OLTL Transcript Monday 2/24/03

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 2/24/03

By Eric
Proofread by Linda

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 Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Blair: It's about our kids, Todd.

Todd: And they need both of their parents.

Blair: Not when one of them is you.

Viki: Even if it wee possible that my father's alive, what in god's name does that have to do with the fact that Mitch has Natalie? Why does he have Natalie? What does he want with her?

Victor: Have they started yet? 3E5A880D.JPG

Mitch: Sweet dreams, Natalie, and good-bye.

Starr: I want to know why. I want to know why dad can't come back here and move back in here.

Blair: Starr, it is not going to happen, ok? He's out of our lives for good, and he only has himself to blame for it.

Starr: I know that somewhere he's sitting down right now, thinking of how much he loves you.

Todd: So what's the matter, huh? You piece of slime. Afraid somebody's going to figure it out? Afraid somebody's going to figure out that you're not dead you'd better be dead, or I'm going to kill you. 3E5A888D.JPG

Viki: Father?

Victor: Hello, Victoria. It's wonderful to see you again. Although, I suppose it's safe to say you don't feel the same way.

Joey: Hank.

Hank: Hey, Joey.

Joey: Have you seen my uncle?

Hank: He took off.

Joey: Great. I haven't heard from my mom or my sister.

Hank: Well, the last I heard from Bo, he was leaving some clinic in a place called Jason's landing.

Joey: A clinic? Did he say why? Have they found Natalie? Is she hurt, or --

Hank: Look, all I know is he was going to some farm, and he was in a hurry.

Joey: Why?

Hank: Apparently, Mitch Laurence -- that's where he took Natalie. Now, what he's planning on doing with her, I have no idea. We just have to wait until we hear from Bo. 3E5A88C8.JPG

Joey: Well, there's got to be something I can do.

Hank: Pray. Just pray.

[Heart monitor beeps]

Mitch: She's still awake. Increase the drip.

Surgeon: A nurse in the O.R. Only takes orders from the surgeon.

Mitch: Then give the order.

Surgeon: The patient has a great deal of willpower. Obviously she's resisting, but eventually she'll lose the battle --

Mitch: You're being paid a great deal of money to do as you're told. Now give the order.

Surgeon: Too much of the drug will stop her heart.

Mitch: Then find some other way s speed this up. I have waited long enough. It's time for dear "Jessica" to make the ultimate sacrifice for her poor, ling grandpapa. 3E5A88FC.JPG

Jessica: Mom? Mom, are you ok?

Viki: Father. Oh, my God, this isn't possible.

Jessica: Is this him?

Viki: My God. I killed you.

Victor: Things don't always appear to be the way they are, Victoria. I thought I taught you that lesson.

Viki: This isn't happening. No, this is impossible. How can you be alive after all these years? And what -- and what have you done with my daughter? Where is my daughter? You tell me. Tell me right now. Where is my daughter?

[Heart monitor beeps]

Natalie: Mom?

Mitch: Start the operation now. 3E5A8929.JPG

Viki: You tell me where she is! You tell me this instant!

Mitch: Viki, for heaven's sake! Why did you bring her here?

Viki: Where is she, Mitch?

Where is Natalie?

Victor: What is she talking about, Laurence? Who's Natalie?

Young man: Is this a cool, or what? I just put it on my platinum card.

Flash: I've seen better.

Young man: Yeah, right. Don't forget, I've seen that dump where you live, babe.

Flash: Shut up. And why do you call me babe?

Young man: What do you want me to call you, birthday girl?

Flash: It's not my birthday.

Young man: Yeah, but you're going to be in your birthday suit. And I'm going to show you the time of your life. 3E5A8A10.JPG

Flash: Slow down, tiger. I need some more to drink.

Young man: What, this?

Flash: Yeah.

Young man: This?

Flash: Mm-hmm.

Young man: No. We can do better than this, much better than this. Hi, this is 702. I'd like a bottle of your best champagne. My friend and I -- we have some serious celebrating to do.

Renee: Oh, Peter, I need you to take a champagne to 702.

Peter: Right away, Ms. Divine.

Roxy: Ooh --

Peter: Excuse me.

Roxy: Oh, man, what a night. Get me something to drink, will you, honey?

