OLTL Transcript Monday 1/27/03

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 1/27/03

By Eric

Proofread by Linda

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Previously on "One Life To Live" --

Judge: Your marriage to Max Holden is dissolved as of this very moment.


Rex: You're going to sleep with Mitch Laurence?

Natalie: He said that if I don't, he's going to kill Cristian.


Marcie: If you go to Cristian and tell him everything yourself, you'll look pretty good. 3E359E0F.JPG


Man: I told you I'd come back for you.

Blair: You -- you're the one who killed Suzanne.

Man: Because I thought she was you. Took me a long time to find you, sweetheart, but I got you now.

Blair: Todd -- Todd! Todd!

Man: Scream all you want. He ain't here. It's just you and me.

Blair: No. No.


Al: I'm going to go up to my room and make sure I got everything, ok?

Max: Ok.

Roxy: Where are you going to be living? Just in case I get mail for you, you know, or something like that. 3E359E65.JPG

Max: Heck if I know.

Roxy: I'm sure you'll find someplace.

Max: Well, you got the house, the car, the bank account, the bar. Better be someplace cheap.

Roxy: Well, maybe you can get something for this.


Jen: I was just so upset, you know, I wasn't thinking straight. I wasn't really even thinking at all.

Cristian: Just tell me.

Jen: When you told me that you were in love with Natalie, I already knew.

Cristian: For how long?

Jen: A long time. Way before we were going to get married and before I got myself pregnant.

Cristian: Jen, you didn't get yourself pregnant.

Jen: You don't know. You don't know everything I did to keep you away from Natalie. 3E359EA6.JPG


Viki: You haven't seen Natalie all day? Well, fine, but if she does show up at the library, please, please have her call me, ok? Thank you, Seth. Bye.

Viki: Rex.

Rex: Hi.

Viki: Hi. Have you seen Natalie? I need to find her.

Rex: Yeah, she's at the library.

Viki: She's at the library?

Rex: Yeah, I just saw her there. She's been hitting the books all day.

Viki: Don't ever lie to me. Just tell me where she is.


Mitch: Welcome to our honeymoon suite. I hope it's to your liking. I wanted everything to be just perfect for my lovely bride. It's time to celebrate our marriage, darling, just the way newlyweds are meant to. Hmm, hmm, hmm. Not getting cold feet, are you? Oh, I certainly hope not. Because, you know, I can't be held responsible for any mishaps that might come Cristian's way. 3E359EF7.JPG

Natalie: Look, I know we made a deal here, but I have another offer to make -- a better one.


Blair: You won't -- you won't get away --

Man: What's the matter, honey? Mouth a little dry?

Blair: The police know who you are. They're -- they're looking for you.

Man: Yeah, thanks to you and the stories you wrote in the newspapers.

Blair: You're never going to make it out of this building.

Man: I made it in here. Shouldn't be a problem getting out, especially with you out of the way.

Blair: No -- just get away from me! Get away from me!

Man: Not till I finish -- 3E359FD5.JPG

Blair: Get off me!

Man: More than --

Blair: Help! Somebody help me! Get off me! Todd. Thank God you're home.

Todd: Call the cops. Call 911. Do it.

Blair: Damn, it's dead, Todd.

Todd: Go, go, get out of here. Run! Scoot!

Blair: Todd, he's getting --


Roxy: You got us matching rings on our wedding night, remember?

Max: Actually, no.

Roxy: Could've given me a cigar band. I really didn't care.

Max: I know.

Roxy: Well, here. You can take it.

Max: I'm sorry, Roxy. That probably wouldn't buy me five minutes in a cheap motel. 3E35A00B.JPG

Roxy: Oh.

Max: Well, I guess I may as well take mine off.

Roxy: Guess that's why you didn't take it off before.

Max: Yeah, it's -- it's stuck.

Roxy: Like you were.

Al: Well, I guess that's about it. You got everything?

Max: Everything I can take.

Roxy: Maxie, wait --

Max: Let's go.

