OLTL Transcript Tuesday 8/6/02

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 8/6/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Téa: Ross -- he didn't make it.

R.J.: For all she knows, we watched that wedding show from 9:00 to 10:00.

Al: It's too bad you dropped your keys, Natalie. Now all I need is an alibi.

Ben: The red hair on the person who pushed me out the window -- it was a wig.

Natalie: And why would Viki do this?

Cristian: She had D.I.D. She probably has it again.


Bo: No question about the prints?

Antonio: I had our fingerprint expert double-check. They're R.J.'s.

Bo: And no other prints?

Antonio: Not a single one.

Bo: Antonio, you wish you hadn't found that thing?

Antonio: At the very spot Allison Perkins and Lindsay Rappaport made their escape.

Bo: You didn't answer my question.

Antonio: Well, I've always wanted to nail R.J.

Bo: Look, want me to take it from here?

Antonio: It's my job.

Bo: You know what comes next.

Antonio: I question R.J. about his role in the prison break and I find some way of telling my fiancee that her father's a suspect.


R.J.: And once I get rid of this, there won't be a clue that I wasn't right here all night long. Oh, well, we'll watch the wedding show together. She'll think it's 9:00. But when it's really 9:00, I'll be otherwise engaged.

Keri: R.J.?

R.J.: Keri. I thought you were asleep.

Keri: This darn cold woke me up. I can barely breathe.

R.J.: Uh-huh. Well, did you take more of your medicine?

Keri: Yeah, plus I keep having this horrible nightmare. It's my wedding day, and I can't stop sneezing as you're walking me down the aisle.

R.J.: Hmm.

Keri: And on top of that, the wedding etiquette police are following me down the aisle giving me citations for all the rules I've broken, like not officially announcing my engagement to Antonio.

R.J.: Well, relax. I think we can fix that easy enough.

Keri: Think so? Were you going out?


Lindsay: Allison, I definitely, definitely recommend a shower. After crawling through those disgusting, filthy vents, I'll tell you, you'll feel like a new woman. And not only do I feel squeaky clean, but I am ready for our next plan of action, because unfortunately, we're not going to be able to stay here too much longer. Allison? Allison, where are you?


Roxy: Max? Max?

[Allison laughs]

Allison: "Tell my husband I've been kidnapped, and he'll be over with 100 grand." Your husband couldn't care less about you.

Roxy: That's not true. He's crazy about me.

Allison: Oh, yeah, I think he'd pay some kidnappers to keep you.

Roxy: No, I'm telling you, it's the cell phone, you know, because I don't think he heard any of this.

Allison: Oh, keep dreaming.

Roxy: No, no, once I get to him, I get connected to him and he finds out I've been kidnapped, he's going to give you whatever you want. What are you doing?

Allison: Well, you know what? I'm not going back to prison. You're not going to stop me, because Dave needs me.

Roxy: Hey, Allison, come on, you know. Untie me, you know? We've been buddies. I'm not going to tell anybody that I saw you, even if they torture me.

Allison: Even if they offer you a drink? Hold still.

[Roxy mumbles]

Allison: Sorry, can't hear you. But you know what? I don't think that matters, because your time is just about up.

Lindsay: Allison? Allison, are you down there?


Cristian: Natalie couldn't have started that fire because she was with me.

Jen: You and Natalie were together?

Cristian: Yes, we were.

Jen: Where?

Cristian: In her room at the Bayberry Inn.

Jen: And what were you doing in her hotel room?


Ben: "Red wig, not red hair. Not Natalie." Gloves. Who was ever wearing that red wig was wearing gloves.

Ben's voice: I want an explanation.

Niki's voice: [As Viki] and you're going to get one, but I'm not finished yet. I need a little more time.

Ben's voice: Stop it! Stop lying!

Niki's voice: Lying? Ben?

Ben: It's Viki. What was Viki lying to me about?

Niki: [Normal voice] oh, man, I got to get out of here before everything blows. Yeah. Great. That's what I need.

