OLTL Transcript Monday 10/28/02

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 10/28/02

By Suzanne
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>> previously on "One Life to Live" --

Roxy: You are going to spring me out of here, right?

Al: And there are so many other available women out there, women like Natalie.

Lindsay: How are you going to get Natalie out of the picture for good?

Blair: If you get within 50 feet of either one of our children, I swear to God I will have you arrested.

Viki: Why did you switch twins?

Allison: Ask Mitch.


Al: Man, she was all over me.

Cristian: Shut up.

Al: She practically begged me to take her to bed.

Cristian: I said, shut your mouth.

Al: That slut would sleep with anybody.

Cristian: You shut up about Natalie, huh?

Al: No. No, I'm not going to shut up about Natalie, and I'm not going to apologize, either, all right? Not for calling a slut what she is -- a slut.

Seth: Come on, Cris, cool it!

Chad: Come on, Cris, he's not worth it, man! Take it easy.

Al: Get off me! Nice shot.

Cristian: You want another one? Just keep talking like you're talking.

Al: No, I got exactly what I came here for.

Chad: You're nuts, man. What's wrong with you?

Al: I know now, Vega. I know that you are still -- get off me! That you're still hung up on Natalie.


Jen: Tell me it isn't true, Natalie. Tell me you're not in love with Cristian.

Natalie: Jen, can -- can we go outside and --

Jen: No. If you have something to say, I want to hear it now. Everybody's acting like it's true. Is it? Are you in love with Cristian?

Natalie: Yeah. It's true. I am in love with Cristian.


Viki: Mitch Laurence. Boy, I haven't thought of that name in years.

Bo: Well, Allison always maintained that he programmed her to kidnap your baby before he died.

Viki: Yeah, that's right. She was programmed to kidnap my child. She has never said one word, though, that she was programmed to switch the baby with another one.

Bo: And now she's in there just saying the same thing over and over again.

Viki: "Ask Mitch, ask Mitch." Yeah, again and again and again.

Bo: You know, considering the condition that she's in, I don't see any point in asking her anything else.

Viki: She's practically catatonic. I mean, she's hanging on to reality by a very slim thread in there. "Ask Mitch." Does she really, really not know that he's dead?


Allison: Ask Mitch. What's the plan? You said that --

Mitch: All in good time, Allison. You'll know everything all in good time.


Viki: Judging from Allisonís reactions earlier, you know, I don't think she knew she was switching twins. I don't think she knew I had two babies.

Bo: Viki, do you think Mitch could have known?


Michael: Mitch Laurence, rest in peace.

Natalie: Thanks again for cheering me up.


Todd: You know, you have every right to hate my guts, Jack. I mean, all you ever wanted was to be with two parents and have them love you -- a mother and your Father -- and I gave you away. And then I told your mother -- I mean, I told -- okay, well, I didn't tell Blair, but I didn't stop her from believing that you were dead. And all you -- she loved you so much. And I took you away from all that. I screwed up. I did -- me, Todd Manning. You know, I can't go back and erase what happened. All I can do is tell you that I'm sorry. So I'm sorry, Jack.

Todd: Look, I -- I'm just here to say happy birthday. I'm not trying to steal him or anything.

Blair: I know. I know why you're here. And I heard everything you said.


Roxy: All of a sudden you're so nice to me, Maxie. I mean, you came to the jail and you said that you were going to set me free.

Max: And I kept my word, didn't I?

Roxy: Except I thought there were going to be divorce papers on the other side. But you bailed me out. I don't believe it.

Max: Yeah. I kind of surprised myself.

Roxy: Yeah, but on the other hand, you were really nasty to me when you came to the jail. I mean, you lit into me about what I did or what I didn't do about not telling anybody that my hubby took that kid from the hospital and I kept it.

Max: It was a lousy thing that you did, Roxanne, not to mention illegal.

Roxy: Yeah, well, I know that you thought it was really lousy that I made Jessica think that I was her mama.

Max: Only if you think cruelty is lousy.

Roxy: Yeah, well, lousy enough for you to think that I should stay in prison. I mean, you know, I asked you about going to Viki and Jessica and asking them to drop the charges, and you wouldn't.

Max: Yeah, that about covers it.

Roxy: So why'd you bail me out? So you could get a divorce, right?

Max: Wrong.


