OLTL Transcript Wednesday 6/26/02



One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 6/26/02

By Linda
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Max: If I have proof that Roxanne committed adultery, then I could throw her out before the divorce trial?

Sam: You certainly didn't waste any time moving on.

Nora: Yes, I have moved on.

Rex: I'm not after Jessica's money.

Todd: I'll never see my kids again. You did that to me!

Téa: It wasn't Ross! It was me!


Jessica: What were you two arguing about?

Seth: Nothing.

Jessica: Nothing? Come on, Seth, you don't think I've noticed how you've been acting?

Seth: When?

Jessica: Whenever Rex walks into the room, you act like he's about to steal something. And -- and you act like you have. So what's going on? I mean, what was going on when I came in?

Seth: Just a -- just a disagreement, that's all.

Jessica: You said, "if you hurt her." Who's "her"? Me? Come on, guys, I have a right to know at least that much. Ok. That's great. Neither one of you are going to tell me what was going on?

Rex: I'll tell you, Jess. You want to know what's wrong? What's wrong is I've been lying to you ever since I got here.


Roxy: It's open, and mama's ready, willing, and able, darling.

Man: Good, because daddy's here, and he's hot.

Roxy: Greevy?


Max: Looks like I've got a date with divorce court.


Roxy: What do you want?

Greevy: Oh, there's something different about you. What is it, the hair? Or the clothes?

Roxy: The money.

Greevy: Well, whatever it is, it works for me.

Roxy: I know what you want, Greevy.

Greevy: Yeah, you always were the smart one.

Roxy: Yeah, and you ain't getting any.

Greevy: Oh, why not?

Roxy: Well, because, you know, first of all, I'm married, and second of all, you're drunk.

Greevy: Well, it never bothered you before, me being drunk, and it doesn't bother me now that you're married. Oh, gee, Roxy, you smell so good.

Roxy: You know, my husband's going to be back in a couple of minutes.

Greevy: Yeah, I bet.

Roxy: I mean it, Greevy.

Greevy: Hey, hey, I was planning on being quick anyway. I got a cab waiting and I ain't a rich man.

Roxy: Well, I'll tell you what -- I'll pay your full fare if you go right now.

Greevy: Oh, baby, I missed you.

Roxy: Yeah, you probably took up with someone the minute I left town.

Greevy: Oh, sure, but none of them measured up.

Roxy: "Them"?

Greevy: Oh, it used to be so good with us. Don't you want it to be good again?


Gabrielle: Why don't you want me to leave, Bo?

Bo: Well, you can't because that place you wanted to rent fell through.

Gabrielle: I'm sure there are other places. The market's not that tight.

Bo: Oh, now, come on, why don't you just stay here? Unless you don't want to.

Gabrielle: I prefer to.

Bo: Oh.

Gabrielle: Much prefer to. I just don't want to cramp your style. I do need to know why you want me to stay. Is it really because you don't want me to be inconvenienced or is there something more?

Bo: Well -- ahem. All right, I'll tell you why. Every time that door opens up and you walk in --

[Knock on door]

Gabrielle: Must be me now.

Bo: Yeah, well, let's see.

Asa: Took you long enough. I hope I'm not interrupting anything important.

Bo: As a matter of fact, Pa, you are.


Nora: Hey.

Troy: Hey, baby. Run here often?

Nora: So? You like?

Troy: Do I like? Are you kidding me? If looking were an Olympic event, you would take home the gold.

Nora: Ooh, thank you. I figured that if I was going to jog with you, I couldn't wear my junior high school gym uniform. That just wouldn't cut it.

Troy: Oh, I don't know, I bet you look hot in that.

Nora: Yeah, right.

Troy: All right, so you ready to knock out a quick five or what?

Nora: Come on, Troy, I may be a beginner but I can run a little longer than five minutes.

Troy: You're so funny, "five minutes." No, no, no, five miles, you know. Come on, we should probably stretch out first just to kind of warm up a bit.

Nora: Ok. Oh, my, listen to that. That's my phone ringing.

Troy: Your phone ringing? I didn't hear a phone.

Nora: Got it on vibrate. Didn't want to disturb the birds. Hello? Oh, Mr. Lewis, yes. Oh, no, you need those papers? Oh, that's too bad. I was just about to go jogging. Oh, well, I'll see what I can do.

Troy: Hello? There's nobody there.

