OLTL Transcript Tuesday 1/14/03

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 1/14/03

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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

R.J.: You really slept with Troy? What do you have on him, Lindsay?

Troy: R.J. Gannon was the person who helped you once you were on the outside?

Antonio: The baby Keri is carrying for her mother -- it's mine.

Natalie: I want to talk you out of leaving.

Jessica: Well, don't waste your time.

Roxy: Jessie's going to hightail it out of this town, and you will never see her again!


Lindsay: Nora. I was expecting someone else.

Nora: Yes, I can see that.

Lindsay: Don't you want to know who it is?


R.J.: Just going to keep taking the tray around, make everybody happy.

Waiter: Okay. So when should I bring out the cake?

R.J.: Oh, don't worry. I'll let you know. Dr. MacIver, glad you could make it.

Troy: Oh, thanks for the invite. How's Keri feeling?

R.J.: Oh, she's recovered from that scare, but I wanted to thank you again for helping.

Troy: Well, I was glad to help. And you know something? As a matter of fact, there's something I could use your help with.

R.J.: What can I do for you?

Troy: It's about the night Lindsay Rappaport escaped from prison. I know you were in on it, R.J.


Hank: Well, now, that's what I call a cake.

Liz: It certainly is. I'm sure that Keri's going to be totally surprised.

Hank: Yeah, well, I'm afraid that won't be the only surprise here at this party.

Liz: What is it, Hank?

Hank: Antonio ran a paternity test on your child.


Keri: Hey, why aren't you at my surprise party?

Antonio: You know about it?

Keri: No one in my family can keep a secret.

Antonio: Oh, I'm not so sure about that.

Keri: What do you mean? What's wrong, Antonio?


Roxy: You're not going up there.

Mitch: Why not?

Roxy: Because there's nobody up there. It's just you and me, and I don't want you here.

Mitch: My daughter's upstairs. I have a right to see her.

Roxy: Don't even think about it.

Mitch: Not that it's any of your business, but I have no intention of harming Jessica. I happen to love my daughter.

Roxy: That's bull. You don't love Jessica any more than I love Natalie.


Jessica: You wanted my life. Take it. I don't want it. I'm giving it to you, even though it was never mine to give.

Natalie: Jessica, come on. You're not making any sense right now --

Jessica: Take it, Natalie -- my house, my money, my family. You can even have my mom. I do not want it. I don't want to see any one of you ever again.


Viki: Bo, I've called all the airlines to see if she's booked or if she's left. They won't tell me anything. Is there something you can do to help me out, please? I need to know where she is. Well, of course I realize that she's an adult --

Al: Mrs. Davidson. Sorry. Lois let me in.

Viki: Oh -- Bo, Al's here. He might know where she is. I'll call you back. Have you been with Jessica?

Al: Yeah, I have.

Viki: Well, is she all right? Please, you have to tell me. How is she?

Al: She's not so great.

Viki: Where is she? I really need to be with her.


Keri: Would you listen to me? Here I am going on about my birthday party while your brother sits in a jail cell.

Antonio: No, no. Please, Keri, he's fine. Cristian -- Cristian's fine. He's handling it.

Keri: Yeah, but it's so awful. I mean, that trial was obviously a travesty.

Antonio: Yeah, well, at least Mitch Laurence can't get to him while he's in custody.

Keri: You know, Antonio, if you don't want to come to this party, I totally understand.

Antonio: No, no, Honey, I would not miss a minute of this party. I love you, and I can't wait to see you surrounded by all the other people that love you, too. I want this to be the best birthday party you've ever had.

Keri: Listen to you. You make it sound like it's going to be my last one or something.

Antonio: I'm sorry. I didn't mean --

Keri: Don't worry about me. I'm just glad you're here. And for the record, I plan on having just so many more birthdays, and I want you at every single one of them.

Antonio: I -- I want that, too.

Keri: But I'll never forget this one -- I mean, my first birthday with my mom and my dad and with you.

Antonio: Okay -- we should get you to your party.

Keri: Oh, and just so you know, my mom made me promise to act surprised at the party for R.J.'s sake. Isn't that sweet?

Antonio: Yeah, yeah. It's nice.

