OLTL Transcript Thursday 7/25/02



One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 7/25/02

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Asa: That woman is as much of a therapist as I am.

Lindsay: The plans have changed. We need you to be in place to meet us in an hour.

Roxy: Yeah, I was with Viki. We were at a nursery.

Natalie: My mom -- she buys her flowers here?

Woman: She hasnít been in all summer.

Ben: I have a fuzzy memory of red hair, but I donít think it was Natalie.


Niki: Oh! I got to get out of here before I suffocate! But I canít. Not yet! Oh! Damn it! He's starting to remember things. If he remembers that I pushed him out that window -- I -- I just got to stop him. I got to stop him, and the only way to do that is he's got to die. He's got to die now. How the hell am I going to do it? Come on, Niki! Think!

[Keri sneezes]


R.J.: Bless you.

Keri: Ooh.

R.J.: Now, it doesnít sound like this cold medicine is doing much good.

Keri: No. No, actually it's working. It's just the trouble is it's making me really sleepy.

R.J.: Oh, well, come on, lay your head down. Get some rest.

Keri: No, I canít. I want to get this wedding list finished.

R.J.: There will be plenty of time for that.

Keri: No, there's not. There's so much to do. Thank you for hanging in there and helping me.

R.J.: Oh, there's no place I'd rather be.

Keri: Ok. So we've got uncle hank and Nora, of course.

R.J.: Yeah. Nora. Right. I canít do it now.

Lindsay: You do it now, or the world -- and Nora, in particular -- is going to find out who gave me that drug that I used to erase her memory.

R.J.: Lindsay, just listen to me, all right?

Lindsay: No. You listen to me, R.J. You be where you're supposed to be in one hour or else.

R.J.: Uh -- look, I have to go.

Keri: You do?

R.J.: Yeah, yeah. There's just something that I -- I have to take care of.

Keri: Why? What's wrong?


Lindsay: Oh. Look at them. Look at them all.

Allison: You're not going to let a few little rodents and other things get between you and your precious freedom?

Lindsay: Other things?

Allison: Well, yes -- snakes and spiders and general filth.

Lindsay: Oh.

Allison: Are you with me or not? Well?

Lindsay: I -- I donít -- I donít think I can go anymore.


Natalie: She was lying, Cristian. She was lying about the whole thing. I mean, Roxy at the nursery? Forget it.

Cristian: Well, I guess your mom got her to supply an alibi.

Natalie: Yeah, but my mom and Roxy -- that doesnít make any sense.

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, that is weird. And why would Roxy agree to give her an alibi?

Natalie: Well, that part's easy -- money. But why would Viki ask her?

Cristian: Well, maybe because Roxy is just too happy to hurt you?

Natalie: That's true, isnít it?

Cristian: She seems to pretty much blame you for everything that's gone wrong in her life.

Natalie: Yeah, and now that I've turned rex against her.

Cristian: So Roxy wouldnít care if she got you into trouble.

Natalie: But my mom, Viki.

Cristian: Look, all I know is that she wasnít at the nursery like she said.

Natalie: When Jessica supposedly saw me at the window.

Cristian: Right. So where was she?

Natalie: Do you think --

Cristian: That she was at Llanfair the whole time? Yeah. I do. Might as well say it. We're both thinking it, right?

Natalie: That it was my mom. That it was Viki who almost killed Ben.


Niki: That could work. It's got to work.

Rae: Viki, I have to talk to you right now.

Niki: [As Viki] Well, I'm sorry, it's not a very good time --

Rae: It's about Niki Smith. It's urgent.


R.J.: Nothing's wrong. I just -- I just need to drop by Capricorn.

Keri: But I thought you said your evening was free and clear.

R.J.: Yeah. I just forgot that the accountant is coming by tomorrow, and I really -- really need to get those books ready for him. It wonít take long.

[Phone rings]

R.J.: Yeah?

Man: The car is on old route 6, just like you ordered.

R.J.: Well, that's good. I was just on my way out to deal with it.

Man: You have nothing to deal with. The wheels are where you want them -- phony tags and untraceable.

R.J.: That's good to hear.

Man: Hey, you never told me what's going down, my man.

R.J.: And I'm not going to. Uh -- the accountant.

Keri: I'm going with you.

R.J.: What? No. No, you're not. You canít.

Keri: What do you mean, I canít?

R.J.: Well, you're -- you're sick.

Keri: It is just a little cold, R.J. It's no big deal.

