OLTL Transcript Thursday 7/18/02



One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 7/18/02

By Linda

Proofread by Kathy

Previously on One Life to Live:

Claire: If we don't receive full payment, I'll be forced to refer you to a collection agency.

Lindsay: The escape is set for tomorrow. You know what to do.

Jen: It's Cristian. He's keeping secrets from me about Natalie.

Seth: Jessica, you can't still be blaming Natalie.

Cristian: How could you have pushed Ben through that window?

Natalie: I must have some split personality thing, just like Viki.


Lindsay: Oh, finally. He's only the publisher's husband. "Dr. Ben Davidson, listed in stable condition and is soon to be released." For Pete's sake, he was in a coma. This is terrible. It's worse than terrible.

Allison: You got the morning paper. Anything about Dave?

Lindsay: No. I'm sure he's still critical.

Allison: That's because of that wacko wife of his. I can't believe nobody's figured out she's crazy yet except me.

Lindsay: Well, because you are the only one who knows, he really needs you now. You can't let him down.

Allison: I won't. I won't let Niki Smith hurt him again.

Lindsay: So we're going to make a break for it today? I mean, you haven't told me exactly how it is we're going to get to these tunnels.

Allison: Because that's an on priority red, need to know only basis. You'll find out in time. First let's talk about the getaway. How can you be sure this friend of yours is going to come through for us?


Keri: R.J., I am so happy. I never dreamed I could possibly be this happy.

R.J.: You're smiling that smile. That's all I ever want.

Keri: When I came looking for my father, I never dreamed it would wind up being so wonderful.

R.J.: This is just the beginning. We have years and years ahead of us to be together.

Antonio: R.J. Gannon, I have a warrant for your arrest.

R.J.: But why?

Keri: Antonio, no.

Antonio: Lindsay Rappaport just made a statement. She accused you of supplying her with the drug that helped erase Nora's memory.

Keri: That -- that can't possibly be true.

Antonio: I'm afraid it is.

Keri: How -- R.J. -- That is true?

Antonio: He's been lying to you since the beginning.

Keri: How could you?

R.J.: I tried to tell her to not use it. I even --

Keri: How could you hurt Nora that way? How could you do that?

R.J.: But I didn't know Lindsay was --

Keri: Don't lie to me. Don't even talk to me.

R.J.: Keri, please!

Keri: You're disgusting! You're not my father anymore. I hate you. I hate you.


[Speaking in Spanish]

Carlotta: Oh, hi! There you are!

Antonio: Hey!

Carlotta: Welcome home!

Antonio: Did you miss us?

Carlotta: How was Maui? Oh, of course.

Keri: It was absolutely gorgeous.

Carlotta: So, what did you do? Tell me. I want to know everything.

Antonio: Everything?

Carlotta: Absolutely.

Antonio: Ok, we -- we went scuba diving.

Carlotta: Uh-huh.

Antonio: We got engaged. We went parasailing twice.

Carlotta: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait -- what did you say?

Antonio: We went parasailing?

Carlotta: Oh, my -- let me see! Oh, my goodness.


Asa: Claire?

Claire: Good morning.

Asa: Good morning.

Claire: You certainly did a number on Dr. Cummings last night. I almost felt sorry for her.

Asa: She got exactly what is coming to her. She is no doctor. She's a quack.

Claire: Yep. Guess from now on she's just poor Gretel Cummings.

Asa: "Poor" is right. And wait till the lawsuits start.

Claire: Lawsuits? Oh, no, no, no, Mr. Buchanan, the hospital could be liable, too. I better go do something to make sure --

Asa: Forget it, Claire. You have more important things to do. We are now going to put the squeeze on Gabrielle Medina.


Gabrielle: I am never going to be able to pay all of Al's medical bills at this rate.

[Door opens]

Al: Knock, knock.

Gabrielle: Oh! Oh, what a wonderful surprise. What are you doing this morning?

Al: What do you mean? Don't you remember? You left a message on my machine about a job here at "The Banner"?

Gabrielle: Oh, yes.

Al: Yeah.

Gabrielle: I've been so preoccupied this morning. Oh, good. Right. Well, you're here to begin. Great.

Al: Uh -- no.

Gabrielle: Oh, all right. You tell me when you ready, and that's fine.

Al: I'm -- I'm not going to be ready. I'm not going to work here at "The Banner," Mom. Not ever.

