OLTL Transcript Wednesday 10/02/02

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 10/2/02

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

Lindsay: Is Dr. MacIver on duty tonight? Did he take a dinner break? I help him with fundraising for his clinic. I have an idea that I'd like to run by him. Palace. How nice. No, no. No message. I'll catch up with him later. You bet I will.


Sam: Come on in. You sounded very stressed when you called. What's up?

Lindsay: Look, I'm very upset.

Sam: Look, I know I haven't seen you since the pardon, but what's --

Lindsay: It's not about you not seeing me, Sam. It's about Jen.

Sam: What about Jen?

Lindsay: She's pregnant.

Sam: Pregnant? She's -- how long has it been?

Lindsay: She just found out.

Sam: Oh, my God. She's so young. I mean, I just can't picture her as a mother yet, or Cristian as a father, for that matter.

Lindsay: You got that part exactly right.


Al: I'm sorry I told anybody that we made love, Jen.

Jen: Shut up. Cristian's here.

Cristian: You and Al made love?


Starr: Does it still hurt?

Troy: She's going to be fine, Sweetheart, but you know what? The next time you want to hit a few grounders, you may want to be a little more careful, ok?

Starr: I told her that she would get better faster if she came to your free clinic.

Troy: Well, she's definitely going to get better faster. Hey. You know what? Suzanne, on your way out, if you want to stop by the nurses' station, they'll have a prescription for you.

Suzanne: Ok, thanks.

Starr: Bye.

Troy: All right.

Man: Excuse me, Doctor. I'm Ned sanders. I'm an attorney. I'm afraid I've got some bad news. You're out of business.


Bo: Renee. We have a reservation.

Renee: Right.

Bo: Uh -- is something wrong?

Renee: This way.

Bo: Hey, Renee? How if we take this table here?

Renee: But you always sit here.

Bo: Yeah, I know, but tonight, we want to be front and center. You know, this is our first night out as an official couple.

Renee: A debut?

Gabrielle: Quite.

Renee: Enjoy.

Bo: Phew.

Gabrielle: Thank you.

Bo: You're welcome.

Gabrielle: Oh, what an evening. We're dining out in public where everyone can see us. Forgive me for the sin of pride, but frankly, I'm so happy.

Asa: Now hear this -- my son is a horse's ass!


Seth: Natalie, what's up with you?

Natalie: What's it look like?

Seth: Well, hold on a sec. Where you going?

Natalie: Anywhere I please.

Seth: Well, hold on!

Natalie: Sorry. Can't do that.

Seth: Why not?

Natalie: Because I got men to see, fun times to have, and good times on my horizon. Ciao.

Seth: Natalie, no. Don't do this to yourself.

Natalie: Hey.


Cristian: I asked a question. What? Not even an answer?

Jen: Ok, yes, it's true. Al and I slept together. Are you happy now, Al?


Troy: What are you talking about?

Ned: This injunction says your clinic is closing, Doc.

Troy: Well, it can't close because I have patients to treat, thank you.

Ned: Like poor Mr. Jenkins?

Troy: What's the matter with Mr. Jenkins?

Ned: He's in extreme pain -- it's probably permanent -- because of improper treatment he received at your clinic.

Troy: "Improper treatment?Ē

Ned: From Dr. Ben Davidson. Your clinic is being sued. How much would all this equipment be worth at auction? Because Mr. Jenkins' medical bills are going through the roof.

Mr. Jenkins: You know, Ned, maybe I'd better sit down. My arm's acting up again real bad.

Troy: You do realize that you're suing a man who's comatose, correct?

Ned: Excuse me?

Troy: Ben Davidson is in a coma.

Ned: Well, we can always settle out of court. We think this is a fair settlement.

Troy: Do you? This is our operating budget for an entire year.

Ned: We can't let you continue to entice people into trusting some shoddy clinic that practices sloppy medicine --

Troy: "Shoddy clinic?" Let's get something straight here, ok? When patients come to this clinic, they receive nothing but state-of-the-art, highly personalized care.

Starr: Yeah. And when they come here, they get Dr. Troy, the best doctor in the whole wide world.