Keri: Ah -- it's amazing, isn't it? Everyone's just getting along all of a sudden. I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect for my birthday.


Liz: Does he know? Did Antonio find out that Steveís not the father?

Hank: I'm sure he knows by now.

Liz: What do you mean, "by now"?

Hank: I ran into him earlier at the hospital. I got him to admit that he was waiting for the results of a D.N.A. test.

Liz: Did you tell him anything?

Hank: No, I didn't tell him a thing.

Liz: How could he do this? How could he do this without my permission?

Hank: What about what you've done, Liz?

Liz: Whose side are you on, Hank?

Hank: You have to ask? Look, I didn't want to lie, but I did, and I did it for you, and I never felt comfortable about it.

Liz: You made your feelings perfectly clear.

Hank: Be that as it may, I stood by you.

Liz: So, maybe it doesn't matter if Antonio knows.

Hank: There is no "if." He knows, and you need to prepare yourself.

Liz: Doesn't he realize what's going to happen? What kind of a man is he?

Hank: He's the father of your child.

Liz: We were all so happy. Why couldn't he just leave things the way they were?

Hank: He's not that kind of a man, Liz. He's not going to stand around and watch his child grow up and not take responsibility.

Liz: Well, what about Keri? This is going to destroy her.

Hank: Now, I told you he was going to find out. The man is a damn good cop.

Liz: So you were right. Are you happy?

Hank: Liz, I don't want to fight with you. I'm on your side.

Liz: I know.

Hank: What are you going to do?

Liz: Maybe the tests will be inconclusive.

Hank: Would you stop lying to yourself? Liz, you have to deal with this.

Liz: What's he going to do, Hank?

Hank: I don't know for certain. But I know he won't be able to live with this lie.

Liz: Even if the truth destroys the woman he loves? I have to know. Is he going to tell Keri that he's the father of my baby?


Al: Jessica doesn't want to see you right now, Mrs. Davidson. I'm -- I'm sorry.

Viki: Look, I know she's hurting, okay? I want to help her.

Al: You canít. Nobody can right now. Believe me, I tried.

Viki: Okay, that's just what Jessica thinks, all right? But she needs to be with people who love her.

Al: That may be the truth, but she wants to be alone. She made that abundantly clear.

Viki: I know that when she found out that Mitch Laurence was her father, she turned to you and you took care of her.

Al: I did what I could, which really wasn't much. I was just glad that she let me be there with her.

Viki: How did you find her? I mean, we were all looking for her. How did you know where to go?

Al: Well, I thought of all the places that she loved to go when we were kids, you know? And I remembered when Mr. Buchanan was teaching her to ride how crazy she was about horses, so -- two plus two. I found her in Asaís tack room.

Viki: I see.

Al: She didn't want me there. She didn't want anybody there. But you know me. I can be pretty persistent.

Viki: Well, yeah. And thank you very much for taking care of her because it meant a great deal to me to know that she wasn't alone.

Al: She's going to be okay, Mrs. Davidson. She's pretty shaken up, but she knows exactly what she needs to do.

Viki: Do you know where she is now? Can you just tell me if she's safe? Al, for heaven's sakes, wherever she is, can you at least tell me that she's far away from Mitch Laurence? Is she?


Mitch: You and I are nothing alike.

Roxy: You and I are not exactly Mommy and Daddy material.

Mitch: You have no idea what kind of father I have been to Jessica.

Roxy: I think I do. You're the kind of father who would desert his own baby, just dump her off and have someone else raise her.

Mitch: I placed Jessica in the home of millionaires, with a mother who adored her and a fa-- why am I even telling you this? Get out of my way.

Roxy: Wait. Wait. I got one question for you, and then you can go up those stairs two at a time and you will find nobody there. I got a question for you that I've been wanting to know for half of my life -- why am I alive? You killed Wally off in that phony car accident, killed a couple of nurses. So why'd you leave me hanging around? Why?

Mitch: Roxanne, you served my purposes. I let Clint Buchanan give my little girl anything and everything she ever wanted while I sentenced his daughter to a lifetime with a drunken slob for a mother and a hovel for a home. Does that answer your question?

Roxy: I could've been a good mother. I'm still going to be.

Mitch: It's a tad late, wouldn't you say?

