OLTL Transcript Tuesday 6/25/02



One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 6/25/02

By Linda
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Seth: The truth is you already knew she was your sister.

Rex: Yeah, I did.

Seth: And you knew she was rich.

Jen: I had to chase her all the way to the garden shed.

Natalie: I was upstairs sleeping!

Cristian: Natalie says she was upstairs.

Roxy: You think you can drive me out of here? You're never going to get rid of me.

Gabrielle: This situation is totally out of control. I have got to get a hold of it right away.


Niki: Bingo! Now that is a three-pointer for Niki. Ok. What else -- oh, yes, that's what I love about you, Benji -- you're a regular boy scout. Yes, you're always prepared. Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.


Gabrielle: Really? It really came through? You -- you're a miracle worker. Thank you. So when is this apartment going to be available? What? Do you mean I could move in today if I wanted to? Well, thank you. Thank you very much. Wow.

Bo: You're moving out?


Rex: Sorry I'm late.

Jessica: Hey, no problem. I ordered you shrimp cocktail, if that's ok. If it's not, you can just order whatever you like.

Rex: No, that's -- that's great. But today I'm paying for it because I got a job.

Jessica: Well, no offense, Rex, but a bus boy's salary won't be able to pay for lunch at the club.

Rex: It's a start.

Jessica: Yes, it is, but they don't take cash, so you just have to sign it right to your membership and say thank you, that's all.

Rex: Thank you.


Roxy: What do you mean, I can't come in here? This is America, man.

Man: No, madam, this is the Llanview Country Club. Members only.

Roxy: Well, obviously you don't know who the hell I am. I'm Mrs. Max-a-million Holden.


Max: So, if I have proof that Roxanne committed adultery, then I could throw her out before the divorce trial? No, no, I don't have anything planned at all, Nora. It's just a hypothetical question. And speaking strictly hypothetically, what exactly constitutes proof? Oh -- oh, yeah, that's great. No, thank you very much. I'll keep in touch.

Greevy: Hey, you Max Holden?

Max: Greevy?

Greevy: Yeah.

Max: Look, I'm glad you could make it.

Greevy: Why? What do you want?

Max: Well, I thought we should talk about my wife.


Emily: Thanks for warning me about Shawna and Mollie. "Toxic" is right. As if you'd create a web site called "hottiebaresall."

Chad: I'll get us a couple of sodas.

Emily: Diet.

Jen: Chad -- hey. Did Cristian call and say he was going to be late?

Chad: You're going to have to ask the bartender. I'm strictly a customer today.

Jen: Well, he's supposed to be working now, right?

Chad: Yeah. He and I actually switched shifts so I could have the time off. Pete, could I get a diet soda and a root beer? Thanks, man.

Jen: Then why isn't he here?


Natalie: Cristian, I am losing my mind.

Cristian: What?

Natalie: I'm going crazy. That's it. I'm going totally crazy.

Cristian: Natalie, what are you talking about?

Natalie: I can't tell you. I can't tell anyone.

Cristian: Of course you can tell me. I'm your friend. You can tell me anything.

Natalie: No, this is too scary.

Cristian: Hey, hold on a second. Come on, let me help you. Talk to me. What is it?

Natalie: Ok. You know before when Jen said that I was running away from her?

Cristian: Yeah.

Natalie: Yeah, and that I pushed her down in the garden shed? Well, I didn't do that, Cristian. Come on, you've got to believe me. I didn't do that.

Cristian: I do, I do.

Natalie: Then why doesn't she believe me? Why does she keep saying I'm doing things that I didn't do?

Cristian: I don't know. Look, it must've been some kind of misunderstanding. Is that what you're scared of?

Natalie: No, there's more. There's a lot more.


Niki: Eeny, meeny, miny, mo when I get through with Natalie, she's not only going to think that she's got D.I.D., she's going to think that one of her many, many, many alters killed Benji. Too bad.

[Door opens and closes]

Ben: Viki?

Niki: Ooh. [As Viki] hi.

Ben: Hey. You all right?

Niki: Oh, yeah. I'm ok, I'm ok.

Ben: You sure?

Niki: Yeah, I have a terrible headache.

