OLTL Transcript Friday 6/21/02



One Life to Live Transcript Friday 6/21/02

By Linda
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Jen: I don't want her hanging around you or us.

Cristian: Jen, you are way out of line here.

Lindsay: Just think, if we could break out of here, you and Dave could be together.

Keri: We were sent to Maui to find mark for Rae.

Natalie: I never bought this.

Woman: Whatever you say, Miss Buchanan.

Niki: I wonder what Natalie is going to do next.


Antonio: Hey. I thought you were going to put on your suit.

Keri: I was. And then I found something in our room.

Antonio: You found it?

Keri: Yes. How much longer were you going to hold out on me?


[Phone rings]

Ben: Hello?

Allison: Hi, Dave. It's me.

Ben: Allison?

Allison: I heard you came to see me in Statesville. I'm sorry I wasn't here to talk to you. But I got the sweet letter you sent. Dave? Are you there?


Ben: I got to go out for a couple of hours.

Niki: [As Viki] oh, you do?

Ben: Yeah, sorry. Something came up.

Niki: Well, it's ok. I mean, I'm fine. Don't worry about me.

Ben: Ok. I parked in the back, so I'm going to just run out this way.

Niki: Ok.

Niki: [Normal voice] oh, yes, yes, yes.

Niki: Oh, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely.


Niki: Oh. Well, hello there, Natalie. You little devil. Have I got plans for you.

Natalie: Hello? Great. Possibly in the library, talking about me again, no doubt.


Allison: Oh, I hate cell phones! Especially when they cut out on you for no reason. Unless -- maybe Dave hung up on me.

Lindsay: Oh, I'm sure he wouldn't do that.

Allison: You're sure of a lot of things.

Lindsay: Well, I saw the way that he was when he came to see you, and he did write you that letter.

Allison: Somebody did.

Lindsay: I think you should just relax until he writes you another letter because I'm sure that he will.

Allison: Oh. Are you always so sure? Yes, so sure of the letter, so sure it was Dave --

Lindsay: Well, it was.

Allison: And then when I wanted to find out who really wrote that letter, you were so sure I shouldn't call him.

Lindsay: But you did call him. You called Dave.

Allison: Yeah, except I don't know if I talked to Dave or Ben.

Lindsay: Well, didn't he say anything?

Allison: My name.

Lindsay: That's it?

Allison: That's it. But I'm hearing another little voice right now.

Lindsay: You are?

Allison: Yeah. A little voice, deep down inside me, that's saying, "Someone's lying to you. Someone's playing you for the fool, Allison." And I don't like it. I don't like that at all!


Cristian: Jen, come on, wait up.

Jen: I have to get that application.

Cristian: Forget the application.

Jen: I can't. If I want to get a summer school job, I've got to turn it in today.

Cristian: You still have time.

Jen: Can we talk about this later?

Cristian: Jen, come on, what's going on? I thought we made up.

Jen: Yeah, we did. And then I come home and I find out that Natalie just happened to stop by right when I was gone.

Cristian: It was nothing.

Jen: Nothing? She left her hair clip, Cristian. She must've been feeling right at home.

Cristian: Jen --

Jen: Why would you keep that a secret from me, Cristian? Why wouldn't you tell me she was there?

Cristian: Will you listen to yourself? This is exactly why I didn't say anything.


Natalie: Hello?

Natalie: Hello --

Niki: [As Viki] oh, hi.

Natalie: Oh, it's you. I thought -- never mind.

Niki: My goodness. My hair's such a mess. This humidity --

Natalie: It's humid?

Niki: Ooh --

Natalie: That's funny. The radio said it was going to be unusually dry today.

Niki: Shows what planet they live on.

Natalie: Whatever. Look, I just came by to warn you that I'm back, so --

Niki: Natalie, please don't let me drive you away.

Natalie: It's no big deal. I'm just going to be up in my room.

Niki: Natalie, I know that we've had our share of problems, but I really would like to try find a way to get past them.

Natalie: Me, too.

Niki: Good. So, how are you? You seem kind of bothered.

Natalie: Yeah, well, it's been a pretty lousy day so far.

Niki: Oh, I'm so sorry. Did you take all that stuff back to the boutique?

Natalie: Yeah.

Niki: I'm here if you want to talk.

Natalie: You know what? No, I'm -- I'm going to upstairs and lie down for a while.