Renee: Something alcoholic?

Roxy: Oh, I don't like that word much. Just give me something with some booze in it. 3E5A8A3D.JPG

Asa: You tell that so-called wife of mine that she is not going to bleed me dry. And all her credit cards are canceled as of now! Oh, that miserable witch. I should've kill h her when I had the chance.

Nigel: Please, no, don't break any more phones, sir.

Asa: You know -- you know whose fault it is that I'm in this mess, don't you?

Nigel: Mine, I assume?

Asa: No, no. That damn Roxy.

Nigel: Ah, Ms. Balsom, yes.

Asa: If that bimbo hadn't blabbed to Gretel about what I was doing, none of this would've happened. I hate that little floozy.

Nigel: Sir, I truly doubt that you hate Ms. Balsom. In fact, quite the contrary. 3E5A8A6D.JPG

Renee: No, I'm wearing two hats tonight -- hostess and bartender. My regular guy called in sick for the second time this week.

Roxy: Can I get some of those puff cheesy things?

Renee: Roxanne, take a number.

Rex: You want to tell me how you're going to pay for all this?

Roxy: What's your problem? Happy hour junk food is free.

Rex: Mom, we don't have a dime between us.

Roxy: Ok, well, let me have a couple of drinks, I'll come up with a plan. Cheers, baby.

Nora: Hi, Sam, it's Nora. The Master papers -- you left them at the palace bar. I have them. I'll be dropping them off for you tomorrow. Ooh -- 3E5A8A97.JPG

Todd: You stupid klutz.

Blair: Hey, hey! Hey, Starr Manning, you'd better get back in here and pick those pillows up right now! Do you hear me? Are you listening to me, Starr?

Starr: No! I'm not. I don't listen. Because you know what? I take after my mother! I'm just like you!

Blair: Oh --

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Sam.

Sam: Hi.

Blair: Come in.

Sam: Thanks. Listen, I heard about what happened with Mitch Laurence. I am so sorry. Are you ok?

Blair: Oh, I've -- I've been better.

Sam: Yeah. Well, it's just good that it's over and that you're home safe. 3E5A8ADB.JPG

Blair: Some home, Sam. You know, I'm losing my little girl. I mean, she hates me.

Sam: Why?

Blair: Because I ended it with Todd. After everything, well, it's just, let's say, over between us.

Sam: Oh, you guys have separated before.

Blair: No, no. This time it's different, and Todd knows it. This time he heard me.

Nora: Well, you could at least help.

Todd: No, I am helping. I'm not stepping on your fingers. Can I get a vodka double? No, triple.

Renee: Triple?

Todd: Is there an echo in here? 3E5A8B11.JPG

Nora: You know, I think you should know something, Todd. I joined the staff at the district attorney's office.

Todd: Really?

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Todd: One of your ex-husbands finally got you a job, huh? Your mother must be very proud.

Nora: I might even draw your case, and then I'd have the pleasure of prosecuting you and sending you away to prison.

Todd: You've been trying to do that since you were my defense attorney.

Nora: And maybe when you're 60 or 70 years old, you'll realize you just can't go around kidnapping people or shooting them or raping them, for that matter.

Todd: I get it. Dr. Feelgood dumped you. You're trying to figure out a new way to get your rocks off. 3E5A8B34.JPG

Renee: Here.

Todd: People don't change. You learn that when you edit a tabloid.

Nora: Ok, can I ask you something?

Todd: I wish you wouldn't.

Nora: What made you think that trading Natalie for Blair was a good idea? It's a simple question. I just want to know how your mind works, that's all.

Todd: Maybe it isn't how my mind works. Maybe I was just born evil.

Victor: I asked you a question, Laurence. Who's Natalie? And who's this?

Mitch: Nothing for you to worry about.

Viki: Where is my daughter?

Mitch: That's it, Viki --

Jessica: Don't touch her.

Nurse: No! You are not allowed in here. This is -- 3E5A8B63.JPG

Viki: What is going on? That's my daughter.

Nurse: You are to leave here immediately --

Viki: Are you insane? What are you doing to her?

Nurse: Get out of here!

Viki: Get out of my way!

Surgeon: Get out of this operating room!