Niki: Jeez, they're everywhere.

Officer: Excuse me, ma'am. Did you say something?

Niki: [As Viki] oh! Oh, officer. No. You know, I feel so silly tying up so much of the force. There must be crime going on all over Llanview that's unattended to.

Officer: Don't worry about that.

Niki: You know, Allison Perkins broke out of Statesville hours ago. Don't you think if she were going to come after me that she would have come by now? I mean, she must be halfway to Chicago or somewhere.

Office: Maybe, but Commissioner Buchanan isn't taking any chances. We're here 24/7 until she's caught.

Niki: Well, that is so reassuring.

Niki: [Normal voice] I have got to get out of here without an escort before Benji remembers everything.


Ross: Man, I've been looking all over for that shirt.


Bo: Lindsay and Allison were spotted in Pittsburgh.

Antonio: Pittsburgh? That's over 300 miles away. You think they could have gotten that far?

Bo: I don't know. Pittsburgh P.D. will check that out, but I'm not going to call off our search here.

Antonio: Well, I'm a little doubtful.

Bo: If they're in the vicinity, we're going to get them.

Antonio: Amen to that.

Bo: And they will point the finger at R.J. before we even have a chance to cuff them.

Antonio: Oh, in the meantime, I'll ask R.J. some questions, see if I can box him in.

Bo: Antonio, you sure you want to handle this personally?

Antonio: Oh, Bo, who knows, man? Maybe Keri won't even be there.

Bo: Look, I can put somebody else on this.

Antonio: Thanks, but it should be me.

Bo: Well, I'm sorry. I hate to think what this is going to do to Keri.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, me, too.


Lindsay: Allison? Allison, are you down there?

Allison: Don't come down here.

Lindsay: Why not?

Allison: Because I said so, ok?

Lindsay: What's going on? What are you doing down there?

Allison: If you must know, there's a big rat, but don't worry. I'm taking care of it.

Lindsay: Oh, no more rats, not after those rats in the vent.

Allison: Yeah, a big ugly one, so stay away.

Lindsay: No, it's time that I face my fears. I'm coming down.

Allison: Damn.

Lindsay: I'm coming. I'm here. Oh -- oh, my God.


Cristian: I went to Natalie’s hotel room because I found some evidence.

Jen: Evidence of what?

Cristian: From when Dr. Davidson got pushed through the window.

Al: And you brought it to Natalie, the prime suspect? What were you going to do? You were going to help her destroy it?

Cristian: It's none of your business, man.

Sam: Well, how about filling me in, Cristian.

Cristian: I can’t. I can't tell anybody.

Jen: Oh, except for Natalie.

Cristian: It's a little complicated, Jen.

Jen: It isn't for me.

Cristian: Look, I can't tell anyone until I've spoken to Commissioner Buchanan.

Jen: And when is that going to be?

Cristian: Well, I don't know. I left a message, and he hasn't gotten back to me. But I swear to you, Natalie did not start that fire.

Jen: Oh, I'm so glad.

Sam: Easy, easy, Jen. So, Cristian, you're absolutely certain that you and Natalie were together at the time the fire was set?

Cristian: Yes, sir. Absolutely.

Al: But you can't tell us why.

[Phone rings]

Cristian: Hello.

Bo: Cristian, this is Commissioner Buchanan. I've got a whole stack of messages here from you.

Cristian: Oh, yeah, yeah, I know. I need to see you.

Bo: Well, I'm knee-deep in that prison escape right now.

Cristian: It's important please. I can be there in 10 minutes.

Bo: All right, I'll see you in 10.

Cristian: That was the commissioner. I got to go. Are you going to be ok?

Jen: Why wouldn't I be?

Cristian: Jen, you got to trust me on this.

Al: Yeah, but you don't have to trust her, right?

Cristian: Why don't you stay out of this, man?

Nurse: I need to check your pulse and temperature. Mr. Rappaport, they need you to fill out some forms at the desk, ok?

Sam: Right.

Cristian: I'll see you later.

