OLTL Transcript Friday 11/01/02

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 11/1/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Antonio: Are you sure your mother didn't think she was pregnant before you were with her in Chicago?

Keri: Yeah, I'm positive. Why?

Liz: The baby that Keri’s carrying for me -- it's Antonio’s.

Jen: How soon is Natalie leaving town?

Viki: Natalie's not leaving town.

Jen: No, she has to leave. She can't stay here.

Lindsay: Let's talk about Joanna, your wife -- the dead one.


Liz: Hank, wait!

[Back door closes]

[Phone rings]

Liz: Hello?

Antonio: We need to finish what we started.

Liz: Antonio. This is just a really bad time.

Antonio: I don't buy what you told me. I need to know if there's any chance that baby Keri’s pregnant with is mine.

Keri: I'm so late. Is my mom still inside?

Hank: Yes, she's inside. In fact, we were just talking about you and the baby.

Keri: I wish everyone would stop worrying. I'm fine.

Hank: Yeah. Keri, I think you deserve to know what we were talking about.


Natalie: I thought you weren't coming.

Michael: Oh, ye of little faith.

Natalie: Yep, that's me.

Michael: Natalie, I consider you my friend. Now, I counseled you not to walk away from family and friends. I won't walk away from you.

Natalie: It's kind of new to me. It seems like everyone walks away.

Michael: No longer.

Natalie: Yeah. You get used to it. No big deal.

Michael: I'm glad you decided to stay in Llanview. I'm very glad.

Natalie: Yeah, well, I can tell you at least one person who's not exactly thrilled that I'm sticking around.


Jen: I want to change our plans. I want to get married tomorrow.

Cristian: Well, Jen, we've set a date, and it's not that far off.

Carlotta: There's no way we could get everything done by tomorrow.

Jen: Anything's possible when you're in love. Right, Cristian? I can't wait to be your wife. If we could do it today, I would.

Cristian: Well, why the rush all of the sudden? What's going on?


Emily: What are you going to do?

Troy: I'll tell you what I'm going to do -- I'm going to put a stop to it if I can. Oh, great. Nora's not answering her cell phone. I have no idea where she is.

Emily: That's a good thing. If you can't find her, then Lindsay probably can't, either.

Troy: I can't take that chance, Emily. If Lindsay tells Nora, I am going to lose Nora forever!


Lindsay: I just got back from Troy’s.

[Nora sighs]

Lindsay: Something came up. Yeah. Really big, too. It's something I think you need to know about.

Nora: Well, I know you're lying, because Troy's upset and wants to be alone right now, and the last person he'd like to talk to is you.

Lindsay: Do you know why he's upset?

Nora: It's really none of your business.

Lindsay: Well, apparently, it's none of yours, either. But his being upset is understandable.

Nora: You know what? I'm not remotely interested in hearing this.

Lindsay: Understandable, since he's responsible for the death of a young woman.


Jen: You know why I want to get married right away. I'm pregnant.

Carlotta: Oh Father, I think we need a moment alone.

Jen: I'm sorry, Father, we've sinned. And we're living in sin. We have been for a long time now.

Cristian: Jen, stop.

Jen: Well, if he's going to marry us, he needs to know the truth.

Father Diaz: Go on, Jennifer.

Jen: It's just all this talk about religion is making me realize how important it is to make our baby legitimate in the eyes of God.

Cristian: Relax, okay? We're getting married in the church, just like you wanted to. But there's a certain procedure to that.

Father Diaz: And the fact that you're with child is all the more reason for the two of you to enter into this union with all the knowledge available to you.

Jen: Can't we just do part of the conferences today and the rest of it afterwards?

Father Diaz: I'm sorry, Jennifer. Pre-cana conferences need to be before the wedding. And it is impossible for you to get all your counseling by tomorrow.

Jen: Okay, forget about the classes. We know what we want.

Father Diaz: Without completing the classes, I cannot and will not marry you in a Catholic church.

Jen: Then we won't get married in the church!

Carlotta: Jennifer!

Father Diaz: Cristian, wait.

Carlotta: I'll go.

Father Diaz: I'd like to speak with you.

Cristian: I'm sorry, Father, I should have told you about the baby, but --

Father Diaz: You should have. But that's not what I want to speak with you about.

Cristian: Okay.

Father Diaz: I'm very concerned about this marriage.


