OLTL Transcript Monday 8/5/02

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/5/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Téa: I told you last night that I haven't gotten over you, but you've gotten over me.

Roxy: I could be a hero. All I have to do is turn you in.

Asa: The sooner you lose all your money, the easier it's going to be on you.

Al: It's too bad you dropped your keys, Natalie. Very incriminating evidence. Now all I need is an alibi.


Blair: Chad, I am just so, so sorry about what happened between us.

Chad: I'm not.

Blair: Come on. I completely mess up your life. You meet this real sweet girl -- what was her name? It was --

Chad: Emily.

Blair: Emily.

Chad: Yeah, Emily.

Blair: You like her, you're getting along, and then she finds out what happened between us and now I’ve completely ruined every chance you could have had to be with her.

Chad: I don't think my chances were too good to begin with.

Blair: Yeah? Well, now they're zero.

Chad: Yeah, that's true, but I don't think that that's such a bad thing.

Blair: What do you mean?

Chad: Ok. With Emily, I was trying to be someone I'm not. I thought I found the perfect girl. I thought I had to be the perfect guy, you know? I tried, but I just don't think it would have ever worked.

Blair: Oh, come on. You don't know that.

Chad: Yeah, I do.

Blair: No.

Chad: Yes, I do. Ok. I like to push the limits -- when I work, when I party, whatever. That's living to me, and you can't live like that without, like, doing something totally crazy every once in a while. You know what I mean?

Blair: Yes. Actually, yeah, I do.

Chad: You're like that, too, I guess?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Chad: Which is how we ended up in that alley together. Well, hey, now I can go back to, like, being me again. So don't feel bad about that night, ok? I mean, you actually did me a favor.

Blair: I've been doing a lot of people favors like that lately, and you are the only person who has ever thanked me. In fact, my whole life has been one big mistake after big mistake ever since --

Chad: Since what?

Blair: Since Todd.


Téa: What was that?

Todd: I -- I don't know.

Téa: No, what was that? Is that something outside or --

Todd: I don't know. But does it really matter?

Téa: What -- what is it?

Todd: Oh, yeah, that's no problem.

Téa: Oh, no. This crab is not going to stop us when we are just getting started.

Todd: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute! Wait a minute! Whoa! Where you going? That's my crab.


Rae: And he's not speaking to me, so that takes care of the P’s. Let's see -- "Lucille Randolph." Well, she's not -- she's suing me. I can't contact her. Oh, and this one hates me, told me so to my face. So many relationships -- God -- personal and professional. Some of them decades old, and now they're all trashed.


Shawna: Shh. There she is. Dr. Cummings is about to get her big surprise.


Allison: You can't leave, Roxy. Can't let you leave now that you've seen me.

Allison: The way Lindsay fusses over herself, she'll be in that shower for hours. That'll give me time to finish what I started. Rest in peace, Roxanne Balsom Holden.


Max: That's right, I'm sending them all back, and I expect a complete refund. We cater to a young, hip college crowd here. I am not giving them cocktail napkins with cancan girls and "ooh-la-la" on them. I don't know who would order this junk anyway. It sure wasn't me. Oh, really? Well, Mrs. Holden isn't here anymore. But I'm here today, so you're going to have to deal with me from now on. Wherever you are, Roxy, please stay there.


Al: Jen, I have something to tell you.

Jen: What is it? Al, you look so upset. I'm ok. You saved my life. I can't thank you enough.

Al: Stop.

Jen: Stop what?

Al: Stop thanking me so much. I don't deserve it.

Jen: Why not? I don't really understand.


Natalie: Those are my keys. Where did you find those?

Fireman: On the bedroom floor, where the fire started.

Cristian: Jen's bedroom?

Sam: How's Jen?

Cristian: She's fine, Mr. Rappaport.

Sam: Have you seen her?

Cristian: Well, the nurse is going to let us know when we can go in and see her.

Fireman: I'm going to need your name for my report.

Natalie: Uh --

[Phone rings]

Natalie: Natalie Buchanan.

Fireman: Yeah? McMurphy. Ok, right.

Sam: What does he want your name for?

