OLTL Transcript Thursday 11/28/02

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 11/28/02

By Eric
Proofread by Kathy

Blair: Maybe we should come up with another place for me to hide because I certainly don't want to stay here with Todd!

Bo: I know that you and Roxanne are going to be spending the night in jail.

Antonio: Now you just need to be strong, you need to break it to Jen, and you and Natalie can be together.

Natalie: Who are you?

Mitch: Your mother knows me.

Viki: Michael Lazarus is Mitch Laurence.


Max: A little late for Halloween, don't you think?

Nigel: Need I remind you our mission requires the utmost secrecy?

Max: Well, then you might not want to call so much attention to yourself next time.

Nigel: Sir, the last thing we need is for Ms. Gretel to figure out that you and Mr. Buchanan are working together.

Max: Maybe you should think about that before you schedule our next secret rendezvous in Grand Central Station.

Nigel: I thought we'd be lost in the crowd.

Max: It's morning. People don't drink in the morning, they eat breakfast.

Nigel: Yes, it's a point taken.

Max: Anyway, I think the plan's working. Roxy didn't come home last night.

Nigel: Really? Neither did Mr. Buchanan. Do you think --

Max: Oh, come on. Could Asa have scored with her already?


Asa: Well, you -- you tell my son I'm going to sue him and this whole damn town for false arrest.

Bo: Well, now, how you going to do that, Pa? We caught you red-handed running your little illegal gambling casino -- again.

Roxy: Commish? I think this whole place is infested.

Asa: Don't you have any real criminals to arrest, Bo?

Bo: Oh, I think you're real enough for me. Do you remember that you tried to blackmail Gabrielle into taking a bribe? And, if you remember, I told you you were going to pay for that?

Asa: Really? That's -- that's what this is about? Payback?

Bo: Payback is tough, isn't it?

Roxy: Hey, hang on a second. We're in here because of who?

Asa: Now, wait a minute. You're telling me that I'm in here because of that damn she-devil?

Bo: No. No. You're in here because of that one.


Viki: Oh, Jessie.


Mitch: My girls. The Laurence girls -- my daughter and my wife.


Viki: Natalie, Sweetheart, are you okay? Mitch hasn't tried to contact you, has he?

Natalie: I still can't believe he's Mitch Laurence. I'm such an idiot.

Viki: No, please, don't -- don't ever say that, Honey, ever.

Natalie: What am I supposed to think? I married the man who -- who stole my life away from me and I never suspected.

Viki: Of course you wouldn’t. Why would you? We all thought he was dead.

Natalie: I don't understand. I mean, he ruined my childhood. Isn't that enough? I've never done anything to him. I mean, why is he still trying to destroy my life?

Viki: Because he's sick, and more than that, he's evil.

Natalie: But I ran straight into his arms. I fell for it. How could I be so stupid?

Viki: Hey. Hey. This is not your fault, okay? It truly is not your fault. You had I idea who he was. Darling, he used you because he wants to hurt me.

Natalie: And I let him. I did exactly what he wanted me to do. I'm so sorry.

Viki: Oh, please, you have nothing to be sorry for, nothing, really.

Natalie: You know, Cristian doesn't know about anything. I need to call him.


Jen: Hey. Are you ready? You're sure you know what to do?

[Phone rings]

Jen's voice: Hi. Cristian and I can't come to the phone right now, but leave a message.

[Answering machine beeps]

Marcie: Don't worry. I've got everything under control.

Jen: You better not mess this up. Whatever happens, I cannot give Cristian a chance to tell me about him and Natalie.

Marcie: I still don't really get what you're trying to do.

Jen: Okay, now that I'm not pregnant, Cristian has no reason to stay with me. So you need to help me stall so I can think of a better plan.

Marcie: Roger.

Jen: And don't let him push you around like last time. Everything is riding on this.

Cristian: What's going on with you two?


Man: I told you I'd be back.

Blair: No.

Man: Mr. O’Brien says good-bye.


Blair: No! No! No! No!

Todd: What is wrong with you? What's going on?

Blair: Oh, my God! Suzanne's killer was right here in the room, Todd! Oh, my God, he was trying to kill me! He was trying to kill me! Help me, help me. Help me.


Jen: Well, I heard something outside, so I opened the door and Marcie was standing right outside.

