OLTL Transcript Wednesday 2/19/03

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 2/19/03

By Eric
Proofread by Linda

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Viki: Welcome to a very special day at "One Life to Live," a day that you, our fans, have asked for. The lovers that you want to see together, the friends, the families, the stories, your favorite dreams, because that's what "One Life to Live" is. It's all the dreams that we dream. So come with me now. Let's see what's playing at the Llanview. "Starr over Broadway." Dreams of fame and fortune. "Every woman's dream," starring Lindsay Rappaport. Must be a love story.

Ah. Dreams of glamour and danger. "Licensed to kiss"? The name is Holden. Max Holden.

Viki: The "Vortex"? Dreams of heroes and heroines -- with the Vegas. And dreams of action and adventure. I think I'd like to see this  first. Let's go in.


Asa: That'll do it, boys. Go on, turn in, we got a long day tomorrow.

Bo: You know, pa, that fence on the west ridge, it's down again. Wiley found four head all the way down there by the river.

Asa: Good. You know what? That'll stop that damn rustler Mitch Laurence from getting his greasy, filthy paws on them.

Bo: Pa, we got no proof that Laurence is the one stealing from the herd.

Asa: I don't need proof, Bo. I know in my gut. Renee?

Renee: Oh, lordy, it's late. I was starting to get worried.

Bo: Clint?

Joey: Pa!

Bo: What's going on?

Clint: Fetch me some water and some towels. Quick. She's hurt. And she's hurt bad.


Viki: Suspense and excitement. But what about romance? Oh, the Vega brothers and the women who love them.


Cristian: Are you through?

Flash: I'm locked. Natalie's in there. She's strung up and looks to be wired like Fat Boy Slim's boom box.

Cristian: Collar bomb with a countdown. We got to get inside.

Antonio: If that door's rigged with some kind of infrared, we go in, she blows up.

Keri: You always got to be such a pessimist?

Antonio: Yeah.

Cristian: Can you bypass?

Flash: Let's hope so.


Viki: Oh. Those gorgeous Vegas. And, oh, that 006. Here's a story from Luna with love.


Max: The pistol fires a stinger missile, which is activated by pressing my cufflink.

Luna: Oh.

Max: Come on, l. Let's just break the rules this once. We'll fly to the Bahamas, you and me. Moonlit walks on the beach, sleeping under the stars.

L: 006, this is no time to break the rules. Now, do you understand your mission? You have to penetrate Dr. Mean's evil organization and steal the start button to the doomsday machine.

006: And where do I find this Dr. Mean?

L: He's at the casino Du Monde every night with his beautiful mistress, Roxy Goldmuff.

006: Hmm.

L: And remember, you're licensed to kiss and that's all. And that's an order. Don't lose this. This is an antidote for poison. Keep this close to your heart at all times, 006.

006: "The wise sayings of Luna moody."

L: That's right. And remember, darling, don't underestimate Dr. Mean. Oh. Good luck, 006.


Viki: I love a love story. I wonder what Lindsay's could be.


Lindsay: A Manhattan? Great, but I --

Al: The gentleman over there was hoping you'd accept this. He'd like to --

Lindsay: But how did he know that that's my favorite drink? Oh, well, never mind. Would you thank him for me? It's not been an easy day. In fact, it's not been an easy week, an easy month, an easy year. It hasn't been easy at all.

Al: I'm sorry to hear that, miss. You seem like a very nice lady to me.

Lindsay: Life hasn't always treated me like a lady.

Tad: That's about to change. May I?

Lindsay: Do I know you?

Tad: Not yet. But from the second I saw you across the room, I swear I felt an incredible connection.

Lindsay: Yes. I feel it, too.

Tad: My name is Thaddeus. My friends call me tad.

Lindsay: I'm Lindsay.

Tad: It's certainly a pleasure meeting you, Lindsay.


Viki: Look at Starr. Don't you just feel like that sometimes -- got to sing, got to dance? I do.


[Music plays]

Starr: I want to be a star like you and Rae, mom.

Blair: You will someday, honey. Oh -- where is Rae? It's opening night and we have to be a hit. I mean, a really big hit. And we have to practice that jazz number.

