OLTL Transcript Wednesday 2/12/03

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 2/12/03

By Eric
Proofread by Linda

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 Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Antonio: Keri, the baby -- she's mine -- mine and your mother's.

Keri: I never want to see either of them again.

Sam: That's a D.N.A. File.

Bo: Yeah, on Natalie Buchanan.

Cristian: Hey, Natalie, we need to get you to a doctor.

Mitch: Where is Natalie?

Todd: How am I supposed to know that?

Mitch: Find out if you want to see your wife again.


Dr. Conklin: Antonio.

Antonio: Dr. Conklin, how is she?

Dr. Conklin: She's recovering nicely.

Antonio: And the baby?

Dr. Conklin: Well, I'm on my way to N.I.C. To check on her now. 3E4AB61F.JPG

Liz: Oh. May I go with you, please?

Dr. Conklin: Of course.


R.J.: You're not wanted here, Vega.

Antonio: You're not going to keep me away from her forever.

Keri: R.J.

R.J.: My daughter's calling me.


[Music plays]

Gabrielle: A busy day?

Bo: Yeah, I've been working and waiting. Waiting. I'm waiting for -- to hear from a cop that I sent up to check on Cristian and Natalie, waiting for Jen Rappaport to come around.

Gabrielle: She still hasn't woken up yet?

Bo: Well, she's in and out. Mostly out, but from what she's told us so far, it looks like she may be the key to locking up Mitch Laurence, you know, at least temporarily. 3E4AB660.JPG

Gabrielle: Oh, she's finally doing something right, is she?

Bo: Uh --

Gabrielle: I'm sorry. Mother's intuition.

[Phone rings]

Gabrielle: Oh! It's all right. It's all right.

Bo: Buchanan. All right. No, give me a minute, and then send him on in.

Gabrielle: We only have one minute?

Bo: Yeah, but I'm sorry.

Gabrielle: Well, let's make it a minute to remember.

[Gabrielle chuckles]


Hank: Judge Fitzwater is signing off on the warrant as we speak, so you go pick it up.

Officer: Yes, sir.

Hank: Ok? Great. Hey, hey, hey! Do that again, I'm going to charge you with assault. 3E4AB68E.JPG

Nora: It provoked me.

Hank: Ah. Spoken like a true defense attorney. How are you doing?

Nora: What? Me? Fine, great, good. Great, actually.

Hank: Ah.

Nora: Really good.

Hank: You just caught your fiancé cheating on you with your worst enemy, and you're doing good, fine, and great?

Nora: Ok, I'm not going to sit around and feel sorry for myself, all right? I'm moving on -- as soon as I can figure out how.

Hank: Maybe I can help you with that -- if you're interested.


Jen: Mom?

Lindsay: Jen?

Jen: Where -- 3E4AB6B2.JPG

Lindsay: Oh, thank god.

Jen: Where am I?

Lindsay: You're in the hospital.

Jen: Oh --

Lindsay: No, you're going to be all right.

Jen: Call the police. I have to tell them something.

Lindsay: No. No. You have to stay calm.

Jen: They have to stop Mitch Laurence. He's going to do something terrible to Jessica and Natalie.


Mitch: I want my wife brought to me --

Blair: Ugh!

Mitch: By nightfall. And if I were you, I would start praying that that husband of yours gets her for me.

Blair: Ugh. Ugh!

Mitch: Watch her closely. I'll be back. 3E4AB6EF.JPG


Blair: Who's there?


[Man wheezes]

[Man coughs]

Nurse: Hold on, sir. He'll be here soon.


Officer: Cristian? Natalie? It's Officer Naylor.

Officer. Naylor: Yeah, it's Naylor. Put me through to the police commissioner.


Nora: Thank you. My client wants a deal, Hank. Oh, come on, it's a win-win situation. A chain of custody was broken, and you know it.

Hank: You really like being a defense attorney?

Nora: This isn't personal, Hank. The evidence was left unattended.

Hank: You haven't answered me yet. 3E4AB804.JPG

Nora: Off the record?

Hank: Yeah.

