OLTL Transcript Monday 9/9/02

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 9/9/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: He's my brother.

Seth: Rex is trouble, Jess.

Cristian: Natalie's out on a date?

Rex: She told me she doesn't want you around.

R.J.: If Antonio is coming back to town, he is not coming back for you!

Jen: You and I are not together, Al.

Gabrielle: You're the one that set that fire, aren't you?

Bo: I just got a break on a case -- the Rappaport arson.


Keri: Oh, my God, I can't believe this. No, I had no idea. Yeah -- no, I'll be there right away. Ok. Bye.

R.J.: What is it? What's wrong?

Keri: Oh -- something's happened in Chicago. I have to go.

R.J.: Chicago?

Keri: I have to pack.

R.J.: You're leaving now?

Keri: Yes.

R.J.: But, Keri, wait, wait. We were talking. What about Antonio?


Antonio: Cris.

Cristian: You're back.

Antonio: Man, I'm sorry, Man. I'm sorry I acted the way I did. You didn't deserve it.

Cristian: Hey, don't worry about it, all right? I -- I understand. I've been worried about you, though. You ok?

Antonio: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine, I guess. Look, I needed to come back to see you and Mami.

Cristian: Mami's going to go nuts when she sees you.

Antonio: Yeah, well -- look, I need to know -- have you seen Keri? Do you know how she's doing?

Cristian: Good. Well, ok. She wants to see you.

Antonio: What?

Cristian: She heard about the shooting and then you being suspended. She's worried about you, Antonio.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, right.

Cristian: What, you don't believe me?

Antonio: Look, she's just feeling sorry for me, Cris.

Cristian: No, she's not feeling sorry for you. She loves you, Antonio.

Antonio: Look, Cris, I know you want things to work out between us, but she gave me back the ring and she said that --

Cristian: She told me that if I saw you, she wanted me to tell you -- in these words exactly -- "Tell Antonio that I love him." You got to go find her, man. She's dying to see you.


Rex: Kind of hard.

Natalie: What?

Rex: Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you.

Natalie: Oh -- no problem.

Rex: I was just saying it's -- it's got to be hard.

Natalie: What?

Rex: Trying to get over him.


Jessica: No, I meant that I have to call my mom soon because of the time difference.

Seth: Well, so call her now.

Jessica: It's too loud in here. I'm going to go outside.

Seth: I'm going to wait here, ok?

Jessica: Ok.

Rex: Hey, Jess.

Jessica: Hey.

Rex: Can I talk to you?

Seth: Look, she's got to make a phone call. Give her some space.

Rex: It'll just take a second

Jessica: It's ok. What's up?

Rex: I was hoping you could clue me in on what to take for my -- what do you call it -- my elective? It's like freshmen have to take whatever they're told until it comes to one measly three-hour course. What should I take?

Jessica: Whatever you're interested in.

Rex: Well, preferably something I won't flunk.

Jessica: You're not going to flunk. Wait a second. Seth, what was that -- what was that class you took last semester? You loved it?

Seth: Modern games and trends. It's not offered again till spring.

Jessica: Oh. Oh. But I'm taking web design. How's that sound?

Rex: Cool. I'll sign up for that.

Jessica: Go for it.

Rex: Yeah, I'll borrow your lecture notes and we'll be web masters of the universe.

Jessica: No, you can take your own lecture notes.

Rex: Oh, I got to do my own work.

Jessica: Yes. This is college. You're not learning just cause you have to.

Rex: How can you be my sister?

Jessica: What?

Rex: Well, when I look at you, all I see is the best friend I've ever had.


Seth: Hey, Mollie. I read your slam on Rex in the paper.

Mollie: Yeah?

Seth: Is that what happened with you two? He cut out on you and you wound up almost getting killed?

Mollie: Why should I talk about this with you? You're best friends with the guy.

Seth: Oh, no. Definitely not.


Gabrielle: Well, Bo, that's news. You must feel so good that you're going to find whoever did this any minute.

Bo: Well, not any minute. I mean, it's going to take a while, but we will get him, you know? This guy that set the fire at the Rappaports made a big mistake -- or she.

Gabrielle: Oh?

