OLTL Transcript Thursday 9/12/02

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 9/12/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Gabrielle: If Bo finds this, Al, you'll go to prison for sure.

Ross: We missed our chances of leaving the island.

Téa: Oh, so you think the time would be shorter if you and Todd are at war?

Woman: This just came for you.

Blair: My divorce papers.

Elizabeth: What kind of woman would break up with you?

Keri: Hi, Mom.


Ross: Yeah. Not bad, if I do say so myself. But will it still be strong enough after it's sat around for six months? And will I?


Blair: No one is ever going to love you the way that I love you, so let me. Let me love you.

Sam: Knock, knock.

Blair: Uh, Sam. Hey, you surprised me.

Sam: Yeah, I could tell. Is something wrong?

Blair: No, I'm just really, really swamped here. You know, maybe you should come back later.

Sam: Ah. Well, I can't wait. I'll just review these trial transcripts for an upcoming case.

Blair: No, no, no, no. You know what, I mean, really busy. Maybe tomorrow.

Sam: Blair, you're upset. What's wrong?

Blair: Why don't you just take a hint! I want to be alone, all right?


Gabrielle: What do you mean you saw it all?

Bo: I followed you to the docks and I saw you throw something in the water.

Gabrielle: I still don't understand why you were following me.

Bo: I talked to Roxanne and she mentioned that you were over there rummaging around in Al's room.

Gabrielle: Al is my son. What's wrong with that?

Bo: She said you were acting weird.

Gabrielle: Oh, Roxanne said I was weird? Hmm.

Bo: She mentioned you left with Al's gym bag.

Gabrielle: Oh, that. Al's room is always a pigsty, and I knew that if I didn't clean it up, he certainly wouldn't. And while I was at it, I thought I'd throw a few things out.

Bo: Into the water?

Gabrielle: Well --

Bo: I saw you throw a small can into the river. Looked it might be lighter fluid, paint thinner, something like that.

Gabrielle: All right, Bo. You obviously know. Yes, I'm the one that started the fire.


Antonio: This woman -- she -- she sort of gave me the strength to come back home. I mean -- but believe me, I have no intentions of telling anyone else about it.

Cristian: Not even Keri?

Antonio: Look, Cris, this woman just -- do me a favor. Just forget I even mentioned her.


Elizabeth: I can't believe you're here.

Keri: I came as soon as I heard.

Elizabeth: I thought you hated me.

Keri: Never. You could never do anything to make me hate you. You're my mother.


Cristian: Sorry, man. I didn't mean to hassle you. I know it's been rough. Look, whatever this woman did to get you through, it's cool with me.

Antonio: Thanks, Cris.

Cristian: And if you don't want to tell me about, you know, anything, that's cool, too. I understand. It's none of my business. I'm just glad you're home. All right, man. I'll see you.

Antonio: Ok. Cristian -- there's something else I need to tell you. I was with that woman.


Keri: I still can't believe Steve’s gone. It was just so sudden. I just can't believe it.

Elizabeth: How'd you find out?

Keri: Rachel told me.

Elizabeth: I should've known.

Keri: But I should've been here for you, mom. Believe me, I -- I came the second I found out.

Elizabeth: I didn't want to see anybody at first. Till yesterday, I was a total wreck. I still can't believe Steve’s not going to walk through that door again.

Keri: I loved him so much.

Elizabeth: I know.

Keri: He was the only father that I ever knew.

Elizabeth: I know.

Keri: He treated me just like I was his own daughter.

Elizabeth: He was my life. I loved him more than I ever thought was possible. Now all of a sudden he's just gone.

Keri: Mom, you don't have to talk about this if you don't want to.

Elizabeth: No. I'm discovering it helps.

Keri: Ok.

Elizabeth: We wanted to take a second honeymoon. Remember how we always dreamed about going to Africa, way before we could ever afford it?

Keri: Yeah, I do remember that.

