OLTL Transcript Tuesday 12/24/02

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 12/24/02

By Eric
Proofread by Kathy

Rae: If you want me to divorce Asa, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Cristian: You're done with Mitch Laurence, and I'm talking to Jen. In fact, I'm going to go right over there and tell her about us.

Jen: I'd sit with the devil if he'd help me keep Cristian away from Natalie.


Viki: I couldn't stop Mitch from taking you away from me. I let you go.

Jessica: You let Mitch take me out of your arms and take me out of the hospital? It wasn't Niki Smith?

Viki: No.

Jessica: It was you?

Viki: It was me, but you have to understand --

Jessica: No. No. You couldn’t. I got to get out of here.

Viki: No, no, no. No, please. Please let me help you. Jessie, I love you. I'm your mother.

Jessica: What? What? How can you say that? After what you did to me? You're not my mother.


Rex: Have you seen Jessica?

Roxy: How about "Merry Christmas, Mommy. Here's your present"?

Rex: Okay, this is serious, Mom. Jessica's family is really worried about her.

Roxy: Aw, that's too bad. Well, I will voice those concerns when I see her grandfather.

Rex: Who?

Roxy: Asa Buchanan -- billionaire tycoon who's head over heels in love with me.

Asa: Good news, Holden. I'm about to make you one very happy unmarried man.

Max: Well, hallelujah! You're serious, right?

Asa: I've got that Roxy drinking beer right out of the palm of my hand.

Max: Well, that's not very hard to do.

Asa: Face it, Holden, I'm good. I even pointed out your shortcomings in the husband department, and I convinced the little woman that I'm really nuts about her. You should have seen those greedy eyes light up.

Max: Well, I guess one good turn deserves another.

Asa: What's this?

Max: Rae's divorcing you. She signed the settlement. Now it's your turn. Merry Christmas, Asa.


Man: She's on her way in.

Renee: Oh, great work. Here, put this over there. Make yourself scarce.

Rae: Renee? Hi. Oh, look at you. You've got a new hairstyle. I like it.

Renee: Yeah, it didn't make me any happier. Here's mud in your eye.


Cristian: I think it's time I had a talk with Jen.

Natalie: Don't go.

Todd: Oh, Natalie. Don't tell me Llanview’s top playboy has got his hooks in you now, too?


Jen: Can we talk about this tomorrow? I was just about to go to bed.

Mitch: Yes, so I see. But I've brought some news that I think will open those sleepy eyes wide.

Jen: Go on.

Mitch: Cristian's on his way over here to dump you.


Viki: Oh, my God. Please don't ever say that to me. I am your mother! I know that this is horrible, Jessie, but --

Jessica: But it's the truth. It's the truth, isn't it?

Viki: Jessie, when I found this out --

Jessica: No, no, no, no. No, when you remembered.

Viki: When Mitch Laurence told me what had happened, I didn't believe him. I refused to believe him, okay? And then he described to me every single thing that had happened in the delivery room, and it all started to come back to me, Jessie, and I realized that it is true.

Jessica: So you did remember, and you let me go.

Viki: No, I don't know if I -- I don't know what happened. I don't -- I don't know what happened, Jessie. I don't know how I could have done such a thing to you. I don't understand. Oh God, I'm so sorry.

Jessica: After everything I have been through this year, Mom -- everything -- I kept saying to myself, "It's okay because at least I have one person who I love the most -- my mother. And she will always love me no matter what." And here --

Viki: I will always love you. You know that. And you will always have me -- always. I know you're angry --

Jessica: Angry? My own mother gave me away. She didn't even put up a fight!

Viki: But I did. I tried to stop him.

Jessica: Why didn't you stop him? Why didn't you tell Da-- no. My dad isn't my dad.

Viki: Oh, Jessie. God --

Jessica: Don't! Don't touch me!


Rex: Asa Buchanan is in love with you?

Roxy: Poor guy can't see straight.

Rex: Or at all.

Roxy: Hey, sticks and stones, sonny. Goes right over my head.

