OLTL Transcript Thursday 11/21/02

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 11/21/02

By Eric
Proofread by Kathy

 Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Cristian: Jen and I didn't get married. Jen had a miscarriage. She lost the baby.

Jen: Could stress make me have a miscarriage?

Dr. Conklin: Not at all.

Jen: She said that I lost the baby because of you.

Mitch: If you say one word to Natalie about who I am, I will destroy Jessica. I am Jessicaís father.


Max: Oh! Oh! What's that stench?

Roxy: It's my lucky scent, Eau de dough. And Asaís slots are going to be churning with it when I get up to that lodge.

Max: Yeah, well, don't let me keep you.

Roxy: Hey, baby, aren't you a little worried that your wife is going to be spending a whole evening with a guy that you don't even like?

Max: Uh, do I look worried?

Roxy: Well, don't worry about anything because I only got eyes for you.

Max: Well, listen -- yeah, yeah, don't let me keep you, okay? I mean --

[Doorbell rings]

Max: You don't want to be late.

Roxy: Oh. He must have sent a limo for me.

Roxy: Jessie.

Jessica: Jessica.

Roxy: Excuse me -- Jessica. Just used to calling you Jessie when I thought you were my little girl.

Jessica: I'm not your little girl. Never was. I'm Clint and Viki's daughter -- Jessica Buchanan.


Mitch: Your daughter is not Jessica Buchanan. She's Jessica Laurence. I'm her father.

Viki: You are completely out of your mind.

Mitch: Hmm, possibly. But that doesn't change the truth and it doesn't change why I am here, why I resurrected myself from the dead -- to claim Jessica as my own.


Antonio: Honey, what are you doing? Here, give me that.

Keri: Antonio, it wasn't that heavy.

Antonio: No, you're not supposed to be lifting anything, okay? I said I would do it. Now, come. Sit down. Put your feet up.

Keri: Antonio, stop it.

Antonio: Honey, I don't want anything to happen to --

Keri: Nothing is going to happen.


Jen: Actually, there is something you can do for me.

Al: Anything. I'll do whatever it takes to make up for what happened to you.

Jen: "What happened"? It didn't just happen. I lost the baby because of you. That's what Dr. Conklin said. It's because of what you did.

Al: I never meant to hurt you, Jen. You have to believe that.

Jen: But you did. You came over and you stopped my wedding.

Al: If I thought that that was going to cause you to miscarry, I never would've done it. You have to believe me.

Jen: You have to have known that it was going to upset me.

Al: Look, I wasn't thinking straight, okay? All I was thinking about was that baby. I'd just found that I was the father.

Jen: No, you werenít. It was Cristianís baby.


Cristian: Tell me it's not too late for us, Natalie. You understand about Jen, don't you? I mean, she just lost a baby and, well, I have to help her get through it. But it's you that I love. Look, I'm not going to be a father anymore and I'm not going to marry Jen. I mean, it is terrible what happened, but it changes everything. Finally, there's nothing to stop us from being together.

Natalie: Yes, there is. My husband.


Viki: You are not claiming anything, least of all my daughter.

Michael: Our daughter.

Viki: Jessica is my daughter, just like Natalie is. They are twins.

Mitch: Hmm. Do you actually remember having twins?

Viki: That's not important. The point is that I had them, period.

Mitch: No, no, do you remember, do you recall the birth of twins?

Viki: I know that they're both mine. We had D.N.A. testing done. Jessica and Natalie are my daughters -- mine and Clintís.

Mitch: Well, you're half right, anyway.


Al: All right, what are you talking about? It was my baby.

Jen: No, it was Cristianís. That's what he thinks and that's what he's going to keep thinking.

Al: But that's not --

Jen: I thought you said you wanted to make it up to me for causing my miscarriage.

Al: Well, I did. I mean, I do.

Jen: Then don't tell anybody you were the father.

Al: Well, Marcie already knows.

Jen: I can handle Marcie.

Al: Is that what you're doing right now, handling me?

Jen: I thought you said you felt sorry for making me lose my baby.

Al: I am sorry. I'm more sorry than you could ever know.

Jen: Prove it.

Al: By telling more lies?

Jen: If you want my forgiveness. And if you want to stay out of prison for setting fire to my dad's house and almost killing me.

Al: Well, maybe I don't care if you forgive me. You know, maybe I don't care if I go to prison.