Viki: You stay away from my daughter, both of you! Don't you dare touch her. Natalie? Baby --

Victor: This is Jessica, isn't it?

Jessica: Yes, I'm Jessica, your granddaughter.

Victor: You dare to double-cross me, Laurence?

Viki: Natalie, honey, have they drugged you? Can you sit up? Sweetheart, sit up. Oh, my God. What are you people -- what in god's name are you doing? Are you all crazy? 3E5A8B8F.JPG

Victor: I'm not God, but I'm a Lord. And I need the heart of a Lord.

Viki: You what?

Victor: Without it, I'll die.

Viki: And you were going to take my daughter's heart?

Victor: It's a perfect genetic match, or so I was told. But Laurence tried to fool me with an imposter.

Mitch: She's not an imposter. Natalie is Jessica's twin. Everything is fine.

Victor: You have a twin?

Jessica: Yeah, Natalie's my twin.

Mitch: And Natalie's heart is just as good as Jessica's.

Viki: What are you talking about?

Victor: Very well. I'll leave it up to Victoria. Which heart do I take? Which daughter do you sacrifice?

Viki: You -- you want me to decide which of my daughters dies? 3E5A8CA2.JPG

Victor: I'm leaving the final decision to you, Victoria. I need a heart.

Viki: Well you are not getting my daughters'.

Victor: Perhaps you don't understand. I'm taking a heart today. Now, you're their mother. You tell me which one -- Jessica or Natalie?

Viki: You're insane.

Mitch: The girl on the table is already prepped and ready. You're going to die if we don't do this.

Victor: Shut up, Laurence. It's my daughter's decision. Remember what I told you, Victoria. The world is a cruel place. If you want to be a Lord, you have to be strong, make hard decisions. Decide which one means most to you. 3E5A8CE5.JPG

Viki: This is unbelievable.

Victor: Be a Lord. Speak up. Which one can you live without?

Victor: I don't have all day, Victoria. Which one shall die?

Bo: Freeze! Police!

Antonio: Freeze! Hands up in the air now!

Bo: All right, they're all yours. Viki, I'm so sorry --

Viki: Bo. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Bo: It took so long. We're all clear.

Viki: Cristian, she's in there.

Natalie: Cristian, I knew you weren't dead.

Cristian: No. You ok?

Natalie: Mitch said that you were dead, and I didn't believe him. I knew that you'd find me. I knew -- I knew you'd come. 3E5A8D27.JPG

Antonio: Hands in the air now! On the floor! Now! Now! Now!

Bo: What's going on? What's going on?

Antonio: Got two of them back here, commissioner. I got it under control.

Bo: All right. You need anything, yell. Is this who I think it is?

Viki: Yes, it's my father.

Bo: Amazing. Mitch Laurence, Victor Lord, you're both under arrest.

Jessica: I'm going to go check on --

Viki: No, Jessie!

Bo: You let her go, Laurence.

Viki: Don't hurt her. Bo, don't shoot. Don't hurt her.

Mitch: You still don't get this, do you, Viki? Why do you think I did all this? I had to protect Jessica. I had to save her life. 3E5A8D4A.JPG

Bo: Drop the weapon, Laurence, now!

Mitch: I give the orders here now, commissioner.

Bo: Ok, fine. If you want to give the orders, you give the orders, all right? But just do me a favor. Tell me -- what's going on here?

Mitch: Mr. Lord here is a very sick individual in body and soul. He wanted a heart, a Lord heart. I had to make sure he got the wrong one.

Victor: We had a deal.

Viki: Natalie's on an operating table in there. He was going to kill his granddaughter to get her heart.

Mitch: And I controlled which granddaughter. I would never let anything harm Jessica. I love her dearly. 3E5A8D6F.JPG

Bo: Love? Is that what this is all about, Lauren - -- love?

Mitch: You would never understand this. She's my daughter. She's everything to me.

Victor: We had a deal.

Bo: He keeps talking about a deal, Laurence. What was the deal for you, huh? What were you going to get for supplying Natalie's heart?

Blair: So I asked Nora to -- you know, to help me with some financial stuff, maybe put some money in a safe place.

Sam: Safe from Todd?