Rex: All right, what are you drinking?

Roxy: I'm drinking from the sweet nectar of life, Rexy. You ought to try it sometime.

Rex: All right, what about Max?

Roxy: I'm mad about Max; hook, line, and stinker. And I told that to Asa flat out.

Rex: And?

Roxy: And he's a gazillionaire, so he doesn't roll over that easy. He's going to fight for me.

Rex: He said that?

Roxy: Oh, yeah. He said, "Hey, Honey, you know, why should you put up with a guy who treats you like something he stepped in"? He's a real sweet talker, that Asa.

Rex: I don't get it. If Asa wants you and Max doesn't, how come you're still here?

Roxy: Because Max doesn't know what he wants, but he will.

Rex: Wait. You know you hate it when people call you dumb?

Roxy: Yeah, because I'm not dumb.

Rex: Whatever. But choosing Max over Asa Buchanan? That could be one of the stupider moves of all time.

Roxy: Maybe you're right.

Rex: Yeah?

Roxy: You know, on the one hand, Asa has got a bucket of dough and a fancy-schmancy mansion, and he's certainly no gamblers anonymous and nothing like that. And he likes the ponies about as much as I do. And number two -- what am I waiting for?


Asa: You're not lying. She-devil let me off the hook.

Max: She did, but I'm not.

Asa: What has my divorce got to do with you?

Max: We had a little deal, remember? I help get Rae out of your life, and you get Roxy out of mine.

Asa: I just told you that's as good as money in the bank.

Max: No, uh-uh, not good enough. You do not get this divorce until you get that bleach-blonde ball and chain out of my life for good.


Rae: What on earth are you doing?

Renee: Give me that.

Rae: No! I absolutely will not. You don't need this anymore. I told you -- I'm giving Asa a divorce.

[Renee laughs]

Rae: What?

Renee: And I can click my little red heels together and be in Kansas.

Rae: Renee --

Renee: Do you actually think that Asa is going to fork over 90% of everything he has to you?

Rae: Well, if he wants his freedom, he will.

Renee: Get over it, Sweetheart. You're stuck with him. I'm stuck with old faithful here.

Rae: You know, I think that 10% of billions is still a lot of money, don't you?

Renee: Honey, Asa would stay married to the Wicked Witch of the West before he'd let anybody clean him out like that. And if you don't believe me, talk to his most recent ex-wife.

Rae: Gabrielle?

Gabrielle: Yes?

Rae: Bo? Oh.

Nigel: Oh, good evening, Madam.

Rae: Nigel. What are you doing dressed like that?

Nigel: Well, it's my evening off, Madam.

Gabrielle: Nigel was kind enough to escort me to the ballet at the last minute.

Nigel: "The Nutcracker." Oh, the sugarplum fairy was heavenly. And the prince? My, my, my. Oh, dear. The holiday spirit seems to have passed some of us by this evening.


Cristian: What do you want, Manning?

Todd: What's wrong with you? You working your way through my nieces, with a little stopover in the Rappaport family?

Cristian: How did you get past the police?

Todd: Oh, Bo’s little boys in blue were busy. They're escorting some really creepy guy off the property. Security around here is not exactly airtight. So, what's going on, anyway? Where's Viki?

Cristian: She's not here.

Todd: Natalie, what are you doing with this loser, huh? You're settling for your sister's hand-me-downs?

Natalie: Stop it.

Cristian: Yeah, why don't you go bug somebody else? We were in the middle of a private conversation.

Todd: Okay.

Natalie: Oh, my God, Mitch was here.

Cristian: They showed him the curb, though.

Natalie: Yeah, but he's not going to give up. Cristian, please don't leave. If you go, you might never come back.

Cristian: Natalie, I need to do this so we can really be together.

Natalie: He said that he would kill you if I left him. He'll do it, Cristian.

Cristian: He only said that to scare you into staying with him. But you were strong and you got out. He's not going to waste his time on me.

