jen: Mom, nobody's accusing you of killing Dad. That makes no sense.

Lindsay: It makes perfect sense if you're going to go around telling everybody I've got a gun!

Jen: I told Comm. Buchanan you had a gun because I was worried that you'd hurt yourself. But I know that you didn't kill Dad. Come on, why --

Lindsay: I can't take it! I can't take it anymore, so just leave! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!


Hank: All right, let's get this back to where it was. Come on. There we go.

Bo: Blair, are you okay?

Blair: Mitch put Todd in there. I heard him tell his goons, Bo.

Bo: Maybe you just think that's what you heard.

Blair: No, I know what I heard! They said they put him right there in that crypt.

Bo: Okay. What do you think happened?

Blair: I don't know. Oh, my God. What if he killed Todd and buried him someplace else?

Bo: Well, he's sure not buried here. What is it you claim that you heard Mitch say?

Blair: Oh, oh, oh, so now I'm lying to you -- is that what you're saying?

Troy: No, no, Blair, nobody is saying that. Relax.

Blair: Look, looky here -- I found Todd's keys! I found -- I was at Mitch's. These are his keys to "The Sun."

Hank: Blair, for all we know, you could've had those keys all along.

Blair: What? You don't believe me?

Bo: Look, what I need to do right now is establish a timeline. What time were you at Mitch Laurence's house, exactly? And it would also help us if you could tell us exactly what you heard Mitch say.

Blair: You know, you know -- you know, maybe -- maybe Todd got -- maybe Todd got away. He's not in here. Maybe he's out in the cemetery hiding. Let's go find him.

Bo: No, no, Blair -- hey --

Blair: Come on --

Bo: I've got questions for you.

Blair: Don't you care -- don't you care that Todd could be hurt, Bo? I mean, he could lead you right to Mitch.

Bo: Right now I would settle for a description of the guy --

Blair: What? What are you talking about? I don't have time to answer just stupid questions about that!

Bo: No, no, I need your help, Blair.

Blair: Oh, you need my help now? Well, I needed your help and you weren't there for me!

Bo: I'm sorry the car didn't get here a little sooner.

Blair: Yeah, well, you should be sorry! Now, this is your second chance to help me, and you don't even care. All you care about is saying that Todd killed Sam! Well, he didn't, and I'm going to prove it, Bo!

Bo: No, you're not going anywhere right now.

Blair: Why not?

Bo: Because you're under arrest. Read her her rights.

Blair: What? No!

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