Gabrielle: Why not?

Al: I know what you're trying to do here, Mom. You want me working here so you can keep an eye on me.

Gabrielle: Why on earth would I want to do that?

Al: You're joking, right? You want to keep me away from Jen.


[Phone rings]

Natalie: Hello?

Cristian: Hey, it's me.

Natalie: Hey.

Cristian: Did you think about what I said?

Natalie: About my mother?

Cristian: I'm telling you, Natalie, there's something going on there.

Natalie: Cris, you've got to be more specific. I mean, my mom.

Cristian: I know. I know it's hard to believe. I mean, I'm having a hard time believing it myself.

Natalie: Yeah. Well, maybe that's because you're having a hard time believing the truth about me.

Cristian: Natalie, you didn't do it. I know you, and you didn't do it.

Natalie: Well, what about proof? I mean, we've got to have something more to go on.

Cristian: There is -- or there will be. Look, I've been doing a lot of thinking about it.

Natalie: Well, what have you come up with?

Cristian: I think it's better if we talk about this in private, ok?

Jen: Oh, yeah. Definitely.


Allison: Listen up -- walking out of here is no big deal. It's the getaway that's crucial.

Lindsay: I told you that my friend is going to be waiting with a car.

Allison: Where?

Lindsay: Where you told me that the tunnel leads out of -- you know, on Route 6 and the -- the old, abandoned gas station.

Allison: He better be there, or we're dead meat.

Lindsay: Don't worry.

Allison: You do know that.

Lindsay: I do. Please, I have everything under control.

Tillie: Is that right? Lindsay's got everything under control.

Lindsay: Oh, great. This is just great.

Tillie: What'd you say?

Lindsay: Nothing.

Tillie: What's she got under control, her whining?

[Mocking Lindsay] "Oh, I'm so sad. My boyfriend lied to me and my daughter's wedding was a total fiasco. What'll I ever do?"

Allison: Give her a break, Tillie. The peroxide's gone to her brain.

Tillie: [Normal voice] you got nothing under control. Do you hear me, Goldilocks? And as long as you're in this joint, you're just a walking target! You just don't know when you're going to get hit, that's all.

Allison: Cool it, Tillie. We're having a private confab here.

Tillie: Yeah, whatever. Later, girls.

Allison: Now -- how can you be sure that that friend of yours is going to come through? How do you know he's not going to drop the ball?

Lindsay: He won't.

Allison: Maybe you'd better make sure of that.

Lindsay: Ok. I'll be right back.


R.J.: I'm not going to lose her. No. No, I'm not.

[Phone rings]

R.J.: Hello.

Lindsay: Good morning. I hope I didn't wake you.

R.J.: What do you want now?

Lindsay: Look, I can't be as specific as I'd like to. You understand there's a lot of people walking around.

R.J.: So just spit it out and hang up.

Lindsay: I just wanted to make sure that we're both on the same page about our plans for later this evening. Could you tell me where it is you're supposed to be?

R.J.: Old Route 6 by the gas station.

Lindsay: Good. That's right, the abandoned gas station. And I take it that you will be there personally or I'm going to have make that phone call that we talked about?

R.J.: Are we done?

Lindsay: I know you don't want your daughter to find out that you're the one that gave me the drug I gave to Nora. Just imagine how she might react.

R.J.: That's all I can think about, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Good. Then I assume that you'll be where you're supposed to be later this evening?

R.J.: Yes! Yes, I said I would be there.


Keri: And so then Antonio completely misunderstood and he thought because I wasn't saying anything that my answer was no.

Carlotta: Antonio. You have to give a girl a chance to catch her breath.

Antonio: How was I supposed to know? I was so nervous, I -- I mean, I couldn't stop talking.

Keri: So finally I had to interrupt him and tell him that my answer was yes.

Carlotta: Oh --

Keri: And then he put the ring on my finger, and I've been looking at it ever since.

Carlotta: Not at my son?

Keri: I catch his reflection every now and then.

Carlotta: Oh, God bless you. That's a beautiful ring. Congratulations. And I know that you're both going to be blessed so much by God. You're going to make such a -- such a happy --

Antonio: Mami? Mami, are you crying?

Carlotta: Of course I'm crying. I'm your mother. It's my job. Come on. Let me make you something really special to eat -- whatever you want.

Keri: Oh, that sounds wonderful, but rain check?

