OLTL Transcript Wednesday 2/5/03

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 2/5/03

By Eric
Proofread by Linda

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Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Radio announcer: Nothing like a storm to help you see the truth --

Lindsay: I'd like to tell you that it isn't what it looks like, but it is. 3E417B9D.JPG

Radio announcer: See what's really important.

Liz: The baby Keri's carrying for me -- she's mine and Antonio's.

Radio announcer: All that matters is love.

Bo: If you think that Jessica needs you right now, you got to go.

Radio announcer: Snow is still falling. Mother nature's not quite through with us yet. Wicked night to be alone, Llanview. Stay warm. Reach out to that special someone.

[Music plays]

Lindsay: Troy? It's me. I think what happened tonight is for the best. I think in time you'll realize that. Call me when you get home. I'll be here. 3E417BFC.JPG


Troy: Nora --

Nora: Why should I stand here and listen to one thing you have to say?

Troy: Look, Nora, I know that it looked bad, but --

Nora: "Looked bad"?  "Looked bad"? The Man who claimed to love me --

Troy: I do love you!

Nora: The Man who I was going to marry in one week is having sex with -- of all people -- Lindsay Rappaport, and he only cares about whether it looked bad?

Troy: Nora, would you please just let me explain?

Nora: There is nothing you can say to justify this.

Troy: I did what I did because Lindsay knew about my wife!

Nora: Your wife? Your wife? 3E417C27.JPG

[Nora chuckles]

Nora: My God, Troy! How many more secrets are there?


Carlotta: Keri, mija, what are you doing on your feet?

Keri: Mrs. Vega, I was released from the hospital. I'm fine.

Carlotta: But in this weather? What happens if you slip and fall?

Keri: I'm taking very good care of myself and the baby. Ok. Have you heard from Antonio? He said he was going to stop by here on his way back from New York.

Carlotta: No. You know, I expected him to be home already. He must have hit awful traffic.

Keri: Oh.

R.J.: Carlotta, where the hell is that damn boy of yours? 3E417C5C.JPG

Carlotta: Excuse me?

R.J.: Antonio! Where is Antonio?

Keri: R.J. What's the matter?

[Al sighs]

Marcie: Here.

Al: Thanks. Hey -- you ever hear of service with a smile?

Marcie: You ever hear of dropping dead?

Renee: Oh. Al, hi!

Al: Hey!

Renee: Hi. Can I join you?

Al: Yeah. Have a seat.

Renee: It's funny, I'm meeting Andrew, but I'm really glad that I get a chance to talk to you first.

Al: What's up?

Renee: When your pa was drunk the other day in the palace bar -- I'm worried about him because -- Al, this is only going to get worse. 3E417CAB.JPG


[Max sighs]

Max: "Max, had to take care of some business. Be back in a few hours. Make yourself at home. Andrew." Home. Hmm.


[Music plays]

Antonio: Jessica.

Jessica: Antonio.

Antonio: What are you doing here? I thought you were in London.

Jessica: Well, I was. I'm back -- well, I'm trying to get back. My flight had to land in New York, and this storm is just unbelievable.

Antonio: Yeah, tell me about it.

Jessica: So I'm getting a connecting train here to Llanview. What are you doing here? This is so weird. 3E417CF4.JPG

Antonio: Yeah, well, I was working on a case in New York. I thought I'd try to get on the road before it became impossible, but forget that.

Jessica: Oh, yeah.

Antonio: So, tell me -- how was London?

Jessica: Cold. I was with my Dad -- Clint.

Antonio: Yes. It must have been nice to spend time with him.

Jessica: It was. He's really special. He's amazing, actually. But I realized that I had to come back. You can't run away from your problems.

Antonio: Yeah, it never works, does it?

Jessica: No.

Antonio: They always seem to be waiting for you when you get back. 3E417D16.JPG

Jessica: Yeah. I really hurt my mom when I left Llanview. But I'm going to go back and I'm going to make everything right.