Marcie: I was just about to knock.

Cristian: Well, you're going to have to come back later, Marcie, because I need to talk to Jen.

Marcie: It can't wait. It's an emergency.

Jen: What happened? Are you okay?

Marcie: There's been a terrible mistake. You should never have been discharged from the hospital.

Cristian: What?

Jen: Why?

Marcie: There's no time to explain, Cristian. We have to get her back there right now or else she might not make it.

Jen: I thought I felt a little bit strange.

Marcie: Jen --

Cristian: You were fine a minute ago.

Marcie: Jen, you need to sit down.

Cristian: This doesn't make any sense. I mean, Dr. Conklin said that she was fine.

Marcie: The doctor made a mistake. She's terribly upset about it. She thinks your father's going to sue her for malpractice!

Cristian: Well she has her number. Why -- why didn't she just call?

Marcie: Because she sent me here personally to tell you. Isn't that better? Look, we have to go! There might not be much time!

Jen: I'm really scared, Cristian. Maybe that's why I passed out last night.

Cristian: Okay. Okay, I'll get the keys.

Marcie: It worked! I can't believe he bought it!

Jen: Keep your voice down, you idiot.

Marcie: Oh, right.

Jen: This is just a stall tactic. The real trick is going to be keeping Cristian and Natalie apart.


Natalie: He didn't pick up.

Viki: Darling, I'm sure he's all right.

Natalie: Maybe. I mean, he -- he was going to try and let Jen down as easily as possible while I was breaking up with my -- Mitch. And I didn't think it would take that long, so he must be wondering what's happened.

Viki: Look; you can explain everything to him later on, okay? Right now the important thing is we have to get you as far away from Mitch Laurence as we possibly can.

Natalie: No, I'm not going anywhere without Cristian.

Viki: Darling, you have to. It's just for a little while, and I promise you I will explain everything to Cristian, but I need to know that you and Jessica are safe so that I can deal with this situation.

Natalie: I'm not leaving you by yourself.

Viki: Honey, I'll be fine.

Natalie: No, you told me how dangerous Mitch Laurence is. I would die if anything happened to you.

Viki: Well, that is exactly how I feel, okay? Which is why we need to get you safely out of the way so that we can get Mitch into prison.

Natalie: You're not going up against him alone. I won't let you.

Viki: Sweetheart, I'm not going to, all right? I called Bo already. He's on his way over here, and I'm -- I'm going to just tell him everything when he gets here. I know what I'm up against, all right? I wouldn't dream of confronting Mitch by myself. But please trust me when I tell you you and Jessica are in far more danger than I am.

Natalie: Why did he keep you from knowing that you had twins and why did he switch the babies? What does he want from our family?

Viki: I think he wants revenge.

Natalie: For what? Mom, please tell me. I need to understand.

Viki: I know you do, and when -- when this is all over with, I promise you I will tell you everything, but you know what, right now I need you to go upstairs and I need you to pack a few things, okay?

Natalie: For how long?

Viki: I don't know right now. I promise you you'll be okay, though I will never let Mitch hurt us again, ever.

Natalie: This is all my fault.

Viki: No, it's not. Baby, you, of all people, are not responsible for this. Please, honey. Please go and do what I asked you to do, okay? Thanks.


Mitch: Our meeting was ordained. Our being here together -- that, too, was ordained. And what will follow is also ordained.


Asa: What in the hell are you saying? How could it be Roxy’s fault that you crashed my party?

Roxy: Hey, I was the guest of honor. I mean, it was all his idea.

Bo: Well, yeah, according to my sources --

Asa: Oh, his "sources." Wait till you hear this garbage.

Roxy: Hey, speak English, would you?

Bo: All right, as I understand it, you were at Rodi’s last night buying shots for a bunch of off-duty police officers?

Roxy: I didn't know they were cops.

Bo: Yeah, that would be the day-shift cops, and they said you kept going on and on about how you were going up to Asa Buchanan’s lodge for a big night of gambling?

Asa: I told you to keep your big mouth shut!

Roxy: Well, I forgot, okay?

Asa: You forgot? How stupid are you, woman?

Guard: Excuse me, Commissioner?

Bo: Yeah?