R.J.: Yes, but I promised your fiancť that I would sit on you if I had to to make you get some rest, and I will. Come on. Why do you want to go with me, anyway?

Keri: Because I want to make sure you're back here in time for our program.

R.J.: Oh, I'll be back in -- in plenty of time for that.

Keri: Uh-huh. Yeah. See? Even you donít believe that. Now, I know that a program on the new wedding etiquette is not your idea of a fun time, but --

R.J.: Well, watching with you could be a lot of fun.

Keri: Which you wonít be able to do unless you're back here at 9:00 when it airs. You promised. You donít want to break a promise to me, do you?

R.J.: I'd rather drink hot lead.

Keri: Good. Then I'm coming with you so we can get you out of there fast.

R.J.: Ok, look. Forget the club. I donít have to do that.

Keri: But the books --

R.J.: Will wait. They'll wait. I'll find some other way to take care of it.

Keri: "It"?

R.J.: Them. The books. The accountant. Look, I'll find another way to deal with it.


Allison: Well, what's your decision? Are you coming with me or not?

Lindsay: Ooh. Oh, I freak out when I see a mouse, but a rat?

Allison: Or spiders or snakes or water bugs or are cockroaches or centipedes --

Lindsay: Oh, stop it! Stop! Stop! Donít you understand? I could die in there!

Allison: Ok, fine. Then die in here. The matron's going to be back in any minute now, and she's going to stick you in the hole for six months. Your choice.

Lindsay: Oh, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Allison: Oh, I know. Take these. A flashlight would be better, but it's the best I could do.


Natalie: But, Cristian, why? Why would she do that?

Cristian: Why would you do it?

Natalie: Yeah, but all the evidence is still packed up against me. I mean, Jessica and rex both saw me standing in the window before Ben fell.

Cristian: Did they?

Natalie: I was there, Cristian.

Cristian: After, but what about before when they supposedly saw you?

Natalie: I donít remember, but they -- they both swore that they saw me, so -- what are you thinking?


Seth: You're really quiet today. Are you -- what is it with those two? Seems like they're always together lately.

Jessica: Yeah. I donít know. Suddenly Cristian is Natalieís biggest fan.

Seth: What's that all about?

Jessica: He's so convinced that she's innocent he's twisting the facts around to make everyone else look guilty except her.

Seth: Like who? There arenít any other suspects, are there?

Jessica: No. Of course not.

Cristian: Where'd you get the idea that you might have another personality? You know, this whole D.I.D. thing?

Natalie: Well, my mom told me that it was hereditary.

Cristian: Is it?

Natalie: Well, no, not according to anything that I've read since then.

Cristian: But your mom said that it was?

Natalie: I -- ok, I know what you're thinking here, but it's not just that. Things happened.

Cristian: All right. Like what?

Natalie: Like me chasing Jen around and running away from her and then pushing her into the garden shed. Of course, I donít remember any of that.

Cristian: Anything else?

Natalie: Yeah. I donít remember going to the gym, and Viki said that she saw me leave with my gym bag.

Cristian: There you go again -- Viki said she saw you.

Natalie: In a red sweat suit, which I donít own, and then later it turned up in the trunk of my car.

Cristian: Someone else could've put it there.

Natalie: Like --

Cristian: Like your mom could've taken your car keys, Natalie. Now what are you thinking?

Natalie: That she could've stolen my credit card, too.

Cristian: And ordered all those clothes you donít remember buying.

Natalie: Oh, my God, Cristian. She's been setting me up this whole time.


Rae: I know you werenít at the Woman of the Year award dinner, but --

Niki: [As Viki] Rae, I'm really sorry. I'm kind of in the dark here.

Rae: But it's on the front page of "the banner."

Niki: Yeah, well, I didnít see "the banner" today. I was at the hospital with Ben.

Rae: Is he all right? Is he sick?

Niki: No, he's fine. Now, what's all of this about Niki Smith?

Rae: Ok. All right. Let me think. How should I even start this?

Niki: Rae, I donít have all day.

Rae: I'm not a licensed therapist, Viki. I let everybody think I was, but I'm not. When I hypnotized you and brought Niki Smith out, I had no valid professional credentials. Viki? I -- I thought you would be so upset. You need to know something, though. I knew what I was doing. I swear to you that I would never have brought out your alter if I wasnít absolutely 100% certain that I could send her back in again. Viki --

[Niki laughs]

Rae: What?

