OLTL Transcript Friday 9/27/02

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/27/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Max: You and Jen had sex recently?

Jen: If Cristian won't marry me, I can't have this baby.

Cristian: I can still be with you and be a father to my kid.

Roxy: Who was the love of Max's life?

Blair: Her name was Luna.

Liz: If I'm pregnant, the baby's father is a total stranger.

Antonio: What are you saying, that you're having your mother's baby?


Antonio: If I could have one wish?

Keri: You'd wish --

Antonio: That the baby you're carrying is mine.

Liz: No. It can't be. Not him.


Al: You mind if I take a look at that?

Max: No.

Al: You know, Dad, when I was a kid, I used to wish that someday I'd find somebody that I loved the same way you loved Luna.

Max: I hope you do. And I hope she loves you the same way Luna loved me. But you're not going to find her unless you're ready to give up on Jen.

Al: How do I do that, Dad? How do I just forget about the times that we made love?

Max: If you're lucky, you donít. You'll just have to find a way to accept that you two can't be together anymore.

Al: How, Dad? I mean, listen -- this is nothing like you and Luna, ok? Luna died. And -- and I know how hard that was for you.

Max: You can't imagine what it's like to have no hope.

Al: See, that's the difference. For you, it was final. You know you can't be with Luna because you know that you can never see her again.

Max: At least not in this life.


Madam Camille: You want to talk long distance? Use the telephone.

Roxy: I don't think there's any area code for Luna Moody.

Madam Camille: Do you mean she's on the other side?

Roxy: The other side of what?

Madam Camille: Are you saying this Luna Moody has passed?

Roxy: Oh, you mean dead? Oh, yeah, she's deader than a doornail. But you gotta talk to her, you know, about this mutual connection -- Max. Look, I got a lot of cash here, so, you know, you do your mumbo-jumbo or whatever it is that you do with this, and, you know, just get a-crackin', okay?

Madam Camille: Very well.

Madam Camille: Uh.

Roxy: Ah! What? What is it? What's going on?

Madam Camille: There's something very wrong! I'm receiving powerful negative emanations.

Roxy: Well, you know, don't worry. I could pay you double -- triple, even.

Madam Camille: It's not the money. I'm afraid you have to go.

Roxy: Oh, the hell with that. Hey, Luna -- hey, Luna, are you in there? It's Roxy Holden. So cut the negative ammunitions. You gotta help me with you know who.


Carlotta: Jen's carrying your baby, and you're in love with Natalie Buchanan?

Cristian: Yes.

Carlotta: I thought you were in love with Jen!

Cristian: I did, too, Mom, but I don't know what happened. Something changed. Things changed. My feelings changed.

Carlotta: In my day, people didn't fall in and out of love so easily, especially when a baby was involved.

Cristian: Believe me, Mom, it's not like I planned this. Natalie and I started out as just friends, and then somehow it turned into something more -- much more -- for both of us.

Carlotta: Mijo, that's the girl that helped Al Holden fake his paralysis. How could you even think that you could fall in love with someone who could do that?

Cristian: I don't think that I'm --

Carlotta: That's right -- you don't think. Otherwise, you'd realize that there's nobody more sweet, more kind than Jen.


Jen: I'm going to punish them all. Al won't be able to raise his own baby. Cristian will be forced to marry me and raise someone else's kid without even knowing it. And Natalie will have to give up Cristian forever. Each of them will get exactly what they deserve. Natalie. You scared me.

Natalie: Who were you talking to?

Jen: You heard me?


R.J.: I thought you were in a rush to meet Keri.

Liz: Yeah, but she and Antonio are a little busy. I don't want to interrupt them.

Keri: I wish my mom would get back here. I can't wait for you guys to finally meet.

R.J.: Well, now, doesn't sound like they're busy anymore.

[Liz chuckles]

R.J.: Come on, I'll introduce you to our future son-in-law.


Natalie: It just sounded like you were saying something about someone getting what they deserved?

Jen: That's right, I did.

Natalie: There's no one else here.