Viki: Excuse me. Hi. Yes, I'm on your 3515 express to London. Can you tell me when we're going to be boarding?

Agent: I really can't say. The weather's delayed all the flights. But hopefully, it won't be too much longer, ma'am. Listen for the announcement.

Viki: Thanks.

Man: I found Viki Davidson. Yes, sir. How do you want me to proceed?


Nora: Are you still married? I mean, were you planning on committing bigamy on top of everything else here?

Troy: My wife's dead. She died in Africa. 3E417DFF.JPG

Nora: Why didn't you tell me?

Troy: I wanted to, Nora. I wanted to. I even tried to a couple of times.

Nora: No, no, no, no, no! I have been married twice! I never kept that from you!

Nora: Go on! You better tell me, or I'm going!

Troy: If I told you, Nora, then I'd have to tell you how she died. My wife started playing games with me. She started flirting with different men. It was just a game. She wasn't cheating on me or anything, but she wanted me to think that she was.

Nora: And why would she do that, Troy, because you were sleeping around with every woman in Africa just like you've been sleeping around with Lindsay? 3E417E2E.JPG

Troy: Would you let me explain, please?

Nora: Get to the point.

Troy: When I realized what my wife was doing, how she was humiliating me like that, I got angry. And so I got even.

Nora: How?

Troy: I made love to her. Then I pretended that I was Colin.

Nora: What?

Troy: I made her think that I was my own twin brother, that she'd been unfaithful by sleeping with Colin.

Nora: That's disgusting.

Troy: I know it is. You're absolutely right. And my punishment is she ran. I tried to stop her, I tried to get her to listen to me, I tried to tell her that it was just a game. But she was gone. I couldn't reach her. She was out the door. We lived on the cliffs overlooking the Zambezi river. She fell. 3E417E73.JPG

Nora: And she died.

Troy: Yeah. I've had to live with it ever since.

Nora: So, am I supposed to feel sorry for you, that it's forced you to do all these things that you're doing now? I don't understand how this has anything to do with Lindsay!

Troy: My wife's name was Joanna.

Nora: The painting? The one she gave you?

Troy: Yes.

Nora: Of a woman betrayed?

Troy: Yes.

Nora: The one who drowned in the painting she called "Joanna"?

Troy: Yes.

Nora: She knew?

Troy: Nora, I am so sorry.

Nora: Lindsay knew this whole time? You and she have been sharing this secret for months! 3E417EAF.JPG


Man: She's booking a flight to London. I'm on it. Not yet.

Viki: You're one of Mitch's people, aren't you?

Man: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Viki: You can give your little leader a message from me -- I don't care how many people he has to keep tabs on me. I'm not afraid.

Man: Ma'am, I don't know what you're talking about.

Viki: And one more thing -- you tell him he will never, ever hurt any of my family again.


Bo: You know, the weather's no better in D.C.

Gabrielle: Oh.

Bo: So much for our night on the town.

Gabrielle: Actually, I think I'd prefer to spend it in the hotel room anyway. 3E417EDF.JPG

Bo: You know what? I am so glad we're doing this.

Gabrielle: I cannot believe that I've got you all to myself -- well, almost -- and there's no police business, nobody else's personal problems.

Viki: Bo?

Bo: Hi.

Gabrielle: Viki, hello.

Viki: Hello, Gabrielle.

Bo: Yeah, I thought you would be on your way to London.

Viki: My flight's been delayed. Where are you two off to?

Bo: Washington. You know, my friend --

Viki: Oh, God! Yes, the guy in the F.B.I., Yes.

Bo: Yeah. We're going to find something on Laurence.

Gabrielle: He hasn't tried to contact Jessica, has he, at all? 3E417F08.JPG

Viki: Well, not that I know of, no. But you know what? He doesn't care about Jessica. He says he does, but he doesn't. All he cares about is getting revenge. Anybody who's ever tried to stop him has to be made to pay. That man is so disgusting!