Nora: It's not the same anymore, not since I've had Matthew. And now I win a case and watch the guy walk out of the courtroom and I can't help thinking that maybe one day he might end up hurting my boy, you know?

Hank: Sounds like you can use a change.

Nora: Change? How about a head-to-toe life makeover?

Hank: Remember back in Chicago?

Nora: Oh, yeah.

Hank: When Rachel was little and we worked in the D.A.'S office?

Nora: Yeah, and we spent our off time arguing over strategy?

Hank: Mm-hmm. 3E4AB827.JPG

Nora: Yeah.

Hank: We were one hell of a team.

Nora: Ok, why the walk down memory lane?

Hank: One of my A.D.A.'S has resigned. You want the job?


Lindsay: Stop it. Stop it! You're going to hurt yourself!

Jen: I have to call Comm. Buchanan! I have to tell them what Mitch

is going to do.

Lindsay: The police already know about it. They're taking care of it.

Jen: You don't understand. Nobody knows. I'm the only one who does.

Lindsay: Well, then, tell me. I don't want you involved in this.

[Knock on door]

Lindsay: I'll take care of it. Could you -- no, not now. She doesn't need to get upset. 3E4AB845.JPG

Jen: It's ok. I want to talk to him. Alone. Call the police. It's important.

Lindsay: Don't upset her, ok?

Jen: Thank you so much. If it weren't for you, I --

Al: You already thanked me in the E.R.

Jen: Yeah. It just really seems like a horrible dream.

Al: Anyway, it's good to see that you're doing ok. You know, I've been thinking. Maybe we could call it even. You know? Maybe you could stop holding that whole little fire thing over my head.

Jen: Sounds fair. Everything's changed now anyway.

Al: You know, I really am trying to get my life together here. It feels good. 3E4AB887.JPG

Jen: Could you hand that to me?

Al: Yeah. Sure.

Al: So, Jen, what were you doing outside in the middle of a storm half naked?

Jen: I only went there to help.

Al: Went where? Oh. Comm. Buchanan told me that where I found you was only 50 yards from where Mitch Laurence lives.

Jen: Yeah, that's who I was running away from.

Al: What did he do to you?


Mitch: Where is my wife?

Bo: Who said you could barge into my office?

Mitch: You called me down here. I assume you have news about Natalie.

Bo: Well, you assumed wrong. Why don't you grab a chair, because I've got some questions for you. 3E4AB8C4.JPG

Gabrielle: I'll be on my way.

Bo: Yeah. Lunch.

Gabrielle: I'll be back. Mr. Laurence.


Mitch: I'm sorry. Am I intruding on your personal time?

Bo: Sit down.

Mitch: What did you call me down here for? My wife has been abducted. I've told you who's responsible. As if you didn't already know. And yet, instead of protecting my rights, you send people over to my home and ransack the place.

Bo: Let's get something straight. Your wife left you voluntarily. We have witnesses to that fact, including me. So drop the word "abducted." Is that clear?

Mitch: Well, what about your illegal search? 3E4AB8FE.JPG

Bo: That search was by the book, and I've got a search warrant, if you would like to see it.

Mitch: There's nothing illegal in my house.

Bo: Hmm?

Bo: What are you doing with Natalie and Jessica's medical records? I asked you a question, Laurence.

Mitch: Jessica's my daughter. Natalie is my wife. I'm responsible for their well-being, medical and otherwise.

Bo: What about this?

Mitch: We are friends, aren't we?


Jen: So he tried to strangle me, and then I threw the tea in his face and I ran out into the snow, and I guess that's when I passed out, and I'm guessing that's where you found me. 3E4AB93D.JPG

Al: Wow, and you actually fought him? That's incredible. I never really thought of you as the hero type, you know?

Jen: Yeah, well, he could have killed me.

Al: I know. It's just funny to me, you know, thinking of you as tough.

Jen: Yeah, well, thank you, because if it weren't for you, I --

Al: Listen, it's -- it's ok. You don't have to keep thanking me. I'm just glad that you're ok.