Jen: Sure.


Al: Oh, excuse me, excuse me. Are you the guy investigating the fire?

Man: That's me.

Al: I'm a good friend of Jen Rappaport’s. Actually, I'm the guy who pulled her out of the building.

Man: That's good work.

Al: Thanks. Do you guys have any more information on who may have done this?

Man: Not yet, but we will.


Cristian: You hang in there. I'm going to prove that you didn't push Dr. Davidson out that window or start that fire.

Natalie: Are you going to tell Jen?

Cristian: About?

Natalie: Us kissing?

Cristian: Oh. Well, I have to.

Natalie: You know, she's going to be very upset.

Cristian: Yeah, I know, but hopefully --

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah.

Cristian: Look, I'd better get going.


Al: Well, Natalie, maybe you were with Cristian. Maybe you weren’t.

Natalie: I am not in the mood for this, Al.

Al: Either way, you guys are lying about something, and I'm going to find out what it is.


[Phone rings]

Niki: [As Viki] hello? Wht? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You stay right there. You let the police handle this. Yes, they'll be right there. That was our gardener. He saw someone lurking around the carriage house. He thinks it's Allison Perkins.

Officer: Ok, don't open the door for anyone. Let's move it.

Niki: Ok. [Normal voice] take your time, suckers! Ok. So I don't fly first class. We go economy. No problem. Get money and -- whoop! Passport. Yes.

Ben: You're trying to run away, aren't you?


[Lindsay gasps]

Lindsay: Oh, no! No! No! No! That poor little thing! Oh!

Allison: I thought you hated rats.

Lindsay: I do, but I hate to see anything get killed.

Allison: Would you rather have it running up your leg and biting you?

Lindsay: No, but, I mean, you know --

Allison: Oh, well, I can get you a pet rat. I'm sure there are many others down here.

Lindsay: Oh, no. No, no, no, no. That's quite all right.

Allison: All right, then. Let's get back upstairs and make plans for our next move. I got to figure out how to get Dave away from his crazy wife.


R.J.: Well, no. I -- yeah, I was going to take out the last of the garbage. I don't want to attract bugs or anything. But you say you're still having trouble breathing?

Keri: Yeah. I'm thinking maybe a warm bath might help me.

R.J.: With some epsom salts. It'll draw out the toxins.

Keri: Maybe it'll even get the image of the wedding etiquette police out of my head.

R.J.: I think it'll get rid of them. But if it doesn't, you just remind them who your father is.

Keri: I love you.

R.J.: I love you, too. Now, you get in there. Take a hot bath, ok?

Keri: Ok.

R.J.: Now, detective, it's a little late for an unannounced visit, isn't it?

Antonio: Yeah, well, you know how it is, R.J.

R.J.: Oh, yeah. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint, but Keri just went in to take a hot bath.

Antonio: Oh, that's good. It's good because I'm actually here to see you.

R.J.: Generally, you ask for the father's permission before you propose. I'm surprised you didn't know that.

Antonio: You lost something recently, R.J.?

R.J.: Such as?

Antonio: Well, you would know about it if it was missing.

R.J.: Is that right?

Antonio: Oh, yeah. You see, it's kind of important. It's something Keri bought for you. This is all you're going to get from me, so please, be frugal.

Antonio: This what you're looking for, R.J.?


Natalie: Cristian and I are not liars.

Al: What about Cristian’s story about finding evidence about how Dr. Davidson went through that window?

Natalie: He did. That's why he went to speak to see Commissioner. Buchanan.

Al: Oh, but he had to run it past you first, right? Get real, Natalie. You pushed Dr. Davidson through that window and you set the fire that almost killed Jen.

Natalie: No, I didn't. We were driving in Cristian’s car. We saw the flames. Cristian got out. Who do you think called the fire department?

Al: Very convenient if you ask me.

Natalie: Hey, you know, you were there before any of us were.

Al: Totally irrelevant.

Natalie: Oh, is it? It's kind of funny how you showed up right in time to save Jen’s life.

