OLTL Transcript Thursday 2/20/03

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 2/20/03

By Eric
Proofread by Linda

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>>Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Bo: Who shot you?

Cristian: Todd.

Blair: Todd wouldn't shoot Cristian. If he did, it was an accident.

Cristian: Natalie's in trouble, Jen. I got to find her.

Viki: I haven't seen one of these for years. It's exactly like one my father used to wear.

Todd: Our father?

Mitch: Victor Lord, meet your granddaughter.


Blair: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

Starr: Oh, does it hurt?

Blair: You know what? Not much, and I feel so much better now that I'm home with you and Jack.

Starr: I didn't want to tell Jack that you were in trouble. Might have upset him.

Blair: That's because you're a wonderful big sister. That's why I want you to do -- you go upstairs, put on your P.J.S, brush your teeth, and I'll be up in a minute to tuck you in, ok?

Starr: No. I'm going to wait for dad.

Blair: Well, Starr --

Starr: Where is he?

Blair: Well -- daddy's still with the police.

Starr: That's because he's a hero.


Blair: Todd -- Todd!

Guard: Should I call the police?

Starr: Get your hands off of him, you jerk!

Todd: Thank you, Starr.

Blair: Wait -- Todd, come on, you can leave now.

Starr: No. Mom, he saved your life!

Guard: Mrs. Manning?

Blair: It's all right, Ritchie.

Ritchie: You sure?

Blair: We're fine, yes. I'm fine. Just stay within earshot, all right?

Starr: I knew you would do it. I knew you would save her. I knew you wouldn't let that creepy guy hurt her.

Todd: That's right, Starr, I wouldn't, not ever.

Blair: I want you to go upstairs. Now, Starr.

Todd: I'm glad that you're ok.

Blair: What about Cristian? What about Natalie?

Todd: I'm sure they'll be all right.

Blair: Cristian's in the hospital with a gunshot wound. His girlfriend, Natalie, is God knows where probably being tortured by some psychopath. You call that ok?

Todd: I don't know. You think I meant for any of this to happen?

Blair: No, I don't. Cristian got hurt. Natalie got hurt. This time. What about next time? How many people are going to be hurt?

Todd: There isn't going to be a next time.

Blair: There's always a next time with you, Todd, always. Why don't you think about it. How much longer until one of our own children gets hurt, huh?


Cristian: Ow, damn.

Antonio: Grand theft auto of a police car? What, are you delirious?


Jessica: Mom -- Mom, Natalie's tough. It'll be ok.

Viki: Oh, sweetheart, come on. Let's not lie to ourselves, ok? I am so afraid of whatever Mitch is planning, and it's bad.

Jessica: Bo will find them. It'll be fine.

Viki: You know, I feel like I should -- I should know something about what is going on. Something, anything. And I don't. I feel so useless!

Jessica: Listen, why don't you just rest. I'm going to go make us some tea.

Viki: No, don't. Don't go away. Please stay here.

Jessica: Mom, what's going on? What aren't you telling me?

Viki: Oh, Jessie, this is so strange. When Jen Rappaport was found, she was wearing a scarf that she got somehow from Mitch, ok? And that scarf -- it's a white scarf -- has an "L" on it.

Jessica: "L" for "Laurence," right?

Viki: Maybe.

Jessica: Or --

Viki: Or "Lord." Or "Lord," honey, Victor Lord. You don't know this, but every single item of clothing that my father owned had a monogram on it, had "L" on it, including a white scarf. A white scarf that is exactly like the one they found with Jen. I'm sorry, baby. I took one look at that scarf, and my blood ran cold.


Victor: Jessica.

Natalie: Oh --

Mitch: Prep her. We don't have much time.

Victor: Wait. Looks like a fighter, a strong heart.

Mitch: That's right. Take her. You got her?

Nurse: Mm-hmm.

Victor: What took so long?

Mitch: Cristian Vega nearly ruined the whole thing.

Victor: Who?

Mitch: Doesn't matter, he's dead now.