Natalie: They -- they found my keys in Jen’s bedroom.

Sam: What were your keys doing there? Natalie, what were your keys doing in Jen’s room?

Natalie: I have no idea. I mean, I lost them. I guess Jen -- maybe she picked them up and brought them --

Sam: Oh, you guess? My daughter was trapped in a fire and was nearly killed? You're going to have to give me something a whole lot better than a guess, Natalie.


Max: Hey, Blair. I heard about Todd taking off.

Blair: Hello, Max. You seem about as happy about it as me.

Max: I'm happy for you. I'd much rather have a messy divorce than a messy marriage.

Blair: Yeah, I heard about your new wife.

Chad: Blair.

Blair: Yeah?

Chad: Hey, I was just thinking -- now that we've got that whole business in the alley behind us, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here. Just for talk, ok? Honest. You must have talked about things with your husband.

Blair: Yeah, but obviously not enough.

Chad: Well, he's not around anymore and I'm a bartender, so I'm probably better than a shrink at listening to people's problems, even if I might not help very much.

Blair: You do, more than you know. And you know what, Chad? I might just take you up on that offer sometime. Take care.


Starr's voice: "Dear Daddy -- I am still mad at you. Really, really, mad. You did a mean, mean thing to me and Mommy. You told a big bad lie about Jack and I never, ever want to see you again. Please come home so that I can tell you that to your ugly, old face. Love, Starr. P.S. -- I got another permanent tooth and my iguana grew a wart on him that looks just like Hedy's. The end."

Starr: Now, if I only knew where to send it.


Téa: Todd, it's a crab. It belongs in the water -- that's where I'm taking it. Unless you want to cook it.

Todd: No! How can you even say that?

Téa: What's the matter with you?

Todd: It is you, isn't it? Hey. This is a very special crab and you're just -- you're going to have to leave him alone.

Téa: Is he as special as your bird, Moose?

Todd: It's just that he's -- he's friendly, you know? I mean, he's overly friendly, really. Sometimes it gets to be too much. I mean, he lives here, so sometimes we talk and, well, he gives me advice.

Téa: What kind of advice does he give you?

Todd: Well, he's the one who pointed out that if you hadn't stopped me from kidnapping my kids, that they'd be stuck here.

Téa: Ah. A crab of considerable wisdom.

Todd: Not that I forgive you.

Téa: Oh. Well, when the crab tells you to forgive me, let me know, will you?

Todd: Well, we don't talk much, you know. Not anymore, now that -- well, not since you're here to keep me company.

Téa: What's the crab telling you now?


Sam: No answer? I see. You know, Natalie, hearsay isn't worth a damn thing in a courtroom, so I didn't take too seriously the things I've heard people saying about you. But now I'm beginning to wonder.

Natalie: What things?

Sam: Did you push Ben out that window?

Natalie: No, and I can prove that.

Sam: Well, good. Then you skip that part and tell me what you've done to my daughter.

Cristian: Look, Mr. Rappaport, Natalie hasn't done anything to anybody.

Sam: Then why are her keys in Jen’s room?

McMurphy: Sir, can I have a minute of your time?

Sam: Yeah.

Natalie: How did my keys get in Jen’s room?

Cristian: I don't know, but that's some freaky --

Natalie: You know, maybe it was Viki. She set up the -- she set up -- maybe she set up the fire like she set me up with Ben, attacking Ben.

Cristian: Oh, well, supposedly at Llanfair all night under police protection.

Natalie: Ok, well, if it wasn't Viki, then -- then who was it? I mean, Cristian, this is ridiculous. The moment that I'm off the hook for one crime, I'm being accused of another.


Jen: Al, what is it? You're acting really freaked out.

Al: Because I am. I can't believe what almost happened to you tonight. I mean, you almost died because of -- because of the fire.

Jen: But I didn't, thanks to you.

Al: No, no, no. You don't understand. I didn't know what I was doing. I was scared to death. I ran in there. You -- you were passed out, barely breathing. I grabbed you and I ran out.

Jen: Well, whatever you did, it worked.

