OLTL Transcript Monday 9/23/02

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 9/23/02

By Amanda 
Proofread by Kathy 

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Roxy: Jessie can't find out that I didn't give birth to her. You want money, don't you?

Cristian: Jen deserves to know the truth. I want to be free to love you.

Jen: There is no Natalie and Cristian and there never will be because I am going to get pregnant.

Keri: Mom, I could carry the baby for you.

Liz: I gotta tell Keri the baby's father is a total stranger.


Lindsay: Can you tell me when Dr. MacIver will be on duty? No, no message. I'll catch up with him later. Thanks. Damn.

Al: Mrs. Rappaport?

Lindsay: Oh -- oh, hi.

Al: I'm sorry.

Lindsay: That's ok.

Al: I didn't mean to startle you. I just -- what are you doing here? Are you looking for Jen?

Lindsay: Yeah, I am. Have you seen her?

Al: No, I haven't, but have you checked at Cristianís loft?

Lindsay: I called there. I got the machine.

Al: Well, is there something wrong? Is there some sort of emergency?

Lindsay: I was kind of hoping you could tell me. I saw her right after I flew in last night, and I got the distinct feeling that something's happened in her life.


Dr. Conklin: I am so sorry I got called away earlier.

Cristian: Sounded pretty serious.

Dr. Conklin: Yeah, fetal distress. I had to perform an emergency c-section. You did go home? I mean, you didn't wait here the whole time, did you?

Cristian: Well, we didn't know you'd be gone this long.

Dr. Conklin: Oh, I am so sorry. I should've sent someone to explain.

Cristian: No, hey, it's ok. This is really important to us.

Jen: Am I pregnant?


Antonio: Gentlemen.

Officer: Way to go, Antonio.

Antonio: Thank you, Man. I appreciate it.

Officer: Welcome back, Man.

Antonio: Thanks, man. It's not official yet; so let's not jump the gun, all right?

Officer: Ok.

Bo: Det. Vega, could you step in my office, please?

Bo: Here's your gun, your shield, and my congratulations.

Antonio: Thank you, Sir.

Bo: "An internal review board has cleared you of any and all wrongdoing in the shooting of Dr. Benjamin Davidson. You are hereby reinstated to active duty with the Llanview Police Department in accordance with the city --" blah, blah, blah. Ok, the hell with thing. Here. You're a cop again, and nobody could be happier than I am.

Antonio: Thank you. Thank you very much, Commissioner. It's -- I can't believe how everything has worked out.

Bo: Well, how so?

Antonio: Well, I mean, just days ago, I -- I thought things were as bad as they could be. I mean, I thought I'd lost the two most important things in my life -- I mean, this and Keri.

Bo: You got it all back now.

Antonio: Yeah, but it was all because -- or mostly because of this woman I met. I just wish there was a way that I could tell her everything turned out all right and at least thank her for it.

Bo: Det. Vega, we're cops. You know, solving mysteries -- that's about half of what we get paid to do. Now, if you want to find this woman, we could do that. If you want to.


Liz: Sweetheart, are you sure you're up to flying so soon after the embryo transplant?

Keri: The doctor said that it should be no problem.

Liz: I know. I just --

Keri: Mom.

Liz: I'm sorry.

Keri: I'm going to be great.

Liz: I'm sorry.

Keri: I'm just glad that I could be your surrogate, that the timing worked out.

Liz: Thank you so much for wanting to be and giving me a chance at raising another child.

Keri: Steve's child.

Keri: The one sad thing is if I am pregnant, the baby will never know his father.

Liz: No. Never.


Rae: Thrift shop. And the other one --

Nigel: Oh, thrift shop, I should think, Madam.

Rae: Oh, you don't like it, really? I picked it out myself, Nigel.

Nigel: Oh, it's lovely, Madam. It's just not Mr. Buchanan's taste, I think.

Rae: Oh, well, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. That's why it's up in the attic, for heaven's sake.

Nigel: Indeed.

Rae: So it's not Asaís taste, huh?

Nigel: He'd hate it, Madam.