Nora: I lost service.

Troy: Did you?

Nora: Battery went out? Would you believe there's no one there?

Troy: Nora, I have taken you on at least a dozen bike rides, hiking up Llantano Mountain, working out at the gym.

Nora: Yes.

Troy: Now I got to ask you something.

Nora: Shoot.

Troy: Have you enjoyed any of this?


Blair: Yes, you're just a smiling big boy! Yes, you are! Let me that smile. That's a big smile! Yeah! You're happy to see your grandma, aren't you? You're happy, happy, happy!

Starr: She'd be happier if Daddy was here.

Blair: Well, he's not, Starr, and he's not going to be, so you need to start getting used to that, Sweetie.

Starr: What are you going to tell grandma?

Blair: I don't think that we should tell her anything. I mean, things like that tend to confuse her and upset her. So I think it's best that we don't tell her anything that's happened since your daddy told his big, fat lie and he disappeared.

Starr: I can't even tell her how much I miss him?

Addie: Hi, Starr!

Starr: Grandma!

Addie: Oh. Hi, Jack. Were you always this big?

Blair: Hi, mama.

Addie: What's wrong, Blair?

Blair: Why? Nothing, mama.

Addie: Oh, no, no, no, something's wrong, I know it. What is it?

Blair: Everything, mama.

Starr: Shh!

Blair: Todd tried to kidnap the kids.

Starr: Shh!

Blair: Now there are armed guards that I have to have, and Todd and I --

Starr: You weren't supposed to say!

Blair: Starr, it's ok. Sweetie, sometimes your heart gets just so full that you have to let it out. But -- we're over. Todd's gone for good.

Addie: But why? He loves you. Where did he go?

Blair: I don't know, mama. But wherever he is, certainly hope he's getting exactly what he deserves.


Téa: Todd! Todd! Where are you? Can you hear me?

Téa: Todd!

Téa: Todd! Todd!

Ross: Hey, gorgeous. Thanks for saving my neck.

Téa: Where -- where's Todd?

Ross: Talk about a nut case.

Téa: He went running after you. What happened?

Ross: Met his match, I guess.

Téa: What did you do to him?

Ross: Not a thing. Todd messed up all by his lonesome.

Téa: Well, where is he?

Ross: I don't remember.

Téa: Ross, please, please don't do this to me.

Ross: To you?

Téa: I need -- I need to know where he is.

Ross: What is with you? This wacko just tried to kill me. Now you want to go find him?

Téa: Ross, please. I need you to help me. Please?


Addie: Oh, I hope Todd gets what he deserves, too.

Starr: That's not what mommy means. She's mad at daddy because he told a big, fat lie.

Addie: Oh, lying is bad. I never tell lies.

Starr: Really? So what do you think of Jack?

Addie: I think Jack's going to grow up to be just like his daddy.

Blair: Mama, please don't say that.

[Jack squeals]

Blair: Yes. We're all trying to forget about Todd.

Starr: Well, I won't forget him! Never, never, ever!

Nun: Shh!

Blair: Starr. Suzanne, could you take Starr to the playroom, please?

Suzanne: Come on, Starr.

Blair: All right. Say "bye-bye."

Jack: Ba.

Blair: Bye-bye.

Addie: Like mommy, like baby.

Blair: What do you mean, Mama?

Addie: You're sad about Todd, just like Starr.

Blair: No, I am not. Do you know what Todd did? He took my baby away from me and then he told me that he was dead. And I told him that he was the father and not Max, and then he took the baby away, but he brought Jack back.

Addie: Well, I'm glad he brought him back.

Blair: Yeah, but then he told me that it was somebody else's baby so we could adopt him. I mean, it was lie after lie after lie, Mama.

Addie: Well, who's this? Is this Jack?

Blair: Yes.

Addie: I thought this was Jack.

Blair: This is Jack.

Addie: But Jack was smaller. But he is -- Jack is my baby grandson still?

Blair: Yes, he has been since the moment that you first loved him.

Addie: Did you hear that, Jack? And I loved you from the first moment that I heard about you.

Blair: You know what, I guess it doesn't matter what Todd did, just as long as I have Jack. That's all that matters. That's right. Sam!

Sam: Hey.

Blair: What are you doing here?

Sam: Hi. I'm doing so absolutely fascinating legal work. But you know what, it's a lot more fun running into you. Hi.

