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One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/23/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Allison: I'm only almost out of bullets. I still got one left.

Rae: Rev. Carpenter is here to marry us.

Ross: We need to get off this island now. We got to do it soon.

Téa: I tried to forget about you, but I couldn’t.


Asa: What the hell did you just say?

Rae: I said that Rev. Carpenter is here to marry us, Asa.

Asa: Which "us" would that be?

Rae: You and me, kimosabe. Now let's see, that would make me, um -- the 10th woman to be Mrs. Asa Buchanan, and I, for one -- I can't wait. How about you, Asa?

[Music plays]

[Music stops]


[Doorbell rings]

Al: Jessica.

Jessica: Al, I need to talk to you.

Al: You do?

Jessica: It's important.

Al: What's going on?

Jessica: I know who set the fire.


Max: Roxy's alive and still in Llanview? Oh, great, how am I going to convince a judge she's deserted me if she's still in town?


Bo: Allison has got Viki?

Roxy: Yeah.

Bo: So you actually saw Viki?

Roxy: Oh, yeah, in the basement.

Bo: Where?

Roxy: In the trunk.

Bo: Same trunk you were in?

Roxy: No, she was in the trunk first. I thought she was dead.

Bo: Was she unconscious?

Roxy: Oh, she was playing possum. Believe me, she had me fooled, and then I realized she was alive when she started strangling Allison.

Bo: Viki strangled Allison?

Roxy: Oh, yeah, and Allison wasn't too happy about that. That's probably why she turned the gun on her.


Allison: One bullet left. Now the big question is, which one of you do I use it on? La-dee-da Lindsay? Or Viki/Niki? Oh, I know! I could shoot you from the side and then the bullet would go through both of you. Nah, wouldn't work.

Niki: You know what, Allie, I think you've got to kind of stop for a second and give this a little think, you know.

Lindsay: You're only going to get yourself in more trouble, All.

Allison: You're kidding. I love this.

Lindsay: No, you're only going to make things worse for yourself.

Allison: I don't care!

Niki: Like I was telling before, you and me, we could make a damn good team.

Allison: Shut up! Oh, this is fun. This is like playing God. Remember? With Natalie and Jessica? That was the best. But you know what? This is even better because I get to decide who lives and who dies.


Ross: Come on, don't do this. This is just a fluke, right? Don't do this to me, please. Don't do this.


Téa: Todd? Are you sure?

Todd: What, that I couldn't forget you?

Téa: No, that you want to say that out loud.

Todd: Why wouldn't I?

Téa: Because I'll believe you.

Todd: Good, I believe you. So -- we're on the same wavelength here, right? That's good.

Téa: Yeah. Yeah.

Todd: Great. So listen, I -- I was wondering -- now, really, don't take this wrong way, but, you know --

Téa: I'll try.

Todd: I was wondering, I was hoping that, you know, if we get out -- ok, when we get out of here and get back that, you know, you might maybe try and make it so that I could get my kids back?

Téa: Of course I'll do that for you, but -- that's not what -- what this is about, is it?


Mollie: Hey, you want to go up to the cabin?

Rex: Well, don't you like it out here?

Mollie: Yeah, I just thought we'd have a little more privacy there.

Rex: Oh, there's no one here.

Rex: So do you and Shawna ever come up here?

Mollie: No, this is your cabin, remember?

Rex: You like being here, right?

Mollie: I told you I did.

Rex: Think Shawna would like it here?

Mollie: Probably.

Rex: So she'll be real jealous of you and me being here.

Mollie: Why do you care if Shawna’s jealous?

Rex: Oh, just because.

Mollie: Because what? Who do you want to be with, me or Shawna?

Rex: Well, you're both pretty hot.

Mollie: You know, I should've known.

Rex: What do you mean?

Mollie: Guys are always using me to get close to Shawna.

Rex: It's not like that. Seriously, I think you're really hot.

Mollie: But not hotter than Shawna.

Rex: That came out all wrong. I didn't mean it the way it sounded. Now, if you would just chill and let me explain --

Mollie: No, you can just stay here and chill, Rex. I'm leaving.

Rex: Mollie, come on. Wait!