Blair: Well, he hasn't yet, but, you know, Sam, see --

Sam: Yeah, I'll sit here.

Blair: That he will -- he'll eventually try to come after -- I just want the kids to be taken care of, you know.

Sam: I can handle that for you. 3E5A8F21.JPG

Blair: No.

Sam: No, no, Blair --

Blair: I don't want to ask you to do that after that I've put you through, Sam. No.

Sam: Blair, I love those kids. And I love you. You know, I -- those feelings, they -- you know, they just don't go away overnight. And, you know, I know it's never -- it's never going to happen. You know, I know you're never going to love me the way you love Todd. That's ok. I mean, I understand.

Blair: Please, how can that -- how can that possibly be ok, Sam?

Sam: I didn't say I liked it. But I understand. And if you'd like me to help you out, I will be glad to. 3E5A8F58.JPG

Blair: That would mean so much to me. And you do, too.

Sam: Ok, then it's settled. I'll get on it first thing in the morning. Now I better get going.

Blair: Ok. I'm glad you stopped by.

Sam: So am I. So -- so you said that Todd -- Todd finally heard you. Does that mean that he accepts that what he did was wrong?

Blair: I think that Todd accepts that he has demons inside him and he'll never be free.

Nora: Yeah, maybe you're on to something, Todd. Maybe you were born evil.

Nora and Todd: Hmm.

Nora: Of course, that argument will never hold up in court, but it is an interesting admission. Is this all because there's talk of your father still being alive? 3E5A8F93.JPG

Todd: You don't want to talk about that anymore.

Nora: You know, never met your father, Todd. But if he's anything like you, let's hope he is dead.

[Roxy laughs]

Roxy: That's rich, Rexy. All right, ok, get this one. Ok, a horse goes into a bar, and the bartender looks up and goes, "hey, buddy, why the long face?"

Rex: That's --

Roxy: Get it? Horse, long face?

Rex: Yeah, that's --

Roxy: "Take my horse, please."

Rex: Oh. Uh, that.

Roxy: Oh, yeah.

Rex: Should write that one down.

Roxy: Oh, it was one of Asa's jokes, that crazy old coot. 3E5A8FBE.JPG

Asa: How in the hell would I ever be hung up on a floozy like that?

Nigel: I don't know, sir.

Asa: Oh, really? She's loud, rude, drinks too damn much, no class. We have absolutely nothing in common. Cheers.

Roxy: Hon, can I get one more, and can I take a look at the menu, because those little appe-teasers, they ain't going to do me.

Rex: Ok, no. No more drinks.

Roxy: What, what? I can have another drink. What's the problem?

Rex: In fact, you know what, Ms. Divine? Forget the food order. We can't afford it.

Roxy: Don't blow it. 3E5A8FE6.JPG

Rex: Actually, if you want the truth, we're flat broke.

Peter: Ms. Divine? I delivered the champagne to 702, and they just sent down for another bottle. Sounds like they're getting kind of loud.

[Music plays]

Young man: I love this stuff. Don't you?

Flash: Yeah. I like it when the bubbles go up my nose.

Young man: It's a cute nose. Come on, Flash, let's dance.

Flash: No, no, no, no.

Young man: Come on, it'll be fun, it'll be fun.

Flash: Got a little funk in your step, huh, Brad?

Brad: Well, I just need a little sustenance, is all. Mmm. Here we go. All right, I'm ready. Come on, Flash. Anybody can dance to this. 3E5A9013.JPG

Flash: I told you, part of the deal -- no, no, no -- no dancing.

Brad: Ok, then why don't you sing for me? I love it when you sing.

Flash: No way, not to this music.

Brad: Ok. Then why don't we find something else to do with those lips, huh? I mean, that's what we're here for anyway, right?

Joey: Finally.

Bo: Hey, Joey.

Joey: You guys took forever. Is that Mitch Laurence?

Bo: Yeah, that's him, all right. Give me a second, ok? Antonio, when you book him --

Joey: Jessica --

Bo: Make sure that all the forms are letter-perfect.

Joey: Are you ok?

Jessica: I'm fine. Natalie should be at the hospital by now. Cristian and mom went with her. 3E5A9048.JPG

Joey: Any word?