Ben: Well, good thing you married a doctor. I got just what you need.

Niki: Huh?


Roxy: You're going to try and tell me that Max isn't a member of this club?

Man: No, he's a member, but our computer shows no Mrs. Holden and I can't reach him to verify your story.

Jessica: Oh, no. Please don't let her look over here.

Roxy: You want proof of who I am? Look at this rock.

Man: And a lovely rock it is, but it proves nothing.

Roxy: Well, you know, why don't you just call my buddy Viki Davidson. She can vouch for me.

Jessica: She's dragging my mother into this?

Seth: You want me to speak with her?

Jessica: No, no, no, no. I can handle this.

Rex: Roxy's some operator. And I don't need any "like mother, like son" cracks.

Seth: Did I say any?

Jessica: Roxanne, please don't use my mother's name and try and worm your way into this club. My mother is not friends with this woman.

Roxy: Says who? Viki and I are, like, this close.

Jessica: Right. And what would you have in common with my mom?

Roxy: Like you're our daughter. Did you forget that? We got a lot of other things besides.

Man: Nevertheless, I'm going to have to insist you leave now.

Roxy: Well, fine. I'll be back. And when I come back, you're going to be kissing my bu-- my feet, begging me for you not to lose your job.

Jessica: Roxanne, the exit is that way.

Roxy: Ok, darling. I'm going to be seeing a lot more of you because, don't forget, I'm on Viki's A list.

Seth: Bravo.

Rex: You told her.

Jessica: I actually have to go.

Seth: Why? Where?

Jessica: I've got to talk to my mom. I've got to tell her that Roxanne is using her name to boost her credibility.

Seth: I'll come with you.

Jessica: No, no, no.

Rex: Yeah. Me, too.

Jessica: I'm fine. I'm fine, really. You guys enjoy your lunch, go for a swim. I mean, stay here all day. You guys are my guests.

Rex: Actually, I've got to get back to Break Bar soon anyway. I'm a working guy now.

Seth: Looks like we pulled the same shift.

Jessica: Oh, really? That's great. Now you can keep an eye on my little brother for me.

Seth: Oh, I plan to. Make no mistake about that.


Max: So, why don't you think our marriage is going to last?

Greevy: Because she lives for only one thing.

Max: Money.

Greevy: Pleasure.

Max: Money can buy an awful lot of pleasure.

Greevy: Yeah, but not the kind I'm talking about. Oh, she may fool herself into thinking money's good enough for a while, but she can only get what she really wants from me.

Max: Is that a fact?

Greevy: It's a chemical thing ever since we met. You know, she gets within 10 feet of me, she can't keep her hands off of me, so congratulations.

Max: Yeah.

Greevy: Say, which way's the can?

Max: Right down there.

Greevy: While I'm gone, will you pour me another one?

Max: Sure. All I have to do is find a way to get Roxy within 10 feet of Greevy.


Chad: Hey. I am sorry I took so long.

Emily: Was that an ex?

Chad: No. No, that's Jen. That's Cristian's girlfriend.

Emily: Wait a minute. Isn't that the guy that Shawna and Mollie said you plastered all over that porn site?

Chad: Yeah.

Emily: Relax. It's not like I believe them. I was the victim of vicious talk, and I know how it can hurt. But you, the master of web porn? I don't think so. I mean, why would they pick that?

Chad: Well, because -- because it was true.


Jen: Where does Natalie get off denying what she did to me? And how could Cristian defend her?

Natalie: Look, I don't think of Jen as a liar, but why would she say those things about me? Why -- why would she say that I'd run away from her and push her down?

Cristian: I'm not saying that Jen is lying, but maybe -- maybe she saw someone that looked like you.

Natalie: Exactly like me, in that jacket, right here in Llanfair.

Cristian: That's the only explanation. Unless --

Natalie: What, unless I'm lying?

Cristian: No, unless there's something going on that we don't know about. Look, Natalie, I know the two of you aren't the best of friends, but I don't think either of you would be lying about this.

Natalie: I don't know, maybe -- maybe it was me. Maybe I did go to the shed.