Al: I didn't, ok? But it's a good thing for you that I happened to show up.

Natalie: You didn't just "happen to show up." You knew exactly what you were doing.

Al: What are you saying?

Natalie: You were following Jen again, weren't you?

Al: Yeah. So what?

Natalie: So what? Al, get over it!

Al: She had a fight with Cristian. She was staying at her dad's house.

Natalie: So, you thought you'd follow her there?

Al: I was worried about her, and you know what? It's a good thing I was worried about her, because that's why I happened to show up and see the flames.

Natalie: Stalker turned hero.

Al: Look, if I hadn't showed up when I had -- look, she was already on the ground unconscious, flames and smoke everywhere. I was scared to death. All I knew was that I had to get her out of there, because if I lost her -- if she died --

Natalie: What? You'd never have her? Al, you may have saved Jen’s life, but let's face the facts here -- Jen and Cristian are very much in love.

Al: I don't call it love when a guy spends all his time with another girl, when he's so busy trying to clear that other girl's name he completely disregards his supposed girlfriend.

Natalie: You don't know what you're talking about.

Al: Oh, no? I don't think that Cristian loves Jen at all.


Bo: Hey, come on in, Cristian. What's up?

Cristian: It's about Dr. Davidson getting pushed through that window.

Bo: Alright, what do you got?

Cristian: Well, I found this stuff stashed away in the garden shed at Llanfair. Looked like somebody was trying to hide it, and it wasn't Natalie. I know the drill, so I was really careful not to mess with any of the fingerprints.

Bo: This doesn't prove anything, Cristian. It sure doesn't prove that Natalie wasn't involved because Jessica and Rex both saw her in the window right before Ben was pushed.

Cristian: Well, did they see Natalie or did they see someone wearing a wig trying to look like Natalie?

Bo: Did you find this in the shed, too?

Cristian: With the book and the hypodermic.

Bo: Well, Mr. Detective, do you have any idea who was wearing this wig?

Cristian: Mrs. Davidson.


Niki: [As Viki] I -- I'm not running away, Darling. I'm on my way out to "The Banner."

Ben: Why?

Niki: Why? Because I'm the publisher, Sweetheart.

Ben: Why now?

Niki: Oh, Ben, you know, the doctor said those painkillers could make you paranoid. I think they have.

Ben: What are you holding behind your back?

Niki: Nothing. Whoa --

Ben: You were the one wearing the gloves.


Téa: Ross! Oh, thank God. I thought -- oh, thank God you're alive! When I saw your shirt, my whole world came crashing down. I thought for sure you were dead.

Ross: Yeah, yeah, I saw how you were grieving. It was touching.

Téa: Oh, that. Well -- well, I -- I thought you had died trying to save us. It was awful. Thank God you're alive!

Ross: You two kissed and made up, huh?

Todd: No. Seeing how Téa was upset that you were dead and sort of got this kind of weirdo fever, and -- she didn't know what she was doing. I was just trying to help her out.

Téa: Yeah, yeah, he's right. We -- we lost it, not making any sense at all.

Todd: Right. Never happened. I mean, it meant nothing.

Téa: No, no, nothing ever happened. And even if it had happened, it wouldn't have meant anything, not to me, anyway.

Téa: Ross, I'm just so glad you're here. Oh, I'm so glad you're all right.

Ross: Well, there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that little boat turned out to be a piece of junk.

Todd: What's the good news? Did you make it all the way to Bangkok?

Téa: You signaled someone --

Ross: Oh --

Téa: Whoa!

Ross: That's interesting. Just a little dehydrated, but I made it, Téa. I came back. I came back for you.

Téa: Oh, I'm glad you did. But we got to get you out of the sun. Come on.

Ross: Oh --

Téa: Help me, Todd. Help me! Todd?


Natalie: You are so desperate to get Jen out of Cristian’s life that you would just twist anything and everything.

Al: I'm just stating the facts.