Blair: This is my mother, Addie Cramer, Sam Rappaport. You remember her?

Sam: Hi, yeah. How nice to see you again.

Addie: Why are you unhappy?

Sam: Pardon me?

Addie: You look sad. You're sad about someone.


Nora: I look forward to these moments with you, Troy. Why would you think I didn't?

Troy: Oh, I don't know, maybe because you faked a phone call to get out of a five-mile run?

Nora: Ok, ok, that was really silly of me. It's just that when you said five miles -- you come up with such big numbers, like 50-mile bike rides, five-mile -- I just -- I got a little weak and panicked and made a phone call -- ok, never mind, forget it. I'm all set now. I'm fine.

Troy: No, no, no, no, wait a minute, wait a minute. So you're telling me that you've been enjoying all this?

Nora: Enjoying this?

Troy: Yeah.

Nora: The fresh air?

Troy: Uh-huh?

Nora: The sweating, the pumping, the aches, the pains, the pain in my chest, feeling like I'm going to keel over and die?

Troy: Oh, no, has it really been that bad?

Nora: No, it has not been bad. It really hasn't. It -- it's just been a little harder than I thought it was going to be.

Troy: Oh, no, I can't believe I've been this insensitive!

Nora: No!

Troy: No, here I am, I'm forcing you to do all these things. Nora, I am so sorry.

Nora: No, what are you sorry about? I meant what I said. I look forward to these moments.

Troy: Oh, I'm sure you love to feel like you're going to keel over any minute.

Nora: No, I love the feeling of being with you, no matter what we're doing.


Roxy: Uh, yeah, well, we did have fun together.

Greevy: Hmm, the best. Oh, I don't know how we got here, but this is more like it.

Roxy: Yeah, well, you know, I know you won't believe this, but my husband is as hot for me as you are.

Greevy: So how you feel about him?

Roxy: Well, you know, I'm not ready for adultery. I mean, you know, I haven't been married long enough. You know, maybe catch me in a couple months.

Greevy: You think you can stand hubby that long?

Roxy: Oh, yeah, yeah, because he's a real man, my Maximillian, and he owns a bar.

Greevy: You want a bar? I'll take you to any bar in town -- later.

Roxy: Yeah, well, you know, there's a lot of other things that come along with it, like, you know, a nice house like this and, you know, a table at the country club and a reputation.

Greevy: Ha! You already had one of those.

Roxy: Yeah, but it's not a good one. No, I feel special here. I feel like, you know, I'm not just some cheap blonde wearing fancy clothes. You know, that's what Max gives me. You know, in fact, you know, I think he's going to be getting back soon, so maybe you'd better go.

Greevy: Yeah, did Maxie, old Maxie, did he ever give you one of these?

Roxy: You know, as a matter of fact, you know, he -- he has. Uh -- hey, Greevy? Greevy, you're –


Max: Well, not exactly what I had in mind, but it'll do.


Roxy: Greevy, I can't breathe. Greevy.


Jessica: What do you mean? How have you been lying to me?

Rex: I should've told you this the minute I showed up here, but right after I met you, the day you came to visit me at my Aunt Corinne's, I found out all about you.

Jessica: How?

Rex: My aunt had stashed some newspaper articles about the kidnapping and the baby-switching and how you and Natalie have all this money.

Seth: The articles dropped out of Rex’s pocket when we were at Rodi's. I picked them up and that's how I got on to him.

Jessica: But why did you pretend like you didn't know anything about it?

Rex: Yeah, I guess it was really stupid. It's just that after I read the articles, I wanted to get to know you. I mean, after all, you're my sister, and I wanted to see Natalie again. It's just I didn't want you wondering if I popped up all of a sudden just because you're rich. That's not really why I'm here, you know.

Jessica: No, of course not. I would have never thought that. I mean, you're my brother.

Rex: Right, but you didn't know anything about me and I just wanted to make a good impression. I figured there was no harm in not telling. I mean, after all, you didn't tell me everything right away. I didn't even know you were my sister.

Jessica: Yeah, you thought I was your tutor.

Rex: Right. And then I found the truth, but I thought maybe you wouldn't trust me. I figured you really wouldn't trust me if I showed up knowing you were rich, so --

Jessica: So you just pretended like you didn't know anything about me.

Rex: Yeah. It was a crazy thing to do because now you really don't trust me.

Jessica: What would make you think that?