Carlotta: Well, that'll just leave me time to just go out and shop and make something really special.

Keri: I really have to go. But I wanted to come and give you the good news in person.

Carlotta: Thank you.

Keri: So we'll have the meal when I get back.

Carlotta: Excellent.

Antonio: Well, you -- you better hurry up because I know the minute you walk out that door, she's going to start shopping.

Keri: Mrs. Vega, becoming part of your family -- I can't tell you how much that means to me.

Carlotta: Well, my dear, I've always wanted a daughter. These boys are much too much trouble.

Keri: Oh, thank you. I'll be back as --

[Keri sneezes]

Carlotta: Oh, God bless you.

Antonio: God bless you.

Keri: Oh. I thought allergy season was over.

Carlotta: It's all this air conditioning.

Keri: Yes. I'll be back as soon as I can, ok?

Antonio: Ok. Bye, baby.

Keri: See you later.

Antonio: So, are you as happy as you say you are?

Carlotta: Why wouldn't I be? Keri's a wonderful woman.

Antonio: Yes, I know, Mami, but R.J. is her father. I mean, are you going to be ok with that?

Carlotta: Are you?


Natalie: Cristian? Are you there?

Jen: Tell Natalie not to worry about privacy. I'm leaving.

Cristian: Look, I got to go. Jen's on her way out. Call you later. Bye. Jen, come on.

Jen: What? It looks like you have other things you'd rather do.

Cristian: Please, don't be mad.

Jen: I'm not mad. You've made it perfectly clear to me you're not going to tell me what's going on between you and Natalie.

Cristian: Don't make it sound like there's something going on between me and Natalie because there's not.

Jen: So I'll just live my life and you can live yours, and you and Natalie can have all the secrets you want.

Cristian: Jen, it's not like that.

Jen: Then what's it like? What happened to that promise we made to each other that we're never going to tell secrets ever again? What happened to that? I'm out of here.

Cristian: Jen, hold on a second. Can't we at least work this out? I showed up last night and you were asleep, and now you're flying out the door. Can't we at least talk about it?

Jen: How? How can we talk about it? How can we talk about anything when you keep shutting me out?

Cristian: I don't mean to, but it's just that I --

Jen: How can we straighten anything out when the minute I leave the room, you get on the phone with Natalie?


Cristian's voice: There's something going on with your mom that's definitely not right.

Natalie: Hi.

Jessica: Why so jumpy?

Natalie: I didn't sleep very well last night. I was worried about Ben.

Jessica: About yourself, you mean.

Natalie: What?

Jessica: Well, you can relax. Ben didn't name you.

Natalie: He didn't?

Jessica: Well, correction -- he couldn't name you. He doesn't remember. The trauma does that to people when they have terrible injuries, like being pushed out a window.

Natalie: I didn't -- look, I'm glad that Ben's ok. Believe it or not, I really care about him.

Jessica: Yeah, sure.

Natalie: And I want him to get well.

Jessica: Well, he is. He's doing great. Renee says he may be released from the hospital.

Natalie: He is? That's terrific.

Jessica: Yes and no.

Natalie: What do you mean?

Jessica: If he's released from the hospital today, that means he's coming home.

Natalie: Yeah.

Jessica: Yeah. I don't think it's a good idea if you're around when Ben gets here.

Natalie: What is that supposed to mean?

Jessica: I want you to move out.

Natalie: So you want me to move out?

Jessica: When Ben gets home from the hospital, I don't think he should have to deal with your being here.

Natalie: And why is that?

Jessica: You know why, Natalie.

Natalie: Oh, really? Well, I think you should just go ahead and say it. You don't want me in this house because you're afraid I'm going to try to finish the job off?

Jessica: You said it, not me.

Natalie: Oh, come on. Let's be honest here. That's exactly what you're thinking.

Jessica: You know what? You're right. That is what I'm thinking. Can you blame me, Natalie? Rex and I saw you standing in the bedroom window before and after Ben fell.

Natalie: That doesn't mean that I pushed him!

Jessica: What does it mean? What does it mean? What were you doing there, Natalie? Do us all a favor, please. Just check into a hotel or at least move to the carriage house.

Natalie: You -- you don't trust me at all, do you?

Jessica: No, I don't trust you, and I don't want you here. And I'm sure my mom and Ben feel the exact same way. I mean, look at what my mom said to you at the hospital.

Natalie: Yeah, well, she thinks that I did it, and obviously you do, too.

