OLTL Transcript Tuesday 2/25/03

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 2/25/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Linda

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 Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Victor: I'll leave it to Victoria. Which daughter do you sacrifice?

Bo: Freeze! Police!

Antonio: Freeze!

Bo: Don't move! Get up!

Jessica: I could have gone to the hospital, but I wanted to be here. I wanted to see them lock you up.

Viki: I could never choose between you and Jessica. Do you understand that? 3E5BD98F.JPG

Victor: Who's there?

Todd: Hello, father.

[Roxy whistles]

Roxy: Look at sexy Rexy. Hubba hubba!

Rex: Shut up!

Roxy: My baby boy looks hot!

Rex: I look like a dork!

Roxy: Who cares, as long as you bring home the B.B.Q.

Rex: No. No. This is my job, my B.B.Q. And the expression is "bring home the bacon."

Roxy: Pork is pork. Give me a break.

Rex: No way am I supporting both of us.

Roxy: Well, why not? I supported you.

Rex: No, you didn't. Aunt Corinne did.

Roxy: , , Ah, , that's right.

Rae: Oh, no! 3E5BD9D9.JPG

Asa: What in the hell was wrong with that?

Rae: Everything.

Asa: It's a very generous offer.

Rae: Yeah, to a prostitute. I am not the former madam, remember that?

Asa: That's nice talk. What the hell is your problem anyway, Gretel? We both want a divorce, and as soon as you stop trying to take me to the cleaners, the sooner you'll get one.

Rex: There's always door number two.

Joey: Flash. Hey, Flash, wake up.

Renee: That won't do any good. I've been doing that ever since I came up to the room. She's out cold.

Joey: Well, at least she's breathing ok. It's quite a party. 3E5BDA04.JPG

Renee: Yes, it is. I thought about calling the police, until I found this card with your name on it?

Joey: Right. Flash! Flash!

Renee: Joey, do you know her?

Joey: Well, I know she calls herself Flash.

Renee: Flash -- that's funny. I knew a gal in Nevada named Flash.

Joey: Well, I think this one lives on the street.

Renee: Yeah, well, when she's not trashing hotel rooms.

Joey: You know, if she doesn't come through pretty soon, we should probably call an ambulance. Flash?

Flash: Hey, rev. What's up?

Guard: Laurence, your lawyer's here. 3E5BDA3C.JPG

Woman: Mr. Laurence.

Mitch: Hmm, Ms. Williamson. Lovely to have the pleasure.

Ms. Williamson: You're right, it is.

Mitch: Hmm.

Ms. Williamson: I looked over your case.

Mitch: Well, thank you for taking it on such short notice.

Ms. Williamson: You've got a lot going against you.

Mitch: Well, I'm assuming that you le e a challenge.

Ms. Williamson: I love winning. So you're going toe to give me something to work with, or this is going to be a very short meeting.

Mitch: Hmm. Have you ever heard of a place called Jason's landing?

Ms. Williamson: It's where you allegedly tried to have your wife's heart cut out? 3E5BDA5D.JPG

Mitch: Allegedly.

Jessica: Mom.

Viki: Jessie.

Jessica: I'm sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were ok, and Natalie, too.

Viki: Oh, baby, I'm so glad you're here. Thanks.

Jessica: So what's going on? Where's -- I don't even know what to call him. I mean, "grandpa Victor" makes him sound like some nice, sweet old guy.

Viki: Yeah, well, he's not that, is he?

Jessica: No.

Viki: He's in there.

Jessica: He's really in a bad way?

Viki: Yeah, yeah. They say he's going to die without a heart transplant.

Jessica: How's Natalie? 3E5BDAAA.JPG

Viki: Natalie is very shaken up. She's in there. Cristian's with her now.

Jessica: I really want to see her.

Viki: You can, darling, but she's asleep. They're both asleep. But if you go in quietly, she'll wake up, you know. All right. Thanks.

[Monitor beeps]

Todd: So what happened? Hell doesn't want you either? You don't know who I am, do you? Hi, Victor. Vic. Pops. I'm Todd Manning.

Victor: My son.

Flash: What the hell are you doing?

Joey: Sobering you up.