Bo: Yeah, he used a very unusual accelerant. It's a paint thinner for nautical use. It's called Boater's Friend. Very flammable.

Gabrielle: I see. Oh, well, that must mean that the person -- he or she -- you know, works with boats, you know, maybe for a living?

Bo: It's possible. Yeah, but, see, the point is they don't sell that much of this stuff around here, so it's going to be pretty easy to trace.

Gabrielle: Yeah.

Bo: Is something wrong?

Gabrielle: No, no, no, no. No, no, no. Actually, I was thinking of something a little more trivial. I didn't want to interrupt you. I was hoping --

Bo: What?

Gabrielle: To make you lunch today.

Bo: That'd be great.

Gabrielle: Really? I thought you might be too busy.

Bo: Oh, no, no, no, no. You know what? I'll be back here in an hour, and then we'll have lunch together.

Gabrielle: Oh, you got to go and come back?

Bo: How's that?

Gabrielle: Yeah, sure.

Bo: Ok.

Gabrielle: Ok. See you.

Bo: Lunch.

Gabrielle: Al, I hope you didn't leave anything around.

[Phone rings]

Gabrielle: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You don't do this on the phone. No, you've got to do this in person. Ok.


Al: I don't understand. Why would you say that you don't want me anywhere near you?

Jen: I shouldn't have said it like that. I don't want to be mean, but if you just -- if you keep hanging onto every little thing I say, then --

Al: Wait, wait, wait. We made love twice -- ok, I get it. This is a guilt thing, right? You're feeling guilty?

Jen: I don't feel guilty.

Al: Well, then, is it the fire? I mean, are you still mad at me about that?

Jen: I told you I forgave you for that. Drop it.

Al: I love you, Jen. I love you so much. And, look, what we have is -- is good, you know, and it's right. You shouldn't be afraid of your feelings for me.

Jen: I don't feel anything for you.

Al: What?

Jen: See? There. You keep picking at me, and then I say things that hurt your feelings, so you might as well just go home.

Al: No, no -- we made love!

Jen: No, Al, we had sex. We didn't make love, and I don't feel guilty about it. So please just quit standing there hoping that things are going to turn into something bigger. It's over. Let it go.

Al: You are not going to blow me off. Not again. Now, I want to know what's going on, and I want to know now.


R.J.: Keri, what was that call about? You seem so upset. I mean, can't I even know what's wrong?

Keri: I don't mean to be mysterious, R.J. I'll only be a few hours. I'll call you, ok?

R.J.: Well, you're not driving?

Keri: No, I'm flying.

R.J.: Right. Right, well, I suppose that's better than hanging around all day on the off chance that Vega will call.

Keri: God, I hope he's all right. I needed to see him so badly. We have to make things right.

R.J.: Ok, look, why not let me drive you to the airport?

Keri: No, no. Thank you. I want to have my car there in case I have to get on a late flight. Ok -- keys, money -- I have everything, I guess. I just wish he would call me. You know, if I could just see him, if I could just talk to him -- you know what I was thinking about all last night? Antonio stood by me when I was in trouble at the university. When I was accused of favoritism, he worked so hard to clear my name.

R.J.: You know, it wasn't long before he tried to blame the whole thing on yours truly, though.

Keri: And the whole business with the credit card bill -- he never blinked. He never doubted me. His mother thought I was some kind of a spendthrift, but he never wavered. And now he's the one in trouble and I'm not there for him.

R.J.: Look, are you sure that you need to make this trip now?

Keri: Yes, yes.

Keri: I'm going to try him on his cell phone one more time.


Antonio: Keri -- she said she loved me? She said that?

Cristian: About a hundred times. Not that she had to. I mean, if you could see the look in her eyes, Antonio --

Antonio: But when she gave me back the ring, it seemed so final.

Cristian: Maybe it's not as final as you thought.

Antonio: Cris, you didn't hear her. You didn't see her eyes that day. I mean, everything was about trust, about accepting her word, and if I didn't drop the investigation against R.J., we wouldn't make it. She was going to call everything off.

Cristian: So if you didn't believe R.J., then you didn't believe her?

Antonio: Right.

Cristian: Bad place to be.

