OLTL Transcript Monday 7/29/02

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 7/29/02

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Roxy: What do you think, Maxie?

Max: What do I think of what?

Roxy: Are you kidding me? You donít see the difference?

Bart: I told Nora Buchanan that Dr. McIverís a regular, that we ought to put in a revolving door.

Tťa: I'm staying.

Ross: Why donít you just admit it? You love the guy.


R.J.: Oh, let's go. I'm not going to be caught here.

Allison: Run!


Roxy: I looked good after that makeover. I know it. I donít know why Maximilian was so mean to me.

Max: Will this nightmare never end? Oh, come on, Roxy. Please, turn off the waterworks, huh? Ok, what's wrong? What's the deal?

Roxy: Maxie, why were you so mean to me after that makeover? I got feelings, I got a heart, and you broke it.


Allison: Step on it, driver.

R.J.: Listen, Miss Dizzy, I'm not your damn driver, and this is as fast as the car goes.

Allison: For a big cheese, you drive a hunk of junk.

R.J.: Ok, one, it's not my car. What kind of idiot uses his own car to escape? Two, I'm supposed to be delivering this car to Lindsay for her escape. You and all the rest of this was not part of the deal.

Allison: Too bad, T.J.

R.J.: It's R.J. -- R.J. -- Never mind.

Allison: Yeah, well, whatever, T.J. The game plan is I stick with you until you get me and Lindsay to that safe house -- that supposed safe house that belongs to Doc Cummings.

R.J.: I told you once that Dr. Cummings has been locked out. The house is abandoned.

Allison: It better be because either we all make it out of Statesville to freedom together or we all go back the same way, together -- you, me, and Lindsay.

Lindsay: Slow down, R.J. You want to get stopped for speeding? So, we'll just get to freedom a little bit sooner. I'll find a way to get to Will and Jen. I'll start over. I'll be good this time. I'll find a man who will love me the way that I deserve to be loved. But first, I want to get revenge on everyone who's ever hurt me.


Bo: Hey, Troy.

Troy: Hey, Bo. Hey, Antonio.

Antonio: Hey.

Bo: Still no answer?

Antonio: Well, she probably took some of that heavy-duty cold medicine and she's sleeping it off.

Bo: Now, did you tell me that R.J. is there with her and they're watching some TV show about wedding etiquette?

Antonio: My guess is he unplugged the phone so she wouldnít be disturbed.

Bo: Remind me to get the scoop on the new etiquette from R.J., ok?

Antonio: Yeah, amusing image, isnít it? I got to tell you, though. I mean, he's really into being Keriís dad, I mean, even if it means watching a wedding show.

Bo: Well, that works for me. It's a whole lot better than what he was into before.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, definitely.

Bo: You know, I havenít congratulated you on your engagement yet. I just -- I hope Keri knows what she's getting into, you know, marrying a cop.

Antonio: Well, she -- you know, she teaches criminology. Probably why she's marrying me -- research.

[Bo chuckles]

Bo: Well, congratulations, Antonio. You know, I think she's just terrific.

Antonio: Thank you, yes. Yes, she is.

Bo: And how are things going with you and R.J.?

Antonio: Well, we're definitely not friends, but, you know, fine.

[Phone rings]

Bo: Well, good. I hope it stays that way.

Antonio: Yeah. Me, too.

Bo: Buchanan. Yeah? Oh, no. Ok, thanks. There's been a prison break at Statesville.

Antonio: Anyone we know?

Bo: Oh, yeah.


Emily: Troy. What are you doing here? I thought you arranged a fancy gourmet dinner at Nora's house.

Troy: Well, yeah, I did, but I stopped by here to pick up Nora's favorite dessert.

Emily: From here?

Troy: Oh, yeah. Oh, Emily, trust me, it is incredible.

Emily: Wow. Is she going to be surprised?

Troy: Well, I hope so. I cannot wait to see her face when she walks through that door. I transformed her entire house. You got to see it. I mean, the chef -- he's there right now in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

Emily: You sure she's not going to pass out when she walks through the door?