Viki: Bo, I mean, that's not even possible. Mitch Laurence couldn't possibly have known that I was pregnant with twins. I didn't even know.

Bo: Yeah, but he knew enough to program Allison to steal one of them.

Viki: Well, he knew I was pregnant, but everybody knew.

Bo: What bothers me is somebody switched twins.

Viki: I know, I know. I mean, how is it even possible that it's a coincidence?

Bo: Yeah, it's just too bizarre. It had to be deliberate. Look, there's an answer out there, Viki. We're going to find it.

Viki: I sure hope so because I'm going to blame myself until we figure out how all this happened.

Bo: Okay, let's start with the one clue that Allison did give us -- Mitch Laurence. Tell me anything relevant that you remember about him. Okay, anything at all.

Viki: Mitch was very handsome, very charismatic. He surrounded himself with -- well, I mean, come on, he had a cult. He was surrounded by all these young women that he drugged and seduced and God knows what else. But I have to tell you, they loved him. I mean, they really loved him.


Michael: Natalie, it's Michael Lazarus. Listen, I found your wallet in the church right after you left. I hope you haven't been worrying about it too much. Anyway, it's in safe hands until I can return it to you. In the meantime, don't forget what I told you about your finding happiness soon -- real soon. Oh, I can't explain it. It's just -- I feel it even more strongly now than I did before. You're going to be very, very happy, Natalie. I just know it.


Lindsay: There's a word for a woman like you, and it isn't "lady." And as for Cristian --

Natalie: Cristian had nothing to do with it.

Lindsay: He had everything to do with it. You just said you love him.

Natalie: Yeah, but I didn't say that he loves me back. Jen, Cristian loves you. You have to believe me on that.

Jessica: Guys, why don't we calm down and just talk about this later, okay?

Natalie: Jen, please, come on, believe me. Cristian never, ever had anything to do with me, not like that. He wouldn't do that to you. You know he wouldn't.

Jen: Maybe you're right. I think we should talk about this outside.

Jessica: You want me to come with you?

Natalie: I think I need to do this on my own. Thanks. I'm sorry. Sorry.

Carlotta: I -- I never meant to say any of that. The last thing I wanted was for Jen to find out. I'm the one who's sorry.

Lindsay: Not half as sorry as your son's going to be. Unless, of course, he's as innocent as his girlfriend says he is.


Natalie: Jen --

Jen: I don't understand how you can have these feelings for Cristian and still be my friend.

Natalie: I was a very bad friend. But Cris -- he -- this isn't his fault. He told me that he loves you.

Jen: So he knows how you feel?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, I admitted it to him.

Jen: Why didn't he tell me?

Natalie: Because he didn't want to upset you. He doesn't want to hurt you. Don't you understand? He loves you, Jen.

Jen: Of course he loves me. We're getting married. We're having a baby together. But you -- I thought you were my friend. You agreed to be in my wedding. You threw me this shower. And all along, you were having feelings for Cristian. How could you?

Natalie: God, I tried not to.

Jen: I have to know the truth. These feelings -- are they over, or are you still in love with Cristian?


Todd: So you -- you heard some of the stuff I was saying to Jack, huh?

Blair: Most of it.

Todd: Yeah, that was a private conversation.

Blair: I know. That's why I can't believe it.

Todd: What, you can't believe that I would be talking to Jack? You run a newspaper now, huh? Is that what you call breaking news?

Blair: No.

Todd: It would be pretty crazy of me to risk coming here if I didn't care about my kids, Blair.

Blair: I know you love your kids. I don't doubt that. What I doubted is that you were sorry, really sorry, for what you did.

Todd: So you heard that part, too, huh?

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: You know, Sam said that you were ready to forgive me down in Hawaii.

Blair: I thought about it. You hurt me, Todd. But not forgiving you didn't take the pain away, and then Starr -- she was very upset. She missed you so much, and I hated seeing her like that and -- well, then tea -- she showed up and she told me what you were going to do, what your plans were to steal Jack and Starr away from me so I would never see them again.

Todd: Yeah, but I didn't do that.

Blair: Yeah, because we stopped you, not because you stopped yourself.

Todd: Yeah, but the important thing is that you were thinking about maybe letting me see my kids again, that you would maybe let me be a part of the family again, right?

Blair: I was considering it.

Todd: Yeah, well, see, I was wondering kind of -- kind of wondering if, you know, you would maybe consider it again. That if we could -- that if we could, you know, maybe work things out.