Al: Yeah. We were really worried about you -- all the way to the hospital, me and Cristian.

Jen: Cristian?

Al: Yeah, he showed up at the house, too. He -- he helped me get you here.

Jen: So he came here with us? Where is he?

Al: He's outside calling your father.

Jen: Cristian?


Todd: Actually, the crab is telling me one thing right now.

Téa: Yeah?

Todd: Mm-hmm.

Téa: What's that?

Todd: Right. Well, he says that, you know, maybe you were right in stopping me from kidnapping my kids because then they'd be stuck here. And, yeah, Blair did kind of screw me over by taking my kids away from me, but -- but that's nothing next to what you did to me.

Téa: Todd --

Todd: You made me trust you when all you wanted to do was make me look like a fool.

Téa: I was trying to keep you from committing a felony. I was trying to save you!

Todd: Well, that didn't work. All you did was screw up my life, and now you're going to try and suck me back into your life with a bunch of lies about how you never stopped loving me?

Téa: That wasn't a lie.

Todd: We're done here.


Blair: Hey, beautiful. What you got there?

Starr: Where?

Blair: Behind your back.

Starr: Nothing.

Blair: Hmm. It must be a pretty important "nothing" to pretend it doesn't exist. Come on, Starr; haven't we had enough lies and not telling the truth in this family?

Starr: Do you promise not to be mad if you don't like it?

Blair: I promise.

Starr: Ok, because you won’t.

Blair: Sweetie, it's ok to write your daddy a letter. The problem is, is we just don't know where to send it.

Starr: I miss Daddy.

Blair: I know you do, baby. I know. And I know how much it hurts.


Shawna: Wow! You're still in town? Thought you would have crawled back to Bora Bora or something. I know I would have in your place.

Rae: As you can see, I'm just here in the park minding my own business. I suggest you do the same.

Shawna: Oh, but you are my business, remember? I'm suing you. So is half the world.

Rae: I know this will probably come as a real surprise to you, Shawna, but I already know that.

Shawna: So how did it feel playing doctor and lying to hundreds of people just to make a few bucks?

Rae: I didn't do it for the money. I did it to help people.

Shawna: Uh-huh.

Rae: You know, there is a real advantage to not being a professor anymore. I don't have to be nice to you. I can treat you like the vicious, deceptive, self-centered little horror that you are. Shall I go on?

Shawna: Wow. You sound like my mother.

Rae: Really? Well, no mother should ever speak to her daughter that way, but in your case it's completely understandable.

Shawna: That's not true.

Rae: It is entirely true. God help your mother. Now, why don't you just run along, little girl, and irritate somebody else. What? What? What's wrong?

Shawna: Why do you hate me so much?

Rae: Oh, my God. You have to ask? Have you forgotten what you did to Professor Reynolds? Not to mention the fact you're trying to sue me.

Shawna: You're the one who did something wrong, but everybody hates me. I mean, even my own mother.

Rae: Think about it, Shawna. Just think about it.

Shawna: I mean, I guess I am kind of awful to people sometimes.

Rae: Sometimes? Oh, no, no. All of the time.

Shawna: But why am I so awful to everybody?

Rae: To find that out, you'd have to have more therapy than you could ever afford.

Shawna: I'm serious.

Rae: I am so serious.

Shawna: I -- I really want to change. I know I could be a better person. I know I could. I just don't know how.


Chad: Hey, you got the olives?

Max: Incoming.

Chad: Good Lord. You're in a good mood tonight.

Max: Yes, I am, for a change.

Chad: What, did you win the lottery or something?

Max: In a way. My wife may have left me.

Chad: Oh, congratulations. I guess.

Max: Yes. She left early this morning, haven't seen her for hours. Maybe I'll get lucky and she'll never come back.


Allison: I had to do it, Roxanne. You left me no choice. Not that it bothered me. Hey, Roxy, anybody home?

[Roxy groans]

Allison: How's the head? That trophy I hit you with got the worst of it. But I couldn't let you go and rat me out to the cops. And now I have to decide what to do with you. Do I kill you now or kill you later? Now, I'm going to take this off, and if you scream, I'm going to kill you now.