Elizabeth: Oh, Keri. It was so much more beautiful than we ever imagined. Just so wild and free. Brought out the best in both of us. I think we were happier than we ever were. More in love.

Keri: If that's possible.

Elizabeth: We had all these plans for the future. Big plans, till --

Keri: Mom, I'm so glad you're ok.

Elizabeth: I walked away from the accident without a scratch. Can you tell me how that's possible? At least it was quick. I mean, Steve never knew what happened. One minute he was just sitting there, full of joy, laughing. The next, he wasn’t.


Antonio: That's the whole story.

Cristian: Look, Antonio, you were in a really bad place after what happened with Dr. Davidson.

Antonio: Which I -- I shouldn't have taken out on you. I mean, you were just trying to help.

Cristian: Come on, I'm tough. I can handle it.

Antonio: Yeah, but I shouldn't have gotten upset with you. I -- I just couldn't live with what I did. I didn't know how to deal with it.

Cristian: So this woman helped you figure it out?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I was at rock bottom. I had turned in my badge, my gun. I figured I was never going to be a cop again, so what was I?

Cristian: You're way more than just a cop.

Antonio: Keri -- Keri had broken off our engagement.

Cristian: She still loved you.

Antonio: Yeah, but I didn't know that. I had nothing.

Cristian: Look, Antonio, whatever happened when you were on the road, you know, you and Keri were over. And you can't be so hard on yourself.

Antonio: But what I did last night -- I mean, what -- what does that say about me, Cris?

Cristian: It says you're human. It says you've been going through hell. Antonio, you did nothing wrong. And, look, if being with this woman made you want to come home, then, hey, that's good enough for me.

Antonio: You know, it -- it just happened. I mean, I -- I don't know. I mean, it was like I needed to connect with somebody else. It -- when I found out that Keri still loved me -- what have I done, Cris?

Cristian: Nothing. Nothing. You've done nothing. And, look, as far as I'm concerned, Keri doesn't need to know about this. Antonio, I get what you did. You got to give yourself a break, man.

Antonio: How? How? What about when I see Keri?

Cristian: You still love Keri. You came back here to be with her, to be with us. In my opinion, this woman you met -- she did you a lot of good.


Bo: You what?

Gabrielle: I set the fire at the Rappaports' house, and I know you need to arrest me, so I'm ready.

Bo: Ok, ok. If you started that fire --

Gabrielle: No, no, no, not "if." I did. I did.

Bo: All right. But give me one good reason why you would do something like that.

Gabrielle: I wasn't rational, I was angry.

Bo: At who?

Gabrielle: At Jen. At Jen for breaking Al's heart and because she knows how much he still loves her yet she continues to just lead him on.

Bo: So you thought you would just take a little can of boater's friend over to her place and set fire to her bedroom?

Gabrielle: Well, I -- I wasn't in my right mind, but I can see that now. I wasn't getting any sleep. I hadn't slept in three days. I was distraught over Al, and -- knowing that he was so stuck about Jen -- and I was sick with worry. I mean, you have no idea.

Bo: So with Jen out of the picture, then --

Gabrielle: No. Heavens, no. No, I just wanted to speak to her. I wanted to convince her to let Al down easily. But it doesn't matter now, does it?

Bo: No, maybe it does. Maybe it does. What happened after you got there?

Gabrielle: Nobody was home. Right, no one was there, so -- I don't know what came over me. I wasn't myself.

Bo: Hmm. I don't buy it.

Gabrielle: Why ever not?

Bo: It's funny because now you sound like the devious woman that married my father so she could do in Max Holden.

Gabrielle: Well, that was me, remember?

Bo: Yeah, but not anymore. What happened to the Gabrielle that has been living here with me for the past several months who -- who couldn't look me in the face without telling the truth? My roomie who could not look me in the eye and tell a lie?

Gabrielle: Well, she's right here. She's not lying to you now.