Bo: Look, just take it easy.

Viki: Anyway, I'm glad that Jessie is in good hands with Clint and far away from Mitch Laurence.


Jessica: Going home is the right thing to do. I'm sure of it.

Antonio: So, Jessica, does your family know you're coming?

Jessica: I tried to call Llanfair, there was no answer, and when I tried my mom on her cell, no luck. So what, the storm keep you in? Llanview's finest forgot his snow tires this winter? Why are you taking the train? 3E417F30.JPG

Antonio: My engine started acting up and I didn't want to chance it.

Jessica: Hmm. Time for a new car.

Antonio: Yeah, well, not everyone can just slap down their platinum card, Princess. So, any word as to when the train's supposed to be here?

Jessica: I guess whenever it feels like it. So, how's Keri? She must be pretty far along by now, right?

Antonio: Six months.

Jessica: Hmm, that's nice.

Antonio: Yeah, I can't wait to get home to her.

Jessica: And Cristian? When I left, he --

Antonio: Good news, good news. The whole case against him was thrown out. 3E417F58.JPG

Jessica: Really?

Antonio: Yeah.

Jessica: Oh, that's great! Natalie must be so happy.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, everybody is. Well, at least those two kids are together now.

Jessica: Yeah what about Mitch Laurence? When I left, he was --

Antonio: Well, supposedly, there's going to be an annulment. The sooner, the better.

Jessica: Oh, good. Natalie and Cris have been through enough. They should have been together a long time ago.

Antonio: Yeah, well, they would have been if it weren't for Jen Rappaport.

Jessica: It wasn't her fault she got pregnant.

Antonio: Well, no, I mean, after she lost the baby, you know, if she would have just let Cris go, then Natalie wouldn't have been on the rebound. 3E417F76.JPG

Jessica: Yeah, and she wouldn't have turned to Mitch.

Antonio: Yeah, and the worst part is Jen was working with Laurence.

Jessica: What?

Antonio: And for all I know, she still is.


Nora: So you confide in Lindsay --

Troy: No --

Nora: And not in me, the woman you claim to love.

Troy: I do love you.

Nora: How long, Troy? That's all I want to know.

Troy: Oh, come on, Nora.

Nora: How long have you and Lindsay have been sharing this dirty little secret?

Troy: Come on, Nora. You're freezing. Can we please just go inside and talk about this? 3E418069.JPG

Nora: I'm not going anywhere with you.

[Troy sighs]

Troy: I didn't confide in Lindsay, ok? She wanted to hurt me. She wanted to hurt us. So she kept digging till she found the one thing that she knew I could never tell you about, and she used it.

Nora: And you allowed her to by keeping it from me in the first place.

Troy: I couldn't tell you, Nora. You would never have loved me if you knew what I had done.

Nora: You never gave me the chance.

Troy: Maybe because I was afraid that you would hate me as much as I hate myself.

Nora: Ok, so, she found out about Joanna, and then what? What, did she threaten to tell me? 3E418094.JPG

Troy: Yes. She wanted to destroy us, and I wasn't about to let that happen. I figured out a way to stop her. I knew that she wanted me. I knew she was obsessed with me.

Nora: So you offered yourself up as blackmail?

Troy: I had to stop her from telling you.

Nora: By having sex with her?

Troy: Nora, I don't want her. I don't even care about her. I just did it --

Nora: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, please don't! Don't, don't say you did it for me! Don't say that you're sleeping with Lindsay for me!

Troy: I did it for us! Nora, I love you so much, and I would do anything not to lose you. I just hope I haven't lost you already. Come on. Just tell me there's still a chance. 3E4180CF.JPG


[Music plays]

Max: Oh.

Luna's voice: Look at you. You did it again! I told you I wanted you and one wild flower. You bring you and a whole meadow full of flowers.