Flash: What -- oh! Oh, I'm going to be so c-cold! 3E5BDBBB.JPG

Joey: No. You try to get out, I put you right back in. That's the way it works.

Jessica: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you guys.

Cristian: No, it's ok. Don't worry about it.

Jessica: You look better, Natalie.

Natalie: As a blonde?

Jessica: No, I didn't mean that.

Natalie: I know, I know. I'm getting better.

Jessica: I don't know what to say. I mean, everything's pretty weird after what happened.

Natalie: Yeah, yeah. Weird.

Jessica: I'm so sorry.

Natalie: It's not your fault.

Jessica: Of course it is. Our crazy grandfather was looking for me, not you. He wanted my heart. 3E5BDBED.JPG

Natalie: Yeah, he wanted you.

Jessica: Yeah. And I should have been the one on that operating table, and I should have been the one in danger.

Natalie: But you weren't.

Jessica: No, I wasn't. But I should have been. And I would have been if it -- if it wasn't for my father.

Cristian: Mitch Laurence isn't your father, Jess.

Jessica: Yes, he is. As much as I don't want him to be.

Cristian: Hey, but, Jess, he doesn't have anything to do with you.

Jessica: He has everything to do with me. He's the reason why Natalie was taken away by Allison when she was a baby. He's the reason that I grew up in Llanfair and she grew up with Roxy. It's because of me. It's because Mitch is my father. 3E5BDC17.JPG

Natalie: Look, it's not your fault.

Jessica: You don't have to keep on saying that.

Natalie: Mitch Laurence is your father, and -- and, yeah, that's not your fault. You couldn't control that. And maybe in his own perverse way, he thought he was protecting you, like parents are supposed to.

Cristian: Well, I still don't get why Mitch would go along with Victor lord's plan to begin with. And what's he getting out of it?

Ms. Williamson: These charges are very serious, Mr. Laurence. I think it's possible -- emphasize possible -- some could be thrown out, but what you're facing --

Mitch: Will be handled by the best lawyer my money can buy -- you. There's something I need you to do for me. 3E5BDC4F.JPG

Ms. Williamson: And what would that be?

Mitch: I have a document containing the signature of Victor Lord. I need it.

Ms. Williamson: Where is it?

Mitch: Well, it was in my possession when Bo Buchanan and his boys in blue came bursting into the barn in Jason's landing.

Ms. Williamson: And it wasn't processed as evidence?

Mitch: No. There was a bit of scene at the barn, a lot of shoving and shouting. I'm quite sure the police didn't have time to really thoroughly search the premises, and I think if someone were to return to that barn, they would have no problem finding it.

Ms. Williamson: You know, you're paying me a lot of money to run errands. 3E5BDC7E.JPG

Mitch: Money well spent.

Ms. Williamson: What's in the document, Mr. Laurence?

Mitch: You'll find out soon enough. Everyone will find out soon enough, especially my old friend Victoria Lord Davidson. I think it's safe to say that she will have the surprise of her life.

Viki: Why is he back? Why, Lord? Why? My father was dead. I killed him. And I've spent years learning to live with that and the horrendous things that that man did to me. And I was almost starting to feel that I was whole again. So why did you send him back to me now? Was it for me, so that I could confront him? Because, Lord, I don't know if I can do that. I'm terrified, ok? After what that man tried to do to my daughter, God, I am terrified that I'm going to try to kill him again. 3E5BDCE0.JPG

Todd: I'm not your son. You gave me away. You just couldn't wait to get rid of Irene Clayton's bastard, could you?

Victor: Irene.

Todd: Yeah, yeah, Irene. You remember Irene. She was my mother, and she loved me. She wanted me. And, you, you made her give me away. How does a guy do that?

Victor: So long ago.

Todd: Not that you'd care, but I wound up being raised by this guy named peter Manning, Irene's cousin. Oh, he did a bang-up job, too. He raised me probably the way you would have raised me.

Victor: Not the same.

Todd: You're lucky you didn't raise me. I probably would have grown up and tried to kill you, just the way Viki did. 3E5BDD19.JPG

Victor: Victoria. Beautiful Victoria.

Todd: You don't deserve to live after what you did to her. Don't worry, I'm not here to kill you you're a waste of my time, pops. You're dead already.