Jessica: And so do the police. They just can't prove it yet. Get real, Natalie. Everybody knows you did it.

Natalie: Yeah, well, not Cristian.


Cristian: Jen, please. Look, you’ve got to understand there's a reason why I've been spending all this time with Natalie. And pretty soon that reason --

Jen: Help me understand. Come on. Tell me everything that's going on between you and Natalie.

Cristian: I can't. Natalie asked me not to tell anyone.

Jen: I know. You made a promise, and you would never break that promise.

Cristian: Jen, look, this is all going to be over soon, I swear. And then we can go back to the way it used to be. You just got to stick with me through this just one thing, and that's it. I love you.

Jen: I love you, too.

Cristian: It's all going to get better. I promise.

[Phone rings]

Jen: That'll be Natalie.

Cristian: Don't go anywhere.


Cristian: Hello?

Antonio: Hey, Cris, it's Antonio. Listen, you think you and Jen can come to the diner right away? I got some news. It's important.

Cristian: All right. I'll be there. That was Antonio. He wants us to go to the diner. He says he has some news.

Jen: Maybe you'd better go alone.

Cristian: Why?

Jen: Who knows -- might be something I can't know about.

Cristian: Hey, come on. Stop being like this. Just tell me what I can do to make this better, and I'll do it.

Jen: You can never see Natalie again. Do you think you can do that? That's what I thought you'd say.


Gabrielle: I'm worried about you. That's true. I love you, all right? And I -- I just think you haven't fully accepted that Jen's back with Cristian.

Al: Yeah, well, for how long?

Gabrielle: What did you say?

Al: Huh? Nothing.

Gabrielle: Don't you do that to yourself.

Al: Look, they're having problems, ok? Cristian and Jen.

Gabrielle: And how do you know that?

Al: Because she told me. He's keeping stuff from her.

Gabrielle: "Stuff" like what, Natalie's fear that she's got the same mental disorder that Viki had?

Al: Yeah, D.I.D. It's very, very serious.

Gabrielle: Are you sure about this?

Al: Yeah, I'm sure. Trust me, it's only a matter of time.

Gabrielle: Until what?

Al: Until some things start happening that are going to change Jen's mind.

Gabrielle: What, about Cristian or you?

Al: Both.

Gabrielle: Don't go down this road again. Don't get into this trap. You're going to get hurt -- badly hurt.

Al: Oh, Mom, how come you always focus on the negative? Look, she cared about me once.

Gabrielle: A long time ago.

Al: Yeah, well, if she cared once, she can care again.

Gabrielle: Or not. Have you considered that?

Al: Ugh. Mom, thanks for all the support, ok?

Gabrielle: Oh, for heaven's sake, Al, you know that I'm --

Al: Mom, please!

Gabrielle: All right. I can see that I'm clearly not getting through to you on this.

Al: Well, you're finally starting to get it.

Gabrielle: Would you talk to somebody else about this? A professional?

Al: What? Like that quack, Dr. Rae Cummings?

Gabrielle: Not all therapists are quacks. Al, Sweetheart, I think you need a little perspective on your relationship with Jen.

Al: Mom, listen -- don't worry about me.

Gabrielle: But I do worry.

Al: I'm a big boy. I can take care of myself. I'll see you later.

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm.

Al: Ok. Excuse me.

Claire: Excuse me.

Gabrielle: I don't have time for you right now.

Claire: I couldn't agree with you more. Your time is up. The hospital wants the money you owe it now.

Gabrielle: Why are you doing this to me?


Man: Good morning, Sir.

Asa: Good morning.

Man: Got your message. What can I do for you?

Asa: Time for phase two, Joel.


Carlotta: I know you couldn't wait.

Antonio: Thank you. Hey, Cris is on his way.

Carlotta: Good. You still haven't answered my question.

Antonio: Am I going to be ok with R.J.?

Carlotta: Mijo, you know, you could love Keri more than life itself, but that's still not going to change who your father-in-law is.

Antonio: Mami, I'll be fine.

Carlotta: Tonio, I know you're trying very hard.

Antonio: Mami, she loves him and she wants me to accept him.

Carlotta: And that's perfectly understandable. But what happens when he's the grandfather of your children? I mean, what happens when R.J. commits another crime? God forgive me, but we know he will. What are you going to say to your wife when you have to arrest her father?