Troy: You know, that's a good point. I donít know that her house has ever seen a home-cooked meal before.

Emily: Well, you sure do love her, donít you?

Troy: Yeah, I do. You know, I never thought I'd feel this way again.

Emily: I'm so happy you found someone after Joanna.

Troy: Yeah.


Hedy: Please, liebchen, hurry. I am aching to see you again in our little love nest at the lone pine. I never get enough of you. And I know -- I know you never get enough of me, you bad, bad boy.

Blair: Say something about Nora. No -- Nora.

Hedy: So many times you tell me this Nora cannot make you feel the way your susses liebchen can.

Blair: More, more.

Hedy: I canít wait to see you again. Bis bald, Troy.

Blair: Oh, thank you, Hedy! Oh, thank you so much!

Hedy: Frau Manning, I do not feel good about this.

Blair: Oh, do you know what? No one's ever going to know, and I promise you I will never ask you to do anything ever like this again.

Hedy: This is a crazy house.

Blair: Yeah, I know that sometimes it seems like that, but I'm telling you right now you did something very important to me and to Mr. Rappaport.

Hedy: Such a nice, normal man.

Blair: Yes, he is. And thanks to you, soon he's going to have the woman that he loves back in his life.

Hedy: If you say so.

Blair: Oh, I do! Please -- after Nora hears that message that you left, oh, she's going to go running straight back to the man that loves her.

Hedy: Mr. Rappaport?

Blair: Yes.

Hedy: But it's a trick, frau Manning.

Blair: Oh, well, you know what? So what? Somebody deserves to be happy, donít they? I mean, come on, donít you agree?

Starr: Mom?

Blair: Yep?

Starr: What kind of trick are you and Hedy playing?


Todd: I saw Ross take off on that boat. Where did he get it?

Tťa: It was old, half-buried somewhere.

Todd: He just took off? He didnít want to take you with him?

Tťa: I didnít want to leave.


Troy: All right, I'm never going to forget about Joanna. But I've thought long and hard about this, and I just donít think Nora has to know what really happened.

Emily: Well, you donít have to worry about me telling her. Nora's amazing, and if I were you, I wouldnít risk losing her, either.

Troy: I mean it's just that it's taken us so long to get to this place; I'm just -- if she ever found out about it, I donít know.

Emily: It's ok. I mean, you know who Nora is, and if you feel it's best to keep Joanna a secret, then it's a done deal.

Troy: I donít know. I mean, Nora is just so fair and so honest and pure. I donít know if she could handle knowing what really happened.

Woman: Here you go, Dr. McIver.

Troy: Hey. Oh, thanks. Here you go. Appreciate it. Uh-uh -- hands off before you lose them, young lady.

Emily: Aw, you're no fun.

Troy: Well, donít you worry -- if you're nice, I will get you your own gooey dessert for yourself one day.

Emily: Oh, yeah?

Troy: Oh, yeah.

Emily: Well, I'm going to hold you to that.

Troy: All right.

Emily: Now, go on and get to Nora's before she gets there and ruins the surprise.

Troy: Oh, yeah, you never know -- she might smack the chef in the back of the head and ask questions later, right? Take care.

Emily: Yeah.

Bo: Hey, Troy?

Troy: Yeah?

Bo: I think you should know there's a prison break from Statesville.

Troy: Oh, no. Is it her?

Bo: It's Lindsay. Do you know how to get in touch with Nora?


Nora: I mean, this canít be happening. You wouldnít do this, Troy, would you? No, it's got to be some mistake.

[Phone rings]

Bart: Lone Pine Motel.

Nora: Hi, this is Dr. Troy McIverís answering service. I'm calling to give him his messages. Is he there?

Bart: Yes, I'm expecting him any moment. I'll have him call you right away.

Nora: You know who he is?

Bart: Well, yes. The answering service often calls him here. Are you new?

Nora: Yes. I'm new.