[Seth whistles]

Renee: Thank you.

Seth: You look amazing, Ms. Divine.

Renee: And you say that to all the girls.

Seth: Only the girls that look as good as you do right now. What's the occasion?

Renee: Believe it or not, I have a date tonight.

Seth: Yeah?

Renee: Mm-hmm.

Seth: So who's the lucky guy?

Renee: Asa Buchanan.

Seth: I thought you and Mr. Buchanan weren't getting along.

Renee: We weren't, but then he did something that was really very sweet.

Seth: Really?

Renee: Mm-hmm, for Rae Cummings, of all people.

Seth: You're kidding. I thought Mr. Buchanan was the guy behind all the bad publicity she was getting.

Renee: Well, he redeemed himself long enough for us to have dinner.

Seth: And you seem pretty happy about it.

Renee: I am very happy about it.

Seth: So this means there might be a chance you and Mr. Buchanan will get married again?

Renee: A third time? Bite your tongue.

Seth: Just asking.

Renee: But you never know. Stranger things have happened.


Rae: We're ready to proceed.

Asa: The hell we are.

Andrew: Well, I thought that you both wanted to get married.

Asa: You thought wrong!

Andrew: If you're not agreed on that, then --

Rae: We are. We're totally agreed. Now, if I could just have a moment alone with my fiancé?

Nigel: Reverend, why don't we get you a drink? Heaven knows I could use one.

Rae: Hurry up, boys. This will only take a minute.

Asa: Ignore the sound of a gunshot.

Nigel: Uh, sir, let's get out of here.

Asa: What in the hell is wrong with you?

Rae: Asa, is that the way to talk to your bride on her wedding day?

Asa: Now you get this in your damn head -- we are not -- and I repeat -- not getting married.

Rae: Oh. Gee, if we don't, you know, that really gives me no choice but to go public with all your dirty little secrets.

Asa: I did everything you gave me on that damn list. It didn't say anything about us having to get hitched.

Rae: You didn't do everything on the list.

Asa: The hell I didn’t.

Rae: Number one on the list, you were to see that my lawsuits were dropped.

Asa: I did that!

Rae: All of them, Asa. My students are still suing me.

Asa: Oh, please. You're not going to quibble over a couple of snot-nosed kids?

Rae: All right, you know what, let's just put aside the list for a minute. I don't trust you. I don't trust you as far as I could throw you.

Asa: Yeah, so what?

Rae: So that's why I have to marry you.


Renee: Ben. Excuse us, Seth.

Ben: Hey.

Renee: Well? Did you find Viki?

Ben: No.

Renee: I'm so sorry.

Ben: Thanks.

Renee: I heard you on the radio.

Ben: I just hope Viki heard me.

Renee: It was beautiful what you said to her.

Ben: I just -- I don't know if it's going to help, though.

Renee: Don't say that.

Ben: I mean, even if she heard me, she's not Viki.

Renee: She is. Inside she is, and she loves you.

Ben: I'm just so afraid for her, Renee.

Renee: She's going to come back to you. She will. I know that with all my heart, Ben.

Ben: You know, I want to believe that, but --

Renee: But what?

Ben: I -- I don't know if I could take losing Viki forever.


Allison: I should probably shoot you.

Niki: Me?

Allison: Yeah, you. You pushed Dave out a window. You hurt him.

Niki: You know what, that was an accident, honest. I swear it was, on my word of honor.

Allison: Yeah, right.

Niki: Besides, I -- I kind of thought it was over between you and Dave.

Allison: That's true.

Niki: Yeah, so, like, whose fault is that?

Allison: Viki's! Because Viki brainwashed Dave into thinking he was in love with her.

Niki: Yeah. Yeah, you're probably right, she did do that. The thing is, remember, I'm not Viki, she's gone.

Allison: Then you'll have to do.

Niki: Uh, you know, if it's anybody's fault that -- that you lost Dave, it's hers.

Lindsay: Mine?

Niki: Yeah, it's your fault that she lost Dave. Yeah, so if you're going to shoot somebody, you got to shoot her.


Antonio: The skid marks back there matched the tire tracks found at Rae Cummings' house. It's got to be the same car R.J. Gannon used to help Allison Perkins and Lindsay Rappaport escape from Statesville prison.