R.J.: I cannot believe I let Lindsay back me into a corner -- not after I promised Keri I'd go straight. Nothing shady, nothing illegal. Then Lindsay --

Lindsay's voice: I know you don't want your daughter to find out that you're the one that gave me the drug I gave to Nora. Just imagine how she might react.

R.J.: Keri will never forgive me.

R.J.: Unless --

[Door opens and closes]

Keri: Hi. I'm glad I caught you.

R.J.: I was just about to call you. Keri, there's something that I want to tell you.


Claire: It's done.

Asa: What did you say?

Claire: I gave her her last warning.

Asa: And what did she say?

Claire: She doesn't have the money to pay her son's hospital bills. So, what happens now, Mr. Buchanan? Do we sue her?

Asa: "Sue her"? Hell, no. I don't want to wipe her out. I just want to ruin her so my son Bo knows what a money-grabbing little tramp she really is.

Claire: Well, my guess is she's pretty desperate right now.

Asa: Claire, when she gets desperate, she does stupid things. And I'm going to help her this time.

Joel: Excuse me -- Ms. Medina? Your assistant said you were alone.

Gabrielle: Did she also tell you I'm extremely busy? Who are you?

Joel: My name's Joel Miranda. I'm a fashion publicist.

Gabrielle: All right. Just leave your material with my assistant. I'll get to it.

Joel: Actually, I wanted a few words with you concerning one of my clients -- Kathy Johnson?

Gabrielle: Kathy Johnson? You represent Kathy Johnson?

Joel: I do, yes.

Gabrielle: Well, I certainly hope you've got other clients because you're not going to make a red cent off of her. She's the worst designer on the scene.

Joel: You know, some people do -- do seem to have that opinion. I've actually read it several times in your columns, too.

Gabrielle: Yes, and you probably will again.

Joel: Well, I'm hoping not. Actually, I'd really appreciate it if you would write a favorable article about her.

Gabrielle: A what?

Joel: I even have a title for you -- "Misunderstood Genius."

Gabrielle: Mr. Miranda?

Joel: Yes, that's right, but call me Joel, please.

Gabrielle: Joel. Your idea is preposterous. It's never going to happen.

Joel: Well, you know, sometimes things can change.


R.J.: Keri, there's something that I -- well, I really just should have told you earlier --

Keri: R.J., wait. I'm sorry. Can I say something first?

R.J.: Sure.

Keri: Ok. I wanted to ask you something. I warn you, though, it's -- it's pretty big.

R.J.: Anything.

Keri: Ok. It's about the wedding. Antonio and I haven't even discussed dates or anything like that yet, but I was wondering -- I was hoping maybe you'd walk me down the aisle?

R.J.: Are you sure?

Keri: Of course I'm sure. You're my father.

R.J.: Oh, yes. Yes, but, I mean, we haven't known each other the way a father and daughter are supposed to.

Keri: No, no. There are no "supposed to’s." We are what we are. Ok? Besides, I've gotten to know you over the past months, and I've seen how you've changed. And I know how hard that that is for you to do that.

R.J.: Well, I wanted to be a good father.

Keri: And you have been. And I know you and Antonio haven't worked out all your things, but I truly believe you can do it. And you know something else? I think that Antonio is starting to believe that, too.

[R.J. laughs]

R.J.: Ah, well, that's something I'm going to have to see for myself.

Keri: R.J., All you have to do is keep trying.

R.J.: You -- you make it sound so blissfully simple.

Keri: You've told me all about your past. You know, and as far as I'm concerned, that's ancient history. Good-bye and good riddance. You have to concentrate on the future now.

R.J.: Well, that's -- that's all I want to do, too.

Keri: So, what do you say?

R.J.: Keri, I would be honored to walk you down the aisle.

Keri: Thank you. Oh. Oh. Ok. So, what did -- what did you want to tell me?


Antonio: You know what, Mami? I don't know what I'm going to do if R.J. commits another crime.

Carlotta: "When." We both know his track record.

Antonio: Yeah, fine. Well, you know what? Then I guess -- I guess I'm just going to have to jump off that bridge when I come to it.

Carlotta: Go ahead, joke, but it's not funny to me.

Cristian: What's not funny?

Antonio and Carlotta: Hey.

Cristian: How you doing?

Antonio: Good, man. How you doing? Where's -- where's Jen?

Cristian: She couldn't make it. So, what's this news you had to tell me about?