Natalie: No!


Antonio: You are not stealing a police car.

Cristian: Come on, Antonio. Natalie's in trouble. You can't keep me here.

Antonio: You're not going anywhere.

Cristian: Do you want to fight? Huh? Because that's what you're going to have to do to get me out of this car. What if it was Keri out there somewhere, Antonio? Wouldn't you do the exact same thing?

Antonio: Fine. I'm driving.


Mitch: If you want to live another minute, you will shut up.

Victor: What set her off?

Mitch: Oh, that boy I mentioned was her first love. You'll see him sooner than you think, darling.

Victor: Get her ready.

Mitch: Have you signed the documents?

Victor: Not yet.

Mitch: Come here. I have done my part. Now it is up to you to do yours.


Blair: I want you to listen to me. Don't think that I'm not grateful that you tried to help me. And I know that you wanted to be the big hero and everything.

Todd: Oh, no, look, Starr's the one that came up with that whole hero thing. I didn't actually think --

Blair: Todd, just listen to me. Starr may think that you saved me, but we both know you didn't. You brought Natalie to Mitch. And once he saw he had what he wanted, you know what he did? He told his men to take me out to the woods to murder me.

Todd: If I'd known where you were --

Blair: But you didn't. You didn't. And if it weren't for Cristian Vega, I'd be dead right now. And what kind of thanks does he get? You shoot him.

Todd: Yeah, but that was a mistake. I mean, I was trying to shoot Laurence.

Blair: Why didn't you go to the police, Todd?

Todd: Because if I -- the guy said that he would kill you if I went to the cops.

Blair: Wait, wait -- oh, wait, so you take your own niece? You trade her for me?

Todd: It -- I had a plan, right, and I was going to save both of you if Cristian hadn't just messed the whole thing up. I mean, he wasn't even supposed to be there.

Blair: Oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh. Wait, wait, wait. So now it's Cristian Vega's fault. God. You -- you're impossible.

Todd: Ok, I'm not leaving.

Blair: You just don't get it. You know, if it weren't for you, then Mitch Laurence wouldn't have been here in the first place. He was taking our daughter!

Todd: I would have killed him with my bare hands.

Blair: Yeah. And he knew exactly what you would do. He played you like a fiddle. Todd, the whole time I was tied up there in that theater, you know what the only thing that I thought about? All I wanted to do was get back to our children.

Todd: I know how that feels.

Blair: And now your -- your sister, Viki, knows how that feels, too. How could you do it, Todd?

Todd: You know, the plan was for me to take care of Laurence, to get him back for torturing everybody that I care about. How about what he did, huh? Have you just forgotten that? Why is everything suddenly my fault?

Blair: Stop. I can't take it anymore.


[Phone rings]

Bo: Bo Buchanan.

Viki: Bo, hi. It's Viki. I think -- I don't know, I think I've come up with something.

Bo: Yeah, Viki, Nora's here right now. I'm going to put you on speakerphone, ok?

Nora: Hi, Viki.

Viki: Hi, Nora. Hi. You know, I feel so stupid bothering you with this, but Jessie thinks it's important and she wanted me to call, so -- it's about the scarf that you found with Jen.

Bo: Viki thinks it looks like one her father wore.

Viki: Yeah, that's right, that's right. Look, I cannot stop thinking about it, ok? I know I keep trying to convince myself that it's a coincidence. I don't think it is.

Nora: Mitch -- Mitch wouldn't know that you saw the scarf, right?

Viki: No. I mean, I suppose not.

Bo: He's not the type of guy to leave anything to chance.

Nora: Then maybe it was a mistake. Maybe that scarf is more important than we realized.

Bo: Hey, Viki, thanks a lot. If you think of anything else, call me, all right?

Viki: Thanks a lot, Bo. Bye.


Nora: I think we need the --

Both: Victor Lord's files.

Bo: Yeah. I want you to drop what you're doing and bring me everything that we have on Victor Lord, all right? I need it right away. You know, the problem here is that Mitch Laurence could never have known Victor Lord.