Starr: I know the number, mom. I know the steps, I know the routine, and I can do it. Just let me do it, mom.

Blair: Oh --

[Blair gasps]

Todd: Stop the presses. We've been evicted!

Blair: Evicted?

Todd: Oh! And we're bankrupt!

Blair: Oh! You mean we can't open tonight?

Todd: Doll face, unless an angel walks through that door right now with a briefcase full of cash, this show is over.

Viki: I beg your pardon.

Viki: I'm looking for a Broadway show to invest in.


Clint: I was riding back from town along the north ridge when I spotter her. All I could get her to say was "Natalie."

Viki: What about Natalie?

Clint: She -- she went unconscious before I could get anything else out of her.

Viki: Baby.

Clint: Jessie -- Jessie, honey, can you hear me?

Jessica: No. Stay away. Let her go.

Clint: No, Jessie, Jessie, it's ok. It's ok, you're home now. It's me, your pa.

Jessica: Daddy. He has Natalie. We have to go get her.

Bo: Who's got her, jess?

Jessica: Mitch.

Bo: Saddle the horses.

Asa: Laurence -- lowdown son of a gun. Get the rest of the boys. You two ready?

Bo: Ready, pa.

Clint: Ready, pa.

Asa: Then let's ride.


Flash: Found it, found it. There's a glitch in the infra.

Cristian: Come on, we're running out of time.

Flash: We don't do this right, time won't matter anymore and Natalie will be the bomb that blows that vortex wide open. Are you ready to live with that? I'm a genius. Bypass city.

Antonio: Too easy. Something's wrong.

Flash: You call that easy? Why do you always have to bring me down?

Cristian: Come on. Let's do it.

Flash: Contact.

Cristian: You ok?


Natalie: Jen's here. She's inside.


Jen: Now, how did I know you'd show up?


Roxy: Yes!

Rex: Number six! You win again, miss Goldmuff.

R.J.: Well done, Goldmuff. Number four.

Roxy: Thanks, mean.

Dr. Mean: That's Dr. Mean.

Roxy: Sorry, man.

Dr. Mean: Now, if 006 does show up, you do know what to do.

Roxy: Oh, I know what to do.

Dr. Mean: Very good. I should go make sure our hovercraft is waiting.

Rex: Place your bets. Everyone, place your bets.

006: $1 million on double o.

Rex: Double o it is! The gentleman wins.

006: The name is Holden. Max Holden.

Roxy: The name is Goldmuff, Roxy Goldmuff. You want a drink?

006: Martini, very dry, shaken, not stirred.

Roxy: Shaken, not stirred.


Tad: Tell me something. Do you think it can happen like this, true love? Two people see each other across a bar, two perfect strangers in a little town where nothing much happens?

Lindsay: Well, actually, quite a lot happens here.

Tad: Actually, it's a rhetorical question. You know something? I think I would like to kiss you. Oh, hell, I know I'd like to kiss you.

Lindsay: No, no, no, I can't. I really don't know anything about you.

Tad: You know all you need to. You know the way you feel, don't you? And you feel it. I know you do -- the way we look at each other like we've known each other our entire lives. Lindsay, don't you feel that magnificent connection?

Lindsay: Yes. Yes, god help me, I do.

Al: Telephone for Mr. Tad Martin. Mr. Martin?

Tad: I'll be right back. That's me. Here, you buy yourself something pretty. Oh, two more double manhattans.

Lindsay: I'll have the same.

Tad: Yeah? No. No. No. Because I can't go on living a lie with you anymore. I don't love you. Not anymore. Well, you're just going to have to forgive me because I've just met the woman of my dreams. In a bar. No, I'm not kidding. I met her this evening in the palace bar. And as far as I'm concerned, she's one in a million. A love like this is older than time. It's stronger than death. Let me tell you something, if I am drunk, I'm going to stay that way. Hello? Hello? She hung up.

Lindsay: "She"?

Tad: Doesn't matter.

Lindsay: How am I supposed to trust you when every man I've ever fallen in love with has left me for someone else?

Tad: Because I guarantee your heart will never, ever be broken again.

Troy: Don't listen to him, Lindsay. I love you. I've never loved anyone else. It's more than this man can say. This man is marrying another woman tomorrow.