Antonio: Um -- ok. You ready? Keri and I are getting married.

Cristian: Well, hey, man, that's great. Congratulations.

Antonio: Thanks, man.

Cristian: Good for you. Where's Keri?

Antonio: She had to go take care of something. She'll be back soon.

Cristian: Wow. Marriage. Fantastic.

Carlotta: Don't you go getting any ideas. You and Jen have plenty of time.

Antonio: So? What's wrong?

Cristian: Nothing. Why?

Antonio: Why didn't Jen come with you?

Cristian: Well, I told you she couldn't make it.

Antonio: Why not?

Cristian: Why the third degree? All right. Well, we got into a fight.

Antonio: About?

Cristian: The same thing we always fight about lately -- Natalie.


Jessica: Cristian has been defending you through all of this, and I really don't understand that.

Natalie: Maybe that's because Cristian believes that people are innocent until proven guilty.

Jessica: Yeah, and maybe Cristian will change his mind once uncle Bo arrests you for attempted murder. Nothing? No sarcastic comeback? Really?

Natalie: Why are you being so mean?

Jessica: You pushed my stepfather out a window --

Natalie: You don't know that.

Jessica: And I'm being mean?

Natalie: You know what? I don't need this.

Jessica: You're not leaving, Natalie. You're not leaving until you're leaving for good.

Natalie: So you think you can just kick me out of here just like that?

Jessica: Ok. I know, I know. You got Grandpa Victor's will on your side. You can live here as long as you like. But, I mean, come on. Think about it. Won't you be a little uncomfortable?

Natalie: Well, you do your best to make sure that I am.

Jessica: You're going to feel weird when Ben gets here, trust me.

Natalie: Actually, no, I'm going to be happy when Ben gets here. It's going to be you and Viki that are going be jumping out of their skin when I walk into a room.

Jessica: Ok, so why don't you make it easier on us and Ben and just move out?

Natalie: Fine. I wouldn't want to make anybody uncomfortable.

Jessica: Good. I'd come help you pack, but, you know, there's a window in your room and I wouldn't want there to be another accident.


Allison: Well?

Lindsay: So I talked to my friend. It's all set.

Allison: Oh, good. Dave needs me to get him away from that psycho wife of his as soon as possible. He needs me to make sure he's ok.

Lindsay: So where are these tunnels that are going to lead us out of here?

Allison: I told you -- it's on a need to know only basis.

Lindsay: For crying out loud, Allison, we're breaking out of here today. So if I don't need to know now, when?

Allison: What do you want, a guided tour?

Lindsay: I just want to know how we're going to get out of here.

Allison: There's a secret entrance.

Lindsay: Where?

Allison: Right here in this room.


Keri: So, R.J., What was it? What did you want to tell me? Something important?

R.J.: It was nothing. No, it was nothing.

Keri: Are you sure?

R.J.: Compared to walking my daughter down the aisle?

Keri: Ok, but we can still talk about it if you --

R.J.: Forget it. It's nothing. It can wait till some other time.

Keri: Ok. Well, I'm going to go to the diner. Carlotta wants to make a special meal for us.

R.J.: Good for her.

Keri: You know, you can join us if you want to.

R.J.: Hmm.

[R.J. laughs]

Keri: Some -- someday.

R.J.: Someday.

Keri: Thank you for agreeing to give me away.

R.J.: That is an honor that I could never, never refuse.

Keri: You know, when I first came to Llanview, I didn't know what to expect. Finding you, getting to know you -- it's gone way beyond anything that I could have hoped.

R.J.: Well, that makes me very happy.

Keri: If anybody asks, you're a great dad.

R.J.: I couldn't do it. I couldn't do it.

Keri: R.J., You are the best. You are the best in the world.

R.J.: Hell, Keri, with a daughter like you, what man could go wrong?

Keri: No, but you're saying that all the problems you had with the law in the past -- that's my fault because I wasn't in your life?

R.J.: All I know is that my life on the wrong side of the law -- that's all behind me now, forever.

Antonio: R.J. Gannon, I have a warrant for your arrest.

Keri: Antonio, wait. No, don't do that. R.J. is an honest man.

Antonio: He's been lying to you since day one. Once a criminal, always a criminal. Today he helped Lindsay Rappaport break out of prison.

Keri: What?

Antonio: Put your hands behind your back.

Keri: Antonio, no. R.J. would never do something like that. It's true, isn't it?