[Guard whispers]

Bo: Uh, listen; I'm going to leave you two to hash all of this out, okay? No bloodshed.

Roxy: Big Daddy over there, he's the criminal mastermind.

Asa: Bo, you cannot leave me with this -- this -- ugh!

Bo: Yeah, okay, keep an eye on them, would you, please?

Roxy: Hey. Hey, were you calling me stupid? Because I am not stupid.

Asa: No! I'll tell you who's stupid -- me! Letting myself be talked into being nice to something like you!

Roxy: Oh, yeah. Like anybody could talk you into anything. Hey, wait a second. What do you mean? Did someone talk you into this?


Nigel: Mr. Buchanan is very gifted when it comes to the art of persuasion. Need I remind you, he built an entire empire out of virtually nothing.

Max: Get to the point, Nigel.

Nigel: Well, it's always possible that he and Mrs. Holden are still "rolling the bones," as it were, but --

Max: But what?

Nigel: If Mr. Buchanan did want to get your wife into, shall we say, a compromising situation, then I imagine that's exactly what he did.

Max: Just spare me the graphic details, okay? Do you mind?

Nigel: Gladly. But may I remind you that Mr. Buchanan will expect you to return the favor with his wife?

Max: I am not --

Nigel: Tout de suite.

Max: Going to get Gretel Rae Cummings in bed.

Nigel: You made the bargain, and I'm here to see you take one for the team, if you get my drift. Think of me as Mr. Buchanan's muscle.

Max: Right. I'll do that.

Nigel: Good.

Max: I'm not backing out, all right? I've got another plan. A better one, I swear.

Nigel: The muscle is listening.

Max: Hmm. Where's Renee?

Nigel: Oh, no, Sir. Surely you don't want her --

Max: Oh, that is disgusting!

Nigel: Oh, indeed.

Max: That's not it. I've got another plan.

Nigel: I'm all ears.

Max: I think we'd better keep this on a need-to-know basis.

[Phone rings]

Nigel: Bartholomew Smythe here. Oh, dear.


Blair: Oh --

Todd: Look, calm down, okay, calm down.

Blair: No --

Todd: You're just having a bad dream.

Blair: No, Todd --

Todd: Take a deep breath.

Blair: No --

Todd: Look at you. Are you even awake?

Blair: He was right here.

Todd: No, there's nobody here. Look around. Is there anybody? There's nobody here, just you and me.

Blair: It was very real. He was standing right there, looking down at me. I'll never forget his face.

Todd: You've got to stop.

Blair: Todd, he had a gun. The gun was right there.

Todd: Nobody's going to hurt you. Sit down.

Blair: He was -- he was there. I saw his eyes. My God, he wants me dead. He wants me dead.

Todd: Well, he'll have to go through me first.

Blair: Why can't I just forget that night? I just keep seeing it. I see him. He was standing there with the gun in his hand, and I swear if he hadn't heard those sirens --

Todd: Well, he did hear those sirens and you got away because you're smart and you're tough, Blair.

Blair: No, Todd. Unlucky is what I am.

Todd: Call it whatever you want. There is no way that guy is ever going to find you here.

Blair: How do you know that? He said that he was going to come back, and he meant it. I heard him. You weren't even there.

Todd: Nobody's going to find you here. This is the perfect hiding place.

Blair: Oh, yeah, right, and you keep saying that, don't you?

Todd: Because everybody knows you can't stand me. That's what this whole plan is about. It's genius. I'm a genius! Ah, okay? See? Look at you. Feeling better already, huh?

Blair: I am, actually.

Todd: Do you not know how to knock? What, were you born in a barn?

Blair: Sam, I'm so glad that you're here.

Todd: That makes one of us.

Sam: Am I interrupting something?

Blair: I was having a really terrible nightmare.

Todd: And then she screamed so much, it gave me a nightmare.

Blair: And Todd was trying to make me feel better.

Sam: Did it work?

Blair: Yeah, I -- I guess. But, you know, now that you're here, Sam --

Todd: Spare me.

Blair: Um, Todd slept in the bed.

Sam: You made Blair sleep on the floor?

Todd: Well, I got her an air mattress.

Sam: So why didn't you sleep in it?

Todd: With Blair?

Blair: No, it doesn't matter, anyway. You know what, that bed is so lumpy.