Bart: Donít worry, Miss. He'll -- he'll get the message. He always checks with me before he goes to his room.

Nora: His room? Is he there a lot?

Bart: Oh, once or twice a week, depending.


Blair: You caught us. Hedy and I were just playing a trick on Dr. Troy. I mean, it was all for a good reason, though.

Starr: How come you made Dr. Troy believe that Hedy was in love with him?

Hedy: Liebchen, please forget you ever heard that.

Blair: Hedy, Hedy, Hedy. Look, I can handle this, ok?

Hedy: But, madam, she -- Miss Starr already has such a problem with lying.

Starr: I'm right here.

Hedy: I was bad, little one. You must never, ever lie. Tell the child, bitte.

Blair: Oh.

Starr: What was that about?

Blair: Well -- actually, Hedy was just obeying my orders. I told her to call Dr. Troy because, see, Mommy is playing just a little bitty trick on Dr. Troy and Nora.

Starr: Can I help?

Blair: No, it's kind of grown-up tricks, you know?

Starr: I can pretend that I'm a grownup. I do it all the time.

Blair: Yeah, I know that you do, but actually Hedy is right. Lying's wrong, Hon.

Starr: But you lied, and I want to know why.

Blair: Well, actually, I did it for Sam because, see, he loves Nora, and he's been so good to us since Daddy left, and I just wanted to do a little favor for him in return, something nice.

Starr: So you think Sam wants to be with Nora?

Blair: Well, I know he does.

Starr: Ew. Why donít I just give him an iguana instead?

Blair: That's really sweet of you, Sweetheart, but actually I think Sam would like something a little taller, donít you think?

Starr: But I heard Sam say he doesnít want to be with Nora anymore.

Blair: Well, he might have said that, but he doesnít mean it.

Starr: He says he doesnít want to be with Nora, but he really does, just like you say that you donít want to be with Daddy, but you really do.


Todd: So, how long ago did Ross find the boat?

Tťa: A while ago.

Todd: But you knew he was planning to go, right?

Tťa: Yep.

Todd: Well, why didnít you tell me, huh?

Tťa: Todd --

Todd: We could have gotten out of here.

Tťa: That boat wasnít big enough for three people.

Todd: Says who?

Tťa: You saw it. It wasnít big enough.

Todd: Oh, so what? I could have brained Rayburn, and then the two of us -- we could have taken off.

Tťa: Gee, why didnít I think of that?

Todd: Yeah, you didnít think of that because you're nuts. Tťa? How come you didnít go with Ross?


Max: Come on, Roxy, quit bawling. You know, if you keep crying like this, you're going to run your new mascara.

Roxy: I already brought it back. I'm wearing the cheap stuff.

Max: Yes, I can see. Look, I'm -- look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you heard what I said about your new -- about your new makeover. Now, I was just talking to R.J. I never meant for you to hear it.

Roxy: You're sorry I heard it?

Max: Yes. And I apologize, ok?

Roxy: Are you sorry that you said it? That's what I thought. You are so mean to me. You stink.

Max: Oh, would you please -- look, Roxy, the truth is I really donít care how you look.

Roxy: Why not?

Max: I donít like you.

Roxy: Not even a little?

Max: No. You're -- well, to be blunt, loathsome.

Roxy: I am lonesome, and I'm lonely. And you want to know why?

Max: Not really.

Roxy: Because you donít act like a husband. I'm tramping around this ugly mill house, and I'm trying so hard to be the perfect trophy wife.

Max: I wouldnít go that far.

Roxy: I'm sad, and I'm just lonely, and I'm miserable, and you could do something to fix it, but you donít want to. You know, it takes a lot of work to make a marriage really good. You know, that's what all the books in the stores -- they say just that.

Max: What is it going to take to get through that over processed skull of yours? I donít want this marriage to work. I donít want anything to do with you, you cheap, conniving, little --

Roxy: You are like the pot calling the kettle black, you know that? You know, I'm on to you. You know, I know that you tried to scam Asa Buchanan, telling that cowpoke that you were his long-lost kid.