Natalie: You don't have to talk to Jen tonight, okay? Do it tomorrow. It's not worth it, Cristian. I don't want to lose you.

Cristian: You're not going to lose me. In a few hours, we'll be together, and no one is going to come between us again.

Natalie: I want that so much.

Cristian: I love you.

Natalie: I love you, too. Hurry back.


Jen: How do you know what Cristian's going to do?

Mitch: I just had the pleasure of seeing lover boy and my wife celebrating his impending freedom. They couldn't keep their hands off each other.

Jen: Why did you come here? Did you just come here to tell me that it's over and there's nothing I can do about it? Well, thank you. Thank you so much.

Mitch: Jennifer, we can still help each other, whether you believe it or not at this moment.

Jen: In a minute everything I have fought for, everything that I've ever wanted is going to be gone.

Mitch: You're giving up?

Jen: Do you have any idea how hard I've worked to get Cristian to not tell me that we're through? But I can’t. It's done. But you don't even care about that. The only thing that you care about is helping yourself.


Jessica: How could you let him do it?

Viki: Jessie, I told you, I blocked it out. I was so traumatized by everything that had happened, that I just -- I don't know. I wiped it out of my mind as if it never happened.

Jessica: As if I never happened. As if I was never born.

Viki: No, no. Please, you have to try and understand this.

Jessica: If Mitch hadn't raped you, Mom, I would have never been born, and that's what you wanted. You made it in your head like I was never born. I don't blame you.

Viki: Please don't do this. Please, stop this, Jessie.

Jessica: And if Natalie and I had never been switched, then you wouldn't have even -- you wouldn't even know that I existed, and you would have never even come looking for me, just like you did Natalie.

Viki: No, I don't believe that because I know I would have found you somehow.

Jessica: No, you would have blocked me out for the rest of my life.

Viki: Jessie, it didn't happen! We have each other!

Jessica: What about Natalie? Hey, you've got two daughters.

Viki: Yes, I do, and I love Natalie. I -- I didn't raise her, though.

Jessica: Well, you know what? That could have just as easily have been me.

Viki: No, baby, please. This is so new. It's so new for all of us. We have to work this out together -- all three of us.

Jessica: Mom -- what? Who am I? Half you, half Mitch Laurence?

Viki: No, you're the same person you've always been. You are my baby.

Jessica: No. I don't know who I am, Mom.

Viki: Please let me help you, Jessie.

Jessica: I don't think I can ever look at you without remembering this.

Viki: Jessica, please, I'm begging you, don't shut me out, not now. Please.

Jessica: You didn't want me.

Viki: No! Jessie, no, don't go out there! Mitch might be there, and I don't know what he's going to do to you.

Jessica: He's not going to hurt me; he's my father.

Viki: He is a monster!

Jessica: At least he told me the truth, which a lot less than I can say for you. I never want to see you again.      


Mitch: Now, is this the way you want your precious Cristian to find you -- totally out of control and hysterical?

Jen: Shut up.

Mitch: I mean, do you think this is going to get you what you want?

Jen: Why should I listen to you? Your wife left you.

Mitch: This isn't about me.

Jen: I know how to handle Cristian. I'm actually really looking forward to it. I finally get to tell him what a lowlife he is for cheating on me, and I don't give a damn what I look like when I do it. I hope when he sees me I turn him to stone.

Mitch: Unfortunately, even now you still look like an angel, even in your fury. The boy would be a fool to give you up.

Jen: I don't need you anymore. Get out.


Bo: Viki, one of my guys radioed me, said that Laurence was here and they escorted him off the property. What happened?

Viki: Well, Jessie found out. It was awful.

Bo: She knows Laurence is her father?

Viki: Yeah. And now she thinks that he's the only one who's not lying to her. She thinks he actually cares about her.

Bo: Yeah, well, right now she's got to be in shock. She's going to come to her senses.

Viki: I should never have sent her away with Seth. I should have just told her the truth upfront, shouldn't I?

Bo: Hey, no, you did what you thought was best for her.

