OLTL Transcript Thursday 1/23/03

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 1/23/03

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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Rae: Asa is pretending that he wants you because he made a plan with Max.

Max: I'm not sure I want her out of my life.

Liz: How are you going to tell her that you fathered my baby?

Sam: You're never going to get away from Todd, and you still feel something for him.

Viki: Can't you just admit that you love her?

Todd: I do.


Todd: You back so soon? So, what happened? Thought you and Sam were supposed to be gone all night at Sam's secret hideaway. Where is Sam?

Antonio: How you doing?

Keri: Oh, much better now that I'm in Hawaii.

Antonio: Well, I brought you something else.

Keri: What?

Antonio: Brought you a compact disc player with remote so you don't have to move an inch.

Keri: Thank you.

Antonio: I'm not done. I also brought you some books on tape.

Keri: What kind of books?

Antonio: Your textbooks. I thought you might want to keep up.

Keri: You did not.

Antonio: You're right. I didnít.

Keri: Oh, mysteries. Oh, my gosh, I haven't seen these.

Antonio: No, I didn't think so.

Keri: Thank you.

Antonio: Oh, you're welcome. I'm not finished. I brought you one more thing.

Keri: What?

Antonio: Me.

Keri: That's the best thing of all.

Antonio: I'm not going to let anybody bother you with any of their problems -- not the dean, not any students, not anybody.

Keri: Police protection from stress -- that's a really good idea.

Antonio: I want to do everything and anything to help you.

Keri: I'm going to need all the help I can get. I'm not going to let anything happen to Mom and Steveís baby.


Liz: No. You can't help me raise this baby.

R.J.: I know I've never raised a child before, but I can learn.

Liz: Oh, R.J., I know how much you missed out on with Keri.

R.J.: Right. So you need the help. I'm offering. I mean, I can understand if you have some reservations, but --

Liz: No. You don't understand. You can't help me raise this baby because I'm not going to be here. I'm leaving Llanview the moment the baby's born.


Asa: Asa Buchanan here.

Nigel: The pigeon has landed.

Asa: Nigel?

Nigel: Yes, Sir.

Asa: Why are you whispering?

Nigel: I'm here in Mr. Holden's house.

Asa: Good. Did you steal those divorce papers?

Nigel: I'm afraid it's taking a bit longer than we expected.

Asa: You've got 20 minutes, Nigel, or you're out of a job. Those papers are my only way out of this damn nightmare.

Rae: What's the matter, Asa? Plan a backfired?

Asa: Gretel, what are you talking about?

Rae: Well, you see, I had a little chat with Roxanne Holden today. She told me that you were planning to run away with her. I figured out why.


Roxy: Get out!

Max: But, Roxy, wait.

Roxy: Get out of this house! It is all mine -- especially after I divorce your sorry butt!

Max: Just listen to me --

Roxy: I said, get the hell out of here!

Max: Look, Rae lied, okay? She came over here, and she -- stop -- she threw herself at me, all right?

Roxy: Oh, yeah, you did everything to fight her off.

Max: Oh, come on. What, do you think I want her? Don't want her. I -- look, I didn't cheat on you, all right?

Roxy: Yeah, sure.

Max: Oh!

Roxy: You didn't cheat on me. But what you did was far worse.


Blair: Sam went home.

Todd: Yeah, what happen? He get tired?

Blair: No. We thought someone might have been following us to the cabin.

Todd: You see? Now, I knew this was going to happen. See, Sam doesn't care if your life's in danger, just so long as he --

Blair: Todd, Todd, Todd, stop! Stop! Sam got rid of whoever was following us, and we got to the cabin fine.

Todd: You did?

Blair: It was completely safe, and nobody knows that we were there.

Todd: So, why'd you come back here?


Marcie: So you told your father everything?

Jen: I had to.

Marcie: Why? Was he going to cut up your credit cards?

Jen: No, I was a wreck, you know, and he knew that there's something I wasn't telling him. He just always knows. I don't know how. He just does.

Marcie: So you just blabbed?

Jen: Well, he already assumed that the article Shawna wrote was true, that I made up the whole story about Cristian threatening to kill Mitch Laurence.

Marcie: Even the part about Al getting you pregnant and then pretending the baby was Cristian's?

Jen: Yeah, even that.


Gabrielle: I'm so glad you were able to meet me. What's the problem? You sounded terrible on the phone.

Al: Did I?

Gabrielle: Yes. Oh, that's not it, is it?

