OLTL Transcript Wednesday 11/20/02

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 11/20/02

By Eric
Proofread by Kathy

 Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Sam: Is Blair going to pull out of this okay?

Doctor: I don't see any chance of her making any kind of recovery.

Jen: He's not going to marry me. He's going to go right back to Natalie. I know it.

Viki: All those years we missed.

Natalie: We missed all those years because of Allison Perkins and that guy Mitch Laurence.

Viki: Yeah.

Michael: Last night Natalie and I were married.


Blair: So you're just going to stand there and stare at me?

Sam: No.

Blair: So tell me, Sam, does everyone think that I've been shipped off to a mental institution in Switzerland?

Sam: Yeah, it looks that way.

Blair: And everyone thinks that I had a complete breakdown?

Todd: Why not? It wouldn't be the first time.

Blair: So those mob guys -- they followed me out of the country?

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, we fooled them all, Blair.


Jen: Cristian, hey. Where are you? Give me a call whenever you get this. I really need you right now. I love you, and I don't know what I would do without you right now. If I didn't know you loved me, I don't know if I could get through all this, losing the baby and everything.

[Knock on door]

Jen: Oh, never mind, you're here. Come in.

Al: Hey, Jen.

Jen: What are you doing here?


Gabrielle: So I think this is a new record.

Bo: How's that?

Gabrielle: It's the first time that we both didn't have to be at the office first thing in the morning.

Bo: It was pretty great, huh?

Gabrielle: Oh, just pretty great? That's fine. We'll spend the rest of the afternoon on improvements, then. That is, of course, if the police station can do without your presence.

Bo: I don't see why not. How about you, though? Can "The Banner" do without you?

Gabrielle: Oh --

[Knock on door]

Gabrielle: Well, I guess we'll never know, will we?

Bo: I'm very popular. Have you noticed?

[Gabrielle laughs]

Seth: Commissioner?

Bo: Hey, Seth. Come on in. Hey, Honey.

Seth: Jess is real worried.

Bo: What's up?

Jessica: Hi. Um -- sorry to bother you at home.

Bo: That's okay.

Jessica: Especially because it's a police matter.

Bo: Oh, is this about Mitch Laurence and your mom doing all that background stuff with him? Yeah, that's pretty heavy stuff.

Seth: It's not about Mrs. Davidson, it's about Natalie.

Jessica: You have to help us.

Bo: Is she in trouble?

Jessica: Yes. We got to find her before it's too late.


Cristian: Is it really true? Did you marry this guy -- Michael?

Natalie: Cristian --

Cristian: Just tell me. Did you marry him?

Natalie: Yes, I did. I married Michael Lazarus.

Viki: Mitch Laurence? No, that's not possible. It can't be because Mitch Laurence is dead.

Mitch: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Viki, but I'm very much alive. In fact, I stayed alive deliberately just so I could see you again. And I realized that Dorian and everyone else thought that she had killed me, but it wasn't my time to die, merely to disappear.

Viki: Oh, my God. It is you. You are alive.


Blair: I am just so glad it all worked out. I'm glad that I'm here safe and I am so glad to be here with you.

Sam: Well, you're safe now and I'm going to keep you that way.

Blair: Good. Oh, but Suzanne -- seeing her shot like that.

Sam: Yeah, that must've been awful for you.

Blair: She cared for my children, she cared for me, and I -- I can't believe she's gone, you know?

Todd: I gave her family a ton of money. What? She'll have a better funeral than Princess Diana.

Sam: Your compassion is staggering as always, Todd.

Blair: So I guess I can't go to her funeral.

Sam: No, we can't risk them seeing you, but it was a brilliant decision. I always knew you could think on your feet, Blair.

Blair: No, you were the one who was thinking fast on your feet, you and Sgt. Wagner.

Sam: Yeah, but you pulled it off.

Blair: I was such a wreck after everything happened. Thank goodness for that police sergeant. He knew exactly what I had to do.

Sgt. Wagner: I want you to listen very carefully to everything I say. Do you understand?

Sgt. Wagner: This file indicates you have a history of mental illness.

Blair: I'm fine now.

Sgt. Wagner: No, no. No, you don't understand, Mrs. Manning.

Blair: Well, what do you mean?