Rex: Well, Seth sure thinks I'm up to something, and can't blame you if you do, too. So -- well, do you?


Roxy: Ugh! Oh, I can't breathe! I can't breathe.

Max: Ok, Max, come on, just walk away.

Roxy: Help.

Max: That's right, walk away. Walk away, you'll be rid of her forever. Come on, don't blow it this time, come on.

Roxy: Help me.

Max: Just walk away. Just walk away, Max. Come on. Come on.


Asa: Well, I guess I came at a bad time, didn't I? Good, because I'm going to stay so things don't get worse.

Bo: Pa --

Asa: Save it. I leave when she leaves.

Bo: Well, then --

Asa: Way to go, son. Toss out the baggage along with her suitcase.

Bo: Hey, whoa, whoa, where you going?

Gabrielle: I'm sure there's a place out there for me.

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, here.

Gabrielle: I don't understand.

Bo: Just take the bag into your room and just unpack it. You're not moving. And don't even think about looking for another place to live.

Gabrielle: Thank you, Bo.

Asa: Unpack? She was on her way out the door. You're telling me you want her to stay?

Bo: That's right.

Asa: Bo, I will not let a jailbird live with you.

Bo: Hey, you don't have a say in this.

Asa: I tried to be subtle about this --

Bo: Yeah, you're about as subtle as a stampede.

Asa: But, see, you're not getting it, so I'm going to spell it out for you. That Gabrielle isn't just a tramp --

Bo: No, Pa, I'm warning you.

Asa: Wait a minute, did you forget something, huh? You forget? She was planning my funeral.

Bo: Yeah, no, I remember that.

Asa: Yeah, well, how do you know she's not sizing you up for a pine box?

Bo: Because Max was behind that. She's not with Max anymore.

Asa: Well, that's another thing. She was Max's woman. And every lowlife in this town wanted her. She is used goods, Bo. Used by Max and just about everybody else. Now, do you really want to be the last guy in line, huh?


Troy: I love being with you, too, but I love being with the real you, not somebody that's got to fake a phone call to get out of going for a run. Nora, I don't want to force you into anything.

Nora: Ok. Only a loaded gun or a guilty conscience could force me to do anything, all right?

Troy: That's probably true.

Nora: This is just -- I guess this means I'm just crazy about you that I'd allow myself to be this -- healthy.

Troy: That's very sweet. But, you know, there is an alternative. I mean, I could always just go for a run and just meet up with you later and then we could do something else that you like to do. And it doesn't even have to be anything that I like. Just because it's with you, it would be fun.

Nora: Ok, you see? But that's what I'm talking about. It's the company that matters. I don't care what we're doing. I don't care if we're biking or running or I'm having to flap my wings like a chicken. I don't care. I'm in your company, you know? Now look, I bought this fabulous outfit. I would like to use it, all right? So we're going to go for a five-mile run. Are you ready? Ready. Let's go. Last one to the emergency room, rotten egg.


Sam: I'm a little sad, but who isn't from time to time? Basically, I'm fine.

Addie: Is that true?

Blair: Well, mama, even if it weren't, Sam is such a gentleman, he wouldn't say so.

Sam: Really, it's ok. I have accepted what's happened with Nora and Troy.

Addie: Who's Nora? She supposed to be with you?

Sam: Well, apparently not.

Blair: Well, he would still be with Nora if Dr. Troy hadn't gotten in the way.

Sam: Maybe. Or maybe we had a problem that would've split us up without Troy's help.

Addie: I know Dr. Troy. He comes here sometimes. I like him. Do you like him?

Sam: I think he's a fine doctor.

Blair: Sam --

Sam: It doesn't matter. I've made my peace with them.

Blair: See? That's Sam for you, Mama, always shrugging off his own problems to take care of everybody else's. He is a saint.

Addie: You are?

Sam: Not really.

Blair: You are to me. Mama, we might've lost Jack and Starr if it weren't for Sam. So you are a regular miracle worker as far as I'm concerned, Sam Rappaport.

Addie: My daughter likes you.

Sam: And I like her, Addie. But now, before this conversation becomes completely embarrassing, I'll take care of the work I came here to do. I have to pick up my son at day camp later. Bye-bye.

Addie: Bye.

Sam: See you.

Blair: Don't work too hard. Because I am going to work hard for you.

Addie: What are you going to do?