Jen: You're wrong, Natalie. There is someone else here -- me and Cristianís baby. That's who I was talking to. You're laughing at me, aren't you? You think it's silly.

Natalie: Not at all.

Jen: Oh, it's ok. I used to laugh at women who would talk to their unborn babies, too. I don't know if it's just the fact that I'm actually pregnant or if it's that I suddenly feel so alone in it, but there's a person in here -- a little helpless soul growing inside of me, depending on me.

Natalie: Yeah, there is.

Jen: And I was just telling him or her not to worry, that they're going to get everything in this life that they deserve. No matter what I have to sacrifice, everything's going to work out. I just wish I believed it myself.


Cristian: Natalie's not a bad person, Mami.

Carlotta: No, she's just misunderstood. Look, I understand perfectly. She's very pretty, and she's very smart, and she's very seductive. But she's also very selfish, and she's using you.

Cristian: No, she's not.

Carlotta: What kind of girl goes after another girl's boyfriend?

Cristian: That's not what happened.

Carlotta: Oh, no?

Cristian: Do you have any idea what kind of life Natalieís had, what she's had to overcome?

Carlotta: If you want to feel sorry for her, feel sorry. But don't confuse pity with love.

Cristian: What?

Carlotta: Cristian, you've always had a very open heart. That's a quality in you that makes you so special. Ever since you were a little boy, you'd bring home every stray animal you could find. One time you even brought home a bug. Do you remember that? You said you felt sorry for it because it was all alone.

Cristian: Yeah, well, you know what, Mami? I'm not a little boy anymore, ok? I know the difference between pity and love. And I don't feel sorry for Natalie. I love her.

Carlotta: But you said you loved Jen. You told me that over and over.

Cristian: I -- I thought I loved Jen, but this is different. Well, at least give Natalie a chance, huh? You changed your mind about Keri.

Carlotta: Oh, please, don't even -- don't even try to compare Natalie to Keri.

Cristian: Why not? You hated her, too.

Carlotta: No, I -- my problem was not with Keri. My problem was with Keriís father.

Cristian: Look, if you just let yourself get to know Natalie the way I know her --

Carlotta: Look, I know all I care to know about Natalie Buchanan. She's stealing you away from the mother of your child.

Cristian: Mom, Natalie did not try to come between me and Jen. It just happened.

Cristian: And you're willing to risk the life of your child for something that "just happened?Ē

Cristian: Well, I could still be a good father to my baby.

Carlotta: Oh, don't be so sure. Look, how many times did you tell me over and over again that Jen was the best thing that ever happened to you? You told me she was so sweet, so wonderful. I can't believe that you're going to throw a girl like that away for this entremetida.

Cristian: No, wait a minute, Mom. Ok, look, maybe Natalie did those things you said, but that's not who she is.

Carlotta: According to her.

Cristian: No, according to me, your son. Natalie's smart, and she's sensitive, and she's kind, ok? And she's not like any girl that I've ever been with before.

Carlotta: Yeah, I can agree with you on that point.

Cristian: Mami, I'm telling you that I love her, that I want to be with her, that she's the one for me. Now, why can't you understand that?

Carlotta: And I'm telling you that if you can abandon the mother of your child and throw yourself away on a heartless troublemaker like Natalie Buchanan, then you're no son of mine.


R.J.: Ahem -- Keri.

Keri: R.J. Did you find mom? Did you get things straightened out?

R.J.: Seemingly. I mean, we've started to.

Keri: Where is she?

R.J.: Right here. She's worried that she's going to be interrupting.

Keri: Interrupting. Come on. My mom's here.

Antonio: Ok.

Keri: Can't believe you're finally going to meet --

Antonio: Here goes nothing.

Keri: -- my mom.


Liz: What have I done? What have I done?


Roxy: Now, listen, Luna, there's nobody else I can turn to. And you know, after we're dead, you can have him back, I swear. Besides, I'm going to be looking for Elvis.

Madam Camille: We do not badger the spirits.

Roxy: Well, I don't care. I'm desperate --

Madam Camille: And only I can touch the crystal. It's attuned to my aura.