Officer: How do you know it was R.J. Gannon?

Antonio: How about less talk and more action?

Officer: All right, sorry.

Antonio: The women are out there and I want them found, now.


Al: You know who set the fire at Jen’s dad's house?

Jessica: Yes.

Al: Are you sure?

Jessica: I wish I weren't.

Al: Look, Jessica, I can explain everything, ok?

Jessica: It was my mother.

Al: Your mother?

Jessica: Yes. She's been dressing up as Natalie to make Natalie think that she's going crazy.

Al: Right, because she's not herself, she's that other person.

Jessica: Niki Smith. Natalie was about to figure it out.

Al: So your mom set fire to the house and framed Natalie for it?

Jessica: Yes, that's why Natalie’s keys were there. Niki placed them there to make it look like Natalie set the fire.

Al: You really think your mom could do this?

Jessica: It's the only thing that makes sense. I mean, who else would do something that horrible?

Al: I don't know.

Jessica: Who other than Niki Smith would do something like that?

Al: You know what? I hate to say it -- I think you're right. I think your mom set that fire.


Antonio: You got the car?

Officer: Yeah.

Antonio: And you're positive it's the same one?

Officer: I'm sure, and someone really didn't want us to find it. It was just under a ton of brush.

Antonio: I'll be right there. R.J. Gannon, you're going down.


Roxy: So Viki has this other personality and Allison kept on calling her Niki. All the time that she was getting strangled, she kept on saying to her, you know, Niki.

Bo: Yeah, I know, I know, I know. But did anybody get shot?

Roxy: No.

Bo: So nobody's hurt?

Roxy: No, everybody was alive, and then I got clobbered. Oh, speaking of which, my head is killing me.


Max: Come on, Max, think, think! Otherwise, you're going to be stuck with that stumpy little troll forever. Perfect, perfect. Oh, oh, yes. Oh. Ooh, I hope they're still there. Hi! Hi! You're still there. Great. Listen, this is Max Holden. I'd like to confirm my appointment for tomorrow with the judge. Right. Yes. I was wondering, could I meet with the judge just a bit earlier? Oh, great. Thank you.

Roxy: All right, you know, so I'm going to try to piece this together to you and, I don't know, I can't really, you know --

Max: Roxy, baby! Snookums! Oh! Oh!

Roxy: Oh, Max.

Max: Thank God you're all right!

[Phone rings]

Bo: Buchanan.

Antonio: Commissioner, it's me, Antonio.

Bo: You got something?

Antonio: Yeah, we found Lindsay and Allison’s car. It's abandoned.

Bo: Where?

Antonio: We're getting the exact coordinates.

Bo: All right, we've got to move, all right? Allison's got Viki.


Niki: Allison, you've got to use the last bullet to shoot her because it's her fault that you lost Dave!

Lindsay: It's not my fault that you lost Dave. How could it be?

Allison: Yeah, how could it be?

Niki: Because -- she wants Dave for herself.

Lindsay: What?

Niki: Yeah! She's been in love with Dave her whole life.

Lindsay: I have not. You're lying!

Niki: No, I'm not lying! You're lying!

Lindsay: How could I be in love with Dave, want Dave my whole life? I haven't even known him my whole life!

Niki: Well, of course you have! You married his brother!

Lindsay: What?

Niki: You married his brother Sam just so you could get close to Dave!

Lindsay: Oh, come on!

Niki: And then she went and married the other brother, Clint!

Lindsay: That has nothing to do with it. She's lying!

Niki: Yeah, she's been sneaking her way to Dave for years.

Allison: Is that true?

Niki: Yeah!

Lindsay: It's not true. She's just trying to save her own life.

Niki: No, of course it's true, Allie! Of course it's the truth! Lindsay's the reason you lost Dave.

Lindsay: No, she's lying. Don't listen to her.

Niki: No, Lindsay’s the one you got to shoot.

Lindsay: No!

Niki: Yeah, Lindsay, Lindsay!

Allison: No, no, look at you guys! All you're concerned about is your own pathetic lives! You I can understand because you're such an inhuman monster.