Rae: Really?

Nigel: But --

Rae: No, no, too late.

Nigel: You'll be happy.

Rae: No, no. No, no. No, no. That's why it must go to the mansion, Nigel, along with that.

Nigel: This, Madam?

Rae: Mm-hmm.

Nigel: Your therapist's license of dubious authenticity?

Rae: I think that should be in Asaís study -- you know, a little reminder of a certain session we once had.

[Doorbell rings]

Hank: Rae.

Rae: Hank, hi.

Hank: Hi.

Rae: Hi.

Hank: You know, I saw your car parked in the driveway and I -- listen, Rae, I feel really bad about the way things got left between us.

Rae: No, no, it wasn't your fault.

Hank: Yeah. Well, it must be nice to be moving back into your own home.

Rae: You don't know.


Roxy: Hey, Natalie. Hey! Hey, Nat.

Natalie: Oh. Oh, no.

Roxy: Yeah, nice to see you, too, kiddo.

Natalie: You know, I was having a really nice, nice dream, and then I woke up to a nightmare. What are you doing here?

Roxy: Where's your brother? Or your sister's brother, or whoever he is?

Natalie: What do you need to see Rex for?

Roxy: Well, I gotta give him this.

Natalie: What's in there?

Roxy: Never mind, Miss Nosy. Where's Rex?

Natalie: Well, probably in class by now.

Roxy: Fine. So, where's Jessica or Seth? Because if I talk to them, maybe I won't have to give him this money.

Natalie: Oh, is that's what's in there? Money?

Roxy: Well, it's not money exactly. It's kind of more like a loan.

Natalie: Oh, in cash?

Roxy: Well, you know, I was going to save him a trip to the bank. So, where's Jessie?

Natalie: Probably with Seth. Where, I couldn't tell you.

Roxy: Then I'm just going to sit down and take a load off.

Natalie: Oh, no, no, no. You can't do that. You can't do that.

Roxy: Well, I'm not having any trouble so far.

Natalie: No, I'm expecting someone very important. You're going to have to go.

Roxy: Well, I'm expecting Rex, so I'm just going to sit on my butt and I'm going to wait.

Natalie: Ok, please? It's Cristian, and I really, really do not want you to spoil this.


Dr. Conklin: Cristian, Jen, I've double-checked the results and there's no doubt about it. The test was positive. You're pregnant.

Jen: That's wonderful!

Dr. Conklin: And you are a father. Congratulations, Mr. Vega.


Hank: Know what?

Nigel: Excuse me, Madam --

Rae: Nigel, yes --

Nigel: Mr. Gannon.

Hank: Nigel.

Rae: Right.

Hank: What, you're moving out?

Rae: Um, I've already moved out. I'm just here to pick up a few personal things.

Hank: Well, it was nice of Nigel to help you.

Rae: Yes.

Hank: I didn't know two were so close.

Rae: Well, we've gotten closer.

Hank: Look, I'm -- I'm sorry about not keeping in touch.

Rae: Oh. Well, believe me, you know, you're not my only former friend who suddenly got out of touch. You know, when you've been exposed as a fraud, it has a way of affecting the names in your address book.

Hank: That's not how I meant it. I was attending a conference in San Diego, and I just got back last night.

Rae: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have snapped at you. I really am sorry.

Hank: No, no, please, don't worry about it. I'm glad to see that fight coming back. That's a good sign. I'm glad.

Rae: Thanks. It ain't been easy.

Hank: Yeah, I know. Frankly, I'm -- I'm sorry if I caused any problems. I probably shouldn't have come on so strong.

Rae: Hank, no, no. It was an honest response. I -- I deceived you. Remember?

Hank: Well, Rae, I wish I had known. I wish you'd felt comfortable telling me.

Rae: You know, the truth is I played the role of a licensed therapist for so long that, well, I actually started to believe it myself. For whatever it's worth, I -- I loved helping people.

Hank: I know. I know. Rae, we -- we were friends. I don't know, maybe we were becoming even more than friends. You think perhaps there's a chance we can pick up where we left off?