Al: You decked me because you're stuck on Natalie.

Cristian: Hey, look. I don't know how you were raised, but I was taught not to talk about women that way. And as long as I'm around, you're not talking that way, either, about any woman.

Al: Any woman, or just Natalie?

Seth: Al, get lost, now, or I may take a swing at you, too.

Al: Tough guy. Wait -- yeah. You and Cris, you guys are really good friends with Natalie, right? Like that, huh?

Seth: You're really asking for it.

Chad: Looks like you could use an escort, Al!

Al: I can escort myself, all right? Hands -- hands off.

Cristian: Sorry, I lost my cool. It's just that --

Seth: Look, I know you didn't want to talk about this before, all right, but with what just happened, I got to tell you --

Cristian: What?

Seth: Natalie told me a little bit about what happened with you guys.

Cristian: What did she tell you?

Seth: I know you two were planning on being together.


Carlotta: My son is a good man.

Lindsay: Does a good man run off with another woman?

Carlotta: He didnít. He's marrying Jen and he's going to be a good husband and a great Father to my grandchild.

Lindsay: It's also my grandchild. And if Cristian so much as looks in Natalieís direction, she's going to cut him out of that child's life and I'll be standing behind her on that.

Marcie: Poor Jen. Natalie's such a witch.

Jessica: Natalie can't help it if she fell in love with Cristian.

Marcie: Oh, please. Jen was Natalieís friend, and the whole time Natalie was trying to steal her fiancť.

Keri: I don't think we should be so quick to judge, especially when we don't know the whole story.

Marcie: Well, you two seem to act like you do. So what is it? What's going on between Cristian and Natalie?


Natalie: Yes, I am still in love with Cristian, Jen. Don't you understand? That was why it was so hard for me to answer you about being your maid of honor and that's why I didn't think I was the right person to throw you this bridal shower.

Jen: Cristian didn't want you to do it, either. Now I know why.

Natalie: I feel like such a hypocrite. But I didn't want to hurt you by telling you the truth. You wanted us to be friends so much. It's okay. I'm going to stay out of your way. And Cris'.

Jen: I'm sorry, Natalie, but I don't think that's going to be good enough.

Natalie: What do you mean?

Jen: After everything that's happened, I don't think I can even be in the same town as you.

Natalie: Jen, look, I know it's going to take some getting used to, but --

Jen: No. You have to go away from here. It's better for everybody, including you, if you just get as far away from me and Cristian as possible. You need to leave Llanview for good.


Michael: "Vengeance is mine," sayeth the lord.


Bo: All right, women loved Laurence, Laurence loved women.

Viki: No, no, no. I don't really think he loved them. He just controlled them.

Bo: Whatever you want to call it, that didn't include you. He hated you.

Viki: Right.

Bo: He was obsessed with trying to hurt you.

Viki: Oh, yes, and he surely succeeded, didn't he?

Bo: Mm-hmm. What did he have against you?

Viki: Hmm. Bo, I saw through him. I never, ever bought his act, not for a second. And I hated him because of what he did to my Sister Tina.

Bo: Let her stand trial for a murder he committed.

Viki: Yeah, so I was quite determined to get her away from him and I did. I also managed to get a few other young women away from his cult, including Joy OíNeill. Huh. That didn't go over too well with Mitch. He was furious. So when I was pregnant with Jessica -- and Natalie -- he tried to kill me.


Blair: What do you mean, "work things out"? You mean, work things out so you can see the kids, or were you talking about working things --

Todd: Yeah, I'm talking about working things out so I can see the kids. How else are we going to work things out?

Blair: I thought maybe you were -- you know, you, me.

Todd: No. You're with Sam, remember?

Blair: Right.

Todd: And you can keep him. I'm just saying maybe you can let me stick around for a little while with them. Come on, Blair, look, I'm their Father, right? I deserve to see my kids every once in a while.

Blair: I know you love your kids. I know you love Jack and Starr and your family.

Todd: Great, then. So it's a deal, right? I get weekends?

Blair: Todd --

Todd: Okay, every other weekend. Once a month. Okay, holidays. Maybe not the big holidays. Maybe the little ones, you know, like Presidentsí Day or National Fire Prevention Week --

Blair: No, Todd, no! You can't see your children again, ever again!

