OLTL Transcript Wednesday 12/11/02

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 12/11/02

By Eric
Proofread by Kathy

Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Todd: You want to go see your mother at st. Ann's? Here's your ticket.

Emily: Lindsay's still going to tell Nora about Joanna, isn't she?

Troy: That's what I thought. Apparently, I was wrong.

Hank: How much longer do you think you can hide the fact that Keri's going to have yours and antonio's baby?

Keri: I have to go to the hospital. There's something wrong with the baby.


[Music plays]

[Knock on door]

Nora: Hi, there. It's good to see you up and around.

Jen: Thanks.

Nora: Oh, thanks. How are you feeling? You look good. How do you feel? Huh?

Jen: I'm feeling kind of sad.

Nora: Aw.

Jen: The doctors say it'll pass, but I'm not so sure about it.

Nora: Oh, I'm sorry. You know, you -- please call me anytime you want to talk, okay? Okay. Hey, I brought this for you and Cristian. It's a Christmas present/home-warming present and all that stuff. Your little brother picked it out.

Jen: Matthew picked this out?

Nora: Yes, he did.

Jen: Thank him for me.

Nora: I certainly will.

Jen: Cristian's out right now.

Nora: Oh, okay. Well, please tell him I'm sorry that I missed him.

Jen: Okay.

Nora: Okay. Bye-bye.

Jen: Nora?

Nora: Yeah?

Jen: Is everything okay with you and Troy?

Nora: What?

Jen: I mean, has my mom --

Nora: Has your mom what? Has your mom done something?


Emily: Thank you very much.

Troy: What's the deal?

Emily: According to Lindsayís assistant, she's on her way here to meet a client.

Troy: Perfect.

Emily: You know, Troy, I don't mind playing Sydney Bristow with you, but I think it's only fair that you tell me the plan.

Troy: Wait a minute. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa -- Sydney Bristow? You got to stop watching so much TV.

Emily: Well, you must watch "Alias," too, or else you wouldn't know who I'm talking about. And don't change the subject. How are you going to stop Lindsay from wrecking what you have with Nora?

Troy: I will tell you everything, okay? I promise you. Just let me make sure that it's going to work first.

Emily: Come on, Troy.

Troy: Look, I will, all right? Now, come on, there she is. All right, go. I can't do this in front of you. Go.

Lindsay: You're moving to California?


Singer: You know what it's like to lose your heart to the sun

Liz: We have some wonderful memories. I haven't forgotten.

R.J.: Nor I.

Liz: But that's in the past. We got together tonight to talk about making things better between us.

R.J.: For our daughter's sake.

Liz: Right. We didn't come here to talk about the past.

R.J.: No. Absolutely not. We're talking about -- well, we're talking about our future.


Dr. Conklin: Keri, you got here in record time.

Antonio: We came as soon as we hung up the phone.

Keri: You said that something came up in my C.V.S. test?

Dr. Conklin: That's right. It's not the kind of news I want to go into over the phone.

Keri: What is it? Am I going to lose the baby?


Addie: Blair, the man who helped you come here -- is he a special man?

Blair: You know, Mama, I -- I have to go. I'm not even supposed to be here.

Addie: Why is that?

Blair: Shh. Now, remember that this was a dream.

Addie: It is?

Blair: Yes. If someone asks you, it was a wonderful dream.

Addie: It is wonderful.

Blair: Now, look, I really do have to go, Mama, okay?

Addie: Blair? Are you in trouble?

Hank: Sister Manning?

Todd: Sister Anna Nicole.

Hank: Yeah, right. And I'm Father Pamela Anderson. You want to tell me why you're dressed up in this holy wear? Come on.


Dr. Conklin: Keri, you're fine. The baby's viable, and as long as there isn't any bleeding --

Antonio: Is Keri in danger?

Dr. Conklin: Not at all. Keri and the baby are fine, at least for the moment. Now, take a deep breath, both of you.

Keri: Why did you call us in?

Dr. Conklin: Your C.V.S. test just came back, and it's something that has me concerned.

Keri: Oh, my God.

Antonio: Honey, let's -- let's listen to what the doctor has to say first, okay?