Niki: Hey!

Allison: But, Lindsay, you were supposed to be my friend. You shared a cell with me. You said you cared about me. You said you'd take care of me on the outside!

Lindsay: I do! I will take care of you! I will!

Allison: I never had any friends! That's why I was always alone! I think that's why I had to make up friends in my head! They keep me company! Maybe that's why I get confused sometimes! But I'm not confused anymore. I know exactly which one of you has to die.


Todd: This is about you and me, Téa. This isn't about me getting my kids back.

Téa: Are you sure?

Todd: Yeah, no, look, if it were that simple, hey, I would just give you another $5 million and watch you fall through another window.

Téa: Oh, uh-uh, ha, ha.

Todd: You really made Blair look like a psycho, didn't you?

Téa: The plan was to make her look like an unfit mother.

Todd: Yeah, well, you did that. Bet you hadn't planned on going through -- getting tossed out of window, though, did you?

Téa: No, I hadn't planned on being tossed out a window, Todd.

Todd: So, you know, maybe you could do something like that again.

Téa: I'll pass on the full-body cast, but I'm sure I can figure something out so that you can spend time with your children.

Todd: Are you going to stick it to Blair this time?

Téa: Todd, I'm asking you, is that why you're doing this? Are you using me to get back at Blair?


Al: I think you're right. I think Niki Smith probably set that fire.

Jessica: Yeah, I guess so.

Al: I'm really, really sorry.

Jessica: Yeah, I think I was kind of hoping that you would tell me I was wrong.

Al: Sorry. So you're going to go to the police, right?

Jessica: What?

Al: Well, don't you think they should know about this?

Jessica: You think I should turn my mother in to the police?

Al: Well, she's not really your mom. She's this Niki Smith person, right?

Jessica: I guess, but --

Al: And the longer that they don't know the truth, the more time they're going to waste after other people, innocent people.

Jessica: I don't understand why this had to happen. Why did this have to happen?

Al: I don't know. I so wish that it hadn't.

Jessica: Yeah, you know, but it did, and I'm going to have to deal with it.

Al: So you're going to go to the police, right?

Jessica: I don't know. I didn't think about it.

Al: Mom.

Gabrielle: Hello, darling, how are you?

Al: What are you doing here, mom?

Gabrielle: Jessica, how nice to see you, too. I thought I'd come in, check in on my son. And, Jessica, I just want you to know that I've been praying that they find your mother very soon.

Jessica: I have, too. Thank you.

Gabrielle: I know this has been very difficult for you and your family.

Jessica: I'd better go.

Al: I'll walk you out.

Gabrielle: Good-bye, Sweetie.

Jessica: I'll call you.

Al: Bye.

Al: Mom, what are you really doing here?

Gabrielle: You know how much I love you, and you can tell me anything at all.

Al: What's going on?

Gabrielle: I'm your mother. I always will be, and that means that I'll be behind you and I'll support you no matter what it is.

Al: Yeah. Yeah, I know that.

Gabrielle: Good. So why don't you tell me what's going on.


Max: Oh, oh, you poor thing. Are you ok? Were you hurt?

Roxy: Yeah, I got a major goose egg on my head.

Max: Oh, is that all?

Roxy: I guess so.

Max: I was so worried.

Roxy: You were worried about me?

Max: Of course I was worried about you! You're my wife, aren't you?

Roxy: Oh, yeah? Then why'd you hang up on me?

Max: Hang up? What, are you crazy?

Roxy: I don't think so.

Max: No, no, we had a bad connection, that's all.

Roxy: Really?

Max: Yeah.

Roxy: That's weird, because that's what I told Allison.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Roxy: Really?

Max: Really. Scout's honor.


Bo: Just get every available cop up there. Thanks.

Ben: Hello.

Bo: Ben, it's Bo.

Ben: What's going on?

Bo: I've got some new information.

Ben: What is it?

Bo: Viki's still Niki.

Ben: Does that you mean you found her?

Bo: No, Allison’s got her.

Ben: Where are they?

Bo: Look, I don't have all the details right now.

Ben: Bo --

Bo: Just meet me up on Llantano Mountain, ok, just off Lake Road.

Ben: I'm on my way.