Niki: I'm sorry. Oh, please forgive me. I'm so sorry. Yes, I'm so grateful that you came over to tell me. I really appreciate it. Actually, you can go now.

Rae: Ok. Ok. I -- I actually should go. I have an appointment to hire a lawyer.

Niki: Why?

Rae: Well, the police. They're asking me to hand over my patient files.

Niki: Files? What files? Not my files. No way are you giving the police my files! No way are you giving Bo Buchanan anything that says you brought out Niki Smith.

Rae: Viki, wait a minute. You -- you donít understand. Not your files. Unless, of course, you sue me.

Niki: [As Viki] Um -- I'm sorry. Why would I sue you?

Rae: Well, many of my patients are.

Niki: Oh.

Rae: In fact, most of them.

Niki: Oh, you poor thing. Well, wait a minute, now. No suit, no files?

Rae: Yes, exactly.

Niki: Oh, well, fine, then. No suit. Absolutely. I mean, come on. I consider these sessions to have been extremely confidential. Rae, Rae, Rae. Donít you understand how embarrassing it would be for me if the police or, my God, Bo Buchanan or anyone else ever read about -- I mean, my personal problems, my intimate thoughts?

Rae: Yes.

Niki: Yeah.

Rae: Yes, I do understand, of course.

Niki: I think it would probably be best if you just destroyed those files.

Rae: What?

Niki: Well, yes. I mean, I'm certainly over my emotional -- whatever it was -- crisis. I'm perfectly fine. So I think, please, just destroy any hint that you ever brought Niki Smith back into --


Niki: My life.

Asa: Niki Smith? Why the hell are you talking about that crazy fool?

Niki: Her name came up; since Rae seems to have developed her own alter now.

Asa: Ainít that the truth, huh, Gretel? What are you doing here, lady? Looking for a handout?

Rae: Hardly.

Asa: You're going to need all you can get by the time I'm through with you.

Rae: I strongly advise that you leave me alone, Asa.

Asa: Call the cops. Gretel is handing out advice without a license.

Rae: Viki, thank you for being so understanding.

Asa: See you in court.

Niki: Um -- what do you want, Asa? I'm in a hurry.

Asa: Where you going?

Niki: I'm going out.

Asa: You're leaving your husband here alone? What's the matter with you?

Niki: I have a staff! And if you must know, I'm going out to get something specifically for him.

Asa: Well, fine, go. I'll stay with him.

Niki: He's sleeping.

Asa: So? I'll keep him company until he wakes up.


Natalie: Why, Cristian? Why would she do that? I mean, ok, I know I'm not exactly the daughter that she hoped for, but to try to hurt me?

Cristian: I donít know. I donít know. Something has got to be wrong with her.

Natalie: Or me.

Cristian: You did not try to kill your step dad, Natalie. Tell me you know that.

Natalie: I do because of you. Uh -- so you donít think that I was at the window before Ben fell?

Cristian: Nope.

Natalie: Yeah, but Jessica and rex both saw me there.

Cristian: They saw someone. It just wasnít you.

Natalie: But whom?

Cristian: Be right back.


Cristian: Hey, guys. Do you want to join us?

Jessica: No, thanks.

Cristian: Say, Jess, can I talk to you for a minute?

Jessica: Uh --

Seth: I'll go get those sodas.

Jessica: Cristian, if this is about what I think it is --

Cristian: All right, just tell me one thing. Are you absolutely sure that it was Natalie you saw at that window right before Dr. Davidson fell?

Jessica: Cristian, what is with you?

Cristian: Just tell me.

Jessica: Why do you keep playing detective?

Cristian: Just tell me, please.

Jessica: Yes! I saw Natalie in the window, and so did rex, before and after Ben fell. And, yes, I am sure, and so is my mom. Are you satisfied?

Cristian: Wait a minute. How can your mom be sure? She claims she was at the nursery, right?

Jessica: She was at the nursery, Cristian. She called me about maybe putting flower boxes in the second-story window outside.

Cristian: Second floor? You mean, right outside her room?

Jessica: Right.

Cristian: And when you looked up, you saw Natalie there.

Jessica: Exactly, which is how I know that Natalie was standing in the bedroom before Ben fell.


Seth: Hey, how's it going?

Natalie: Great. Just great. My life's perfect.

Seth: You used to tell me how you were really feeling.

Natalie: You donít want to know.

Seth: You used to tell me everything. Remember that?