Roxy: Oh, no. I can do something good. I can do something good for somebody else. Like right now, I am not going to let you up there!

Mitch: You stupid cow.

[Mitch and Roxy groan]


Jessica: Don't touch me.

Natalie: Shh, shh, shh.

Jessica: What?

Natalie: I heard something.

Roxy: Mitch Laurence, you're going to have to go through me to get to Jessica.

Jessica: He's here?

Natalie: Shh. Just calm down. I'm not going to let him get to you, okay?

Jessica: No -- well, wait a second. Doesn't he want to get back together with you? If he sees you, he's --

Natalie: He won't, all right? I'm going to figure out a way for us to both get out of here. Okay.

Jessica: Natalie, how?


Liz: Well, he's not going to tell her on her birthday. That's going to be just too cruel.

Hank: Still, sooner or later, Liz, he's going to come clean.

Liz: At least we have a few more day-- at least one more day -- to try and figure something out.

Hank: I wouldn't count on it. If I know Antonio, he's not going to wait around for her to hear from someone else.

Liz: Nobody else knows.

Hank: Your secret is out.

Liz: Oh, Hank, what am I going to do?

Hank: My advice? If you want to maintain any kind of relationship with Keri, you're going to have to be the one to tell her.

Liz: I canít.

Hank: Come on, Liz. You've got to come clean. It's the only way.

Carlotta: I thought we were friends.

Hank: Carlotta, we are. What's wrong?

Carlotta: Then how can you let that despicable man press charges against my son? You know Cristian would never attack an innocent man.

Hank: Carlotta, if you remember, I okayed the plea bargain. Now, if you're going to be angry with someone, it should be Judge Fitzwater.

Carlotta: Oh, and don't think I won't give her a piece of my mind the next time I see her in my restaurant.

Hank: Well, you better be sure you don't end up in a neighboring cell.

Carlotta: For being right? Is that a crime, too, nowadays?

Hank: I believe that Cristian had a reason for going after Laurence, but, unfortunately, his witnesses didn't back him up.


R.J.: Why in the world would I help Lindsay?

Troy: I don't know. But Allison Perkins said you did.

R.J.: All-- the nut case?

Troy: Well, yeah, that may be true, but according to her, she never held Lindsay against her will. In fact, she says that Lindsay planned the entire escape and that you were her contact on the outside.

R.J.: Well, if I'm not mistaken, this Allison is in a padded room somewhere, not sane enough for Statesville. So why would anyone believe whatever she told you?

Troy: She seemed pretty lucid to me this afternoon. Her doctors are reevaluating her mental condition as we speak.

R.J.: You're serious, aren't you?

Troy: You provided the getaway car, R.J. But Allison didn't trust you, so she decided to ride shotgun with you while Lindsay drove your car. Does that sound familiar to you?


Keri: Why are all the lights out in here?

All: Surprise!

Carlotta: Feliz cumpleano.

Keri: Oh! What is all this?

Liz: Surprise. Happy birthday, Honey. Happy birthday.

R.J.: Well, were you surprised?

Keri: Oh, I was totally surprised. Thank you so much.

R.J.: No, no, no, don't thank me. I have a lot of these to make up for. Happy Birthday.

Keri: Oh. Oh.


Nora: I'm not really particularly interested in your new little boyfriend.

Lindsay: Really? He's pretty great. He's actually a little naughty. No, scratch that -- he's very naughty.

Nora: Okay, now you're over-sharing.

Lindsay: He's also complicated. For example, this morning I caught this terrible chill -- you know the kind that goes all the way down to your bones? And he brought me inside, and he wrapped me in blankets, and he rubbed my hands until they were rosy again. He was very warm.

Nora: Warm? That means he's alive and not reptilian. That's good.

Lindsay: Aren't you happy for me, Nora?

Nora: I didn't come here for girl talk, Lindsay. I came to find Jen and Sam.

Lindsay: Did you try calling them?

Nora: Yes, I did. I've actually been all over town. Believe me, you're a last resort.

Lindsay: What's your emergency?

Nora: I got a tip about an article in "The Sun." Itís about Jen.

Lindsay: What do they say?

Nora: That she collaborated with Mitch Laurence to make sure that Cristian Vega went to jail for assault.