Antonio: You're telling me. I mean, yesterday -- last night, just -- it seemed like that there was no hope. And then -- you know what? What's done is done. Today's what counts. I need to go find Keri.

Cristian: Go for it.

Antonio: Can I use your cell phone? Mine's dead.

Cristian: Oh, mine's gone, too. But, listen, I thought she said that she was going to her house. Why don't you go there?

Antonio: Of course, youíre right. I got to do this face to face. Look, I'll catch you later, ok?

Cristian: All right. Good luck.

Antonio: Thanks, man.


Seth: So it happened just like you said in the article?

Mollie: Yeah. Except I wish I wouldn't have told them that Rex only took me out to make Shawna jealous. Kind of humiliating.

Seth: But when he dumped you, that's when you ended up at the cabin, right?

Mollie: Right. And you know what? He didn't even bother to look for me.

Seth: That's not exactly how Rex told it.

Mollie: Then he's lying.

Seth: Yeah, I figured I wasn't getting the whole story from him. Seems like nobody ever does.

Rex: Excuse me a sec, would you, Mollie? I need to talk to Seth.

Seth: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Rex: Why are you trashing me this time? Just for fun, or have you got something you want to say to my face?


Al: What's with you?

Jen: Nothing.

Al: Why are you doing this to me?

Jen: I'm not doing anything to you.

Al: Oh, no? One second you're all over me, telling me, "Show me how much you love me, Al." And the next second you're saying, "Get away from me. I don't want you anywhere near me." I don't understand.

Jen: Al, you just keep pushing and pushing --

Al: No! There is something else going on. But you better know this -- I love you, Jen. I love you with all my heart. And there is nothing that I wouldn't do for you. But I'm not going to let you jerk me around like this -- not again! I have feelings, too.

Jen: I know. I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I shouldn't have said those things.

Al: What's going on?

Jen: I used all the wrong words. I just panicked.

Al: About what? Is it the guilt?

Jen: No.

Al: Then what? There is nothing to be afraid of.

Jen: Do you promise to keep this between us?

Al: Yeah, yeah, of course. What?

Jen: I had a long talk with Cristian last night.

Al: About us?

Jen: No, about Natalie. And once it was over, I realized that I totally misunderstood what happened.

Al: Wait. What are you saying?

Jen: The thing between Cristian and Natalie -- it was a huge mistake. Nothing happened.

Al: Nothing? Are you sure?

Jen: Yes. Cristian explained everything to me.

Al: And you believed him?

Jen: Yes. He loves me too much, Al. I was an idiot, and now I realize that I love him and I want to be with him forever.


Antonio: Keri! I need to see her.

R.J.: Yeah, so I gathered.

Antonio: Is she home?

R.J.: She's out.

Antonio: Your neighbor said he thought she was home.

R.J.: Well, I couldn't possibly know more about what goes on in my apartment than my neighbors do. Go ahead, look for yourself. You know, it's too bad you can't conduct an official search, you know, since you're not a cop anymore. What was it -- suspended for shooting an unarmed civilian?

Antonio: Keri!

R.J.: You know, and I hear he's in a coma, too. He's not ever going to wake up. Viki Davidsonís husband, a doctor. Everybody loves him. I hope you feel just awful!

Antonio: Do you know where she went?

R.J.: I know how the prison break ended. I mean, first you accuse me of being the accomplice, and then you lose all self-control and shoot an innocent man who's trying to help you?

Antonio: I asked you a question.

R.J.: Oh, yeah, you screwed up every step of the way. Oh, by the way, Keri has not forgotten that you called her a liar.

Antonio: I never said that.

R.J.: Even your ex-boss -- or your soon to be ex-boss -- believes Keri now. He came by himself, personally, to apologize and to return my money clip. So, you see, I'm in the clear. Too bad you aren't. Do you think there'll be any criminal charges pressed after they kick you off the force?

Antonio: Where is she? Where's Keri? The university. This is far from over.

R.J.: Oh, Antonio. It's a good guess. It's wrong -- but it's a good guess.


Rex: Why were you pumping <ollie just now? You still looking for dirt on me?

Seth: Don't have to dig too deep, do I?

Rex: Oh, what, the lies she put in the paper weren't enough for you?