Roxy: Wait, wait --

Max: What?

Roxy: Wait a minute. I don't think you have your Luna tapes.

Max: I've got them.

Roxy: Oh. You know, I think there's one more in the V.C.R. There is, you know. Let me get it.

Max: Oh -- you know, giving me these tapes was the nicest thing you ever did for me. Actually, it's one of the nicest things anyone's ever done for me. 3E35A050.JPG

Roxy: Well, she was the love of your life. I know what it's like to lose somebody like that.

Al: Dad? You coming?

Max: Yeah, I guess.


Rex: Mrs. Davidson, why would I be lying to you?

Viki: Because I just now got off the phone with Seth, who is at the library, and Natalie hasn't been there all day.

Rex: Well, actually, we were on campus, and she said she was headed there. Maybe she went to the student union or --

Viki: All right, stop it. Now, you're lying to me. Why? Did Natalie ask you to lie for her?

Rex: I really can't tell you anything else.

Viki: I need to know where my daughter .. 3E35A08E.JPG

Rex: Sorry. I got to go.

Viki: Well, then, I suggest you move out permanently.

Rex: You're throwing me out?

Viki: I've been meaning to talk to you about this for a while.

Rex: After you found out that Jessica wasn't Roxy's kid and I wasn't her brother.

Viki: No, actually, that had nothing to do with it. You brought this on yourself.

Rex: What'd I do?

Viki: You have lied to me before, and you are lying to me now.

Rex: Look, I may not be Jessica's brother anymore, but I'm still good friends with her. With Natalie, too.

Viki: You know where she is. And if you don't tell me, you are no friend to Natalie. 3E35A0BD.JPG


Mitch: I'm listening.

Natalie: Ok. All you need me to do is just tell the judge that we went to bed together, right, so that you can get your divorce instead of the annulment.

Mitch: Let's not and say we did?

Natalie: Exactly. And no one will have to know.

Mitch: Not even Cristian? You would let him believe that you slept with me?

Natalie: If it'll keep you from killing him, yes.

Mitch: You risk losing him.

Natalie: Well, at least he'll live.

Mitch: So you would lie to him to avoid sleeping with me?

Natalie: What difference does it make to you? I mean, you just want my money, right? So name your price. I'll give you whatever you want for the settlement. 3E35A0E8.JPG

Mitch: That's a tempting offer.

Natalie: So, do we have a deal?


Al: Dad, that's your second drink -- not to mention the four you had for breakfast.

Max: Well, I got some catching up to do. Let me have the whole bottle.

Al: Dad, you can't afford the whole bottle. Come on.

Max: Well, then I'll get a job washing dishes or something. Hey, you need a scrub man around here?

Al: Ok, let's think. Do you remember what happened the last time you got this ripped?

Max: I don't even remember my phone number. Oh, that's right, I don't have one. 3E35A1DA.JPG

Al: You woke up married to Roxy.

Max: Well, what better way to get unmarried to her.

Al: Listen, dad, you can't get hammered every time something goes wrong, ok? Especially when you're dealing with Roxy.

Max: It's not about Roxy. It's about your mother and Tina, Lee Ann, Maggie, Kelly, Skye, Luna, Blair, and Roxy. Oh, and, heck, put Renee on the list, too.

Renee: What list?

Al: Dad's loss column.

Renee: You didn't lose me.

Max: Is that because I never had you?

Renee: You know, Max, I got through this relatively unscathed. You lost almost everything -- everything. And Asa is still stuck with Rae. 3E35A20F.JPG

Max: At least he still has a roof over his head. You're really not mad at me?

Renee: Well, please don't go dragging me into any of your half-baked schemes anytime real soon.

Max: How about I just talk you into giving me a room until I can pay you?

Renee: Darling, I'm really sorry about this, but if I had a spare room it would be yours on the house. Right now the top three floors are closed for renovation and every room in the place is booked.

Max: I guess camping out in the lobby is out of the question?