Keri: Okay. What is it?

Dr. Conklin: As you know, C.V.S. tests for a number of potential problems in the fetus, among which are genetic disorders.

Keri: Dr. Conklin, please, just tell me what's wrong.

Dr. Conklin: We detected a chromosome variant. Specifically, a variant in chromosome 8.

Antonio: Uh, do you mind running that by us in English, Doctor?

Dr. Conklin: Okay. Simply put, chromosomes determine many things, including the sex of the baby. Now, it is entirely possible the variant we found is an inherited trait and of no consequence to him or her.

Keri: "Entirely possible"?

Dr. Conklin: That's right.

Keri: But not definite? Dr. Conklin, please tell me.

Antonio: Yes, please, Doctor. We'd like a straight answer.

Dr. Conklin: According to the tests, your baby may be born with a developmental delay. In other words, your baby may be mentally or physically challenged.


Jen: I shouldn't have said anything about my mom. Thank you for the gift.

Nora: Jen -- ahem -- I know this may sound funny under the circumstances, but I am very worried about your mother.

Jen: You're worried about her? After everything she did to you?

Nora: All right, you know perfectly well what she's capable of. I'm concerned that she's going to try and do something to Troy and me. I mean, not that she has, but --

Jen: You think that she's going to?

Nora: Well, I think you do. I -- I don't want to push you in the middle of something here, but, you know, when your mother got out of prison, she said she wanted to make a fresh start. And when she headed off to Miami, I honestly thought she was going to make a go of it.

Lindsay: Remember that trip that I took to Miami?

Jen: Sure.

Lindsay: Well, I didn't actually go to Miami. I flew to Africa. I dropped by to visit that clinic that Troy used to work at.

Jen: You flew all the way to Africa?

Lindsay: That's right.

Jen: What did you find out?

Lindsay: I found out everything. Troy has a wife that Nora didn't know anything about.

Nora: Jen? Are you with me?

Jen: Yeah.

Nora: All right, when she comes back from -- from Miami, though, she's -- it's like she stalking us. She follows us everywhere and turns up everywhere we are.

Jen: You know, this actually isn't a good time. Cristian's going to come home soon, and I want to fix the tree before he gets here.

Nora: All right. I'm only asking because you said you were -- well, I assumed you were as concerned about your mother as I am. And you did ask about Troy and me and you asked me about your mother, and now I'm going to ask you about your mother. Is she in love with Troy?


Troy: It's none of your business. Yes, I'm moving.

Lindsay: When?

Troy: Well, that's up to you, isn't it, Lindsay? When Nora finds out about what I did to Joanna, she's going to leave me. There's no reason for me to stay here without her.

Lindsay: So you're letting Nora drive you out of town?

Troy: She's not driving me away, Lindsay. You're the one driving me away. I stayed in Llanview because of Nora. If we're not together, there's no sense in me sticking around.

Lindsay: When you're not together.

Troy: If, when -- whatever. Look, what do you want me to do, Lindsay? You want me to stick around and go to the same places she and I used to go to? Maybe run into her day after day? I'm not going to do that. It's painful enough without all that.

Lindsay: I thought you said you wanted to spend every possible minute you could with her.

Troy: I do.

Lindsay: So why are you trying so hard to find a place for yourself to move to so fast?

Troy: I just -- I just want to be prepared, that's all. Look, when Nora finds out what I did, she's going to feel hurt and she's going to feel betrayed, and I don't want to watch her go through that.

Lindsay: Personally, I can't wait.

Troy: I'm not going to make Nora suffer by sticking around after she leaves me.

Lindsay: Why California?

Troy: Well, now, I can't very well go back to Africa, can I?

Lindsay: That's not my doing, is it?

Troy: Why the hell do you care anyway, Lindsay? Just as long as I'm as far away from llanview as possible, I'm sure that'll make you very happy.

Lindsay: Now, why would you think that?

Troy: Oh, come on, Lindsay. Don't you worry. When Nora finds out my secret, you'll never have to see my face again.


Blair: No, Mama, I'm -- I'm not in trouble.