Seth: Well, her version of what happened that night sure beats yours. But, hey, that's true every time you spin a story, isn't it? You know, I've caught you in so many lies I've stopped counting.

Rex: Look, I know I'm not your favorite person in the world --

Seth: Look, why don't you just admit that you came to Llanview so that you could freeload off your rich sister, then go back where you came from?

Rex: Well, Jessica wants me to stay.

Seth: You've even got her paying your tuition now.

Rex: Why is that your problem?

Seth: You're my problem, Rex. You've lied from the first time you came to Llanview, and you never stopped.

Rex: Are you still back with those newspaper clippings you found?

Seth: Oh, you mean the ones that proved you already knew about Jessica -- not to mention her money -- and then lied about it?

Rex: Hey, I admitted to all that. I apologized. When are you going to cut me some slack?

Seth: Try never. You're a user, Balsom. I'll never trust you.

Rex: Yeah, you say that's why you're on my case, but I think it's more than that. Way more.


Roxy: Am I good at this or what? Max is going to come home, and he's going to go, "Roxy, you are the best. You clean a house like nobody's business." Probably not, though, because he doesn't throw those compliments around like free peanuts at happy hour. Nothing like that. Ok. Pretty damn good, considering I never cleaned a house before. All right, well, it's not exactly skilled labor or nothing like that. Just kind of make it up as you go along. What we got here?

[Roxy laughs]

Roxy: Oh, Maxís wedding book. I'm going to love this. Oh, Honey, watch those shoulder pads. Very 1980s. What is this, Bride of the Month Club? How many times has this guy been married? That Gabrielle? What's she got that I don't got? Except for the phony accent. Ooh, Queen Blair. Now I know she don't got nothing on me.

[Doorbell rings]

Roxy: It's a good thing I cleaned this house.

Roxy: Hey!

Gabrielle: Hi. I need to see my son.

Roxy: Legs ain't here.

Gabrielle: He's not? Ok, thanks.

Roxy: Hey, Cookie -- hey, you know, maybe he is here.

Gabrielle: Well, is he here or not?

Roxy: Well, I'm really not sure, but, you know, since you're here, I got a couple of questions to ask you.

Gabrielle: Roxanne, I don't have time for this. Al, it's your mom! Are you here?

Roxy: You know, I have a feeling he might be here because he oversleeps sometimes.

Gabrielle: Oh --

Roxy: You know. Hey, I was looking through that wedding book, and -- you were married to Max, right?

Gabrielle: Excuse me?

Roxy: Well, I thought, you know, maybe you could clue me in on something, you know, just pass along the secret?

Gabrielle: What secret?

Roxy: How to make Max love me.

Gabrielle: How to make Max what you? I don't have time for this nonsense.

Roxy: Well, it's not nonsense to me and Max.

Gabrielle: Listen, there's only one thing that Max and I care about at this moment, and it's our son.


Al: Cris treated you like dirt. If he hadn't, you wouldn't have come to me. You wouldn't have wanted me and we never would've made love.

Jen: I just jumped to a bunch of wrong conclusions.

Al: No! You didn't.

Jen: Yes. Yes, I was out of my mind with jealousy. I must just get it from my mom. You know, we get these ideas in our head, and we just go and make a bunch of terrible mistakes.

Al: "Terrible mistakes"? Is that what I am to you? A terrible mistake?

Jen: No, no. You're a great guy and I care about you a lot, but just not in that way.

Al: Uh-huh.

Jen: Can't you just accept that and be friends?

Al: Friends? Oh, friends. We are not friends! Look, I showed you in the most intimate way that a guy possibly can how much I love you, twice! And you responded. Don't say that you didnít. You wanted me as much as I wanted you.

Jen: Al, I don't understand why you're being so hard on me.

Al: Hard on you? You're breaking my heart, Jen. I love you.

Jen: I just -- I've had a lot of time to think. And I've thought about my life and I've thought about what happened with Cristian, and I just realized that I feel so guilty.

Al: Oh, so you dump me and go back to him. That makes sense.

Jen: I never really left him. Cristian's all that matters to me. I'm sorry.

Al: You're sorry.

Jen: I never meant to hurt you. Cristian's the man I love, not you.