Carlotta: Are you all right? I understand you're feeling very overwhelmed.

Jen: You don't understand anything. How could you?

Carlotta: I'm sure that you didn't mean what you said in there about not getting married in the Catholic church, because if you did -- if you could change your mind so easily about something so important, then maybe -- maybe you shouldn't be rushing into anything right now.


Natalie: Jen wants me as far away from Cristian as possible. She hates me.

Michael: Hate weighs heavy on those who harbor it. It's as close as one can get to hell on earth.

Natalie: Yeah, well, it's Jen's life. She's definitely not in hell. She's got the perfect life.

Michael: Outwardly, perhaps. But those who shelter hatred in their hearts lose their capacity for joy. Love is the only thing that frees us.

Natalie: Jen loves Cristian. I'm the one she hates, and I probably deserve it.

Michael: No. You have great capacity for love. That is your strength. By giving love, you can rise above anything that Jen is feeling.

Natalie: I don't really have a problem with Jen. It's Cristian.

Michael: Is it so painful?

Natalie: Yeah. I can't see him, but I can't avoid him. You know, if I see him, I'm liable to burst into tears. You saw what happened before. It's awful.

Michael: "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."

Natalie: That's a nice saying, but that's all it is.

Michael: Natalie, I'm not saying that you're going to feel better tomorrow or even soon. I know your pain. But I also know that one day you will feel great bliss.

Natalie: How?

Michael: You must have faith.

Natalie: Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but just forget it.

Michael: Natalie, you have been blessed with great strength. That is a gift from a power far greater than anything we know on earth. If you can align yourself with that power, you can face anything.

Natalie: How do I do that?

Michael: By letting me help you, as you have helped me.

Natalie: I haven't done anything for you.

Michael: You helped me in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.


Emily: I know that you don't want Nora to find out about Joanna, but what is the big deal about her finding out that you were married? Joanna -- Joanna died. Nora is not going to hold that against you.

Troy: It's how she died.

Emily: It was an accident, an awful accident.

Troy: I caused it.

Emily: How?

Troy: Look, I don't want to explain it to you right now, okay? But just trust me. If Nora found out the whole story, she would never forgive me.

[Phone rings]

Troy: Hello? Yeah, where's she meeting him? Great. Thank you.

Emily: Who was that?

Troy: That was Nora’s assistant. I know where Nora is. I just hope it's not too late.


Nora: That woman's death was not Troy's fault.

Lindsay: You know? What, did he call you and own up to it?

Nora: He did everything he could to save that woman's life.

Lindsay: Is that what he told you?

Nora: Every -- even the finest doctors, like Troy -- they lose a patient every now and then. He's not a miracle worker.

Lindsay: What?

Nora: You stay away from him, Lindsay. He's been beating himself up enough about this. He doesn't need your help.

Lindsay: You still don't know, do you?

Nora: And how do you know? What have you been doing, sneaking around in the hallways of the hospital?

Lindsay: I just told you, I was at Troy's loft.

Nora: You've been harassing him ever since you got back from Miami.

Lindsay: Me harassing him?

Nora: Oh, yeah. What do you call that stunt with that painting with the so-called subliminal message about poor, tortured Lindsay? Or the college kid you sicced on him at the country club, trying to remind him how -- what a monster that Colin was?

Lindsay: You still think that there's a difference between Troy and Colin, don't you?

Nora: It's over, Lindsay. If you think you have the power to upset either one of us anymore, you're deluded.

Lindsay: You don't know Troy at all.

Nora: Oh, and you do?

Lindsay: I know something you don’t.


Liz: Look, I can't talk now. I've got to go catch up with Hank.

Antonio: Why, does he suspect something?

Liz: No, he -- he's just helping me out with this real estate business. I can't talk. I've got to go, okay?

Antonio: Fine. I'm going to St. Jude's to find my brother, but this conversation -- we will finish it before the night's over. Count on it.


Hank: Keri, your mother didn't want me to tell you this, but I can't keep secrets from you anymore. You mean too much to me.

Keri: What is it?

Hank: Meeting you, Keri -- watching you with R.J. -- I've realized how much damage I may have caused by keeping my mouth shut all those years --

Liz: Hank --

Hank: So I --

Liz: Keri? What are you doing?

Keri: I told you I would be here. What's going on?

Liz: Hey, the house is perfect. Come on in. You gotta come see --

Keri: But, Mom, Hank's got to tell me something.