Sgt. Wagner: We can use this to your advantage.

Blair: What do you mean?

Sgt. Wagner: We have to protect you from the man who's trying to kill you, right? We need to keep you out of harm's way.

Blair: Okay. But how --

Sgt. Wagner: You're going to convince everyone that you've taken leave of your senses.

Blair: What?

Sgt. Wagner: You're going to make everybody think you're crazy. Can you do that?

Blair: It all happened so fast. I mean, I didn't have a chance to think about what I was going to do. The next thing I knew, Todd and Cassie were coming in the police station. All I knew is that I had to do exactly what the sergeant told me to do.

Cassie: Blair.

Blair: Flowers -- they all died. I watered them. And I cared for them. But they died. All of them.

Todd's voice: You had me fooled. I thought you went bonkers -- again.

Sam: What's going on?

Todd: It's Blair.

Sam: Cassie, you sounded like a wreck when you called. What's going on with Blair?

Cassie: She's had a total breakdown.

Sam: What?

Cassie: I've never seen her like this before. What are we going to do?

Blair: Sam. Sam, it was horrible. I saw Suzanne! I saw her die! She was shot! She was shot right in front of me! The bullet was meant for me!

Sam: Blair, Blair, Blair --

Blair: I almost died! Someone's trying to kill me!

Sam: Cassie said you had a breakdown, a mental breakdown.

Blair: I'm okay. It's -- I'm all right. I'm fine. I was just so relieved to finally be able to tell somebody the truth, that I wasn't faking it. And you, Sam, you saw a way out for me.

Sam: Okay, you both agree that my idea is the only way out? We've all got to be onboard with this 100%.

Blair: I just wish Todd didn't have to be involved.

Sam: Yeah.

Todd: Well, all I got to do is think you're crazy? Really, no argument here.

Sam: Todd, shut up. You're not helping.

Blair: You know, that's why I don't want you involved, Todd.

Todd: Oh, like I like this any better than you do.

Blair: Sam, there's got to be another way.

Sam: Well, not that I can think of, not if we want to keep you and the kids safe. We haven't got any time to waste. We've got to get you moved to the last place anyone would think of -- Todd's penthouse.

Blair: I cannot believe it all worked out.

Sam: Yeah, I'm just glad it did.

Blair: And everything's taken care of?

Sam: Yeah, yeah. Cassie flew to that sanitarium in Switzerland with a woman that looked just like you, and the mobsters bought right into it.

Blair: And they followed?

Sam: Oh, yeah, they followed right afterwards posing as reporters and they were told that you're in a catatonic state with no hope for recovery and no memory of the trauma.

Blair: You know, Sam, I almost wish that that were true. I keep reliving it over and over again.

Sam: As far as those mobsters are concerned, you're no longer a threat.

Blair: I hated tricking Cassie like that.

Sam: Yeah, but she knows now and she's okay with it.

Todd: Who really cares if Cassie's okay with any of this? I'm not okay with any of it. I think this all stinks, and I think it's all your fault, Sam.

Sam: How?

Todd: You should never have let Blair publish that article about those thugs in the first place.

Blair: Oh, stop blaming Sam for all of this!

Todd: Okay, who else can I blame?

Blair: Sam is the one that came up with the idea to hide me here and to keep me with my children. Maybe we should come up with another place for me to hide because I certainly don't want to stay here with Todd!


Al: I was worried about you. I tried to come by last night, but your mom and dad wouldn't let me in.

Jen: Good. That's what I wanted them to do.

Al: How are you?

Jen: How do you think? I just lost a baby.

Al: I know. It was my baby, too.

Jen: I don't need this.

Al: You know, when I found out that you l lost the baby, I felt really empty inside.

Jen: Why? You were never going to see it. You weren't going to raise it. Cristian was going to be the father of the baby.

Al: Yeah. Well, I was getting to be okay with that.

Jen: Yeah, because I told you if you weren't, I'd get rid of it. You probably think I deserve this, right?

Al: No. No, I never wanted anything to happen to our baby. I was mad at you, yeah, but I didn't want anything to happen to you. Never. I never wanted this to happen to you. I swear it.

Jen: Well, it did.

Al: So -- um -- what are your plans? I mean, are you and Cristian still going to get married?