Sam: You are some piece of work.

Todd: It is not, and you know it. Okay, wait, you know what, before you guys say anything else, don't forget that I spent, like, a couple of months on a deserted island sleeping on a bed of dried leaves. There's no way I'm giving up my comfy bed just because Blair ticked off the mob.

Blair: Oh, oh, hello! Now this is the Todd that we all know and love.

Todd: You started it.

Blair: Oh, please.

Todd: Come to think of it, I don't remember inviting you here.

Sam: I came to check on Blair.

Todd: That was a dumb idea. How do you know you weren't followed?

Sam: I wasn’t.

Todd: How? How'd you get in, anyway?

Sam: I have a key.

Todd: Where did you get that?

Blair: From me.


Marcie: Okay, so there's really nothing wrong with you.

Jen: I know that.

Marcie: But I set up everything. There's an empty exam room at the hospital. No one ever uses it, so no one will know you're in there, and I got some forms from work. I made up some fake records.

Jen: Okay, what about your boss?

Marcie: Well, Dr. C's leaving for the holiday. The hospital will be a ghost town all weekend, so, no, that should buy you some extra time to make something up.

Jen: You'd better be right about this.

Marcie: Well, I can make it look as real as you want. You know, I can even sedate you. I've seen Dr. Conklin do it tons of times.

Jen: Excuse me? I don't think so.

Marcie: I just want you to know the option's open. You won't lose Cristian, not if I can help it.

[Door closes]

Jen: You ready?

Marcie: We'd better hurry, Cristian.

Cristian: We're not going anywhere.

Jen: Why?

Cristian: I just spoke to Dr. Conklin, and she never sent Marcie over here. There's nothing wrong with you, Jen. What the hell's going on?


Viki: No, Jessica, I'm fine, Honey. I'm fine as long as you're ookay. Now, look, you have to promise me that you will stay put, and only call me on this cell phone, okay? Good. Okay. He what? You didn't talk to him, did you? All right, well, just ignore his messages, okay? I mean it, just ignore them and let me handle this. Sweetheart, I promise you I'm going to take care of everything, and then you and Seth can come home soon. Okay. All right, Darling, I'll talk to you soon. I love you. Bye.

Bo: I got your message. It's urgent?

Viki: Yeah, it is.

Bo: Is it about Ben?

Viki: No. No, Ben’s condition hasn't changed at all.

Bo: What is it? Is this about the girls being switched?

Viki: Bo, Mitch Laurence? He's alive.

Bo: What?

Viki: It's true; he's alive. Oh, Bo, there's more. There is so much more.


Mitch: Darling. You're home.

Natalie: You're Mitch Laurence.

Mitch: That's right, I am. And you're Mrs. Laurence, my lovely wife.

Natalie: Not for long.


Cristian: Why are you lying? Why do you want to get Jen to the hospital?

Marcie: Um, well, you see, I --

Jen: What's going on, Marcie?

Marcie: I'm so sorry.

Jen: How could you do that to me? You scared me to death.

Marcie: Well, you're my best friend and Llanview Hospital's like an assembly line, you know? All they care about is emptying out the beds so they can start billing the next patient.

Cristian: Yeah, so what's that got to do with Jen?

Marcie: Don't you see? They don't always check people out the way they should, and when I looked at Jen's chart, I saw some things that really disturbed me.

Cristian: What things?

Marcie: Medical things.

Cristian: What? Look, Dr. Conklin would have never let Jen come home if she knew there was something wrong.

Marcie: You have no idea, Cristian, the things I see. You know, I told the doctor that I didn't agree with her, but, well, you know, I'm just a lowly assistant, so she totally ignored me. That's why I made up the thing about her sending me over here.

Cristian: You're not a doctor. You know, you could get fired for this.

Jen: Don't be so hard on her.

Cristian: What, you're joking, right?

Jen: I know what Marcie did was stupid, but she had my best interests at heart.

Marcie: I did, I swear! You should see the way they rush people out!

Cristian: Marcie, get out.

Marcie: But --

Jen: Cristian --

Cristian: Now! Get lost! I don't want to hear one more lie out of your mouth!

Marcie: Happy Thanksgiving.

Cristian: Oh.

Jen: She's a little overprotective.