Liz: Well, can't it wait, Hank?

Hank: No, it can't.

Keri: Oh, my God.

Liz: What?

Keri: The baby.


Natalie: You probably think I'm the neediest person on the face of this earth.

Michael: Far from it.

Natalie: Whatever. I'd still like to know how I've helped you.

Michael: In a very short time, Natalie, you have made my world a far better place.

Natalie: Really?

Michael: Yes. Helping you is helping me. There's a reason that the all powerful brought us here at the same time. I mean, this place -- it feels almost -- almost holy, don't you think?

Natalie: Yeah, I've kind of always thought so. You know, you were exactly what I needed the other night.

Michael: And you were what I needed, as well. You see, Natalie, I've always believed that I had a calling.

Natalie: A what?

Michael: A higher purpose, to help others -- as God's instrument, his messenger.

Natalie: Well, I guess that makes sense. That's what ministers do, right?

Michael: Well, should do. But I lost my way years ago. I wandered off the chosen path and I fell among the thorns, and I've been trying to find my way back ever since. My faith has been severely tested.

Natalie: Yeah, but you seem pretty sure of yourself to me.

Michael: I am. I am, now that I have found you.

Natalie: Me? Come on.

Michael: No. I asked God for a sign. I stood right here, and I prayed to God to show me that I could still do something good for a fellow human being. And then suddenly, there you were. And I believe -- I hope that I have helped you.

Natalie: Definitely. But, I mean, that stuff that you said about God drawing us together --

Michael: Natalie, you don't have to believe that, but I do. And our meeting was ordained. Our being here together -- that, too, was ordained. And what will follow is also ordained.

Natalie: What will follow?

Michael: Our friendship will grow. Why, how, I can't say. But I do know that you and I will become very, very close.


Jen: I'm sorry, Mrs. Vega. I must sound terrible, but there is a really good reason why Cristian and I have to get married right away.

Carlotta: I know, Jen, but the baby isn't coming --

Jen: No, it's not the baby.

Carlotta: It's not? Well, what's the real reason?

Jen: I haven't even told Cristian yet.

Carlotta: Why, Jen?

Jen: Natalie is not leaving town after all.

Carlotta: Oh, dear.

Jen: She's staying, and she's not giving up on Cristian. So, you see, if Cristian and I don't get married right away, it may never happen.

Carlotta: But, Jennifer, Cristian is marrying you. He's not marrying Natalie. He's committed to you and to your baby.

Jen: I know. I know, but -- I know it's just Natalie, but I'm going to be showing any day now, and soon I'm just going to look fat.

Carlotta: Nonsense. You'll just look pregnant and pregnant is very beautiful.

Jen: I'm not going to be able to be there for Cristian, not physically, and Natalie -- she'll take advantage of that. She does that, you know. She uses sex to get what she wants.

Carlotta: No, my son would never be so foolish.

Jen: Do you remember when she first got here? She got Seth to plot against Jessica. Do you know how she got him to do what she wanted?

Carlotta: I never liked that girl.

Jen: She knows how to make men fall for her. And I know Cristian’s strong, but he's still a man.

Carlotta: Well, I admit, I would feel better if Natalie was leaving town, but that's not really the reason.

Jen: This isn't good for the baby! I'm upset all the time! I -- if Cristian and I could just get married right now -- right now, then -- then Natalie wouldn't be able to hurt us, you know? And then we could just think about our future together.

Carlotta: It's not that long from now. It's just a few weeks. It shouldn't make that much of a difference.

Jen: Why can't we just have a civil wedding now and then a church wedding later?

Carlotta: Well, I just don't think that --

Jen: I can't live like this. I have to have Cristian in my sight at all times. I can't even sleep. I can't eat, I can't --

Carlotta: Oh, Jen, you have to take care of yourself.

Jen: No, I can't, I can't, not until I'm Mrs. Cristian Vega forever.


Father Diaz: I'm worried that Ms. Rappaport may be too young to be taking such a permanent step. And there's you.

Cristian: Go on.

Father Diaz: I've known you almost all your life. I sense there's something bothering you. Is it that young woman who was here earlier?

Cristian: You mean Natalie?

Father Diaz: You need to think about what you're doing.

Carlotta: Ahem. Well, I agree with Jen. The two of you shouldn't wait another day. You should get married tomorrow.