Roxy: Then touch it. Retune that aura. But I gotta tell you that my life and my marriage are riding on this. Please?

Madam Camille: I can promise you nothing.

Roxy: Hey, don't sell yourself short, sister. I've been talking about you around here, and everybody says you are the best.

Madam Camille: First we have to discover the source of those dark vibrations we encountered before.

Roxy: You mean the ones that zapped you?

Madam Camille: Yes, the ones that zapped me, and that will cost you.

Roxy: Yeah, yeah, sure. Whatever it costs, go for it.

Madam Camille: Ah. Now I understand.

Roxy: What is it?

Madam Camille: Your husband --

Roxy: Maxie?

Madam Camille: He doesn't want you.

Roxy: Duh. I could've told you that. I mean, that's why I'm here. But, you know, you gotta talk to her because, you know, she's the only one that Maxie ever loved, so I gotta find out her tricks.

Madam Camille: Wait.

Roxy: Is the aura retuning?

Madam Camille: Someone's trying to come through. Do not be afraid. All is safe. Come. Join us.

Roxy: Who is it?

Madam Camille: They're not making themselves known yet. But I sense extreme goodness. Yes, come closer. Ah. I see a dark-haired woman with flowing robes. She's wearing a crystal pendant.

Roxy: That's it. That's looney Luna. What's she saying?

Madam Camille: She's not saying anything. She's waving good-bye.


Max: Luna was the one great love of my life. That doesn't mean I didn't love your mother. I did.

Al: It was just different. I understand.

Max: Yeah, it was.

Al: Boy, what a bummer, huh, having to go from Luna to Roxy?

Max: Oh. You can't begin to imagine.

Al: I'm sorry, Dad.

Max: Oh. You know, to make matters worse, I made the mistake of mentioning to Roxy that there had been one special lady in my life, and now she keeps hounding me, trying to find out who it is.

Al: So, tell her. She can't do anything to Luna.

Max: There's no way I want to hear Roxy speak Lunaís name. Some things should remain sacred.

Al: What if Jen is the one great love of my life?

Max: Can't be if it's one-sided, Al.

Al: Well, it wasn't always one-sided, Dad. I mean -- I mean, she could be my Luna, Dad. I know it. I feel it.

Max: Al, if -- then as hard as it is to say and as harsh as it may sound, then she might as well be dead, too.

Al: No, Dad, don't say that.

Max: Al -- Son, Son, face facts here, huh? Jen is not in love with you.

Al: It doesn't make sense, Dad. Ok, ok, maybe the first time at the quarry was a mistake. But then why did she call me and beg me, practically, to make love to her, Dad, not once, but twice?

Max: Whatever her reasons, she clearly chose Cristian.

Al: But she doesn't love him, Dad. She said that he didn't make her feel safe or protected, that I was the only person who ever made her feel that way.

Max: Al, come on. Take it easy. Sit down, sit down.

Al: She said that I have always been the one, that she just realized it now.

Max: Al, you can't keep doing this to yourself, all right?

Al: She meant it, Dad. I know it.

Max: Then she changed her mind.

Al: Why? What did I do wrong, Dad? And worse than that, how can I make it right if she won't even talk to me?

Max: Well, that's just the thing -- you can't.

Al: Then what do I do?

Max: Al, come on. You let go.

Al: No.

Max: Yes, you let go so you can start to get over her, start to move on.

Al: No. I mean, what if -- what if she changes her mind, Dad? No, I have to be -- I have to be there. I have to stay here so -- so if she changes her mind and realizes that it's me that she loves --

Max: Al, just listen to me, would you? It's not going to happen.

Al: Look, I can't, ok, Dad? What happens if she wakes up and realizes that I'm the one she wants? I have to be -- I have to be ready and I have to be here.


Cristian: Look, Mami, I'm not abandoning anyone here, but these days people don't always get married just because they're having a baby.

Carlotta: And you think that's a good thing?

Cristian: Well, it is if they don't love each other.

Carlotta: Look, Cristian, you know, I didn't agree when you moved in together. But when you asked her to live with you, you made a commitment to her.