Todd: You just finished saying that you know that I care about my kids.

Blair: Yeah, and that's why you can't see them. Because, Todd, you hurt the people that you love. You do it every time, every single time, and I can't let you do this to these children. I'm not going to let you do that ever!

Todd: Please?

Blair: Todd -- look, I let you -- you snuck in here against my will, all right, and you got to say a very, very nice Happy Birthday to Jack. Now, that's enough.

Todd: That's enough for who?

Blair: I want you to go.

Todd: No, you donít. I'm staying right here.


[Roxy laughs]

Roxy: I get it now. You're just waiting for me to go to prison so the prenup can kick in, and then you get the dough and you get the divorce. Am I right?

Max: I'll tell you why I bailed you out on one condition.

Roxy: Name it.

Max: Leave me alone.

Roxy: Right. I'll be like wallpaper.

Max: The reason I bailed you out is because you gave me these tapes from Luna. I just thought I'd return the favor.

Roxy: Well, could you return the favor a little more?

Max: How?

Roxy: By going to Viki and Jessica and asking them to drop the charges?

Max: Well, as a matter of fact, I already talked to Jessica.

Roxy: Oh, Maxie, you are the best.

Max: She wouldn't budge.

Roxy: Oh. Well, it was nice of you to try, anyway.

Max: Hey, hey, I don't remember wallpaper being this friendly.

Roxy: Oh, right. Glue is still sticky.

Max: Yeah, well, I can tell.

Roxy: Well, I -- well, I'm going to make you that meal.

Max: Oh, great.

Roxy: Okay? Lunch by candlelight.

Max: Hey, Al. Whoa. What happened? You okay?

Al: I thought Roxy was in jail.

Roxy: Well, somebody bailed me out. You want to guess who put up the moola?


Natalie: You want me to leave Llanview?

Jen: I don't want you to, but I don't know what else we're supposed to do.

Natalie: Look; I can stay out of your way -- you and Cris'.

Jen: What about all the other people?

Natalie: Who?

Jen: Everybody. This is a small town. It's not going to be fun for either one of us, people staring at us and talking behind our backs.

Natalie: Look, I think I can handle it somehow.

Jen: But why would you want to? I mean, yeah, they're going to feel sorry for me, but you, they're just going to say mean things behind your back.

Natalie: Look; I don't really care what other people think, okay?

Jen: What about what I think? Natalie, I don't blame you for falling in love with Cristian. He's amazing. That's why I love him. But -- but now that I know what I know, I don't even think I can be happy with him anymore.

Natalie: Why not? Cristian loves you. I told you, this is all one-sided.

Jen: Because I'm always going to be looking over my shoulder, wondering where you are and when you're going to be going after Cristian.

Natalie: That's not going to happen.

Jen: But I'm always going to be afraid of that. How am I supposed to raise a family, thinking it's all going to disappear? I'm not strong like you are, Natalie. You can go somewhere else. You can start a new life for yourself. I can't do that. This is all I have. Please.

Natalie: Jen, this is my home. I'm not leaving.

Jen: Fine.


Jessica: Look, Natalie is my Sister. I'm not going to sit here and gossip with you about her.

Marcie: Well, can you tell me anything?

Keri: Don't even ask. Mrs. Vega? Are you all right?

Carlotta: I think I'd better go before I cause more problems.

Keri: Jen was bound to find out sometime. You know, now maybe she and Cristian can rethink this marriage.

Carlotta: No, no, Keri. Cristian would never abandon Jen.

Keri: Sometimes the truth hurts, but it's better than living a lie. I know I could never live a lie between Antonio and me.

Jessica: Sorry, guys, about everything that's happened.

Carlotta: Yeah.

Jessica: But I guess that means the party's over. Thanks for coming.

Carlotta: Would've been better if I hadn't.

Keri: Let's go.


Jen: I have great news. Natalie's leaving Llanview.

Lindsay: Is that what she told you?

Jen: No, but she still doesn't know it herself. She will soon.


Bo: How did Mitch try to kill you?

Viki: I had gone out to his -- he used to call it his mission -- to get Joy OíNeill, and Allison was there and she offered me iced tea, which turned out to have been laced with some kind of a drug.

Bo: And Mitch was behind that?

Viki: Oh, absolutely. She was completely under his control. Anyway, the drug hit me when I was driving back home, so I lost control of the car. But somehow I managed to get myself to the hospital and then I went into premature labor.