Al: No. Mom, I'm over Jen. I am. You got to trust me. I was actually just sitting here thinking how I ever could have thought that she needed my help, you know, that she was so innocent.

Gabrielle: Well, some people are very good at covering up who they really are. Your father was very good at that, actually.

Al: Mom --

Gabrielle: Sorry. Just slipped out. I'm over Max. Really, I'm over him.

Al: Well, yeah, I know.

Gabrielle: So, tell me what's bothering you.

Al: Well, I guess I'm just sad about Jessica being gone.

Gabrielle: I know the two of you were very close, weren't you?

Al: She's my best friend, you know? I could go to her with anything, she'd help me out, whether it was schoolwork or --

Gabrielle: Are there any problems at school?

Al: No, no. No problems at school. I just meant that, you know, with her gone, it's going to be a little more difficult. I mean, I could go to her with anything -- anything at all.

Gabrielle: Well, you can talk to me about anything if you want.

Al: Thanks.

Gabrielle: Right. Not exactly the same thing, is it?

Al: Not really. Anyway, you don't need to be bothered with me. I'm sure you got your hands full with Bo.

Gabrielle: Yeah. You know, funny thing is, even when you're with someone, you can be lonely.


Roxy: Maybe you didn't cheat on me, but I can still get a divorce.

Max: Just hold it.

Roxy: Soon as I tell the judge what you did, she's going to give me a divorce on the grounds that you were cruel and unusual.

Max: Roxy, I'm sorry, but --

Roxy: And we're both going to get what's coming to me.

Max: Would you please just talk to me for one minute?

Roxy: I am so stupid. Why did I think that you deserve the truth? Why did I tell you that Asa was going to run away with me?

Max: I appreciated that.

Roxy: I mean, look, I know that you don't care about me, but you at least could have been surprised.

Max: Roxy, I --

Roxy: Well, how could you be surprised? Because you already knew!

Max: Listen for just one second, okay, please.

Roxy: You and Asa were using me.

Max: I know.

Roxy: See, you wanted me to run off with Asa so that you could get everything. Then what? Then what was Asa going to do? I'll tell you what he's going to do! He was going to dump me!

Max: I should have told you.

Roxy: You know, I thought that we were getting closer.

Max: We are.

Roxy: I thought that you liked me at least a little bit.

Max: I do.

Roxy: I sure never thought that you wanted this divorce so much.

Max: I donít.

Roxy: What?

Max: I donít.

Roxy: Nice try. You're going to try to tell me that you weren't setting me up?

Max: No, I did. What I'm trying to tell you is I don't want a divorce.


R.J.: You're leaving Llanview after the baby's born?

Liz: Yes.

R.J.: But I thought you told Keri that you were going to accept that job offer here in Llanview.

Liz: It was always my plan to go back to Chicago since I first got here.

R.J.: But I thought things had changed.

Liz: They did.

R.J.: So, what is there for you in Chicago? No family, no job.

Liz: I'll have my baby. I can get a job.

R.J.: Okay. So were you ever going to accept that job here, or were you just lying to Keri?

Liz: I didn't want to upset her. Maybe it was a mistake to tell her that. I don't know.

R.J.: What about us? Was that a mistake, too?


Blair: I had to come home sometime.

Todd: But why did you come home now?

Blair: Well, it's -- it's complicated.

Todd: Why is it complicated?

Blair: It's just a lot going on, Todd.

Todd: Like what?

Blair: Well, those guys following us -- it scared me, that's all.

Todd: I thought you said Sam lost them.

Blair: Yeah, he did.

Todd: And then you felt safe.

Blair: Sam -- he had to get back to Llanview. You know, he has a lot of things to take care of with Jen, you know, being in trouble.

Todd: No, I know about that. I broke that story.

Blair: And I came down on you pretty hard. I'm sorry about that. Sam told me it was all true.

Todd: Yes, it was.

Blair: Sorry I didn't believe you.

Todd: So that's it? That's why you came home? So that Sam could look after his kid?

Blair: No, I came home --

Blair: What's this?

Todd: That's a wineglass.

Blair: Yeah. Whose wineglass?

Todd: Well, Viki came by.

Blair: It's not really Viki's color.

Todd: You know, and I told her -- I told her that.

Blair: Hmm, hmm. What's this, Todd? Is Viki suddenly Niki again? Shawna was here, wasn't she?

Todd: Yeah, she was. And so what, right? What difference does that make? I mean, does it really matter who I'm here with?