Cristian: Wait a minute. You just said --

Natalie: Maybe I just don't remember it.

Cristian: What are you saying, Natalie? This is not making any sense.

Natalie: I told you, this has happened before. This -- there's more to it.

Cristian: What do you mean?

Natalie: Look, if I tell you this, you've got to promise me you won't tell anyone -- not Jen, not your mother, not Viki -- no one.

Cristian: Yeah, of course. I promise. Whatever it is. No one.


Niki: [As Viki] actually, I just took some aspirin, and it's starting to work. My headache is almost gone.

Ben: Oh. Well, good. Because I don't want a headache getting in the way of our celebration.

Niki: What are we celebrating?

Ben: The end of a problem.

Niki: Oh? Which problem is that?

Ben: Allison Perkins. I know how much tension she's caused you, and it's most likely the cause of your headaches.

Niki: I wouldn't be surprised.

Ben: Well, she's not going to bother you anymore.

Niki: Really? How can you be sure? What did you do?

Ben: All that matters is it's over. So what do you say we head on upstairs and try to release the rest of this tension?

Niki: Ben. It's the middle of the afternoon.

Ben: When has that ever stopped us before?

Niki: And Natalie's home.

Ben: She's on the other side of the house. Besides, that's why the bedroom door has locks.

Niki: No, ok? No.

Ben: Do you have any idea how long it's been since we made love?

Niki: I don't actually keep a scorecard, no.

Ben: Yeah, neither do I, but this one's easy. In the past two months, we've made love once.

Niki: Well, there's a great deal more to marriage than sex.

Ben: I agree with you. There's honesty. So why don't you be honest with me and tell me why you won't let me touch you?

Niki: Oh -- I think you're being just a little bit melodramatic.

Ben: I don't think so. I mean, the few nights you don't fall asleep on the couch, you come to bed, I try to kiss [Lost cable connection here]  You with Allison are over, so what's your excuse now?

Niki: What do you mean, my excuse?

Ben: Your excuse. What's going on? Why won't you let me get near you?


Gabrielle: Bo, I finally got my own apartment. Isn't it wonderful?

Bo: Oh, yeah, yeah, that's great. Congratulations.

Gabrielle: Now, that almost sounded like you meant it.

Bo: I'm surprised, that's all.

Gabrielle: That somebody else would accept me?

Bo: No, no, that -- well, you just hadn't mentioned moving lately.

Gabrielle: Yeah. Well, it's been very slim pickings, what with my arrest record and my credit rating nonexistent. And to be quite honest, the places I have seen have been dumps. But apparently this landlord is willing to take a chance on me.

Bo: Well, you deserve that -- somebody that'll take a chance on you.

Gabrielle: Thank you. You must be very relieved because you'll finally have some peace and quiet around here again.

Bo: Actually, I think it's going to take a little getting used to.

Gabrielle: Well, you'll be able to walk around in your shorts or whatever. And you won't have to put up with all my jars and bottles of cream taking up all the bathroom shelves.

Bo: Yeah, but there's always room in there for my shaving stuff, so -- I won't miss all the towels being used up all the time.

Gabrielle: I better pack my things.

Bo: Wait, wait -- just --

Gabrielle: What?

Bo: Just wait a second. You don't want to forget this.


Gabrielle: But this is your mug from the precinct.

Bo: Well, yeah, but you drink your tea out of it every night. Has your lipstick on it, so --

Gabrielle: Bo, I couldn't take this with me.

Bo: Yeah, you can. Go ahead, take it. It's -- think of it as a housewarming gift.

Gabrielle: Thank you.


Emily: You mean Shawna and Mollie weren't lying? You really do run a porn site?

Chad: No, no, no, did run, ok? Did run. I set up hidden cameras in Cristian's loft and broadcast candid pictures of him on the web.

Emily: Why did you do that?

Chad: It wasn't -- it wasn't my idea. I got paid to do it.

Emily: By who?

Chad: By someone who wanted to break up him and his girlfriend.

Emily: Jen?

Chad: You got to believe me here, ok? I am so not proud of what I did, and I would never do anything like that again, ok? I just want to be totally straight with you about everything. Ok, we started out with that really big misunderstanding, you and I, and -- Emily, I don't want that to happen again.