Lindsay: Well, nobody believes what they read in that rag, anyway, and I'm sure that Sam will make Todd print a retraction by the morning.

Nora: Not if it's true. Mitch Laurence is a very dangerous man, and if Jen is mixed up with him, she could be in serious trouble.


Jessica: Is there a way for us to get down there?

Natalie: Not without breaking our necks. Okay, what about a back entrance?

Jessica: I don't know. I mean, there has to be one, right?

Natalie: All right, you stay. I'll go check.

Jessica: No, no, no, no, no. What if he sees you?

Natalie: Well, do you have a better idea? Okay -- wait, wait. When's Al coming back?

Jessica: He's not. He's waiting at the airport with my tickets.

Natalie: Okay, all right, all right. We can get you there if we hurry.

Jessica: What -- but Mitch is here. He's going to see you if you go downstairs.

Natalie: Well, I guess that's a chance I'm just going to have to take, Jessica. You're leaving. I'm not going to let him stop you.

Jessica: Well, I'm not going to let you go back to Mitch.

Natalie: I won't, okay? Believe me, I wonít. Even if I wanted to, which I don't, Uncle Bo and Mom wouldn't let it happen, anyway. Look, you're leaving. I'm making sure you get out of here safe.


Al: Jessica is someplace that Mitch Laurence definitely would never look for her.

Viki: Are you sure?

Al: Very.

Viki: Is she still in Llanview?

Al: Yeah. But she's leaving soon.

Viki: When?

Al: I can't tell you that. Look, I promised her. I gave her my word, and I can't go back on my word.

Viki: Okay, I understand that, but there's got to be some way you can help me out here, Al. Please.

Al: I know you love Jessica, and Jessica knows that you love her, too.

Viki: Okay, but, you see, when she found out that Mitch was her father, she all of a sudden decided that that canceled out everything she is, everything she's always been, and she inks it cancels out how I feel about her.

Al: She's upset. She needs some space.

Viki: I'm willing to give her space.

Al: Are you really? You keep asking me where she is.

Viki: Jessica somehow thinks that I wish that she had never been born because of Mitch Laurence and what he did to me and what I let him do and the fact that I blocked it all out for so long. The truth is she is my little girl and I have thanked God every single day of her life for bringing her to me. I need her to know that!

Al: She may have said some things she didn't mean. But you and Jess have always had something so -- so special, like -- like me and my mom.

Viki: She's not like her brothers, you know. She's very open. She always has been. I've never heard anyone say a bad word about her.

Al: Me, neither.

Viki: She's -- she's just totally, completely good, through and through. I don't care who her biological father might be.

Al: Yeah, well, I know that, and you know that, and eventually she'll know that, too. I mean, look at me and my father. I hated him for a really long time, but look at us now. It doesn't last forever.

Viki: Al, she lights up my whole world -- you know that -- with her smile and her eyes. Just so intelligent, just so fierce.

Al: Yeah. Smart and sweet all at the same time.

Viki: I don't know what I would do without her.

Al: Look -- Jessica is -- is strong. She's been through a lot worse than Mitch Laurence.

Viki: You know that I love her more now than I ever did before? She's my little girl, and Mitch Laurence cannot be allowed to take that away from me. I know she feels she has to go away, but if there's some way that you could tell her how I feel before she leaves so that she really understands it with her heart.


Keri: How did you guys manage to keep this a secret?

Hank: Hey, happy Birthday, you.

Keri: Oh, thank you. I'm so glad you're here.

Hank: Thanks.

Antonio: Liz -- come on. I want to show you what I got for Keri.

Carlotta: Feliz cumpleano. Many happy returns.

Keri: Thank you. Would you look at them? For a while there, I thought they would never get along. But I was thinking the same thing about us for a while, and now I'm starting to feel like we're really becoming a family.

Carlotta: Yeah. Si.

Keri: I know it must be hard for you to be here right now with Cristian in jail.

Carlotta: Keri, that judge -- what she did to my son was so unjust.

Keri: Completely. And I really appreciate you being here at a time like this.

Carlotta: Keri, just thinking of my son locked up in that place all alone just for doing what he believed was right.