Cristian: So it is true. You did marry this guy, Michael. And that means that last night was your wedding night.

Natalie: No. I mean, yes, we got married last night, but we didn't have a, you know, wedding night.

Cristian: You didn't?

Natalie: Well, we came right back to tell everyone, so we haven't had any time alone.

Cristian: Natalie, you barely know this guy.

Natalie: I know him well enough to know that he's exactly what I need.

Cristian: Do you realize what you've done?

Natalie: I know exactly what I've done -- I married the guy that helped me when I had to watch you go right back to Jen.

Cristian: You see, you don't understand.

Natalie: No, I do understand, Cristian. You and I are never going to be happy together. You need to be with Jen and your baby, and Michael -- he makes me feel like I'm not alone.

Cristian: You're not alone.

Natalie: When I thought my life was over, and I came to your wedding, and I saw that there was no escaping it, I knew that I had to let you go, Cristian. Michael was there waiting for me.

Cristian: What do you mean? He was there at my wedding?

Natalie: No, I just -- I mean that while you and Jen were taking your vows, Michael showed me that I could have a life even if I don't have you.

Cristian: Natalie --

Natalie: No, Cristian. Look, I understand you think that I got married because I'm trying to get over you -- and, yeah, you're partially right -- but I couldn't keep living the way I was living. I had to do something.

Cristian: Yeah, but, come on, getting married?

Natalie: Yes. I married Michael. And now you and I have the same wedding day and the same anniversary.

Cristian: Oh, no, we donít.


Viki: No. No, Dorian killed you, and countless people saw the body. It was your body.

Mitch: And magicians make airplanes disappear. And since I needed to disappear, my death was the perfect solution. Dorian -- bless her heart -- played right into my plan. She killed me exactly when I needed her to. And yet, somehow I survived.

Viki: So I see. I don't believe it. How is it possible?

Mitch: Oh, come on. You really have to ask? This was long before Clintís upstanding brother became Commissioner. The police and the coroner were on my payroll.

Viki: Bo --

Mitch: No, I'm sorry. Even Bo can't help you now, Viki.


Sam: Listen, I know you don't want to stay at Todd's and, believe me, I don't like the idea, either.

Blair: There's got to be a better solution.

Todd: Oh, come on, Blair, you're going to hurt my feelings.

Blair: Please?

Sam: Yeah, well, the other solutions are lousy. I mean, what, send you and the kids to a foreign country?

Todd: No. Kids aren't -- kids are staying right here.

Blair: I should've never even agreed to all of this.

Sam: Well, it's the last place anybody's going to be looking for you. You and Todd hate each other and everybody knows that.

Todd: Yeah, unless they've been living under a rock.

Sam: And your divorce was all over the papers along with all your custody battles, if anybody wants proof of how you feel about each other.

Blair: I know, I know --

Sam: And then Todd and I just staged a very public argument.

Todd: Yeah, you were very convincing, Sam.

Sam: It was my pleasure.

Todd: I'm sure it was, thank you.

Sam: So, listen, Blair, I know this is hard for you, but it's the only way to do it.

Todd: I don't want you here, either -- not that anybody cares what I think -- but it is kind of nice to have the kids around.

Blair: I don't have a choice.

Todd: Starr likes it.

Blair: You know, what'd you tell her, anyway?

Todd: Well, I didn't tell her about Suzanne, but she knows that we're all here and that she's got to keep it a big secret.

Blair: Well, I want to see her.

Todd: Well, she's upstairs. Go get her. What am I, your servant? Go get her. Fine, I'll go get her.

Sam: Whew. Hey, sorry. You know, I would much rather keep you and the kids at my house, but everybody knows what good friends we are.

Blair: Sam, we're more than good friends.

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, much more. But I can't risk your life having you with me as much as I would like that.

Blair: I feel pretty selfish, having you spend all this time keeping me safe when your daughter just had a miscarriage.

Sam: Yeah, the timing wasn't ideal, that's true, but --

Blair: Is Jen okay?

Sam: Physically, she's fine, but I'm worried about my little girl.


Marcie: What are you doing here?

Al: What does it look like? I came to see Jen.

Marcie: Are you okay? Should I call security?