Nora: Yeah. It's worth checking out, though.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, you're right. I mean, right now any lead is a good lead.


Jessica: Is this the one?

Viki: Yes. Yes, it is.

Viki: When my father died, I -- I got rid of most of his things. Whatever was left is in there.

Jessica: Are you sure you want to do this? If you could just tell me what you were looking for, then

Viki: No. No, I'm ok. We have to find Natalie. This might be the only way.

Jessica: Maybe Mitch planted the scarf because he knew it would play with your head. He's devious enough to do that.

Viki: That's true. But, honey, how would he know about the scarf?

Jessica: How does he know about anything? Maybe he thought seeing the scarf would --

Viki: No. Niki smith is not coming back.

Jessica: I hope you're right, but we thought that before.

Viki: Yes, well, that's true, isn't it? But I think that at this point, I would fight to the death to keep anything from taking me away from you and Natalie again. So, I am not afraid to do this. Are you?

Jessica: No. Not if you think it's going to help us find Natalie.

Viki: I can't think of any other way. There's such an enormous piece of this puzzle that is missing.

Jessica: Maybe I should call uncle Bo.

Viki: No, no, no. No, not yet. Ok? You know, I -- I haven't even looked in this trunk since the day I packed it up after father died. And I spent so many years blocking out my past, and that's the cause of so many terrible things that happened to me. (Female announcer) folks here appreciate things that last a good, long time.


Todd: I messed up.

Blair: Don't insult me by --

Todd: Hey, are you going to listen to me or not?

Blair: Do I have a choice?

Todd: Yes, of -- yes. I messed up, ok? I admit it. I wasn't always able to do that, you know.

Blair: Well, it doesn't make it --

Todd: No, hold on. I'm not finished, all right? Maybe I should've gone to the police, all right? I don't know. I was scared. And all I knew was that I had to get you out of there.

Blair: I understand that, but it doesn't --

Todd: I'm not finished.

Blair: I am tired!

Todd: Will you let me finish? Well, then stop talking! Look, we both -- we both love our kids, all right? But that's not why I'm with you or you're with me. You know that.

Blair: What is it, then, Todd?

Todd: We need each other.

Blair: Maybe -- maybe you're just a -- a habit, a really --

Todd: No.

Blair: Really, really bad habit.

Todd: Don't even say that.

Blair: Maybe I'm addicted to you. Maybe I'm just addicted to your misery. You're my drug and -- maybe I am never, ever going to be healthy until I'm away from you, Todd.

Todd: I stayed on a raft in the middle of the south pacific to try to get back to you.

Blair: You told me you came back for the kids.

Todd: We both know that wasn't true. Look, Blair, look, we're -- we're damaged goods. And for my own part, look, I know it's not my fault. I got two fathers. I got peter manning, bad. I got Victor Lord, even worse. Come on, you got to give me some credit here for even being able to act like a human being.

Blair: Well, we all have to grow up sometime, Todd.

Todd: Yeah, I had to grow up because of you. Blair, I didn't know who I wanted to be until I met you.

Blair: What?

Todd: I know, before that, I didn't think that I was going to be able to fit in with anybody. But --

Blair: But what, Todd?

Todd: I'm not giving up. Not as long as you're still breathing.


Bo: You know, why don't you grab a box of these files. You can take them to your new office. You can spread everything out, then.

Nora: I'm fine. I've been trying to make heads or tails of this coroner's report. Would you like to take a stab at this?

Bo: No, no, I already gave up. I faxed it over to the hospital. They're sending somebody over. In fact, he ought to be here any minute.

Nora: Well, here's the "reader's digest" version. Victor Lord was suffocated.

Bo: And Dorian was tried and convicted.

Nora: Yeah, but Viki was the real killer.

Bo: I know, but it was one of her alters.

Nora: Right, right. We're not seeing something.

Bo: I think it has to do with the medical files we found at Laurence's house. Donor matching info on both Natalie and Jessica.