R.J.: Keri, I had no choice. Linds--

Keri: Don't lie to me. Don't even talk to me. You are disgusting. You're not my father anymore. I hate you. I hate you.

R.J.: What to do, what to do. I can't help Lindsay. But if I don't, she'll spill it. And if she spills it, then Keri finds out. Either way, I lose my daughter. There's got to be something I can do. There's got to be something.


Jen: Cristian, you here?

Jen: Cristian? Figures.

[Phone rings]

Jen: Cristian?

Al: No, it's Al.

Jen: Oh, hey. How you doing?

Al: Is something wrong? You sound upset.

Jen: No, I'm ok.

Al: You sure? Cristian isn't there, is he?

Jen: No.

Al: Where'd he go?

Jen: I don't know.

Al: Oh. Probably out with Natalie again, right?

Jen: Probably.

Al: Well, you don't know?

Jen: No.

Al: Ok. I'm coming over there.

Jen: Al, you don't have to do that.

Al: I know, but I am.

[Knock on door]

Jen: There's somebody at the door. I got to go. Bye.


Asa: Well, Gabrielle ought to be taking that bribe just about now.

Gabrielle: What is it are you asking me to do, Mr. Miranda?

Joel: I'm just asking you to write a nice article about my client, Ms. Johnson.

Gabrielle: And this?

Joel: That is between you and me. Just consider it a gratuity.

Gabrielle: You mean a bribe?

Joel: If you honor me by doing me a favor, why shouldn't I honor you with a small gift?

Gabrielle: Oh, hmm. Oh, there's nothing small about this.

Joel: Then you'll take it and do me the favor?

Gabrielle: I'll think about it.

Joel: All right. When you've made your decision, you can get in touch with me anytime, day or night.

Joel: I'm sure you'll make the right decision.


Cristian: Hey, Jess.

Jessica: Hey. If you're looking for Natalie, she's not here.

Cristian: Where'd she go?

Jessica: Not sure exactly, but she moved out.

Cristian: She moved out? What do you mean, she moved out?

Jessica: We both agreed that it'd be best if she wasn't here when Ben got home.

Cristian: You both agreed or you told her to get out?

Jessica: What was I supposed to do, Cristian? She pushed Ben out a window.

Cristian: She didn't do it, Jess.

Jessica: Were you here? Because I was here. I saw her in the window before and after Ben fell, Cristian.

Cristian: Ok, well, did you physically see her push Ben out the window?

Jessica: What is with you? Why do you keep defending her?


Natalie: Jen, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were going to be home.

Jen: Because Cristian said that I'd be leaving when you talked to him on the phone?

Natalie: Right.

Jen: So you thought you'd catch him alone.

Natalie: It's not like that. You know what? Look, I'm just going to go.

Jen: No, come in.

Natalie: I can't.

Jen: Cristian will be home soon. He wouldn't want you to leave. Please, come in.

Natalie: Ok.

Jen: You know, Cristian won't talk to me, but you are going to.

Natalie: What's -- what's going on?

Jen: Good question, Natalie. You're not leaving here until you tell me what's going on between you and Cristian.


Allison: There used to be these big, industrial-sized dryers down here, but they removed them. But they left the vents in the wall. Don't look for them.

Lindsay: Ok, ok, ok. Sorry.

Allison: Now, these vents lead to the tunnels. So if we crawl through the vents, we're going to be home free.

Lindsay: And the tunnels are going to lead us outside?

Allison: What do you think I just said? Weren't you listening? Look it, all you have to do is concentrate on making sure your friend is there when we get out of the tunnels.

Lindsay: He will be.

Allison: He'd better be.

Lindsay: Allison, can you show me the tunnels?

Allison: Well, I guess a quick peek couldn't hurt. We're going to come back down here tonight when the place will be deserted.

Lindsay: Right.

Allison: This way.

Lindsay: Ok.

Allison: Now, if I'm right, not badly mistaken, they're right -- here. Houston, we have a problem.


R.J.: A major problem, and I can only think of one way to solve it, and that's if you do me the biggest favor there is.

Tillie: What's the problem?

R.J.: It's not a "what." It's a "who." And her name is Lindsay Rappaport.

Tillie: Goldilocks.

R.J.: That's the one. I need her to disappear.

Tillie: You mean permanently?

R.J.: Of course that's what I mean. Kill her, hmm?


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