Jen: It's okay. I'm fine.

Marcie: Are you sure?

Jen: Yes. Why are you still wearing that dress?

Marcie: Well -- well, I was really worried about you, so I stayed here all night.

Jen: You did?

Marcie: And I was sort of hoping that the wedding was going to happen. You and Cristian are getting married, aren't you? Right?

[Knock on door]

Dr. Conklin: Hello?

Jen: Hi, Dr. Conklin.

Dr. Conklin: Would you excuse me? I need to examine Jen.

Al: Right.

Marcie: Are you really sure you're okay?

Jen: Yes. Go change, please.

Marcie: Right.

Dr. Conklin: So how are you feeling today?

Jen: Why did I lose the baby? Why did I lose everything?


Natalie: Cristian, what are you talking about? Michael and I got married in Las Vegas last night, and that's the same day that you and Jen got married.

Cristian: Look, Natalie, if you had just stayed at the country club just a little longer --

Natalie: Are you kidding me? I upset Jen. I made a complete fool out of myself.

Cristian: Yeah, but --

Natalie: And besides, you and Jen got married. I couldn't stick around to watch that.

Cristian: If you'd stayed, you'd know.

Natalie: Know what?

Cristian: Natalie, Jen and I never took our vows. Jen and I didn't get married.


Bo: Well, Jess, are you sure that Natalie maybe didn't go home while you were out looking for her?

Jessica: Yeah, because Mom said she'd call me if she came home. She hasn't called me, so --

Gabrielle: Well, Jessica, why are you so worried about Natalie? Has something happened?

Jessica: Well, I haven't seen her or heard from her ever since she found out Jen and Cristian were getting married.

Gabrielle: And that probably upset her.

Jessica: Oh, yeah. Big time. She even went to the wedding.

Gabrielle: Oh, dear.

Jessica: And all I heard was that it was a little tense, but she wished them well and she took off again.

Bo: And nobody's seen or heard from her since, huh?

Jessica: No. I'm really worried. There has to be something we can do. She's not answering her phone, nothing.

Seth: Jess is afraid Natalie might've done something crazy.

Gabrielle: Well, what I know about Natalie is that she's a pretty tough cookie. I'm sure she can take care of herself.

Jessica: Well, yeah, she is tough, but a lot of that is a pose.

Bo: Jess, she's barely been gone for 24 hours. We can't file a missing persons yet.

Jessica: Okay, well, there has to be something we can do, no?

Bo: Well, yeah -- maybe she just needed some time by herself. A lot of people are like that. You know, Buchanans sure are.

Gabrielle: Hmm. Even your Uncle Bo likes to have a bit of time by himself.

Bo: Well, your dad, you know? I mean, he always liked to get away by himself, go riding.

Jessica: You're right. My dad is like that. But my mom and I arenít.

Bo: No, no, you two always wanted to talk things through.

Jessica: I just would really like to know if Natalie is okay. That's all I want to know.

Bo: I'm sure she is, but listen, I'll see what I can do.

Seth: Jess, are you okay?

Jessica: No, I'm not. I have this feeling and I've had this feeling since last night.

Seth: What is it?

Jessica: It's Natalie. Something terrible's happened, I can feel it.


Viki: If you lift one finger against me --

Mitch: I'm not going to harm you, Viki, at least not in the way you're imagining, especially now that I'm clean as a hound's tooth. See, I came back to life exactly when the statute of limitations on my alleged crimes ran out.

Viki: They ran out?

Mitch: Oh, yes. Last week. Bo will certainly know about that. I mean, he is on the ball, isn't he?

Viki: There must be something, and he will find it.

Mitch: Not a chance. You see, I'm doing nothing now that even you would consider illegal.

Viki: You're trespassing. This is my house, and you are here against my wishes.

Mitch: You would have me arrested for trespassing? Is that any way to treat your darling Natalieís new husband?

Viki: What are you talking about?

Mitch: Natalie. Wait, you do have daughter named Natalie, don't you?

Viki: No. No, Natalieís married to a man named --

Mitch: Michael Lazarus.

Viki: Oh, my God. No, it can't be.