Rex: I'm going to go in the back to change my shirt. Do you want to come with me to make sure I didn't hide any silverware from the country club under it?

Seth: That's not my job description, and we're both here to do our jobs, right?

Rex: Right.

Seth: Then let's leave it at that.

Jen: Hey, you have a second?

Seth: Sure. What's up?

Jen: You know Natalie really well, right?

Seth: Probably as well as anyone. Why?

Jen: What is wrong with her?


Natalie: All this weird stuff has been going on.

Cristian: Like what?

Natalie: Well, things that are happening, but I forget them.

Cristian: But what kind of things?

Natalie: Things I've done or haven't done. I don't know.

Cristian: Why don't we sit down? Ok? So talk to me. What kind of things?

Natalie: Ok, like Viki -- she said that I went to the gym and that I wore this red sweat suit, but, Cristian, I know I didn't go to the gym, ok? And I don't even own a red sweat suit.

Cristian: So she was mistaken.

Natalie: Well, then Rex went out to my car, and he brings my gym bag from the trunk that had a red sweat suit in it.

Cristian: Wow, that is weird.

Natalie: Yeah. And then these packages came from the silver moon boutique that I supposedly ordered. I never ordered anything. They aren't even my style.

Cristian: Yeah, but, Natalie, they could've sent them to the wrong customer.

Natalie: Yeah, but when I went to take them back, they were all charged to my card!

Cristian: Maybe they hit the wrong number.

Natalie: Nice try, but then the sales lady, she swore that she recognized my voice. And then this thing that happened with Jen -- I mean -- oh, my god -- could I be -- could I possibly be doing these things and just blacking them out? Could I have --

Cristian: What? D.I.D.? Split personalities?

Natalie: God, Cristian, I am so scared!


Niki: [As Viki] ahem. I mean, you think that because Natalie is making an extra effort to fit in now and because you say you've done something about Allison to stop her from bothering me and making threats against me that all of a sudden the tension and the anxiety and the stress that I've been living with for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks is just magically just going to go away? I mean, Ben, you're a doctor. You can't believe that.

Ben: What I can't believe is how you won't let me help you through this.

Niki: With sex? I mean, you're like a teenager with hormones.

Ben: I'm not talking about sex. You know that. I'm talking about intimacy. I'm talking about love.

Niki: And going upstairs and releasing tension -- that wasn't about sex?

Ben: I don't know you. I don't know how to get through to you. I don't know why you're avoiding me. I don't know why you start fights with Natalie all the time.

Niki: Oh, wait a minute. You're saying that's my fault?

Ben: You know, I keep defending you against her, but something's wrong. You need help. We need help.

Niki: What -- what are you doing?

Ben: Calling Rae.

Niki: No!

Ben: What?

Niki: You will not call Rae.


[Phone rings]

Bo: Hello. Yeah. No, she's here. Hold on. I'll get her. Yeah, ok. Uh-huh. I'll take a message. Hold on. Go ahead. The apartment fell through? I thought -- no, no -- ok. No, I'll make sure she gets the message. Thank you. Bye. That was the realtor, and this landlord rented your apartment to somebody else.

Gabrielle: I may be mistaken, but you seemed happy that my apartment fell through.


Niki: [As Viki] I'm very, very sorry. I did not mean to snap like that. I don't even know what came over me.

Ben: This is exactly what I'm talking about.

Niki: Well, actually, no, I do know what came over me. Rae is not only my therapist. She's my friend. And I don't feel comfortable discussing our sex life with her. I mean, I'm quite sure that you can understand that.

Ben: Ooh, yeah, I can understand that.

Niki: Thank you very, very much for whatever it is you did regarding Allison. I'm sure that knowing that there won't be any more threats from her is going to go a long way toward making me feel -- ahem -- much more like my old self again.

Ben: Well, let's hope so.

Niki: Yeah. Ben, I know that I've been very difficult and very distant, and you've been so good and so patient. Please, would you be patient just a little while longer? It's just probably -- I don't know -- maybe just a couple of days? I'm sure I'll be fine.