Cristian: Jen, she's a nut case. You shouldn't be hanging out with that girl. I mean, she really had me scared there for a minute.

Jen: Maybe she's right. Maybe Dr. Conklin did miss something.

Cristian: Oh, come on, Jen; don't let her get you paranoid. If there was anything wrong, Dr. Conklin would know about it.

Jen: Well, with the holiday coming up and all, maybe --

Cristian: Jen, listen to me, I have to tell you something.

Jen: No, I'm just too freaked out right now. It's not a good time.

Cristian: It's never going to be a good time. Look, I need to tell you something, and I don't want you to hear it from somebody else.


Max: What's wrong?

Nigel: Nothing.

Max: Oh, don't tell me nothing's wrong. You get on the phone, and you go -- [As Nigel] "Oh, dear!" [Normal voice] And then you're sitting around, looking like your dog just got run over. What is it?

Nigel: I think that information is on a need-to-know basis, Sir.

Max: I need to know.

Nigel: Fine. Well, you'll find out soon enough. Mr. Buchanan and Ms. Roxanne have been arrested. They spent the night in jail.


Roxy: So who talked you into being nice to me?

Asa: What? Oh, uh -- uh, Nigel. Nigel did.

Roxy: Who?

Asa: My butler. I was really going to go after you for what you did to my granddaughter. But good old Nigel, he said -- he said to give you another chance.

Roxy: Do I know this guy?

Asa: No, but he knows you. He seems to think that -- I don't know, that you're a fun broad.

Roxy: Oh, ho, ho, that I am. I'm a real barrel of monkeys. Hey, Asa, I'm sorry about spilling the beans to the cops. It's just that I'm a sucker for a short haircut and a plaid shirt.

Asa: And lots of booze.

Roxy: So what. I saw you last night. You know how to have as much fun as I do. But that son of yours, the Commish? Well, he's a real stick in the mud. I mean, well, you know, what kind of guy has his own father arrested?

Asa: He's sure done it enough.

Roxy: Well, it don't mean it's right. In fact, I think it's plain wrong.

Asa: Really?

Roxy: Yeah. Because some people are above the law, like you. I mean, you know, you're a real tycoon, and you don't get to be where you are by not breaking a couple of eggs.

Asa: No, I guess not.

Roxy: But Bo’s family, so I think he should cut you a little bit of slack. I mean, where would Bo Buchanan be without you, huh?

Asa: Well, that's what the hell I keep telling him!

Roxy: Right, right! You're the patriot of the family, for crying out loud.

Asa: Patriarch.

Roxy: I just think you deserve better treatment, especially from your own kid.


Bo: Mitch Laurence is Jessica’s father? Are you sure?

Viki: Boy, I so wish that I weren’t. You know, he's so confident that he gave me a strand of his hair to have tested, which, of course, I did. And I just got the results this morning.

Bo: God. Viki, I don't know what to say.

Viki: There's not a lot to say. My little Jessie is still the same wonderful person she always was, but Mitch Laurence is her father.

Bo: I'm going to get him away somewhere. Nobody else around. No witnesses. For what he did to you, Viki.

Viki: Yeah, but what about what I did?

Bo: Well, you -- come on, the guy raped you.

Viki: Yeah. I let him take Jessica away from me. She was minutes old. He took her right out of my arms, and I did nothing to stop him. I just let her go.

Bo: Viki, you'd just given birth. All right, you were exhausted. You were drugged. There's no way you could have stopped him if you tried.

Viki: The point is that I didn't try. I didn't even try. And then I just conveniently blocked it out so I wouldn't have to remember it. If it weren't for me, Natalie would have had a mother!

Bo: No, Viki, you can't blame yourself for any of this.

Viki: Of course I can! Bo, if I'd been a little bit stronger, I wouldn't have needed Niki Smith to protect me from what I'd done.

Bo: Look, D.I.D., it's an illness, okay? It's not a state of mind or --

Viki: I know that, I know that. But my mind was so fragile, so weak that I erased the existence of one of my children.

Bo: Well, you got to cut yourself some slack.

Viki: I should have gone looking for her. You know, I should have realized that the babies had been switched. I should have found Natalie and brought her home. I should have been a mother to her. It's all my fault, you know, because I did everything wrong!

Bo: No. No.