Mitch: Yes, it can be. I am Michael Lazarus. It's fitting, don't you think? In the Bible, as I'm sure you know, Lazarus came back from the dead, and Michael -- well, Michael is an archangel, and that's exactly what I've been to Natalie since I rose from the dead.

Viki: If you have hurt her --

Mitch: I'm not sure why or how, but I've never had trouble winning women over.

Viki: Oh, my God.

Mitch: Well, I wouldn't go that far. You can still call me Mitch, for old time's sake. After all, I'm the same man I was back then. The same man loved by your sister Tina, and Cassie. Hmm -- Joy OíNeill, Mari Lynn, Allison Perkins, why -- well, the list just goes on and on. The man you hated so much that you tried to turn them against me.

Viki: And I succeeded.

Mitch: Partially, I admit.

Viki: And I will tell Natalie just exactly who you are. She already knows what a monster Mitch Laurence is. She will leave you so fast you will wish you were dead.


Natalie: What do you mean, you and Jen didn't get married?

Cristian: Jen had a miscarriage. She lost the baby.

Natalie: Oh, my God.

Cristian: Yeah, it happened right before we took our vows. And -- well, it was pretty bad.

Natalie: I'm sorry.

Cristian: So am I.


Dr. Conklin: I can't give you a definite reason why you lost the baby.

Jen: Well, there has to be some reason.

Dr. Conklin: A miscarriage is often nature's way of taking care of a fetus that isn't viable, that probably wouldn't have survived anyway.

Jen: Then it's not something that I did?

Dr. Conklin: Of course not. You didn't do anything wrong. I know how much you wanted this baby. In fact, you did everything right. You got your prenatal vitamins, you were taking good care of yourself.

Jen: Could stress -- could stress do it? Could stress make me have a miscarriage?

[Dr. Conklin sighs]

Dr. Conklin: Not at all. Jen, this was an early pregnancy. 10% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, and a large portion of those are in the first trimester, which is what you were in.

Jen: But you're not going to tell anybody how far along I was -- are you? Or the real reason that the baby died? I just -- I don't want anybody to feel sorry for me.

Dr. Conklin: Of course not.

Jen: Thank you.

Dr. Conklin: Well, it looks like you're recuperating very well. I just want to make sure that you're not blaming yourself for this loss.

Jen: No. Not really.

Dr. Conklin: Good.

Jen: Could you send Al Holden back in here?

Dr. Conklin: Sure.

Al: Jen, what's wrong?

Jen: Are you happy?

Al: What do you mean? Did something happen with the doctor? What did she say?

Jen: Never mind.

Al: No. What? What did she say?

Jen: I don't really think you want to know.

Al: I do. Come on, Jen. Tell me.

Jen: Fine. She said that I lost the baby because of you.


Blair: Poor Jen. I know what it's like to lose a child.

Sam: Know.

Blair: I'm really sorry. I wish that I could've been here for you through all this.

Sam: Me, too.

Blair: I really just want to be with you, Sam.

Sam: Me, too.

Blair: And I don't want to be here with Todd.

Sam: Yeah, I know, but we don't have any choice.

Blair: So how are we going to be together?

Sam: I don't know, but I'm -- I'm going to find a way, I'll tell you that much. I promise you that much.

Starr: Mom!

Blair: Oh! Beautiful girl! Oh! I missed you so much!

[Blair giggles]


Mitch: If you know what's good for you, Viki -- and your family -- you won't say a word about who I am to Natalie.

Viki: Don't you even think about threatening me. Besides, if I don't tell Natalie that you are Mitch Laurence, someone else will.

Mitch: Hmm. True, that would be a problem -- if I intended to let anyone else see me, which I donít.

Viki: I would think that's impossible.

Mitch: That is, until I am fully prepared for Natalie to know who I am. But that won't be for a while. So in the meantime, you won't say a word to her.

Viki: Natalie may have been taken in by your malicious charm, but she's my daughter and I know her, and once she realizes that she's been had, your marriage is history.

Mitch: No, I don't think so.

Viki: I do. Because she will listen to me, and she will believe everything I tell her. And you can go right back to hell or wherever you came from.

Mitch: Maybe she will listen to you if you tell her who I really am. But you're not going to tell her.

Viki: You can't stop me from telling her because you are nothing but a repugnant excuse for a human being, and you cannot hurt my family anymore.