Cristian: I know that.

Carlotta: And she believed that you loved her and that this was leading to marriage, and so did I.

Cristian: I know, I know. And I did, too.

Carlotta: So what happened? Why did everything suddenly change?

Cristian: I don't know what happened. It just did.

Carlotta: You don't know? You don't know. But I know. Things changed because Natalie made them change.

Cristian: This isn't Natalieís fault, mom.

Carlotta: Then whose fault is it? Jen's?

Cristian: No! Why does it have to be anybody's fault? It sure wasn't planned. Look, Mami, I'm not saying -- I'm not blaming Jen, ok? But something changed between us. Jen changed. And at the same time, Natalie and I started getting closer together.

Carlotta: Oh, what a surprise.

Cristian: As friends. I was helping her when Niki Smith was trying to frame her for pushing Dr. Davidson out the window.

Carlotta: Yeah, you were helping her, and she was helping herself.

Cristian: Mom, things already weren't the same between me and Jen.

Carlotta: Mijo, do you think that things were always the same between your father and I? Things change. That's part of a relationship. But you work through them. You don't walk away. Oy, dios mio, what did Natalie do to you?

Cristian: Wait a minute. Stop blaming Natalie! Come on! Mami, I'm the one who went after her. I'm the one who forced her to admit what she was feeling for me.

Carlotta: And the two of you were carrying on behind Jenís back?

Cristian: No! Look, Mami, as soon as we realized what we were feeling for each other, I knew that I needed to tell Jen. But when I went to tell her, she tells me she's pregnant.

Carlotta: So you couldn't have thought that Jen changed that much if you had kept making love to her all that time.

Cristian: I'm not saying that I don't care about Jen. I do care about Jen, but it's not the same way that I care about Natalie.

Carlotta: But Natalieís not the one carrying your child, and Jen is.

Cristian: What do you want me to do, Mami? What do you want me to do? Be with Jen even though I don't love her? Is that what you want for me? To be with someone that I don't love?

Carlotta: Of course not.

Cristian: Then what?

Carlotta: I told you that I'd never push you to something that you couldn't live with. But when Jen walked in that diner, her heart was breaking and she was having all kinds of crazy thoughts.

Cristian: What do you mean?

Carlotta: I mean are you willing to risk losing that precious life that the two of you created? Because that's what she's thinking of.


Natalie: Why wouldn't things work out for your baby?

Jen: They just might not.

Natalie: Doesn't make any sense. I mean, you and Cristian both come from loving families, and yours has plenty of money, so your baby's never going to want for love or anything else.

Jen: It's not that simple.

Natalie: It seems to me it is.

Jen: You're Cristianís friend, Natalie, and you're my friend now, too -- probably my best friend. Natalie, I don't know what I'm going to do. Ever since I told Cristian about the baby, he's been acting so strange.

Natalie: Well, he was probably just caught off guard. I mean, I'm sure he wasn't expecting this.

Jen: Well, I'd understand that. I mean, I wasn't expecting it, either. He's just acting so different.

Natalie: He probably just needs to get used to the idea.

Jen: I'm getting this awful feeling he doesn't want to marry me.

Natalie: Has he said that?

Jen: No, but when you know someone the way me and Cristian know each other --

Natalie: I don't know what to say.

Jen: If I wasn't so sure that he loved me, I would have been more careful. You've seen us together. He could never keep his hands off me. He's always telling me how much I made him happy and how he wanted us to be together forever, have a family together. I always felt so safe with him. But now something's changed.

Natalie: I'm sorry.

Jen: You're friends with him. Has he said anything? I mean, do you know what happened to make him pull away from me all of a sudden?


Liz: Please, God, don't let Keri be pregnant.

[Knock on door]

Keri: Mom, are you in there?

Liz: Yeah, I am. I -- I -- I just -- I suddenly felt a little sick.

Keri: Mom, you don't look so good. Are you ok? Are you having some kind of reaction to the procedure? Maybe we should get you to a doctor.