Roxy: You don't want to spoil it with Cristian? There's nothing going on with you and Cristian. Or is there?

Natalie: Well, there won't be if you're here.

Roxy: Oh, you got -- whatchamacallit -- you got designs on him.

Natalie: You know, you are so low.

Roxy: I got a hot news flash for you, Honey. He's hooked up with Jen Rappaport, and she's sweet and she's cute. She got class.

Natalie: And what would you know about class?

Roxy: Enough to know that you don't got it, Honey, no matter what last name you got. But, Honey, you got nerve. You got as much chance of landing a hunk like Cristian as I got dating the King of England.

Natalie: Well, just to let you know, there is no King of England, Dear.

Roxy: Well, then the King of Siam. You know what I mean. You got no class and you never will.

Natalie: You were always great for my self-esteem, Roxy. Thanks.

Roxy: Yeah, well, Honey, I just don't want you to get your heart broken, that's all.

Natalie: Oh, ok. So you want to break it for me first?

Roxy: Not exactly. I got a great idea. How about if you invite Maximilian and me to a swanky dinner party and I set you up with Greevy's nephew Rufus. He's living in this adorable halfway house --

Natalie: Ok, I do not want to meet anybody named Rufus or anyone else.

Roxy: Why not? He's not half bad-looking.

Natalie: I don't care if he's the most gorgeous hunk in the world. I'm with Cristian now.

Roxy: You're with him? And what's that supposed to mean?

Natalie: It means he told me that he loves me and that he wants to be with me, and it means that he's coming here as soon as he's done telling Jen that they're through.

Roxy: And how long has this been going on, exactly?

Natalie: Well, we've been fighting our feelings for weeks -- well, months -- and then just last night, we told each other that we -- that we loved each other.

Roxy: Last night, as in yesterday last night?

Natalie: Yeah, the school party.

Roxy: Oh, I see. And you've been waiting here ever since?

Natalie: So?

Roxy: Hmm -- so I got a real good question for you. Where the hell is he?


Dr. Conklin: Jen, if you'll wait here, I'll get my prescription pad and then we can set up some appointments.

Jen: This is wonderful, isn't it? I mean, we didn't even plan this, but we have everything we need to make this work. We love each other, we're living together, and we've even talked about having a family.

Cristian: Well, yeah. Talk is one thing, Jen, but --

Jen: Oh, I know, I know. We have so much to do to get ready. It's a humongous responsibility. This is going to change me; it's going to change you. It'll change everything.

Cristian: It already has.

Jen: But I know you're going to be the best father in the world.


Rae: I would -- I would love to be friends. It's just that --

Hank: Great, then how about lunch?

Rae: Lunch?

Hank: Yeah. I've got a few loose ends to tie up at the office. I'll take care of that and come right back and pick you up. What do you say?

Rae: Well, I would love that. It would give me a chance to tell you some of the changes I've made in my life.

Hank: Great. Then I'll see you soon.

Rae: Ok.

Hank: All right. Bye.

Rae: Bye.

Hank: Ah, Nigel. You're a good maigel.

Nigel: Oh, thank you, Mr. Gannon. I do try.

Rae: I didn't tell him.

Nigel: Really?

Rae: We're having lunch. Maybe it'll be easier then.

Nigel: Perhaps begin your repast over a martini or two.

Rae: I don't know who I'm kidding. How am I supposed to tell Hank that I married Asa, martini or no martini?

Renee: Funny, I'd settle for why. But then again, I know why, don't I? You're blackmailing Asa.


Antonio: Commissioner, I want to thank you for standing by me through all this.

Bo: Well, I want to thank you for being worth the trouble. And you know what, I'm serious. If you want to track down this mystery woman, it can't be that difficult. All we need is a partial on her license plate.

Antonio: Uh, no, no, no. That -- that won't be necessary, really. I mean -- you know, what happened happened, and it's over.

Bo: You know what, I think you're right. I think Keri might be a little uncomfortable if she knew the whole thing.

