OLTL Transcript Monday 3/17/03

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 3/17/03

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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Mitch: Simple justice, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Go

Troy: Of course I'm alive. Why wouldn't I be?

Todd: Who is it I'm supposed to have murdered?

Mitch: It was Sam Rappaport.

Blair: Todd, I need to talk to you. What have you done?


Joey: Jen. I didn't think you were going make it.

Jen: Yeah, I'm sorry I'm late. I'm waiting for my dad to call. He's going to get me out of this. He probably left a message cell phone. Oh, great. I must have left it at home. I'll be right back.

Joey: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Let's be honest, you lied to a judge. And isn't your dad the one who helped you go ahead and come forward and admit it?

Jen: Well, yeah, but --

Joey: So do you really think he would want you weaseling out of your community service? Let's get started with the free breakfast.

Jen: No, thanks. I'm not hungry.

Joey: Not eating it. Preparing it. Go help Gloria in the kitchen.

Joey: Flash. How's Riley?

Flash: He's better. I mean, he's out of the hospital now. It really met t a lot to him that you stuck around like that.

Joey: Well, I'm just glad he pulled through.

Flash: Here.

Joey: What's this?

Flash: Just a little mix tape that I put together.

Joey: Your stuff?

Flash: Mostly me. I mean, I didn't have the whole band to back me up or anything but, you know, check it out if you want, if you have time or something.

Joey: Yeah, yeah, cool. Thanks.

Flash: Yeah.

Al: Hey. Joey.

Joey: Al, what's going on?

Al: Are you still looking for C.J.?

Joey: Yeah, I am.

Al: I have some news.


[Phone rings]

Sam's voice: This is Sam Rappaport. Leave a message, and I'll get back to you.

[Answering machine beeps]

Nora: Hey, Sam, it's Nora. Matthew's soccer game got moved up to right after school, and he wants you to give him a call because he's a little worried you're not going to make it. Not that you've missed a soccer game yet, but, anyway, okay, I'll see you there. Bye.


Bo: I want that fiber tested ASAP.

Bo: Can I get you anything, Lindsay? A glass of water, maybe?

Lindsay: Is Sam really dead?

Bo: Yes. Apparently, he was shot.

Lindsay: Oh, God, no. No, no, no!

Bo: No, no, Lindsay, Lindsay --

Lindsay: I didn't know --

Bo: Hey, you're not going anywhere, okay?

Lindsay: Bo --

Bo: Not in this condition. It's got to be terrible for you. Lindsay, what -- what are you even doing here?


Troy: What happened after I left? Did you call Sam or not?

Blair: No. I mean, I didn't -- I don't remember. I told you that. I don't remember anything.

Troy: You're not sure?

Blair: No. All I remember is that you were here and then I passed out.

Troy: I put you to bed after that.

Blair: And then I woke up. And now my best friend is dead. And I don't know anything about it, because I don't remember anything.

Troy: Okay, okay.

Antonio: You can go now, officer, thank you. So, Dr. MacIver, you said -- you said you were here.

Troy: Yeah, I already told you that.

Antonio: Hmm. And why was that again?

Troy: To see Blair.

Antonio: Anybody else here?

Troy: No.

Antonio: So the two of you were alone.

Troy: Yes, Detective. We're friends.

Antonio: Right.

Blair: Yeah, right. What do you think? Troy shot Sam?

Antonio: I'm just doing my job, Blair.

Blair: Well, he didn't, all right? He didn't have any reason to.

Antonio: Yeah? Then who did?

Blair: Nobody!

Troy: Blair.

Antonio: What about your ex-husband? Where is Todd?


Mitch: You're about to join your father in hell. Rest in peace, Todd Manning. Rest in peace.

[Todd mumbles]

Mitch: What's that, Todd? I can't hear you.

[Mitch laughs]

Mitch: I suggest you save what little breath you have left, hmm? No one will hear you, anyway, and no one will even look for you. You know, I have just one regret -- although you will be charged for the murder of your good friend Sam, you won't live to pay for it.


Joey: So have you heard from C.J.?

Al: No. I spoke to a buddy of ours. I talked to him a couple of months ago. Said he was in Hawaii.

Joey: Did he leave a number?

Al: No. It was kind of a bummer, because I'd like to talk to him myself.

Joey: Oh, thanks, pal.