Jessica: I haven't heard a thing. She was really drugged up. She was really out of it.

Jo: : Yeah, Hank said something about an operation by some surgeon?

Jessica: Yeah, and thanks to my father, a surgeon was going to cut her heart out.

Joey: Her heart?

Jessica: I could've gone to the hospital, but I wanted to be here. I wanted to see them lock you up.

Mitch: Jessica, please understand. I did it all for you.

Joey: Are you insane?

Antonio: Come on, let's go.

Joey: Don't let him get to you, Jess. He's not your father, not in any way that matters. 3E5A906E.JPG

Jessica: I know, but Natalie almost died because of him.

Joey: I still don't get it. Why in the -- why would he want to cut Natalie's heart out?

Jessica: You're not going to believe this. Mitch made a deal with somebody as insane and evil as he is. Our grandfather.

[Heart monitor beeps]

Viki: Doctor? How is she doing?

Doctor: Well, we're still running some tests, and we're definitely going to keep her overnight on a monitor. And once all the drugs get flushed out of her system, I think she's physically going to be ok.

Natalie: Thank you.

Doctor: My pleasure.

Viki: Thank you.

Viki: My poor baby, look at you. Look what they did to you. Are -- are you feeling ok? 3E5A90BD.JPG

Natalie: Better.

Viki: Cristian --

Cristian: Yeah, yeah, you guys need some time.

Natalie: No, don't go.

Cristian: I'll be outside. Talk to your mom.

Viki: Thanks, Cristian.

Viki: Sweetheart, um -- listen, what happened back in that barn --

Natalie: Look, I'm feeling fine, mom. You heard the doctor. I'm fine.

Viki: That's not what I mean. I'm talking about when your grandfather demanded that I choose between you and Jessica. You have to understand something. I would never, ever have made that decision. I couldn't make that decision because I could never choose between n you and Jessica. Honey, I love you both equally -- both of you, with all my heart. Do you understand that? 3E5A90FD.JPG

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, I understand.

Todd: That's great. That's just great.

Rex: Yeah, and I'd be willing to work off any other charges she ran up. You can't hold her responsible sometimes. She just doesn't stop to think.

Renee: You know, you're really very protective of her.

Rex: Well, she's my mom. Oh, you might want to add another drink to the total. She poured herself one while you were gone.

Renee: Really?

Roxy: What the hell are you doing? You're going to get me thrown in the pokey.

Rex: Plus, you know, I'm going to need a job if I want to stay in school. When you said that your bartender called in sick, I couldn't help but think maybe if I'm -- 3E5A91E6.JPG

Renee: No, wait a minute. Don't you work at break bar?

Rex: No. That's a lost cause. Mom's going to lose it to pay her debts.

Renee: Oh. Wait a minute. There's something I don't understand here. Roxanne, you divorced Max and got everything, so you're supposed to be sitting pretty and he's broke. Yes?

Roxy: Yeah, except that's not what's happening. My accountants-in-law -- you know, the ones of Max's? We, , they say I'm going to lose everything. There's a tax screw-up, so the I.R.S. Is getting everything.

Rex: Plus, she had a run of really bad luck in Atlantic city. 3E5A9205.JPG

Roxy: What are you washing my dirty laundry for in public, huh?

Rex: Ok, because first of all, everyone's going to find out in a few days anyhow. And second, if I want a job from Ms. Divine, I have to be completely honest with her.

Renee: You know, you could really learn something from this son of yours. You just might have a job from me.

[Phone rings]

Renee: Oh, excuse me. Palace bar. Oh, no. Ok, I'll be right there. Rex, do me a favor. Go out to the front lobby, fill out an application because I really need you to start tonight, ok? And I'll be right back. Thank you. 3E5A922C.JPG

Roxy: Starting up tonight. Would you like to tell me what just happened here?

Rex: Well, I got a job because I impressed my new boss with my sincerity. Once you can fake that, you've got it made.

Viki: Natalie, do you understand what I'm saying? That I love you and --

Natalie: Mom, I'm really kind of wiped out, ok?

Viki: Yeah, ok. You rest and we'll talk later, ok?

Joey: Mom.

Viki: Joey. Hi, baby.