Jessica: Mom?

Niki: Oh!

Jessica: Am I interrupting?

Niki: No, you're never an interruption. What is it?

Jessica: You're never going to believe this, but Roxanne was using your name to get into the country club, saying that you two have become friends? Where does she get off saying something like that?

Niki: [Normal voice] you are exactly right!

Roxy: I am?

Niki: Yeah. We're going to give Natalie a little of her own medicine.

Ben: Viki?

Niki: [As Viki] huh?

Ben: Why would Roxanne say something like that?


Roxy: Maxie, we need to talk.

Max: What? What are you doing here?

Roxy: I just went to that fancy-schmantzy country club of yours, and on the computer there was no record of a Mrs. Max Holden.

Max: Ok, just calm down, all right?

Roxy: That pompous son of a bus boy, I'm going to show him. I'm Mrs. Max Holden, and I want this whole town to know that.

Max: I just haven't had a chance to update everything.

Roxy: Yeah, Max, but you got to get a move on it because we have marriage vows, and what's yours is mine, you know, or else I'm going to provoke that prenup.

Max: I'm sorry.

Roxy: What?

Max: I'm sorry. I'm sorry about what happened at the country club, about the way I've treated you since we've been married, about a lot of things.

Roxy: You mean that?

Max: I haven't exactly been a good husband to you. In fact, I haven't even treated you like a human being.

Roxy: You haven't? Yeah, that's right, you haven't.

Max: And that's all going to change right now.

Roxy: All right, what's the con, man?

Max: There's no con here. I just -- I just got to thinking, you know. I might've been drunk that night when we got married, but I wasn't drunk enough to not know what I was doing. I must've seen something in you that night, and I thought that maybe it's just time to give myself a chance to see what I fell in love with.

Roxy: That's what I've been trying to tell you for weeks now.

Max: Yeah -- I'm a slow learner.

Roxy: Oh, Maxie. What are you looking at? Do I have something on my teeth?

Max: No, I -- I just never noticed how beautiful your lips are. And your eyes -- your -- how soft they are. And your hair -- it's like -- it's like spun gold.

Roxy: Oh, it's more like fool's gold.

Max: You know, I'm -- I'm going to finish in a little while here. What do you say you go home and pop open a bottle of the bubbly and put on one of those incredibly sexy things of yours and wait for me?

Roxy: I got a better idea. Why don't I wait here? Why don't we go home together and have a little pit stop in the back seat?

Max: Tomorrow, tomorrow. Today's my fantasy, which is my incredibly sexy wife just waiting for me after I come home after a hard, hard day at work.

Roxy: Well, I'll help you live out that fantasy.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Roxy: Yeah.

Max: Come on. There you go.

Roxy: Ok. I'm going. Yeah.

Max: Ah -- you know, you really should go out the back door. It's much closer to the parking lot.

Roxy: All right. I'll see you soon, cookie.

[Max growls]

[Roxy growls]

[Max laughs]

Max: You still want that double bourbon?

Greevy: Yeah. And I'm ready to hear why it is you wanted to see me.

Max: Well, like I said, I wanted to talk to you about my wife, Roxanne Balsom.

Greevy: Hmm.

Max: I want you to stay away from her, you hear me?

Greevy: Got trouble in paradise already?

Max: Hey -- none of your business.

Greevy: I told you there's only one thing she really wants.

Max: Look, I don't care -- I don't care how many nights I wake up hearing her cry your name out in her sleep and even once right in the middle -- well, never mind that. See, the thing is, I think she can get over you as long as you stay away from her.

Greevy: Oh, don't be so sure.

Max: Well, and, of course, these long hours, but I got to close the place up. You know, I just don't want to hear about you hanging out anywhere near 8 Mill road, you got that? Get it? Because if I hear that you are hanging out anywhere near 8 Mill road, I would just -- I --

Greevy: Ok, boss. Ok, whatever you say. Hey, thanks for the drinks.

Max: Now Roxanne should be getting home pretty soon. Greevy ought to take about another 10 minutes, and I'll be right behind him.


Chad: Telling you about what I did, about that web site -- I really hope it doesn't change the way you feel about me.