Todd: Ok, lady, what are you really here for? Because if you're here to collect, get in line.

Viki: No, you don't understand. I'm not here to collect anything. I came all the way from Llanview to invest my money in a great big Broadway show. I got $50,000.

[Show music plays]

Todd: Lady! You're not from Llanview! You're from heaven! It's Showtime! We got a show to go live in the theater in -- oh, god -- 15 minutes.

Blair: Oh!

Viki: We're going to be such a hit. I can feel it! Blair and Rae, the best sister act.

Todd: Wait a minute. Where is Rae?

Starr: She's always late.

Rae: I'm here!

Blair: There she is, thank goodness.

Blair and Viki: Oh, no!


Man: Hey, boss, what if she made it? I mean, what if she got all the way home?

Mitch: It's 20 degrees out there, she barefoot, no coat, and she got a bullet in her shoulder. Ain't nobody going to make it through that.

Man: I'm out. Going for a smoke.

Mitch: Keep your eyes open out there.

Bo: If you play your cards right tonight --

Clint: You just might be alive come morning.

[Gun cocks]


Cristian: Let her go, Jen. It's me you want.

Jen: That's right, it is. You broke my heart, Cristian. I let you in, taught you the secrets. I made you a part of the vortex. And you turn around and throw it away. For what? For her?

Cristian: Natalie's my way out. She's my hope.

Jen: Look around, Cristian. There's no way out of here. The vortex is everywhere and growing. Pretty soon there will be no world left except for here. And in here, there's no room for love.

Antonio: Think fast.

Cristian: There's a keypad on the back. Give me a code.

Flash: Punch 8849. Lucky guess.


Flash: Damn it, it's going to blow.

Jen: That's right, and nobody's going anywhere.

Roxy: Shaken, not stirred.

006: Sorry, but I said stirred, not shaken.

Roxy: So what's the diff?

006: If you have to ask, you'll never know.

Roxy: What, are you trying to hypnotize me?

006: It's my lucky crystal. I always rub it for good luck. Somehow I get the feeling that you have a heart of gold underneath that gold exterior.

Roxy: That's right. And I got a feeling I'm falling for you.

006: Then leave me and come over to the good side. Give me your muff. I think it's a little cold. Good girl. Now, tell me where I can find mean.

Dr. Mean: I'm right here, Mr. Holden. Or should I say 006?

Tad: It's true. I've been married before, more than once. But that doesn't matter now. My life up to now has been a hollow, shallow dream. I haven't lived until today. Please, please, Lindsay, marry me.

Troy: Lindsay, you don't even know this man.

Tad: For god's sake.

Troy: He's lying to you. Marry me.

Lindsay: But you're the one that's been lying to me. You've been lying to me for months. You gave me your body, and you gave your heart to another woman.

Tad: Lindsay?

Lindsay: Yes, tad?

Tad: I'm going to kiss you. I'm going to kiss you now and I'm going to kiss you long and I'm going to kiss you slow. But make no mistake, I'm going to kiss you. Yeah, like that. And all you've got to do is say yes. "Yes, tad, I will marry you."

Lindsay: I never thought in a million years that my poor mangled heart would be able to be opened to another man. Sorry, troy.

Troy: No.

Lindsay: Yes. The truth is that, you know, you -- you pretended to love me, but all along, you were in love with --

tad: Nora.

Lindsay: How did you know that?

Troy: Nora.

Lindsay: What, is there an echo in here? Yes, Nora. Nora?

Nora: Hello, Lindsay. Hello, troy. Hello, tad.

Lindsay: How do you know tad?

Nora: How do I know tad? How do you know tad?

Troy: That's what I've been trying to tell you. Tad and Nora are engaged to be married.

Blair: Oh, Rae! This was our big chance!

Rae: I know. I feel awful.

[Starr coughs]

Starr: Mom, I can do it. I know the routine. I know the whole thing. Just let me go on!

Blair: No, honey, no.

Todd: Yeah. Scram, kid! You're just a kid, kid!

Starr: No, I can do it!

Viki: Listen to me. I know she's just a kid, but I've watched her work, and she's good. She's really good.

Todd: Are you sure?

Viki: Sure, I'm sure.

