OLTL Transcript Thursday 9/5/02

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 9/5/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Asa: My son is in an irreversible coma, and I never told him I loved him.

Antonio: You.

Seth: If Rex does anything to hurt you --

Jessica: He won't.

Natalie: I'm in love with Cristian.

Cristian: I'm falling in love with Natalie.

Jen: There is no Natalie and Cristian, and there never will be.


Antonio: Ok, you sure you don't want me to take you elsewhere? I mean, I could drive you closer to Llanview.

Woman: No, no. Really, I couldn't take another step.

Man: Sweet dreams.

Antonio: I'm sorry about that.

Woman: Was just bored. Thank you for taking such good care of me. You really went above and beyond.

Antonio: Yeah, well, I couldn't leave you stranded.

Woman: Yeah, but you called the towing company, you found me a garage, brought me here. Really, thank you.

Antonio: You're welcome. Well, I guess you're ok now, so I should take off.

Woman: Yeah, fine. Go home. Thank you.

Antonio: Good luck.

Woman: You, too.

[Knock on door]

Antonio: I forgot to give you the number to the garage.

Woman: Oh, thanks. I forgot. Thanks.


Nigel: Sir? How is Dr. Davidson?

Asa: He's -- he's still in a coma. The Swiss doctors couldn't tell me if he's ever going to come out of it.

Nigel: I suppose they don't know, Sir.

Asa: I was thinking of, you know, sticking around and keeping an eye on him. But good old Viki, she sent us packing.

Rae: Asa! Welcome home.

Asa: What the devil are you doing here?

Rae: What? I came to meet my husband's plane. I know how awful it feels, you know, when you come home and you're sad and you're tired and there's nobody waiting for you at the gate.

Asa: As long as you're here, Gretel, why don't you catch a one-way flight to anywhere.

Rae: You know, you really shouldn't lash out at people because you're hurting.

Asa: I'm not lashing out at anything. I just -- I just can't stand the sight of you.

Rae: Well, that's only because you don't know how you feel. It's part of the grieving process. You know, the next few months are going to be so difficult for you, and you really shouldn't go through them alone. But I don't want you to worry because I'm going to help you in every way I can.

Asa: Some damn help! Because of you, I never got to see my son before he went into a coma. And because of you, I never had a chance to say good-bye.


Shawna: What's up with you spying on Jessica and Seth? Trying to come up with some new way to get your hand on your sister's megabucks?

Rex: Well, Jessicaís hardly my sister.

Shawna: Excuse me?

Rex: Well, it's not like we grew up together. We just met.

Shawna: So I was right. You are planning something.

Jessica: Shawna? What are you doing here?

Shawna: Asking your brother to a party we're having on campus next week -- not that that's any of your business.

Jessica: He's busy.

Rex: Hello? I'm right here.

Jessica: Can I talk to you for a moment?

Shawna: Are you going to let her bully me like this?

Rex: Do me a favor, Shawna -- take a walk for a few minutes while I straighten things out, ok? Please?

Shawna: Ok, but could you please tell your big sister that it's very low-class to be rude to other people's guests?

Jessica: Yeah, like she's Miss Manners.

Rex: Ok, what's up with you?

Jessica: Do you know what an evil, lying tramp Shawna is?

Rex: Yeah, that's why I like her.


Jen: What did you tell Natalie?

Al: I told her how much it bothers you to see them together all the time.

Jen: That's my business!

Al: But I --

Jen: Why would you stick your nose in where it doesn't belong?

Al: Because I know how much it bothers you. I was just trying to make her back off.

Jen: I can't believe you did this.

Al: Well, I did it for you.

Jen: That's what you always say, but you didn't do it for me. The only think you did for me was ruin everything!


Cristian: Natalie, why are you crying?

Natalie: I don't want to talk about it.

Cristian: Did I do something? Are you sure?

Natalie: It's not you. Look, I've got to -- I've got to go.

Cristian: Natalie, please.

Natalie: Cristian, just please leave me alone.

Cristian: No, I'm not -- I'm not going to let you go until you tell me what's wrong.

Natalie: Cristian, just let me go!