Max: That was different.

Roxy: What was different about it?

Max: How'd you know about that, anyway?

Roxy: I can read, canít I?

Max: News to me. Look, that -- I did that for my kids, all right? But you -- you and your cheesy, money-grubbing little --

Roxy: Who you calling "cheesy"?

Max: You! You team up with Allison Perkins to bilk your own daughter out of her fortune?

Roxy: Yeah, well, what makes that so different from anything that you've done before?

Max: You know, you have no right complaining about me being a bad husband. I was drunk when we got married. I blacked out.

Roxy: I liked you better when you were drunk.

Max: I donít care! I didnít want to marry you then, and I donít want to be married to you now.

Roxy: Well, why donít you get drunk. You know, then you'd know that you're happy to be married to me. Come on, honey. Come on, Maxie. Why donít we get those colored lights going.

Max: No.

Roxy: Oh, come on. You know, have a little drink with me. You know, get the most out of foxy Roxy, please? You know, until we get a divorce or if we ever get a divorce. Look, I'm the only choice you got.


Troy: This is unbelievable. Nora's not home, and her cell phone's still busy.

Bo: Well, keep trying because I think she should know Lindsay's out just as soon as possible.

Troy: Do you have any idea where Lindsay's headed?

Bo: No, not yet. But donít worry. Look, the next time you talk to Nora, just tell her to go home and stay there. I'm going to assign some uniforms to keep an eye on her house so she'll be safe.

Troy: Uniforms? Bo, if you were Lindsay, would you really head straight for Nora's house?

Bo: No. No. And I donít think Lindsay would, either. But I'm not taking any chances. You know, when Lindsay's desperate --

Troy: Yeah. No, I know. Believe me, I know.

Bo: Ok. I'll see you later.

Emily: Is there anything that I can do to help?

Troy: No.


Nora: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Nora: Hello?

Matthew: Mommy!

Nora: Hi, sweetie. How are you?

Matthew: I'm at a sleepover camp.

Nora: I know. You having a good time?

Matthew: Yeah, but I forgot my pillow.

Nora: What pillow, Sweetie?

Matthew: The one that goes with the sleeping bag that Starr gave me.

Nora: I donít remember any pillow.

Matthew: That's because it's at Starrís house.

Nora: Well, that would be why I donít remember. Do you want me to go get it for you?

Matthew: Please?

Nora: Of course I will because you're the most important person in the world to me and I love you very, very much.

Matthew: I love you, too, Mommy. Ok, I have to go, ok?

Nora: Ok, sweetie. Bye.


Allison: Step on it, S.J. Just go.

R.J.: That's not my name. My name is R.J. -- R.J.

Allison: I donít care; just go.

R.J.: Look, I am not going to get stopped because of some stupid traffic violation.

Allison: You donít want to get caught in the road like some sitting duck. I'm not going back to Statesville, not ever!

[Car accelerates]

Lindsay: They're going through the light. No! Ooh.

Lindsay's voice: We are going to get married, and we are going to be happy. Do you understand that, Nora?

Nora: You're not going to get married.

Lindsay: What?

Nora: Troy -- he's not going to marry you, Lindsay.

Lindsay: I almost died in that prison, but I survived for a reason -- so that I could make Nora pay for what she did to me.


Max: Get -- get that away from me.

Roxy: If you donít like rum, I can put some scotch in it.

Max: No. No. I'm not drinking with you. It's way too dangerous.

Roxy: Oh, Maxie, you got to live it up. You know, you're way, way too tense.

Max: Would you stop it? Just look at yourself.

Roxy: What's the matter? You didnít like me before, you donít like the after? What do you want from me?

Max: You -- out of my life. Oh, P.S., You're not Woman of the Year. This is not your trophy. You stole it.

Roxy: Yeah, well, if I didnít take it, somebody else would have.

Max: You are so totally -- so repulsive to me. Everything is an opportunity for you to get ahead.

Roxy: This is America, isnít it? I call it capitalism.