Niki: Oh, well, that's probably a good idea. You look exhausted.

Natalie: Do I?

Niki: Yeah, you really do. And if you're going to lie down, you know what? Shut your phone off, and then you won't be disturbed.

Natalie: Good idea.

Niki: Yeah, and then after you've had your rest, maybe we can have our talk.

Natalie: Yeah. Maybe.

Niki: Ok.

Natalie: Ok.

Niki: [Normal voice] Doesn't anybody in this house ever shut doors except me?

Niki: Ok. Yes.

Niki: Oh, yes! Yes! Exactly what I need! Exactly what I need to make poor Natalie's lousy day ever so much lousier.


Lindsay: Why would I play games with you, Allison? You're the only friend I've got in here.

Allison: What are you trying to do?

Lindsay: I'm trying to help you.

Allison: Then why didn't you want me to call Dave?

Lindsay: Because I thought Viki would find out about it.

Allison: How? I called him on his cell phone.

Lindsay: Well, maybe Dave hung up on you because his wife was standing there when he answered the phone.

Allison: Why do you say that? You just called Llanfair and talked to Viki, didn't you?

Lindsay: Yep.

Allison: Well, then, if Dave wasn't at Llanfair, then how could Viki suddenly be where he is?

Lindsay: I don't know.

Allison: Didn't you say he was at work?

Lindsay: Well, that seemed logical to me.

Allison: And then you changed your mind?

Lindsay: Well, maybe he was just getting home, and then that would make sense that she could possibly be standing right there with him.

Allison: You know, you're covering something up.

Lindsay: Well, just look at Ben's behavior.

Allison: Ben's?

Lindsay: I mean, Dave's.

Allison: What about it?

Lindsay: Well, that's just so typical of a man, isn't it? When, you know, another woman calls, and his wife is standing there and he says, "it's a wrong number." He hangs up and, you know --

Allison: Yeah.

Lindsay: Men are very --

Allison: You're right.

Lindsay: Very predictable that way.

Allison: Yeah, maybe you're right. You know, Viki's another dumb blonde. She keeps him on a short leash. That's because she knows he's got that other side.

Lindsay: The Dave side?

Allison: Yeah. The loving side. The caring man who -- I know. If every time I call and she's there, he hangs up -- then I'll just keep calling until he's free and he can finally talk to me.

Lindsay: No. No, don't.

Allison: Why not? I was right the first time. There's something going on here, isn't there? Something you're not telling me. And you're going to tell me right now.


Keri: Our trip is half over, Antonio. How much longer were you planning to wait?

Antonio: I -- I was waiting for the right time.

Keri: The right time is right now.

Antonio: It is?

Keri: Yes. I mean, after all, we already checked all the other colleges on Maui.

Antonio: What?

Keri: Finding where Rae Cummings went to school? Where she met mark, the man she gave her heart to?

Antonio: Right.

Keri: Yeah, and then I find out a certain Det. Vega found another school and didn't tell me about it.

Antonio: Oh. Oh, you found my notes.

Keri: Yes. What did you think I found?

Antonio: Nothing. I -- I was just making sure.

Keri: Ok, so when can we go check out Maui University?

Antonio: Tomorrow -- a couple days. How's that sound?

Keri: How about today? How about right now?

Antonio: Yeah.


Rae: R.J., hi!

R.J.: Hi.

Rae: Well, are you here to pick up Keri's mail again?

R.J.: Yeah. Yeah, she made me promise not to let the box get too full.

Rae: Yeah, I know. Between the memos and the flyers, it piles up quickly. Listen, I was wondering -- do you know exactly where Keri and Antonio went?

R.J.: Hawaii?

Rae: No, no, I know that. I just wondered what island.

R.J.: Oh.

Rae: I'm just curious.

R.J.: Hmm. You know what? It seems to me if Keri wanted everyone to know that, she'd have told people. Excuse me.

Rae: Stop it. You're being stupid. Just stop it.


Jen: I'm sorry. I don't want us to fight anymore.

Cristian: Neither do I. So why are we?

Jen: It's just -- why did she have to drop by this time?

Natalie: Come on, I need to know. Is she acting a little different lately?

Cristian: Like, how?

Natalie: Cris, I know this is going to sound really weird, but did my mom ever hit on you?

Cristian: It was, um, family stuff. She was worried about her mom.