Starr: Oh, mom, I can do it.

Todd: All right, kid! Go get your costume on. This is your big chance.

Starr: Really? You mean it?

Todd: Yeah, I mean it! Don't just stand there! Go get ready!

Starr: Mom!

Blair: Go get ready, sweetheart.

Todd: Gee whiz, that was fast!

Rae: You're going to do fine, kid!

Starr: The whole show is counting on me. I'm scared. I'm really, really scared.

Viki: You listen to me. You may be going out there a little girl, but you're coming back a star!

Blair: You are going to be great. So it's just you and me, so you ready?

Starr: Yeah.

Blair: Five, six a-five, six, seven, eight

Viki: Welcome back to this very special episode of "One Life to Live," an episode that is completely devoted to our fans' requests, all the characters and the couples that you asked for, your dreams of Llanview.

Mitch: You all right?

Man: Sure. Just cold outside.

Clint: Drop it, Laurence. Now. Where is she?

Mitch: Who?

Clint: Don't play your games with me, or I swear I'll send you straight to hell. Now, where's my daughter?

Jen: Either you stay here with me, Cristian, or you all die.

Keri: What the hell's happening?

Flash: It's Gannon.

Antonio: He's pulling us out.

Jen: I'd rather kill you than let you go.

Natalie: In your dreams, cybergirl.

006: This doomsday device?

Dr. Mean: The very same. And you know what it says, hmm? It says the world has two minutes and 59 seconds left.

006: You're a sick man, Dr. Mean. But if you set the doomsday device loose on the earth, what will you rule?

Dr. Mean: The universe, Mr. Holden. The universe.

Roxy: Ah!

Dr. Mean: Ah, no, Mr. Holden. If you shoot me, I kill Ms. Muff.

Roxy: Shoot him, Max, shoot him right through me because if you don't, he's going to blow up the world. He's a lunatic. He's a bad man. He's a whack job.

006: A gentleman has to play by the rules. You win, Dr. Mean.

Dr. Mean: I always win. Now, Ms. Muff, hand Mr. Holden his martini, hmm? It is stirred, not shaken.

Roxy: I'm a dead woman anyway. The martini is poisoned. Save the world, Max!

Dr. Mean: What a silly woman. Oh, well. Good-bye, Mr. Holden. Better luck in the sequel.

Lindsay: So, you're the one that tad was talking to on the phone and who troy said tad's supposed to marry tomorrow.

Nora: And you're the one that he claims to love with a love older than time.

Tad: That's right. And I don't apologize for it, either. You're just going to have to understand, Nora, because this is the woman I've been waiting my whole life for. Whether you like it or not, we're engaged.

Nora: Really? So soon? But what about us?

Tad: Oh, Nora, wake up. Snap out of it. Get a clue. Love doesn't take that long, not when you share so much in common, not when you feel like your very destiny is written on the wind. You can't fight fate.

Lindsay: You say you want to be my friend? Be my friend. Give him up.

Clint: Get over there, Laurence! Natalie.

Natalie: Dad.

Clint: You ok?

Natalie: Yeah, I just -- I was so scared. I didn't know if you'd find me. I didn't -- I didn't know if you'd come.

Clint: Nothing on this green earth could keep me from coming for you.

Asa: Let's go.

Bo: Clint?

Clint: Give us a minute.

Natalie: I was so scared.

Clint: And so was I. But you're my daughter, Natalie, and I love you. I know it's been tough on you, real tough on you, falling into this family after all this time and after all you've been through, trying to fit in and wondering if you could or would. But you know what? You've found a place in our lives and in our hearts, and it's as if you'd been right here with us all along. And I'm not about to let anything mess that up. Now, we lost a lot of time. We lost a whole bunch of time, but, you know, that was back then and this is here and now. So what do you say we get to it?

Natalie: We got a lot of catching up to do.

Clint: You bet your boots we do, so, what do you say we just go on home?

[Machine hums]

[Hank turns off machine]

Antonio: Hank. We're back. What happened?

Hank: You don't want to know.

[Dr. Mean coughs]

006: This is an antidote. Quick, drink it.

Roxy: Oh. What a guy. I thought you were dead. You must have more than One Life to Live.