Natalie: The fact is Cristian loves Jen, totally. I mean, you should have seen his face when he saw Mr. Rappaport's house on fire, especially when he thought that Jen was inside.

Al: Hmm. You sure that it wasn't guilt because he was with you?

Natalie: Cristian loves Jen, and Jen loves Cristian, and tonight she's going to find out exactly why Cristian and I were together tonight and any other night. And when she finds out the truth, Al, your little sick fantasy will be over.


Al: Is everything ok?

Jen: They say I'm going to do fine.

Sam: Yeah, thanks to you. It's a good thing you showed up when you did.

Al: I know.

Sam: You saved her life, and I'm not going to forget that.

Al: Well, I'm just happy that everything worked out the way it did.

Sam: As we all are.

Jen: If Natalie wasn't there, how did her keys end up in my room?

Sam: I don't know. But before the investigators are through, they'll find out. And you do believe Cristian, don't you, that he and Natalie were together?

Jen: Cristian and Natalie have been together a lot lately. The fireman said it was a clear case of arson, so if Natalie didn't do it, then who did?

Bo: So you think Viki pushed Ben out the window and she's been trying to pin it on Natalie?

Cristian: Yeah. I know. I know it sounds nuts, but please, just -- just listen. Mrs. Davidson has been acting really weird for a while now. Natalie says that it's been going on for months, that she suddenly turned on her and has been trying to make her believe that she has D.I.D.

Bo: Really?

Cristian: Yeah. You see, all these really strange things have been happening, things that Natalie is sure she didn't do, but that her mother insisted that she had done.

Bo: What kinds of things?

Cristian: Well, little things at first, like having been at the gym or buying clothes and then bigger things, and -- and just a few hours before Dr. Davidson fell out the window, Jen saw someone that looked like Natalie running away from her at Llanfair. She chased her in the garden shed, and this person, whoever it was, pushed Jen and got away.

Bo: And Natalie says it wasn't her?

Cristian: That's right. Only whoever this person was was wearing Natalie’s jacket and her red hair -- or the red wig.

Bo: So Jen didn't see her face?

Cristian: No, just her back.

Bo: Anything else?

Cristian: Actually, there is. Right before Dr. Davidson went to the window, Natalie was in her room, and her mother brought her a glass of milk. Natalie thinks she put something in it to make her go to sleep so she wouldn't have an alibi.

Bo: That would explain why she was so out of it when I questioned her, but she said she'd taken a nap.

Cristian: Oh, I'm almost positive she was drugged, and so is Natalie.

Bo: You know, Natalie as a suspect -- it never made any sense. But Jessica and Rex both swear that they saw her in the room before Ben fell.

Cristian: Only it wasn't Natalie, not before.

Bo: You know, I never thought that any of this added up.

Cristian: Does it add up now?


Niki: [As Viki] what do gloves have to do with anything?

Ben: I don't know, but I remember them. You were wearing them.

Niki: I think this is your medication talking.

Ben: Don't try to talk me out of it this time.

Niki: Yeah, ok, ok. Then I was wearing gloves. Could they have been gardening gloves?

Ben: I don't know.

Niki: Ok, because I was gardening on the day of your accident, and I had my gloves.

Ben: Gardening gloves?

Niki: Yes. See, now, that's one mystery completely solved. Darling, you really are letting your imagination run totally wild. Oh, my goodness! Your imagination really has gone a little wild.

Ben: But the red wig! That was you, too!


R.J.: I'm -- I'm surprised you found it. See, I hadn't even had the heart to tell Keri that I lost it yet. The fact is I thought someone at Capricorn was on the grift that had lifted it.

Antonio: But you didn't report it?

R.J.: To who? Look, you know its value is mostly sentimental, but thanks.

Antonio: Aren't you interested in knowing where I found it?

R.J.: The lobby? Elevator? I don't care. It's back, and Keri never has to know that it was missing.

Antonio: You're not the least bit curious as to why it's in an evidence bag?

R.J.: Look; you said you came here to ask me some questions. What is it?