Liz: No, honey, it's nothing serious. I just -- I just felt a little weak, a little dizzy. I don't know why. I --

Keri: I know why. It's everything finally catching up to you, Mom -- Steveís dying, the long trip back from Africa, and then the trip where your car broke down.

Liz: No. It's not that.

Keri: I barely let you catch your breath after the procedure before making you get on a plane to Llanview. I don't know what I was thinking. I should have let you rest for a couple days.

Liz: Honey, it's not your fault. No, none of this is your fault.

Keri: Maybe not, but I'm still taking you straight to the hotel so you can lie down.

Liz: I think that's a good idea.

Keri: Ok?

Liz: Yeah.

Keri: And you can get to know Antonio after you've had some time to rest.

Liz: Yeah. Great. A lot better.

Keri: For now, you'll just have to settle for a quick hello.

Liz: No, there's not time, Keri. I just need to go lie down.

Keri: It won't take any time at all. He's right outside. Antonio?

Antonio: Everything all right in there? 

Liz: Oh! Oh, oh, oh.

Keri: What is it?

Liz: I don't know. Suddenly, I'm just getting this really bad headache. I --

Keri: Oh, ok. Well, I have some aspirin in my office. We'll get it on the way to the car.

Liz: No, honey, I just -- I just need to rest here a minute.

Keri: Ok, you rest. I'll get the aspirin. I'll be right back.

Liz: No, Keri -- Honey, don't leave me, all right? You think maybe Antonio could go get it?

Keri: Yeah. Of course. Antonio, I have a bottle of aspirin in my top desk drawer. Would you mind getting it for me?

Antonio: No. What's going on? Everything all right?

Keri: It will be.

Antonio: All right. I'll be right back.

Keri: Thanks. Ok, he'll be right back, so just try to relax.

Liz: Wow. It's so strange. Suddenly, it's -- it's gone.

Keri: Are you sure?

Liz: Yeah, for the moment. Boy, I think I better just go lie down.

Keri: Ok, well, Antonio will be right back. We can go.

Liz: Ah, no, I -- I just need some fresh air. I gotta go now, Keri.

Keri: But, Mom --

Liz: I -- please, I -- I can drive myself. Don't worry. I have caused you enough trouble. I'm so sorry.

Keri: But you haven't met Antonio yet.

Liz: Honey, I don't want to meet him like this.

Keri: Mom, you look -- I'm sorry. I'm just being selfish. You can meet him another time.

Liz: Thanks.

Keri: Are you ok to drive?

Liz: Yeah, I -- I'll see you later.

Antonio: I got the aspirin. Where's your mom?

Keri: She suddenly recovered enough to go to the hotel.

Antonio: So fast?

Keri: I think she just needs to get some fresh air and lie down before she gets sick again.

Antonio: Am I ever going to meet your mother?

Keri: I'm a little worried about her. Oh, well. You'll meet her later, I guess. And in the meantime, are you busy?

Antonio: Not if you need me to do something for you.

Keri: Would you mind driving me somewhere?


Roxy: She's waving good-bye? She hasn't even said hello yet. Hey, Luna, where are your manners? Get your ghost butt up here.

Madam Camille: Please.

Roxy: Hey, do something.

Madam Camille: I canít. I'm losing her. She doesn't seem able to come through strongly.

Roxy: Well, do something. You're supposed to be really good.

Madam Camille: Perhaps she lacks a real connection.

Roxy: Oh, no, we got a connection, and it's named Max Holden, so you tell her that.

Madam Camille: I'm sorry. It is taking all my energy to stay in contact at all.

Roxy: Listen, you tell that lunatic if she cares anything about Max that she'll get up here, she'll play ball with me, or else I'm going to make Max's life a living hell.

Madam Camille: We don't threaten the spirits.

Roxy: Hey, listen, you speak for myself. She's got info, and I'm going to get it, no matter what. So you tell her not to disappear until she tells me how to make Max love me.

Madam Camille: She's showing me something.

Roxy: What? A dress? Shoes? What?

Madam Camille: I think --

Roxy: What? You know, because I'll wear anything.