Addie: I think you are. I think you're having heart trouble. It's not funny, Blair.

Blair: No, no, no, Mama. I'm sorry. I'm not laughing at you.

Addie: Are you laughing with me? Because I'm not laughing. I'm worried about you.

Blair: Look, I promise you that I am as healthy as a horse.

Addie: A healthy horse?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Addie: Good. Will you come back to see me soon?

Blair: I don't know if I can come visit you like I regularly do.

Addie: Why not?

Blair: Well -- Mama, I promise you that I will be here if you really need me. I swear, if you need me, I'll be here no matter what it takes, okay?

Addie: Maybe that man who helped you this time will help you again.

Blair: I don't know, Mama. I don't know if he is a man that I can depend on.


Todd: Why am I here? Yeah. No, I -- I'm here doing God's work.

Hank: Ah. You think the powers-that-be know you're not Catholic?

Todd: Maybe I converted.

Hank: You think they know you're not a woman, Todd?

Todd: Maybe I converted twice.

Hank: You know, I really don't have time for this. I bet it's not a coincidence that you just happen to be in front of your ex-mother-in-law's room.

Todd: Well, you know, I just go wherever there's need.

Hank: Well, that is a coincidence, Todd, because so do I, and I need to know just what you're hiding behind this door.

Hank: Pardon me, Sister. I didn't mean to disturb you, Ms. Cramer.

Addie: I'm having a dream. Do you want to hear it?

Hank: Uh, no. That's all right, Ms. Cramer, thank you.

Addie: Everybody calls me Addie.

Hank: Addie. You have pleasant dreams.

Addie: Thank you.

Todd: Well, I hope you're proud of yourself. You probably erased, like, a month's worth of ther-- therapy just barging in like that.

Hank: But she thought I was a dream.

Todd: Yeah, she's not getting out any time soon, is she?

Hank: Todd, what are you doing here other than trespassing?

Todd: Oh, no, no. All right, you see, Starr has just been driving me nuts, you know. She wants Blair to come see her in the Christmas pageant she's doing. You know they asked her to be the angel this year?

Hank: Right, right.

Todd: The big angel.

Hank: Interesting, Todd. I got it.

Todd: Big halo. Anyway, it's -- it's pretty clear, you know, that Blairís not going to make it because she's eating mushy food, you know, at the nut house in Switzerland. So I thought, you know, why not -- why not bring Starrís grandmother to come see the pageant? I mean, you know, she's the next best thing.

Hank: And what's with the holy wear?

Todd: Well, I -- okay. You see, today is not really Addie's official day to go out, you know, for a little walk, so I thought I'd just kind of borrow her for a little while.

Hank: You were going to remove a mental patient from a facility without authorization?

Todd: Yeah, but I was going to bring her back.

Hank: Todd, do you realize that's kidnapping?

Todd: No, not -- not yet because I didn't kidnap her. Not yet. And anyway, it turns out that she's too sick to go anywhere, so, really, no big deal.

Hank: Big deal, Todd. A real big deal.


Keri: Isn't there something that we can be doing? Something that can give the baby a better chance?

Dr. Conklin: Now, let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Keri: I know, but --

Dr. Conklin: I need to run a series of tests. We'll sample the amniotic fluid --

Keri: But that's -- that's dangerous. Isn't that a greater risk to the baby?

Dr. Conklin: Keri, it has to be done. We have no choice.

Antonio: So, what are you looking for, exactly?

Dr. Conklin: We need to determine if the variant we found in your baby is hereditary. If it is and the parent that carries that trait is fine, the baby will almost certainly be fine, as well.

Keri: "Almost"?

Dr. Conklin: Well, none of it's 100%, but close enough.

Keri: I don't like the way that sounds.

Dr. Conklin: Keri, there are risks with any child.

Antonio: Everything's going to be okay.

Keri: Is he right, Doctor?

Dr. Conklin: We're going to do our best. Now, because your pregnancy is an embryo transfer and Liz Reynolds is the mother's -- is the biological mother, I'm going to need to see her medical records.

Keri: I thought they were sending them over.