Antonio: R.J., what exactly were you doing tonight?

R.J.: What business is that of yours?

Antonio: It's my business because I happen to love your daughter and I don't want to see you break her heart.

R.J.: What? Because I lost a money clip?

Antonio: Because where you lost it!

R.J.: Ok.

Antonio: R.J., I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a scenario where you're not involved in it, R.J., but I can't!

Keri: Antonio? What's going on? Why are you yelling at my father?


Lindsay: So, Allison, where's my half of the money that R.J. gave us?

Allison: Hey, what's the rush? There's no reason to split up the money until we're both ready to separate.

Lindsay: Yeah, well, that might be sooner than later, because the cops are out looking for a pair of escaped prisoners.

Allison: Well, I could do without you because I need to get to Dave as soon as possible.

Lindsay: No, no, you can't do that.

Allison: Why not?

Lindsay: Because --

Allison: You're the one who told me how much he loves me.

Lindsay: It's got nothing to do with that, Allison. It's just that the police know about you and Dave. They're going to be watching this house and you're going to get caught.

Allison: Oh, as if you're not going to rush off to see your precious little daughter.

Lindsay: I'm not, as much as I want to, because I know that that's the first place that Bo is going to be looking for me. We have to lie low for a while, maybe get out of Llanview altogether.

Allison: Oh, I didn't break out of Statesville to run off with you, Thelma. I came here to be with Dave.

Lindsay: You know, we're just both going to have to be patient for a while.

Allison: For how long?

Lindsay: I don't know. You know, months, maybe years.

Allison: Years?

Lindsay: I said maybe. We have to figure out a safe way -- safe -- to be with our loved ones. Otherwise, we're going to wind back up in Statesville. You do understand that, don't you?

Allison: I understand that if I don't see Dave soon I'm going to kill someone. I have to rescue him from that wacko wife of his. You do understand that, don't you?

Lindsay: Well, of course I do. But it's too risky, and you don't want Dave to get arrested for aiding and abetting a fugitive, do you?

Allison: No.

Lindsay: I'll tell you what. Why don't we listen to the radio and the news, at least see if we can get a sense of whether or not the police are closing in on us.

Allison: Fine. But just remember, you're the one who convinced me to help you escape by telling me that Dave needed me, and that better not be a trick.

Radio announcer: In local news, we have an unconfirmed report that escaped convicts Allison Perkins and Lindsay Rappaport have been spotted in Pittsburgh.

Lindsay and Allison: Oh!

Lindsay: They think we're hours away from here!

Allison: Ha-ha! Those idiots!

Announcer: The two have been at large since their escape from Statesville prison earlier. Coming up next -- a fire on Clare Street almost turns tragic, but, first, this from our sponsor.

Lindsay: Clare Street? Clare Street. That's the street that Sam lives on.


Sam: Now, don't you worry about who set the fire. The police will figure that out. It could be some disgruntled ex-client of mine.

Jen: You really think so?

Sam: It's not unheard of. So let the police do their job, and you do yours, which is to recuperate from this. Deal?

Jen: Deal.

Sam: Ok. I'm going to go see about taking you home, ok?

Jen: Thank you, Daddy.

Sam: That's what dads are for.

Al: So, you feeling ok?

Jen: Thanks to you. But I think I want to talk to Natalie alone for a minute.

Al: Sure. It's up to you.

Natalie: Jen, you have to listen to me. I know that you're upset about me and Cristian being together tonight.

Jen: No, you listen to me. I almost died in that fire. I deserve some answers -- straight answers.


Ross: Did I tell you that I came back for you?

Téa: Yeah, you told me that.

Ross: That piece of junk started taking water. And all of a sudden, a wave came and cracked it in two.

Todd: That's a really touching story. You didn't even come close to getting help, did you?

Ross: That's not exactly true, Manning. Just before the boat started to break, I could see a ship in a distance.

Téa: Really?

Ross: I couldn't get to it before I started taking water. There's definitely a shipping lane there.