Troy: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What's going on here? Is everything ok?

Cristian: No, nothing's ok.


Jessica: Rex, look -- listen, I really don't like to talk bad about anybody, but Shawna -- I mean, after some of the things she's done, I'm surprised she can even show her face here.

Rex: That bad, huh?

Jessica: Seriously, Rex, she's awful. She is mean, and if you get on her hit list --

Rex: Ok, don't worry. I'm not going to waste my time with someone like her when there's amazing girls like you out there.

Jessica: Good. I'm glad. You know, I don't like knowing that she's lurking around out here.

Rex: All right, well, I'll get rid of her.

Jessica: Rex, really, I would hate to see Shawna get her claws into you.

Rex: Thanks for watching out for me.


Antonio: Are you all right?

Woman: Oh, I'm fine. Really, I'm -- I'm fine. It's the day.

Antonio: You know, aside from not being a really good mechanic, you're a horrible liar. Look, is there anything I can do?

Woman: No. Just go home.

Antonio: I'm not leaving you like this.

Woman: Please.

Antonio: Look, I get the feeling that this is not just about your car stalling in the middle of nowhere and you having to stay in this fleabag for a night.

Woman: No, it's not.

Antonio: And it's not about whoever you're seeing in Llanview, either.

Woman: No.

Antonio: Is it about something that happened in Africa?

Woman: It's about my husband.


Natalie: I -- I was just upset about nothing, and Cristian was just trying to help me, that's all. I got to go. I got somebody waiting for me downstairs.

Troy: Wait a minute. Before you go, I want to ask you two something. Have either of you two seen Lindsay Rappaport earlier?

Cristian: Lindsay?

Troy: Yeah.

Natalie: Isn't she back in prison?

Troy: No, unfortunately not. The governor pardoned her because she saved a young girl's life.

Cristian: What?

Troy: Yeah.

Cristian: After everything she did to you and Nora?

Troy: Well, apparently Mollie happens to be the governor's favorite granddaughter, so --

Natalie: Mollie?

Cristian: That's not right.

Troy: No, it's definitely not, but the governor didn't ask for my opinion. Anyway, I saw Lindsay snooping around earlier. She said she was going to come by and see Jen. Do either of you two know anything about that?


Al: I don't understand. I didn't even do anything wrong. I was sticking up for you.

Jen: I thought you of all people could keep a secret.

Al: I didn't know they were supposed to be secret, Jen.

Jen: Why couldn't you have just kept quiet?

Al: Because I thought that Natalie should know what her and Cris were doing to you!

Jen: They can't know that I'm on to them! Not ever!

Al: Why not? You know what? You're not making any sense.

Jen: I'm not telling you anything else.

Al: Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Ok, we were together twice in this room, ok, and it was everything that I thought it could be. It was everything I had dreamed of, and now all of a sudden you're freaking out and you're saying that I ruined your life? I -- I don't understand. I don't get it.

Jen: Why did you have to go straight to Natalie?

Al: Why is this about Natalie and Cris? This is supposed to be about you and me, ok, and what we have together.

Jen: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I went off like that, ok? I just don't want those two to know how much they hurt me.

Al: It's ok.

Jen: I guess -- I guess I just took it out on you because we're so close.

Al: It's fine. It's ok.

Jen: I'm just -- I'm so confused, you know? I'm sad and I'm angry, and thinking about Cristian and Natalie together -- it's humiliating.

Al: Well, they're a couple of lowlifes, Jen. They cheated on you.

Jen: If it weren't for you, I would have just crawled into a hole and never come out.

Al: Listen, it's really not that big a deal. You know, I didn't say much to Natalie. I mean, I started to, but then you called.

Jen: What exactly did you say?

Al: I told her that you knew what was going on between her and Cris and that it was disgusting.

Jen: Al, she's going to know that I figured it out!

Al: So, what's the big deal? Listen, I -- she didn't even believe me, ok? She accused me of making it up.

Jen: Oh. Well, why didn't you say that?

Al: Because you didn't give me a chance to. Listen, if you want, I'll go down there, I'll find her, and I'll do some damage control, ok?

Jen: Yes, yes, do that right now. Right now.