Renee: What is it?

Ben: Bo's got a lead on Viki.

Renee: That's wonderful. Isn't it?

Ben: I got to go.

Renee: Ben? Wait. Be careful.


Allison: Oh, it's so simple. I don't know why I didn't think of this before. Oh, I know exactly which one it has to be.

[Knock on door]

Allison: Who is that?

Lindsay: You'd better get it.

Niki: No! What if it's the cops?

Lindsay: Who cares? She's going to shoot us. Niki: No, no, she's going to shoot you, toots. I took care of that.


Mollie: Hello? Anyone here?

Allison: Who is that?

Niki: How the hell do I know?

Lindsay: Let her in.

Niki: No! Tell her to buzz off.

Allison: Shh, you're confusing me.

Niki: What are you doing? Oh, you're letting me go!

Allison: No.

Niki: What?

Allison: Only to answer the door.

Niki: Huh?

Allison: This iplace. You're going to pretend to be Viki and you're going to get rid of her.

Niki: Yeah, sure, sure, ok.

Allison: No funny business or you're dead.

Niki: No funny business, no. Excuse me. [As Viki] coming!

Mollie: Hi, Mrs. Davidson.

Niki: Yes, hello, uh --

Mollie: Mollie. I go to school with Jessica and Natalie. Can I use your phone?

Niki: No, no, absolutely not.

Mollie: What?

Niki: No, I'm not going to let my daughter's girlfriends run up my phone bill.

Mollie: Look, it'll only take a second. Besides, it's Jessica’s brother's fault I'm stuck out here.

Niki: Well, I find that very hard to believe.

Mollie: Well, it's true, so I'm using your phone. Sue me.

Niki: You don't really -- you don't want to do that. Ahem. Uh, ahem?

Mollie: What are you doing here?


Asa: Listen, Gretel, I'll have a chat with the kids and have them drop the lawsuit.

Rae: And what if you can't?

Asa: You're talking to Asa Buchanan.

Rae: I repeat -- what if you can't?

Asa: So whatever the judge says to pay, I'll pay, ok? Then everybody will be happy.

Rae: You know, even if I believed you -- and I'm not saying I do -- what about your next victim?

Asa: What? What victim?

Rae: Ever since the real Ray Cummings went and told his sordid little tale to "The Sun," you haven't let up on me.

Asa: Yeah, so what?

Rae: You humiliated me at the Woman of the Year dinner. You created a web site about me. You even went on television and talked about me.

Asa: I'm a man who loves a good time. I had fun, lady.

Rae: It may have been fun for you, but every time I turned around, oh, boy, there you were.

Asa: And you want to be married to me?

Rae: That's right, I do. Because, Asa my darling, guess what -- now every time you turn around, there I'll be. And maybe you'll finally know what it feels like to have somebody else calling the shots.

Asa: You will never, ever call any shots.

Rae: Uh-huh. Well -- you -- you couldn't get any help in therapy. You still treat people in that hideous way of yours, so, I don't know, maybe being married to me will help you.

Asa: I've been married 11 times.

Rae: Mm-hmm.

Asa: What makes you think another marriage will make any damn difference?

Rae: Oh, well, the 12th time is a charm.

Asa: There ain't going to be a 12th time, charming or otherwise.

Rae: You haven't got a choice, pal. And maybe -- just maybe -- you'll think twice the next time you appoint yourself to be somebody's jury and judge and executioner.

Asa: You're a regular Mother Teresa.

Rae: Oh, come on, Asa. It's not going to be that bad. You're still going to be rich. And you want to know what the best part is?

Asa: No, what?

Rae: I won't even have to blackmail you for money because what's yours will be mine and what's mine will be yours.

Asa: Gretel, sweetheart, you don't have a dime.

Rae: I have this. So, what's it going to be?

Andrew: Well, Asa, Rae, what's it going to be? Are we going to have a wedding here tonight or not?


Todd: Hey, look, you know, you -- you said that I said that we were both on the same wavelength, right? You remember that? So what's with all these questions?

Téa: Well, it's just that you despise Blair, Blair happens to despise me, so what better way to get back at Blair than by being with me?