Jen: Listen, you have to warn Jessica.

Al: About what?

Jen: Mitch. I don't know what he's planning, but when I was there, I found some files, some medical files about Jessica and Natalie, and I know he's going to do something, something awful. 3E4AB969.JPG


Todd: Natalie?

Todd: Footprints.


[Engine stalls]

Natalie: Don't. Go inside. I mean, listen, even if you could get the car started, the roads -- there are blocks of ice out there. We're stuck.

Cristian: Yeah, Natalie, we can't stay here.

Natalie: Well, at least we're off the road.

Cristian: Yeah, but we'll freeze if we stay here. And you're sick. You have a fever. We can't mess around with that.

Natalie: It's ok. I mean, my fever kind of keeps me warm.

Cristian: I'm not going to let you get any more sicker. You ay here.

Natalie: Well, where are you going? 3E4AB99B.JPG

Cristian: I'm going to go try

to find some help. I'll be back soon, I promise.

[Door alarm sounds]

[Door closes, alarm stops]


R.J.: Knock, knock.

Keri: Hey. What is all that stuff?

R.J.: It's a little comfort food, but -- well, I didn't know what you would feel like eating.

Keri: Thank you, but I'm -- I'm really not hungry.

R.J.: Look, sweetheart, you're going to have to eat.

Keri: Is Antonio still out there?

R.J.: Of course, but I promised and I'm not going to let him anywhere near you.

Keri: He's right, you know, R.J. You can't keep him away from me forever. 3E4ABAA1.JPG

R.J.: Well, if he respected you at all, I wouldn't have to. Look, look, as it is, when you're feeling better, why don't we go somewhere? I love Mexico. There's Mazatlan. Hawaii.

[R.J. Sighs]

R.J.: I -- I'm sorry.

Keri: What am I going to do?

R.J.: Well, first, you're going to get your strength back. And then we will deal with whatever comes next.

Keri: When I get out of here, R.J., Where do I go?

R.J.: Come home with me.

Keri: That's not what I mean. Everything is changed. Antonio, mom, the baby -- I've lost everything.

R.J.: No. You haven't lost everything.

Keri: I'm sorry, I'm being really selfish. You've lost something, too, I think. 3E4ABAE2.JPG

R.J.: The baby wasn't any kin to me.

Keri: That's not what I mean. I was talking about you and Mom.

R.J.: Yeah, it was nothing, really. Look, Elizabeth and I just weren't meant to be, not when we were kids.

[R.J. Sighs]

R.J.: Definitely not now.


Liz: Oh. Did you see her? Is my baby all right?

Dr. Conklin: She's doing quite well. Much better than expected.

Liz: Oh.

Dr. Conklin: Your daughter's lungs are very well developed.

Liz: Really?

Dr. Conklin: Well, we are taking her off the ventilator and moving into nursery with the other newborns.

Liz: That's fantastic. Thank you. 3E4ABB14.JPG

Dr. Conklin: Well, your little girl did all the work. Now, we're going to need a name for the birth certificate.

Liz: Right -- well, I was going to name her Stephanie, but -- can I get back to you on that?

Dr. Conklin: Certainly.

Antonio: How's Keri?

Liz: I don't know. Have you --

Antonio: She wouldn't even look at me.

Liz: Not now, but she will.

Antonio: You didn't see her face.

Liz: Yeah, R.J. Won't let me get anywhere near her, either.

Antonio: It's not his call.

Liz: Keri hates me. And she should. This whole thing is my fault.

Antonio: No, I took part in it, too. 3E4ABB3C.JPG

Liz: Yeah, but I had the facts, and I was -- I made the choices. I'm sorry.

Antonio: Yeah. It's too little too late.

Liz: Maybe Keri won't forgive me, but maybe someday she will forgive you.

Nurse: Mr. Vega, I was in the delivery room with your fiancée, and she gave me her jewelry. Here you go.


Cristian: Natalie, what are you doing?

Natalie: Oh --

Cristian: Come here.

Natalie:  Well, I kind I know a little bit about cars. And I thought if I could fix the engine, maybe we could get a little bit of heat.