Mitch: Make no mistake, Viki, I can. If you say one word to Natalie about who I am, I will destroy Jessica.


Jessica: I have this feeling. It's -- it's like a strange connection to Natalie. It's weird.

Bo: Well, Jess, you're twins. See, apparently, it happens.

Seth: That must be it.

Jessica: Yeah, just -- I have a really weird feeling.

Gabrielle: Bo, isn't there something that you can do?

Bo: Yeah. I'm going to call the station, and I'm going to tell everybody to start asking questions about Natalie and keep their eyes and ears open.

Jessica: Okay, that's great. Thank you, Uncle Bo.

Bo: Oh, sure.

Gabrielle: Listen --

Jessica: Thank you, too, so much.

Gabrielle: No problem. Bo, I'm beginning to feel a little bit guilty about not showing up at work, so I'm going to go for just a little while. Okay?

Bo: Yeah. Sure.

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm. And I'll be back soon. Jessica, I hope everything works out for the best with you and your sister.

Jessica: Thanks again.

Bo: You know something? I almost forgot. I'll bet you -- I'll bet you'd like to open this up.

Jessica: Who is this from? From my dad?

Bo: Yeah, he told me to make sure you got that.

Jessica: Oh. He's the best.

Seth: You know, I got to tell you; Jess was real freaked out when she thought Roxy was her mom and Dr. Balsom was her dad.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Viki was pretty freaked out, too.

Jessica: Yeah, well, at least Roxanne was around for me to know.

Seth: As horrible as she is.

Jessica: Dr. Balsom -- even though he died a long ago -- all I've heard is awful things about him.

Bo: Well, the good news is he's not your dad. Guys, excuse me just one second.

Seth: You know, I still can't believe this Balsom guy had something to do with switching you and Natalie.

Jessica: I know. He never even told my mom that she was having twins. Thank God my father isn't like that.

Seth: Well, it's over now, huh?

Jessica: Yeah. Yeah, this whole past year, when I thought my parents weren't really my parents? My dad, he took it the hardest. I could tell, you know, even when I talked to him on the phone. He took it harder than me, I think.

Seth: Well, that's because he really loves you.

Jessica: Oh, my gosh. I love my parents so much. Do you understand how wonderful it felt to know that they were my real parents? That I came from such wonderful people?

Seth: Which explains why you're so wonderful and incredible and beautiful --

Jessica: No, no, no.


Al: The doctor told you that I made you lose the baby. But how?

Jen: How can you even ask that? You stormed into my wedding and threatened to tell Cristian and everyone else that we slept together. And more than that, that the baby I was carrying was yours.

Al: Yeah, but, I mean, that can't be --

Jen: Do you have any idea what that felt like? I felt like my stomach was tied up in knots. I was so afraid you were going to ruin things for me and Cristian.

Al: I'm so sorry about that, Jen.

Jen: Dr. Conklin says there's no physical reason why I lost the baby. The only thing she could think of is that I was so upset.

Al: That can make you lose a baby?

Jen: That something freaked me out so bad that it made me have a miscarriage.

Al: Jen --

Jen: That something was you.

Al: Jen, no.

Jen: Not only did you nearly kill me by setting fire to my dad's house --

Al: Look; I didn't know you were going to be there, Jen.

Jen: But then you try to kill me and Cristianís relationship by threatening me over and over again.

Al: Jen, I am so sorry.

Jen: And then you kill my baby! It's all because of you! I have nothing because of you!


Cristian: The only thing that kept me going after I realized that I had to give you up was -- well, that I was going to be a dad. And now that's -- that's over.

Natalie: Cristian, you would've made such a great father. I know that. And I know how much that baby meant to you.

Cristian: Well, that baby never even got a chance. This has been -- this has been really hard on Jen, you know?

Natalie: Yeah, she was really looking forward to having your baby.

Cristian: Natalie, this baby was the only thing that kept me and Jen together.

Natalie: So -- what are you saying? You and Jen aren't going through with the wedding?

Cristian: Jen's a mess, and I'm going to try to be there for her. But as soon as the time is right, I'm going to tell her that I can't marry her. I can't marry her because I'm in love with you.


Blair: So how are you? Were you scared?