Al: Hey, no problem, man. Hey, you get a hold of him, let me know, right?

Joey: Yeah.


Al: Hey, Riley. Man, have you seen Brad? Look, I really need to see him. I'm kind of hurting, you know? I got to score.

Marcie: What do you think you're doing?

Al: What are you talking about?

Marcie: Tutoring? You're supposed to meet me this morning? I mean, you look awful. Did you even sleep at all last night?

Al: Thanks a lot, Marcie. My self-esteem wasn't low enough.


Joey: You were standing close by. You heard that about C.J.?

Flash: Hawaii. I never even thought to look there.

Joey: Do you have any idea why he'd go to Hawaii?

Flash: No. He never said a word about Hawaii.

Joey: Well, at least it's a place to start.

Flash: How? How? It's, like, 10,000 miles away from here or something.

Joey: My family owns a few newspapers. We have ways of tracking down our leads.

Flash: You'd do that for me?

Joey: C.J. is my cousin.

Flash: Is that the only reason?

Joey: Is that the only reason you asked for my help?

Flash: This is -- this is still going to stay right between us, right?

Joey: Nobody else needs to know. I do need to ask you something, though.

Flash: Yeah, sure.

Joey: Was C.J. in any kind of trouble? I mean, was he running from anything?

Flash: No, no, no. He's cool.

Joey: You're sure?

Flash: You think I'm lying?

Joey: I thought we were over all that.

Flash: You know what? I'm hungry. When's breakfast?

Joey: It's now. Go. Go on. We can talk later.

Joey: Hey, Jess!

Jessica: Hey, Joey.

Joey: How are you doing?

Jessica: I thought I'd drop in and see if you need a ride to court.

Joey: Oh, I still can't believe Natalie's going through with this.

Jessica: Yeah, I know. I was on the phone with her last night. I tried to talk her out of it one last time, but she really thinks that if she tells the judge that she slept with Mitch she'll get the divorce.

Joey: And she'll get half the stuff back that he's stealing from us.

Jessica: Even though she acts like she doesn't care about the family.

Joey: Well, I better call Andrew, see if he can sub for me here for a while.

Jessica: You really have your hands full today.

Joey: Well, it was a bigger crowd than we expected.

Jessica: Why don't you stay?

Joey: You sure?

Jessica: Yeah, you know what? Natalie's probably a lost cause, anyways, and -- is that Jen Rappaport?

Joey: Yeah. Why?

Jessica: What's Miss Thing doing here?

Jen: Ugh! Look at this!

Joey: Well, things happen. That's why you're wearing an apron.

Jen: But it smells!

Jessica: Relax, Jen. Just wipe it off.

Jen: Yeah? I don't see you working.

Jessica: Well, not today. But I've got to admit, I never thought I'd see you volunteering here.

Jen: Volunteering?

Joey: Yeah, yeah, she didn't really want anybody to know about it.

Jessica: Hey, whatever.

Joey: Actually, truth is she wanted to put in even more time, like, 30 hours a week? Isn't that right?


Bo: What were you doing here, Lindsay?

Lindsay: I -- I --

Bo: Just take your time. Catch your breath, all right?

Lindsay: I couldn't sleep. I couldn't sleep. I -- I had things to do.

Bo: Do what?

Lindsay: I -- I --

Bo: What --

Lindsay: Do what?

Bo: What did you have to do, Lindsay?

Lindsay: I had to get out, so I went for a drive. And I was going by here and I saw all the lights, and I stopped, and I wanted to know what happened, and that's when I --

Bo: What?

Lindsay: I heard your men talking, and I heard them say that someone had been shot. And it was Sam. It was -- I saw them take out Sam. Why? I didn't know, Bo. I didn't know it was Sam! How could this happen?

Bo: Shh --

Lindsay: How could this --

Bo: Just take it easy. Take it easy.

Lindsay: Bo.

Bo: Take it easy.

Lindsay: How can this happen?

Bo: I don't know.


Blair: I'm telling you, Todd did not shoot Sam. He couldn't have.

Antonio: Okay. Why?

Blair: There was a restraining order against him. He wasn't supposed to be in the house.

Antonio: Yeah? Well, that never stopped him before.

Air: He didn't do it!

Bo: Antonio?

Antonio: Yes, Commissioner?

Bo: Can I see you out here for a second?

Antonio: Commissioner, I was just questioning her. I wasn't pushing.