Renee: I think that you needed something to shake you up a little bit, get your blood going. I think you need a transfusion. 3E35A237.JPG

Max: You have any idea what she's talking about?

Al: Yeah. Dad, she's talking about taking action. She's talking about getting out there and taking charge of your life.

Max: You're watching way too much "Dr. Phil."

Renee: He's right, Max. Don't just stand there wallowing. Do something.

Max: Like what?

Renee: How about trying to get Roxy back?


Todd: Are you all right? Wake up. Come on, you got to wake up. Blair! You ok?

Blair: Todd, behind you! Behind you! No!

Man: Now I'm going to have to kill you both. And I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. 3E35A264.JPG

Blair: No!



Jen: I don't know how I'm going to tell you this.

Cristian: Just start from the beginning.

Jen: It was a few months ago. I heard you and Natalie talking.

Cristian: About?

Jen: How you two almost slept together. I was hurt. I thought -- I thought you loved me.

Cristian: Jen, listen --

Jen: No, don't. It's ok. I mean, I understand. Natalie, she's just so needy, she's always clinging to you all the time.

Cristian: No, no, that's not how it was.

Jen: And I wanted to believe you when you told me that you were just friends and that nothing had gone on. 3E35A28E.JPG

Cristian: Nothing happened.

Jen: Well, obviously something did.

Cristian: Jen, look, you and I were having problems at the time.

Jen: And Natalie just moved right in.

Cristian: No, this is not Natalie's fault.

Jen: Then whose fault is it? Mine?

Cristian: No. It's nobody's fault. It just happened. And once I knew it, I wanted to tell you. I just couldn't seem to find a way. It kind of felt like you wouldn't let me. And then I found out you were pregnant. To tell you the truth, if you hadn't lost the baby --

Jen: We'd be married right now. 3E35A2AE.JPG

Cristian: Yeah. With a baby.

Jen: That's another thing that I need to talk to you about.

Cristian: What?

Jen: We weren't expecting a baby.

Cristian: Jen, what are you talking about? I saw the medical records. You were having my child.

Jen: No, Cristian, not your child.


Viki: Well, look, if she does show up there, would you please ask her to call her mother immediately? Thank you.

Viki: Natalie -- Natalie, honey, it's mom. I don't know if you've gotten any of my other messages, but, please, when you get this message, call me, sweetheart. I'm very worried about you. Let me know where you are, ok? I love you. 3E35A2EC.JPG


Mitch: So that I understand this -- you're willing to let everyone, including Cristian, believe that we've had marital relations even if we haven't?

Natalie: I -- I won't tell anyone. I promise. I mean, my word means a lot to me.

Mitch: Yes. I can see that it does.

Natalie: Ok. So I'm going to call Nora Buchanan, and I will just tell her that the annulment is off.

[Phone rings]

Natalie: Hello?

Viki: Natalie. Oh, my God. Thank God I finally got a hold of you.

Natalie: Mom. Is something wrong?

Viki: Darling, I've been so worried about you. I've been calling all over town trying to find you. 3E35A31B.JPG

Natalie: I'm -- I'm ok.

Viki: Where are you?

Natalie: At the library.

Viki: You're not at the library, ok? I don't know where you are, but it's important that you come home now, ok? So I'll come and get you. Just tell me where you are.


Viki: Natalie?

Mitch: No more interruptions.

Natalie: What about Nora Buchanan? I mean, I still have to call her.

Mitch: No, there's nothing to call about.

Natalie: I thought --

Mitch: You thought wrong.

Natalie: But you said that --

Mitch: I said it was a tempting offer, but not nearly as tempting as what we had originally agreed to. And now, my dear, I think we should get out of these clothes, don't you? . 3E35A456.JPG


Blair: Don't -- you can't hurt him!

Officer: Federal agents. Freeze.

Blair: That guy right there -- he tried -- tried to kill us.

Todd: He's one of O'Brien's hit men.