Troy: Nora, hey.

Nora: Hi.

Troy: Great. I can only imagine what Lindsay’s telling you now.

Nora: She's going on and on in her usual drivel, about you and some unfortunate woman who died.

Lindsay: I haven't gotten to the good part yet.

Troy: Well, we're sure it's a great story, Lindsay, but come on, Nora, let's go.

Lindsay: Oh, not before she hears about how that poor young woman suffered.

Troy: Knock it off, Lindsay.

Lindsay: You could have done a lot more to save her. A lot more.

Nora: You don't know what you're talking about.

Lindsay: I don't?

Troy: All right, look, Nora, can you excuse us? I think Lindsay and I need to have a private conversation.

Nora: No, Troy. No, no. I'm tired of this. I'm tired of the games --

Troy: Nora --

Nora: I want to hear what she has to say. So go ahead. Say it, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Well, imagine that. Nora wants to hear what I have to say. I guess that means that you won't be stopping me from telling her how you let that young woman drown. Drown in a sea of medication that didn't even ease her pain. She was a friend of mine, you know. A vibrate, passionate young woman. She was a client at the gallery. You know who I'm talking about, don't you, Troy?

Troy: Yeah.

Nora: So this is what? Some sort of -- you're bored with your own victim act? You got to branch out now?

Lindsay: A young woman is dead and cannot speak for herself anymore. Before she died, she confided in me. She said she didn't think she was getting the proper care from her doctor.

Nora: Well, that's absurd. Everyone knows what a wonderful doctor Troy is.

Lindsay: Oh, do they? I guess it wasn't a perfect marriage -- between doctor and patient. Her family sent you a note that said, "Never forget."

Nora: That's why you were so upset.

Lindsay: Troy was the only hope that stood between her and death. And yet, he did nothing.

Nora: What are you talking about? Anybody who knows Troy knows better.

Lindsay: I can't imagine the look on her face when she knew that her life was over. I'll bet you wish you treated her a little bit better, don't you?

Nora: Well, that's really rich coming from you. You don't have a caring bone in your body. And whatever happened, it's not Troy's fault.

Troy: Ahem.

Lindsay: No, no, we all make mistakes. It's just that some mistakes are forever. You have a good night, Nora. You, too, Troy, if having a good night is possible.

Nora: She is such a --

Troy: Look, Nora --

Nora: No, hey, listen to me. There's nothing you could have done to save that woman, okay? What happened was not your fault.


Father Diaz: Carlotta, think. They won't be married in the eyes of God.

Carlotta: I'm well aware of that, Father. But I think it's best for the child if Cristian and Jennifer’s relationship is at least made legal as soon as possible.

Father Diaz: I'm surprised you feel this way, Carlotta.

Carlotta: So am I, Father.

Father Diaz: You know where the church stands on this.

Carlotta: I know.

Father Diaz: Think about what I said. If you'll excuse me.

Jen: We have the marriage license and the blood tests. Now all we need is somebody who will marry us tomorrow. Aren't you happy, Cristian? This is best for the baby. Even your mother agrees.

Cristian: It's not up to my mother.

Carlotta: Cristian, we're in the church.

Cristian: Jen, come on. We need to talk about this -- alone.


Liz: Honey, what is it? What's wrong?

Keri: The baby -- I felt it moving.

Hank: Well, I'm no expert, but isn't it a little too early?

Keri: No, not according to the books. I mean, it depends on a lot of things, but some women feel their babies a lot earlier.

Liz: You know what? You moved right away, too, and you didn't stop kicking me for nine months.

Keri: I think I need to sit down.

Liz: Okay. Yeah. Here. Over here. Oh. Wow.

Hank: Here you go.

Liz: Thank you.

Hank: Now, Keri, can I get you anything?

Liz: A glass of water, please.

Hank: Okay.

Keri: Oh. This is incredible. The baby's alive.

Liz: Yeah. It is.

Keri: But I mean, feel -- feel it. Do you feel anything?

Liz: No. I think it's too early to feel from the outside yet. You know, I remember the first time you moved inside me. There's nothing like it in the whole world.

Hank: Ahem. Here. Here you are.

Keri: Thank you.

Liz: Thank you.

Hank: You're welcome.

Keri: All of a sudden, it just -- it feels so real.

Liz: Mm-hmm.

Keri: We're having a baby. Everything is going to go smoothly from here on out, I know it.