Nora: Maybe he was using it to prove paternity?

Bo: Yeah. You know, I think we could both use a break. Why don't you go over to your office, then you could stretch out, at least maybe get some rest.

Nora: Ok, what is going on with you?

Bo: What?

Nora: You. What is going on? You trying to get rid of me?

Bo: No.

Nora: Yeah, you are. You're trying to get rid of me. I know you. I know you too well, Bo Buchanan. Talk. Fess up.

Gabrielle: I'm not interrupting, am I?

Bo: No, no, no. And your timing is perfect. Let's see -- oh, god, breakfast.

Gabrielle: I had a feeling it had something to do with work, that you just got carried away with the time.

Nora: Time? Oh, what time is it?

Bo: I don't know. We've been through everything. All these files in the office -- been through them twice, you know. We're batting zero.

Gabrielle: How about a little brain food, then?

Bo: Oh, god, you're the greatest, you know? It won't happen again.

Gabrielle: Don't make promises you can't keep. Nora, there's enough here for three of us.

Nora: That's really sweet. Thank you. You know what? I'm going to go splash some water on my face. Excuse me. Oh! I'm sorry.


Jessica: Mom, what is it?

Viki: It's -- it's -- I guess it's the smell. His cigars.

Jessica: I'm going to get rid of these.

Viki: No.

Viki: Chinese silk. He had everything made, you know, custom made. Sometimes several things of each item. Oh, my god.

Jessica: Is it the same?

Viki: Yeah. Oh, Lord, I was so hoping it wouldn't be. I was so hoping it was just the initial or the association. It's the exact same scarf that Bo has in his office. How the hell does Mitch Laurence know about this scarf?

Jessica: Photographs?

Viki: Oh, honey, I -- no, I don't think so.

Jessica: This is beautiful.

Viki: I can't even believe I kept that.

Jessica: Mom, what is it?


Victor: You're a Lord. Never forget that, Victoria. Never forget.


Natalie: Cristian?


[Music plays]

[Cristian turns off radio]

Cristian: Why are you even bothering if you don't think we're going to find Natalie?

Antonio: Because my badge will open up doors you'd have to knock down, and I don't want to see you wind up in jail.

Cristian: Hey, I can handle it, all right?

Antonio: That's how you got shot. Anyway, if there's a Dr. Sanders at this clinic, then we finally have a lead on what Laurence is up to.

Cristian: Wait a minute. Who's sanders?

Antonio: His name came up all over medical records we found at Laurence's house.

Cristian: Damn it, Antonio! If you've got a name, why haven't you found this guy?

Antonio: How many Dr. Sanders do you think there are in the U.S.?

Cristian: All right, just drive faster, all right? We got to get to Natalie before it's too late.


Todd: I'm not over you, Blair. I'll probably never be over you.

Blair: It doesn't make a life, Todd. Look at us. Look at us. We're a complete mess. We're apart more than we're together.

Todd: You need me.

Blair: I don't know what I need anymore, Todd.

Todd: I -- you got to tell me what that means.

Blair: You know what? With you, there's always something. There's always, like, a lie or a power play. And you know what? If it were just me -- if it were just me, I could put up with you a little longer. But it's not. It's about our kids, Todd. Our kids.

Todd: Yeah, two kids. And they need both of their parents.

Blair: Not when one of them is you.

Todd: How can you say that?

Blair: Starr. Do you see her -- do you see them suffer? Do you see her? She doesn't know, she doesn't understand, she doesn't know when you leave and when you're coming back, when you disappear. She doesn't understand all of that.

Todd: So I'll stay. Fine. And everybody wins.

Blair: God, don't you want our children to have a normal childhood, Todd?

Todd: Normal?

Blair: Yes, that's what I want for them! God help me, you should, too!

Todd: What are you trying to say to me, Blair?

Blair: I'm asking you if you'll just love them enough to leave them.


Troy: I -- I wasn't expecting to see you here.

Nora: I work here now. What are you doing here?

Troy: I just came to see Bo.