Officer: We know who he is. We've been chasing him half way across the country.

Blair: Thank God you're all right, Todd.


Max: Do you know what the odds are of getting Roxy back?

Renee: They'll be really bad if you do nothing.

Max: It's more likely that I'll be hit by a meteor -- which isn't a very bad thought at the moment.

Renee: Come on, Max. Stop crying in your vodka.

Al: Yeah. Seriously, dad, get over it. 3E35A484.JPG

Max: Yeah. Oh, yeah. I can't even get the damn ring off.

Renee: Well, stick your hand in some ice. Here. And put a little soap on your ring finger. It'll come off just like that.

Max: Oh, that easy, huh?

Renee: Yeah. Well, you're talking to somebody who really knows. I've done it twice with Asa. Go on, give it a try. Thank you. How long has he been like this?

Al: Ever since the judge gave Roxy the divorce and everything the poor guy owns.

Renee: I've seen him go through a lot, but never like this.

Al: It's weird. I mean, I didn't know that he cared this much about Roxy. I don't know that he cared about Roxy at all. 3E35A4AE.JPG


Roxy: I trusted you, Luna. I trusted you. I actually believed that he was going to fall in love with me. You big, fat, dead liar! Ok, you're not fat, Luna, but you're still dead and you're still a liar.

Rex: Mom?

Roxy: Oh. Hey, Rexy.

Rex: Who you talking to?

Roxy: Oh -- nobody.

Rex: You drunk?

Roxy: No, I'm stone cold sober. I had, you know, maybe three, four beers.

Rex: So, what's with the suitcase? You heading off with Asa Buchanan?

Roxy: No, I'm just going off with myself.

Rex: What?

Roxy: Yeah, well, I was going to go to Vegas, but it's a little jinxed for me right now because that's where Max and I got hitched, so, Atlantic city, here I come. 3E35A4DD.JPG

Rex: Hold on. I knew you were talking about ditching Max, but what happened to Asa?

Roxy: I'm going to ditch him, too.

Rex: What are you talking about? The guy's loaded.

Roxy: Yeah, he's nothing but an overgrown, lying cowboy.

Arrivederci, Llanview. So, what are you doing here?

Rex: I just came by to say hi. Oh, gee, look at what time it is. I'm going to be late for class. I got to go. Sorry things didn't work out for you.

Roxy: Hey, I got to tell you, everything is great because I got the house and I got the break bar. In fact, I got everything. 3E35A4FD.JPG

Rex: You know what I'm thinking? You've had such a rough day, I'm going to stick around.

Roxy: So does that mean you're not going to go?

Rex: No, I'm going to stay as long as you need me, mom. Must be lonely in this big house all by yourself.


Cristian: So the baby wasn't mine?

Jen: Cristian, please understand. I was just upset and I was confused.

Cristian: Whose baby was it, Jen?

Jen: That doesn't matter.

Cristian: It does to me.

Jen: You're going to hate me.

Cristian: Just tell me.

Jen: It was Al's.

Cristian: Al's?

Jen: I was upset and he was there. 3E35A529.JPG

Cristian: So, what, you just go to bed with him?

Jen: You were with Natalie.

Cristian: We were trying to stay apart because of you, Jen. We didn't want to do anything behind your back. But you didn't seem to have a problem with it. Just go ahead and cheat on me with Al.

Jen: I know, and I made a terrible mistake.

Cristian: So, when did you find out?

Jen: When?

Cristian: Yes, when did you find out that the baby was Al's? Was it after the miscarriage, or did you know all along? Did you?

Hank: Cristian.

Cristian: Hey.

Jen: Hi. 3E35A543.JPG

Hank: Hi, Jennifer. I imagine that she's here giving you the good news.

Cristian: Good news? What good news?

Hank: You're being released as soon as the paperwork goes through.

Cristian: They're letting me out?

Hank: Nora's getting you processed right now. Otherwise she would have told you herself. The judge -- she threw out the case against you.