Al: All right. Ok. Will you be here when I get back?

Jen: No. I have to go find Cristian.

Al: Well, what do you need to talk to him for? I thought that -- I thought that we were together.

Jen: There's something I haven't told you yet.


Nigel: Mrs. Buchanan, I don't think this is a good idea.

Rae: Nigel, if you care about him, I think you should listen to this.

Nigel: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Rae: It's always better to express your grief. If you keep it all bottled up inside, it will fester and eventually it will even become toxic, Asa.

Asa: Stop analyzing me. You are no doctor. You are a damn quack!

Rae: I'm not talking to you as a doctor. I'm talking to you as a wife.

Asa: The only reason you were ever a wife is because I didn't want to go to prison for life.

Nigel: Really, Madam, you're treading on dangerous ground.

Rae: You made your own bed, Asa. You told me all your dirty little secrets. And, as you so eloquently put it, "a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do."

Asa: Famous last words.

Rae: I can still help you.

Asa: Like when you put out the news that we were married and every damn reporter dogged me so bad that I wouldn't answer the phone? And so, thanks to you, lady, I missed a call from the hospital telling me to come and say good-bye to my son. And so, thanks to you, I didn't get to tell him that I loved him.

Rae: You still can tell him that.

Asa: You want to shrink somebody's head? Shrink your own, you damn freak!

Rae: I can help you, Asa.

Asa: Good. Then go away.

Renee: Well, well, well. Excuse me. Here we are all together again. I'm not going to keep my mouth shut any longer over what happened. Of all the people in the world, why did you two get married?


Antonio: Your husband -- what, did he hurt you?

Woman: No. No, he was wonderful. Yeah, he was so good to me. To everybody. He died.

Antonio: Oh, I'm sorry.

Woman: We went to Africa for a second honeymoon, you know? It was absolutely perfect. Then there was a car accident. Yeah. I scattered his ashes over there. He said it was the most beautiful place on earth. Last place we were together.

Antonio: Look, I'm really, really sorry. I -- I had no idea.

Woman: No, I'm sorry. I -- I'm really sorry. Here you just helped me and I'm dumping all this in your lap, too.

Antonio: So tell me, how long were you and your husband together?

Woman: Years. He just swooped into my life at the lowest point. I didn't make it easy for him, either. He stuck with me, changed my life. And I miss him. Every day, every minute, I see his face and I don't know what I'm going to do.

Antonio: I -- I know what it's like to love someone like that.

Woman: You've lost someone, too, haven't you?

Antonio: Well, not like you. I mean, she wasn't taken away from me. I -- I blew it. I --

Woman: I'm sorry.

Antonio: It's my fault I lost her. No, but, really -- hey, you know what? So tell me -- tell me about your husband.

Woman: Really?

Antonio: Yeah.

Woman: Ok. He -- he was all heart, totally unselfish. No matter what was going on with him, if there was somebody in need, he was right there. Kind of like you.

Antonio: No. I'm not a good guy, believe me.

Woman: Oh, please. If you hadn't come along, I would still be alone crying in my broken-down car by the side of the road. Which, by the way, I wouldn't have blamed you if you'd left me there, either, after the way I told you off in that coffee shop.

Antonio: Well, I was pretty rude, too. I'm sorry.

Woman: Me, too.

Antonio: So, you must be starving.

Woman: Yeah. I'll order some room service or something.

Antonio: Oh, no, I don't think they have room service at this time of night.

Woman: Great.

Antonio: But the diner -- it's a couple miles away. Why don't I get you some takeout?

Woman: No, no, no. You've done so much already. I can't let you do that, too.

Antonio: Look, you said I was a good guy. Let me prove it.

Woman: All right, if you put it that way. Thank you.


Jen: I didn't want to tell you before because I didn't want it to mess up our time together.

Al: Come on, Jen. Tell me. What is it?

Jen: It's my mom. She's out of prison.

Al: What?

Jen: Yeah, the governor pardoned her. She saved Mollie's life, and then Mollie happened to be the governor's granddaughter.

Al: Whoa. I don't what to say, you know? I don't whether to say congratulations or tough luck.