Blair: Oh, I'm just going to make sure that my friend Sam gets exactly what he wants most in this world, Mama.

Addie: And what is that?

Blair: It's what we all want -- the love of our lives. Yeah.


Ross: Still here?

Todd: Oh, good, it's you. Get away from me, huh?

Ross: Made a little miscalculation on that jump, huh, Manning?

Téa: You all right? What happened?

Todd: I tripped.

Téa: Ross, that log is crushing his ankle. Get it off of him.

Ross: I bet that really smarts.

Téa: Will you please get it off of him? Ugh!

Ross: Well, now, let's see. You're on a spectacular island with a gorgeous woman. Trouble is there's this other guy who's definitely going to be in the way, and he needs your help. Oh, and he also tried to kill you. What to do, what to do.

Todd: I don't need your help.

Téa: Don't listen to him. Will you help me?

Todd: Pay no attention to her. I don't need your help.

Ross: Angel/devil, angel/devil. Story of my life. On three. One --

Téa and Ross: Two, three.


Jessica: I don't know what to think.

Rex: Well, it's better than hating me, I guess.

Jessica: Can you excuse me for a second, Rex? I need to speak to Seth.

Rex: Ok. You've heard it all now, Jess, everything, so if Seth says something else, it's because he's got it in for me.

Seth: Nice speech. I'm not buying it. How about you?

Jessica: I'm not very happy right now.

Seth: Well, at least now you know who you can trust.

Jessica: No, I know who I can't trust -- you.


Blair: Sam has nothing but good to me, Mama. And I know what kind of pain Sam is going through.

Jack: Ah!

Blair: That's right. See, I think Nora hurt Sam kind of the way that Todd hurt me. But there's a big difference -- I don't ever want to see Todd again, but Sam does want to see Nora, and I'm going to help Sam get Nora back.

Addie: How can you?

Blair: Well, it's easy. Ain't that right, Jack? I'm going to seduce Troy away from Nora, and then Nora will just go back to Sam, and then everybody will live happily ever after.

Addie: Blair, that's crazy.


[Phone rings]

Troy: Hello?

Starr: Hi, Dr. Troy. What are you doing?

Troy: Starr, hey. I was -- I'm just going for a run in the park with a friend. Is there something wrong?

Starr: No, I just -- the stamps are really cool, thanks.

Troy: Aw, you're welcome. But are you sure there's nothing wrong?

Starr: Well, I miss my dad, and when you gave me the stamps, it made me feel a whole lot better. And what do I do now to make all the bad stuff and sad stuff go away?

Troy: Well, that's pretty hard to do even for grownups. But I do have an idea. You could think about all the great things about your father and think about all the good times that you had together.

Starr: Like on New Year’s Eve and when we put the snake in the courtroom?

Troy: Yeah, something like that.

Starr: I'll try. Bye, Dr. Troy.

Troy: Bye, Starr. Ready?

Nora: Oh, yeah.


Todd: Starr, I like you better than Jack. He just sits there like a little football. You ready?

Starr: Are you?

Todd: For what? What's this?

Starr: My demands.

Todd: When did you get a chance to write out your demands?

Starr: I figured out that one day you'd figure out that I was telling the truth. Get to work.

Todd: So did you check out today's paper? Psst.


Ross: It's a nasty bump you got on your head, but the cut's no big deal. See if that's freshwater. Could be a spring. Looks like you're going to have a sprained ankle. I don't think anything’s broken. You shouldn't go hopping around like that.

Téa: It's freshwater.

Ross: Good, good you know what, why don't you clean out that cut while I'm gone.

Téa: Hey, where you going?

Ross: To get some help. What, he's down for the count. He won't hurt you. Who knows, you know, maybe I'll find one of those gourmet restaurants on the beach, bring you back some lobster bisque.

Téa: I'd settle for a cheeseburger.

Ross: Oh, there you go, wash it down with some dark rum.

Téa: Todd, what are you doing?

Todd: I'm going to kill him. Ow. He made me lose my kids, so now I'll kill him.

Téa: No, Todd --

Todd: Ah!

Téa: I told you it wasn't Ross, it was me.

Todd: Right. Of course, it was you. I forgot. You're the one who lied to save his life.

Téa: It's not a lie. Ross didn't foil your kidnapping plan because there was never going to be a kidnapping.


Blair: Mama, it's not crazy. Todd may have taken my heart, but, yeah, I do think I have what it takes to take Troy away from Nora.