Cristian: So, how did this happen?

Hank: You didn't tell him?

Cristian: No, she didn't. Jen, you want to tell me what's going on?


Al: I really wish I could help him.

Renee: Yeah. Me, too. Because sometimes he can be a royal pain in the -- 3E35A624.JPG

Max: You talking about me again?

Renee: Hey, you came back real fast.

Max: Hey. What can I say? I didn't need the soap. Sucker popped right off. Imagine that. Feels kind of funny, though.

Renee: Max, be straight with me, Renee. Are you going to be ok?

Max: Yeah. Yeah, I'm going to do what you two told me to do. I'm going to get over it -- with a little help from my friend the Russian here. Excuse me.

Renee: Keep a close eye on him, ok?

Renee: Hi, Andrew, it's Renee. I'm fine, but a good friend of ours is in some trouble and I think maybe you could help. 3E35A655.JPG


Rex: I'm here, mom. I'm not going anywhere. I'll even move in.

Roxy: Hey, you know, I'm fine. I been on my own before -- you know, when your dad checked into the crematorium.

Rex: And you sent me off to aunt Corinne's.

Roxy: You know, people stay mad at the weirdest stuff.

Rex: I'm not mad at all. I feel bad for you that's why I don't think you should be alone right now.

Roxy: Why are you worried about me?

Rex: I'm still your son. I care about you.

Roxy: Oh, I know what you care about, and it ain't me.

Rex: What are you talking about?

Roxy: I'm talking about the green stuff. 3E35A67E.JPG

Rex: How can you say that?

Roxy: Because I see dollar signs flashing in your eyes.

Rex: Mom, it's not true.

Roxy: You didn't care about me when Jessie thought she was your sister and she was footing the bills. What happened? Did Viki throw you out on your keister out of Llanfair?

Rex: No. I can stay as long as I want.

Roxy: Says who?

Rex: Natalie and I are still very tight. She tells me everything, especially about that creep she just married.

Roxy: Yeah, she hates his guts. Yeah, big whoo. Everybody knows that.

Rex: Not everyone knows she's going to sleep with him.

Roxy: She said that? 3E35A69E.JPG

Rex: Yeah. She was going over to meet him at the palace hotel.

Roxy: When?

Rex: They're probably there right now.

Roxy: She's going to sleep with that creep who switched her with Jessie?

Rex: I tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn't listen to me. She made me promise not to tell anybody.

Roxy: Does Viki know?

Rex: Like Viki would let her do it. Don't worry about Natalie. You've got enough problems. And I want to do what I can for you.

Roxy: You know, I just remembered, I got to take care of something.

Rex: Wait. What about, you know, me staying here with you? 3E35A6BC.JPG

Roxy: You know, what the hey. You're flesh and blood. Al's room is empty.

Rex: I'm glad you're letting me help, mom.

Roxy: You know, maybe someday I'm going to buy into that little act of yours. Might be nice if someone really cared.

Rex: Well, I really do, believe it or not.


Rex: Hey, Shawna. Rex. Listen, party at al Holden's house. Well, actually, my house now. Get the word out.


Todd: Feds took that guy away. He's going to go to jail, Blair, for a gazillion years, all the counts they have against him. Are you ok?

Blair: Because of you. You know, Todd, if you hadn't have come back, I -- why did you come back? 3E35A713.JPG

Todd: I forgot my wallet. I'm really glad I did.

Blair: I really thought I was going to die.

Todd: Blair, don't say that.

Blair: I mean, you, too, right? You know, Todd, what I don't get is --

Todd: What?

Blair: Those federal agents -- I mean, how did they know to come here? I never actually got to call them.

Todd: I tipped them off.

Blair: You?

Todd: Yeah. When Sam had that bright idea to take you out of here, I had the feds watch this place.

Blair: Well, what the hell took them so long? My God, you could have been killed.

Todd: I wasn't and you weren't. Look, we don't -- I don't want to talk about this anymore. 3E35A741.JPG

Blair: Thank you.