Max: I call it using other people.

Roxy: Yeah, well, "potato, po-tah-to."

Max: You knew I was upset about Al hating me, and so you got me so drunk that I married you and signed away my life!

Roxy: Yeah, well, that's one way to look at it.

Max: That is the only way to look at it.

Roxy: Yeah, well, says you!

Max: You tried to steal from your own daughter. You stole that from Rae Cummings when she was totally humiliated. You're a leech. I've never seen anyone sink so low. I mean, every time I think you've done the most disgusting thing I could imagine, you turn around and top yourself! No one is safe around you, Roxanne. You make my skin crawl.

Roxy: If I was a better person, would you like me?

Max: Like you? No. Like you better --

Roxy: Well, I'm going to go out there and I'm going to be a better person.

Max: Mm-hmm. Oh, hey, no. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. No, no, no. You -- you cannot drive anywhere --

Roxy: Well, I'm not too proud --

Max: In your condition.

Roxy: I'm not to proud to hitchhike. I donít care. I'm going to go out there, and I'm going to come back here, and I'm going to be your Woman of the Year. Ok, you know, the first thing I'm going to do that's good is I'm going to give her this back, rum included.

Max: Roxanne --

Roxy: You're going to be sorry because my hypoglucocus is going to set in. Maybe I'm not going to be able to find my way back here.

Max: Oh, yeah, I'll be downright inconsolable.


Troy: Lindsay was in league with Colin when he was at his worst. In fact, I'm pretty convinced that if it wasnít for Lindsay talking him into it, Colin wouldnít have done half of things that he did to Nora. Lindsay was a big part of Nora's kidnapping.

Emily: But didnít Colin do that because he was in love with Nora?

Troy: Well, "obsessed" is more like it. But if it was up to Colin, Nora wouldnít have to have gone through what she went through. Lindsay forced Colin to keep her captive. And it was Lindsay that injected Nora with the memory-erasing drug.

Emily: Troy, that's awful. Why didnít you tell me this?

Troy: I thought it was over, but I guess it's not.


Nora: Matthew needs me. Matthew needs his mommy. Where are your keys?

[Phone rings]


Blair: Starr, when your mommy says she doesnít want to see your Daddy anymore, she means it.

Starr: She thinks she means it.

Blair: She does mean it.

Starr: I donít believe you.

Blair: Oh, come on, Starr. Your Daddy told me so many lies. He did terrible things to me.

Starr: But you lied -- you and Hedy. I heard you.

Blair: You know, your Daddy -- he told me that Jack died. Now, how would you feel if I told you that Jack died? I mean, I donít even want to think that.

Starr: But Jack's not dead, and he wasnít then. He's upstairs.

Blair: Oh, sweetie, you're just too young to understand, ok?

Starr: I understand everything, but I miss Daddy. Donít you? Donít you miss Daddy, too?

Blair: Yeah, Sweetie, I -- I miss him a lot.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Hello?

Bart: I did what you wanted.

Blair: Nora called?

Bart: I donít know. Some broad called looking for Troy McIver and pretending to be his service.

Blair: So you told her that he was a regular, right?

Bart: I did what you said, Lady. Now, you owe me the rest of my payment.

Blair: Ok. Ok. Well, I'm on my way.

Starr: Who was that?

Blair: It's not important. Hedy! I have to run an errand.

Starr: Mom, if a woman came and tried to break you and Daddy up and Daddy was still here, what would you do?

Blair: Honey, listen to me. Your Daddy and I donít need anybody to break us up. He did that all by himself. Come here. I love you. I'm going to go. I'll be right back.

Starr: Ok.


Tťa: I didnít go with Ross because I didnít think it was a good idea.

Todd: So -- what, you wanted to stay on the island?

Tťa: I prefer that to taking my chances on a small boat.

Todd: Right. You got any food?

Tťa: There's food back at the cave.

Todd: You're not hungry?

Tťa: No. You go ahead.

Todd: What are you doing?

Tťa: Going for a swim.