Cristian: You're crazy. You know that? 3E4ABB7A.JPG

Natalie: Hey, don't knock me. I almost had it. I think it's the fuel injector.

Cristian: Forget that. It must be 10 below out here. Look, I found a place that we could at least stay out of the cold.

Natalie: Ok.

Cristian: Come on. Here, let me carry you.


Bo: That's your scarf, right?

Mitch: You took it from my house.

Bo: No, we didn't. It was found around Jen Rappaport's neck when someone brought her into the emergency room.

Mitch: Jennifer is in the hospital? What happened?

Bo: Well, I was hoping that maybe you could tell me something about that. You see, the poor girl was found out in the snow wearing nothing but a bathrobe and your scarf. Now, how do you think that happened? 3E4ABBA7.JPG

Mitch: How should I know? That girl is capable of anything.

Bo: I thought you two were friends.

Mitch: I would like my belongings back now.

Bo: No. They're evidence.

Mitch: Of what? What exactly has Jennifer told you?

Bo: Oh, I think you already know.


[Clock ticks]

Blair: You know, the police are going to catch your boss. You know that? Do you know how many years that you're going to spend in prison for kidnapping? Come on, you guys, you don't -- you're not going to let a lunatic like Mitch Laurence bring you down, are you? I mean, better yet -- I mean, he's going to pin this on you guys. Yep, that's what he's going to do. I mean, he's going to walk away, and you guys are going to rot in jail. I'm a mother. And I have two -- two really beautiful children. A little girl. Her name's Starr. She's 9. And I have a baby. His name's jack, and he -- he just turned 1. And I don't -- I don't want to lose them. I got a feeling your boss, or leader -- whatever you want to call him -- is not going to let -- let me go. 3E4ABC25.JPG

Blair: I'll tell you what I do have. I have a lot of money. Money? Cash? A lot. You name your price, guys. I mean, it -- I mean, you sure? I got a lot of money. I guess I'm just going to have to take care of my --

man: That was real dumb, lady.

Blair: He's got you completely brainwashed.

Man: Shut up! You're not going anywhere until Mr. Laurence gets what he needs.

Second man: These won't last long. We need to find a flashlight.

First man: Let's try the dressing rooms. She's not going anywhere.

Blair: Yeah. You better think again.


Hank: So, should I get an office ready for you? Wow. You still got it, counselor. 3E4ABD8D.JPG

Nora: Give me some time to think about it?

Mitch: I found Jennifer in my house. I offered her shelter from the storm. It was rather cold that night, as you may recall.

Bo: Forget the weather report.

Mitch: She was shivering. I loaned her my scarf. I expected it to be returned.

Bo: That's interesting, because Jen tells a completely different story about what went down at your place. Seems that she had a quite a look around while she was there.

Mitch: Hmm. Jennifer didn't tell you anything. If she had, you'd be doing more with me right now than just fishing. You'll be hearing from my attorney about your illegal search and seizure. In the meantime, I would like my files back. 3E4ABDBB.JPG

Bo: Forget it.

Mitch: You have no case, no probable cause.

Bo: These files are personal property. They belong to Jessica and Natalie. And I have a gut feeling that they don't want you to have them.

Mitch: As next of kin, I have every right to have them.

Bo: Look, you get all the attorneys you want and bring them on in. And I'll be waiting, right here, figuring out why you're so interested in both my nieces' medical histories.


Al: Why are you so upset about some medical records?

Jen: Because Mitch has them, and he's a total creepezoid, and he hates Jessica and Natalie.

Al: Ok. What I want to know is, how did you get to Mitch Laurence's house half naked in the first place? 3E4ABDF4.JPG

Jen: What is that supposed to mean?

Al: I'm just asking. I mean, are you working with him again?

Jen: No, I am not working with him! I went there so I could find something to get him for what he's doing to Cristian.

Al: To Cristian -- yeah. I should have known. This has nothing to do with Jessica or Natalie, does it? No, it's about Cris, just like it is every time.

Jen: Shut up!