Jen: Yeah. I kind of feel the same way. I mean, I'm glad she's out of that horrible place. I love her.

Al: Yeah. Well, listen; I understand what you're going through. I mean, you remember my mom, right?

Jen: Yeah. That's why I know you understand.

Al: You're lucky your mom's free. And who knows, you know? Maybe she learned some things while she was inside.

Jen: Hopefully she decided not to try to run my life again.

Al: Yeah. That'd be great, right? I still don't see how this has anything to do with Cristian.

Jen: Well, I want to tell Cristian about my mom in person.

Al: No, you donít.

Jen: He was there for me during all that bad stuff that was going on with my mom, and I really feel like that I should tell him and he shouldn't hear it on TV.

Al: I guess. But, you know, if you ask me, you're just looking for more pain.

Jen: So help me out. The last thing I need is Natalie getting up in my face because you told her that I was mad about her and Cristian.

Al: I don't think Natalieís going to come anywhere near you.

Jen: Well, I just want to be sure because I don't think I could take it right now. So please just go talk to her and just tell her you made a mistake and that I don't know anything. Just smooth it over.

Al: Ok. It's done.

Jen: Ok. Call you later.

Al: When you're done?

Jen: Uh -- when I can, ok?


Troy: All right, guys. Well, if you see Jen, do me a favor and tell her that I'm going to stop up and see her.

Cristian: Sure thing.

Troy: All right.

Natalie: I better go.

Cristian: No. No, hold on a second. Did I hurt you? Look, Natalie, I'm really sorry. I just saw that you were so upset and I just wanted to know why.

Natalie: What difference does it make?

Cristian: I care about you, Natalie. A lot. I mean that.

Natalie: I know. You know, actually, maybe Jen did see her mother because that would explain a whole lot.

Cristian: Like what?

Natalie: Why Jen was all stirred up. I mean, her mom usually does that to her.

Cristian: What was Jen stirred up about?

Natalie: I wasn't going to tell you.

Cristian: Natalie --

Natalie: I came to here to see Jen today. Not about school -- about us.


Seth: So, did they leave?

Jessica: We are completely alone.

Seth: Well, then, where were we? Oh, yeah, it's all coming back to me now.

Shawna: So, how long do I have to wait?

Rex: Shh. I told Jessica we were leaving.

Shawna: Oh, you are so whipped.

Rex: Well, I didn't say we were.

Shawna: Huh?

Rex: I want you to stay. I've been wanting to get you alone for a long time.

Shawna: Oh, really?

Rex: But we have to be very, very quiet.


Cristian: You wanted to talk to Jen about us?

Natalie: It was Al. He said something weird. He said that Jen was upset about what you and I were doing.

Cristian: What exactly did Al say?

Natalie: Well, that's just it. He didn't -- he didn't say anything. He was all over the place, and then he got a phone call and he ran off, and all he really said was Jen knew what you and I were doing. But we're not doing anything. Not anymore.

Cristian: That's right. And Jenís been amazing. There's no way she knows what happened.

Natalie: Right, and she doesn't need to because it's over.

Cristian: Yeah.

Natalie: She's been really sweet about my mom and Ben.

Jen: Hey, guys.

Cristian: Hey. We just heard about your mom. You ok?

Jen: Not really.

Natalie: Look, I've got to go. But, Jen, is there anything I can do?

Jen: Just be my friend, that's all.

Natalie: Definitely. All right, see you guys on campus.

Jen: What was she doing here?

Cristian: She came by to see you. She thought you were mad at her.

Jen: No, no, no. I was just upset about my mom, that's all.

Cristian: Yeah, I can't believe they pardoned her.

Jen: Yeah, yeah. Now she's pulling this act about trying to be all reformed and everything, but I'm kind of scared that she's going to try to break us up again.

Cristian: Jen --

Jen: I don't think that I could handle that on top of everything else. Please, don't let her break us up again. I mean, promise me that you'll protect -- you'll protect us from her. Please.


Woman: "Cop shoots doctor." Oh.

[Knock on door]

Woman: Hi.

Antonio: They were closed. But I convinced them to sell me the special.