Natalie: Gee, Seth, are you sure you donít have me confused with someone else?

Seth: Anything you might want to tell me now?

Natalie: What, so you can go running back to Jessica, my sister, tell her everything you hear? I didnít do anything wrong.

Cristian: What was that all about?

Natalie: Nothing. So, what did you find out from Jessica?

Cristian: Enough. I think I've figured it out.


Lindsay: Ugh.

Allison: Shh. Come on, stupid! These vents echo!

Lindsay: How much longer?

Allison: Who knows? Never made the trip as a kid.

Lindsay: Yeah, well, you told me you did!

Allison: I was just kidding. Come on.

Lindsay: So, how much longer?

Allison: Well, we're maybe halfway. Come on, move it.

Lindsay: Halfway? Oh, I've come so far.

Allison: Look, would you just move it?

Lindsay: Wait. I canít. I canít. My foot's caught.

Allison: Oh, come on. Well, get it free.

Lindsay: I canít.

Allison: They'll notice we're missing soon, and if we're not out of here, we're toast.

Lindsay: What, you think that I like being in here? I canít move my foot.

Allison: Well, tough luck, Lindsay. I'm not hanging around. (Horn blows)

Allison: Come on, Rappaport, suck it up. Get your gut out of the passing lane.

Lindsay: Hey, help me get my foot out.

Allison: Oh, yeah, like you'd help me if my foot was stuck. Damn it, move it!

Lindsay: What -- either you help me or we are both going to be stuck here.

Allison: Fine. Fine. How did you do this?

Lindsay: I donít know, just get it out!

Allison: It's hopeless.

Lindsay: No, it canít be!

Allison: Oh, I know. I'll take your shoe off.

Lindsay: Good idea. Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Leave the foot, will you?

Allison: There.

Lindsay: At last.

Allison: Come on. Get moving. We donít want to keep your friend waiting.


Keri: I canít invite the whole faculty, but figuring who to leave out is really hard.

R.J.: Keri --

Keri: What's the matter?

R.J.: You're the most important thing in my world. You know that, right?

Keri: I do, and it feels pretty good, too.

R.J.: I mean, everything changed since you turned up out of the blue. Everything's changed, including me. You didnít know me before, but I --

Keri: But I know you now, and that's all that matters.

R.J.: But the R.J. that you know now -- I mean, he's strictly legit, by the book.

Keri: I know.

R.J.: But the past, you know, the past has a way of coming back to bite you. I mean, at least it does me.

Keri: What are you talking about?

R.J.: Well, it's something I did. Something that I havenít told you about because I was afraid that it might turn you against me.

Keri: R.J., all of that is in the past. I love you for who you are right now.

R.J.: Sure, but I was responsible for hurting someone -- a woman that we both know.

Keri: This is about the wedding, isnít it?

R.J.: The wedding?

Keri: You realize you're going to see my mother again. R.J., you donít have to worry about it. I mean, my mother -- I know you treated her very badly, but she's had a really wonderful life.

R.J.: Keri, look, you donít understand. What I'm --

[Knock on door]

R.J.: Great.

Rae: R.J., Hi. Is Keri here? Hi.

R.J.: Well, she's not feeling very well, Rae.

Keri: Oh, Rae, Rae, come on in. It's just a cold.

Rae: Thank you. Hi.

Keri: Hi. I -- I heard what happened at the ceremony. I'm really sorry. I want you to know I didnít breathe a word.

Rae: I know that. It was Ray. The other "Ray," I mean.

Keri: R.J. and I were just talking about the past and how sometimes it could come back to haunt you.

Rae: Yes, and destroy every relationship that you value in your life.


Niki: [As Viki] No! No. Now, look, you and Ben always wind up arguing. He cannot be upset like that!

Asa: You told me he was asleep. How can I argue with a man asleep?

Niki: Ok, Asa, just give him at least one day to recuperate, please. It's his health, for heaven's sake!

Asa: Oh, what the hell. All right. But if he's as weak as he is now tomorrow, I am sending him back to the hospital. You hear?

Niki: Well, I can promise you that that will not be necessary.

Asa: Tomorrow, then.

Niki: I look forward to your visit. [Normal voice] Better wear black, Asa, because you're going to be visiting the widow -- me.


Cristian: Donít you see? That phone call made Jessica look up at the very window where she'd see you, only it wasnít you.

Natalie: So you're saying that you think it was --

Cristian: Your mom.