Viki: And now she's found out that somehow I let Mitch take her away from me, and she found out in the worst possible way. My poor baby -- she's absolutely destroyed.


Natalie: Jessica. Oh, God, are you okay? Did Mom find you? Mitch didn't hurt you, did he?

Jessica: You have no idea.

Natalie: Look, don't worry. Whatever he did to you, it's okay. You're safe now.

Jessica: No.

Natalie: Yes. Yes, you are. Bo's here. We've got cops crawling all over the place. Mitch can't get anywhere near you.

Jessica: You don't understand. I can't get away from him.

Natalie: What did he do to you?

Jessica: He told me the truth. You're the baby that Mom wanted, not me. You're Clint’s daughter. I never was.

Natalie: What are you talking about?

Jessica: Mitch Laurence is my father.

Natalie: All right, you're not making any sense.

Jessica: I'm the reason that he came back. He knew all about the day we were born. He took me from the hospital, and then he made sure that we were switched. And now he's back with this crazy idea about him being my father. He says that he cares about me. Meanwhile, he's the man who ruined my life.

Natalie: All right, you can't listen to anything he says. This man is -- he's evil, and he's sick and he lies. He'll say anything to get what he wants.

Jessica: He wants me, Natalie. I'm his daughter.

Natalie: No, no, that's not true. He hates Mom. He -- all he wants -- all he's ever wanted -- is to hurt her and anyone she cares about or loves, and he knows that she loves you. That's why he's saying all these horrible things to you.

Jessica: If it weren't for him, I would have never been born, though.

Natalie: Jessica, after everything that he has done to us, keeping us apart all those years, how could you listen to anything he would say?

Jessica: It's true. Natalie, Mom admitted it.

Natalie: What?

Jessica: She had the D.N.A. test done. Mitch took me from the hospital right when I was born, and she let him do it.

Natalie: We -- we're twins. My God. He wanted me to sleep with him. He threatened me. That is so sick.

Jessica: No, you weren't listening. You're Mom and Clint’s daughter. You're the one that they loved. You're the one that they wanted, not me. I'm nothing. I'm nobody.


Rex: Go for it, Mom. You jump on that gravy train as fast as you can.

Roxy: You know, Baby, if I play my cards right, I could be Mrs. Gazillionaire.

Rex: Oh, I'm not talking about that. I want to see you happy and fulfilled for once. Look at you; you're glowing.

Roxy: You know, I know what's going on in that devious little mind of yours. Yeah, I see those dollar signs lighting up.

Rex: What?

Roxy: You know, you're my kid. I know you. You think that you're going to swing a trust fund or two, don't you? Or at least a shiny, new car.

Rex: Oh, give me a break, Mom. Come on. Sure, I wouldn't mind a little cash in the pockets. But so what? I'm thinking of you now.

Roxy: Since when?

Rex: Since forever. This sounds like a good deal for you. I want to smash that husband of yours for the lousy way he treats you.

Roxy: Oh, you do?

Rex: Sure. You're my mom. There's natural feelings that go with that. Loyalty.

Roxy: Yeah, I guess.

Rex: You've had to scrape and scramble for everything you’ve ever gotten, including Max Holden. Now Asa Buchanan is offering you the life you deserve. How could you not take it?

Roxy: All right, all right, but you know, the point is, you know, my bank account is crazy about Asa.

Rex: So?

Roxy: So what about my heart?

Rex: Forget your heart.

Roxy: How can I forget about my heart? It's attached.

Rex: Max Holden treats you like dirt. If that's what you want, then stay. My advice? Go for the tycoon. You're trading up. All right, I've got to find Jessica. If she comes here, call me.

Roxy: Sure thing. Good to see you.

[Phone rings]

Roxy: Holden residence. Roxy Holden speaking.

Asa: Hey, buttercup.

Roxy: Hey, Asa, I was just thinking about you.

Asa: What do you say we spend Christmas together in the Big Apple? You and me in the finest suite in the whole city?