Todd: Why are we talking about Blair? Look, this is about you and me. We're stuck here and we're on an island, we're together, you and me, Téa. That's what this is about.

Téa: Well, you're the one who keeps bringing her up.

Todd: Yeah, because she took my kids away from me. Look, I don't care about Blair.

Téa: So why are you still wearing her ring?

Todd: I -- because I was, you know, hoping that maybe I could -- I could, you know, pawn it to passing natives, that's all. Look, there. Hey. Poof. See? Blair's nothing.

Téa: Well, then why do you want to hurt her so much?

Todd: I don't know, just a little payback, that's all. Look, forget Blair.

Téa: Oh, I'd like to.

Todd: She's nothing, she's nobody. Look, I don't even want to think about Blair.

Téa: Why do I think the gentleman doth protest too much?

Todd: Yeah, well, me don't care what thou doth think. Just, look, the only -- you and I, Téa -- we're the only ones that ever clicked.

Téa: Really?

Todd: Yeah, look, I got over Ross. You got to get over Blair now.

Téa: I'll try. Do you have any suggestions on how I might do that?

Todd: Well -- you're the one that always had all the smart ideas.

Ross: Ahem.

Todd: Oh, you were supposed to be working on the raft.

Ross: I was.

Téa: What's wrong, Ross?

Ross: The wind. It changed direction.


Andrew: Asa, is there going to be a wedding here tonight or not?

Asa: Nigel?

Nigel: Sir?

Asa: Gretel has got me between a rock and a hard place.

Nigel: Oh, dear.

Asa: If I don't marry her, I'll end up in prison.

Nigel: We wouldn't want that.

Asa: If I do marry her, this whole place will be a prison, no escaping.

Nigel: That's unfortunate, but true.

Asa: What the hell do I do?

Nigel: I'm not sure.

Asa: Well, think, Nigel.

Nigel: Well, you've already tied the knot, as it were, 11 times and you survived all of those.

Asa: Are you saying what I'm thinking?

Nigel: I'm saying -- buck up, cowboy. This too shall pass.

Asa: Ok, padre. Let's get this over with.


Renee: Wonder what's happened to Asa.

Seth: Ms. Divine?

Renee: Yes, Seth?

Seth: I just saw Dr. Davidson run out. Did something happen?

Renee: Yes, Bo got a lead on Viki and ben went to join him and check it out.

Seth: Oh, wow, hope it pans out.

Renee: Yeah, so do I. I hope she comes back to us safe and sound.

Seth: That would be great for Jessica. Hey, what happened with Mr. Buchanan? He should know better than to just leave a pretty lady hanging.

Renee: Yeah, he should. I'll -- I'll remind him. Oh, it's busy.

Seth: Maybe he's trying to call you.

Renee: Yeah, maybe, maybe. I think I'd better go over there and make sure every thing’s all right.

Seth: Good luck.

Renee: Thanks.

Jessica: Seth. Hey, I really need to talk to you. I just went and saw Al and --

Seth: Yeah, I just heard that they may have found your mom.

Jessica: What?

Seth: Yeah, Dr. Davidson was here, he got a call from the police, and he flew out of here.


Ben: Good work finding the car.

Antonio: Thanks. You know, but there's something I still don't get.

Bo: What?

Antonio: Why Lindsay and Allison would abandon the getaway car. Unless they're meeting somebody.

Bo: Maybe one of them thought of a place they could hide out for a while.

Antonio: But they're in the middle of nowhere.

Ben: No, they're not.

Antonio: What?

Bo: Viki's cabin.

Mollie: What -- what is this?

Allison: Shut up!

Mollie: What is going on?

Allison: Shut up and sit in that chair. Go!

Mollie: You're -- you're Jen’s mom.

Lindsay: Yep.

Mollie: And that makes you Allison -- Allison Perkins?

Allison: You know who I am?

Mollie: You escaped from Statesville.

Allison: How do you know that? You're a spy.

Mollie: What?

Allison: You're working with them.

Mollie: No, I'm not.

Allison: Who are you working with then?

Mollie: Listen, I've never worked a day in my life. I'm not a spy. I'm just a college student, I promise.

Allison: I didn't get to go to college.