006: Luna's sayings, number 12 -- always be prepared.

Roxy: Dr. Mean got away, and he took your gun.

006: Well, too bad he didn't take my cufflinks, too. Three, two, one.


Roxy: Was it good for you, baby?

006: Oh. Six seconds to spare.

Roxy: You saved the world, Max. So how about saving me? Bright lights, big city.

L: Uh -- Max?

Nora: I do want to be your friend, Lindsay, your best friend. Tell me, where did we go wrong?

Lindsay: Where did we go wrong? You made me do all those terrible things to you, and then when I got put in prison, you took troy away from me.

Nora: You're right. It's all my fault. Everything's been my fault. I don't blame you for blaming me for your miscarriage. I don't blame you for telling everyone that I was dead.

Troy: My god, Nora. How do you even live with yourself?

Nora: I don't know.

Tad: Don't you have any self-respect?

Nora: I -- can you ever forgive me, Lindsay?

Tad: Only a saint could forgive you. Good-bye, Nora.

Nora: Oh --

troy: Good-bye, Nora.

: Your friends left?

Nora: Leave them.

Lindsay: I forgive you, Nora. I forgive you.

Blair: Come on, babe why don't we paint the town and all that jazz

Starr: I'm gonna rouge my knees and roll my stockings down and all that jazz

both: Start the car I know a whoopee spot where the gin is cold but the piano's hot it's just a noisy hall where there's a nightly brawl and all that jazz

Blair: Oh I'm gonna see my Sheba shimmy shake and all that jazz

Starr: Oh she's gonna shimmy till her garters break

both: And all that jazz

Starr: Show her where to park her girdle

Blair: Oh her mother's blood will curdle

both: If she hears her baby's queer for all that jazz

Blair: Find a flask I'm playing fast and loose and all that jazz

Starr: Right up here is where I store the juice

both: And all that jazz come on, babe we're gonna brush the sky I betcha lucky Lindy never flew so high 'cause in the stratosphere could you lend an ear to all that jazz?

Blair: No I'm no one's wife but

Starr: Oh I love my life

both: And all that jazz that jazz


Todd: Oh! You were terrific, kid!

Rae: I was so proud of you!

Viki: You did it, sweetheart. You went out a kid, you came back a star!

Todd: Next stop, Hollywood!

Starr: Hollywood? Did you hear that, mom?

Blair: Oh, I sure did, sweetie. I sure did.

Starr: I'm going to be a star! I'm going to be a star!

Hank: I got you all out just in time.

Natalie: What about the vortex?

Hank: Imploded, right in on itself.

Cristian: And Jen?

Hank: It took her with it.

Cristian: So what happens now?

Hank: You forget about that, all of you. You did what you had to do. Good work.

Keri: Let's go home.

Antonio: Home sounds good. See you around. Try to stay out of trouble, little brother.

Flash: Gannon, buy me a vodka gimlet.

Hank: Sure. Why not? I feel like something green.

Cristian: You ok?

Natalie: Hey, we saved the world today. You saved my life.

006: The helicopter inflated beautifully. But tell j that his parachute needs a little work.

L: Well, I'm just glad that miss Goldmuff made a complete recovery.

006: Yes. Now, how about we break those rules and take a little trip?

L: Well, a trip to where?

006: Paradise.

L: Oh. What -- what are you doing?

006: Read my file. I'm licensed to kiss. Only you.

L: Oh.


Lindsay: Old times, good friends.

Nora: Good times, old friends. Let's never fight again.

Lindsay: Never.

Nora: Let's go shopping.

Lindsay: No.

Nora: No?

Lindsay: No! Let's go eat chocolate first. And then we'll go shopping.

Nora: You're right, Lindsay. You're always right. This is every woman's dream.


Asa: See, boys? This is what I mean. Everything we do is for this. It's all that matters. The hardships, money problems, the lowlifes that try to take it away from us. We will survive them, all because of family.

Bo: Hey, Viki. What are you doing here?

Viki: Oh, Bo, I've had the most wonderful time. Doing what?

Bo: There's nothing here but a bunch of old movie posters.

Viki: No. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. Your dreams and ours. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Bo: Hey, come on. Just keep on a-dreaming.

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