Emily: How could it? I barely even know you.

Chad: But we were clicking, right? And we can still go out so we can get to know each other better?

Emily: Look, I've got to go. I promised Troy that I'd run some errands for him.

Chad: You didn't answer me.

Emily: I'll see you around.

Chad: Yeah, ok. Whatever.

Emily: Good-bye, Chad.

Chad: Emily


Seth: Natalie doesn't open up to a lot of people. But when she finds someone she trusts, she's a really good friend.

Jen: Just like she was to you when she tried to split up you and Jessica?

Seth: There are better examples.

Jen: Are there worse ones?

Seth: Anyway, she couldn't break us up because we were so much in love. And if you and Cristian are in love like that --

Jen: We are.

Seth: Then nothing that Natalie does should make a difference, right?


Cristian: Look, Natalie, all this stuff that's been going on -- it's not D.I.D. It's just a bunch of weird coincidences.

Natalie: I don't know. I don't know. I just feel like I'm so scared.

Cristian: Is that why you were asking me all those questions about split personalities?

Natalie: And about Viki.

Cristian: Because you're afraid "like mother, like daughter."

Natalie: I mean, everything that I've read and all the experts and Dr. Cummings, they all say that it's not hereditary and that it's caused by childhood trauma, but --

Cristian: But you don't trust them?

Natalie: Maybe they're wrong.

Cristian: Listen to me, Natalie. You are one of the sanest and strongest people I know. No way you're flipping out.

Natalie: You really believe that?

Cristian: Absolutely.

Natalie: Then what is happening?

Cristian: Well, like I said, they're just a bunch of weird coincidences. Don't even worry about it, ok? I bet you that in a couple of days you'll be laughing about the whole thing.

Natalie: That'd be nice. You know, I have more family now than I ever did, and I just feel so alone.

Cristian: Well, you're not alone. You got me, and I'm not going to let anything happen to you.


[Phone rings]

Jen: Come on, Cristian, pick up.



Natalie: No, go ahead. Go ahead, get it. Go ahead.

Cristian: You're sure?

Natalie: Yeah.


Cristian: Hello? Too late.

Natalie: Don't bother checking the Caller I.D. It's Jen.

Cristian: You know, you're not nuts, but you are a psychic.

Natalie: Now go. Go to her.

Cristian: You sure you're going to be ok?

Natalie: I'm fine.

Cristian: Really?

Natalie: Really. Look, you're probably right. It's probably a whole bunch of coincidences.

Cristian: There's no "probably" about it.

Natalie: Jen's waiting.

Cristian: Ok. Well, if you need anything, just call me, anytime.

Natalie: I will.

Cristian: I mean that.

Natalie: I know. Thank you.


Niki: [As Viki] I can't even imagine why Roxanne would say something like that. Oh, you poor, poor child, having to put up with that horrible, awful person -- woman.

Jessica: No, I wasn't worried about me, Mom. I was worried about you.

Niki: Oh, well, of course you would be because you're my Jessie and you always will be. Just like I'm your mother and I always will be, even though I didn't give birth to you, because I love you.

Jessica: Yeah, I love you, too, Mom. Ok. I'm going to go.

Niki: You just got here.

Jessica: I know. I just wanted to tell you about Roxanne.

Niki: Oh, you're such a wonderful daughter. Isn't she a wonderful daughter?

Ben: Wonderful.

Jessica: Thanks. Ok. All right. See you. Bye.

Ben: Bye.

Niki: I'm starting to feel so much like my old self again.

Ben: I'm glad. I got to go call the clinic.

Niki: Well, I'll be here. [Normal voice] damn her. Wait until I get my hands on her.


[Phone rings]

Roxy: Hello?

Niki: What the hell were you thinking?

Roxy: Viki, is that you?

Niki: You're damn straight it is.

Roxy: Hey, girlfriend, I owe you one. I don't know what you said to Maxie, but it really did the trick.

Niki: You shut up about Maxie. What are you doing telling people we're friends?

Roxy: We are friends, aren't we?

Niki: Hell, no!

Roxy: But --

Niki: We had an arrangement. That's it.