Rae: Renee is feeling just a little blue, that's all. You know, the holidays are just so very emotional for some people.

Gabrielle: Yes.

Nigel: How odd. Christmas was always Ms. Divine's favorite time of year.

Gabrielle: And you? Are you celebrating, too?

Rae: Oh -- so, how was the ballet?

Gabrielle: Oh, it was just exquisite.

Nigel: The perfect way to celebrate the season. And to have a ticket fall so serendipitously into my lap. And such incredible seats. First ring.

Gabrielle: Yes, first ring.

Rae: So, where is Bo?

Gabrielle: He's just working late on a very important case. But thankfully Nigel was able to step in at the last moment to escort me.

Nigel: Oh, the honor was mine. You know all those nasty things Mr. Buchanan said about you? The elder Mr. Buchanan that is. Complete and utter nonsense.

Gabrielle: Thank you, Nigel.

Renee: Nigel, are you dressed like a Christmas vampire?

Nigel: No, as an aficionado of the terpsichorean arts.

Gabrielle: We just came back from the ballet.

Renee: Oh. Gabby, maybe you can help me in a little dispute that Rae and I are having.

Gabrielle: If I can, I will.

Renee: Well, you gave Asa a divorce, right? Now, was he generous in his settlement, flexible?

Gabrielle: Generous? He threw me out on the street with not so much as a horse blanket.

Renee: Game, set, match.


Viki: I thought by talking to her I could soften the blow, but all I did was make everything worse.

[Knock on door]

Todd: What are you doing here?

Bo: What do you want?

Todd: I'm here to see my sister. Viki, I got a big problem now.

Bo: This is a bad time.

Todd: Was anybody talking to you?

Viki: Todd --

Todd: Whoa, you look like death.

Bo: Manning --

Viki: It's all right, it's all right.

Todd: No, it's not all right. Everything's going to hell.

Viki: Todd, could we please talk another time?

Todd: That doesn't sound good. Is there something I need to know?

Viki: Not now, no.

Todd: Okay, what's going on?

Viki: Please. I need to talk to Bo right now, please.

Todd: Everybody needs to talk to everybody but me.

Bo: Would you like an officer to escort you out to the front gate?

Todd: No, I'm pretty sure that I can manage to find it all by myself. Call me.

Viki: I will.

Bo: So you don't want Todd to know about Jess and Mitch Laurence?

Viki: I cannot deal with Todd right now. My daughter hates me. I --

Bo: Viki, Jess could never hate you.

Viki: Oh, please. You didn't see the look on her face.

Bo: Yeah, but right now she's angry, she's hurt, and she's lashing out, okay? But don't make more of it than that.

Viki: Do you know my whole life the one thing I've been absolutely proud of is the fact that I was such a good mother? Turns out, I'm nothing of the sort.

Bo: Hey, you were drugged, and then he raped you.

Viki: Does that give me permission to abandon my own child? I don't think so. She's never going to forgive me for this.

Bo: You don't know that.

Viki: Oh, please. She's probably on her way to Mitch right now. God knows what he'll do when he gets his hands on her. Bo, I can't help her if she won't let me.

Bo: The worst thing we could do right now is give up.

Viki: But she won't listen to me!

Bo: No. No, I don't think that's true. Because in the middle of this entire mess, the one thing that I'm sure of is that Jess loves you more than anything on earth.

Viki: She did, but she thinks I've lied to her.

Bo: No, but right now she's confused, and we're going to help her. But you're going to have to be strong for her, okay? For both your girls.

Viki: Oh, God, I handled it so badly. She's never going to trust me again.


Natalie: All right, Jessica, it does not matter if you're not Clint’s biological daughter. He told you that when you thought Roxy was your mother, remember?

Jessica: Roxy is nothing like Mitch Laurence.

Natalie: So? Look, Clint would still say the same thing if he were here right now.

Jessica: How do you know? You've never even met him.

Natalie: But I do know how much he loves you. I mean, you have been his baby girl since the day you were born.