Suzanne: It's ok, Honey.

Starr: And he made Matthew well. And my mom said that he didn't even charge him a dime.

Ned: Will someone silence this obnoxious little girl, please? We have serious business to discuss.

[Troy chuckles]

Starr: I don't like you, Mr. Lawyer man, and you might have a problem.


Sam: What do you mean by that?

Lindsay: Cristian doesn't really want to marry her.

Sam: He doesn't -- well, come on, Lindsay. I have a hard time believing that.

Lindsay: Well, of course you do, Sam, because you've always taken his side. She's not the same girl, Sam. She's not the same girl at all.

Sam: Well, it's only natural that she would be under a little bit of stress right now.

Lindsay: She's in a really, really bad place.

Sam: Ok. All right, ok. Let's just take this one step at a time, ok? I mean, it's -- obviously, Jenniferís going to be going through a lot of changes.

Lindsay: Changes? I'll say she's going through some changes. While I was being half tortured to death in that hellhole, my daughter's life fell apart.

Sam: Well, I don't think that's exactly what happened.

Lindsay: Her wedding to Al Holden was called off. She went back to Cristian. She nearly got killed in a fire. I'd say that's a lot of changes.

Sam: Look, she's been through a lot of challenges lately, that's true, but she's resilient and she's strong and she'll get through this.

Lindsay: You're not hearing me. I don't know who she is anymore.

Sam: Well, what did she say?

Lindsay: It isn't what she said. It's what she's done.


Natalie: Why do you care what I do or who I do it with?

Seth: Oh, come on, Natalie. I've always cared. You know that.

Natalie: Oh, excuse me, but aren't you the same guy who told me to quit bothering him because he was too busy chasing after Jessica?

Seth: It wasn't like that. You know it!

Natalie: Oh, right. That was my fault, like everything else.

Seth: No. Things just changed, Natalie --

Natalie: Oh, forget the excuses, Seth. You took another look and decided you wanted my sister.

Seth: That's not how it happened.

Natalie: You dumped me when I had no friends, no one to turn to. But you know what? That's okay because I'm used to it. I had a whole childhood full of practice.

Seth: Natalie, I know you had a rough time growing up with Roxy, but I never meant to --

Natalie: I said forget it, okay, and quit acting like some good buddy, ok?

Seth: That's not what I'm doing!

Natalie: Look, things don't go my way anyway, Seth, so what does it matter how I dress or who I sleep with or anything else?

Seth: It matters because you're going to regret it.

Natalie: Oh. Are you kidding? Don't you remember? I'm the girl with no moral conscience. I'm not perfect like Jessica.

Seth: Nobody is perfect, Natalie.

Natalie: And I'm not classy, either. Did I mention self-righteous? I just thought of something. If I hook up with some loser tonight, then Jessica will actually have some reason to say something really nasty about me. I will be doing her such a favor. Tell her not to leave the light on.

Seth: Natalie, I am not going to let you do this.

Natalie: Give me that.

Seth: This is Cristianís, isn't it?


Jen: Yes, we made love, Al. We made love. Now, everyone's said it at least once. Are you satisfied? Maybe we should hang a banner from the fire escape and let everyone know what happened last November. Why can't you just get over it?

Al: I -- I'm sorry. I --

Jen: Yeah, Cristian had just left me and I was a basket case and I didn't know what to do or where to go, and that's how the two of us ended up down there at the quarry, ok?

Al: Yeah. Right. I'm sorry I brought it up. I mean --

Cristian: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Is that what you guys were talking about, that time at the quarry?

Al: Well -- yeah. And -- and Jen is right. I -- I shouldn't -- I shouldn't have come here. I'm -- I'm really, really sorry.

Jen: Stop saying you're sorry. Just go.

Al: Right. I -- I'm sorry. I mean, I'm -- I'm going to go. I won't come back.

Jen: Wait a minute. There's something you should know.

Al: What?

Jen: Cristian and I are getting married.


Troy: Uh --

Starr: Ugh!

Troy: Look, look, look, look. Starr, Starr, listen to me, ok? I appreciate you looking out for me and everything, but I think I got this one, ok?