Nora: Oh, you're the medical expert.

Troy: Yeah.

Nora: Well, Bo's right in there. I would knock first if I were you.

Troy: Nora, I left you a bunch of messages.

Nora: You know what? I don't really think there's anything to talk about. And I hope that you and Lindsay will be very happy together.

Troy: Come on, Nora, I'm not with Lindsay.

Nora: Really? Could have fooled me.

Troy: Nora --


Bo: Dr. Maciver, come on in.

Troy: Yeah. Hey, Gabrielle. How are you?

Gabrielle: Dr. Maciver. Bo, I think I'm going to need to get to "the banner." Do you think you'll be free for lunch?

Bo: I'll call you.

Gabrielle: I'm not going to hold my breath.

Bo: Oh --

Gabrielle: Bye.

Bo: So, did you get that material that I faxed over to you?

Troy: Yeah, I did. Look, Bo, I got to tell you, I never heard of donor information being part of a simple paternity test.

Bo: Nothing is simple about this.

Troy: Yeah. Well, even so --

Bo: Why, did you find something?

Troy: Maybe. You know, Jessica has a very rare blood type. In fact, no one else in her family shares it. No one else living, that is. According to these records, only her paternal grandfather, Victor Lord, has the same blood type.

Bo: What about Natalie, then?

Troy: No. No, Natalie is a completely different blood type. Let me ask you something. Has Jessica ever been a candidate for a transplant? Plasma? Bone marrow? Even organ?

Bo: No. No, no. And not from Victor Lord. I mean, he was dead long before she was even born. So could it be something else?

Troy: It's tough to tell from these records, but, Bo, I want you to know -- these blood types, we're talking one in 100,000 here.

Bo: Thank you. That's really helpful. Thanks a lot. You know what? I really appreciate you doing all this on such short notice.

Troy: Well, you need anything else, you just give me a call.

Bo: I will. Thanks.

Troy: All right.


Nora: I'm glad that you haven't left yet. I have something for you. Take it.

Troy: Nora, I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you.

Nora: Oh, please. Please don't.

Nora: Excuse me.


Jessica: Do you want me to finish up here?

Viki: No. No, I'm fine. My father forfeited the right to any of my feelings a long time ago.

Jessica: He's still your father.

Viki: In name only. Although, I certainly wish that I had not been the one --

Jessica: Mom -- mom, you didn't kill him.

Viki: Yes, I did, Jessica. Yes, I did. I know it was one of my alters, but they are a part of me and I am responsible for everything that they do.

Jessica: He was an evil man. He was an evil man.

Viki: Yes, he was. We both have pretty dreadful fathers, don't we? Jessie, I'd have done anything to have spared you that.

Jessica: Let's just concentrate on helping Natalie, ok?

Viki: This means something. This scarf means something. I know it means something.

Jessica: What do you think Mitch wants, mom?

Viki: I don't know. But the idea that his plan is in any way connected with my dead father -- I have to think that Natalie is in terrible, terrible danger.


Todd: You just want me to leave?

Blair: For Starr and jack's sake.

Todd: No. What about you? What do you want?

Blair: I love you, Todd. Part of me I know always will. But I can't breathe when I'm with you. Please, let me be free.

Todd: Ok. I'm just going to go say good-bye to the kids.

Blair: No! No, no, no. It'll -- it'll just upset them. Please, no.

Todd: Um -- I'll just give them a quick hello, then.

Blair: No. Oh.


[Todd leaves]

Todd: My -- my family's in there.

Ritchie: Yeah? So?

Todd: So, I'm going now. But I'm going to come back really soon. And if anything happens to them, I'm going to kill you.


Bo: You know, Victor Lord was dead way before Jessica was even born. So as far as the blood typing, I can't see that having anything to do with Laurence.

Nora: Well, not yet, anyway. Oh, thank you.

Bo: Some connection. I mean, I don't -- is there anything in here?

Nora: I just gave it a cursory read. Nothing so far.

Bo: Well, the answer is somewhere in this room. For all we know, Natalie's life could be riding on it.