Jen: Okay, well, how would you feel if everybody found out what you did to your own baby? If you cared about this baby at all, you'll keep your mouth shut.

Al: I don't get it. It's over, Jen. There is no baby, okay? Why do you care what Cristian thinks?

Jen: Are you just being stupid? Cristian will never marry me if he thinks it wasn't his baby.


Cristian: Your husband?

Natalie: Michael.

Cristian: Well, yeah, okay, that's -- that's a problem, but we can fix it.

Natalie: I'm married, Cristian.

Cristian: Natalie, you just met the guy, and you were hurting because I was going to marry Jen.

Natalie: But that doesn't change what I did.

Cristian: Okay, so we get an annulment. I'll help you. It's my fault all this happened.

Natalie: No, it's not. I knew exactly what I was doing.

Cristian: Yeah, but, Natalie, come on, you know you were on the rebound.

Natalie: I was trying to move on.

Cristian: And now you don't have to. You can be with me. Natalie, after all this time, we can finally be together.

Natalie: I still can't believe it.

Cristian: Well, believe it because it's true. Look, I'll explain it to Jen and you can talk to Michael. If he's as great a guy as you say he is, then he'll understand. You've only been married for a day. It's not like you love the guy.

Natalie: But I do. I do love Michael.


Viki: I've had quite enough of this. Jessica is my daughter, and I'm calling the police.

Mitch: Would you like some iced tea, Viki? You remember my famous iced tea, don't you? Or should I say infamous? My faithful servant, Allison Perkins, gave you a glass of that iced tea when you were pregnant.

Allison: Here we are.

Viki: Yes, I remember it. And when I realized that I was drugged, I remember being terrified as to what it was going to do to my baby.

Mitch: Babies.

Viki: They were both born fine, no thanks to you.

Mitch: Surely you remember another time you had my iced tea.

Viki: What?

Mitch: Before the tea that Allison gave you, another spot of tea months before.

Viki: No, I don't remember. And I am not going to play your mind games. I want you to go away!

Mitch: Think back, Viki, to the first time you drank it. I'm surprised you forgot. It was the night that Jessica was conceived.


Roxy: Hey, baby, I don't have time for this.

Jessica: Yeah, me neither. Excuse me. I need to know, have you seen Natalie?

Roxy: I don't know where that little tramp is.

Jessica: I'm worried about her. Please, she hasn't come home; she didn't come home last night.

Roxy: Why don't you look in Sethís bed?

Jessica: Why did I even think that you would help me?

Roxy: Hey, Honey, you know, I just call it like I sees it.

Jessica: You don't know anything, Roxanne.

Roxy: Well, I know that Natty ain't no saint.

Jessica: You're right. Compared to you, though, she is. It's a miracle that she came out okay after growing up with you. I thank God every day that you're not my mother. I couldn't think of having a worse parent.


Mitch: You really don't have any recollection of that night at all?

Viki: How would you know one single thing about the night that Jessica was conceived?

Mitch: How would I know? I was there.


Keri: I know you're worried about me, but I'm going to be fine.

Antonio: Honey, I don't want anything to happen to that baby you're carrying or to you.

Keri: Nothing's going to happen.

Antonio: Because I'm not going to let it.

Keri: By not letting me do anything? Antonio, look around you. There are pregnant women everywhere doing their jobs, working out, lifting things, like their other children.

Antonio: Well, yeah, well, that's them, not you.

Keri: What are you going to be like when I'm carrying our baby, not my mother's?

Antonio: Oh, I'm just warming up.

Keri: You are impossible, you know that?

Antonio: You haven't even seen impossible.

Keri: Neither have you.

Antonio: I'm not kidding.

Keri: This is my new place with my mom. Aren't you going to let me do anything?

Antonio: Okay, um -- you can open up that box over there.

Keri: Okay.

Antonio: Okay.

Keri: Very funny. It's empty.

Antonio: No, no, it's not.

Keri: Yeah, it's so heavy. Way too heavy for this helpless, pregnant woman.

Antonio: Well, now I -- now I got you where I want you.

Keri: What, on bed rest?

Antonio: Hmm, I was thinking something other than rest.


Al: Is that all that matters to you, hanging on to Cristian? You just lost a baby, our baby. Don't you care at all?

Jen: More than you could possibly know.

Al: Because I'm feeling pretty bad right now. Even if you didn't want that baby, I did.