Madam Camille: I see -- yes, it's a trunk.

Roxy: She's wearing a trunk? Like an elephant? I draw the line on wearing a trunk.

Madam Camille: No, a box. It's wooden. It appears to be rather old. Antique, maybe.

Roxy: A box is going to save our marriage?

Madam Camille: She's motioning to it.

Roxy: What? What is she doing? Is she pointing to it? I mean, is there something inside of the box? Is there something inside of the box?

Madam Camille: Oh!

Roxy: Oh, boy, she really shorted out. Here, honey. Buy yourself a new fuse. I gotta find that mystical, magical trunk.


Max: Al, Jen is not going to suddenly realize you're the one, not after all you've been through.

Al: She does realize it, Dad. That's what led to us making love twice.

Max: And twice she went back to Cristian.

Al: Well -- she's probably feeling a little guilty, you know? She's been with the guy a long time. She's having trouble breaking up with him. I mean, maybe that's why she was confused. But she was not confused when she came to me, Dad.

Max: Al, uh -- what did she say to you those two times before you slept together?

Al: That -- that she wanted me, that I made her feel safe, Dad, and she meant it. I know it.

Max: And afterwards, everything changed?

Al: Yeah, yeah. She said that she'd made a big mistake, that she was confused.

Max: And this happened twice? Both times the same? Why?

Al: I think she's feeling guilty, you know? I think it's right that now she's confused. That's why she could still change her mind. Don't you see, Dad? That's why I have to be available for her. That's -- that's why this is different than you and Luna. Don't you see that?

Max: I'm beginning to. Listen, I just remembered -- there's something I have to take care of. Do me a favor.

Al: What?

Max: Watch some TV. You know, read a book, play some music, dance, whatever. Have a beer. Just anything. Just -- just, you know, to help you get over her. You know, take that first step, all right?

Al: No, Dad, I'm sorry. I can't do that. I can never stop thinking about Jen.


Natalie: Are you sure Cristianís pulled away from you?

Jen: You're friends with him. You must know. Whatever it is, I can take it. I just have to know. Is it my fault? Is it something I did?

Natalie: I don't think there's anything you could have --

Jen: It must have been the jealousy, right?

Natalie: What do you mean?

Jen: Before when he was spending all that time with you. Why couldn't I have just realized he was helping a friend?

Natalie: You know, I guess Cristian probably was bothered that you didn't understand we were just good friends, but you know that.

Jen: Yeah, and now I'm over it, and we've all become friends. Cristian wouldn't use that against me, would he? Not after I've worked so hard to make things better.

Natalie: I am not the person you need to be talking about this with. Talk to him.

Jen: You talk to him. I mean, you know him so well. Maybe you could find out what's wrong.

Natalie: I don't think that that's a very good idea.

Jen: You know -- you know what it's like to be raised without a father. You know how abandoned and neglected a child can feel.

Natalie: It's not great, but you survive. And besides, sometimes it can't be helped.

Jen: Well, in this case it can be helped if Cristian and I are unselfish enough to put our baby first.

Natalie: I know that Cristian does not want to be selfish.

Jen: And I don't want to have to explain to our baby that his father didn't love him enough to be there.

Natalie: Cristian would always be there for his child.

Jen: He's just acting so different. Are you sure you don't know why?

Natalie: You really need to just talk to him, ok?

Jen: Natalie -- I just -- I don't feel strong enough right now. If Cristian won't marry me, I know what I have to do.

Natalie: What are you saying?

Jen: Please, Natalie, talk to him. For me. For the baby.


Cristian: Jen wouldn't get rid of the baby.

Carlotta: Are you sure?

Cristian: I know she wouldn't. I'll talk to her.

Carlotta: She's very hurt, Cristian.

Cristian: Look, Mami, I never told her that I wouldn't marry her.

Carlotta: No, you told her that you needed time to think.

Cristian: And I do. This all just happened. It's -- it's confusing, you know?

Carlotta: And how do you think that Jen feels? When she walked into the diner, she didn't want me to see how much pain she was in. But there are some feelings that you just can't hide.