Jen: Oh, and you're the only friend she had to talk to, so she just had to come over? Never mind, never mind, ok? I don't want to ruin what we have. I love you too much.

Cristian: And I love you, too. So, why don't you go get your application and fill it out, and we'll go home.

Jen: Ok.

Cristian: All right, I'm going to go see if I can get a catalog for this fall. I'll be right back, meet you here.

Jen: Sure.

Cristian: Ok.

Jen: It's always something, isn't it, Natalie?


Niki: Oh, yes, and it fits. Of course it fits. Ok, you just snooze away, Miss Natalie, because I'm going to borrow that jazzy little sports car you just bought yourself and go and sideswipe a couple of cars. Except I probably won't stick around to explain. I'll just wait till the cops come here to get you.

[Phone rings]

Niki: [As Viki] Hello?

Jen: Mrs. Davidson?

Niki: Yes?

Jen: Hi, this is Jen Rappaport. Can I talk to Natalie for a minute?

Niki: No, I'm afraid she's not available.

Jen: Well, do you know when I could talk to her?

Niki: Uh, no. Would you like me to take a message?

Jen: Yes. Could you tell her that I wanted to return her hair clip that she left at Cristian's this morning?

Niki: At Cristian's -- oh, of course, that's right. She and Cristian have become such good friends, haven't they?

Jen: Yeah, you might say that. She makes sure she winds up with him every single day.

Niki: Hmm. I don't mean to be intrusive, but has that become a problem for you and Cris?

Jen: Yes, it's getting there.

Niki: Would you like me to talk to Natalie about it?

Jen: No, actually, I'd like to talk to her myself.

Niki: You would? Oh! Well, I'll tell you what, then. Why don't you just come right on over here right now, and I will make sure that Natalie is here to speak to you.

Jen: Ok, great. Thank you.

Jen: Dr. Cummings?

Rae: Uh-huh?

Jen: If you see Cristian, could you tell him that I ran an errand?

Rae: Yeah, sure.

Jen: It's time Natalie and I got a few things straight.

Rae: Natalie?


Niki: [Normal voice] yes. We can sideswipe cars any old day. This is so much better.

Niki: [As Viki] Lois!

Lois: Yes, Mrs. Davidson?

Niki: Yes, Lois, there's a young woman coming over here. Her name is Jen Rappaport, kind of pretty and young and blonde. Under no circumstances is she to disturb Natalie, who's taking a nap, ok?

Lois: Ok.

Niki: So, would you please have her wait in the library? I'm going to be in and out, but eventually I will get around to talking to her.

Lois: I'll take care of it, ma'am.

Niki: Thank you.

Niki: [Normal voice] She closed the doors. That's amazing.

Niki: There we go. Ok. You just come on over, Jen Rappaport, because Natalie's waiting for you.


Rae: R.J. Hey, do you think I could have another minute of your time?

R.J.: Yep, one.

Rae: Ok. I don't mean to keep bothering you about where Keri is, but I used to live in Hawaii.

R.J.: Hmm. Go figure.

Rae: Yeah, how about that? Anyway, I was just wondering -- I mean, who knows? Maybe they're visiting some of my old haunts.

R.J.: Oh, well, I have no idea what sights they're seeing, Rae. Believe me, I'm trying not to think about it. You'll just have to ask them when they get back.

Rae: I'm just -- you know, is it -- which island? I mean, there's so many there. Is it the big island?

R.J.: Listen, they're on Maui, ok? Now I do really have to go.

Rae: Maui. Oh, my God. I knew it. I knew it.


Antonio: Excuse me.

Woman: I'll be right with you. These children of mine insist that I give them each the same amount, no exceptions. If you need some catalogues, they're right over there on the side counter.

Keri: Oh, thank you. We just need some information.

Woman: Well, that's also easy. We have some information packets right over here.

Keri: Oh, actually, not that kind of information. We're not applying.

Woman: All righty. Well, then, how can I help you?

Antonio: Well, we're looking for some information on a former student.

Woman: A former student. Well, assuming that you don't ask me to violate any rules on privacy, I'll help if I can. What kind of information are you interested in?

Keri: Well, first, we need to know if they even attended this university.

Woman: They? More than one student?

Antonio: Two -- a man and a woman.

Woman: All righty. That's certainly checkable. You know, enrollment certainly is public information. What years did they graduate?

Keri: We're not exactly sure.