Starr: But your clinic -- it'll be all right?

Troy: Absolutely. The clinic's going to be fine, ok?

Starr: It better be.

Troy: It will. Now, Suzanne, you have your prescription, right?

Suzanne: Yeah, the nurse just gave it to me. Thank you so much, Doctor.

Troy: No problem. I'm going to give this to you.

Suzanne: Thank you.

Troy: And you I will see later.

Starr: See you.

Troy: All right.

Starr: Bye.

Troy: Bye. So now, let's talk because this clinic provides a very important service to the community and it's not shutting down.

Ned: Well, we're two professionals. If you're ready to talk settlement, I am right here.

Nora: Hi. May I see that injunction, please?

Ned: Nora Buchanan?

Nora: Yeah, in the flesh.

Ned: What are you doing here?

Natalie: I'm just an interested party.

Troy: Nora, don't worry about it. It's okay. You don't have to get involved.

Nora: Yeah, I do. Oh, it's just what I thought. Oh, this injunction is preliminary, that's right, which means that I actually can have it dismissed by a mere call to a judge.

Ned: Fine. See you in court.

Nora: That is if there's merit to Mr. Jenkins' claim.

Mr. Jenkins: Oh, there's merit, all right. My arm hurts something awful.

Ned: Yes, because that quack Davidson set it so that it healed like a pretzel.

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Ned: The man can't move his arm. It's useless. He's a truck driver. He can't do his work. He can't even do his chores around the house.

Nora: Yes, I know. It's all in here. You know what else is in here? Dr. Ben Davidson set your broken arm on the 28th of the month?

Ned: So?

Nora: Well, this is a worksheet, and it shows exactly who was here on what day and for how many hours. The next time you come up with a scam like this, I think you need to do your homework a little better.

Ned: What?

Nora: Dr. Ben Davidson couldn't possibly have set anyone's broken arm on the 28th. He was unconscious in intensive care.


Asa: Attention! Everybody! The police commissioner, Bo Buchanan, is also a damn fool! He let a lying little ex-con ruin his reputation!

Renee: Asa, come on, please.

Asa: Now he's going all over town! He's bragging about it. Hmm. I heard about you and your bullhorn down at Angel Square.

Bo: Ah, gee, Pa. You know, I never would have thought of that.

Asa: Frankly, my friend, it made me sick!

Bo: Well, you know what? What I did -- it wasn't about you.

Asa: You are a Buchanan, Bo! Everything you do reflects on your family.

Bo: Let me tell you something. I'm very happy, what I did, to let everybody know how much I care for Gabrielle. And I'll tell you something else. It's because she has class. See, she has more class than some members of my family will ever have.

Asa: Oh, Bo, what the hell did she do to your brain? I'm warning you! It's time for you to wake up and smell the roses.

Bo: How could you think that I would ever take advice as far as relationships from you? You're on marriage number 12 right now, Pa, and your current wife -- turns out that she was a shrink that was just a total fraud. Now, tell me something. What's up with that?

Renee: Yes. How did that come about, Asa?

Asa: I didn't come here to talk about my damn marriage!

Bo: Well, how about we just don't talk at all right now because I'll tell you, recently you haven't been making much sense. I would like to have a nice, enjoyable dinner with a woman that I care very much for, all right? I hope you don't mind me saying that.

Gabrielle: Not at all.

Asa: Bo, this is a user. She's a user, a liar, and a damn floozy!

Bo: All right, that's enough!

Asa: Oh, no. I'm just getting started.


Natalie: Give me that!

Seth: I've seen Cris wear this plenty of times. How'd it wind up in your purse?

Natalie: He gave it to me, ok? Just please give it back. This is the only thing that I have left.

Seth: Sure. Natalie, all this, the dress, the weird mood you're in, it's about Cristian, isn't it? Talk to me. What's going on?

Natalie: I told him.

Seth: You told him what?

Natalie: To marry Jen. He didn't want to. He didn't want to, but I made him do it because it's the right thing to do. He's probably proposing to her right now.


Al: What? Wait, you guys are -- you're getting married? Is that true?