Natalie: In a red wig?

Cristian: Well, yeah. Why not?

Natalie: That's why she needed the alibi.

Cristian: Exactly, only her alibi is as bogus as they come.

Natalie: Yeah, but she -- she had the flowers. Jessica said that she dropped a flat of geraniums when she saw Ben.

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, that is true.

Natalie: Wait. No, no, no. The gardener sometimes leaves flats of flowers in the garden shed so that he can get back to them when he has a chance to plant them.

Cristian: All right, I'm going to go to Llanfair.

Natalie: I'll go with you.

Cristian: No. No, you better not.

Natalie: Yeah. You know what? You're right. Jessica might sic the dogs on me. Anyway, I got to find myself a hotel room.

Cristian: You should probably try the bayberry inn. It's a pretty good place.

Natalie: Thanks. I will.

Cristian: Ok. I'll take care of this.

Natalie: Thanks. Excuse me. Hi. Do you have any phone books here?

Girl: Yeah. They're in the back by the phones.

Natalie: Ok, thanks.

Girl: Mm-hmm.

Natalie: Look, if there's anything at all, call me. Anything.

Cristian: Ok. I promise.

Natalie: Well, guess I'll be at the bayberry inn. Be careful.

Cristian: I will. I'm going to pay for these sodas.


Jen: I kind of thought you were going to come back home. Guess not, huh?

Cristian: Jen -- um -- look, there's some stuff that --

Jen: So, what did Antonio say?

Cristian: Oh, hey. Antonio -- he and Keri are getting married.

Jen: Really?

Cristian: Yeah.

Jen: That's great. Tell me everything about it.

Cristian: I -- I will. I will, but later. I canít right now. There's some stuff I need to do.

Jen: What?

Cristian: I canít tell you -- not yet.

Jen: Right, of course not. I'm just your girlfriend, I canít be trusted.

Cristian: Look, Jen, you know that day that -- the day you thought you chased Natalie into that garden shed?

Jen: No, "thought"? I did, Cristian. Is this all about Natalie again?

Cristian: Just tell me one thing. Are you absolutely sure it was Natalie? Couldnít it have been somebody else?

Jen: It was Natalie, Cristian. Forget it. You know, donít even bother to come home. Natalie obviously is much more important than spending time with me.

Cristian: Jen, please. Come on.

Jen: Or come home. I donít care because I wonít be there.


Allison: Look. Look!

Lindsay: What?

Allison: See? There's this mark I made when I was a little girl.

Lindsay: You're kidding me.

Allison: I canít believe it's still here! Wow. This means we're almost there.

Lindsay: Yes. Yes, we are. We are. We did it. We did it.


Cristian: Jen, come on. Donít be like this.

Jen: "Donít be like this"? How do you expect me to be?

Cristian: Look, I know you think that I'm keeping secrets from you, but I'm not --

Jen: You are keeping secrets from me.

Cristian: They're not my secrets.

Jen: Right. They're Natalieís secrets. Great. That makes me feel so much better.

Cristian: Why canít you just trust me?

Jen: How long am I going to have to keep trusting you?

Cristian: One more night. After tonight, it'll all be over, I swear, and then I'll tell you everything.

Jen: Ok. I guess I can wait one more night.

Cristian: You're the best.


Natalie: Hi. Is this the bayberry inn? Yeah, I need to get a room. Just one bed, thank you.


Lindsay: Oh. Oh.

Lindsay: We did it! We did it! We're free! We're free, Allison! We did it!

Allison: Hey! Hey! Get off! Come on! This wasnít a bonding experience.

Lindsay: Sorry, I lost my head.

Allison: We -- we got to get out of here and soon. Where is that friend of yours with the getaway car?

Lindsay: I donít know.


Rae: You know, it -- it really would be funny if it wasnít so awful. I lost my friends, my -- my clients, my job at the university, and now the police have sequestered my files in my house, so, consequently, I canít go home.

Keri: But that -- that will all change once you -- once they remove the files.

Rae: Oh, you know what? It doesnít even matter. I'm going to have to sell it, anyway. You know, because of all the lawsuits.

Keri: Oh, Rae --

Rae: No, they say that that's the cost of having an evil past. So watch it, R.J. Believe me.

Keri: I'm surprised you can joke about it.

Rae: You know the worst part? Losing the respect of the people I care about.

R.J.: Well, you know, Rae, Keri really is feeling under the weather --

Keri: R.J., It's just a cold.