Jessica: Half of me is a monster. My father is a monster. What is he going to think when he hears that?

Natalie: Look, you may have some of Mitch Laurence’s genes in you, but that does not mean you are a monster.

Jessica: He's going to hate me.

Natalie: No, he's not. He's going to love you no matter what. You have to believe that.

Jessica: Yeah, but mothers are supposed to love their children no matter what, and my mother gave me away.

Natalie: Come on, she was -- she wasn't in her right mind.

Jessica: No, she wasn't, Natalie. She wasn't Niki Smith. Niki Smith didn't come out until later.

Natalie: I mean, look, I -- I don't know what happened back then. All I know is ever since I came into this family, I feel like an outsider, and I know that's something you will never have to feel.

Jessica: Don't tell me what I'm going to feel or what I'm supposed to feel, Natalie. I want to take that man out of my body completely, but I can’t.

Natalie: Please, just stay here. You're safe now. We'll keep you away from Mitch.

Jessica: You expect me to trust you? You married him.

Natalie: Come on. Don't push everyone away. That's exactly what I did, and that's exactly why I went and married a real monster.

Jessica: The situations are nothing alike.

Natalie: Okay. You win. And you were right. I have been jealous of you. I've been jealous of you for a long time because I know that Mom loves you more than me and she always will.

Jessica: She doesn't love me, Natalie. She gave me away, and she pretended like I never existed.

Natalie: All right, look, please just calm down and stay here. Let me go find Seth. He has been sick and worried about you, and Rex has, too. We all have been.

Jessica: Seth lied to me, too. My Mom lied to me. My boyfriend lied to me. Everyone lied to me. I don't want to see any of you ever again.


Jen: Hey.

Cristian: Hey. You okay?

Jen: You were gone a long time. I was worried.

Cristian: I was with Natalie.

Jen: Yeah. That's what I thought.

Cristian: Jen, this is really hard for me to say.

Jen: You can tell me anything. That hasn't changed.

Cristian: I'm in love with Natalie. Jen, please believe me when I tell you that I care about you very much and the last thing I ever wanted to do is hurt you like this.

Jen: I knew it was coming. After I lost the baby and you didn't want to marry me.

Cristian: You figured that it had something to do with Natalie?

Jen: I didn't want to believe it. I tried so hard not to be jealous of your friendship, but I knew things had changed between us. I wanted you to love me, but you can't make somebody love you who doesn’t.

Cristian: Well, I did love you, Jen. I still do. It's just that --

Jen: I know, I know. I behaved very badly.

Cristian: No, no, Jen, you've been great.

Jen: I tried to avoid you because I didn't want you to tell me that it was over. I thought that if I didn't hear those exact words, then it wouldn't be true.

Cristian: You're not avoiding me now.

Jen: It was too hard. Running away -- it was even worse than this.

Cristian: Jen, I am so sorry.

Jen: Don't be. I loved you more than I ever loved anybody. That is the best gift anyone ever gave me.


Rae: Do you really want Asa? Is that who you want? Or is it just a distraction for you feeling so lonely?

Renee: Oh, Honey, I'm not lonely. Everybody in this town loves me. I think that you are the one who's feeling a little lonely.

Rae: Oh. Right.


Gabrielle: It's not that I mind that he couldn't go with me this evening. He takes his work very seriously, and there are an awful lot of people do depend on him, but --

Nigel: But what? I won't tell a soul. I promise.

Gabrielle: Nigel, do you think his life will always be like this? What I mean is, will I always be worried about him and wondering if he's safe?

Nigel: You really do care for Comm. Buchanan, don't you?

Gabrielle: Oh, yes. More than words could ever say.

Hank: Ah, Gabrielle. Nigel. My, you look --

Nigel: Like a vampire. Yes, I know. Thank you.

Gabrielle: Hank, have you heard from Bo? Is he all right?

Hank: Well, he's fine, as far as I know.


Renee: Sweetheart, you are the laughingstock of this town. I don't know how you can show your face in public.