Jen: I did want it.

Al: So that you could marry Cristian. That's what it was all about. That's still what it's all about. Jen, what happened to you? You used to be a great person. You used to be decent and thoughtful. You used to care about people. I just -- I don't get it.

Jen: You know what happened.

Al: Cristian and Natalie.

Jen: I used to trust people like Cristian and Natalie -- and you. But you all lied to me.

Al: So now it's just look out for number one, huh?

Jen: Somebody has to.

Al: But you're not happy. Anybody could see that.

Jen: So what if I'm not?

Al: It's just a shame. Because it means that you can't see that Cristian and Natalie aren't worth it.


Cristian: You love Michael?

Natalie: Well, I'm not in love with Michael, but I do love him as a friend. I mean, he really came through for me when I needed him the most.

Cristian: That's my fault.

Natalie: I'm not blaming you.

Cristian: No, I know. It's just that -- I just can't get my head around it. I mean, I know you were hurting about Jen and me, but to marry a guy that you knew for two minutes, Natalie, a guy that's old enough to be your dad?

Natalie: I don't even understand it myself. All I know is that Michael -- he just makes me feel so much better about things, about myself. I never -- I never would've made it through without him.

Cristian: And what about us?

Natalie: Being with you would mean I'd have to hurt him.

Cristian: So what are you saying, you don't want to hurt him?

Natalie: No I donít. But --

Cristian: But what?

Natalie: Cristian, I will never love Michael the way I love you. I will never love anyone as much as I love you.

Cristian: Natalie, that's exactly how I feel. I've been going nuts without you. All I do is think about you, think about how much I love you.

Natalie: This is really happening, isn't it? It's not a dream this time. It's -- it's for real.

Cristian: Yeah, it's for real.


Viki: The night that Jessica was conceived was a very special night between Clint and me, and for you to even suggest that you were in any way a part of it is beyond sick. It is revolting and evil.

Mitch: "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil."

Viki: I know evil when I see it, and I have seen it in you from the start. You may have fooled other people --

Mitch: Your sister loved me.

Viki: My sister, Tina, was taken in by you and you hurt her, and you tried to hurt me, but you couldn't and you canít.

Mitch: Viki, I'm merely trying to jog your memory. Surely you can recall the night that I'm speaking of. There'd been an emergency at "The Banner." The printing press had mysteriously broken down. Clint called and said he'd be late. Your beloved nanny, Kim, had called in sick that day.

Viki: How do you know that?

Mitch: You hired another maid to fill in for Kim. She brought you a glass of iced tea. The house was warm and you were thirsty. You drank it all down.

Mitch: At first you felt refreshed, but soon you began to feel strange, lightheaded. You thought you might even pass out.

Viki: How do you know this?

Mitch: Do you think it was all coincidence? I sabotaged the printing press to keep Clint late at work. I made sure that Kim was sick that day and I arranged for one of my followers to take her place and give you the iced tea.

Viki: Why?

Mitch: To prepare you for my arrival. Come on, you got to remember that. You were still conscious when I walked in the door. Good evening, Viki. My, don't you look lovely tonight.

Viki: What did you do to me?

Mitch: We did it together, Viki.

Viki: Did what?

Mitch: Created a life. You and I. We created a child.


Jen: I don't need you feeling sorry for me.

Al: I can't help it. Look what you've become.

Jen: Do we have an understanding or not? I can almost forget what you did to my baby, but you've got to promise me that you're not going to breathe a word to anybody that you were the father of this baby.

Sam: Al. I thought I made it clear last night you're not wanted here. Are you okay?

Jen: I'm fine. Al was just here to apologize for everything. There's nothing left to talk about, right?

Sam: Are you sure you're okay?

Jen: I'm fine. I just want to get out of this hospital.

Sam: I've already given that some thought. I think maybe you should come home with me.

Jen: No! I'm not going anywhere with you.


Keri: You know what, I can't wait till we're married and we can be together all the time.

Antonio: Me, too.

Keri I hope you don't mind waiting till after I have the baby.

Antonio: No, I would wait forever if I had to.

Keri: You won't have to. Soon we will be together the way we're meant to be.

Liz: Oh, gosh. Uh, I'm sorry.

Keri: Mom --

Liz: No, I just -- I think I'll go work on the kitchen.

Keri: Mom, it's okay. We need to finish unpacking anyway.