Bo: Listen, do Jess and Natalie -- do they know anything about this?

Viki: No. Neither does Clint.

Bo: What about Clint? I mean, are you sure that he's Natalie’s father?

Viki: Yeah. I had those tests rerun as well. No, Mitch Laurence is definitely not Natalie’s father. He's just her husband.


Natalie: Tell me the truth -- did you marry me just so that you could hurt my mother?

Mitch: Well, people have gotten married for worse reasons.

Natalie: You are sick. How could you do this to me? After everything else that you've done, how?

Mitch: What have I ever done to you?

Natalie: Oh, well, let's just look at the last few weeks -- pretending to be nice to me, pretending to care about me, when it was all just a big act.

Mitch: Well, I'm afraid so.

Natalie: I trusted you. I told you things that no one else knows. I cried in your arms.

Mitch: Touching, that.

Natalie: Shut up! Everything that comes out of your mouth is a big lie.

Mitch: Well, not quite everything.

Natalie: None of this had anything to do with me at all, did it? It was all a part of your sick and twisted plot. If it had been Jessica who was vulnerable, if she had been on the rebound, you would have married her.

Mitch: Oh, no. I never would have married Jessica.

Natalie: Why not?  


Todd: You gave Sam a key to my penthouse?

Blair: Yes.

Todd: Why?

Blair: Because we're seeing each other, as in a couple, Todd.

Todd: Okay, first of all, this is my house.

Blair: Not as long as I am forced to live here, Todd.

Todd: No, my house, period. Second of all, he shouldn't be here.

Sam: Why not, Todd?

Todd: Because I can't stand you.

Blair: Well, gee whiz, you can't stand me, either, Todd.

Todd: That's true, but I made a deal and you have to be here, but as long as you are here, he's not allowed here. There's no Rappaports. There's a Rappaport ban.

Blair: Oh, come on. I want to know a real reason why Sam can't come here, and more than "I can't stand him."

Todd: It's dangerous. End of story.

Sam: I've got a perfectly good cover for being here, Todd.

Todd: A cover? What, are you in C.I.A. now?

Sam: No, you're being sued by Cassie.

Todd: For what?

Sam: Custody of your kids, and I'm representing her.

Todd: Get out of my house!

Blair: Sam.

Sam: Relax, Todd. I dummied up those papers. I spread the story around the office, and now I have a perfect excuse to come here anytime I want to, courtesy of my client.

Todd: There is no way that that crazy lady's going anywhere near my kids!

Sam: Hey, stay with me here, Todd. I just got through telling you --

Blair: That is such a brilliant idea! Now I can see you whenever I want without anybody suspecting. Sam, this is great.

Todd: Oh, that's just brilliant.

Blair: That is so great. I'm going to go change my clothes. Now, don't leave until I get back, okay?

Sam: Okay.

Blair: Great!

Todd: You know, you -- you took a big risk coming here.

Sam: No, I took care of all the details. It's perfectly safe.

Todd: Says you.

Sam: Why are you so uptight about risk all of a sudden, Todd? I thought you couldn't stand Blair.


Mitch: Let's see. Why would I marry you and not Jessica? Didn't Viki weigh in on that subject?

Natalie: My mom doesn't understand your sick way of thinking any more than I do.

Mitch: Is that so?

Natalie: Yes, that is so. And you know what? I don't care why you didn’t. I just want out! Out! Do you get that?

Mitch: The lady doth protest too much, me thinks.

Natalie: Don't you dare come near me.

Mitch: Oh, I've heard that redheads are quite feisty. Hmm.

Natalie: Shut up. You make my skin crawl. You talk about your God. You think you're him, don't you?

Mitch: Well, not exactly.

Natalie: You have played God with my life since before I was born. Because of you, I never got to be a kid. I grew up in a dump and Roxanne treated me like I was her personal little maid. I had no one that loved me. And all along, all that time I had two good, decent parents.

Mitch: Rich ones, in fact.

Natalie: I don't care about that!

Mitch: Yeah.

Natalie: They would have loved me. And because of you, I didn't get the chance to grow up in a real family.

Mitch: Oh, you turned out fine. You fend for yourself quite well, in fact.