Starr: No. Well, kind of.

Blair: Yeah?

Starr: When I didn't know where you were. Then Dad told me that you were here, at his house. Then I was happy.

Blair: Well, I'm so happy, too, because I missed you so, so much.

Starr: I missed you, too, Mom.

Blair: Yeah. So are you going to be able to  keep it a secret, not going to tell anyone that I'm here?

Starr: I won't tell anyone. I don't want to wreck this. You and Dad are finally together. That's all I ever wanted.

Blair: You know, Starr -- um -- your daddy and I aren't, you know, together as a couple again. You know that, right?

Starr: Well, it's kind of like that -- which is cool, anyway.

Blair: Hey, hey, where are you going?

Starr: Homework.

Sam: I'm going to go check on Jen at the hospital.

Blair: Okay. Well, I hope she's okay.

Sam: Yeah, me, too.

Blair: Todd.

Todd: What?

Blair: Could you give us some privacy, please?

Todd: Come to my house.

[Todd mumbles]

Blair: Okay. How are we going to see each other?

Sam: I don't know. I'm going to have to be very careful. But listen to me -- I'm going to find a way to see you. I promise you.

Blair: I'm never going to stop wishing that you were here, Sam.

Sam: I'll miss you.

Blair: I'll miss you, too.


Al: I am so sorry. I am so sorry that I made you lose the baby -- our baby.

Jen: Are you really?

Al: Of course. Yeah, yeah, I was mad at you. You know, I was upset that you were lying and pretending that our baby was yours and Cristianís.

Jen: I knew it.

Al: But I never meant to hurt you or the baby. I am so sorry. I am so, so sorry, Jen.

Jen: Me, too.

Al: I wish that I could take it back. You know that if there was something, anything that I could do to, you know, make it up to you --

Jen: Yeah? Maybe there is.


Cristian: I'm in love with you, Natalie.

Natalie: Cristian --

Cristian: You know, even after I found out that Jen was pregnant -- even after I made up my mind that I was going to be a good father and a good husband, I never stopped loving you.

Natalie: You didn't?

Cristian: No, no, not for a second. All I could think about was you. I'd even dream of you.

Natalie: I dreamt of you, too.

Cristian: You know, I -- I kept telling myself that I got to get over her somehow, I can't do this forever. Maybe just focus all my love on the baby. But now there is no baby. And all I have is -- is my love for you. My whole heart belongs to you, Natalie. And I need to know -- all I need to know is if it's too late.


Viki: You will destroy Jessica? What is that supposed to mean? Jessica has nothing to do with this.


Jessica: My dad and I were always so close. Closer than my brothers, even.

Seth: So, what, you were the favorite?

Jessica: No, I'm not saying that. No, it's just -- my brothers would even say it. Even -- we'd go to the beach and they'd point to the footprints in the sand. They'd say, "Look at you two, you walk the exact same."

Seth: I can't wait to meet him.

Jessica: Oh, I don't know if you mean that.

Seth: Why? Well, what do you mean by that?

Jessica: Well, Dad's a little hard on the guys, you know? He's a little overprotective.

Bo: That's because he loves you so much, Jess. I thought you'd have that thing opened by now.

Jessica: Oh.

Jessica: "To Jessica. Love, Dad." I love you, Dad, so much.


Mitch: You're wrong. It has everything to do with Jessica.

Viki: Really? And just how is Jessica involved in this?

Mitch: You really don't have a clue, do you?

Viki: No, I donít. So tell me.


Seth: You know what? What is it?

Jessica: Oh. "I always knew you were mine. I love you, Jessie. Love, Daddy."


Mitch: Yes, Viki, I will tell you why you won't whisper a word about who I am to Natalie. Because if you do, I will tell Jessica the truth.


Jessica: You are my father, and I'm your daughter. Nothing's going to change that. Nothing is going to change who I am ever again.


Viki: You will tell Jessica the truth? What truth?

Mitch: I am Jessicaís father.

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Jen: Cristian will never marry me if he thinks it wasn't his baby.

Cristian: There's nothing to stop us from being together.

Natalie: Yes, there is.

Jessica: I'm Clint and Viki's daughter, Jessica Buchanan.

Mitch: She's Jessica Laurence. I'm her father.

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