Blair: You're right. It doesnít.


Dr. Conklin: What do you say we take a look at that baby?

Keri: Oh, I can't wait. Can Antonio stay for this?

Dr. Conklin: Of course. He seems like just what the doctor ordered.

Keri: You know, I haven't felt anything like I did earlier.

Dr. Conklin: That's a good sign.

Antonio: And this test -- it's going to show if something's wrong with the baby?

Dr. Conklin: Well, there are tests that are more conclusive, but that includes invasive procedures that could cause further leaking. A sonogram will give us a visual representation of how the baby is functioning in the amniotic fluid. The fetus is very well developed.

Keri: I can't -- I can't see it. Can I sit up?

Dr. Conklin: No, no, we don't want you to sit up.

Keri: Antonio, can you see it?

Antonio: Yeah.

Keri: How does she look?

Antonio: She's beautiful.


Liz: No. What happened between us -- this wasn't a mistake.

R.J.: I'm not talking about sleeping together.

Liz: R.J. --

R.J.: I'm talking about everything -- everything that's been happening between us -- moving past the bad feelings and getting back to what was good between us in the first place.

Liz: I wouldn't trade it for anything. There are reasons that I have to go back to Chicago.

R.J.: Well, okay. Okay, then. I can go with you.

Liz: No. You canít.

R.J.: What are you doing, then? What was this? Just something for old time's sake?

Liz: No! I care about you, R.J.

R.J.: No, no, no, you donít. No, you are the same woman who kept my child from me all those years. You don't care about anyone except yourself.


Roxy: Sure you want a divorce. You wanted a divorce from the minute that we got married.

Max: I know.

Roxy: And the only reason you didn't get one was because you knew I would take you to the cleaners, and that's why you don't want one now.

Max: No. I mean, that's why I didn't get the divorce back then and that's why I set up the scam with Asa. But I told Asa I wanted to call it off.

Roxy: What?

Max: When you told me you were going to run off with him, I realized I don't want you to go. And I certainly don't want Asa to humiliate you.

Roxy: Why, so you could humiliate me yourself?

Max: No. I don't want to hurt you, Roxy, and I sure don't want to see our marriage end this way.

Roxy: Well, how would you like it to end?

Max: Well, crazy as it sounds, but --

Roxy: What?

Max: I got kind of used to you being around here. I mean, you, the leopard pillows, the Elvis collection, the -- no, I still don't like those -- but you -- I mean, if you were to go, I'd miss you.

Roxy: So?

Max: So, maybe I don't have to miss you. Maybe, for the first time, we can give this thing a chance.


Rae: Well, and that's when you and Max cooked up your little plan to get rid of Roxanne and me.

Asa: You are loco.

Rae: Oh, I don't think so, Asa. I donít. I also think, though, that it's going to make a wonderful new chapter in my book that I'm writing. You remember -- the one that outlines all your crimes, which several D.A.s would, I'm sure, love to know about.

Asa: You know, Gretel, you can't hang that over my head forever.

Rae: What's going to stop me?

Asa: Statute of limitations.

Rae: Oh.

Asa: By the time your damn book is published, old Asaís going to be free and clear.

Rae: And you're sure about that, aren't you?

Asa: Damned sure, damned sure. And not only that, finally I'll get rid of the wife from hell.

Rae: You're never going to get rid of me, Asa. I like being your wife. I like using the Buchanan name to get back some of what I lost, what you made me lose. No. No, no, I'm never going to divorce you, cowboy.

Asa: It's too late.

Rae: Excuse me?

Asa: See, I know you signed those divorce papers. In fact, they're on their way here right now. And the minute I sign those papers, Gretel, you are history.

Rae: Don't count on it.


Todd: So you don't care that I was here all alone with Shawna?

Blair: I didn't -- I didn't say that. I -- but it doesn't matter. It doesn't change anything for me. I'm glad I went away with Sam.

Todd: I'm going upstairs.

Blair: Todd, would you wait, please?

Todd: Why?

Blair: Because --

Todd: Why?

Blair: There is something that I need you to hear me say.

Todd: Why don't you write it down and I'll take a look at it tomorrow?

Blair: I just -- going away with Sam -- it made everything clear for me.

Todd: Yeah? You know what? I don't want to talk to you anymore. You want to talk to somebody? Go talk to Nora. Tell her what a great guy Sam is.