Bo: God, you must've been scared to death.

Viki: Yes, I was. And now the thought that I could've lost two children -- anyway, Larry, thank God, managed to stop the contractions. But I have to tell you; the thought of what that drug might've done to my unborn child tortured me for the rest of my pregnancy.

Bo: And meanwhile, Mitch is programming Allison to steal one of your babies. You know, Viki, none of this explains why Dr. Balsom stole one of the babies, or why someone wanted twins switched.

Viki: No, maybe not. Do you know something, Bo? The more we talk about Mitch, the more I have to wonder.

Bo: What?

Viki: Maybe Allison wasn't quite so crazy as I thought when she said, "Ask Mitch" why she switched the babies. I would be willing to bet you that Mitch Laurence was somehow involved in what happened to Natalie and Jessica.


Mitch: "Vengeance is mine," sayeth the lord!

Missionaries' voices: Heed the messenger!

Priest: Excuse me.

Michael: Yes, Father?

Priest: Are you a member of this parish?

Michael: No, I'm not Catholic. If I'm not supposed to be here, I'll go.

Priest: No, no. This is a sanctuary for all souls who need it. Are you from around here?

Michael: Well, I used to be. I'm a kindred spirit, Father.

Priest: You're a clergyman?

Michael: Well, I was never ordained, but, yes, I was the leader of a spiritual community.

Priest: "Was"?

Michael: I've been gone a while, but I'm back now. Heed the messenger.

Priest: Excuse me?

Michael: Oh, nothing, nothing. It's just good to be back.


Blair: Don't do this.

Todd: Come on, look; I just want to be with Jack on his birthday. Is that so wrong?

Blair: I have a restraining order against you, Todd.

Todd: No, I know all that, but you said before that you were thinking about forgiving me, right? So maybe you can forgive me now. I mean, that's what Starr says --

Blair: If I forgive you, you will hurt us again and again, Todd!

Todd: Ahem. Look. I know that you can remember how happy we were once when we were all a family. Now, I know you don't want to mess all that up again by calling the cops.

Blair: No, but I will.

Todd: No, you wonít. Now, I'm going to stay here and I'm going to see my kid. I'm going to see my kids. Our kids.

Todd: See, I told you everything was going to be okay.


Cristian: Yeah, yeah, Natalie and I had plans, but that's history. And I gotta get over it somehow.

Seth: You haven't?

Cristian: I can't stop thinking about her. But you know what? Jen's the one having our baby and I'm going to marry her. Natalie and I, that's -- that's over. I've hurt enough people.

Seth: She'll be okay, man; she's strong.

Cristian: At least Jen doesn't know, and she never will.

[Phone rings]

Cristian: Hello?

Marcie: It's Marcie, from Dr. Conklin's office?

Cristian: Is Jen okay?

Marcie: No. She's here at Llanfair and she needs you right now.

Cristian: Okay, I'm on my way.


Marcie: Jen, I feel horrible about what Natalie did to you. Is there anything I can do?

Jen: I wish there was. I wish you could make it all go away.

Marcie: So do I.

Jen: Can you wait for me outside?

Marcie: Oh, sure. Of course. Excuse me.

Lindsay: Who is that?

Jen: Some loser.

Lindsay: A loser? Well, you were being awfully nice to her.

Jen: She does stuff for me.

Lindsay: Like what?

Jen: She changed my medical records to make it look like I had a different due date.

Lindsay: Oh, Jen --

Jen: That's why they think that it's Cristianís baby and not Al's.

Lindsay: God.

Jen: But everything's working out.

Lindsay: Do you know how easily all this could blow up in your face? I mean, even if you marry Cristian and raise his child, is that what's going to make you happy?

Jen: I'm already happy. All my life I've let things happen to me. Now I'm going to make things happen to other people. Natalie will never get over Cristian, just like Al will never get over me, and I'll be able to spend every day of my life watching Cristian suffer.

Lindsay: Oh, Honey, did he hurt you that bad?

Jen: I loved him, Mom. When I first met him, I never thought somebody like that could love me. But he convinced me that he did, and it was all a lie. But it's okay because I'm not going to let anybody hurt me like that ever again. You can go home.

Lindsay: But --

Jen: Yeah, go home. I'm fine.

Lindsay: Okay, if that's what you want.

Jen: I'll see you later.