Dr. Conklin: Okay, I'll go see if they've arrived. That'll give you a chance to absorb what I told you.

Antonio: Thank you.

Keri: Antonio, can you call my mother? She needs to be here right now.

Antonio: Absolutely.

Keri: And can you call Hank and R.J., too, because I really would feel better if they were all here with me.

Antonio: Honey, anything you need. Okay? Everything's going to be okay. I promise.

Antonio: Excuse me, Doctor? Is Keri in any danger?

Dr. Conklin: Keri's in perfect health. There is no risk to Keri at all. If there's any risk, it's to the baby.


Liz: Our future?

R.J.: Yeah. After your baby's born, antonio and Keri are going to get married, and that means we'll be sharing a son-in-law --

Liz: Hmm.

R.J.: For better or worse.

Liz: Hey. No cracks about Antonio.

R.J.: Oh, no. Oh, I wouldn't dam of it. He's a lovely boy. Look, my point is that in a year or so, we'll most likely be sharing a grandchild.

Liz: Yeah. That's what Keri really wants.

R.J.: Yeah. Yeah, I know. And after that, well, we'll be connected forever.

Liz: We already are, R.J. I mean, you know, through Keri.

R.J.: Well, yeah, now that I know she exists. I didn't mean it. That was a reflex. I'm sorry.

Liz: Was that the future you were talking about? The future of our family, right?

R.J.: What else did you think I meant?

Liz: Nothing. No, no, and you're absolutely right. It's -- if I'm going to living here, we're going to be related, we've -- we've got to figure out some way that we can get along for Keri's sake. Any ideas?

R.J.: Well, I guess we could try to get to know each other again.

Liz: We never got to know each other the first time. It was just the whole relationship was a whirlwind.

R.J.: Well, we were kids. But now we're grown up.

[Phone rings]

Liz: Oh.


Liz: Hello?

Antonio: Hello, Liz. It's Antonio. Listen, Keri asked me to call you. She's fine, but --

Liz: Is it the baby?

Antonio: I think everything's going to -- going to work out, but, Liz, I think you should just come to the -- to the hospital. Oh, and Keri would like Hank and R.J. to come down, too.

Liz: I'll take care of it. You tell her I'll be right there.

R.J.: Is Keri all right?

Liz: Yeah, she's in the hospital. Antonio said she's fine, but it's something about the baby. I got to go.

R.J.: Wait, wait, I'll drive you.

Liz: No - just call Hank and let him know.


Antonio: Your mother's on her way.

Keri: You didn't scare her, did you?

Antonio: No.

Keri: What am I going to tell her?

Antonio: You're going to tell her exactly what the doctor told us -- that you're healthy and that you're not in danger.

Keri: I'm scared.

Antonio: I know you are. But I'm here, okay, and I -- I love you so much. I mean, the fact that -- that you would do this for your mother and that you have that much love inside you? You're the most amazing person I've ever met. I am so grateful that we found each other.

Keri: I sure didn't make it easy on you, did I?

Antonio: Yeah, well, I wouldn't trade a single minute of it. The only thing I do regret is the part -- the time when we were apart.

Keri: I was so stupid.

Antonio: Uh-uh. It was my fault. But you know what, it -- that's in the past and we're together now. And we'll get through this together, and then we'll spend the rest of our lives together.

Keri: I love you.

Dr. Conklin: According to my assistant, your mother's records never got here.

Keri: Well, she's on her way over here right now.

Antonio: Yeah, she should be here any minute.

Dr. Conklin: Okay, good. I can get a blood sample for her then. I will also need a sample from the baby's father.


Hank: I've got you on criminal trespass, and you've certainly defrauded the staff here. The administration just may want to be press charges, and that would please me.

Todd: They're nuns. You know, maybe I should throw myself at their mercy.

[Phone rings]

Hank: You just hold on. Excuse me. Gannon.

R.J.: Liz asked me to call you. Keri's at the hospital. She's all right, okay? It's something to do with the baby. Liz is on her --

Hank: I'm on my way. All right, Todd. I've got something more important to deal with than you and your costume party. But I will alert the security on my way out.

Todd: Psst -- we got to go!