Al: No, I won't believe it. I won't believe that it's true. It's -- it's -- it's a lie, ok? It can't be the truth. Not after what happened between the two of us.

Jen: I warned you. I warned you not to take advantage of me, remember? I was emotional and I was vulnerable, and I told you to take it easy. I was worried something like this might happen.

Cristian: Something like what might happen?


Bo: Gabrielle, I'm home. The lady promises to make me lunch, I'm right on time. Hello?

Bo: Gabrielle?


Gabrielle: Is he here or not?

Roxy: All right, all right. He's not.

Gabrielle: Thank you so much for wasting my time. Pen.

Roxy: What does Maxie want in a woman?

Gabrielle: Roxanne, I should think he would need a real woman to start with.

Roxy: I can be a real woman. Or I could be a sex kitten. I could be a brainiac, down-to-earth, wild and crazy, you know. I could do anything. You know, kinky's ok with me also. Sex slave, master, you know, whatever. I just want to figure out what he likes.

Gabrielle: Look; I'm not going to talk to you about this subject anymore.

Roxy: Well, why not? I'm his wife.

Gabrielle: Do you know if Al will find this note if I leave it right here?

Roxy: You know, I've been thinking a lot about this marriage ever since the day he walked out, so -- you know that makeover? I went for it, but it didn't work.

Gabrielle: Oh, you know what? This is far too important to leave a note.

Roxy: No, you're right, it is very important. I got to figure out how to make this marriage work.

Gabrielle: If you'll excuse me, if you don't mind, I'm going upstairs to see if he is fast asleep.


Rex: You know what your problem is, Anderson? You think that I'm just like you.

Seth: You're nothing like me.

Rex: You bet I'm not. You think I haven't checked up on you? Ahem. You grew up in Angel Square, tried to burn down Llanfair, went to reform school, then hooked up with Natalie so you could stick it to Jessica, then decided you liked being on her gravy train better and did a big "Oh, please forgive me," and she fell for it.

Seth: Where the hell do you come off?

Rex: You dump Natalie without a second thought and did whatever made you feel good.

Seth: You better shut --

Rex: Next time you're going to accuse somebody of cheating his way through life, look in the mirror.

Natalie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa -- guys, guys, guys. Take it easy! Neutral corners!

Rex: Hey, no problem. I'm done here.

Seth: How much did you hear?

Natalie: Enough. Painful memories.

Seth: I'm sorry.

Natalie: Uh-uh. I got over you. If I can do that -- if I can get over you, I can get over anyone.


Cristian: What are you guys talking about? Did something happen?

Jen: I was just telling Al that my mom might be leaving Llanview for good.

Cristian: Really?

Jen: Yeah. She feels really guilty about what she did to Nora Buchanan. Plus she thinks that no one in Llanviewís ever going to give her a break. So she's thinking about opening a gallery in Miami.

Cristian: Wow. Big decision. Is that why you're so upset?

Jen: Yeah, I think we should talk about this alone. Thank you so much for coming by. That's really sweet. See you on campus, ok?

Al: Yeah. Right. See you.

Cristian: You want to tell me what's really going on? I see that you're upset, and I get that. My guess is it's got nothing to do with your mother. What's going on with you and Al?

Jen: Al's having a hard time letting go.

Cristian: Letting go of what?

Jen: I thought we could be friends, but I'm nice to him and then I think he just gets these signals and -- you know what? It's my fault. I shouldn't have told him I missed him.

Cristian: Maybe you should just stop talking to him for a while, Jen.

Jen: Come on, Cristian. He's not like he was before. But I just feel like I was being unfair for asking him to be friends, you know, before some more time's gone by.

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, that's right.

Jen: But I'm handling it fine. In fact, I think that's the last time we'll see him here at the apartment.


Bo: Hey, Nigel.

Nigel: You seem a trifle disappointed, Sir.

Bo: Uh -- no, no. Just someone -- I lost someone.

Nigel: Sounds intriguing.

Bo: Yeah, I just had a lunch date that's missing in action, it seems. Come on in, come on in.

Nigel: Thank you.

Bo: So, what can I do for you?

Nigel: Oh, this isn't about me.