Woman: It's perfect, whatever it is.

Antonio: Good. Well, you look better.

Woman: Thanks. I splashed some cold water on my face.

Antonio: Good. Well, I guess I should get going.

Woman: Aren't you hungry?

Antonio: No. No, I don't feel like eating.

Woman: Why? Is it because you're blaming yourself for shooting that doctor?


Al: Where have you been?

Natalie: What, are you stalking me now?

Al: Did you say anything to Cris?

Natalie: About what?

Al: About what I said to you earlier about Jen being on to you guys?

Natalie: So what if I did?

Al: Well, it's not true. You were right. I made it all up. She didn't say anything.

Natalie: You are a freak. What exactly is your problem?

Al: No problem. I just don't like you. I wanted to make your miserable life a little more miserable.

Natalie: You know what? Give it up, Al. I have much bigger things to deal with than your weird, little crush on Jen.

Al: It's not a crush. Jen and I are going to be together. You wait and see.


Cristian: Your mom is not going to tear us up, Jen. I promise.

Jen: She wasn't even back five minutes before she started in on you and Natalie.

Cristian: What about us?

Jen: Well, I was telling her how Natalie and I are friends now, and she started trying to make me jealous, saying I should watch out for her.

Cristian: No, no, Natalie wouldn't hurt you.

Jen: Yeah, that's what I told her. And I told her how solid you and I are, and I just flat-out told her that she was the only one that's threatening us.

Cristian: Well, you stood up to her. That's a good thing.

Jen: I never could have done that if it weren't for you. Between you and Natalie, I've finally learned what it's like to trust. You look tired.

Cristian: I am. I'm tired.

Jen: Me, too. I can't wait to just crawl up in your arms and go to sleep.

Cristian: Why don't I jump in the shower first?

Jen: Where was Natalie going in such a hurry?

Cristian: She had to go out. Somebody was waiting for her.

Jen: Oh, like a date?

Cristian: Yeah, I think so.

Jen: You're lying to me again, Cristian. The only guy Natalieís interested in is you. I'm going to make you both so sorry.


Rae: Renee, I already told you I wanted to marry asa.

Renee: I know that. But what would make Asa want to marry you?

Asa: Let it go, Renee.

Renee: No, Asa, I won't. This has been hanging over us like a dark cloud ever since we flew to Switzerland, and it's up to you to explain yourself to me.

Asa: I canít.

Rae: You know what? Is it so hard to believe that he could love me?

Renee: You're kidding.

Nigel: Ms. Divine, I took the liberty of ordering a car for you.

Renee: Thank you, Nigel. It's getting a little hard to breathe in here.

Asa: You just made me hurt the finest woman in Llanview. Are you satisfied?

Rae: Ok, Asa. Since you won't let me help you -- I did bring the checkbook. I need a few signatures.


Antonio: How did you know?

Woman: The newspaper. And the way you say you're not a good guy like you really believe it.

Antonio: I'm not.

Woman: Well, even the paper says it's an accident. And newspapers are always quick to blame police for whatever they can.

Antonio: Yeah, well, you weren't there. You don't know what happened.

Woman: No. But I see how much you're hurting. And you're not crying and carrying on like I did, but --

Antonio: You lost your husband.

Woman: Yeah. See, if you were this violent, selfish person, you wouldn't be sitting here worrying about me when you have to face what -- whatever it is you've got to face back home.

Antonio: The man I shot -- he was a good man. He had a wife and a family, and I took him away from them. Thanks to me, he may never -- may never wake up.

Woman: But it was an accident.

Antonio: No. No. I made it happen. I made it happen. I mean, I was so dead set on finding this one guy, this one criminal that I despise, and all I wanted to do was -- was prove to the woman I care about that he was the scum of the earth. I lost focus. I lost perspective. And that's when I stopped being a good cop. And that's when I stopped -- that's when you make mistakes. Even my boss -- even my boss told me. I just stopped -- I stopped listening. I -- I made it about myself. And that's why I lost -- I lost everything. And now Ben Davidson did, too.

Woman: If you face what happened, maybe you can forgive yourself.

Antonio: No. No way.