Bo: I know. It's not about that. Listen, I want you to escort Lindsay home.

Lindsay: I can get myself home.

Antonio: Commissioner, with all due respect -- listen, I know you think I'm going to mess this up, and you've already taken my gun, and I'm sticking by the book. I mean, I could do a lot more than just baby-sit.

Bo: No, no, listen to me. Listen to me. Her ex-husband was just murdered. She's a wreck. Now, I need you to do this. Just this. Now, you understand?

Antonio: Yes, Sir.

Bo: Stay with her until she calms down.

Antonio: You ready, Lindsay?


Blair: Bo, you can ask me anything you want, but I don't -- I don't remember anything, and I'm very embarrassed to say this, but I -- I drank too much last night.

Troy: Bo, she's telling the truth. Like I said, I was here earlier, and she was pretty out of it. I actually had to put her to bed.

Bo: Is this yours, Blair?

Blair: No.

Bo: Is it Todd's? Is this gun Todd's, Blair?

Blair: I -- I don't recognize it, Bo.

Bo: Do you recognize this?

Blair: No.

Bo: You should.

Blair: It's not mine.

Bo: No, it's Todd's. He's been wearing this since his father died. Viki told me that.

Blair: Well, I haven't seen Todd lately. I mean, I told Antonio I have a restraining order against Todd.

Bo: Yes, but you saw him in court at the custody hearing.

Blair: Well, I -- yes, I did, but I didn't see or notice any rings or anything.

Troy: Bo, she's been through a lot. I mean, is this really the best time for questions? I'd like to take her out of here.

Bo: Yeah, well, don't take her too far because we have more to talk about.

Troy: Okay. Come on, let's go.

Bo: Tell Det. Siegel as soon as he's finished upstairs I want him to check into the last 24 hours of Sam Rappaport's life. I want to know who he saw, who he spoke to, where he went, what he did, all right? Also tell him to find out if that gun's registered.

Officer: You heading back to the station, Commissioner?

Bo: No, no. Not till I figure out why Todd Manning is all over this murder scene.


Joey: Good job. Well, you didn't get any on you this time.

Jen: I am so done here.

Joey: Jen, wait. You got a little --

Jen: What? Ugh. I'm going to need a sauna and a scrub after this.

Rae: Reverend.

Joey: Dr. Cummings.

Rae: No. Rae.

Joey: Joe.

Rae: Hi. How are you? So, what did you want to see me about?

Joey: Well, like I said on my message, I really need some help around here. I know you used to be a therapist.

Rae: Well, never licensed, Joe.

Joey: Doesn't matter. You can listen when kids need to talk. I need a director here, someone who can run the crisis hotline, the support groups. I really need someone who knows how to connect.

Rae: Are you offering me a job?


Marcie: So, come on; let's get started.

Al: Oh -- get off of me, okay? Later, all right?

Marcie: I'm not leaving without you.

Al: Marcie, isn't there anybody else that you can stalk? Anybody? Hey, hey, hey, look. There. There's your friend Jen Rappaport. Go bug her.

Marcie: I'll be right back.

Al: Thank God!


Jessica: What made you decide to start working here, Jen?

Jen: Excuse me?

Jessica: Come on. What's in it for you? There's got to be something.

Jen: Right, because I'm totally selfish. You're just little Miss Perfect and I'm not, right? You know, what your brother is doing here is kind of amazing when you think about it. If I can do my part, it'll make me happy.

Joey: Is everything all right over here?

Jen: Yeah. I was just telling Jessica how much I love volunteering here.

Joey: Well, we're glad to have you.

Jessica: Whatever the reason is you decided to volunteer here, I hope it helps. I really do.

Jen: Yeah, right.

Marcie: I'm not following you, on my honor.

Jen: What are you doing here?

Marcie: I'm -- I'm tutoring Al.

Jen: I don't know why you hang out with that loser.

Marcie: Oh, his parents hired me to tutor him.

Jen: Figures he'd need it. Look, could you be a friend and maybe fill in for me for a few minutes?

Marcie: Are you leaving?

Jen: Yeah, I've got to do something really important. And you know it would mean a real lot to Joe.

Marcie: Well, you know, maybe I can.

Jen: Great. He is going to think you are the best.


Lindsay: Thank you for bringing me home. You don't need to stay, you know.