Addie: Do you want him?

Blair: Well, I want Sam to be happy, and, actually, it would feel very nice to feel like a woman again, Mama.

Addie: Sounds like busywork to me. We do busywork here to forget about our problems.

Blair: Well, is that so bad?

Addie: Well, I make sweaters. That's my busywork. I make sweaters for children and that makes them happy and helps them.

Blair: Well, I want to help my friend, too. I can't knit, but, yeah, I think I can do this.

Suzanne: Mrs. Manning, it's time for Starr's play date with Zoë Urban.

Blair: Oh, already?

Suzanne: Do you want me to take Jack home after I drop Starr off?

Blair: No, I think I'll keep Jack with me today.

Starr: Bye, Grandma. I love you.

Addie: I love you.

Blair: You have fun with Zoë, ok?

Starr: I will. I would've asked Dr. Troy, but he was running in the park.

Blair: Whoa. Actually, Suzanne, yes, you can take Jack with you, and here, here's his bottle.

Suzanne: Thank you.

Blair: I've got to take care of some business. You guys take care.

Starr: Bye, mom.

Blair: Bye, baby. So, Mama, I got to go.

Addie: Knitting is better than business. And sometimes when I'm finished, I have a sweater.

Blair: Thank you for worrying. You know I love you.

Addie: I love you, too.

Blair: Ok. Bye-bye. I'll come visit later.


Seth: You don't trust me? Rex is the one who lied.

Jessica: When did you find out about it?

Seth: A while ago. What difference does it make?

Jessica: You found out about it when we were at Rodi’s. And you didn't tell me?

Seth: What was I supposed to say, "hey, Jess, you know that long-lost brother of yours -- turns out he's a lying sneak"?

Jessica: Yeah. If that's what you believed, why not? If you would've just told me, I could've asked him about it. We would've had this cleared up a while ago.

Seth: You think this is all cleared up? How do you know he's telling you the truth?

Jessica: You know, I don't think he's the one with the truth problem.

Seth: You're saying it's me?

Jessica: Seth, when I came in, I asked you why were you guys arguing and you said it was nothing. Is that the truth? Rex is the one who came out and told me what was going on. I mean, were you ever going to tell me?

Seth: I was waiting to see if he was going to try anything. Then I was going to tell you.

Jessica: Why? Doesn't it make more sense to tell me before something happened?

Seth: I thought I was doing the right thing.

Jessica: Right, just like you thought you were doing the right thing when you and Natalie made a fool of me.

Seth: Is that what this is all about? Jessica, that was like a lifetime ago. Is that what's bothering you?


Roxy: I can't breathe. Can't --

Roxy: Oh, Max.

Max: Time to take out the trash.

Roxy: You know, this isn't the way it looks.

Max: That's good because it looks pretty ridiculous.

Roxy: Yeah, well, you know, he tried to have his way with me.

Max: Really, and what way would that be?

Greevy: What's going on?

Max: You were just leaving.

Greevy: Hey, I don't get it. You're supposed to be working all day and all night.

Max: I'm really not in the mood for a chat right now, thank you very much.

Roxy: Well, you know, you throw him out of our love nest. And if you ever touch me again, Max is going to break every bone in your body.

Max: All right, come on, get lost. Your cab is still waiting.

Greevy: How do you know that's my cab?

Max: It's not mine.

Greevy: Hey, wait, wait, just -- just clear something up for me. What happened in there? Did Roxy knock me out or something?

Max: No, you managed that all on your own.  And if you're smart, you'll avoid those alcoholic blackouts in the future. Take it from me, you could end up with a headache that does not go away.


Roxy: Max really cares about me. He's my savior. He's a gent. He's -- a sick twisted pervert who likes to see me with other men. Or maybe he was trying to catch his little Roxy stepping out.


Bo: If she's used goods, Pa, that's because you used her.

Asa: That's what she's telling you?

Bo: No, no, that's what I'm telling you.

Asa: Well, let me tell you --

Bo: You married her to get back at Max.

Asa: Well, I'm going to tell you it was a business deal, pure and simple. Nobody put a gun to her head and forced her to say yes.

Bo: She couldn't say no. She was desperate for money. You knew that. So you used her to get back at Max. You were no better than he is.

Asa: Oh, hold it. You're comparing me to that phony con artist?