Keri: Well, I know it's not much, but why don't we send him over some food, maybe a little cake, so he doesn't feel like he missed the whole thing?

Carlotta: That's so sweet of you. I know he'd like that a lot.

Keri: Okay.


Antonio: I knew you were lying, Liz. I knew I was the father of that baby.

Liz: Antonio --

Antonio: I've got proof. Keri is pregnant with our daughter.

Liz: I know.

Antonio: So why didn't you tell me?

Liz: I couldnít.

Antonio: What were you going to do? Let Keri deliver my child and then disappear, go back to Chicago for good? Were you going to pretend like it never happened?

Liz: Yes. And I still can.


Troy: R.J. -- I don't think we were finished talking.

R.J.: In case you hadn't noticed, this is my daughter's birthday party.

Troy: Yes, I realize that. I don't want to cause you any problems, okay? I really donít. But I do need your help.

R.J.: Go on.

Troy: I want you to turn state's witness and testify against Lindsay.

R.J.: No way. Forget it.

Troy: Come on, R.J. I'm sure you could work something out so that you would only get probation. And with Allisonís testimony --

R.J.: Yeah, yeah, would go over big with a jury.

Troy: It will if you back her up, if you testify that Lindsay was not held hostage.

R.J.: No, no, no. On the contrary.

Troy: You say you care about Nora, right? So, then, help me. Testify against Lindsay so we can send her back to Statesville and get her out of our lives forever.

R.J.: Tell me something, Doctor. Why are you so desperate to get Lindsay out of your life?


Lindsay: Do you think Jen is so obsessed with Cristian she would work with that man just to get even with him?

Nora: Well, I would hope not, but she is your daughter.

Lindsay: Okay, that's it. Get out.

Nora: Not until you tell me where Jen is.

Lindsay: Get out, Nora.

Nora: I am concerned about your daughter, even though you can't be bothered.

Lindsay: You aren't seeing Sam anymore, so my family is none of your business.

Nora: Do you -- Lindsay, do you understand? It's Mitch Laurence we're talking about here. He has destroyed lives. He wouldn't think twice about hurting Jen if he gets what he wants.

Lindsay: Well, he wouldn't be the first, would he? Just like Cristian.

Nora: What are you talking about?

Lindsay: Cristian just broke her heart in a million pieces, or have you forgotten about that?

Nora: I'm not talking about breaking hearts! I'm talking about killing people. Mitch is a killer.

Lindsay: Stay out of my daughter's life, Nora.

Nora: You are despicable. I thought you loved your children.

Lindsay: I do. That's why I do anything to keep them away from people like you.

Nora: I'm really sorry I came here. I thought you'd want to help Jen.

Lindsay: You know what? Before you go butting your nose into everyone else's business, you ought to take a good, hard look at your own life.

Nora: It just eats you up that I'm happy, doesn't it?

Lindsay: Do you think I really care?

Rara: Absolutely. But you know what? I don't care. Anything you say or do -- it doesn't bother me anymore.

Lindsay: Are you sure?


Jessica: Did you find a way out?

Natalie: No, no. Mitch is still down there with Roxanne. And she's trying to fight him off right now, but I don't know how much longer she's going to be able to do this.

Jessica: Shoot. I got to get to the airport. My plane leaves soon.

Natalie: Okay, okay, let me think. Um -- all right, I'll go down there and I'll distract him, all right? And then you -- you slip out the front door. But you got to wait till he gets really angry.

Jessica: No way! That is too dangerous.

Natalie: Jessica, come on. We can do this. You've got to trust me, okay? All right. So you wait till he turns away, you slip out the front door, and then I'll keep him as long as I can, all right?

Jessica: Wait a second. Thank you.

Natalie: I'm going to miss you.

Jessica: Yeah.

Natalie: I hope you find what you're looking for out there.


Roxy: You're not going --

Mitch: You're going to have to pay for that little show of bravery, Roxanne. Take your hands off me.

Max: What happened?

Mitch: I had Cristian Vega thrown in jail for assaulting me. You want to be his cellmate?

Max: Oh, you're in my home, manhandling my wife.

Mitch: That woman attacked me.

Roxy: He wouldn't leave me alone.

Max: Which makes it criminal trespass.