Blair: I don't want to --

Todd: Maybe then she won't --

Blair: I don't want to talk to Nora and I don't want to tell her what a great guy Sam is! And I didn't come home because of someone following me, and I didn't come home because Sam had so many things to do here in Llanview! I came home because I didn't want to be in the cabin with Sam. I wanted to come home. I wanted -- I wanted to be with you.

Todd: What happened to what you said before? What happened to you hated me? Isn't that what you said? What happened to that?

Blair: Well, that's what I -- I told myself that's what I wanted to believe because caring about you can be very painful.

Todd: You care about me?

Blair: I always have, Todd. You know, every time that we get close, you always -- or I find out that you do something that hurts me so much that I can't trust you anymore. But then you do something -- somehow, some way, you get me to trust you and you get me to -- to want you again.

Todd: And you want me?

Blair: I tried to deny it, Todd, because I thought you'd never change and that if you didn't change, then everything would end up the way it always does. But now --

Todd: Now what?

Blair: Have you changed?


Jen: Don't worry. I'm not going to tell my dad that you changed the due date.

Marcie: I wouldn't care if you did. I'd do it all over again if you wanted me to.

Jen: Really?

Marcie: Of course. I mean, it's so unfair that you get in trouble for all of it.

Jen: Tell me about it. Cristian's going to get out of jail and he'll go straight back to Natalie. She'll have him and I'll have nothing. Oh, except I forgot -- I'll have the humiliation of everyone thinking I'm, like, a huge liar.

Marcie: Well, maybe you don't have to end up with nothing.


Al: Are you lonely, Mom?

Gabrielle: I -- really, I shouldn't have said anything.

Al: Well, I mean, did something happen? Have you and Bo had a --

Gabrielle: No. No. Bo is still perfect. And the day that he told he that he loved me is still one of the most important days of my life.

Al: So that sounds really good.

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm. It is very good, and it was very good. It's just it was Christmastime.

Al: And you think he changed his mind? I mean, has he been acting weird lately at all?

Gabrielle: No, you see, that's just it. I just don't see him very much. He's so busy -- police work and that.

Al: Yeah, that Mitch Laurence guy -- I mean, he has really made a mess of things for a lot of people, you know? That's why Jess is gone.

Gabrielle: Yeah, it would be catastrophic to have him as a father.

Al: Oh, you are not kidding. Listen, Mom, when this blows over -- and it will -- everything's going to be okay. What?

Gabrielle: I was just thinking what odd parents you have.

Al: Oh, yeah.

Gabrielle: Don't give me that. Here's your mom trying to spend more time with a man she's living with, and then there's your father who's trying to spend less time with the woman he's living with.

Al: Um -- that's not exactly true.

Gabrielle: What's not exactly true?

Al: You're not going to believe this, but Dad actually wants to st with Roxy.

[Glass breaks]


Roxy: So you want to give us a chance?

Max: Yes, I do.

Roxy: I've been wanting this ever since --

Max: The moment we got married.

Roxy: Uh-huh.

Max: Now I'm saying it.

Roxy: Just when I was about to end. Oh, this must be just fate or something like that.

[Phone rings]

Max: Just ignore that.

Roxy: I canít. It might be a sweepstakes.


Roxy: Hello?

Rae: Hi. How's it going?

Roxy: Oh, it's going way better than I ever thought.

Rae: Good. You take that snake for everything he's worth.

Roxy: Yeah, right.

Rae: Roxanne, Max tried to sweet-talk his way out of it, didn't he?

Roxy: Yeah, sure. What?

Rae: Listen. That's what he does. I should know. He strung my daughter along until he got what he wanted. And as far as Asa -- he even pretended to be his son, for God's sake.

Roxy: Yeah, I forgot all about that.

Rae: You be strong, all right? And you don't fall for any of it.

Max: Who was it?

Roxy: Doesn't matter.

Max: So, what are you going to do? Can you give me another chance?

Roxy: You know, I'm used to making some real bad mistakes because I listen to idiots tell me what to do instead of following my own gut. But I'm not going to do that any more because my gut is talking and I'm going to listen.


R.J.: Hey.

Keri: Hey.

R.J.: Can I come in?

Keri: Of course. Come on in.

Antonio: R.J., you mind if I have a word with you first?

R.J.: Sure. Sure. I'll be right back. Well, is something wrong with Keri?

Antonio: No. No, no, no. And the baby's fine, too.

R.J.: Well, then, what's so urgent?

Antonio: I just -- I just wanted to remind you, R.J., not to say anything to upset Keri.