Bo: No, of course not. You work for Asa Buchanan. Never could be, right?

Nigel: Precisely. Sir, can we keep my little visit officially unofficial?

Bo: You bet. Yeah, here. Sit down. Ok. What's he done now?

Nigel: Oh, it's not what he's done. It's what's been done to him.

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, I know. Pa's taken Benís coma pretty hard. You know, underneath all the bluster, he cares a hell of a lot about Ben.

Nigel: He's not the only one.

Bo: I'll tell you what. Later on I'll stop by Pa's house, see how he's doing.

Nigel: Oh, good. But, actually, tragic as Dr. Davidson's condition is, it's not the only catastrophe that has befallen Mr. Buchanan in the past few weeks.

Bo: What do you -- oh -- no, no, no.

Nigel: Oh, yes.

Bo: Oh, you're talking about his marriage to Rae?

Nigel: Surely his latest, rather abrupt nuptial gave you pause?

Bo: I'm going to tell you something, Nigel. About the time that he married Alex -- I'm talking about the first time -- you know, I stopped trying to figure out his rationale as far as all these shotgun weddings. So tell me, this union -- it's on the rocks now?

Nigel: It was never off the rocks, Sir.

Bo: Oh, God. Why'd he marry her?

Nigel: Ah -- well, that's why I've come here. I was wondering if you could give me a little advice.

Bo: What kind of advice?

Nigel: Well, I was wanting to know exactly how likely prosecution would be if the statute of limitations had sort of not really run out on some crimes -- fairly serious, but no doubt justifiable --

Bo: Nigel, Nigel, you know what? I'm going to stop you right there --

Nigel: Sir, but --

Bo: I'm the Commissioner of Police.

Nigel: But surely, Sir --

Bo: No! No, no! You know, I don't know. I don't want to know what Pa's done right now or why he was forced into marrying Rae. You know, as far as I know, yeah, he screwed up somewhere along the line. So I think he ought to just stew in his own juice.

Nigel: Yes, someone might find his punishment befitting his crime, if you view marriage to Ms. Cummings as punishable --

Bo: I don't want to be involved in this. I like Rae. I don't want anything other than Pa and Rae to be happy.

Nigel: Even if that unlikely scenario plays itself out, what about Ms. Divine?

Bo: Renee. Oh, she still loves him.

Nigel: And always will.

Bo: But you know something? Even Renee -- she's got to realize he's a lost cause.

Nigel: Well, in a way she does. But in a way -- well, just as you said -- she still loves him.

Bo: Yeah. Well, let's face it, Nigel. Sometimes some people, you know, love is just not enough.


[Students laugh]

Cristian: Natalie? I've tried, but it's hopeless. I can't stay away from you, Natalie. We belong together. So don't fight it. I want you so much.

Natalie: Yeah, right. Like that would ever happen.


Seth: Hey.

Jessica: Hey.

Seth: Did you call your mom?

Jessica: Yeah. I couldn't talk to her long, though. She had to go back to Ben before visiting hours were over.

Seth: How's she doing?

Jessica: Ok.

Seth: And Dr. Davidson?

Jessica: The same. It's really tough.

Seth: I know, I know. But when it starts to get really tough, just remember I love you, ok? Huh?

Jessica: Ok.


Antonio: Excuse me, Natalie, have you seen Prof. Reynolds?

Natalie: Yeah, she was -- she came by here earlier and she went that way.

Antonio: Great. Thank you.

Natalie: Uh-huh.

Jen: I'm so glad you're home. I missed you.

Cristian: Come on. I wasn't gone that long.

Jen: I know, but the time drags when we're not together. At least that's how it is for me. I got to go by the campus and pick up some books, also, and I think I need to hit the bank.

Natalie: Chad, hey.

Chad: Hey, Natalie. What's up?

Natalie: Well, I know I don't have the best track record where you're concerned, but would you be willing to go to the party with me?

Jen: Cristian? You ok?

Cristian: Um -- yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I was just thinking about my bro.

Jen: Are they still investigating him because of the shooting?

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, Internal Affairs is still playing games with his life. At least he's back in Llanview.

Jen: Good. I know you've been hurting for him.

Cristian: Yeah. Just like you've been worried about your mom.