Liz: I -- I found some of your stuff packed in with mine.

Keri: Oh. Okay, there might be some of your stuff in here. I'll take a look at this and you check it out.

Liz: Okay.

Antonio: Here, here, here, here. Let me help.

Keri: I promise I won't carry anything heavy.

Antonio: Well, then don't carry this.

Keri: Anyway, my mom could probably use some of your strong, capable muscles.

Liz: Oh. Well, looks you two have made some good progress, huh?

Antonio: Well, Keri -- Keri doesn't seem to think so. She thinks we've been goofing around a little too much.

Liz: Look, this isn't going to be easy for either one of us, but I really want to try and make this work, okay?

Antonio: Yeah, me, too.

Liz: We have to, for Keri.

Antonio: Right.

Liz: Right. And it was just one night. We didn't even know each other. It's all in the past, Antonio.

Antonio: Yeah, and it's going to stay there.

Liz: And it's not your baby. You're clear on that now, right?

Antonio: Yeah. And I'm really, really glad.

Hank: Come on; use your head. What do you think is going to happen when that baby doesn't come out looking like Steve but the spitting image of Antonio?


Jessica: I'd tell you to have a nice day, but you don't deserve one.

Roxy: Shows what you know. I got it. I got a big, honking house, I got a nice, sexy husband. I got it all, Honey.

Jessica: Right.

Roxy: Oh, you don't think so?

Jessica: I don't think about you, so it doesn't matter.

[Phone rings]

Max: Hello?

Asa: Where is that tramp wife of yours?

Max: Asa?

Asa: Yes. If I'm going to romance Roxy into dumping you, we, like, need to be together in the same room.

Max: Don't worry. She'll be there if I have to personally deliver her on a silver platter.

Asa: Well, you hurry it up because I want to move on phase two.

Max: Uh, yeah, well, listen, I've been thinking about that --

Asa: Me, too. My jet is all yours if you want to whisk Gretel off to some, like, romantic hot spot.

Max: You know what, I don't think it's going to work, this thing with me and Gretel.

Asa: It'd better work, Holden. I have got to get that woman's hooks out of me, and fast.

Max: Well, maybe there's another way.

Asa: Oh, please. You think I'm all excited about cozying up to that dingbat drunk of yours, especially what she did to my granddaughter?


Roxy: Sorry it has to end this way.

Jessica: I'm not.


Asa: Now, do we get rid of our wives or what?

Max: I'm still in, whatever it takes.

Roxy: Who are you talking to?


Jessica: Hey, Lois, it's Jess. Have you seen Natalie? What? Really? Okay, okay, that's great. I'll be right there.


Viki: You and I created a child?

Mitch: Jessica.

Viki: That is a revolting suggestion.

Mitch: Well, it's true nonetheless.

Viki: No, Clint is Jessicaís father.

Mitch: Or so you thought.

Viki: No, I know it. Clint is Jessicaís father. There is no possible way that you could be because I would not let that happen, and I don't care what you put in your iced tea.

Mitch: Oh, come now, Viki. Why would I make something like that up? What would I have to gain?

Viki: I don't know, but you always have something toto gain. This just might be revenge to get back at me.

Mitch: You remember that night. I know you do. I saw it in your eyes just a moment ago.

Mitch: Good evening, Viki. My, don't you look lovely tonight. The messenger has arrived. Are you ready to receive the message?

Viki: Niki. Is that the secret?

Mitch: That's part of it.

Viki: Oh, my God.

Mitch: His will be done.

Viki: No.

Mitch: Yes, Viki. There is no denying it.

Viki: No. No. No, get away from me!

Mitch: You've tried to forget it, Viki. You've tried to erase it from your mind, but you can't because you know it's the truth. I am Jessicaís biological father.

Viki: No, Jessica and Natalie are twins. Is that what you're saying? Are you saying you married your own daughter?


Max: Oh, Roxy. How long have you been standing there?

Roxy: I just came in. I was with the high-and-mighty Jessica. She was giving me a whole boatload of attitude. I mean, after everything I did for that miserable, spoiled brat --

[Max whistles]

Roxy: Who's on the phone?

Max: Asa.

Roxy: Really? What does he want?

Max: Well, he seems to want you. Don't ask me why.

Roxy: Hey, Asa. I was just telling Max, you know, your -- your granddaughter Jessie, she is really sweet and beautiful. I mean, I think she's the greatest.