R.J.: She's my daughter.

Antonio: Yes, R.J., I'm aware of that. I just want to make sure you understand how serious this is.

R.J.: Well, okay. You've -- you've made your point. But, look, if you need to talk to someone about upsetting Keri, you should talk to Elizabeth because she's the one planning to take the baby and leave town.

R.J.: I brought these over from Capricorn. They're -- they're left over from your birthday party.

Keri: Aw. It was such a wonderful party. I'm sorry I had to go and ruin it.

R.J.: Well, that's impossible. There would be no party without you.

Keri: Well, I still feel bad, especially since there seemed to be some romance in the air.

R.J.: What?

Keri: Don't play innocent with me. I saw what was going on with you and Mom. So, did you -- you guys work things out?

R.J.: Sure we did. Yeah. Everything's cool.


Antonio: Is it true?

Liz: What?

Antoni are you going to take the baby and leave town?

Liz: Stop. I'm not talking about that now. I want to know how Keri is.

Antonio: She's doing a lot better.

Liz: Oh, thank goodness.

Antonio: Keri told me it had been decided that you were going to take the job here in Llanview.

Liz: Look, we'll talk about that later. Right now, I'm going to go talk to my daughter.

Antonio: When? After you've run off with my child?


Max: So, what is your gut telling you to do?

Roxy: My gut is telling me to take the money and run.

Max: What?

Roxy: Yeah. It's also telling me that you'll never love me the way that I want you to.

[Doorbell rings]

Renee: Max, tell me it isn't true. You're actually staying with Roxy?

Max: No, no. She's divorcing me.

Renee: So, then Asa and Rae are getting divorced, too?

Max: Actually, my deal with Asa fell through.

Renee: What?

Max: Well --

Renee: Is Asa staying with Rae or not?

Max: I -- I think he is. She found out his plan. She's never going to give him a divorce.

Renee: Max, this is very upsetting. I pretended to be drunk. I pretended to be crazy in order to get Rae to sign those papers. Now, wait a minute, wait a minute. Rae did sign those papers.

Max: Yeah, but ansa didnít. I kept the papers, and I wouldn't let him have them until he came through with his end of the deal.

Renee: Give them to me. I will hand-deliver a divorce to Asa.

Max: Sure. Why not? Hey, you deserve something out of this. Come on in.

Renee: Thank you.

Max: All right. Make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back.

Renee: Oh, my. Oh -- oh, my. Well -- she really is throwing him out. Hmm.

Max: Uh -- Renee, about those divorce papers -- they're gone.


Asa: Thank you. Oh, Gretel, just in time. Read them and weep. Oh, no, no, no, no. I' read them. You weep.

Rae: No, Asa, please. Asa, I can't let you sign this.

Asa: It's not up to you, Honey.

Rae: I don't know what I was thinking when this thing was drafted. I was just too generous. I can't live on the amount that I'm going to get if this marriage is over.

Asa: Oh, I'm sure you'll think of something.

Rae: I just can't let you have all of it.

Asa: Why not? It's my damn money!

Rae: No, no, Asa. No, we have to come to another agreement. Please. 90/10? No, it's just not possible. Please.

Asa: 90/10? And it's too late to change it, Gretel. Oh, give me a pen.


Todd: I hate change.

Blair: Yeah, I know. That's never been easy for either one of us.

Todd: Well, that's why we never bother with it.

Blair: Todd, you remember -- do you remember when we first got married and I was pregnant with Starr and we were at the airport right before you left for Ireland? We both said that we had changed, that our love had changed us.

Todd: It's a long time ago, Blair. And that was before --

Blair: I know. It was before a lot of things. We were both young and naive. We thought the past was behind us, that life was happily ever after.

Todd: This past isn't behind us.

Blair: But I think -- well, I don't know, but I don't think people just change overnight. I think that they change every day for the rest of their life. And you do some bad things, you make mistakes, but you also do some good things, and you hope that the good outweighs the bad.

Todd: I haven't done a lot of good things.

Blair: You took me in when I was in trouble, even when you knew that I was seeing somebody else, and you allowed me to see my children. And tonight you let me go be with Sam. See, Todd, you -- you've done some good things.

Todd: All right, you remember when -- when I told you that Jack was dead and then I brought this other baby back? And I tried to tell you that this other baby was your baby. I know it was kind of maybe --

Blair: That was maybe kind of a really, really bad thing.