Al: But I got to tell you, I am really, really sick of this.

Jen: Then what are you doing here?

Al: I came to -- I came to check up on you.

Jen: Well, if you wanted to see how I was doing, you could have called the nurses' station. Why'd you come, Al? Just say it. 3E4ABE20.JPG

Al: I wanted to know what it would feel like to be around you again.

Jen: What, like some kind of test?

Al: Yeah, yeah, sort of. Like some some sort of

test, you know? I mean, in the old days, I -- I don't know, it was like I was out of control, like I was always just a little out of whack. You know, Jessica told me, my mom told me -- everybody told me that I was obsessed with you. If I would have listened, maybe I wouldn't have made so many mistakes.

Jen: It's not my fault. You know? You almost tried to kill me, remember?

Al: Listen, you're no different than me, ok? You're obsessed with Cristian, and it almost got you killed! 3E4ABE48.JPG

Jen: No, I'm nothing like you. I don't sit around and moon after what I can't have. I know what I want and I go after it.

Al: Yeah, and you use people to get it. And then when you're done with them, crumple them up, throw them away, and you move on.

Jen: You're such a jerk.

Al: You're right. I am. When I'm around you, I am a jerk. And I don't want to be a jerk anymore. Good-bye.


Liz: Great.

Liz: I dropped some mints.

R.J.: Keri asked me to check on the baby.

Liz: She's doing really well. In fact, they're taking her off the ventilator as we speak. 3E4ABE89.JPG

R.J.: Keri will be glad to hear that.

Liz: R.J. You were right.

R.J.: Of course I was. About what?

Liz: Secrets. I honestly thought I was trying to do the best thing for everybody. And all I ended up doing was --

R.J.: Breaking their hearts.

Liz: You above everybody else should understand about secrets.

R.J.: I do. But this? You graduated to a whole other level.

Liz: Well, I was hoping that maybe you'd still want to raise that baby with me? I suppose since Antonio's the father --

R.J.: Elizabeth, I don't want anything to do with that baby. I -- and I can't have anything to do with you 3E4ABECE.JPG

Keri: Did you find the neonatal?

Antonio: I believe I will, but I just found out that the baby's doing really well, and -- and Dr. Conklin said you're -- you' g going to be fine, too. Keri, I -- I don't know what to do with myself. I keep thinking if we hadn't broke up -- if -- if I hadn't been on the road that night, I -- no. I'm not going to do that. I lied. You have no idea how sorry I am. If I could just turn back the clock, I --

Keri: You can't.

Antonio: But we love each other, and we're here, and you've always said -- you've said it a million times, that that's all that matters. 3E4ABF02.JPG

Keri: That was before.

Antonio: I still -- I still love you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. This ring -- this is yours. Please. Please put it back on.

Keri: Get out.


Cristian: There you go. Hold that there.

Natalie: Oh, that's cold.

Cristian: So, are you feeling better or worse?

Natalie my f fever's gone, see? Feel.

Cristian: Keep that on your head. You know what? I went up the hill to try to get a signal, but both our phones are useless here.

Natalie: Yeah, well, you never charge yours, anyway.

Cristian: You know, we're probably going to have to stay here for a while. At least till the roads get cleared. You think you can make it? 3E4ABFFF.JPG

Natalie: Yeah. I got rid of Mitch. I'm not going to let a little bad weather get the best of me.

Cristian: Well, what about the leg?

Natalie: Leg, storm, psycho husband -- look, we waited a long time to be together, and I am going to make the best of every minute.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Yeah?

Officer: Lindsay Rappaport called before. She said call her.

Bo: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Hank: Well, you know where I stand. I want you onboard. But I kind of have to fill this position immediately.

Nora: Can you give me to the end of the day? 3E4AC041.JPG

Hank: Yeah, yeah. But for whatever it's worth, I think you ought to -- I think you ought to take it. It's exactly what you need to take your mind off things.

Nora: Ok, I'll call you.

Hank: All right. See you later.

Nora: Bye.

Bo: What's going on?