Max: It's because I love you this much.

Luna: Oh, you're so great.

Max: Yep, and you love it.

Luna: I do. I love it. It's magical. It's perfect. It's you.

[Luna laughs]

[Music plays]


Renee: Have you seen your father since then?

Al: No. Actually, I haven't.

Renee: Al, not only does he have no place to stay, he's just not dealing with the divorce, the aftermath -- anything. 3E41811D.JPG

Al: Well, my dad's tough. He'll bounce back.

Renee: I -- I hope so. I -- oh, Andrew, hi. Cold, huh?

Andrew: Yeah. Hi.

Al: Andrew, hi.

Renee: Have you seen Max?

Andrew: Yeah. He's with -- he's staying at the rectory with me.

Renee: Thank God.

Andrew: Al, I know it's difficult to see your father go through something like this. If you need someone to talk to, I'm available.

Al: You know what? Thanks, but I'm fine. I got to. I'll see you guys.

Andrew: All right. Take it easy. 3E418138.JPG

Marcie: Mrs. Rappaport? It's Marcie Walsh, Jen's best friend? Could you call me as soon as you get this? You know, I'm really worried about Jen.

Al: Why are you worried about Jen?

Marcie: Like I'm going to tell you anything about Jen. Jen hates you, and so do I.

Al: Look --

Marcie: She wouldn't want me telling you anything about her.

Al: I heard you leaving a message for her mother. You sounded scared.

Marcie: I am. I'm scared that you'll start bothering her again.


Keri: Look, Antonio's going to be back from New York soon, so if you guys have a problem, I want to know about it right now. 3E41815D.JPG

R.J.: Well, maybe I should tell you. I mean, you do have the right to know.

Liz: R.J.!

Keri: Mom.

Liz: What's going on here?

Keri: That's what I would like to know.

Liz: Keri just got out of the hospital. She can't deal with your problems right now. How selfish can you be?

Keri: Mom, it's ok.

Liz: No, it's not, Keri.

R.J.: Your mother's right. I shouldn't have come running in here like that.

Keri: No, R.J. Come on, I want to know. Tell me.

R.J.: No, it -- it's nothing, really. I was just walking by and I was already upset about something, and, well, I saw you in here and I got mad at Antonio for sending you out in weather like this alone! 3E41817E.JPG

Carlotta: Antonio would never let her go out --

Liz: Honey, you should be home.

Keri: Just stop it! Everyone, stop treating me like a child. I'm sorry. Ok? I appreciate it, I do, but I am fine. The baby is fine.


Liz: What were you thinking?

R.J.: What was I thinking?

Liz: I know you're upset, but you can't --

R.J.: "Upset"? Look, you've been lying to me. You lied to Keri about me. There's no way I'm going to let you lie to her about this baby.

Liz: If Keri has to find out the truth, will you just let Antonio be the one to tell her?


Antonio: I'm serious, Jessica. It was all over "The Sun" -- Jen and Mitch Laurence, partners in crime. 3E4181AE.JPG

Jessica: Wow. She certainly is her mother's daughter now, isn't she?

Antonio: Yeah.

Jessica: Natalie and Cristian are safe, though, right?

Antonio: Somewhere Laurence can't find them.

Jessica: Good. God, I'm so happy that Natalie has Cristian.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, they're good together. She's tough. I mean, she's never had anything handed to her. She knows what it's like to make something for yourself. She's one of us.

Jessica: Oh, and that would be opposed to me, who would be one of them, right?

Antonio: I didn't mean it like that.

Jessica: It's ok. You know, I knew that you weren't wild about me when I was dating Cristian. You thought how I grew up that we were too different. It's ok. We've put it all behind us. 3E4181D7.JPG

Antonio: Look, Jessica, what I meant was that Natalie isn't the kind of girl who would have her initials on her suitcase.