Todd: What, you're going swimming, what, by the bunker?

Tťa: It's the best place to swim. Besides, it'll take my mind off things.

Todd: Yeah, well, I mean, I could wait. You know, I mean, I'm -- I'm going that way.

Tťa: Why? You hate me, Todd.

Todd: You're right, I do. Ahem. But I -- I mean, I still kind of want to know -- did you stay here because of me?

Tťa: Why do you care why I stayed?

Todd: Curiosity.

Tťa: I stayed because I wanted to stay.


[Dogs bark]

Mrs. Sharp: Perkins' father used to be the warden here. That's how she knew about the tunnels. Growing up, she had her run of the place.

Bo: And you say that Perkins was Lindsay Rappaportís cellmate?

Mrs. Sharp: Yeah. I didnít know they were so tight, but --

Antonio: You were wrong.

Mrs. Sharp: Nothing like this has ever happened on my watch.

Bo: All right, we've got to find Allison and Lindsay. There'll be plenty of time to point fingers afterwards.

Antonio: Anything unusual happen today? Anything that can help us find where the prisoners might be headed?

Mrs. Sharp: One of the lifers tried to off Rappaport this afternoon -- Tillie. She had it in for her from day one.

Bo: I bet that scared Lindsay.

Mrs. Sharp: Well, no more than usual. She was always freaked out. There was no way she would have made it 28 years inside.

Antonio: Anything else?

Mrs. Sharp: That's pretty much it.

Bo: All right. Well, the dogs picked up their scent here, followed it all the way out to that old route 6, and that's where they lost it.

Antonio: Yeah, which means they had a car.

Bo: Yeah. Or they stole one or --

Antonio: Someone was waiting for them on the outside.

Mrs. Sharp: I wouldnít know about that. Prisoners get one phone call a week and supervised visits.

Bo: We're not blaming you, Mrs. Sharp, ok? It's just we need to know everything. So, you're sure there's nothing that you havenít told us yet?

Mrs. Sharp: That's it.

Bo: All right. Well, thank you. Local law enforcement's got this whole area covered, and I think, if Lindsay and Allison are smart, they're headed away from Llanview.

Antonio: Yeah, well, let's hope so.

Mrs. Sharp: You'll get them, Commissioner. Neither of them are Al Capone, if you know what I mean.

Bo: Yeah, well, I've learned from my experience that each one of them will do anything to fight their way out of a corner. Now that they've teamed up --

Antonio: Yeah, they're going to be dangerous to a lot of people.

Mrs. Sharp: Like I said, everybody hated Rappaport -- guards, inmates, even her own visitors. I just donít know how she twisted Allison's mind into helping her escape.

Antonio: Allison's mind was twisted to begin with.

Bo: All right, let's make sure that forensics goes over this whole area with a fine-tooth comb. You know, maybe we'll find something that will tell us who was waiting out here for them.

Antonio: Yeah. Who would want to help either one of those two women?


Allison: Are you sure it's safe?

R.J.: Look, I donít want to get caught any more than you do, so just back off.

Allison: Not a chance, V.J. You didnít answer my question. How do you know it's safe in here?

R.J.: Didnít we just walk around the entire place, hmm? Now, I know you're crazy, but did you happen to notice any of the police tape or the "do not enter" signs?

Allison: We entered.

R.J.: That's because you are a fugitive, which reminds me -- your little stunt with the gas pedal at the stoplight was really stupid.

Allison: Oh! I could have told you what a fake she was a long time ago. Convincing her to spring me from St. Ann's was one of the easiest things I've ever done. Wasnít even fun.

R.J.: Yeah, well, she must be clueless. I'd have had you in a straitjacket.

[Allison laughs]

Allison: Oh, that Cummings. What a patsy. All I had to do was shed a few crocodile tears and tell her how I'd never be able to forgive myself for ruining all those people's lives.

[Allison laughs]

Allison: I canít believe they gave that dodo the Woman of the Year award.


Roxy: "Do not cross"? Nobody tells Roxy what to do.