Addie: Do I know that nun?

Blair: I really have to go now, Mama. Oh --

Addie: Oh --

Blair: I'm so glad that you're better.

Addie: This is one of the nicest dreams I ever had.

Blair: I'm glad. I'll come see you when I can, okay, Mama?

Addie: Okay.

Blair: I love you so much.

Addie: I love you.


Jen: How could Mom possibly love Troy? He practically ruined her life. If it weren't for him, she wouldn't have been convicted. Mom went through hell in Statesville. She paid for what she did.

Nora: Okay, your mother did go to prison, that's true. But -- I -- I don't want to put you in the middle of this.

Jen: Well, you are.

Nora: Okay, you know what? You really need to know what your mother's been doing.

Jen: Okay. What?

Nora: I don't think she's gotten over Troy. She shows up at the clinic for a celebration, and she gives Troy this hideous painting, which she titles "A woman scorned." And then she finds out that Troy lost a patient, and she won't let it go. She keeps after him and after him, trying to make him feel bad and to make him look bad in my eyes.

Jen: And you think she still loves him? Sure doesn't sound like it to me.

Nora: Okay, that's not all that she's done here, okay? There's an amulet that Troy wears around his neck. He's always worn it. He -- ahem -- got it from his life in Africa, and he is very proud of it, loves it. And he was wearing it all the time when he and your mother were involved.

Jen: You mean when he was pretending to love her.

Nora: Whatever. Anyway, he has since gotten rid of the amulet.

Jen: Why, if it was so important to him?

Nora: Well, that doesn't matter. What matters is that your mother went and had a copy made of it.

Jen: What?

Nora: She had a copy made of the amulet, and she carries it around with her.

Jen: That doesn't make any sense.

Nora: See, this is why I'm so concerned about her. Do you understand? I think she's just as obsessed with Troy as she's ever been. I don't think she's over Troy, not by a long shot.

Jen: No. No, Troy was just pretending to love her. He was in love with you the whole time. He broke her heart.

Nora: Well, yes, but that doesn't mean that --

Jen: He betrayed her. When somebody you love treats you that way, you can't go back. What about you?

Nora: Me?

Jen: Could you love somebody who betrayed you like that?


Lindsay: The day I don't ever have to see your face again will be the best day of my life.

Troy: And you know something, Lindsay? That's some life you've made for yourself.

Lindsay: I could say the same thing about you. You're responsible for your wife's death. That's some life you've made.

Troy: You have no idea what it's like to really love someone, do you?

Lindsay: Yes, I do.

Troy: No, you donít. If you did, you'd understand that I want to be with Nora as long as I can. I want to make sure that I remember every minute of our time together for the rest of my life. So I'm staying, Lindsay, until you force me to go.

Lindsay: Fine. You made your satin-sheeted bed.

Troy I am never going to give you what you want, Lindsay. So if you really want it -- well, then, you're just going to have to take it from me.

Lindsay: I have to go.


Keri: The baby's father -- my mother's husband -- he passed away a few months ago.

Dr. Conklin: Oh, I'm sorry. I'd forgotten.

Antonio: Do you definitely have to have his blood?

Dr. Conklin: We're looking for a link from parent to fetus to rule out a potentially serious problem.

Antonio: In other words, yes?

Dr. Conklin: If we don't have chromosome samples from both parents, we're going to need to make some very difficult choices.

Liz: Are you all right, baby?

Keri: Mom, I'm fine, I'm fine.

Liz: Oh, thank God.

Keri: But, Mom, listen; there may be something wrong with the baby.

Liz: What? What's wrong?

Dr. Conklin: That's what we're trying to determine. I'm going to need to take some blood from you.

Liz: Yeah, of course.

Dr. Conklin: Is there any way to get a chromosome sample from the baby's father?


Nora: I'm sorry. I -- I shouldn't put you in the middle of this, especially after everything you've been through.

Jen: I'll get over it.

Nora: Yes, you will because you're a very strong young woman. In the meantime, I hope you and Cristian enjoy your present, and I know I'm going to get a gold star for actually getting it here before Christmas this year. Take care. Okay?