Jessica: Well, excuse me for growing up on the wrong side of the tracks.

Antonio: You mean the right side.

Jessica: Well, I guess it all depends on where you're standing, now, isn't it? Oh. Anyways, I'm real anxious to see Natalie. We have so much stuff to work out, and, oh, my mom -- I'm so excited to see her. It's all I can think about, you know? I just want to get back there and put everything behind us.

Antonio: That's like the 10th time you've said that. You sure I'm the one you're trying to convince? 3E418209.JPG


Viki: Clint said that she wasn't feeling terribly well, which is why I'm on my way to London.

Gabrielle: Viki, I'm very sorry to hear this.

Viki: Thanks.

Bo: I just hope the snow lets up so we can all take off.

Viki: Actually, Clint called earlier and left me a message, but it was so garbled, I couldn't understand a word of it.

Gabrielle: You know, apparently, this storm has knocked out some of the phone lines, I think.

Viki: Oh, I expect it has, yeah. I actual tried to call him back, but I couldn't get through.

[Phone rings]

Viki: Oh. Hang on.

[Ring] 3E418223.JPG

Viki: Hello? Clint?

Jessica: Mom? Mom, it -- it's me, Jessica.

We're in a Florida firehouse

Viki: Hello? Hello?

Jessica: Mom, can you hear me? It's Jessica.

Viki: Is anyone there?

Jessica: Mom, it's Jessica. I'm coming home, ok? I'm on my way.

Viki: We got cut off.

Bo: Could you tell who it was?

Viki: No. It was nothing but static.

Bo: Check the incoming number.

Viki: Oh! Good idea. It's a New Jersey area code. I can't even imagine who that is.


Antonio: Any luck, Jessica?

Jessica: I tried, but the connection was, like, nothing. I could hear her, but I could tell she couldn't hear me. 3E418354.JPG

Antonio: Well, yeah, we'll try it in a little while. I hope this train gets here soon because you're not the only one who has something important to take care of.

[Tires screech]


Antonio: Stay here. Excuse me.

Jessica: Oh, my God!

Antonio: Ladies and Gentlemen, can I have your attention, please? Listen up, I'm a police officer, ok? There's been an accident. A passenger bus and a car have crashed. The car's flipped onto the tracks. Due to the weather, it's going to be a while before we can get an ambulance in here. So in the meantime, is there a doctor in the house? 3E41837A.JPG

Woman: I'm a nurse.

Antonio: Perfect. I'm going to need you to come with me. This an emergency. What the hell are you doing, changing outfits?

Jessica: We need bandages. Do you have a better idea?

Antonio: Where the hell did you get this?

Jessica: Behind the ticket counter, officer.

Antonio: Good move. Nurse, come with me.


Marcie: Did you hear that?

Radio announcer: No word yet on casualties, but once again, there's been an automobile crash just off route 9 in New Jersey at Morristown train depot. Several vehicles were involved. Initial reports say one of the vehicles, a beige S.U.V., Veered off the road and hit a bus. All train service between New York and Philadelphia has been suspended. 3E4183A7.JPG

Carlotta: Route 9 -- Antonio was coming back that way.

Keri: The description fits the -- it's Antonio's car.


[Children laugh]

Jen: Help.

Woman: Jamie! Rosie! Get over here right now! We're going home!


Keri: I can't get through to Antonio's cell, not even his voice mail.

Marcie: Well, maybe his phone got destroyed in the crash.

Carlotta: Marcie, customers.

Keri: Antonio has to be ok.

Liz: He is, honey, I'm sure.

[Phone rings]

Liz: Come on. What are the changes?

Antonio: Mami, it's Antonio.

Carlotta: Antonio!

Keri: Ah!

Carlotta: Gracias a dios! Where are you? We heard on the radio there was a terrible crash in New Jersey. The car sounded like yours. 3E4184A1.JPG

Antonio: No, no, Mami. Look, it wasn't my car. But I'm at the accident.