Lindsay: Where are you going?

Jen: To finish off Natalie.

Jen: Natalie, I've thought about what you said, and if you don't care what other people say --

Natalie: I donít.

Jen: Then I have no right to ask you to leave.

Natalie: Thank you.

Jen: So Cristian and I will go.

Natalie: What -- what? What, you want to leave Llanview? Why?

Jen: I can't be here. I can't watch a woman that loves my husband every day. It'll kill me.

Natalie: Jen, Cristianís whole family is here.

Jen: I know, and it's going to be really hard for him to leave his Mom and Antonio. But the baby and I -- we're his family now, and I know he'll be strong for all of us, even if it means leaving all the people that he loves most in the world. I know he'll do that.

Natalie: No.

Jen: It's not your fault, Natalie.

Natalie: I can't do this to Cristian.

Jen: It's my fault. I can't deal with your feelings for him. It scares me. But if you're going to be here in Llanview, we canít. I don't really see any other way. Do you?


Sister Teresa: Was Allison lucid? Did she have any answers for you?

Viki: Um, perhaps, yeah. I wanted to thank you, anyway, Sister, because I know you bent the rules for me a little bit, and I thought maybe I could make a donation to St. Ann's.

Sister Teresa: Oh, I'm sorry. St. Ann's doesn't accept donations.

Viki: Really? It would mean a lot to me if I could help.

Sister Teresa: Well, whenever we receive financial support, we always send it on to St. Jude's. I could give you Father Diaz's phone number.

Viki: Thank you, yeah.

Bo: That would be great, Sister. There you go.

Viki: Thank you, Bo.

Sister Teresa: Here, you can call him and make the arrangements.

Viki: I will do that.

Sister Teresa: All right.

Viki: Thank you.

Bo: Thanks.

Viki: Let's see.

Sister Teresa: If Allison regains some of her faculties, I'll contact both of you.

Viki: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Priest: St. Jude's, Father Diaz speaking.

Viki: Oh, Father Diaz, my name is Victoria Davidson. I was wondering if I could drop off a contribution in maybe a few minutes.

Father Diaz: That's very kind of you, Mrs. Davidson. Look for me in the sanctuary.


Max: I -- I wanted to give Roxy a break for giving me those tapes of Luna.

Al: Luna really got to you, huh?

Max: Yeah. So, where'd you get the face?

Al: From you.

Max: Ha-ha.

Al: Oh, yeah, that. Uh, I had a little fight, but --

Max: Really?

Al: Yeah. Totally worth it, though. I learned something.

Max: What's that? Duck next time?

Al: You know what? Later. It looks like you two might want to be alone.

Max: No, Al --

Al: Good-bye.

Max: Al, wait! Wait! Wait! Al?

[Max whistles]

[Door closes]

Max: Yeah.

Roxy: Lunch is served.

Max: Look, that's really not necessary, Roxy.

Roxy: Oh, but I think it is.

Max: Okay, hold it. What are you doing?

Roxy: I just want to thank you in the best way I know how. So I think we should skip the appetizer and I think we should go right for the main course.

Max: Agh!


Todd: I really do want to get to know you, Jack. Happy Birthday, Son.

Officer: Todd Manning? Having violated the restraining order forbidding you to be within 50 feet of your children, you are hereby placed under arrest.


Jessica: Hey.

Seth: Jess. I thought we were meeting at your place.

Jessica: Something really bad happened. I have to find Cristian.

Seth: Oh, no. What's up?

Jessica: Jen found out that Natalie is in love with him.

Seth: Oh, man. Well, Cristian wasn't in the locker room and he's not down here.

Jessica: All right, so, he's gone.


Jen: Cristian and I have to leave Llanview. It's the only way.

Natalie: No, it isn't.

Jen: What are you saying?

Cristian: Hey -- um -- Marcie called and told me that you needed me. What's wrong?

Jen: Cristian, I have really bad news.

Natalie: I'm leaving Llanview, Cristian. For good.


Allison: Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch --

Bo: Allison --

Allison: Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch --

Bo: Mitch once programmed you to steal Viki's baby. Did you know that she had twins?

Allison: Ask Mitch.

Bo: No, we can't do that, because Mitch Laurence is dead.

Allison: Is he?


Viki: Father? Father Diaz? We spoke on the telephone earlier. I'm Victoria Davidson.

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