Nora: I think of Natalie alone with that creep --

Bo: We'll come up with something. You know, Nora, I saw you earlier with Troy.

Nora: Yeah, right.

Bo: I'm sorry. I was trying to get you out of here. You know what? I should have just told you --

Nora: It's ok, Bo. Ok? Forget it. I'm fine. Hey.

Bo: Hmm?

Nora: Hey, look at this, Bo.

Bo: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Nora: Was Viki at home when she called?

Bo: Let's go.


Antonio: I'd like to see Mr. Sanders right away.

Receptionist: Are you selling something?

Antonio: Oh, that's cute. I'm Det. Vega from the Llanview police department.

Receptionist: I'll have to check with his secretary.

[Phone rings]

Man: Yes?

Receptionist: Is Mr. Sanders in?

Man: What?

Receptionist: There's a police officer here, and he'd like to speak with him.

Man: I'm -- I'm not here. Tell him I won't be back until tomorrow.


Mitch: Don't fight it, Natalie. Just relax. All your worries will be over very, very soon.


Receptionist: Mr. Sanders won't be in today. He's gone. That is, if you'd like to leave your number.

Antonio: Is he at home?

Receptionist: I have no idea, but if you care to leave --

Cristian: Oh!

Antonio: What's wrong?

Cristian: I don't know. It's -- something's wrong.

Antonio: My brother needs a doctor.

Cristian: Oh, man!

Receptionist: The clinic's right through there. Here, let me help.

Cristian: No.

Antonio: Damn it! My brother needs a doctor right away. Tell him he can't be moved. Now!

Receptionist: Stay right where you are.

[Cristian moans]

Cristian: Man. She's lying.

Antonio: Let's check it out.

Cristian: That guy's in there.


Bo: You're right, Viki, that's identical to the scarf that Jen was wearing when she was found.

Viki: Does this make any sense to either one of you? I am convinced that this is Mitch just trying to unnerve me, right? He's hoping that -- I don't know -- one of my alters will come back or something like that. But it's not going to happen, all right? I just have this weird, weird feeling. It's like my father is reaching out to me from beyond the grave. And I know that's impossible. This has to be Mitch manipulating me, right?

Bo: I'm not so sure.

Viki: Why?

Nora: Ok, we have a few disparate facts. First, we know that Mitch has a bottle of hair coloring -- blond.

Jessica: Well, it's obviously to change his appearance, right?

Viki: Is that what you think it is?

Nora: Also, we know that Jessica and Victor Lord share a very rare blood type.

Viki: Well, yes. I mean, I -- I actually knew that. Why is that important?

Bo: Well, there is something else, and it's the reason we came right over. Now, Victor Lord's body was removed from the morgue almost immediately after it was delivered there. I mean, within minutes.

Viki: Where'd they take him?

Nora: Well, to a private mortuary. But within minutes -- that's very unusual.

Viki: I'm -- what are you saying?

Bo: I know that this sounds really crazy, Viki, but what if it wasn't Victor Lord that was buried in that coffin?


Mitch: What's with the cooler?

Nurse: It's to transport the organ.

Mitch: Oh.

Nurse: The surgeon will be here shortly, sir.

Mitch: Good. Good, good, good, good.

Victor: Is she under?

Mitch: Not until you sign. It's up to you, old man. How do you want this to end?

Victor: You are cold.

Mitch: Me? You're willing to kill your own granddaughter.

Victor: It's either me or her. And I want to live.

Mitch: Well, you won't unless you sign.

Victor: You'd kill your own daughter?

Mitch: Oh, Jessica despises me. I may as well get something out of the relationship. Now, sign.

Mitch: It's a go.


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Cristian: Where's Natalie Buchanan?

Dr. Sanders: I don't know anyone by that name.

Antonio: Yeah? What about Mitch Laurence?

Viki: What possible connection could Mitch Laurence have to my father?

Mitch: You never gave me your heart. And now you'll be giving it to someone else.

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