Todd: For what?

Blair: Just thank you for everything. For taking care of me, for keeping me safe.

Todd: Blair --

Blair: No, I -- I owe you my life.

Todd: Well, you know, don't make it out like I'm some kind of a hero.

Blair: Oh, you are. You are to me.

Todd: This is my reputation we're talking about.

Blair: I don't know what I would've done without you, Todd. I do. I -- I owe you my life.

Todd: The guy's gone, all right? All the guys from the O'Brien gang are all gone. They're not coming back. They're gone. 3E35A771.JPG

Blair: You mean I don't have to pretend I'm in Switzerland somewhere crazy? I don't have to be in Switzerland?

Todd: No.

Blair: I don't have to stay here? I can go outside? I'm not stuck here anymore?

Todd: Nope, you're not stuck. You're free to go whenever you want.

Todd: That's it, I guess, huh? I don't know what you're waiting for. It's over.

Blair: It may be over, but not us.


Hank: Jen can fill you in on the details. I've got a meeting to go to.

Cristian: Thanks, Hank --

Hank: Yeah.

Cristian: For letting me know. 3E35A7D7.JPG

Hank: Well, you know, that is one of the great things about this job. You get to see the good guys go free. See you soon. Jen. Thanks.

Cristian: So, what's going on, Jen?

Jen: About you getting released?

Cristian: Well, Hank made it pretty clear that you know something about it.

Jen: Yeah, see, that's another thing that I wanted to tell you.

Cristian: So why didn't you?

Jen: Because I wanted to tell you about the baby first so you'd understand.

Cristian: Understand what?

Jen: How desperate I was because of -- because of how I was hurt. I'm the reason that you're getting released -- because I went to the judge and I explained everything. 3E35A805.JPG

Cristian: So, wait a minute. That article that Shawna wrote was true? You made the judge think that I wanted to kill Mitch?

Jen: I'm sorry.

Cristian: So, what, you were working with him?

Jen: Just let me explain.

Cristian: Yes or no, Jen!

Jen: Yes.

Cristian: How could you do that? Do you have any idea what you've done?


Natalie: Why won't you take my offer? I mean, if it's not enough money --

Mitch: This isn't about money.

Natalie: Oh, come on, Mitch, it's not about the sex. It can't be.

Mitch: Not entirely. I've lost my daughter, my only flesh and blood on this earth. 3E35A82F.JPG

Natalie: Like you had some deep emotional tie.

Mitch: Jessica wants nothing to do with me.

Natalie: Can you blame her? Look what you did to Viki to get her pregnant.

Mitch: I did what I had to do with Viki, and now I'm going to do what I have to do with you.

Natalie: Ok. What difference does it make if we just say that we slept together? I mean, you still get what you want.

Mitch: No, what I want is you, Natalie.

Natalie: No, you don't. You hate me.

Mitch: "When I sharpen my flashing sword and my hand grasps it in judgment, I will take vengeance on my adversaries and repay those who hate me." 3E35A860.JPG

Natalie: This is revenge?

Mitch: Viki turned Jessica against me, and now this will turn her against you. One daughter for another.

Natalie: What are you talking about?

Mitch: Think about it. What we do here this afternoon will be in Vikki's mind forever, not to mention Cristian's. Yes. You think you've suffered rejection before, my dear? Just you wait, my little wife. Just you wait.

Natalie: Please don't make me do this.

Mitch: Oh, honey, I'm not making you do anything. This is all your choice.

Natalie: A choice whether Cristian lives or dies?

Mitch: Mm-hmm. The decision is in your hands. I take your silence to mean you're staying. That's good. Very good. I have a little something for you. A belated wedding present. I want you to put this on. Sometime soon, please. You've kept me waiting long enough, my dear. 3E35A9A5.JPG


---------------------------------------------Starr: Mom, where are you going? You're supposed to be hiding out, remember?

Blair: Not anymore. I can come and go as I please.