[Victor laughs]

Victor: You are my son. I would have named you Victor. Victor Lord jr.

Todd: I hate your guts.

Victor: You can't hate me. You are me.

Joey: Yeah, I need some black coffee and dry toast sent up to 702. Thanks.

Flash: Will you leave my stuff alone?

Joey: I was just starting to clean up.

Flash: With your hand inside my bag? 3E5BDE37.JPG

Joey: Believe whatever you want. Now, what happened in here?

Flash: Nothing. You know, I have a lot of stress -- the office, the kids. I needed some time alone.

Joey: I don't think you were in here alone.

Flash: I don't really care what you think.

Joey: Renee said the room was registered to a Bradley white?

Flash: Renee?

Joey: She owns the hotel.

Flash: She just tells anyone off the streets what her guests do? See if I ever stay here again.

Joey: I'm not just anyone off the streets.

Flash: No, you are super priest, able to save the world in one single bound. So what'd you do? Tell her she had a lock with St. Peter, you know, if she called you every time someone trashed the place? 3E5BDE5A.JPG

Joey: Ha. No. I didn't have to. She used to be married to my grandfather.

Flash: Well, you are just related to everybody, aren't you?

Joey: This is about you. Now, what happened here?

Flash: Well, I don't think that that's any of your business.

Joey: Flash, I am just trying to help.

Flash: I don't want your help!

Joey: When I came in here, you were half naked, and I just want to know if he --

Flash: What? What? If he took advantage of me? Don't you worry.

Joey: So nothing happened?

Flash: Is this how you get your kicks, rev, asking about other people's sex lives? 3E5BDE7D.JPG

Joey: This isn't about me.

Flash: No, actually, why don't we make it about you. Who are you sleeping with, anyway? Do you have a boyfriend? Do you have a girlfriend? What do you have, rev? Why don't you tell me.

Joey: Actually, I was married briefly. Her name was Kelly.

Flash: What? She dump you?

Joey: Yeah, as a matter of fact, she did.

Flash: So, what, for another guy?

Joey: Yeah. My brother.

Flash: Well -- so no wonder you went to minister school.

Joey: Well, that was part of it.

Flash: What were the other parts? 3E5BDEA8.JPG

Joey: Well -- later. It's your turn.

Roxy: Forget Asa. He treated me like yesterday's trash. Forget about his money because it can't bring me happiness.

Rex: Did you really just say that?

Roxy: Hey, when did you get to be so cyclical?

Rex: It doesn't matter. You know, you really don't have another choice -- oh, unless you get a, you know --

Roxy: Don't even go there.

Rex: J-o-B.

Roxy: You know well, maybe I could get a j-o-b where I don't actually have to work.

Rex: That's not a job.

Roxy: Well, like, you know being a hostess or a hand model. You know, just, like, stand around and be pretty. 3E5BDED0.JPG

Rex: You really think you'd get a job like that?

Roxy: Hey, honey, that's what I do best.

Rex: All right, so why don't you go stand around and look pretty over there, by Asa? He'll probably be single before my shift's over.

Renee: Oh, thank God you're suited up, Rex. They need you in room service.

Rex: Think about it.

Asa: You are killing me!

Rae: I don't know why I thought that we could actually finish this like calm, rational people, but we can't.

Asa: You don't want to be rational. You just want to bleed me dry.

Rae: Oh, you are getting exactly what you deserve, and you know it.

Asa: Oh, no, no, lady. My slate was wiped clean the damned day I married you. 3E5BDEFD.JPG

Rae: Yes. Oh, yes, and it was a brilliant choice on my part, don't you think? I mean, I needed money, and -- well, it was just too much work to try and blackmail you.

Asa: Ok, now that you got it, why don't you take the money and run and put us both out of our damn misery, huh?

Rae: I'm not miserable. I like being Mrs. Asa Buchanan. I like being rich.

Asa: You'll still be rich.

Rae: Oh, no, not as rich as you, though.

Asa: Look, I will give you anything -- a TV station, my ranch.

Rae: Hmm.

Asa: Hell, I'll give you Arizona if that's what it takes!

Rae: No, sorry. Sorry, sorry, no. 3E5BDF26.JPG

Asa: Why? You can be comfortable for the rest of -- rest of your damn life. I just -- I just want a -- want a divorce.