Todd: Well, why didn't you go into the middle of it?

Téa: Todd, his boat had broken apart. He was sinking.

Todd: So what? You put your arm over a piece of wood or something and you kick into the boating lane and then you wave with your other hand like this.

Ross: You know, in case you haven't noticed, it's a pretty big ocean, Manning, and I was spent, man. I was -- I was exhausted.

Todd: Oh, ok, so you dog-paddle back here instead of signaling the ship. What's the matter with you?

Téa: Todd, please.

Todd: Well, you had a chance, but, no, he has to swim back to see Téa. What's that about?

Ross: No, I didn't come back here to wreck whatever you and Téa got going on, ok?

Todd: We don't have anything going on.

Ross: Whatever you and Téa had going --

Todd: I just told you -- we --

Ross: No, there are shipping lanes out there.

Todd: Oh, so you know where all the big ships go floating around. Big deal.

Ross: No, it is a big deal. It means we need to get off this island now.

Todd: Why now, especially?

Ross: Because once the storm season hits, the shipping moves further south.

Todd: Oh. Who died and left you ancient mariner?

Ross: Oh, my God.

Téa: Ross, when does the storm season start? How much time do we have?

Ross: Two, maybe three weeks.

Téa: Well, what do we do?

Ross: Well, we'll build a raft is what we do, and we get out into that shipping lane. But we got to do it soon. I told you I was going to get you off this island, and I will. We'll even bring what's-his-face.


Antonio: Honey, you should be in bed. I didn't mean to disturb you.

Keri: Well, you're not disturbing me, and I want to know what's going on.

R.J.: Hmm, so do I.

Antonio: Ok. I'm investigating a case. I'm here asking your father a few questions.

Keri: So I gathered. What case?

Antonio: A couple of convicts broke out of prison this evening.

Keri: And?

Antonio: And we think your father may have helped them.


Announcer: The investigators are calling the fire at celebrity defense attorney Sam Rappaport’s house arson. Rappaport wasn't home at the time, but his daughter was and has been rushed to Llanview hospital.

Lindsay: Oh. Oh, my God. Jen.


Jen: I'm waiting.

Natalie: Cristian and I were just trying to find out -- find some evidence, you know, on who pushed Ben out that window.

Jen: Because he's so sure that you didn't do it.

Natalie: He found this evidence.

Jen: No, I know he found evidence. He told me he found evidence. What he didn't tell me is what you two were doing in your hotel room at Bayberry Inn.

Natalie: Oh -- well, we were looking through the evidence, you know, trying to figure out who pushed Ben through the window.

Jen: And that's all?

Natalie: No, Jen. That's not all we were doing.


Cristian: Natalie and I have been trying to figure this out all night, and the only answer that we keep coming back to is that Natalie is not the one with D.I.D. It's Mrs. Davidson. Her split personalities must have come back. I mean, that's the only explanation that we could come up with that would explain all these strange things.

Niki: You can go a little shorter. My legs can take it.

Bo: Viki?

Niki: [As Viki] I baked these for you. They're muffins. I hope you like blueberry.

Bo: I thought she was integrated.

Cristian: What's that?

Bo: Viki said she was integrated. The doctors all said she was, but they were wrong. Niki Smith's back. She's the one that pushed Ben out the window.


Niki: [As Viki] Ben, please. Now, come on. You're hurting me. This is more than medication. This is some sort of post-traumatic stress or something. You need help, and I'm going to get it for you, but you have to let me go, please, please!

Ben: Stop it! Stop lying to me now! Stop lying!

Niki: I want to get you some help.

Ben: You're not going anywhere. You.

Niki: I don't know you. Now you're crazy. Let me go! Let me go!

Ben: It was you! You pushed me out the window!

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Jen: Tell me now!

Natalie: Fine! I will!

Nora: I got the weirdest feeling that Lindsay was there.

Allison: You're not going near that door. You hear me?

Keri: You've got to tell me the truth. Did you do this?

Ben: This time you're not getting away!


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