Cristian: Yeah, yeah, it's true. I asked Jen to marry me.

Jen: And I said yes.

Al: Why? I mean, well, you guys are still in -- in school.

Jen: So a lot of people get married when they're in school. We almost did, remember? You didn't really seem to have a problem with that when you were the groom.

Al: Well, yeah, I know, but --

Cristian: You have a problem with this, Al?

Al: Yeah -- I mean, no, but -- it's a little sudden, don't you think? I mean, something must have happened for you --

Jen: No, that's none of your business. You don't have to know everything we do.

Cristian: Well, actually, there is a reason.


Sam: What's Jen done? Come on, Lindsay, you can't say something like that and expect me not to question it. What's Jen done?

Jen: I mean it. You tell anybody it's Al's baby and I will never talk to you again.

Lindsay: She's decided to marry Cristian.

Sam: Well, yeah?

Lindsay: She's compounding one mistake with another.

Sam: By marrying the father of her child, the man that she loves and the man who loves her?

Lindsay: I just got done telling you that Cristian doesn't really want to marry her.

Sam: All right, look, Lindsay, you know, you and I probably will never agree on Cristian Vega.

Lindsay: Now would be a good time to change your opinion of him, Sam.

Sam: Oh, yeah? Well, look, let's not do this, ok?

Lindsay: If it had been Al Holden who had done this, he would have done the right thing immediately.

Sam: Yeah, like when he tried to pretend he was paralyzed so he could trick her into marrying her?

Lindsay: That never would have happened if I had been here.

Sam: Oh, please, Lindsay.

Lindsay: But, no. No, thanks to Nora, I wasn't here to help my daughter go through all the changes that she had going on in her life.

Sam: You're blaming Nora for this?

Lindsay: Never would have happened. None of this would have ever happened if I hadn't been railroaded into prison by Nora.


Ned: So the date is wrong. So what? If it's a typo, the fundamentals remain the same. My client was disabled because of your clinic.

Nora: Then we'll fight you in court.

Ned: Too bad you won't have Dr. Davidson to testify. That could really hurt your case. Juries are so unpredictable. I'd settle if I were you.

Nora: Yes, I guess you're right. Well, I guess we might just have to do that. They do have your clinic in a bind, Troy.

Troy: Wait -- what?

Nora: Yeah.

Troy: No, no, no --

Nora: Ok, we'll work on a settlement, then.

Troy: Settlement? No, no, there's no settlement. I'm not settling. If we settle, the clinic goes to go out of business.

Nora: Excuse me. Do you mind? I'd like to -- I'd like to talk to him. Do you excuse me, please?

Ned: Of course.

Troy: Wait a minute. What are you talking about settlement? Nora, this is just some cool lawyer tactic here, right? I mean, you do understand that we're not settling this?

Nora: I understand. I understand. Do me a favor. Is Mr. Jenkins standing behind me?

Troy: Yeah.

Nora: Is there anyone standing between me and Mr. Jenkins?

Troy: No.

Nora: I'm going to need you to watch this, ok, in case I need a witness.

Troy: Ok. But what am I watching?

Nora: The oldest trick in the book. Excuse me. Heads up! Oops. Thank you.


Bo: Don't push your luck, Pa.

Asa: I'm just calling a slimy sidewinder for what she really is.

Bo: That's enough!

Asa: Damn it, did you hear me? Having an affair with this tramp will embarrass the whole family.

Bo: You've been married to half the names in the phone book. You want to talk about embarrassment?

Renee: Ok, come on, Asa. I don't want to have to call the cops.

Asa: He is the cops.

Renee: All right, then, I'll call the fire department and have you hosed down.

Asa: Fine, fine. I made my point. Show me my table.

Renee: Yes, please, please. Dining with Nigel? Things have come to a sorry pass.

Asa: I will dine with whoever I please.

Renee: Yes, but poor Nigel.

Asa: Very funny. We had to clear out. I'm having some work done in the mansion.

Renee: What kind of work?

Asa: A little pest control problem.

Renee: That would be your charming, blackmailing wife.

Asa: Blackmailing? What are you talking about?

Renee: You know perfectly well what I'm talking about.