Carlotta: Well, are you ok? I can barely hear you. Antonio?

Antonio: Yes, yes!

Mami, I'm fine! Listen, I have Jessica Buchanan with me.

Carlotta: Jessica?

Antonio: Can you please get a message to Viki Davidson? Let her know that Jessica Buchanan is here and she's fine.

Carlotta: Well, I'll try, but the phones aren't always working in this storm.

Antonio: Tell Keri I love her and I'll be there as soon as I can, ok? Look, I have to get back. I'm helping out.

Carlotta: Antonio, are you there? Hello? 3E4184C5.JPG

Keri: Mrs. Vega, is he all right? Is he on his way home?

Carlotta: He's at the site of the accident, but he's fine.

Keri: Oh.

Carlotta: It seems like he's helping out with the rescue.

Liz: Oh.

Keri: God.

Carlotta: And he told me to tell you to send his love.

Liz: See?

Keri: My heart is beating a mile a minute.

Liz: Well, sit down.

Keri: Oh.

Carlotta: Here.

Keri: Thank you.


Liz: You see? Imagine how she'll react if you tell her the truth.

R.J.: All I see is my daughter getting her heart broken by two people who say they love her. 3E4184E4.JPG

Liz: Oh, we do love Keri! I'd keep this a secret till the day I died if I could, but I can't.

R.J.: But you can't.

Liz: I know that. But if there's any hope, any hope at all that Keri's going to understand, then Antonio has got to be the one to tell her. He is the only one that has any chance of making this right.

R.J.: Well, he does not deserve the chance --

Liz: Shh.

R.J.: To make things right. No. See, he gave that up when he slept with you.


Renee: I just wish that there was more that I could do for Max short of pulling him out one more time.

Andrew: Renee, you have done everything a good friend can do. And the good news is Max has people who care about him and who love him a lot. 3E41850E.JPG

Renee: But that is exactly when he pushes those people away.


[Music plays]

Al: Dad? Dad?

Max: Hey, son.

Al: What you doing?

Max: You know --

Al: Thinking of Luna?

Max: Yeah. Been doing that a lot lately.

Al: I miss her, too, Dad. But she's gone.

Max: I know that.

Al: Do you really?

Max: Of course I do.

Al: Dad, every time something bad goes down, you start thinking of her. You know, you pull away, and -- it's like you think that she's going to be able to help you, like you think that she has the answer to all your problems.

Max: Sometimes I think she does. 3E41854C.JPG

Al: So what are you going to do, Dad? Are you just going to live here with Andrew forever?

Max: I just -- I just got here. Look, I really haven't given it any thought yet.

Al: Well, maybe you should, Dad.

Max: Al, I'm going to bounce back from this. All right? Now, how are you doing?

Al: I'm all right, you know? Living at the dorm.

Max: Not what I meant. How's school going?

Al: Well, I had to take a couple incompletes last semester. But it's really not a big deal, you know? I should probably -- I should probably get going. I got a lot of studying to do. 3E418575.JPG

Max: You sure you don't want to stick around until this storm blows over?

Al: Nah. I'm going to be fine. Besides, you got all the company you need.


Al: Yeah. I'm great, Dad. Flunking half my classes. I'm about to be expelled.


Nora: So that's it? That's it? That's your explanation?

Troy: It's the truth, Nora.

Nora: That you loved me so much that you kept secrets, lied, and slept with Lindsay Rappaport?

Troy: Nora, Nora, it wasn't like that.

Nora: My God, you're as sick and as twisted as she is. This is a nightmare. I mean, how could I have fallen in love with you? I don't even know who you are. 3E4185B3.JPG

Troy: I am still the same man that you love.

Nora: I should have trusted my first instincts about you when I couldn't sleep with you, when I looked in your eyes and I saw Colin there.

Troy: I'm not Colin.

Nora: You're no different!