Lindsay: Excuse me. What were you doing with my daughter?

Nora: I was dropping off a Christmas present for her, Lindsay. Happy Holidays. What, no snappy comeback? No withering remark?

Lindsay: Please.

Nora: That's the second time today, Lindsay. Are you feeling all right?

Lindsay: I'm fine.

Nora: Really? Because you kind of look a little flushed.

Lindsay: I have to see my daughter.

Jen: Mom. I have been calling everywhere trying to find you. I have the most incredible news.

Lindsay: What?

Jen: Natalie got married, and not to Cristian.

Lindsay: Oh, well, the girl is smarter than I thought she was.

Jen: Don't you get it? My plan worked. Well, not exactly, but now Cristian and Natalie can't be together. And if I play my cards right, Cristian will stay with me. We may even still get married.

Lindsay: That's nice, Honey.

Jen: Are you even listening?

Lindsay: What was Nora doing here?

Jen: Dropping off a Christmas present. And she was asking a lot of questions about you and Troy.


Emily: Lindsay practically ran me over trying to get out of here. How did it go? Whatever "it" was?

Troy: Couldn't have gone any better.

Emily: Troy --

Troy: What?

Emily: I know you would do just about anything to keep Lindsay from telling Nora about Joanna. She was really upset when she left here. What are you doing to her?

Troy: I haven't done anything to her. It was all her.

Emily: You don't want to make things worse. You could, you know.

Troy: Look, don't worry, okay? I haven't done anything so far. And who knows? If I play my cards right, I may not have to do anything at all.


Blair: You know, you almost blew it, Todd! If Hank had seen me, he would've realized that that whole breakdown was a fake. And then if somebody had found out that I was hiding here -- then if they had found out, that means the hit man could've found out, too, Todd!

Todd: Okay, relax, relax. Hank didn't have a clue, as usual. And the only -- the only person that knew you were there was Addie. And really, who's going to listen to Addie?

Blair: Okay, okay. Okay. Maybe I was over-- I was overreacting a bit.

Todd: Yeah, maybe.

Blair: You look ridiculous.

Todd: Really? I thought black was slimming.

Blair: You, a holy woman -- you're lucky that you didn't instantaneously combust. But I really would've gone crazy if I hadn't gotten to see my Mama, with her being sick and all.

Todd: You know, she was perking up at the end there.

Blair: Yeah, she was. I think she was doing a lot better, and -- well, if it wasn't for you, then -- well, I mean, who else could've come up with this -- such a stupid, you know, idea like this?

Todd: Well, not Sam. I mean, can you really picture Sam in a penguin suit like this?

Blair: Well, Sam probably -- he just would've done it differently, that's all.

Todd: Yeah, but he didnít. But I did.


Dr. Conklin: I am aware that your husband passed away.

Liz: That's right.

Dr. Conklin: But the fertility clinic you used should have a blood sample on record.

Liz: Yeah. I -- I'll go call them right now.

Dr. Conklin: Good. I'll get a nurse to take your blood as soon as you get back.

Liz: Thanks. You okay?

Keri: Yeah.

Antonio: So -- so, what's next?

Dr. Conklin: Well, as soon as we have the data from both biological parents, we'll run a comparison and find out what we're dealing with.

Keri: And in the meantime?

Dr. Conklin: Why don't you wait here and try to make yourselves as comfortable as you can.

Antonio: Oh, I'll take care of her.

Dr. Conklin: Okay.

Keri: I've got a bad feeling about this.

Antonio: No, Honey, look, it's normal. You're just -- you're scared.

Keri: My mom was so upset. I never should've told her.

Antonio: No, Honey, you had to. Look, it's her baby, all right? I mean, if there's choices to be made, she's the one who should make them.

Keri: I know that, but --

Antonio: Honey, look, I know how important this is that you're doing this for your mother. I -- but to be honest with you, I really don't -- the only thing I really care about is that you're safe and that you're healthy.

Keri: My Mom's a part of me, Antonio. I don't want to think about what this would do to her if I lost the baby.

Antonio: All we can do is hope and pray.

Keri: At least we have Steveís chromosome samples. We'll be able to find out everything we need to know.