Nigel: I must confess, I think perhaps I spoke out of turn.

Asa: How much did you tell her?

Nigel: I mentioned that the latest Mrs. Buchanan had a certain amount of, shall we say, leverage?

Asa: Nigel, shut your limey mouth up.

Nigel: Yes, sir. But I've been worried about the wine cellar.

Asa: Why?

Nigel: Well, what if Mr. Gannon and Mrs. Buchanan run out of oxygen down there, and die?

Asa: Hmm. Well, if that happens, I'm going to have a whole bunch of fireworks here and then a marching band.


Gabrielle: Al was at Llanfair?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Gabrielle: I don't understand why he was there, but -- unless he was there to see Jessica, because they are friends.

Bo: I think he was there to see Natalie.

Gabrielle: Natalie?

Bo: Yeah.

Gabrielle: That's rather odd.

Bo: Well, I'll tell you what's odder than that. I think Natalie was putting some moves on him.

Gabrielle: Oh.

Bo: Yeah.

Gabrielle: No. I'm sorry, Bo. I know that she's your niece. It's just I would -- I'd prefer if Al stayed away from her.

Bo: Ah, she's sweet. She does have her problems. I admit that.

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm. Although I suppose if they did start dating, then there could be a bright side to that.

Bo: I know exactly what you're thinking right now.

Gabrielle: I don't know if I'm ready for you to be able to do that.

Bo: You're thinking that if he starts dating Natalie then maybe that'll take his mind off this obsession he has with Jen Rappaport.


Cristian: It's pretty simple, Al. Jen and I --

Jen: We're in love. We want to spend the rest of our lives together. Haven't you ever heard of anyone marrying for love?

Al: Well, yeah, yeah. I've -- I've heard of that, but --

Jen: It's not like you playing the guilt card to get me to marry you.

Al: Cristian, what were you going to say right before Jen cut you off?

Jen: Nothing. You know what? Can I talk to you for a minute outside?

Al: Sure. Listen, Jen, I'm really sorry that things are working out the way that they are, but, you know, I mean, if you're going to get married, I guess there's really nothing I can do about it, right? Except congratulate you, I guess.

Jen: Listen. Listen to me. The only thing I want from you now or ever is for you to promise me never to come near me again.

Al: What?

Jen: I don't want to be in class with you, I don't want to see you; I don't want to talk to you. I don't even want to know you exist.

Al: Jen, what -- I don't understand. Why -- why are you --

Jen: I just want you to disappear, become invisible. Is that clear?

Al: Crystal.

Jen: Good. Don't forget it.

Al: No.

Jen: Nothing connects us. Ok?

Al: Got it.

Jen: Nothing much.


Seth: I thought you and Cris were just friends. Why would you be the one to talk him into getting married? What's the connection between you and Cris?

Natalie: I don't know, ok? I don't know anything anymore.

Seth: Hey, it's going to be ok, whatever's going on.

Natalie: No, no, no, it's not going to be ok. Nothing's ever going to be ok again -- nothing.

Seth: Natalie, are you in love with the guy? Wow.

Natalie: And it doesn't matter, not anymore. I mean, it was -- it was over before it began. But, hey, it's how everything works out for me, right? You know, you're a smart guy, Seth. Maybe you can tell me why.

Seth: Why?

Natalie: Why do I always lose?

Seth: All right, come on. You're not going out tonight. The only place you're going to is bed. Here we go, one step at a time.

Natalie: I just never felt so lonely before in my life. I want to die.

Seth: No, you donít. Come on. You just -- you need some rest. You're going to get through this. I promise. It's going to be ok.


Lindsay: It isn't just me that got hurt by their little vendetta. They've ruined my daughter's life --

Sam: Stop it, Lindsay!

Lindsay: And I am not going to let them get away with it!

Sam: Now, listen to me, listen to me! You're not in prison anymore. You're out. You're pardoned. You are free to build a brand new life for yourself. Now, don't waste it reliving these old memories!

Lindsay: Stop lecturing me!

Sam: Ok, fine, fine. Why don't you start concentrating on the future for once, ok? Now, what about all your plans?