Rae: Well, at least I'm certainly nothing like you. I don't go crying into whiskey. I don't feel sorry for myself. Remember me? I picked myself up, Renee.

Renee: No, you forced Asa to do that.

Hank: What's that all about?

Nigel: Believe me, you don't want to know, Sir.

Renee: Listen here --

Rae: What?

Renee: You --

Rae: What?

Renee: I have a raft of friends. Asa was part of that. We were good together. We were like a matched pair.

Rae: Well, that's not saying much, is it?

Renee: You don't know anything about the real him. All you want is his money! I am the only woman who's ever really loved him exactly as he is, and I can't bear it anymore!

Hank: Ladies, excuse me, can I help?

Rae: Oh, ask her.

Hank: Renee, are you all right?

Renee: I will be if this woman gives him a divorce fair and square.

Hank: You're divorcing Asa?

Rae: Well, it's not cut in stone, but, yes, I have offered him a settlement for Renee’s sake.

Renee: Oh, please, just leave me alone.

Rae: She is falling apart without him.

Hank: You're giving up on your marriage? That's big news.

Rae: Yes. Yes, it is.

Hank: I'll be interested to see how it plays out.


Roxy: Well, I was kind of thinking of spending Christmas here.

Asa: Look, Roxy, I hate to think of a sweet little thing like you spending all the holidays alone.

Roxy: What makes you think I'm going to be alone?

Asa: Did Max come up with a plan for you? Has he given you a gift?

Roxy: Well, it ain't Christmas yet.

Asa: Oh, wake up, Roxy. Do you think Santa’s going to jump down the chimney at the last minute and show you the good time that you've never had since you've been living in there?

Roxy: Hey, look, you know, it ain't so bad.

Asa: You're a rotten bluffer, Roxy. Ask anyone who's ever lived with Holden. It was like doing prison time, and those are the women he said he loved.

Roxy: All right, so he's kind of moody.

Asa: Come to New York. We'll have a blast, and you know it.

Roxy: Well, just wait a little. I'll pack my bag, okay?

Asa: Now, leave a little room in there because I want to buy you a whole new wardrobe.

Roxy: Oh, man, that sounds great.


Jen: I still love you. It's not going to be very easy.

Cristian: Look, this is going to sound pretty lame, but, well, I hope that we can still be friends.

Jen: That would mean so much to me.

Cristian: Well, then I guess --

Jen: You should go. Natalie's probably waiting.

Cristian: Jen, I don't want you to blame Natalie for this. She tried pushing me away. I just wouldn't let her.

Jen: She's a good person. I actually hope that she wants to stay friends. Don't worry, this is the right thing. We had some wonderful times together. I'll never forget them.

Cristian: And neither will I.

Jen: You're a good person. The truth is I never really did deserve you.

Cristian: Jen, you deserve the best. Really.

Jen: Cristian, wait.

Jen: Merry Christmas.


Max: What's up with the bag? Where are you going?

Roxy: Oh, well, there's something I got to do, baby. Here. For you. Don't worry, you don't have to regurgitate.


Asa: Oh. Max told me the good news.

Rae: He did?

Asa: He brought the settlement papers right over. That is probably the best gift I've ever had at Christmas.

Rae: So, you're in agreement?

Asa: You're damn right. I knew we could work something out.

Rae: I'm rich. My God. Yes! I'm rich.


Mitch: Great performance. I'm so glad you decided to play this my way.


Bo: You know, the best thing you can do for Jess is to be strong, you keep it together, and you fight for her.

Viki: I have to do that because her life is at stake.

Bo: I'll never let any harm come to her. I promise you that.

Viki: She's my daughter, Bo, and I have to get her back.

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Jen: Cristian's going to be sorry that he hurt me, just like you're going to make Troy sorry that he hurt you.

Natalie: I have to find her.

Cristian: We'll go together.

Blair: I can't wait to thank him.

Todd: You can't see him, Blair.

Nora: I found something, something I'm pretty sure you didn't want me to find.

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