Asa: I'll bet you do.

Roxy: Did I hear someone say "bet"?

Asa: What's keeping you, Honey? The bourbon's flowing and the slot machines are a-humming.

Roxy: Slots? Did you say slots? I'm on my way. Well? Aren't you going to kiss me for luck?

Max: Well, get going.

Roxy: Thanks, baby.

Max: Come on; don't want to hold you back.

Roxy: Okay.

Max: Don't rush back.

Roxy: Bye.

Max: There's no hurry.

Max: What's going on with you?

Al: I just came from the hospital.

Max: Are you okay?

Al: Yeah, I'm okay. Jen had a miscarriage.

Max: Oh, man, that's tough. Uh --

Al: At the wedding. It was all my fault.

Max: Well, somehow I doubt that's true.

Al: Dad, I messed everything up.

Max: Al, I know you told me no when I asked you this before, but was that your baby?


Jen: I'm sorry. I'm just really upset right now.

Sam: Yeah, you've been through a lot. I understand, and that's the only reason I thought you might want to come home with me.

Jen: I have a home, with Cristian.

Sam: Yeah, um, how's he doing with this? Jen: It's been hard. You know, he wanted this baby. We're going to get through this. We're going to get through this together and we're still going to get married. What, you don't believe me?

Sam: Honey, I don't want you rushing things.

Jen: Rushing? Cristian and I have been together for almost two years now.

Sam: Yeah, but you never thought about getting married until you found out you were pregnant.

Jen: Well, just because I'm not now, that doesn't change anything.

Sam: Have you discussed this with Cristian?

Jen: Why, did he say something?

Sam: No, no, but it must be a very confusing time for both of you.

Jen: You're right it's -- it is. It's really confusing. Maybe -- maybe you could talk to him and tell him how much I need him right now.

Sam: Well, I'm sure he knows that. He doesn't need me to tell him. He's going to do the right thing, Honey, for both of you. He's going to do what's in his heart.


Natalie: So.

Cristian: So.

Natalie: Now what

Cristian: Well, I'm going to have to talk to Jen.

Natalie: Yeah. I got to talk to Michael. But what am I going to say? How do I tell him that this marriage was a mistake?

Cristian: I'll go with you.

Natalie: No, I -- I should go alone. He deserves that much.

Cristian: Whoa, wait a minute. At least let me drive you.

Natalie: What about my car?

Cristian: We can leave it here and pick it up later. Sorry, I just don't want to let you go. I've waited so long for this.

Natalie: I feel like I have waited for you my whole life.

Cristian: Well, we were meant to be together.

Natalie: You feel that, too?

Cristian: Mm-hmm. I feel like I've always loved you and always will.

Natalie: I will always, always love you. Nothing will ever change that.

Cristian: What?

Natalie: My mom is totally going to freak out. First I tell her that I'm married, and now I'm going to tell her that it's over.

Cristian: She'll understand.

Natalie: Yeah. She wasn't all that excited I was married in the first place. But with my luck, Michaelís such a charmer, she's probably crazy about him by now.


Viki: Are you telling me you married your own daughter? Is that what you're saying?

Mitch: Well, it's true I've never been one to be ruled by conventional social norms.

Viki: You are so disgusting.

Mitch: However, I am a man of God. I would never marry my own daughter.

Viki: Well --

Mitch: Jessica is my daughter, not Natalie.

Viki: They're twins.

Mitch: Fathered by two different men.

Viki: That's ridiculous.

Mitch: But not inconceivable, if you'll pardon the pun. You know, when I first learned that you were pregnant, I knew that the child was mine, but then Dr. Balsom -- well, you do remember him, don't you?

Viki: Yes, I remember him. He worked for you, didn't he?

Mitch: Yes, he was one of my most devoted followers. He told me that you were expecting twins. I got on my knees and I praised the lord because I believed that my joy, my bounty had been doubled. But, no, he told me that only one child was mine. The other was Clintís.

Viki: I don't believe a word of this.

Mitch: It's rare, but it does happen. Have some of your people at "The Banner" do the research.

Viki: I don't even know why I'm listening to you.

Mitch: Because something inside of you, Viki, is telling you that it's true. It's what you want -- to find out what Niki is hiding from you.

Viki: How do you know that?

Mitch: Well, I've been keeping tabs, Viki. I had to do something to entertain myself while I was in exile.