Troy: Don't say that.

Nora: You want to be.

Troy: Don't say that.

Nora: You want to be different. You tried to prove that you were different, the good twin. You took his money, you set up a free clinic, you're masquerading as the caring doctor.

Troy: Just stop it.

Nora: You even convinced yourself --

Troy: Stop.

Nora: That you were in love with me. 3E4185D1.JPG

Troy: I am in love with you, Nora.

Nora: No, you're not. No, you're not.

Troy: Don't you see?

Nora: You're not!

Troy: Yes!

Nora: No. You want to be. You want to be, because it would make you feel good about yourself, because then you'd be a good person and I bring you respectability. And you want to be respectable. But you didn't -- you didn't sleep with Lindsay to shut her up. On some level, you just wanted to sleep with her.

Troy: Don't, don't. No, Nora, don't even say that, ok?

Nora: So what is it about her, Troy? What is it that you want more than you want me? 3E4185FD.JPG

Troy: Don't do this, don't do this.

Nora: Is it what turns you on so much?

Troy: Don't do this, ok?

Nora: Is it because she's so needy?

Troy: Just stop, please, ok? None of this changes the fact, Nora, that I love you and you love me!

Nora: I could have accepted what happened in Africa if you had loved me enough to trust in me, to trust in us. What I can't accept is the lying and the cheating. What I saw tonight, when I saw you both tonight, it destroyed any feelings that I had for you. It's over.

Troy: You've made mistakes, too, Nora.

Nora: Oh, yes, I have. And I've paid for them. But I didn't make this one. You did. You made this choice. You live with it. 3E418692.JPG


[Lindsay screams]


Gabrielle: Ok, I'm afraid I have some bad news.

Viki: No.

Gabrielle: The airport's closing.

Viki: Oh, no!

Gabrielle: All flights are grounded indefinitely. Cheers.

Viki: What about Asa? Would he lend me his plane?

Bo: Nothing's going to fly out of here tonight.

Viki: Oh, I don't accept that. I've got to get to London now.


Antonio: Just make sure that arm is stable, ok?

Jessica: Ok. Be careful.

Man: You got anything to eat, beautiful?

Jessica: He's talking to you.

Antonio: Everybody, listen, everybody, I was able to get through to the E.M.T.S. We got an ambulance coming through. It should be here any minute. 3E41878A.JPG

Jessica: The party's just beginning. Why are you spoiling the fun?

Antonio: Listen, you start leading everyone in the Macarena, I'm out of here. How is your arm? Doing all right? They should be here any minute, ok? Just hang on. How you doing, partner? All right, all right, take care.

Antonio: What are you doing?

Jessica: What's it look like I'm doing? Feeding the troops.


Man: If you scream, it's all over.

Lindsay: The money is in the safe. Take anything you want.

Man: Oh, we don't your money. We want your daughter.

Lindsay: Well, what do you mean? Who -- who are you? 3E4187F8.JPG

Man: Just tell us where she is.

Lindsay: I don't know where she is! Don't hurt her. Don't hurt her. You promise me you won't hurt her. What --

Man: We will find her.


[Answering machine beeps]

Marcie's voice: Mrs. Rappaport? Hey, it's Marcie Walsh, Jen's best friend. Could you call me as soon as you get this? I'm really worried about Jen.

[Answering machine beeps]

Lindsay: Jen? Jen? It's Mom. I -- I don't know what you're involved with, but three very scary people just left here looking for you. Call me immediately. Just tell me where you are. I'll come get you. Just tell me where you are. 3E418832.JPG


[Car approaches and stops]

[Car door closes]

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Radio announcer: Don't be afraid, boys and girls.

Viki: Please keep my family safe from Mitch Laurence.

Radio announcer: Sometimes when you're lost --

R.J.: I'm going to tell Keri the truth.

Radio announcer: You find exactly what you're looking for.

Viki: Oh, my God!

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