Lindsay: What plans?

Sam: Yeah, sure, you had plans. What about -- what about Miami?

Lindsay: Oh, yeah. Miami. Well, I -- I figured out that there's something better that I can do with my life. I'm going to go do that right now.


Mr. Jenkins: Ah! My arm! Look what she made me do!

Ned: Yeah, I'm looking.

Nora: What x-rays were you planning on using in court? Not yours, I hope.

Mr. Jenkins: It really hurts.

Nora: Yes, I know. I feel the same way when I lose. We'll be seeing you very soon, Mr. Sanders, very soon.

Ned: Why is that?

Nora: Because Dr. MacIver can press charges with the District Attorney for conspiracy to defraud.

Mr. Jenkins: Can he do that?

Ned: Will you be quiet?

Nora: I believe it carries a minimum of 10 years in Statesville Prison. Or did the legislature move it up to 20 years? 20 years. I think it's 20 years.

Mr. Jenkins: We gotta get out of here. I let you talk me into this?

Ned: You shut up.

Mr. Jenkins: I never should have listened!

Ned: Shut up!

Mr. Jenkins: Now I can wind up in prison!

Ned: Shut up!

Nora: You ever heard that old story about the law firm Dewey, Fleecum, and Howe?

Troy: Yeah, actually, I believe I just met one of their attorneys, Mr. Cheatle.

Nora: Yes, I think you did. I don't think you're going to hear from those two again.

Troy: You just pulled the "Brady Bunch" trick, didn't you?

Nora: I did!

Troy: Nice job.

Nora: Why, thank you very much.

Troy: Can I tell you something? You are very hot in action.

Nora: Oh?

Troy: Oh, yeah.

Nora: Really?

Troy: I'm going to have to come check you out in court, I think.

Nora: Oh, you can check me out anytime, anywhere.

Troy: Oh, is that so?

Nora: Oh, that is so. We make a pretty good team, you know?

Troy: Yeah, we do. But then you already knew that, didn't you?


Asa: Renee. Sweetheart. Bo and his floozy are having dessert. We haven't even gotten the menu.

Renee: Oh. Well, I thought you claimed to live on bourbon and branch water, Asa.

Asa: A man needs a T-bone every now and then.

Renee: Well, I don't know. I mean, if you haven't gotten the menu yet, think how long it's going to be before you get your food.

Asa: Are you saying that you are not going to serve me?

Renee: Take it as you will, but I do apologize, Nigel, for the unusual slowness of my staff this evening.

Nigel: Most unfortunate, Sir.

Asa: Ah, hell. Maybe it's all right.

Nigel: Dare I ask why?

Asa: Well, sitting here, feeding our faces --

Nigel: No, I wouldn't mind doing that. Sir --

Asa: No, I'd rather go home, Nigel, and see what our lovers are up to down in my wine cellar. Come on.


Gabrielle: Bo, this has been such a lovely evening. Even if we -- you had to put up with Asa being Asa.

Bo: Yeah. Well, I'm not going to let anything ruin it. We're going to have a lot more these, hopefully without Pa anywhere around.

Gabrielle: What you said was amazing.

Bo: What? About you?

Gabrielle: Even more amazing than what you said down in Angel Square on the bullhorn, because you said it face to face to your father.

Bo: You know, Pa's got this tendency. It's a habit. He likes to pry in his sons' lives, but I think I'm able to handle it a lot better than I used to.

Gabrielle: I can see that.

Bo: I gotta warn you, though. I come with a lot of baggage. And it's all tagged "Asa Buchanan."

Gabrielle: Well, in case you haven't noticed, I come with a rather lot of baggage, too. I think we're well matched in the luggage department. Don't you?

Bo: Yeah. You know what?

Gabrielle: What?

Bo: Let's go home.

Gabrielle: Home.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Gabrielle: Oh, I like the way that sounds.


Seth: Just lie back. You'll be fine.

Natalie: I don't care. I don't care about anything anymore.

Seth: I do, ok? I care about you. Just lie back. You need some rest. That's it. I'll call you in the morning. I'll check on you first thing.

Natalie: Seth?