Starr: What do you mean?

Blair: You know the bad guy?

Starr: Mm-hmm.

Blair: The one that was after me? He was arrested. So we don't have to pretend to play this game anymore. We can go home, Starr.

Starr: Home?

Blair: Yeah.

Starr: But what about dad?

Blair: Well, dad is the reason. He saved the day. He rescued me.

Starr: Mom, just cut to the chase.

Blair: I love your daddy, Starr, and he loves me. 3E35A9CB.JPG

Starr: And --

Blair: And we're all going to be together.

Starr: Really?

Blair: Yes.

[Starr and Blair laugh]

Starr: Yes! I knew it!


Todd: You guys were good. You were very good. You almost had me fooled.

Man: What about this, huh? I ought to get combat pay.

Todd: I ought to hit you again. You almost put Blair in the hospital.

Man: What was I supposed to do? Let her call the real cops? Then we'd all get bust..

Todd: Yeah, well, she's ok. So you guys can get out of here, you know. We're done.

Man: Here's my head shot. If you ever need another actor -- 3E35A9F6.JPG

Todd: You're kidding, right?

Man: Huh?

Todd: No. You need to get out of here. Don't be sticking around to be doing any regional theater or anything.

Man: I'm already booked next month.

Todd: Well, cancel it. Nobody can know that I forced Blair into hiding. Now, get out of here.


Cristian: It's because of you that I'm locked up in here and Natalie is out there on her own up against Mitch!

Jen: I just wanted her to get away from you.

Cristian: You could get her killed, Jen!

Jen: That's not going to happen.

Cristian: How do you know that?

Jen: Because she can take care of herself. 3E35AA21.JPG

Cristian: You're still not getting this, are you? Mitch Laurence isn't just some creepy guy, Jen. I swear, if anything happens to Natalie because of this --

Jen: Why is it always about Natalie? What about me? What about what you did to me?

Cristian: What? What? All we did was fall in love.

Jen: But you were supposed to love me. We were together and we were happy. Everything was perfect until Natalie came along and ruined everything.

Cristian: That's not how it was.

Jen: She took you away from me, and you let her. And then you lied to me over and over again. If anyone is the victim here, it's me! don't you get that? Don't you understand that? You hurt me. Does that even matter to you at all? 3E35AA4A.JPG

Cristian: You know what Jen? I really, really don't want to deal with this right now because I need to get out of here. I need to find Natalie. Guard!

Jen: I came here and I poured my heart out to you, and all you can think about is Natalie?

Cristian: Guard, what's taking so long?

Jen: This wasn't supposed to go like this. It just --

Cristian: What? What's "this"? Is this another one of your games, Jen?

Hank: Hey -- thank you -- Cristian. Everything's taken care of. You're a free man.

Cristian: Thanks again, Hank.

Hank: Yeah.

Cristian: You better pray nothing happens to Natalie. 3E35AA77.JPG


Viki: Bo, hi. Listen, Natalie's vanished. No, I think that she's gone to see Mitch Laurence again. Yeah. Bo, do you think you could send one of your guys over to check out his house? Oh, thank you. Thanks very much. Ok, bye.

Roxy: You and me -- we got to talk.

Viki: What are you doing here? How did you get in?


Roxy: I told Lulu or Louise or whatever your lady in waitings name is that I was here to see Rex because I knew you wouldn't want to talk to me.

Viki: Right. Lois, you can show Mrs. Holden out.

Roxy: Viki, you got to listen to me. 3E35AA94.JPG

Viki: Roxanne, I don't have time for you. Go.

Roxy: Natalie is in trouble. She's in trouble up to her neck.


Mitch: My sweet lord.

Mitch: Perfection. Just how I imagined my bride would look on our wedding night.

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Emily: I want to know what Lindsay Rappaport was doing in your office last night.

Allison: You want something from me? What do you want?

Roxy: Natalie says she's going to sleep with Mitch Laurence.

Mitch: You are about to become my wife.

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