Mitch: My daughter's upstairs. I have rights as a father.

Max: Not here you donít. And if you don't watch out, you are going to be flipping for the top bunk with Cristian Vega.

Mitch: Where's my daughter?


Lindsay: You must have quite a collection of rings by now -- Hank, Bo, Colin, Sam, Troy. And they all promised to love you to the end. What are the odds of Troy succeeding where better men have failed?

Nora: My relationship with Troy is none of your business. And it's not failing, as much as you wish it were.

Lindsay: If that's what you want to believe.

Nora: That's what I know.

Lindsay: I don't want to see you get hurt.

Nora: Oh, yeah, you do. But don't worry. Troy won't hurt me.

Lindsay: Yes, I thought the same thing when he asked me to marry him. It's just a suggestion, but you might want to look into trying to fix whatever it is inside of you that's keeping you from having a long-term relationship before Llanview runs out of eligible bachelors.

Nora: I suggest you take that champagne bottle and stick it where it's nice and frigid cold because from the looks of it, that escort service you called -- they got a better offer.

Lindsay: Oh!


Troy: You care about Nora, right?

R.J.: Very much.

Troy: Good. So then you know that Lindsay's been torturing Nora for years. Lindsay forced my brother to hold Nora captive while she convinced everyone that Nora was dead. R.J., she injected Nora with a drug to destroy her memory.

R.J.: Yeah, yeah, I know all that. I also know that you avenged her, right? You got Lindsay to confess, and she did time.

Troy: Yeah, well, apparently not enough.

R.J.: Oh, okay, you can say that again. But she saved the governor's granddaughter, got a free pass. Nothing I can do about it.

Troy: And you think that's fair?

R.J.: I don't care. Why do you, huh? You got the girl. Go away. Be happy.

Troy: I can't -- not while Lindsay's still making our lives miserable. I want Lindsay out of this town.

R.J.: Who doesn't?

Troy: Yeah, but you can do something about it, R.J. You can testify against her. R.J., Lindsay has never been charged for the jailbreak. You know what? Fine. I think your brother, the D.A., might enjoy this story.

R.J.: No -- don't even think about it.

Troy: I don't want to do this, R.J., but if I have to, I'll throw you both back in prison.


Antonio: You think you can take my baby and go back to Chicago as if nothing ever happened?

Liz: This is not the time or place for this.

Antonio: Keri is carrying my child, my daughter. I am not going to act like my child does not exist.

Liz: What are you going to do about it?

Antonio: Tell Keri.

Carlotta: Everyone, it's time for the cake. Ooh. That's beautiful.

Keri: Oh, my -- look at this!

Carlotta: Oh, my goodness.

Keri: Wow.

Hank: All right, now, don't forget to make a wish.

Carlotta: Ooh, you can do it.

Carlotta: Yes!


Hank: All right. That must've been some wish, I tell you.

Keri: I didn't really need to make a wish. It's already come true.

All: Aw.


Natalie: Jessica's gone. She's as far away from you as she can get.

Mitch: She's here. Her luggage is right over there.

Roxy: I told you that's mine.

Mitch: Shut up!

Max: Not another word to my wife.

Natalie: You know, she wanted to get as far away from you as she possibly could that she didn't even bother taking her things. Al's going to send them to her.

Mitch: She's here. I can feel her.

Natalie: You don't feel. You use and you calculate and you control, and Jessica deserves better than that.

Mitch: She's my flesh and blood. We're part of each other. Nobody's going to change that.

Natalie: Yeah, maybe not, but she has the right to choose who she wants in her life, and she doesn't want any part of you.

Mitch: She doesn't know me, but she will.

Natalie: Oh, what, are you going to force yourself on her like you did with my mother?

Roxy: You lowdown son of a --

Max: You are not getting anywhere near her.

Mitch: What, are you going to stop me?

[Mitch groans]

Natalie: I was so stupid. You know, I fell for all your mumbo-jumbo spiritual stuff.

Mitch: I reached you, Natalie. You can't deny it.

Natalie: Yeah, I was a fool. I mean, you knew that I needed someone to care for me, and you just came right in with your phony promises and lies. And it worked. I was dumb enough to marry you.

Mitch: You couldn't wait, as I recall.