Roxy: Right. No screaming. I got it.

Allison: All right. Any last requests?

Roxy: Yeah. You want to cut a deal?

Allison: Ha. I don't think so.

Roxy: Hey, Alli, you want to be a rich woman, right? And I'm married to a real rich guy. You just untie me and I'll make you a rich woman.

Allison: That is rich. Like I believe you'd do anything for me.


Cristian: Hey.

Jen: Cristian, I'm so glad you're here.

Sam: Oh. Thank God you're ok, Sweetheart.

Jen: Well, I'm better now. What kept you?

Cristian: What, are you kidding? I thought it was only one visitor at a time. I've been going crazy out here waiting to get in.

Sam: Are you sure you should be out of bed so soon, Sweetheart?

Jen: Yeah, I'm fine. My throat's just a little scratchy and my hair smells like smoke, but I'm ok. You can stop worrying about me.

Sam: I could kick myself for not being there.

Jen: Like you could have known there was going to be a fire. Like any of us could. Al says that you helped save my life.

Cristian: It was mostly Al. He was there first. If it had just been me, I would have been too late.

Jen: Well, thank you. And, you, too, even though you don't want to hear it.

Cristian: So, what happened? How did the fire get started?

Jen: I don't know. I just walked in the room and the wastebasket and the curtains were all on fire. I thought I could put it out, but I guess I should have just run.

Cristian: Well, you're all right. That's what's important.

Sam: Jen, how did the fire start in the wastebasket? Were you burning candles or something?

Jen: No. That's the part I don't get -- the fire was going when I came in.

McMurphy: Excuse me, Mr. Rappaport?

Sam: Yeah?

McMurphy: Lt. Jospen from the arson squad wants to have a word with you.

Sam: Arson squad? The fire was deliberate?

McMurphy: It's looking that way.

Jen: Is everything ok?

Sam: Yeah. We'll talk about it later, ok?

Jen: No. If you know something about what happened, I want to talk about it now.

Natalie: Jen, they found my keys in your room.

Jen: What?

Natalie: Well, I mean, you must have found them and picked them up, right?

Jen: I never even had your keys. But they were in my room? Oh, my God. You set the fire.


Téa: Oh, no, Todd, we are not done! Not by a long shot!

Todd: You fixed it so that I'll never see my kids!

Téa: I fixed it so you wouldn't go to prison! I fixed it so that your kids wouldn't hate you for the rest of their natural-born lives! Come back here! What is it with you? You think I tricked you just that I could watch you be hurt?

Todd: Yep.

Téa: I have never wanted to see you hurt, ever. I did everything I could to protect you, most of all from your damn self!

Todd: No, see -- see, this is another one of your tricks.

Téa: You pigheaded moron! I told you that I never stopped loving you. You think that was easy for me?

Todd: You were delirious.

Téa: It scares me to death to open myself up to you like that, but I did it because I do love you. But if you want to play paranoid, Todd, you go on! Go back to your nasty old bunker and talk to your stupid pet crab. I don't care! I have always loved you. Always.


Shaw: If my friends see me talking to you, I'll die.

Rae: This is about you, not about what your friends may think.

Shawna: Well, they're not really my friends, anyway. I mean, we're only nice to each other when we need something.

Rae: You know, what you're describing is selfishness.

Shawna: Maybe. But what can I do? I mean, we are who we are, right?

Rae: No. No, no. We are who we want to be. And if you're motivated enough, you can change. You said you wanted to.

Shawna: I do, Dr. Cummings.

Rae: No, no. I'm not Dr. Cummings anymore.

Shawna: Right. I'm sorry. But I really do want to change. I just -- I don't even have a clue where to start.

Rae: Ok. You set simple goals for yourself to begin with. You try and do something nice for someone every day.

Shawna: What? Who?

Rae: Doesn't matter. As long as it's genuine, not because you want something from that other person. You try to do an unselfish, kind deed every 24 hours.

Shawna: And call you if there's a change? Is that your professional opinion?

Rae: That's just my advice. If it helps you, you're welcome to it.

Shawna: Well, it's close enough. Did you get that?