Liz: Yeah, me, too, Honey. And thank you. Thank you so much for doing this for me.

Keri: I just wish that Steve could be here. He would be such a wonderful father.

Liz: Yeah. He would.

Keri: You know, I'd want him to know Steve like I did. But I promise you, I'm going to tell him all about Steve so that he feels like he really, truly knows his daddy -- or she.

Liz: I promise you that I'm going to love this child with all my heart. And I'm going to be grateful every single day of my life for the miracle that you made possible for me. Get over here.

Keri: Oh, Hank -- I totally forgot, you wanted to tell me something.


Nora: I can't believe the gall of that woman. I mean, it's bad enough to attack you personally, but then to make you feel responsible for something you had no control over? I'd like to wring her neck!

Troy: I was responsible.

Nora: Troy, no. Don't do this. Let me help you, please. Please. I love you so much.

Troy: I love you, too. I love you more than anything.

Nora: Do you want me to stay tonight? I could stay.

Troy: Yes. Yes. I want to hold you all night long.

Nora: Just give me a minute.

[Phone rings]

Troy: Hello?

Lindsay: I'll bet you're wondering why I didn't tell Nora about Joanna’s tragic end, aren't you?


Antonio: Cristian?


Liz: You have had a big day. I think you should go home and get some rest now. Okay?

Keri: But wait -- what about the houses?

Liz: Well, I love this house. Besides, we've already got our first memory here, too.

Keri: Are you sure?

Liz: I'm positive. Besides, don't you want to go home and tell Antonio the good news? He called a little while ago and said to tell you that he's going to be at St. Jude’s.

Keri: Oh. Maybe I can still catch him.

Liz: Yeah. Do you mind, Hank, just waiting a few minutes?

Hank: Not a problem.

Keri: Oh. Mom, this is so unbelievable.

Liz: I know. It seems like ages ago I was in Chicago, alone, pregnant. I felt so hopeless. And then you come up on my door all of a sudden, show up.

Keri: No, don't you remember? I was there when you thought you were pregnant. You were so shocked.

Liz: Oh, yeah. No, Honey, I was shocked because, remember, my surrogate backed out on me at the last minute. I didn't know what to do. I already knew -- or suspected, at least -- that I was pregnant.

Keri: Oh. I -- well, I guess I misunderstood.

Liz: Yeah.

Keri: Not that it matters.

Liz: No. No, because everything is perfect. And my baby has the best surrogate of all. And he or she has been loved from the very beginning. Bye.

Keri: I love you.

Liz: I love you.


[Phone rings]

Antonio: Det. Vega.

Liz: It's me. Look, I really want to clear things up between us.

Antonio: You'd better.

Liz: You were right. Keri was a little confused about what happened in Chicago. She thought that I discovered my pregnancy while she was there. There was a lot going on that night, remember?

Antonio: I guess.

Liz: Anyway, she's all clear about everything now. In fact, you can ask her yourself. She's on her way to meet you right now.

Antonio: Thank God I'm not the father of that child.


Liz: Thank you for not telling Keri the truth.

Hank: Don't thank me, Elizabeth.

Liz: It'd kill her if she knows that Antonio’s the Father.

Hank: Yeah, well, I couldn't break her heart just now. But this will come out, whether I tell her or not.

Liz: No, it won't.

Hank: Come on; use your head. What do you think is going to happen when that baby doesn't come out looking like Steve, but the spitting image of Antonio?


Cristian: Okay. So what's the story? Why do you really want to rush the wedding?

Jen: I already told you, it's for the baby.

Cristian: And the baby doesn't care, Jen. No. There's something else going on.

Jen: All right. I've tried to be strong, Cristian. But do you know how humiliating it is to hear in front of everyone that I care about that Natalie’s in love with you?

Cristian: Look, I know that was bad.

Jen: No, it was the worst thing ever. And it's not over, because people are still talking about it. They're whispering behind my back about what an idiot I am.

Cristian: Jen, I think you're being a little paranoid.

Jen: Am I? Cristian, if -- if we got married tomorrow, we'd show everyone how much in love we really are.

Cristian: I thought you were excited about having a big church wedding.

Jen: I did want that, but now I realize that -- that all I need -- all our baby needs -- is you.

Cristian: I don't know. I gotta think about this.

Jen: About what?