Bo: Hell, it's easy enough to do. Max, he knew that she was desperate for love, so he used her to get back at you. See? All the bad that you see in her was put there by men like you and Max.

Asa: Yeah, and I know the men who were with Gabrielle.

Bo: See? I don't look at her as used goods because I'm not using her.

Asa: So what you're telling me, I'm too late. She got her hooks deep into you, so the two of you are way beyond being roommates.

Bo: I don't know where we are right now, but I'll tell you, I like it.

Asa: Even though Max and I and lord knows who else had her one way or the other, don't -- don't you have any pride, boy?

Bo: Yes, I do, I have pride, and I'm proud that Gabrielle's my friend. She is nothing like the woman that you and Max were involved in. To me, she's honest, she's good. And I'll tell you what, she's a whole lot kinder than a lot of people around here that are putting her down. I like having her around. I trust her. I trust her in my home, I trust her in my life.

Asa: She's conning you, boy, playing you just like a fiddle.

Bo: For what, a place to sleep, because that's all I've offered her. Gabrielle's turned a corner, Pa, and I think that she has become one terrific person. And every time that door opens and I see her, I'm happy. Which is a lot more than I can say for you right now. In fact, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like you to leave.

Bo: Hey.

Gabrielle: Hey.

Bo: You get unpacked?

Gabrielle: Yeah.

Bo: Good.

Gabrielle: A while ago. Bo, the things that you were saying -- I heard all of it.


Jessica: You knew Natalie was trying to con me and you never told me. And now you thought Rex was doing the same thing and you kept that from me, too.

Seth: I didn't want to upset you until I was sure there was a problem. I thought I was doing the right thing. I still do. I'm not sorry I didn't tell you.

Jessica: Well, I am.


Roxy: Oh, Max, you are my hero and I don't know what I would ever do without you.


Max: Well, you are about to find out. Pow, pow! You and Greevy are still an item, and I got it all right here.


Roxy: He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me. And it looks like he's going to be in a marriage for a long, long time.


Bo: Well, I would like to apologize for anything you heard Pa say because, as usual --

Gabrielle: I don't care what your father said. I only care about what you said. And, Bo, I wish that I --

Bo: You know, Gabrielle, you don't have to say anything.

Gabrielle: Oh, but I do. I do. I only wish that one day I will see myself the way you do. Thanks.


Asa: I will take that little tramp down and show Bo what his roommate is really like.


Nora: Slowpoke. Where you been, huh?

Troy: You ok?

Nora: Yeah, I am. I'm fine. I'm great.

Troy: You're sure?

Nora: No, I really am. I'm great. I really am. I know why you're asking, and that's so sweet, really, yes, but I'm fine. Now, are you going to believe me when I say that I have to leave to go home to meet Matthew when he comes home from camp?

Troy: Of course I believe you.

Nora: Ok.

Troy: Unless, of course, Matthew suddenly calls.

Nora: Oh, you had to.

Troy: Well, you put it there. I had to take it. I couldn't resist.

Nora: I know, I set you up, I did.

Troy: You want some company?

Nora: No.

Troy: No?

Nora: No, you finish your run, ok, and I'll see you later.

Troy: Ok. You're the best.

Blair: Hi, Dr. MacIver. Mind if I join you?


Todd: You can stop protecting Rayburn. Can't reach him to choke him.

Téa: I'm not protecting Ross.

Todd: He was supposed to help me take the kids away from Blair. And then he takes all my money and it turns out he's on Blair's side the whole time. Ow.

Téa: Ross had nothing to do with it. I told you, I was the one who foiled your kidnapping plan. I tipped off Sam and Blair. Ross didn't know a thing about it. I stopped you, not him.

Todd: Stop. Stop protecting him.

Téa: I'm not!

Todd: Come on, Téa, you expect me to believe that you had something to do with it, that it was you, that -- oh. I'll never see them again, Téa. I'll never see my kids. I trusted you. I -- you said that I could trust you.

Téa: Yes, I did.

Todd: And you fix it so that I can't see my kids?

Téa: I'm sorry.

Todd: It was, it was you. It was you the whole time, lying to me.

Todd: Maybe you're the one I ought to choke to death.

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Todd: Why would you do that to me?

Téa: I did it for you.

Sam: Well, if you guys have something planned, I can take Matthew back to my house.

Blair: Dr. Troy, you get a good look.

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