Bo: Yeah, but who are you right now? Are you the woman that's only out for herself, or the woman that I -- that I like and respect and care about? The woman that I want to be my friend?

Gabrielle: I'm sorry, Bo. I'm more sorry than you will ever know, but I can't be the perfect woman you seem to want me to be.

Bo: Oh, no, no, no, no. Hey, we're not talking about perfect right now. We're talking about honesty. I thought that was very important to you.

Gabrielle: Yes, it is, and that's why I'm telling you now.

Bo: Bull. You did not do this.

Gabrielle: I did.

Bo: Stop lying to me!

Gabrielle: When are you going to arrest me and get this over with?

Bo: You can't protect him forever.

Gabrielle: Who?

Bo: Al started the fire, didn't he?

Gabrielle: My son would never do such a horrible thing.

Bo: Look, I know I'm right, whether you want to admit it or not.


Ross: Let's see -- what's my busy schedule for today include? Berry picking in the a.m., alone. Then nut gathering, also alone. Fishing in the afternoon -- ooh. But for how many? Do I fish for one and eat alone -- which is no fun -- or do fish for three and eat with Manning, which is hell? Except Téa will be there.


Sam: Blair Manning's divorce papers -- they were sent out, right? Yesterday. And they were sent by messenger? Right. Ok, thanks. That's good to know.

Blair: Sam! Don't you understand English? I'm busy!

Sam: Blair --

Blair: No -- never mind. I've got a headache.

Blair: My aspirin -- what the hell are you doing, Sam?


Keri: Why didn't you call me?

Elizabeth: I spoke with Hank right after you met him, and he told me how angry you were to find out that R.J.'s your father. I'm so sorry I never told you the truth.

Keri: I was angry. I was very angry. But I got past that. I realize you were just trying to protect me. But you have to know that the R.J. you knew is not the man that I found in Llanview.

Elizabeth: I know. Hank's been keeping me informed. Wow. Maybe if R.J. Had met you sooner, he --

Keri: Who knows? You know, we can't go back. It worked out.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Well, I sure learned my lesson 10 times over. You can't protect anyone from the world, no matter how hard you try.

Keri: No, you can’t.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I know that doesn't begin to make up for all the years you didn't have a father.

Keri: I did have a father. I had Steve.

Elizabeth: Oh. He'd be so happy to hear you say that. And I did call you, you know, when I got back.

Keri: You didn't leave a message.

Elizabeth: I know. I stayed in Africa and I scattered Steve’s ashes over there.

Keri: Mom --

Elizabeth: And then the second I got back to Chicago, I called you. But your answering machine picked up, and -- and it was not the kind of news you want to hear on an answering machine.

Keri: But you never called me back?

Elizabeth: Uh-uh. I did one better. I jumped in my car and I started driving to Llanview.

Keri: You were in Llanview?

Elizabeth: No, I never actually got there. It was the worst trip of my life. But the most amazing thing happened on the way.


Gabrielle: No, I did it. I'm the one that set the fire.

Bo: No, you didn't. Your son did.

Gabrielle: I know what needs to happen here, Bo. I understand what you need. You need to arrest someone, so I am admitting it and now you can solve your case!

Bo: No, this isn't about clearing cases.

Gabrielle: I know, it's about justice. I know how much that means to you. I also know how much you couldn't possibly care for someone who breaks the law. So if somebody has to take the fall for this, I'm here and I'm ready to do it.

Bo: I am not sending you to prison for something you didn't do.

Gabrielle: Bo, don't you get this? I am not going to send my son to prison, ok, because he'd never make it. Besides, he didn't do it!

Bo: Gabrielle --

Gabrielle: I've been there before, right? I did it and I survived it, and I can do it again. I can. Yes, I can. And I'm going to make this very easy for you because I'm going to admit to everything. But I will never, ever let you put my son behind bars.


Sam: The aspirin's where?

Blair: I asked you a question.