Antonio: I got orders from the commissioner to stick around till you've calmed down.

Lindsay: I'm okay.

Antonio: Doesn't look that way.

Lindsay: I haven't been able to reach my children. And what am I going to tell them when I do? How am I supposed to tell them that their father is dead? This wasn't supposed to happen. It shouldn't have been Sam.


Mitch: These are for Mr. Manning's car. Drive it to Kennedy airport in New York and leave it there. Yes, he won't need his vehicle to take him to his final destination -- a destination from which he will not return.


Officer: Upstairs is clean, Commissioner.

Bo: Well, let's see what's in Manning's desk.

[Phone rings]

Officer: Yeah? Huh. Okay, thanks.

Bo: Let me guess -- confirmation on the gun -- belonged to Todd Manning. It's registered, right?

Officer: Yes, Sir.

Bo: Well, the evidence just keeps piling up, doesn't it? I want you to check all the calls that came in on this line.

Officer: Yes, Sir.

Bo: I can check his last call right now.

[Phone dials]

[Phone rings]

Sam's voice: This is Sam Rappaport.

Bo: Sam Rappaport's answering machine.

Sam's voice: Leave a message. I'll get back to you.

Officer: You want me to get his messages?

[Answering machine beeps]

Bo: Yeah, but we may we able to find out right now. A lot of people just leave the factory code on there.

Voice on answering machine: You have three new voice messages.

Bo: We're in luck.

[Answering machine beeps]

Jen's voice: Dad, where are you? I tried everywhere. Did you find Mom? Please call me on my cell as soon as you get this.

[Answering machine beeps]

Todd's voice: I ought to kill you, you bastard!

[Answering machine beeps]

Nora's voice: Sam? It's Nora. Would you mind giving Matthew a call?


Nora: Marianne, did you check all the messages? Sam hasn't called at all? Okay. Thanks. I'm sure I'll see him at the game. All right, bye-bye.


Bo: Let's see who called Todd.

[Answering machine beeps]

Blair's voice: Todd, I need to talk to you!

[Blair pants]

Blair: What have you done? What have you done?


Joey: We can use someone like you. Come on, what do you say?

Rae: You know what? I can't tell you how much this means to me. Joe, I can't. I --

Joey: Why not?

Rae: I - I just can't. Because of your mother. I mean, she's still so upset with me. I made a terrible mistake in a therapy session with her and --

Joey: I heard.

Rae: Well, then you should understand. And what about your grandfather? I only married him for his money. And what kind of an example is that to give to these kids?

Joey: Hey, we've all made mistakes. But you're trying to make up for it. This would be a good way to do that.

Rae: Oh, you're just not going to let me say no, are you?

Joey: So, is that a yes?

Rae: Oh -- okay.

Joey: Will you excuse me just a second?

Rae: Oh, yeah, sure.

Joey: Going somewhere?

Jen: I just forgot something in my car.

Joey: You know what? That can wait. I have a new assignment for you. Meet your new assistant.

Jen: Me?

Rae: Her?

Joey: Yeah, you two will be working together. Isn't that great?

Rae: Great. Great.


Al: Listen; do you have any idea where I can find Brad? I really need to find him. I'm hurting.

Riley: Don't know, don't care

Al: What's the deal?

Riley: I had my stomach pumped last night.

Al: You overdosed?

Riley: Almost bought it.

Al: From Brad's stuff?

Riley: I don't need that, I don't need him. You find Brad, you tell him to forget he ever met me.


Flash: "Word processing" -- "legal assistant" -- "experience" --

Woman: You do any of that?

Flash: Nope.

Woman: Me, neither.

Flash: I mean, how are you supposed to get a job if you can't?

Woman: I wish I knew. I wouldn't mind putting on nice clothes and making decent cash. Better than taking them off for whatever a guy will pay.


Blair: I just keep thinking about waking up, finding Sam and his blood all over everything.

Troy: I know. Just try and relax and try not to think about it, Blair.

Blair: What do you mean, not think about it? I just wish I could remember something. I can't remember anything. If I could think of one thing --

Troy: Well, Blair, that's going to be tough because you were passed out. You obviously slept through the whole thing, which is probably a good thing because who knows what might have happened?

Blair: Well, maybe I could have stopped Sam from being shot.

Troy: Yeah, maybe, or maybe you could have been shot yourself. But whoever did this obviously didn't want to leave any witnesses behind.