Jen: Yeah, both of our families are going through some tough times.

Cristian: No kidding.

Jen: But I know just the thing to cheer us up.

Cristian: What's that?

Jen: The all-campus party. I've got my outfit all picked out. You're going to love it. So, who's Natalie taking?

Cristian: Chad. Natalie's taking Chad.

Jen: Chad Bennett?

Cristian: Mm-hmm.

Jen: He's cute. What a perfect fit. Maybe we should double date.

Cristian: No, no, I don't think Natalieís going to go for that.

Jen: Really? Why not? We're all friends. Don't you think it'd be fun? Why don't you ask her?

Cristian: Well --

Jen: We'll talk about it later. I got to go. So, you'll be here when I get back?

Cristian: Yeah, probably.

Jen: Good. You can give me a welcome home kiss. See you.


Shawna: Hey.

Rex: Hey. Oh, nice top. Didn't know they made them that small.

Shawna: Thanks. Yeah, I think I just caused an accident over on Harper Avenue.

Rex: My guess is that happens most days.

Shawna: Well, I don't like to brag --

Rex: Well, when you got it, flaunt it. That's my motto.

Shawna: Hey, why are you always watching your sister? I mean, you were watching her last night. Now you're watching her today. What's up with you and Jessica?


R.J.: Keri's bound to be in the air by now. There's just no way that Vegaís going to be able to catch her.


Keri: Yeah, I'm in my office right now, Dean Baker, but I'll be leaving in just a second. Yeah. My teaching assistant can handle everything just fine. Thank you again. Bye-bye. Ok, that's taken care of. Now this letter to Antonio. I just hope he gets it soon.

Keri: I do love you, Antonio. I just wish I could tell you face to face.


[Phone rings]

Roxy: Hello? Max?

Bo: No, this is Bo Buchanan. How you doing, Roxanne?

Roxy: I'm a lot better since I got out of that steamer trunk.

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, that's a good thing. Actually, that's the reason I'm calling you is about what happened to you. Allison Perkins' sanity hearing is coming up, and we need to depose you.

Roxy: Why are you going to dispose me? Why don't you pick on someone else? I mean, Allisonís the one who whacked me and she stuck me in that trunk.

Bo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You know, I think maybe I'm not making myself absolutely clear. See, what we need is your sworn statement about Allison Perkins.

Roxy: Ok, you want a statement? Well, here it is -- she's a wacko, she's loony tunes, she's about a few dozen peaches short of a cobbler.

Bo: Ok, well, that's a start, but we're going to need more details about what happened to you. You know what? I'll tell you -- I'm going to have an officer call you and set up a time, ok?

Roxy: Oh, yeah, yeah. Sure, Commissioner. Whatever you say. But, you know, now that I got you on the phone, maybe I could dispose you of something?

Bo: Yeah, fine. Dispose away.

Roxy: Well, you know, that roommate of yours was here, and I asked her how I could make this marriage with Max work.

Bo: What, you've been talking to Gabrielle?

Roxy: Yeah, but, you know, she was off looking for Al somewhere. And I got to tell you, you know, she was acting really weird.


Gabrielle: I know I shouldn't be snooping. Well, he's not here, and if I don't look first -- I know Bo. If he gets suspicious of Al, he'll be here doing exactly the same thing. Ok. This is good. Doesn't seem to have left anything behind. Good.

[Gabrielle gasps]

Gabrielle: Oh, no. Good God, no.


Jen: What are you doing? Why are you back? Have you been waiting here for me all this time?

Al: I've been thinking.

Jen: About --

Al: You, actually. You're the one who's always saying you want everything to be out in the open, right? Totally honest? Well, I agree.

Jen: Ok.

Al: So, I have a question for you.

Jen: What?

Al: Are you going to tell Cristian that we slept together? I mean, that would be the honest and open thing to do.

Jen: Al, I --

Al: So you are, right? Because if you don't, I will.

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Asa: I'm going to disappear for the rest of my life.

Roxy: Gabrielle is up in his room all by her lonesome.

Gabrielle: If Bo finds this, Al, you'll go to prison for sure.

Al: Are you going to go in there and tell him what happened?

Jen: No.


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