Antonio: Yeah. You know, Commissioner, I thought we were through. I mean, I was about as down as down could be, and -- and just one night I needed someone and that someone needed me.

Bo: Well, I can identify with that. And that's all I'm going to volunteer on that subject, Detective.

Antonio: All right, well, anyway, Commissioner, we brought each other out from a very dark place, and now I've gone back to my life and she's gone back to hers.

Bo: You know, I take it back. I will volunteer one more thing. You may think that your paths will never cross, but fate can surprise you.

Antonio: Yeah, well, not in -- not in this case. I mean, she doesn't even live anywhere near here. I mean, she was just passing through, and not even through Llanview.

Bo: Yeah, and you were running yourself.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, well, we found each other in the middle of nowhere. I'll never see her again.


Liz: Are you having second thoughts about being my surrogate?

Keri: No. No, mom, I'm not. But the baby not knowing his father -- it's something I can relate to.

Liz: Honey, I just did the best I could at the time. R.J. was in prison.

Keri: I know, I know. I probably would've done the same thing. And I couldn't have asked for a better parent than Steve.

Liz: I know. He loved you as much as any father possibly could've.

Keri: And this baby will know that you love its father as much as any woman could possibly love any man.

Liz: Yeah.

Keri: And I'm so glad that I could be your surrogate.

Liz:: If you're pregnant.

Keri: I've got my fingers crossed.

Liz: Me, too.

Keri: And I'm so glad you're flying back with me.

Liz: Yeah, me, too. I'll stay just till we hear, one way or another.

Keri: And to meet Antonio.

Liz: Mm-hmm. I can't wait.

Keri: I just know you guys are going to hit it off.

Liz: I'm sorry you couldn't reach him before we took off.

Keri: Yeah, I'm going to try him again.

Liz: Ok. Are you worried about how he's going to react? I mean, you say he's really a great guy and all, but, man, that's a lot to ask of any man.

Keri: You don't know this man.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Uh, Vega.

Keri: Hi, Vega.

Antonio: Hi, honey. I -- I tried calling you at your mom's, but no one picked up. Where are you?

Keri: I'm flying back, but never mind that. What happened last night?

Antonio: I was cleared. Everything's cool.

Keri: Oh, Antonio, I knew it! I knew this would happen. I am so happy for you, for us. Oh, I wish I could hug you right now.

Antonio: Yeah, well, tell the pilot to step on it. When does your plane arrive?

Keri: Uh, about an hour.

Antonio: Meet your plane?

Keri: Not with the security. It's going to be a zoo. How about I meet you at the student union? I'll call you after I get my bags.

Antonio: Perfect. I love you, Honey.

Keri: I love you, too. And there's some big news that I want to tell you, but it'll -- it'll wait till I see you in person.

Antonio: It can't be soon enough.

Keri: I'll see you soon. Oh. You're just going to love him, Mom. You're just going to love him.

Liz: I believe it, the way you've been talking him up. Honey, you got that faraway look again. What?

Keri: There is something that we haven't talked about.

Liz: What?

Keri: My father is going to be in Llanview. Do you want to --

Liz: No. It's best if I don't see R.J. Gannon.


R.J.: Keri? Come on, girl. When are you coming home?

Antonio: Because there's not a force on this earth that can ever destroy what Keri and I have.

R.J.: Well, we'll just see about that. Won't we, Vega?


Roxy: So where's Cris, Natty?

Natalie: Um -- well, Jenís probably, you know, taking this really bad.

Roxy: Yeah, well, maybe he got abducted by aliens.

Natalie: Ok, look, Cristianís not going to just leave Jen. He knows how much she loves him and he's going to be there for her as long as he needs to.

Roxy: Oh, yeah, I know all about men's needs.

Natalie: Oh, shut up. You don't know anything.

Roxy: Well, I just know that you're here and he ain't.

Natalie: They were living together. Jen thinks that things were great between them, and this is probably killing her right now.

Roxy: Baby, you're living in a dream, and I feel really sorry for you.

Natalie: Hey, well, don't. I don't need your pity.