Roxy: Yeah, but I thought --

Niki: We were working together to give Natalie a taste of her own medicine.

Roxy: Yeah, which the brat deserved.

Niki: And you were supposed to keep your big, fat, stupid trap shut about it! Now, do you want Max to find out what you did?


Gabrielle: You did seem happy that the apartment didn't work out.

Bo: Well, yeah, I was happy. I was happy that you didn't drag your stuff all the way over there and then have to turn right around, drag it all right back here.

Gabrielle: Oh, of course. That would be a real drag. I'd better call those other real estate agents back and tell them that I'm still looking.

Bo: Gabrielle, now, come on --

Gabrielle: What?

Bo: You're right. I'm happy that the apartment fell through.

Gabrielle: Really?

Bo: Yeah. I don't want you to move.

Gabrielle: Why not?


Roxy: So what if Viki doesn't want to be my friend. Friends are overrated, anyway. You want to be my friend? Line up. Who needs a friend when you got a husband? And Maxie is so ready for love. Come on. Come on. Ok. Music.

[Music plays]

Roxy: A little mood lighting. Perfume. Champagne. And I'm looking real hot.

[Romantic music plays]

Roxy: It's open. And I'm ready, willing, and able, waiting for love, darling.

Greevy: Good, because daddy's here and he's hot.

Roxy: Greevy?


Max: Looks like I have a date with divorce court.


Rex: When's payday around here?

Chad: Friday afternoons.

Rex: What's your problem?

Seth: It's always about money with you, isn't it?

Rex: I don't deserve to get paid for my work?

Seth: For your work or for being Jessica's brother?

Rex: How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not after Jessica's money. I'm working for my own, aren't I?

Seth: If you say so.

Rex: Maybe you're confusing me with you.

Seth: Meaning what?

Rex: I don't see you passing up free meals at the country club.

Seth: That's not the same thing.

Rex: If you say so.

Seth: Jessica is my girlfriend, ok? I love her. Sometimes I pay. Sometimes she pays.

Rex: Well, she's my sister. We're just trying to get to know each other, so butt out of it.

Seth: If you ever do anything to hurt her, I swear --

Jessica: Seth? What's going on?


Jen: Cristian, I tried to call you. We need to talk.

Cristian: Jen, I got to get to work.

Jen: This won't take long.

Cristian: I'm late.

Jen: I want to apologize. I've been making this major thing about you spending time with Natalie, and you know what? She's not just a girl. She's your friend.

Cristian: Yes, you're right. She's my friend and only my friend.

Jen: And one of my guy friends, Seth, he helped me to realize what a jerk I've been. So I'm sorry. I should've realized that on my own. We love each other too much for anybody to come between us again. So whatever you want to do with Natalie is fine with me.


Natalie's voice: Cristian was so helpful. He made me feel so much better, like he always does. He's got to be right. What's been happening to me is just a bunch of coincidences. There must be some logical explanation.

Natalie: I just wish I knew what it was.


Ben: What are you doing?

Niki: [As Viki] well, I managed to ease Jessica's mind about Roxanne, so I thought a little, you know, T.L.C. might go a long way to helping my other daughter.

Ben: You want me to come along?

Niki: Oh, no. I actually think some quiet, private time is probably what Natalie and I need. You can go and -- I don't know -- read a book or something. I'll find you later.

Niki: Am I interrupting?

Natalie: No, not really.

Niki: Are you all right?

Natalie: Yeah, I guess. I mean, why?

Niki: Well, I know that you were so upset earlier, and I think that I probably must have made it worst because I've been going through some very rough times, too, but I think they're over now.

Natalie: They are?

Niki: Well, they're about to be over, anyway. Anyway, I wanted you to know that I'm really sorry that I haven't been a very good mother to you lately, and I wanted to make it up to you. I really want things to be good between us.

Natalie: That's all I've ever wanted.

Niki: Yes, I know, I know. I also want you to know that I am always here for you, no matter what. So, will you give me another chance?

Natalie: Of course.

Niki: Oh, I'm so glad. So I brought you your favorites -- oatmeal raisin cookies and a lovely, cold glass of milk.

Natalie: Thank you.


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