Liz: Ooh --

Hank: Liz.

Liz: Oh! Oh, my God. Hank, you scared me.

Hank: I'm sorry; I didn't mean to scare you. Listen, what is going on with Keri? I got a call.

Liz: It's the baby. There might be some sort of genetic problem. And now the doctor needs samples -- my chromosomes and the fatherís. I'm supposed to be calling the clinic right now about Steve.

Hank: Steve? But he's not --

Liz: I know! I know.

Hank: Oh, Liz. What are you going to do?


Lindsay: What did Nora want to know?

Jen: She thinks you've been acting weird ever since you got back from Miami.

Lindsay: You didn't tell her about Africa, did you?

Jen: Of course not. We don't tell each other's secrets, right?

Lindsay: Right.

Jen: It's up to you to tell her about Troy's past. And from the way it looked, whatever you're doing to torture him is working.

Lindsay: Hmm. I just don't want Nora getting suspicious.

Jen: See, that I don't get. Because if she's going to know everything anyway, then why don't you get it over with already?

Nora: Doctor, are you here drowning your sorrows?

Troy: Are you kidding me? What sorrows? Wow. Look at you, huh?

Nora: Huh?

Troy: You look beautiful.

Nora: Really? I find that really hard to believe since I got my butt dragged through court all day.

Troy: Ah, the Blake case, huh?

Nora: Yes, that would be the very one, and now I came here to drop off some contracts for Renee.

Troy: Oh, yeah?

Nora: Because -- well, she was expecting them hours ago, and --

Troy: So, now, is this your last official duty of the day, Counselor?

Nora: Yes, that would be -- yes, that would be right.

Troy: Because I got a great idea.

Nora: Oh?

Troy: Yeah. I'm thinking that you and I -- we should do a little Christmas shopping, maybe go grab a little eggnog under a mistletoe somewhere, and then head on back to your place and we'll light some Hanukkah candles.

Nora: Okay, we have to -- let's take this one at a time because my brain can't handle more -- well, you're in a good mood.

Troy: Oh, I am in the best mood.

Nora: Really?

Troy: Yeah.

Nora: Hmm. Any particular reason?

Troy: Oh, I just love the holidays, especially now that I'm with you. So, what do you want to do first?

Nora: I want to ask you a question.

Troy: Sure. Anything. What?

Nora: What's going on between you and Lindsay?


Liz: I don't know. I don't know what to do.

R.J.: What's going on here? How's my daughter?

Liz: She's fine. In fact, she'll be really happy to see you. Why don't you go in?

Hank: R.J. Thanks for the call.

R.J.: It's what Liz wanted.

Keri: An amnio is scary, but at least we'll know if the baby's okay.

R.J.: Keri?

Keri: Oh, you came.

R.J.: Of course I did. Are you all right?

Keri: Oh, I'm fine, I'm fine. I just -- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Just -- you're my family. I needed you here in case something happened to the baby.

R.J.: Well, just as long as you're all right.


Liz: I don't have a choice. If getting blood samples from both parents is critical to my baby's health, then I have to tell Antonio the truth. I have to tell him he's the father.


Blair: You know, I can't wait until I can go out in public again in real clothes without feeling like I'm being followed or anything else.

Todd: Yeah, well, I can't wait until I get my room back.

Blair: Yeah. Me, too. Well, I'm exhausted. I'm going to get ready for bed, or whatever that inflatable thing I have to sleep on.

Blair: So did you really tell Hank that you were taking -- that you'd taken a vow?

Todd: Yeah.

[Blair laughs]

Todd: Why not? People can change.

Todd: Ahem.

Blair: What?

Todd: It doesn't -- here.

Blair: What -- I --

Todd: Just pull.

Blair: Todd. I got to get -- oh -- oh!

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Shawna: Did your daddy really ship your mommy off to the Swiss loony bin or what?

Nora: Something's going on, Troy.

Troy: Like what?

Keri: The doctor seems to think there might be some kind of genetic problem with the baby.

R.J.: What kind of problem?

Antonio: If Keri's going to make it through, she needs to know the truth.

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