Rex: Seth, huh?


Al: Jen.


Cristian: Is Al gone?

Jen: Finally.

Cristian: Well, what did you have to say to him that you couldn't say in front of me?

Jen: I just didn't him to get all macho in front of you. I told him to stop stalking me, that we're getting married, we love each other, and that he needs to realize he has no chance.

Cristian: And?

Jen: And I think he finally got it.

Cristian: Right.

Jen: What?

Cristian: Just weird, the way you cut me off before I could tell him you were pregnant.

[Phone rings]

Jen: Hello?

Sam: Hi, honey. It's me. I just spoke to your mother. Is it true?

Jen: Yep. You're little girl is going to have a baby.

Sam: Uh-huh.

Jen: It's really like a miracle, isn't it? Cristian and I couldn't be happier.

Sam: Well, I'm sure it was unexpected, though.

Jen: It's kind of like somebody giving you a really wonderful gift.

Sam: A gift.

Jen: But don't tell anybody, ok? We want to kind of keep it a secret for right now.

Sam: Ok. But listen, honey, I -- I really want to talk to you. Can we meet?

Jen: Yeah. I'll see if I have some time tomorrow and I'll call you, ok?

Sam: Great. I love you.

Jen: Love you, too.

Jen: I love you, too.

Cristian: So you don't want anybody to know that you're pregnant?

Jen: Not yet.

Cristian: But you told your mom.

Jen: Yeah, I kind of had to. But we don't really want anybody else to know about it because it might get back to Al.

Cristian: What's this thing with Al? Why not tell him everything?

Jen: Well, you saw how upset he got. It would only make it worse if he thought we were having a baby.

Cristian: Yeah, but I thought you finally blew him off.

Jen: I did, but why tempt fate, you know? This should just be our secret for a while. It's our baby, right? It has nothing to do with Al Holden.


Jen's voice: I don't feel anything for you.

Al's voice: What?

Jen's voice: You keep picking at me, and then I say things that hurt your feelings, so you might as well just go home.

Al's voice: No, no. We made love!

Jen's voice: No, Al, we had sex. We didn't make love, and I don't feel guilty about it. So please just quit standing there hoping that things are going to turn into something bigger. It's over. Let it go.

Gabrielle: Al? Al, what's wrong?

Al: Nothing.

Gabrielle: Bo and I were taking a walk before going home, and we saw you. He's waiting back there. You look awfully miserable. What is it?

Al: I just don't understand.

Gabrielle: About what?

Al: Anything. Oh.

Gabrielle: Ok, Bo told me that he saw you with Natalie. Now, I want to let you know that sometimes, you know, when you rebound, you end --

Al: Look, I'm not on the rebound, ok, with anybody.

Gabrielle: Ok.

Al: Ok. I just don't understand how you can have almost everything you want, you know? And then it -- it just disappears.


Roxy: What are we going to do?

Rex: I'll stop Seth, no matter what. I mean, no way can Jessica find out that I lied about being her real brother.


Troy: Well, the first thing we're going to need is a bottle of your best champagne, please.

Renee: Ooh, it sounds like you're celebrating.

Nora: Ah, yes. A fantastic partnership.

Renee: Ah. That's good news in this room tonight.

Troy: You know, I still can't believe the way you handled that lawyer this afternoon. You saved the clinic. You know that?

Nora: Well, it's sort of interesting, because the clinic saves lives. So I guess that with you and I together, no one can bring us down, huh?

Lindsay: Joanna's dead? Are you sure?

Man: Quite sure.

Nora: To a wonderfully talented, dedicated doctor who owns my heart.

Troy: To a smart, sexy lawyer who owns mine.

Nora: To the future.

Troy: The future.

Lindsay: What a wonderful toast. I don't believe I could have done a better one myself. Because after all, one doesn't really know what the future holds. Right?

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R.J.: You know, we could be stuck here for hours.

Rae: Would that be so bad?

Antonio: It's Keriís mother's baby.

Carlotta: And the father is?

Keri: You do still want this baby, don't you?

Troy: Spit it out, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Ok, Troy. But don't say I didn't warn you.

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