Sam: Where's the aspirin, Blair? In your desk?

Blair: No, Sam, in my purse. Get out of my way. Damn it.

Sam: Not good.

Sam: Here. Take these. Come on. Blair, I prepared those divorce papers.

Blair: Yeah, I know, Sam. Bully for you.

Sam: So why are you pretending to be swamped with work when clearly the reason for your headache, the reason you nearly bit my head off, the reason you're so angry and upset was that you were looking at those papers before I came in?

Blair: Maybe because I don't want to deal with it, all right, Sam? Is that a good enough answer for you? Huh? Are you satisfied with that one?


Téa: What are you doing?

Todd: Uh, nothing. You know, just kind of checking on the stuff.

Téa: Something wrong?

Todd: Well, you know, I'm stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. I got to hunt and gather for my food. What could possibly be wrong?

Téa: You sound funny.

Todd: Well, just -- you know, I'm turning back into a Neanderthal. The words -- difficult. Why don't you go back to sleep, huh?

Téa: Ok.

Todd: I'll go get some berries.

Téa: What were you looking for? What were you looking for? What am I doing? I can't spy on him.


Keri: Wait, I'm confused. You -- you left Llanview without seeing me?

Elizabeth: No. I shouldn't have been driving at all. I was a mess. Kept having these crying jags. I must've pulled over a dozen times. I was nervous about seeing you.

Keri: Mom, I hate that you had to feel that way.

Elizabeth: I thought you might be really angry at me still and not open the door.

Keri: That would never happen, not in a million years.

Elizabeth: I couldn't go to sleep. I kept having nightmares. Lashed out at perfect strangers. I practically bit the head off this poor man I met in a diner. He gave it right back, though. I deserved it. Oh!

Antonio: Oh --

Elizabeth: For heaven's sake, will you just watch where you're going?

Antonio: I'm sorry. Look, here, let me help.

Elizabeth: No, I don't want your help!

Antonio: I said I'm sorry!

Elizabeth: Just shut up and get away from me! It all worked out, though. He turned out to be a pretty nice guy. Very kindhearted. Reminded me a lot of Steve that way.

Keri: Maybe it was a sign, if you believe in that sort of thing.

Elizabeth: I do now. If I hadn't met this man, I -- well, he helped me a lot.


Bo: Al broke the law. Now, you're not doing him any favors by letting him get away with it.

Gabrielle: I'm not going to admit anything to you about Al except that they would kill him in prison, and I cannot lose him. He's all I've got.

Bo: He's headed down a bad road right now, and if you keep letting him do what he's doing, things could get worse.

Gabrielle: Worse than he losing the best years of his life?

Bo: No, he's an adult. See, he has to learn the consequences of his actions.

Gabrielle: I will not sit still and watch him endure the hell that I lived through in prison. I mean, I'd rather give my life to save his.

Bo: Yeah, well, you may not have that option.

Gabrielle: You don't have any evidence.

Bo: Thanks to you. You can't keep protecting him like this.

Gabrielle: I know. Bo, don't you see? Al is the only person on this entire earth who has always loved me. He has always been there for me. I have been a hideous role model for him. I deserted him. I spent the younger years of his life behind bars. Do you know how much my son has sacrificed for my sake?

Bo: I know some. I don't know everything about it.

Gabrielle: From the day I came out of prison till the day that Asa walked back into our lives, Al worked two jobs to keep us off the street because we lived in one room. And because nobody would hire his ex-con mother, not even to clean the filthy floors. Did he ever complain? No, not once. I don't know how he got through it without despising the very thought of me, but he didn't.

Bo: But I know you. And I know you did everything for Al that you could do because you're a good mother.

Gabrielle: He was a better son. I was worried that he was going to fall behind in his schoolwork, but he studied very hard. I don't know when he found time to do it. And you know those earlier years, when I was in prison and he was a little boy -- he would come to visit me and he hated it -- the stench more than anything. So he would bring a fistful of wildflowers so that it would smell nice for me. And the other inmates would tease him mercilessly, but, you know, he never stopped. I didn't have the -- the heart to tell him that they ripped them out of my hands as soon as I left the visiting room.