Viki: Then you must know that we had D.N.A. testing done on Natalie and Jessica.

Mitch: Yes, but only Natalie was checked against you and Clint. Jessica was just checked against you. Which begs the question, who is Jessicaís father? This will give us our answer, although I'm quite sure that you already know. Jessica is mine. 


Antonio: You know what I'm also happy about?

Liz: What?

Antonio: That no one knows about us or what happened that night.

Liz: There's nothing to know. The baby's not yours. End of story, okay?

Keri: What are you two doing in here? I leave you alone for one minute, and what happens?

Liz: What do you mean?

Keri: Well, there certainly doesn't seem to be a lot of unpacking going on. Not that I mind. It means a lot to me that you guys are getting along so well.

Liz: Did you find the rest of your things?

Keri: Yeah, right here.

Liz: Great.

Keri: So what were you talking about?

Liz: Uh -- stuff.

Antonio: But you're right, we're not getting any work done here, so why don't I -- why don't I go get some more boxes.

Liz: Yeah.

Keri: Don't lift anything too heavy.

Keri: He is being so overprotective.

Liz: He just loves you, honey.

Keri: Can you imagine what he would be like if he was the father? Don't worry, Mom, I'm taking good care of this little brother or sister.

Liz: I know you are.

Keri: I am so glad that you decided to stay here in Llanview and that we got this house together -- you know, not just for the baby, but to make up f lost time that we've lost.

Liz: I'm just glad you forgave me.

Keri: Well, of course I wasn't happy about the lying, but at least I know it'll never happen again.

Liz: I never wanted to hurt you, Keri. I still donít.

Keri: I don't see how you could, Mom. I feel like we're closer than ever.

Liz: I know, and it's going to stay like that, too.

Keri: Which is why I was thinking --

Liz: Uh-oh. What?

Keri: Well, instead of, you know, renting this place, why don't you buy it?

Liz: Buy it?

Keri: Yeah, I mean, Mom, I mean, Antonio and I could get a house nearby, and that way Antonio and me and the baby and you --

Liz: No, Keri, absolutely not.


Max: Well, Al, was it your baby? Is that why you're so down? The baby Jen lost was yours?

Jen's voice: If this baby meant anything to you at all, you'll keep your mouth shut.

Al: No. No, it wasn't my baby. I was never going to be a father.


Sam: Well, it's getting late. I should let you rest.

Jen: Thanks for coming.

Sam: Yeah, I would've been here the whole time, but the doctor didn't want a whole bunch of visitors.

Jen: Just Cristian.

Sam: Yeah, well, he's the father. You needed to be together.

Jen: We still do. I don't even know where he is.

Sam: Well, he'll be back soon. I'm sure of it.

Sam: Sweetheart, I am so sorry that this had to happen to you.

Jen: It's so awful.

Sam: Yeah. Are you going to be okay? All right. I'll call you in the morning.

Jen: Everything's going to be fine if I can figure out a way to keep Natalie and Cristianís hands off each other. I have got to think of something.


Natalie: My mom and Michael are probably wondering what happened to me.

Cristian: Yeah, Jen's probably wondering the same thing about me.

Natalie: It's not going to be easy telling them.

Cristian: No, it's not.

Natalie: But we have to.

Cristian: That's right, because we can't let anything keep us apart anymore. You okay?

Natalie: Yeah, it's just gotten so cold so fast.

Cristian: Well, it's that time of year. Come here.

Natalie: I just can't get over this. This is the way it's going to be from now on.

Cristian: I know.

Natalie: We're really going to be together, aren't we, Cristian?

Cristian: Yeah.

Natalie: Cristian, look out!

[Tires screech]


Viki: It can't be.

Mitch: Aw, why so upset, Viki? We should be celebrating.

Viki: What?

Mitch: Well, you're not only gaining a son-in-law. We have a child together, a beautiful daughter. Why, I couldn't ask for a better daughter than Jessica. I think this calls for a toast. Do you have any iced tea, by any chance?

Viki: How could you do something so unspeakable? Why? Why would you drug me and father a child with me? Why?

Mitch: I thought you'd never ask.

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Lindsay: It's your fault she lost her baby.

R.J.: What has Antonio Vega done wrong?

Keri: I'm going to tell this baby all about its father.

Cristian: Natalie? Natalie, can you hear me?

Mitch: Jessica.

Jessica: Do I know you?

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