Jessica: I can't believe Victor Lord actually wanted mom to choose between us.

Cristian: What?

Natalie: It's nothing. It's over now.

Jessica: It was so sick. He thought because we were twins that one heart was just as good as another, so he wanted mom to see which one would die for dear old grandpa.

Cristian: You got to be kidding.

Jessica: Ridiculous. Like mom ever would.

Natalie: Of course not. 3E5BDF56.JPG

Cristian: Listen, Jess, Natalie's really tired. Maybe you can talk to her some more when she gets back home.

Jessica: Yeah, ok, sure.

Natalie: Thanks for coming by.

Jessica: I'm glad you both are feeling better.

Cristian: Why didn't you tell me?

Natalie: Tell you what?

Cristian: Natalie, you know what. Why didn't you tell me that Victor Lord asked your mom to choose between you and Jess?

Natalie: Maybe -- maybe because I know which one mom would have chosen.

Viki: I loathe that man. And that may very well be a sin, but I loathe him for what he did to me and for what he tried to do to my daughter. My God, he tried to take her heart. How do I let him get away with that, God? I am so unbelievably filled with anger right now, and hatred, and I truly don't know that I have the strength to hold it in. God, I don't know if I am strong enough. 3E5BDFB9.JPG

Jessica: You are, mom. You are.

Todd: I am not you.

Victor: You're my only living son.

Todd: No. You gave me away. You gave away your own kid. I would do anything, I would give anything for my kid.

Victor: It's what I had to do.

Todd: You didn't do what you had to do. You did what you wanted to do. You ruin everything that you touch.

Victor: You're a powerful man. You have a powerful heart, the heart of a Lord.

Todd: You shut up.

Victor: You must save the Lord empire.

Todd: There is no Lord empire. Look at you, you're dead. 3E5BDFFB.JPG

Victor: I made a terrible mistake. You must fix it.

Todd: No, nobody can fix your mistakes.

Victor: The future is in your hands. Don't let Mitch Laurence take your legacy.

Roxy: So is he having a heart attack?

Renee: No, no, it's probably his angina. Please, would you step back!

Asa: That damned Gretel. She got me so -- so worked up.

Renee: Asa, I think that we should call an ambulance.

Asa: No, no. Um -- call -- call him up.

Renee: Who is this?

Asa: My specialist. In any kind of an emergency, I'm always supposed to call him.

Renee: All right, I will. Asa, don't worry. You're going to be just fine. 3E5BE132.JPG

Asa: Ok.

Renee: You're going to be real fine.

Cristian: Don't you believe it, Natalie. Your mom never would have chosen between you and Jess.

Natalie: How do you now?

Cristian: Well, because I know her. I've known her for years.

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, you've known her for years, and Jessica, she's known her her entire life. How long have I known her for?

Cristian: Your mom loves you, Natalie.

Natalie: I know that. I do know that. But she -- she will never love me the way she loves Jessica.

Cristian: And that's not true.

Natalie: They have something, Cristian. Jessica and her mom have a bond, something that my mom and I will never have. 3E5BE165.JPG

Cristian: You don't know that.

Natalie: I do. I feel it.

Cristian: Listen, Natalie, your mom would have never given up your heart. She just wouldn't have. I mean, come on.

Natalie: She would have picked Jessica?

Cristian: She wouldn't have picked either one of you.

Natalie: She may not have wanted to, Cristian, but come on. I mean, if she had to -- if she really had to, if she had a gun to her head --

Cristian: Natalie --

Natalie: Her father asked her which one she could live without. And I am definitely the one she can live without.

Cristian: Listen to me, you're just upset right now. I mean, come on, you've been through so much. 3E5BE192.JPG

Natalie: It doesn't matter.

Cristian: Yes, it does. I promise you, when you get out of here, it'll be a lot better. Once you're home, it'll be a lot better.

Natalie: I'm not going home.

Viki: I have so much anger inside me right now.

Jessica: You're stronger than it, mom. You are.

Viki: You know, for most of my life, I never had to deal with my anger. My alters did it for me, but I'm integrated now, and the anger now belongs to me.

Jessica: And you can control it.

Viki: What if I can't? What if I try and kill my father again?