Mollie: I -- I'm sorry.

Allison: While all the girls were joining sororities and going to parties, I was slaving away as a candy striper.

Mollie: You helped people?

Allison: I wanted to help people. I wanted to marry a doctor and have a nice life. Is that too much to ask?

Lindsay: No, it's not.

Allison: Stop patronizing me!

Lindsay: I'm not.

Allison: Ugh, you're all against me! You think I don't know that? You're not better than me! You're not!

Mollie: Listen, I don't think I'm better than you, really. I just came to use a phone. Please, please, just let me go and I promise I won't tell anyone you're here. Please.

[Allison laughs]

Allison: How stupid do you think I am? Do you think I'm going to let you leave here alive?


Todd: Oh, the wind changed. Oh, that -- that's great. Why don't you go away and then maybe the wind will change back.

Ross: I thought I explained to you about the weather.

Todd: Let me explain something to you, ok -- trade winds, the reason they call them trade winds is because they trade.

Téa: Todd.

Todd: No, I'm serious! Look, the winds will change back.

Ross: Yeah, in six months. We're talking about a seasonal shift, Manning.

Todd: Who are you, Al Roker?

Téa: Listen, he grew up on a boat. He spent a lot of time sailing!

Todd: Oh, so what, you automatically take his word for everything?

Ross: You know what, I don't care if you take my word for anything, all right? The winds have shifted.

Téa: So wait, wait, wait, does that mean that there's a shift in the weather coming?

Ross: Yes, which means the ships are going to move 100 miles further south of this island.

Téa: So wait, wait, wait. So we're -- so we're not leaving?

Ross: No, we missed our chance. Nobody's leaving the island. Back to you, Téa, Todd.


Roxy: So then I got clunked on the head, and the next thing I know I'm waking up in a trunk.

Max: Oh, sweetie, if -- if I'd only known.

Roxy: Were you really worried about me?

Max: Of course I was. I mean, after all that's happened, our problems seem so silly.

Roxy: Yeah, they do.

Max: Hmm. You know what I want to do right now? I want to get you home and tuck you into bed.

Roxy: Ooh, that sounds so nice.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Roxy: But, you know, I think I need a little souvenir of this whole event.

Max: Oh, yeah, sure. Go right ahead. You deserve it.

Roxy: I think I'm going to go to sleep for about 10 weeks.

Max: Well, that's the whole idea. In the meantime, I'll be in court getting a divorce. Oh, honey.


Al: What are you talking about, mother? There's nothing going on.

Gabrielle: Why were you trying to convince Jessica to call the police on her own mother?

Al: You were listening?

Gabrielle: Not deliberately, but, yeah, sort of.

Al: Well, why shouldn't she call the police on her mother? She thinks she set that fire.

Gabrielle: She thinks?

Al: Yeah, and listen, Mom, it's not even Mrs. Davidson really. It's this other personality, Niki Smith. You see, she's dangerous, ok? I mean, think about all the other stuff she's already done.

Gabrielle: That doesn't mean she started a fire, does it, Al?

Al: Didn't you hear anything that Jessica said? It makes perfect sense.

Gabrielle: Does it make perfect sense?

Al: Yeah, yeah, and I don't know why you're interested in this anyway. I mean, what does it matter to you?

Gabrielle: Because every time I've seen you, you have been deliberately trying to blame this fire on someone else -- Todd, now Viki.

Al: Look, it's not Viki, ok? It's another personality. Didn't you hear anything I said?

Gabrielle: Yes, I did, and why are you so desperate?

Al: I am not desperate!

Gabrielle: Yes, you are. You are desperate to blame someone else because -- because you're the one that set that fire, aren't you?


Andrew: Marriage is not to be entered into lightly or unadvisedly. If there are any among us tonight who know of any reason why these two may not be lawfully joined in marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace.


Bo: All right -- no, no, you stay back.

Ben: No way, Bo. Bo, if Viki's in there, I'm going in.

Bo: All right, just stay back.


Mollie: Please, please, don't!

Antonio: Police! Freeze! Freeze! Put the gun down! Down! Down! Police! Freeze!

Bo: Don't move! Lindsay! Drop it now!

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