Nora: Huh? Oh, your water cooler's run dry. Oh, and Hank just offered me a job in the D.A.'S office. I mean, it's a pretty tempting idea, too, I must say. I mean, it's the reason why I went to law school, to be perfectly honest, you know? That's the kind of work that you do, but the courts, the defense system wouldn't work unless you have good defense attorneys, and that's important -- 3E4AC066.JPG

Bo: Nora, Nora.

Nora: Important to have.

Bo: When did you start liking to clean?

Nora: What do you think?

Bo: Well, I'd -- I'd be happy if we're on the same side.

Nora: Selfish.

Bo: No, I think it's great. But what Hank just said about getting your mind off things --

Nora: Oh, yeah. Well, that's easier said than done, you know?

Bo: Well, I heard about what happened with you and Troy. I'm sorry. How are you holding up?

Nora: You know what? He wasn't the right guy, that's all. You know, I'll be fine. And, you know, I'll -- I'll move right along with it, you know? Gosh, I'm -- I'll get over it. I'm halfway there. 3E4AC093.JPG

Bo: No, you're not. Isn't it nice how we all bring

Nora: For months now, I refused to see who he really is, like I had to walk in on him and Lindsay, of all people!

Bo: I'm surprised you didn't kill her.

Nora: Oh, and you know what the funny part it? This is great. Lindsay was trying to tell me, actually. So, Lindsay, Troy, Emily -- everybody knew but me!

Bo: Well, you loved him.

Nora: I was stupid!

God, how could I have bee so far out of touch, you know? I'm a smart woman, right? Don't answer that. I've been married, I've had children, I have a life. I mean, how could I just -- how could I -- I got so completely sucked in! I -- 3E4AC187.JPG

Bo: Well, I almost married Lindsay. You remember?

Nora: Yeah. Right.

Bo: See, you saw the good in Troy. Everybody did.

Nora: Well, that was wrong.

Bo: Well, you had to find that out yourself. But, you know, if he's -- if he's an S.O.B., You're lucky you didn't marry him.

Nora: Oh, right. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. Good thing, huh, you know? And, heck, I've been through worse. And I'll be fine. I -- yeah. I'll be fine.

Bo: Ah.

R.J.: Vega, what are you doing here? 3E4AC1DE.JPG

R.J.: Keri?

Keri: I made him go. I told him I never wanted to see him again.

R.J.: Are you all right? Oh, come on. Everything is going to be just fine.

Keri: How?

R.J.: Look, don't you worry about that, ok? I will move all your things back into my apartment. And when they let you out of here, you'll just come straight home.

Keri: I don't know what I would do without you, dad.

Blair: Come on. Come on. Come on.

Man: Don't lie to me.

Nurse: Your heart's weakening. There's not much time. 3E4AC22F.JPG

[Man wheezes]

Mitch: We should get you into a hot shower.

Jen: No, I can do that.

Mitch no, no, no, no. You just relax, and drink your tea.

Mitch: Ow!

Cristian: Entonces, se convertieron en pajaritos y se fueron volando juntos.

Natalie: I don't understand a word you just said. But it sounds beautiful.

Cristian: Well -- well, it's a story about two lovers who wake up one morning to go to work, as usual. And while they're gone, there's this huge earthquake, and they end up on opposite sides of the earth.

Natalie: That's awful.

Cristian: Yeah. You know what? They didn't worry or cry. They just started working on getting back to each other. They tried to build a bridge, but there was not enough wood or rocks. And there was no water, or boat, for that matter. And it was way too far to walk -- and dangerous. 3E4AC27F.JPG

Natalie: So --  then, what happened?

Cristian: Well, they loved each other so much that one night they went to sleep, and in their dreams, they turned into birds and flew away.

Y vivieron feliz juntos.

Natalie: Happily ever after, right?

Cristian: Yeah, something like that.

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Nora: My wedding's off.

Gabrielle: Gosh, I'm very sorry to hear that.

Bo: I'm not.

Keri: I'm going to go hold the baby before she goes for her tests.

Antonio: Test?

Liz: Test? What? What test? 3E4AC36D.JPG

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