Cristian: You're disappointed in me, aren't you? You think there's only one right thing to do and I'm not doing it.

Carlotta: Cristian, like you said, you're not 6 years old anymore. I can't tell you what to do.

Cristian: You didn't answer my question.

Carlotta: You're going to have to answer that question for yourself. But I know what your father would have done in your shoes.

Cristian: That is not fair.

Carlotta: Look, you love Jen. You say you still care for her.

Cristian: It's not the same.

Carlotta: Your father would have taken responsibility. He would have put those other feelings aside because he would have recognized that there's somebody in all this that's more important than you, than Jen, and Natalie, and that's the child -- your child.


Roxy: Yo, Maxie, baby, are you home? Maximillion? All right. If I were an antique trunk, where would I hide? Ow, ow, ow, ow. Son of a gun. Oh, boy, that hurts. Ow.

Roxy: Right.

Roxy: Thanks for nothing. Ow.

Roxy: And they say I'm not smart. Well, well, well.


Cristian: You're right, Mom. The kid is what's most important. I know what I have to do.

Carlotta: Gracias a dios.

Cristian: But I want you to know, Mami, I know Natalie and I were meant for each other.

Carlotta: People who are meant for each other don't have babies with other people.

Cristian: I don't want to talk about this, Mom.

Carlotta: Mijo, I know how hard this is to let go of somebody that you've just discovered that you have feelings for.

Cristian: I really don't want to talk about this.

Carlotta: Honey, but I know -- I know how much you're going to love that baby -- the same way that I love you.

Cristian: Even when I disappoint you?

Carlotta: You never disappoint me. You make me angry sometimes, but you never disappoint me. You are the best son that any woman could ever ask for, and you make me proud of you every single day, and that's never going to change.


Natalie: I would not feel comfortable talking to Cristian about something so personal.

Jen: You're so close. I thought you talked about everything.

Natalie: Not everything.

Jen: Maybe you're right. Cristian would never abandon his child.

Natalie: Yeah, he's going to be a real terrific father.

Jen: And no matter how he feels now, I'll never lose him because our baby will always bind us together, keeping us together in every way that counts. Right? Isn't that right?

Natalie: I -- um -- I hope you get everything you want, Jen.

Jen: Of course you do because you're my best friend.

Natalie: I've got to go.

Jen: You just got here.

Natalie: I forgot. I gotta do something.

Jen: Wait, Natalie. I know this is uncomfortable, but my mind is just -- it's like a roller coaster right now. As Cristianís friend, as my friend, you've just -- you've got to just try to talk to him for me. Please.

Natalie: I don't think I'm going to be seeing Cristian anymore.

Jen: Why not?

Natalie: I just won't. I've got to go.


Roxy: Hey, Luna, if you see Elvis up there, you can have him send me a tape, too. This is probably just a stupid exercise video.

Luna: Max, Sugar, if you're watching this, well, you must need my help.


[Doorbell rings]

Natalie: Lois, can you get the door, please?


Natalie: Lois, please get the door.

Cristian: Hey.

Natalie: Please, just go away. Cristian, I can't be with you. I can't see you anymore. Not now and not ever again.


Jen: It's all working out perfectly. Who is it? I'm coming.

Max: What the hell are you doing to my son?


[Knock on door]

Liz: Who is it?

Keri: It's me, Mom.

Liz: Is Antonio with you?

Keri: No, he dropped me off on his way to the police station.

Liz: Hi.

Keri: How are you feeling? Were you able to nap?

Liz: Yeah, a little. I -- I know it's silly. I just want to be at my best when I meet your fiancť.

Keri: Well, I have some news I think will make you feel a lot better. While you were resting, Antonio drove me to the doctor. She tested me, and I'm pregnant. I'm going to have your baby.

Liz: Oh, God, no.

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Roxy: How do I make him love me like he loved you?

Seth: There's something that you should know about this trip.

Jen: What did he tell you?

Max: That you've been sleeping with him.

Cristian: I figured something out. I know what I have to do.

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