Bo: Wildflowers -- you know, they can be lethal in the wrong hands.

Gabrielle: Then years later, he confessed to me how terrified he was each time he came to visit because he was afraid they wouldn't let him leave.

Bo: Well, it's overwhelming, that place -- even for me. And for a kid it's got to be just traumatic.

Gabrielle: So I'm obviously not going to let his nightmare come true. You may have to hate me for it, but I am not going to do that to my son because if I were to let him spend even one day of his life there, I would never be able to forgive myself.

Bo: Gabrielle --

Gabrielle: And you have been the best friend that I have ever had, and I don't want to lose that. But I'll do anything to protect my son. And if you can't accept that, then it's just too damn bad.


Elizabeth: I never even got the man's name.

Keri: Wow, that -- that is mysterious.

Elizabeth: Very. The whole thing was.

Keri: Ok, so, basically, this mystery man convinced you to go back to Chicago without seeing me?

Elizabeth: No. He just convinced me that what I was doing was just running away.

Keri: Well, that's so not like you. You always faced your problems head-on.

Elizabeth: I know. I guess this was just a little more than I could handle. Plus, I didn't want to show up on your doorstep a total wreck after all this time.

Keri: Mom, you never have to worry about that. We're family.

Elizabeth: I know. I needed to come back here and come to terms with my life. And the funny thing? I was just sitting down to write you a letter, and a knock on the door and here you are.

Keri: I've missed you so much.

Elizabeth: I know. Me, too, honey. So, tell me all about your life. You like your job?

Keri: Oh, mom, I love my job.

Elizabeth: And what about Hank? Are you close with him and R.J.? I know I kept you away from them all these years.

Keri: We're getting to know each other --

Elizabeth: Good.

Keri: And learning how to be a family.

Elizabeth: Good.

Keri: I wish I could say it's been easy.

Elizabeth: So have you met anybody special?

Keri: Uh, I feel weird talking about it --

Elizabeth: No.

Keri: With everything that's going on.

Elizabeth: Keri, would you quit? Nothing would make me happier. Have you?

Keri: Ok, yes. But, Mom, he's more than just special. I mean, he's -- he's incredible. He's so incredible.

Elizabeth: Wow. Honey, if he makes you this happy, I can't wait to meet him. What? Come on, what is it?

Keri: It's just that he's -- he's going through a rough time right now. It's too much to go into --

Elizabeth: What?

Keri: But I haven't seen him in a while and --

Elizabeth: Why? Where is he?

Keri: Oh, it's -- the thing is I broke up with him. It was stupid.

Elizabeth: Why? What happened?

Keri: It doesn't matter. The point is when he left, I realized how wrong I was.

Elizabeth: Honey, if this man is that special, you can't let him walk away.

Keri: I know that. And I realize that all that really matters is that we love each other. You know? And when I get back to Llanview, I'm going to tell him that, face to face.


Antonio: Keri means everything in the world to me -- I mean, everything. That -- that hasn't changed.

Cristian: I get that, Antonio. Believe me, I get that.

Antonio: If I could go back, Cris, before -- before I let my feelings about R.J. get in the way, I would. I would do everything differently -- Keri, R.J., Ben Davidson.

Cristian: Look, Antonio, you did everything you could. Ok? Looking back is very easy, but it's not going to change anything.

Antonio: You know, I should've listened to Bo.

Cristian: It's over. Just forget about it and move on, man. The important thing here is that you and Keri love each other.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I can't -- I can't live without her.

Cristian: You know what? She feels the same way about you. She told me.

Antonio: I can't believe I missed her.

Cristian: Do you have any idea if anybody might know where she went?

Antonio: Well, if R.J. knows, he sure isn't talking.