Roxy: Let me ask you something, Sweetie. When Cristian was giving you that "You're my only one" line, how far did you let him go?

Natalie: What?

Roxy: First base, second base? The locker room, the showers?

Natalie: Oh, you are so revolting!

Roxy: Whoa! That far, huh?

Natalie: Hey, it's not like that.

Roxy: Oh, sure it is, Honey. Let me tell you something. Men are all the same. You know, you offer them a test drive and they're going to take it. Doesn't mean they're going to buy the car, though, especially if they already got one at home.

Natalie: You need to go. You need to -- you need to just go. Everything that Cristian said to me, he has meant, thank you.

Roxy: Well, I'm sure he meant it when he said it, and then he goes home to his beautiful blond princess and he changes his mind.

Natalie: He -- he's not like that. No. Cristian doesn't lie. He has never lied about anything. And if he says he loves me, he loves me.

Roxy: Yeah, like he said he loves Jen, too.

Natalie: He did love her -- before. But then he changed. Ok, would you stop twisting everything around? You don't know anything about Cristian or men.

Roxy: Oh, I don't know anything about men? What I don't know about men ain't been written yet. Honey, I just don't want to see you hurt.

Natalie: Oh, like you care.

Roxy: I do care, Honey, because when you get hurt, you get really nasty. And believe me, I got enough troubles as it is.

Natalie: Well, Cristian won't hurt me because our love and what we've got is so huge and so real that it's never going away.

Roxy: Oh, baby. Oh, man. You think your love's going to last forever? You know, maybe this is just a lesson that you gotta learn all by yourself. But, baby, just do me a favor -- when you see Rexy, tell him that his mommy is looking for him, ok?


Al: I'm not quite sure I understand, Mrs. Rappaport. Something happened in Jenís life? What?

Lindsay: Oh, never mind. I'm sure it's nothing. And I'm sure when I talk to Jen, she's going to tell me it's nothing.

Al: Something's got you worried.

Lindsay: Well, it's just a feeling. You seem to have made a full recovery.

Al: My legs?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Al: Yeah. I'm feeling fine now.

Lindsay: I haven't seen you since before the --

Al: Since the wedding that wasn't?

Lindsay: Right.

Al: Yeah, right.

Lindsay: Hmm. I'm sorry things didn't turn out for you and Jen.

Al: You are?

Lindsay: Yeah. Yeah, I am. I always thought that you were the one for her.

Al: Me, too.

Lindsay: But things turned out the way they did, and I'm sorry. It's a shame.

Al: Well, I mean, things didn't end.


Jen: You're ok with this, aren't you? When we thought I was pregnant last time, you were so happy and supportive. Remember?

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, I remember.

Jen: Well, now we can make all those plans for real. We have to. I need you more than I've ever needed you before, Cristian. Our baby needs you.

Cristian: Yeah. I know. And I want to be a good Dad.

Jen: I know my mom knew something was up when she stopped by last night, but I'll handle her. And your mom -- she's going to be thrilled. Let's go to the diner right now and tell her.

Cristian: Oh, oh -- Jen, look, you were right before about not telling anybody. Not until we get a little used to the idea.

Jen: I'm just so happy and so in love, I just want the whole world to know.

Cristian: You know, I still can't figure out how this happened. I mean, we were so careful, Jen.

Jen: I can tell you how this happened.


Antonio: Keri?

R.J.: For me? You know, you really shouldn't have.

Antonio: Is she here?

R.J.: Well, you'd know better than I. I mean, you've actually seen her. So how's she doing?

Antonio: Fine.

R.J.: You know, I'm not trying to cause any trouble.

Antonio: No, I hope not because I'd hate to see you waste your time.

R.J.: So I assume she's due back today? I mean, you did expect to see her here.

Antonio: No, actually, I came by to drop those off as a surprise. We're meeting up someplace else.

R.J.: Where?

Antonio: Somewhere private.

R.J.: Ok. Well, tell her I dropped by.

Antonio: I think I can manage that.

R.J.: Mm-hmm. We'll see. Oh, I suppose I should congratulate you. I read that you were reinstated.