Woman: Look, I know it's not your fault. And I'd stake my life on it.

Antonio: How can you say that? How do you know?

Woman: You stopped to help me. You could have kept right on going.

Antonio: Well, that doesn't mean anything.

Woman: Yes, it does. And you've had plenty of time to ditch me, too -- when the tow truck came, the garage, just now when you saw me crying. But you didn't because you're this kind, compassionate, generous man, just like my husband.

Antonio: Would -- would your husband have shot an innocent man?

Woman: If he were in your shoes, I don't know.

Antonio: Not if he was a good cop.

Woman: You don't have that kind of hate in you.

Antonio: Yes, I do. I hate someone, and that's why that man was hurt.

Woman: Then if you hate someone, he sure must have earned it.

Antonio: So, what, I sink to his level?

Woman: No. Never. You're this -- you're fair and you're good. And no matter how much you try and convince me otherwise, I'm not going to believe it.

Antonio: Why?

Woman: Because if you weren't the man I think you are, you wouldn't be here. We wouldn't be here.

Antonio: That doesn't make me good.

Woman: Oh, I think it does.


Asa: There. The last one.

Rae: Thank you.

Asa: I used to be the seventh richest man in America. Now, thanks to you, I'm down to lucky 13.

Rae: Well, if you hadn't acted like an obnoxious megalomaniac, maybe you --

Asa: Hold it. You can call me all the psychotic names you want. It don't matter. All I know is I cannot stand the sight of you. Your former friends cannot stand you. Even Renee, who's good to everybody, cannot stand you.

Rae: You know, maybe I should come to you for advice on how to be alone and miserable.

Asa: I'm not alone. It doesn't matter to me how much you drain my bank account. My family still loves me, even through all the rotten things I've done.

Rae: Like fake your own death? Asa, you broke their hearts. Do you have any idea what that did to Renee?

Asa: Yes. But she forgave me.

Rae: Ugh --

Asa: And she's always there for me. So are my sons. And so are my grandchildren. Where the hell was your daughter, Skye, when you --

Rae: You leave Skye out of this, you understand?

Asa: Ooh, ooh! I hit a nerve, Gretel? Go on home. Count your money. See if it talks back to you.

Rae: I'll give it your regards.

Asa: Don't bother.


Nigel: Will you be all right?

Renee: Mm-hmm. You should have seen Asa in Switzerland. He was so kind, so compassionate.

Nigel: He cares a great deal about Dr. Davidson.

Renee: Of course he does. That's why I don't understand. I don't understand how he can be so wonderful and marry Rae -- a woman who he has treated abominably, a woman he despises. It just -- it just doesn't make any sense to me.

Nigel: Madam, I shouldn't tell you this, but I can't stand to see you suffer like this.

Renee: Please, Nigel. Please.

Asa: Mr. Buchanan didn't force Ms. Cummings into marrying him. It was the other way around. Ms. Cummings blackmailed Mr. Buchanan into marrying her. Oh, dear. I've said too much.


[Door closes]

Hank: I thought you said we were alone.


Jessica: We were.

Natalie: Oh. Oops. Is Rex around?

Jessica: He -- he went out. I know what you're going to say to him, though.

Natalie: You do?

Jessica: You saw him with Shawna, right? You wanted to warn him off her? Don't worry. I already did that.


Rex: Here. Get dressed.

Shawna: And what if I don't?

Rex: I'll walk you to your car.


[Phone rings]

Al: Hello?

Jen: Al, it's me.

Al: Oh. It is so good to hear your voice.

Jen: Have you talked to Natalie?

Al: Yep. I told her I made the whole thing up just to torture her. She bought it. No problem.

Jen: Thank you so much. It means so much to me.

Al: I can't stop thinking about you. Today was -- today was incredible. I got to tell you, I am so happy, Jen.

Jen: I'm glad. I'm glad, Al. I really am. I better go.

Al: Ok. I really miss you.

Jen: I miss you, too, Al.


Woman: I'm sorry. I --

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Cristian: I wanted to ask you something. It's about Al.

Al: Can you believe it? I'm out of trouble.

Troy: Hello, Lindsay. You going somewhere?


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