Blair: Troy, how did he end up in my bed? And why was he shot? Why did he die?

Troy: Look, I hate to bring this up, but maybe it was because he was in your bed, Blair.

Blair: You think Todd did this, don't you?

Troy: All I am saying is that Todd was pretty jealous the other night at Rodi's.

Blair: It could have been you, Troy.


Nora: Hey. Just the man I was looking for. All right, check this out. You know the phone records you got on Mitch Laurence? All those numbers, all those calls made to a 310 number in Los Angeles?

Bo: Nora --

Nora: Okay, well, we found out it's registered to a corporation. So I called the California authorities, and they're going to --

Bo: Nora, Nora, listen to me.

Nora: What is it?

Bo: Let's step inside.

Nora: That bad, huh?

Bo: I'm afraid so.

Nora: Who?

[Bo sighs]

Bo: Sam.

Nora: What happened? What, is he in the hospital?

Bo: I'm sorry.


Antonio: What did you mean by that? "It wasn't supposed to be Sam"?

Lindsay: There are horrible people in this world. Cruel and evil. It should have been one of them, not Sam. He was a good person. He was the best person I ever knew. Why did this have to happen to him?

Antonio: Good people die all the time.

Lindsay: What?

Antonio: That's the way it is. Better people than Sam have died, younger people, completely innocent of anything. They die, too. And usually there's nobody to blame. That's what's good about murder.

Lindsay: What's good?

Antonio: With murder, eventually, somebody pays.


Rae: You know, Jen, I think you might really enjoy this work. I'll need the name of every kid who comes in here and their age and address if they have one.

Jen: So I have to talk to all these people?

Rae: And you'll have to take notes of every session.

Jen: I have to listen to all their problems?

Rae: And you must keep it absolutely confidential. You understand?

Jen: Like you did?

Rae: Ooh, hello, hello.

Joey: Jen, come on; give her a chance.

Jen: Yeah, I did, and it turned out to be a major screw-up.

Rae: I got you to confide in me something that you didn't tell anybody else. Do you remember that?

Jen: Yeah, you recorded everything I said.

Rae: Yes, I made an error in judgment. I admit that.

Jen: And then my mother got a hold of it and --

Joey: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down here.

Rae: No, no, no, it's okay, Joe. I understand how Jen feels. And if you don't want to work with me and you're not up for the challenge of helping other people, then I'm sure there are other things that you can do here, right, Joe?

Joey: Oh, yeah. Sure. We'll keep you on K.P. duty.

Jen: No! No, I'll -- I'll work with Rae.

Rae: Oh, how nice.

Joey: It's settled, then. You get to fill her in on everything she needs to know.

Rae: Oh, yes. Love to. Really, love to.


Joey: Looking for work?

Flash: Well, I can't type, I don't have experience, and I stink as a waitress.

Joey: Aren't you really good at music? Maybe you could give lessons.

Flash: I -- I can't even read music.

Joey: There's got to be something you can do.

Flash: When you figure it out, will you let me know?

Joey: Hey, hang in there, okay?


Marcie: Were you just looking through the garbage?

Al: Huh? No. I mean, yeah. I thought that I had lost my student I.D., but here it is. Huh. What are you wearing? Hey! What, are you working here now? I thought you were going to tutor me.

Marcie: I am. Let me go get changed.

Al: All right.


Matthew: Aren't you going to tell me to pack my water bottle like you always do?

Nora: I have to talk to you about something, Matthew.

Matthew: Daddy's not coming to my game, is he?

Nora: No, sweetie, Daddy's not coming to your game.


Blair: I just need to think. I need to think. I need -- I need to remember.

Troy: Blair, you were out cold. Believe me, I know. I was with you, remember?

Blair: Look, what happened between us?

Troy: Nothing happened between us, Blair.

Blair: But I wanted it to, right?

Troy: Look, you had too much to drink and you were still upset about Todd. That's all it was.

Blair: Todd. He was so nasty to Sam. But he didn't shoot Sam.

Troy: But you're worried he did, aren't you? You are. That's why you think it's your fault, Blair. That's why you think that I may have been a target. You think that Todd was so jealous that he would have killed anyone that came near you.

Blair: No, but he couldn't have, and he wouldn't have. I mean, even if --

Troy: Even if what, Blair?