Antonio: Yeah, that's right.

R.J.: Well, I'm just glad that my future son-in-law will be gainfully employed.

Antonio: Yeah, I'm sure you're just thrilled.

R.J.: Look, Vega, if I had my way, Keri would have chosen someone else -- damn, anyone else -- but she didnít. You two will probably be married, so that means if I expect to have any kind of relationship with my daughter, I'm going to have to deal with you. So how about it? No more backstabbing, sniping? How about a real truce, hmm? Think we can?

Antonio: Well, we can try.

R.J.: Well, can't ask for any more than that, now, can I?


Renee: What do you have on him, huh?

Rae: What makes you think that I'm actually blackmailing Asa?

Renee: A little bird told me.

Nigel: I'll just tend to those items upstairs.

Renee: And to think that I thought that Asa forced you to marry him.

Rae: It was mutual.

Renee: Oh, don't even try. So what is it? What do you have on him?

Rae: I can't tell you that, Renee. After all, I am his wife.

Renee: In name only, apparently.

Rae: Well, as long as the name is on the checkbook.

Renee: Well, well, well, money does count after all, even for you. Oh, I am disappointed. You're not the gal I took you for, Rae -- Gretel. To think I called you friend.

Rae: You -- you actually hurt for Asa, that monster? You know, what is your problem, Renee? Really, what is it? Don't tell me you still have feelings for him.

Renee: As a matter of fact, I'm starting to feel sorry for him because of you.

Rae: I don't believe it. I donít. You're going to say it out loud, aren't you? You want this guy back.


[Phone rings]

Natalie: Cristian? No, I'm sorry, you have -- you have the wrong number. He's going to be here. Cristian's going to be here.


Lindsay: What are you saying? Jen left you at the altar and went back to Cristian. I'd say that's pretty final.

Jen: Please don't tell anybody this happened.

Al: Look, you know that I won't, ok? I was just saying that -- I mean, we're still friends. At least I hope we are.

Lindsay: I hope so, too. Don't give up on her. You never know.

Al: Thanks. I wonít.

Lindsay: Good.

Al: Hey, if you find Jen and you find out what's going on with her, remember, I really do care about her. A lot.

Lindsay: I know. I know you do.

Al: And I would do anything for her, even if there's no chance that we'll ever -- just remember.

Lindsay: I'll make a special point of it. It's good to see you again.


Jen: I'll tell you how this happened. It's a miracle. It's like a sign that we're supposed to be together -- the two of us. And pretty soon, the three of us.

Cristian: You really believe that?

Jen: Yes. I know it's the truth. Think about everything we've been through -- my mom trying to break us up, that hit man going after you, after me. Then Al getting paralyzed and faking it, not to mention the almost wedding.

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, you're right, it's been one thing after another. And we never really had a chance to know what life together is like.

Jen: But now we will. We survived all of that because we loved each other. You told me over and over again that you love me and that nothing and no one could ever change that. And you meant it. I know you did.

Cristian: Yeah.

Jen: And now this happens -- a baby, a family. What could be more normal than that, or more beautiful -- to create a life with someone that you love more than anything in the world? We deserve this. We deserve it, Cristian.

Cristian: Well, deserve it or not, we got it. Listen, Jen, we'll talk about this later. There's something I gotta do. All right, you stay here, get the prescriptions from Dr. Conklin, and I'll meet you back at the loft.

Jen: We -- we are going to be happy. I mean, I know this isn't the way we expected everything to work out, but we've got the one thing we need for happiness -- us. And our love for each other.

Cristian: See you at the loft.

Jen: Right. Go tell that little bitch, Natalie, the good news.


Renee: Want Asa back for a third time down the aisle? No, I don't think so.

Rae: You know, Renee, if I was a bona fide therapist, not a quack, I would tell you that you're denying your real feelings.

Renee: But you are a quack, aren't you? And now you can "blackmailer" to your credentials.

Rae: You know, you can feel as sorry as you want for that old reprobate. But you gotta know, if I really am blacking him, I must have some serious ammunition.