Todd: You said you could never forgive me for that. And if you can't forgive me --

Blair: Then I can't be with you.


Antonio: You were going to go in there and lie to your daughter.

Liz: I was not.

Antonio: No? You were going to tell her you're not going to take the job at Llanview U.? That's what I thought. One more lie to Keri.

Liz: Hey, you know we can't go in and upset her right now.

Antonio: Then why would you take the baby and leave town?

Liz: You know why.

Antonio: Because you can't face the truth.

Liz: Oh, no, I can face the truth. I just can't face Keri. What am I going to say to her? When she brings my child into the world, it'll look like her fiancť. What are you going to say?

Antonio: I don't know. I don't know. But it's going to be the truth because it's the right thing to do. No, no, look. As soon as Keri is out of danger, I'm going to tell her everything.

R.J.: Now, what's going on here?

Antonio: Nothing. I'm going to go be with Keri.

R.J.: Elizabeth?


Jen: Nothing good is ever going to come out of this. Everyone's going to think that I'm a liar for throwing Cristian in jail. Who knows about Al? He might still even tell everyone that I lied about who the baby's father was.

Marcie: So why don't you tell everyone first?

Jen: What?

Marcie: If you go to Cristian and tell him everything yourself, you'll look pretty good. You probably -- you should, you know, cry a little while you do it.

Jen: I'll just -- I'll just tell him how upset I was, you know, and just how the thought of losing him just made me crazy.

Marcie: Exactly.

Jen: And how now I just feel so bad about it. He'll probably end up feeling sorry for me.

Marcie: Of course he will.

Jen: Marcie, you're a genius.


Gabrielle: Max and Roxanne -- hmm. Well, there have been stranger couplings.

Al: Name one.

Gabrielle: Well, Bo Buchanan, Police Commissioner, and yours truly, an ex-con.

Al: Okay. You're right. I have to admit that was a little weird at first. But now -- here's to you and Bo.

Gabrielle: Thank you. And -- oh -- another one -- to you making new friendships and finding your real true love. Oh, heck, while we're at it, let's toast Max. I hope things work out for him this time.


Max: I guess it doesn't mean much now, but for what it's worth, I'm sorry. I guess I'll see you in court.

Roxy: See you.


Asa: File this first thing in the morning.

Nigel: Yes, Sir.

Asa: Oh, forget that. Do it now.

Nigel: But, Sir, they're not open now.

Asa: Well, you camp on the front steps, and you be in that clerk's office the minute it opens.

Nigel: Yes, Sir.

Rae: I'll file it.

Asa: Hey! Grab that, Nigel! Grab it! She'll rip it up.

Rae: Oh, of course I wouldn't do that. Why would I?

Asa: Why would you? I'll tell you why you would. Because you're going to get kicked out of here on your keister without a damn dime. Hell, I'm giving you 10% of all I've got. Nigel here would be very, very happy with that, right?

Rae: Oh, 10%? Oh, no, no, Asa. When I said 90/10, I'm the 90. You're the 10.

Asa: Give me that.

Rae: Read them and weep, Asa. Read them and weep. Now, I think I should hang on to these, don't you? Just for safekeeping. Plus, it'll give you a chance to really decide what's worse, Asa -- 90% loss of all your fortune or being married to me? I'll just -- I'll just let you think about that.

Asa: Ah!


Todd: Then I guess that --

Blair: No.

Todd: What --

Blair: No, it's not, Todd --

Todd: You just finished telling me that you can't forgive me for what happened with Jack, so --

Blair: Well, I thought about what you did to Jack and to me and to us. And I thought about how you told me that he had died and how you took him away from me.

Todd: Look, Blair --

Blair: And I've also heard that you -- I've heard you say you're sorry to Jack and to me. And I've seen you with Jack and Starr, and I know how much you love them, Todd.

Todd: I -- I do.

Blair: I know that you do. And I also know how hard it has been for you to have to live with yourself for what you did. Look, I know you, Todd. I know you better than anyone. I married you three times. You're my husband. And I -- I know that you love me, even though you can't say it.

Todd: I love you.

Blair: I love you, Todd. And I forgive you.

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Judge: Are you absolutely sure that you want a divorce?

Todd: Are you sure this is where you want to be?

Blair: I've wanted to be here for a long time.

Cristian: There's got to be something we can do to keep Laurence away from Natalie.

Antonio: Well, not if she doesn't keep herself away.

Natalie: I have to sleep with Mitch Laurence.

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