Jessica: You won't.

Viki: Ok, maybe not me. What if I let one of my alters do it for me, Jessie? 3E5BE1C4.JPG

Jessica: You're not going to split again, mom. You're not.

Viki: I'm not as sure as you are, sweetheart. And I know that I have to face him. I have to do it.

Jessica: And that's how I felt. When I came back, I knew I had to face my father. I didn't think I could do it, but I did.

Viki: But you're so much braver than I am. You are.

Jessica: No. Mom, you can do it, too.

Viki: I don't know if I can, Jessie.

Jessica: I do, because I learned it from you. You're the one that taught me how to be strong. You're my mother. I'm your daughter. And Mitch Laurence and Victor Lord, they can't take that from us. They can't take what we have. 3E5BE200.JPG

Victor: You have to stop him. Stop Mitch Laurence.

Todd: Look, I don't know what you're babbling about! Mitch Laurence is in jail.

Victor: Find the lawyers -- Mitch Laurence.

Todd: He's in jail. He's behind bars. The guy's out of the picture.

Victor: Stop him!

Todd: Hey --

Victor: Don't let him take your legacy. Stop him. Stop him.

Viki: Todd. What were you doing in there?

Todd: Well, I didn't kill the guy, if that's what you want to know. I left him. You can do it now.

Flash: I think we need a little bit of music here.

[Flash turns radio on]

[Joey turns radio off]

Joey: Come on. I told you stuff about me. 3E5BE2EA.JPG

Flash: So, what, is this "if I show you mine, you'll show me yours"?

Joey: This is telling, not showing.

Flash: Oh, well, that's no fun.

Joey: I didn't say it would be.

Flash: Will you just leave me alone, because I have a headache.

Joey: Gee, you think that might be because of the gallon of champagne you just downed?

Flash: Well, it's not often that I get to have champagne.

Joey: Come on. Ok, I'll go again. My mother's name is Viki. I have two sisters and a brother, and my mother is the most wonderful person in the world. Now you.

Flash: Uh -- fine. I have a mother, too. 3E5BE315.JPG

Joey: Does she have a name? What's she do?

Flash: I don't know and I don't care.

Joey: Come on.

[Knock on door]

Flash: Oh, you better get that.

Joey: You're not off the hook yet.

Rex: Room service.

Joey: Come in.

Rex: Whoa!

[Rex whistles]

Rex: Some party. How come I wasn't invited?

Joey: Thanks. That'll be all.

Rex: All right, well, if you need anything else, just call. So was this your way of paying him back for stealing his wallet? Huh? Huh? Well, I'll just be down --

Flash: Way to go, super-rev. 3E5BE34D.JPG

Joey: Ok. Here, drink this. Now, tell me out your mother. What happened? Did you have a fight? Did you run away?

Flash: Let's just say that we don't get along, ok?

Joey: Why? What happened? Ok, what about your father? Brothers? Sisters?

Flash: Hold on, wait a minute. I thought this was supposed to be about you.

Joey: Ok.

Flash: You know what? I really got to go. See you later.

Joey: Flash come on, wait. Wait!

Renee: I don't believe it! You almost killed -- killed that man. What's wrong with you? 3E5BE385.JPG

Rae: I didn't mean it.

Renee: No, you never mean it, do you? You didn't mean to hurt me when you blackmailed Asa into marrying you, but you went right ahead and did it, didn't you?

Rae: I needed to. You refuse to understand that.

Renee: Yes, I do. Tell me, what's happened to you? You didn't used to be like this.

Rae: Like what?

Renee: You used to care about people. But now all you care about is yourself.

Rae: No, that's not true, Renee.

Renee: Oh, yes, it is. You just keep saying that you want to teach Asa a lesson, but all you care about is money and status. Now honestly, tell me, Rae, is it really that important? 3E5BE3B8.JPG

Roxy: Hey, come here. You know, I hate to admit this, but I think you're right. That marriage is on the skids. Rae's sending Asa straight to the hospital.

Rex: Well, you should send him flowers.

Rae: I -- I don't know what to say.

Renee: Well, then, my dear Dr. Sigmund Fraud, don't say anything.

[Phone rings]

Renee: Palace bar. Asa? I told you, I'm coming to the hospital, all right?