Natalie: You told me you were God's instrument. And God may make me pay -- hey, I'm ready -- but I will die before I ever let you hurt anyone in my family again.

Mitch: Brave talk. Foolhardy, though.

Natalie: You lose, Mitch. Jessica's gone. She's really gone. And you're never going to see her again.


Al: I wish that I could make Jessica understand how much everybody loves her.

Viki: Well, you are the only person she'll see, and she listens to you.

Al: She knows how I feel. I don't think it's my place to tell her how you feel. That's something she needs to hear from you, the same way you just told me.

Viki: Except she won't see me.

Al: Yeah. Jessica makes a decision, there's really no changing her mind.

Viki: No, she can be very stubborn.

Al: But even though she thinks that she doesn't want to see you -- well, I really think that she should. Oh, she is going to ream me out for this someday. Here. I was supposed to go to the airport and give that to her. You go. The plane leaves soon.

Viki: Thank you. Thank you so much.


Nora: Hi.

Keri: Oh Nora, you made it.

Nora: Oh, I'm so sorry I'm late.

Keri: I'm shocked.

Nora: That's very funny. So, you having a happy birthday?

Keri: Oh, Nora, I have never been happier in my whole life. Does that sound sappy?

Nora: No. I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same way.


Liz: I felt like I had nothing left to live for.

Antonio: Did you ever stop to think about Keri?

Liz: Of course I did. We weren't close. I didn't think I was ever going to get her back.

Antonio: That's no excuse.

Liz: I realize that. Look, I'm not this horrible person that you think I am. When I realized that I might be pregnant, I just -- I so desperately wanted that baby. A sweet, little, new life to love and make me feel alive again. I know that sounds selfish.

Antonio: Yeah, pretty much.

Liz: I agree, based on what we know now. But when I realized I was pregnant, I didn't even -- I didn't know your name. I didn't think I'd ever see you again.

Antonio: So it didn't matter to you that I might have a baby out there somewhere at I would never get to meet?

Liz: I couldn't have found you even if I wanted to.

Antonio: But you wouldn't have wanted to.

Liz: No, I wouldnít. But I knew that you're a good man. You're decent and you're kind. That's why I wanted to keep this baby -- because I knew that he or she would turn out like you.

Antonio: No. No, Liz, you didn't even give me a choice. A choice.

Liz: I know.

Antonio: You turned me into a liar.

Liz: You were just this mysterious stranger who helped me when I needed it the most. Antonio, I didn't want to ruin your life or mine or Keriís. Please, don't tell her.


R.J.: Look, Doc, I think you should just forget whatever Allison Perkins told you. I mean, you have much too much to lose.

Troy: That's where you're wrong, R.J. I have everything to gain by putting Lindsay away.

R.J.: Look; if you tell anyone this fantasy where I helped Lindsay escape from prison, I will be forced to tell Nora that you're sleeping with Lindsay.


Lindsay: Troy, where are you? We had a date. A date, remember? You're not the kind of guy to break a date, are you?


Max: I catch you near my house again, you don't get off so easy next time.

Natalie: Thank you. Thank you for keeping him away from us.

Roxy: Is Jessie upstairs?

Natalie: No. She's -- she was, but she's gone now. Thank you.

Max: You okay?

Roxy: Yeah. I just got the wind knocked out of me, that's all.

Max: Well, just what the heck were you doing?

Roxy: I don't know. It's just like something came over me. I wasn't going to let him get to Jessie or Natalie upstairs. I could've gotten killed, but I just couldn't stop myself.

Max: You did good, Roxy. Real good.


Natalie: Mitch! Mitch!

Mitch: You made sure I couldn't see my daughter. What more do you want?

Natalie: How does it feel not being able to call the shots anymore?

Mitch: Excuse me?

Natalie: Jessica's gone where you'll never be able to find her, our marriage is about to be like it never happened, and you put Cristian in jail where you can't get to him. You can't get to any of us.

Mitch: Really? Who says I can't get to Cristian in jail?


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Antonio: The lies are over, Liz. It's time we faced the truth.

Natalie: Do you think it could be true?

Cristian: Jen and Mitch Laurence?

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Todd: Really?

Mitch: How could you let this happen?

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