Natalie: You made me hate everyone. I hated my mother and I hated Jessica when I met them, and it made them hate me right back. I blamed Roxanne and I blamed Allison and Viki and Jessica, but all along it was you. You stole my life!

Mitch: A stroke of genius on my part if I do say so myself.

Natalie: And now, I'm married to you.

Mitch: Extraordinary, don't you think?

Natalie: What do you want? I mean, why are you doing this to me?

Mitch: Oh, it was God's plan, remember?

Natalie: No. It was all your plan. And you're barely even human. I will not stay married to you.

Mitch: Are you sure you want to do this?

Natalie: Positive. I will never let you steal anything from me again. Thank God I didn't sleep with you. I'd never feel clean again.

Mitch: It would have been the best night of your life.

Natalie: You make me sick.

Mitch: I felt it, Natalie. When you kissed me, you desired me with every fiber of your being. If I had wanted you then, it would have been so easy. As easy as convincing you to be my wife.

Natalie: I am getting an annulment, and you can't stop me.

Mitch: Oh, but I can.


Asa: You know, Roxy, you've got a lot more on the ball than most people think.

Roxy: You're damn straight I do.

Asa: You know that stuff you were saying about me and Bo and my position in the family?

Roxy: Yeah, that you're the patriarch, and the patriarch deserves some respect.

Asa: I've been trying to convince my family of that for years.

Roxy: Well, it's just common sense.

Asa: No, Roxy, it's more than that. It's nature's law. You -- you are a real pistol, Roxy.

Guard: Pack up, you two, you're out of here.

Roxy: Hey, Maxie.

Asa: About damn time, Nigel.

Roxy: Is this the guy you said should be nice to me?

Asa: Yep.

Roxy: Thanks a million, Babe.

Guard: You got to sign some forms, get your personal stuff.

Roxy: Hey, coming, Maxie?

Max: I'll be right there. I have a few choice words for Asa first for getting you arrested.

Roxy: Don't be too hard on him. He was a blast.

Asa: Don't you give me that look, Holden. It was your wife's big mouth.

Max: Yeah, forget about it, forget about it. I just wanted to say, well, nice going. Well -- you really are good at this, aren't you? You had me almost believing you actually like her.


Todd: I am not uptight. You know, I -- what, are you joking? No, I can't stand Blair. I -- that's what makes this such a perfect place for her to hide.

Sam: You didn't answer my question.

Todd: I like having my kids around here, and as long as Blair is here, my kids are here, too.

Sam: Don't get too comfortable with the arrangement. As soon as we catch the shooter and nail O’Brien, it's over.

Todd: Believe me, if it were up to me, Blair would be stashed at your house. I don't want her around here at all. I mean, she talks in her sleep. Well, you -- well, I mean, maybe you don't know that.

Sam: What are you up to, Todd? Are you trying to win Blair back?


Cristian: Jen, come here. Listen -- listen, I care about you. I -- I care about you very much. You know, when I broke up with Jessica and I hurt my hand and I couldn't paint anymore, I thought I lost everything. But then I met you and that all changed.

Jen: I know. You don't have to say any more.

Cristian: No -- yes, I do. I should have said this a long time ago.

Jen: I love you. And I know how much you love me.

Cristian: But you see, Jen, that's -- that's just it. Things have changed. You showed me how to love again, and I'm never going to forget that. I'm never going to forget the times we spent together or the baby we lost.

Jen: Neither will I.

Cristian: But I have to tell you how I feel about Natalie.


Natalie: Whether you like it or not, I am going to get that annulment. Because I am going to be with Cristian. He is the only one I love. He is the only one I will ever love.

Mitch: Ah, the folly of youth.

Natalie: You have no idea what love is. All you have is hate. But I have waited way too long to have Cristian, and we are not going to let some psycho like you keep us apart.

Mitch: I beg your pardon, wife?

Natalie: I said I am going to be with Cristian.

Mitch: No, you are not.


Bo: All right, look, I know it's a holiday, but can you get some people together and try to come up with everything, anything you have on Mitch Laurence? Good. All right, thanks. Look, I'll be at Viki’s if you come up with anything. Yeah.

Viki: Bo.

Bo: Yeah, what's wrong?

Viki: Natalie's gone.


Mitch: You're not leaving me, Natalie -- not now, not ever. Not if you want Cristian to live.

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