Asa: I'm not in the hospital.

Renee: Asa, you need to be examined.

Asa: What for? I faked the whole thing.

Renee: What?

Asa: When you called that specialist, he sent over a couple of actors as ambulance attendants. I guess I fooled everybody, right? 3E5BE3F9.JPG

Renee: I don't -- I don't believe that. And tell me, Asa, why exactly would you do a thing like that?

Asa: Why not, Renee? Just maybe I can guilt-trip Gretel right the hell out of my life, huh?

Cristian: Why wouldn't you be going home, Natalie?

Natalie: It's not my home, not really.

Cristian: Look, you're upset right now. And to tell you the truth, I would be, too. But Jessica and your mom, they're your family.

Natalie: All I ever wanted was to be a part of a family, a real family, you know?

Cristian: And you are.

Natalie: I thought I was. Maybe I thought I'd finally found them. And even if I just changed a couple of things or I was a little different, then maybe I could fit in. 3E5BE439.JPG

Cristian: You don't have to change to be a part of your family.

Natalie: You're right, I don't. I finally realized that it doesn't matter how much I change, I'm not going to fit in, and I never will.

Cristian: That's not true.

Natalie: I don't -- I don't belong with them. Not the way I want to. And it's, like, no matter how much I try, I just -- well, I need to stop trying. That's what it is. I just -- I need to find a new place to live.

Cristian: Natalie --

Natalie: Look, please don't try to talk me out of this.

Cristian: Well, I wasn't going to talk you out of it, or try to talk you out of it. I was going to ask you if you wanted to live with me. 3E5BE476.JPG

Viki: What did he say to you?

Todd: Father wants to spend more time with us. He wants to maybe go on a fishing trip, maybe even camping. Come on, really, it doesn't matter what the guy says. He's not making any sense.

Viki: What do you mean?

Todd: Viki forget about him. Your father -- our father -- he's ancient history.

Viki: Yeah, it's the ancient history I can't forget. It's why I have to see him.

Todd: Viki --

Renee: Oh, boy. First, Asa. Now this.

Joey: Renee?

Renee: Oh, hi, Joey.

Joey: Hey, I'm really sorry. Ash took off. I'll take responsibility for any damage to the room. 3E5BE589.JPG

Renee: Oh, I can't think about that right now.

Joey: Something wrong?

Renee: Yeah. A guest of mine was just robbed in a room just right around the corner.

Joey: Just now?

Renee: Joey -- Joey, how well do you know this Flash?

Joey: Well, I don't know her that well, but I don't think she --

Renee: No, I mean, is she capable of doing something like that?

Joey: What was stolen?

Renee: Some jewelry and a wallet full of cash.

Natalie: Well, not that I don't appreciate the offer, but it's not like you have a place to live exactly at the moment.

Cristian: Well, yeah, I know, but I'll find someplace. And since you're not going to feel comfortable at Llanfair, then I want you to be with me. 3E5BE5BA.JPG

Natalie: That's really sweet. But you don't have to ask that just because I want to move out.

Cristian: Natalie, how long did I wait to be with you? So many things have gone wrong, so many things that we didn't expect, things that didn't make any sense.

Natalie: Tell me about it.

Cristian: But this does. It the only thing that does. I love you, and I want to be with you all the time. So all you have to say is yes.

Natalie: Yes.

Todd: Laurence.

Guard: Hey! Visitors have to be authorized.

Todd: Hey, Laurence -- yeah, this will only take a second.

Mitch: Hmm. Mr. Manning. What a pleasant surprise.

Todd: Yeah, what's going on with you and that demented old man? 3E5BE601.JPG

Mitch: I assume you mean your loving father, Victor Lord.

Todd: Yeah, he keeps rattling on about lawyers and legacies and you.

Mitch: How interesting.

Guard: Come on. I said come on!

Todd: Yeah, ok. I'm going to come back and you're going to answer my question. You can count on that.

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Keri: It's my baby, not yours.

Cristian: I'm going to find a brand-new place.

Natalie: Any place you are is home.

Viki: You know how often I've wished this, that I could see you one more time? 3E5BE70A.JPG

Todd there's no way I would ever let you hurt my family.

Mitch: Watch me.


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