Cristian: I gotta think about doing this right or doing it fast. There's something you're not telling me, Jen.

Jen: There's not, I swear.

Cristian: I need time. I got to sort this out. I'll be back in an hour. If there's anything you want to tell me, you can tell me then.


Natalie: We just met. I mean, how could you know what's going to happen?

Michael: Does that thought frighten you?

Natalie: No. I guess not.

Michael: It's just that I feel something so deep between us, something that connects us from the time before we even met.

Natalie: I'm not like you.

Michael: You are. You and I, we're giving people, Natalie, both of us.

Natalie: "Giving." Never been called that one before. Greedy, selfish, yeah, maybe, but not giving.

Michael: Perhaps no one's ever really known you before. Perhaps you've never even known yourself.

Natalie: Oh, and you do? I don't think so.

Michael: Oh, but I do, Natalie. You want to give. You want to reach out. You want to find the person you can trust with all the love you have inside. You've never been able to show that part of yourself to anyone, because they've turned their backs and denied you.

Natalie: Maybe.

Michael: You want to feel wanted. You want to be needed by someone.

Natalie: Cristian wanted me. He just -- it was complicated, and I couldn't give him anything back -- nothing that wouldn't make it any worse.

Michael: Perhaps that's why Cristian was able to choose this Jen so easily.

Natalie: No, there was more to it than that. He did choose her. And now they're moving on with their lives.

Michael: And so will you. And whether Cristian and Jen find bliss in their union is not your affair. You are destined to be happy because of who you are.

Natalie: I want to be happy now.


Liz: Maybe it won't look like Antonio at all. Maybe he'll look like me. Maybe he'll like both of us.

Hank: Stop kidding yourself, Liz.

Liz: Nobody's going to be able to tell just by looking at my baby that Antonio’s the father.

Hank: Do you remember when you thought that Keri would never find out R.J. Was her real father?

Liz: That was different.

Hank: You won't be able to keep this from her, either.

Liz: Oh, yes, I will. I have to for all our sakes.


Keri: Antonio.

Antonio: Hey.

Keri: Hey. The baby -- I felt it move. It was the most unbelievable feeling.

Antonio: You look incredible.

Keri: It was a miracle.

Antonio: No, you're the miracle.

Keri: My mom is so devastated after losing Steve. And now -- I was just so lucky that I was in Chicago right after she realized she might be pregnant. You know, I think she knew somehow.

Antonio: So Liz -- Liz was sure that she was pregnant before she saw you?

Keri: Yes.

Antonio: That's -- someday, you and I, we're going to have our own child. And we're going to share the moment he moves for the first time.

Keri: I want that so much. And after this baby is born, we can start our lives together.

Antonio: I can't wait for that. I mean, I know we can't get married right now, but we're here in the house of God, and, Keri, before the Virgin Mary, I -- I promise you that I will never, ever hurt you again.


Lindsay: Are you still there?

Troy: I'm here.

Lindsay: I almost told Nora about Joanna’s tragic accident right then and there, but then I thought, "Well, why get it over with in just one day?" My time in prison wasn't over in just one day. No, every day I woke up and I wondered, "Is this going to be the day that I'm stabbed or strangled or suffocated to death?" And I want you to wonder the same thing, Troy. An eye for an eye. "Is today going to be the day that she ruins my life?" I don't know. Maybe tomorrow. Sooner or later. But if I were you, I would think sooner.


Jen: Hi, Daddy, it's me. I need your help.

Marcie: Are you and Cristian fighting?

Jen: No, no. We're just nervous about the wedding and everything.

Marcie: You guys are the perfect couple. If you broke up, I might as well just slit my wrist. Anyway, I've been reading up on how to be a maid of honor, and I am totally going to be there for you -- first class all the way.

Jen: Great.

Marcie: I was kind of worried before. The way Cristian was going on, it sort of looked like the whole thing was off.

Jen: Oh, no, no. It's on. Cristian just went to think, and then he's -- he's going to come back and he's going to do the right thing. We're definitely getting married. But be prepared, because it's happening tomorrow. As long as Cristian doesn't see Natalie tonight.


Natalie: I feel like I have been waiting for happiness my whole life. You know, I don't want to think about my past or my dumb mistakes. I just -- I want --

Michael: What, Natalie? What do you want?

Natalie: I want to feel different. That's all. I just want it so much.

Michael: Yeah.

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