Renee: Oh, come on, Honey. I know Asaís no saint.

Rae: Saint? He's barely human.

Renee: You haven't known him as long as I have.

Rae: Ah, yeah.

Renee: There are things about Asa that you'll never know.

Rae: Well, that's true. I certainly didn't know him when he rode in as the cowboy that he is during your --

Renee: If you'd seen him then, you would think differently.

Rae: You need to see him now; what he is today, Renee. For God's sake, take off the rose-colored glasses, will you? He is an evil, evil man! And believe me, he's getting everything he deserves.

Renee: And who you made you judge and jury?

Rae: He did! He came after me, remember? He set me up to ruin me. He gave me no choice but to fight back, ok?

Renee: Is that so?

Rae: Oh, God.

Renee: And you feel real good about that, do you?

Rae: As a matter of fact, I feel great.

Renee: Rae, you should try therapy. It would do you a world of good.

Rae: Nigel!

Nigel: If I might just --

Rae: No. Ok --

Nigel: Or not.

Rae: You told her, didn't you? You told her that I was blackmailing Asa.

Nigel: I may have intimated something -- inadvertently, of course.

Rae: Ok. I forgive you.

Nigel: Oh, thank you.

Rae: Don't you ever let this happen again.

Nigel: No, madam. Never again.

Rae: Ok.

Nigel: Shall I?

Rae: Yes. I want to get out of here. We have to get back to our little state of marital bliss. Ain't married life grand? Right, Nigel?


Cristian: Natalie?

Natalie: Cristian? Oh, Cristian. Oh, I -- I know it's only been a few hours, but I missed you so much. I -- I know it's -- it was hard, you know, telling Jen about us. I can see it in your face. It went bad, didn't it?


Keri: Well, I guess Antonioís not here yet. I'm going to go to my office and see if he left a message for me.

Liz: Ok. Wait -- what if he comes before you come back? Do you want me to introduce myself to him? Ok, cancel that. I don't even know what he looks like. How am I going to do that?

Keri: You'll know him. Just look for the most handsome you've ever seen.

Liz: Ooh, believe me, I will.

Natalie: Well, what happened with -- what happened with Jen?

Cristian: Well, it's --

Natalie: Oh, hey, did -- did she get upset? I mean, what, did she totally flip out or something? Cris, Cris -- You can -- you have to tell me that much.

Cristian: No, yeah, yeah, Jenís fine. Natalie, the som I need to tell you. And it's -- it's pretty big.

Natalie: Oh, no, no. You didn't change your mind, did you?

Cris: No. No, no, I didn't change my mind or my feelings. I love you, Natalie. But other things changed.

Natalie: What are you talking about?

Jen: Natalie, hi. Cristian, what are you doing here? As if I didn't know.


Hank: Rae?

Rae: Hank. You're back already. I didn't realize. I'll just get my wrap and my purse, and we can go to lunch.

Hank: Well, first I have a question. You were talking about marital bliss? Whose marital bliss are we talking about, and what marriage? Rae, what's going on?


Antonio: Excuse me. You wouldn't happen to know Prof. Reynolds, would you?

Man: Sure. She's great. I got her for two classes this semester.

Antonio: Well, great. [Some of transcript is missing here]

Man: Yeah, you know, I just saw her here. She can't be far.

Antonio: Oh, great. Thank you.

Man: No problem.

Antonio: Appreciate it.

Antonio: Hey. What are you -- what are you doing here?


Cristian: Jen, I thought we were meeting back at the loft.

Jen: Yeah, I was headed in that direction. Then I thought, "Gee, somebody should tell Natalie the great news." So here I am.

Natalie: What -- news?

Jen: I know we promised not to tell anybody, but Natalie's not just anybody; she's a special friend to both of us. So it looks like I'm not the only one who broke our promise.

Cristian: Well, I was driving by, so I thought, you know --

Jen: We have something very important to tell Natalie together

Natalie: Tell me what?

Jen: Natalie, this was totally unexpected, but I am so happy. We're getting married.

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