Joey: Jessica told me out grandpa Victor. Are you ok?

Viki: Yeah. It's unbelievable. He's in there.

[Heart monitor beeps] 3E5A927D.JPG

Joey: I still can't believe he wanted her heart.

Viki: You can believe it. He's a monster.

Joey: Hey, are you sure you're ok?

Viki: Yeah. You know what, I am ok, once I get my mind around all of this.

Joey: You know, should I say something? I mean, I know I've never met Natalie, but I feel like I should say something.

Viki: Sweetheart, she's -- she's really tired right now and she's still kind of out of it, so maybe tomorrow would be better.

Joey: Yeah.

Viki: Ok?

Joey: Yeah, ok.

Viki: All right.

[Phone rings]

Joey: Hello? Well, I'm kind of in the middle of a family emergency right now. Yeah, no, I'll try to make it. Thanks. 3E5A92AF.JPG

Viki: Honey, that sounded important.

Joey: No, no, this is important -- family.

Viki: Sweetheart, I really am fine. And frankly, there's nothing you can do here right now. If somebody else needs you, you have to go.

Joey: Positive?

Viki: Positive.

Joey: We're going to get through this, mom, together as a family.

Viki: I know we will.

Joey: Love you.

Viki: I love you, too.

Joey: Call my cell if you need anything.

Viki: I will, sweetheart. Thank you.

Joey: Ok.

Viki: Ok.

Viki: Doctor? How is he doing? 3E5A92DA.JPG

Doctor: Are you related?

Viki: Yes. He's my father, Victor Lord.

Doctor: Ok. His heart is deteriorating rapidly, and I'm afraid, unless he has a heart transplant, that his chances are poor.

Viki: Well, he cannot die now. No, my father and I have some unfinished business. We have a lot of unfinished business.

Mitch: Now what?

Antonio: Now you can go to your cell.

Bo: And with any luck, you'll be living in one till the day you die. Hey, Jess, I thought you left with Joey. Feeling better?

Jessica: Better.

Bo: Yeah. Tough day all around. 3E5A930A.JPG

Mitch: Jessica, if you knew all the facts, you would know that I did what I had to do to save you. Victor Lord has so much power. I was a victim of it myself. Please believe me. All I ask is a chance for us to talk, to understand each other the way a father and daughter should. Please, just give me a chance to show you how much I care because I don't think I could live if I lost the child that I had to give up all those years ago.

Jessica: I feel a lot better now.

Bo: Well, so much for father/daughter bonding, huh? Come on, Laurence, let's get you in your new cage.

Jessica: Antonio, what happened at the farm -- you saved my life. I just wanted to thank you. . 3E5A942B.JPG

Renee: Oh, Joey, thanks for coming. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do about this.

Joey: How is she?

Renee: See for yourself.

Cristian: You must've been so scared, knowing what was going to happen to you. I'm sorry I couldn't be there sooner.

Natalie: Well, I could hardly blame you. I mean, you were shot. God, Cristian. I was so worried. Are you ok?

Cristian: Well, you know, I've never been shot before, and it was kind of cool.

Natalie: That's not funny.

Cristian: No, I know it's not funny. But I made you smile, and you have a beautiful smile.

Natalie: Never let me go. 3E5A946C.JPG

Cristian: I never will.

Antonio: I didn't do anything special, Jessica. I was just doing my job.

Jessica: You were doing more than your job, and we both know it. Thank you.

Antonio: Yeah.

Jessica: I'm going to go check in on Natalie at the hospital.

Nora: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Nora: I just got a call from Hank. You were right. Victor Lord is still alive?

Bo: This crazy old man wanted to take Jessica's heart just to keep his own miserable life going. You know, in the meantime, we got Laurence, who's trying to pass Natalie off as Jess.

Nora: They deserve to share a cell together. 3E5A94A0.JPG

Bo: Yeah, well, now it's up to you and Hank to make sure that these guys get exactly what they deserve. That's assuming that Victor Lord lives long enough to stand trial.

[Heart monitor beeps]

Victor: Who's there?

Todd: Hello, father.

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Mitch: I have a document containing the signature of Victor Lord. I need it.

Viki: Why is he back?

Todd: I'm Todd Manning.

Victor: My son.

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