Rae: What are you doing? You --

Shawna: You've just been caught practicing therapy without a license.

Reporter: Would you like to make a statement?

Rae: Oh, yes. Yes, yes, I would, but you won't able to put it on television. But on the other hand, if you would like to get some footage of an obnoxious, spoiled brat who's about to get what she deserves, I would be happy to oblige!

Shawna: Oh, no! Don't! Somebody stop her! She's crazy!

Renee: What's going on here?

Shawna: Hey!

Renee: What do you think you're doing?


Roxy: You see the ring? It's true. I'm Mrs. Maximilian Holden.

Allison: Hmm -- I know. Believe me, after that unbelievable wedding announcement you ran in the papers. Everyone knows.

Roxy: You liked it, huh? Yeah, me, too. I thought it was real classy.

Allison: Yeah, I bet you did. But just because you're newlyweds doesn't mean your hubby's ready to part with any of his fortune.

Roxy: No, that is not true. He's crazy about me. He thinks I'm like no other woman in the world.

Allison: Well, no argument there. So how do you hook a rich guy, anyway? I never understood that.

Roxy: Hey, honey, just take a good look at me and then ask that question.

Allison: How did you hook a rich guy, anyway?

Roxy: We were in Vegas, the dice were hot and I was hot, and the rest is history.

Allison: What? Did you get him drunk?

Roxy: Who told you that? Hey, Alli, look, you know, you got to think about this, you know, because if you kill me, you're going to be in real big trouble, and the cops are going to be on your tail. So why don't you just untie me and I'll get you whatever you want.

Allison: How much?

Roxy: How does 100 grand sound?

Allison: 100 -- 100 grand? Your hubby would spring for that much?

Roxy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure, sure. No questions asked.

Allison: Wow. I could really use 100 thousand when I run off with Dave.

Roxy: Yeah, well, think about it. A suitcase full of cash, nice fresh, clean greenbacks.

Allison: Ok. Let's see if you can produce the goods.

Roxy: Why don't you untie me and I'll make sure you have that money as soon as the bank opens.

Allison: I don't think so, Mrs. Max Holden.


Jen: You set that fire, didn't you? That's when you dropped your keys.

Natalie: No, Jen. I haven't been in your bedroom at all -- not tonight, not -- you know what? This is useless. You hate me. There's no way in the world that I could get you to believe anything that I'm going to say!

Jen: Sure, there is. If you weren't in the room setting the fire, then where were you?

Cristian: Jen, look, you've been through a lot. Maybe you should --

Jen: No, I want to know. How did your keys end up in my room?

Natalie: I -- I don't know, Jen. I lost them, I went back to the coffee shop, I was looking for them.

Sam: That still doesn't explain how they ended up in Jen’s room.

Natalie: I don't know! Maybe the waitress thought that the keys were Jen’s and put them in her purse.

Jen: Yeah, right, and maybe the tooth fairy left them under my pillow. Natalie, you set the fire. We both know it. You wanted Cristian, I was in your way, so you had to get rid of me any way you could.

Natalie: Oh -- no!

Jen: You know what? A fire out of nowhere is a really lame, lame thing. I mean, but I guess you figured, you know, pushing two people out a window, even Cristian would be suspicious with that.

Cristian: Jen, come on. That's not true.

Jen: Yes, it is. She's been acting weird for weeks now. She keeps doing things to people and then lying about it, and you're the only one who doesn't see it.

Natalie: Yeah, because he's the only one who believes that I wasn't born guilty.

Jen: You almost killed me and you would have if Al hadn't come along.

Natalie: No, I didn't!

Jen: Admit it -- you want to get rid of me. You set the fire!

Cristian: Jen, stop it. Look, Natalie, didn't set that fire.

Sam: You sound awfully sure about that, Cristian.

Cristian: I am. I know Natalie didn't do it, for a fact.

Jen: How?


Shawna: You have no right putting your hands on me like that!

Renee: I can do more than that. Take your three-ring circus and get out of here!

Mollie: Come on, Shawna. We got what we came for. Let's go.

Shawna: Patrick?