Blair: Look, I'm going to tell you something, but you're got to promise me that you will not --

Troy: Okay, fine, what is it? Just tell me.

Blair: I called. I called Todd after I woke up and I saw Sam, but nobody answered, so I went over to the penthouse and I found something.

Troy: What did you find?

Blair: I found some gloves, and they were covered with blood, and I saw the ring. I saw the gun.

Troy: Okay.

Blair: So it had to be Todd's.

Troy: So you think Todd did this?

Blair: It wouldn't -- it doesn't make sense. He loved Sam.

Troy: Yeah, but he was also pretty mad at Sam.

Blair: No, but he wouldn't have done it! He wouldn't have done it, and he wouldn't have done it in front of me, Troy.

Troy: Blair, you're forgetting. You were passed out!

Blair: Yeah, but Todd didn't know that. He didn't know that I wasn't going to wake up.

[Phone rings]

Troy: Hold on. Hello. Isn't there anyone else on call? No, no, it's fine. I'll be right there. Okay. Thank you. I'm sorry, but they need me down at the hospital.

Blair: It's okay.

Troy: Look, Blair, why don't you stay here, okay? I'll tell you what -- I'm going to give you my private number. Now, if you need anything -- I mean anything at all -- just call me, okay?

Blair: Okay.

Troy: I'll be back as soon as I can. Take care.

Blair: Troy -- thank you for everything.

[Phone rings]

Todd's voice: It's a cell phone. It's voicemail. You know what to do.

[Voicemail beeps]

Blair: Todd, it's me. Please give me a call. I really, really need to talk to you. Where are you?


Flash: Hey. I was too late for that C.E.O. job.

Woman: Darn. And you were so right for it.

Flash: Hey -- how -- how is it that you do what you do?

Woman: How do I deal?

Flash: Uh-huh.

Woman: Hey, you park your brain somewhere else. Me, I just close my eyes and I'm on some island, waves rolling in, blue sky. And when it's over, I -- I just forget it.


Rae: I'm going to send you some books. It might give you some insight into what these kids are going through. All right?

Jen: Great. So now I have homework?

Rae: You might actually learn something.

Jen: I already did. Don't lie to a judge.

Jen: Excuse me.

Woman: Is this your sweater?

Jen: Why?

Woman: Could I borrow it? It's freezing in here.

Jen: Get real. This is cashmere.

Joey: Hey. Leave the crown at the door, Princess.

Jen: Well, why do I have to let a homeless bum use my clothes?

Joey: You don't have to share, but you do have to be considerate. The only reason you can wear cashmere and $100 shoes is because you were born lucky. Not better, just lucky. When you're modeling your designer clothes in the mirror, take a good, long look at the person wearing them. Tell me if you like what you see.


Matthew: Mommy?

Nora: Mm-hmm?

Matthew: Is Daddy like a star?

Nora: Yeah, I suppose he is. His memory's shining brightly down on us just like a star in the sky.

Matthew: If I look out the window, can I see him?

Nora: I have a better idea. Close your eyes and look for him right here, because that's where he'll always be.

Matthew: I see him, Mommy. I see Daddy.


Antonio: Lindsay Rappaport's a basket case. So's Blair Manning.

Bo: It's the way most people react when somebody close to them dies. Antonio, go home and get some sleep.

Antonio: No.

Bo: No, you can't keep going like this.

Antonio: I can't, so unless it's an order --

Bo: It's not.

Antonio: I'm going to find Todd Manning. He's our only suspect.

Bo: Maybe.


[Phone rings]

Blair: Todd

Mitch: I don't expect you'll be hearing from Todd any time soon.

Blair: Mitch?

Mitch: I wanted to express my condolences over your good friend Sam. It's just so terrible when bad things happen to good people, isn't it? Which is why you may want to rethink testifying against me.

Blair: Are you threatening me?

Mitch: Heavens, no. I wouldn't think of it. How are your children, by the way? Are they holding up under these tragic circumstances? Take good care of them, Blair, as I know you will. Oh, and let's keep this between us.


Mitch's voice: It's very easy. You simply squeeze the trigger and all the torment they're putting you through is gone.

Lindsay: I can't live like this. I can't live like this.

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Jen: What?

Viki: Come on, you don't think that Todd shot him.

Hank: You two can stop debating the evidence against Todd because five minutes ago we got a confession.

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