R.J.: You're completely out of your mind, arenít you?

Allison: What about you? You're the one who's buddy-buddy with Lindsay Rappaport.

R.J.: Look, you're here, right? My job is done, so I'm out of here.

Allison: Not so fast, J.R. Where's your pal?

R.J.: Who?

Allison: Where's Lindsay?

Lindsay: I made it this far. I can find my own way to Raeís house. And at least this time I donít have to sleep in the closet like a dog. I'm going to be free. I'm going to make everyone suffer for the torture and humiliation that I suffered in that hellhole of a prison. But I'm going to make Nora and Troy suffer a thousand times more. Wait a minute. Where am I?


Nora: You fooled Lindsay. You made her think that you were in love with her. Are you doing the same thing to me?

[Doorbell rings]

Starr: What do you want?

Nora: Hello, Starr. Matthew forgot the pillow that went with your sleeping bag. Do you have it?

Starr: Oh, yeah.

Nora: Thank you.

Starr: Can I ask you a question?

Nora: Sure.

Starr: Do you love Dr. Troy?

Nora: Yes, I do. Why?

Starr: Just wondering.

Hedy: Who is it, susses leibchen?

Hedy's voice: Nora cannot make you feel the way your susses leibchen can.

Nora: It was you. You were the one that called Troy McIverís answering machine.


Todd: She stayed because she wanted to stay. Well, that makes sense. I mean, if she'd gone on a boat with Ross all alone, no one knows what would have happened. But if she stayed because of me, that's different.

[Tťa screams]

Todd: Tťa! Hey, Tťa!


Troy: Nora? Well, she's not here, she's not at home. She's definitely not with Matthew. Then why would her cell phone be here? Oh, no. What's happened to her?

Nora: You were the one who called Troyís office. What were you doing?

Hedy: I -- I think I hear Master Jack. Auf wiedersehen.

Starr: That means "good-bye."

Nora: Yeah, I got that.


Blair: Hey, our plan worked perfectly. Oh.


Bo: Gloria, I want you to make an impression of those tire tracks. Everybody else, fan out, police the area, all right? Pick up cigarette butts, trash, whatever you find, and look for footprints. If we're lucky, maybe somebody left us a signature.

Antonio: I've got this area covered, Commissioner.

Bo: All right, good. I'm going to double-check the A.P.B.

Antonio: All right. We'll find them. There's no way Lindsay Rappaport pulled off the perfect escape.

Bo: We had Lindsay and Allison behind bars. Wouldnít you know they'd hook up and escape.

Antonio: Yeah, well, we'll catch them, put them back where they belong.

Bo: Yeah. And that S.O.B. that was waiting for them out here and helped them -- he's going to join them. You can count on that.

[Dogs bark]

Antonio: R.J.


R.J.: I donít know where Lindsay is. I havenít seen her since your little stunt at the red light.

Allison: You mean you lost her?

R.J.: I'm not going to try to reason with you. Listen, Lindsay can find her way here.

Allison: She better, because if she gets caught, you're in big trouble. In fact, if anything goes wrong --

R.J.: Are you --

Allison: Anything at all --

R.J.: Are you -- are you threatening me?

Allison: I heard what Lindsay said about your daughter. Mess this up and your precious little girl is going to find out exactly what you're capable of.

R.J.: You come within 10 miles of my daughter and you'll find out exactly what I'm capable of.

Allison: Ooh, I'm so scared, V.J.

R.J.: Look, you're here, you're safe. I did my job -- you're far from Statesville, so my daughter doesnít find out anything about this. No one does. Is that clear?


Roxy: Get off me, you stupid tape.


Lindsay: All these streets look the same.


Lindsay: Oh, no. The cops.

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Troy: Have you found Lindsay?

Bo: Not yet, but we will.

Lindsay: What did I do?

Officer: You are in big, big trouble.

Nora: It's about Troy.

Blair: What? What happened?

R.J.: What? What is it? What are you staring at?

Tťa: I think I'm going to die.




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