Cristian: Right, big surprise. Well, why don't you call her? You know, she's always telling her students that they can call her 24/7.

Antonio: Oh, yeah.

Cristian: She never turns off her cell phone.

Antonio: Oh, don't I know it. I mean, I hate those things. We laughed about it on one of our first dates.

Cristian: Well, lucky for you, she's not like you.

Antonio: What, are you kidding? Right now I love this thing.


Blair: Will you just go, Sam?

Sam: Blair --

Blair: Please, please. Just leave.

Sam: Ok. All right. I'm out of here. But could I just say one thing first?

Blair: Oh, yeah. Like I could stop you?

Sam: I don't want you signing those papers alone, Blair. I told you that.

Blair: Yeah, I know.

Sam: Even the most amicable divorce is highly emotional, and you shouldn't be by yourself when you sign those papers.

Blair: Yeah, I heard you the first time, Sam.

Sam: And if you're not ready to do it today, that's fine. I mean, there' we can do it together tomorrow or whenever. I just -- just let me be there when you take that stuff.

Blair: Ok, ok, ok, fine. I will let you be there. I will call you when I'm ready to deal with it, ok? You got that?

Sam: Good.

Blair: Good, good, good. Well, don't hold your breath because I've got really important things to do, more important things than to sign those stupid papers.

Sam: Maybe, maybe.

Blair: In fact, I think I have something very important --

Sam: Blair, Blair, you just -- you can't keep running away from this. You can't simply pretend this isn't happening.

Blair: Just let me go, all right? I told you that I would call you, and I will. Just don't hold your breath.


Gabrielle: Well, I guess there's nothing else to say.

Bo: Wait. Where are you going?

Gabrielle: To gather my things and to leave.

Bo: No. I can't let you go like this.

Gabrielle: All right. Yeah, you have to arrest me, of course. I don't need my things, but I just want you to know, you do what you need to do for me, but I won't let you hurt my son.

Bo: You're incredible.

Gabrielle: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm an incredible case, aren't I? Yeah, I'm just a poster girl for bad behavior -- lying, scheming, manipulating --

Bo: No, no, no --

Gabrielle: I've heard it.

Bo: That's not what I meant. You're incredible. You're an incredible mother. An incredibly loving mother and an incredibly loving person.


Todd: I feel kind of warm, like a -- it's kind of like a fever. But, no, it's not like a bad -- it's a comfy warm. Is there something wrong with me? Really, I'm -- I'm serious. I think I'm freaking out a little.

Blair: You've never felt like this before.

Todd: Like what? What's the matter with me?

Blair: You're happy, Todd.

Ross: Manning? Yo, Todd, you with us?

Todd: Yeah.

Ross: I was just saying hello.

Todd: Hello.

Ross: You were miles away.

Todd: Well, I'm here.

Ross: Just one.

Todd: I know.

Ross: Look, I just wanted to apologize for that little surprise visit I pulled on you and Téa. That business with the shirt -- really juvenile. Sorry.

Todd: Ok.

Ross: You know, I know Téa's totally hung up on you. Loved you a lot of years, I guess? I just don't want to mess things up for her, that's all.

Todd: Uh, don't worry. You're not going to be the one to mess things up.

Ross: What do you mean I'm not? Somebody else is? What, you?

Todd: Not if I can help it.


Waiter: Hey, what'll it be?

Blair: I don't know. I'll have a scotch. Make it a double, please.

Todd: Excuse me, is somebody sitting here? Pardon me, but is somebody sitting here or not?

Blair: No, go ahead. No one.

Todd: Gee, thanks.

Blair: No one at all.

Sam: Excuse me. Is somebody sitting here?


Gabrielle: No, this can't be happening. I was going to get my things and leave you now, but now you're kissing me.

Bo: Shut up.


[Phone rings]

Elizabeth: Keri? Oh.


Elizabeth: "Antonio Vega."

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