Renee: Wow. Come on. I'll buy you a cup of coffee.

Rae: I just don't know what's happening to me. I don't know when it's going to end. Students and patients. Lawyers, reporters, Asa. By the time they all get their pound of flesh, what's going to be left of me?

Renee: Oh, don't worry about it. It's just the scandal of the week. They'll get tired of picking on you and move on to something else.

Rae: When? When?

Renee: Not as soon as you'd like, but sooner than you think.

Rae: You know, I -- I could stand it if I just -- if I just didn't feel so exposed. I have -- I have nowhere to go. They locked me out of my own home and I can't even afford a crummy motel room.

Renee: Let's sit down. You know, you could always hide out at the Palace Hotel.

Rae: Renee --

Renee: We have several very lovely vacancies.

Rae: I -- I can't pay.

Renee: Did I mention money? You know, it just so happens that we specialize in guests who don't want people to know where they are.

Rae: Why?

Renee: Because I can, and have to look at myself in the mirror at least once a day. Come on, come on. It's not really that bad. And, hey, we'll have some fun. We'll put one over on Asa.

Rae: I was actually starting to believe that I didn't have one friend in the world.

Renee: Well, you got it wrong.


Starr: Are you still mad at Daddy?

Blair: Yes, Sweetie, I'm still mad at your daddy.

Starr: Me, too. I miss him anyway, though. That's the part I don't get. How can you hate someone and then miss them at the same time?

Blair: Hmm. I think that's the funny part about our feelings. They don't always do what we want them to do, otherwise we'd be happy all the time, wouldn't we?

Starr: But, I mean, Daddy doesn't even call me. How could he just go away like that?

Blair: I don't know, Sweetie. You know, I've known your daddy for a long time and there are a lot of things that I've always loved about him. But then there are a lot of things that I don't understand, and I guess I never will.

Starr: I just wish that things were the way they used to be.

Blair: Yeah, I know. I think that's the hardest part about growing up. You know, the world is -- it's the way that it is, not the way that we wish it would be. Do you know what? You still got some happy things. You've got me and you've got Jack, and we are never going to leave you. You always, always have us.

Starr: But I miss Daddy. Where is he?


Téa: Buena suerte. Good luck.

Ross: Ah, got my lucky shirt. As long as I'm wearing this, it's all good.

Todd: What happened to you? Téa? What happened?

Téa: Ross. His shirt. Oh, Todd, he didn't make it.

Téa: He was trying to save us. As soon as he got help, he was going to send people back for us.

Todd: I am never going to get off this island, am I?

Téa: Why? Why is this happening to us?


Roxy: You got to untie me so I can get the money. You know, it ain't going to walk over here by itself.

Allison: And neither will you if I cut you loose. How dumb do you think I am?

Roxy: Not very. You know, I know how you get when you feel like you've been double-crossed.

Allison: That's true.

Roxy: You know, Allison, you're missing, like, the chance of a lifetime because I'm going to get that money because my husband is nutso crazy about me.

Allison: Hmm, well, let's just confirm that fact before we go any further.

Roxy: What are you doing?

Allison: What's your husband's phone number?

Roxy: Uh -- 555-0112. But he's not going to want to talk to you.

Allison: He's not going to. He's going to talk to you.

[Phone rings]

Allison: Just say hello and nothing more, or you're going to be wrapped in this tarp for eternity. Got it?


Max: Hello?

Roxy: Hey, yo, baby cakes, it's me.

Max: You know, I was having such a terrific night. Why go and ruin it now? Don't call back now, you hear?


Jen: How could you possibly know that Natalie didn't start the fire? Why do you always believe everything she says?

Cristian: Look, Jen, that's not what --

Jen: You're always defending her. This time you're wrong. Come on, tell him. Sooner or later, the police are going to find out the truth anyway. Wouldn't you rather have him hear it from you first?

Natalie: Ok, for the last time, Jen, I did not set that fire in your bedroom.

Jen: Liar.

Cristian: Jen --

Jen: She's lying, Cristian!

Cristian: No, she's not! She didn't do it. She didn't start that fire. You know why I know that? Because she was with me.

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