Rae: No, no, he's right. I should be going. I only came by because I wanted to know if it was possible that we could remain friends. It's ok. You donít have to give me an answer right now. You can think about it. I hope you're feeling better.

Keri: Thank you.

[Door opens and closes]

R.J.: Do you -- you think you're going to be able to forgive her?

Keri: People make mistakes, you know, and it was a long time ago. But she hurt so many people, I just -- I donít see how I could ever be friends with her again or really even have her be part of my life. So, what were we talking about before Rae got here?

R.J.: I was telling my daughter how much I love her.

Keri: Ah. And worried about my mother. Donít worry, R.J. She forgave you years ago.

R.J.: Well, of course -- she had you.

Keri: Oh, yes, and I'm such a treasure.

R.J.: Well, yes, you are.

Keri: Ok, back to the list.

R.J.: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Keri: R.J., Are you ok?

R.J.: Well, now, the question is, are you? Hmm? Because I think that you have a fever.

Keri: Oh, you think so?

R.J.: Yes, yes. So why donít you lay down here, get some rest.

Keri: Oh, no. If I go to sleep now, I'll wake up sometime tomorrow morning.

R.J.: And what's so terrible about that?

Keri: And miss my program? No way.

R.J.: I'll tell you what -- you lay down -- lay down, lay down, lay down -- and I promise you I will wake you in plenty of time to catch every scintillating moment of "the new wedding etiquette." How about that?

Keri: Do you promise?

R.J.: Cross my heart.

Keri: Ok. Because, you know, I really am fading fast.

R.J.: Hmm. Well, then go to sleep, Keri.

Keri: Donít forget.

R.J.: Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep.

R.J.: I'm sorry, Keri. I didnít want to use you like this, but there's no other way. There's no other way.

R.J.: Keri? You awake?

R.J.: We'll -- we'll watch the wedding show together. She'll think it's 9:00, but when it's really 9:00 I'll be otherwise engaged.


Mrs. Sharp: All right, Rappaport, time's up.

Mrs. Sharp: Guard! Were Perkins and Rappaport taken back to their cell?

Guard: Not on my watch, they werenít.

Mrs. Sharp: Sound the alarm. We've had a breakout.


Allison: Nothing. No car, nothing.

Lindsay: At the abandoned gas station?

Allison: Of course the abandoned gas station. Isnít that where he's supposed to be, right?

Lindsay: That's where he will be.

Allison: "Will be" isnít good enough. We need him here right now.

Lindsay: Just give him a few more minutes.

Allison: Your friend double-crossed you.

Lindsay: No, he wouldnít dare do that. He's got too much to lose.

Allison: You set me up, didnít you, just so you could get out of prison? There never was any friend on the outside.

Lindsay: Set you up? Donít be ridiculous. I'd be setting myself up. Come on, we can wait here. Come on, Allison. We'll wait here. No one will see us. Come on! Come on!

Allison: Sorry.

Lindsay: No!

Allison: We canít wait, you dumb blonde.

Lindsay: What are you doing? No! No, Allison, he'll be here! I swear he will! Donít do this! Donít do this! Allison, please! Please!


Rae: Following me, Asa?

Asa: Why would I do that, Gretel?

Rae: To gloat. To enjoy watching me lose everything that ever mattered to me. That's what you're doing, isnít it?

Asa: Yep.


Jen: Going somewhere?

Natalie: Jen.

Jen: You wouldnít happen to know where Cristian is, would you?

Natalie: No, I donít.

Jen: Liar.

Natalie: Jen, I donít.

Jen: Tell me what's going on between you and Cristian. Where did Cristian go, and why did you take a room in some hotel?


Niki: I think I'll hang onto this. Never know when "Natalie" might have to make another appearance.

Niki: The stuff in here should still be strong enough to kill him with one sip, right? [As Viki] Oh, Bo! Oh, Bo, I should never have let him insist on coming home from the hospital so soon! He was so much worse than we thought he was! His heart it just gave out! [Normal voice] And the Oscar goes to -- Niki Smith! Oh, I'm so surprised! Thank you so much! Oh!

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>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Lindsay: Who else would be coming down this road?

Allison: The cops!

Troy: What's going on?

Nora: Well, I was actually going to ask you the same thing.

Jen: I think you're doing everything possible to get Cristian into your bed.

Niki: One swig of this little cocktail, he'll kick the bucket.


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