Woman: Oh, dear.

Antonio: Probably early 1970s, though. We have a photo that shows a guy with big sideburns.

Keri: And the women had really big hair.

Woman: That certainly sounds like the 1970s. Let's start with 1969 and work our way up, shall we?

Antonio: Perfect.

Woman: What are the students' names?

Keri: Well, we don't know the full name of the man, just that his first name was mark. But we do know the name of the woman he was involved with. It was Rae --

Antonio: Uh -- Gretel. Back then, it was Gretel.

Keri: Right, right. At the time, it was Gretel -- Gretel Cummings.


Allison: How come you're so dead-set against me talking to Dave?

Lindsay: I'm not.

Allison: How come you go white as a sheet every time I try to call him?

Lindsay: Because your first call alerted Viki, and he might get in trouble.

Allison: How do you know that?

Lindsay: Because I know about these things. I've had affairs with married men.

Allison: Oh. Cheap, sleazy blonde like all the others.

Lindsay: And you've led a very sheltered life.

Allison: No kidding. No life. I've spent years in a coma.

Lindsay: Not to mention all the time in institutions.

Allison: Ok, ok, ok. So I've never had affairs with married men. So what?

Lindsay: I'm just saying that's why you don't know about these things, that's all.

Allison: And you do?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Allison: Hmm. And you'd never lie to me?

Lindsay: No.

Allison: You know, maybe I don't know much about married men, but I know a lot about pottery.

Lindsay: Pottery?

Allison: Yeah. And do you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to go down to the arts and crafts room, and I am going to get that ceramic knife I made, and I'm going to bring it back up here in case I need to teach you a lesson.

Lindsay: Why would you need to do that?

Allison: Because I've lived a sheltered life, and you've put me under pressure.

Lindsay: I'm not putting you under pressure.

Allison: Yes, you are -- pressure about Dave, pressure about escaping, pressure about calling or not calling -- pressure, pressure, pressure! I don't do well under pressure! Oh, Mrs. Sharp, Mrs. Sharp, I need to go to arts and crafts!

Mrs. Sharp: Sure thing, Allie. Well, you want to go weave or throw a couple of pots? You go, girl. Helen here will let you stay as long as you like.

Allison: Well, I won't be staying long. I just have to get something I'm going to need later.


Lindsay: Oh, my God, this is getting worse by the minute. Shoot -- Ben is coming over here. He's probably already on his way. She's going to take one look at him and she's going to know he's not Dave, and then he's going to tell her he never wrote that letter and, then she's going to wing out, and she's going to have that knife. Mrs. Sharp? Matron?

Mrs. Sharp: What now, Rappaport?

Lindsay: Didn't you tell me once I could earn points in the commissary if I volunteered to do some extra cleaning work?

Mrs. Sharp: Yeah.

Lindsay: Well, I would like to volunteer to clean the visiting room.


Cristian: Natalie? Come here.

Cristian: I wanted to see you.

Natalie: Cris, I'm so glad you're here. The weirdest things just keep happening to me lately.

Cristian: Like what? Come on, you know you can tell me anything. Just tell me.

Natalie: You're going to think I'm --

Cristian: Just tell me. And I'll make it all right. Just tell me.

Natalie: I just -- I keep forgetting things.

Cristian: Like what?

Jen: For starters, the fact that Cristian's my boyfriend!

Natalie: Lying down was a really bad idea.


Jen: Hi, I'm Jennifer Rappaport. I'm here to talk to Natalie.

Lois: Mrs. Davidson asked that you wait in the library.

Jen: Ok. Thanks. Natalie? Natalie, wait! I want to talk to you! Natalie! It's Jen! Natalie?

Niki: [Normal voice] En garde, kid. Come on! You saw me come in here! Come on -- I got a big surprise for you.


Woman: Oh, my goodness -- Gretel. Well, yes, this is her alma mater. In fact, I knew her quite well.

Antonio: You did?

Keri: Really?

Woman: Yes. How do you know her?

Keri: We're colleagues of hers from Pennsylvania.

Woman: Well, isn't it a small world?

Keri: Yes, it is. Antonio, I told you, we found the school. We did it!

Antonio: Ok, ok. All right. Let's try to get some more facts.

Keri: You're always the detective.

Woman: A detective? Oh, my.

Keri: This woman -- she would have been studying psychology.

Woman: Well, that's Gretel, all right. My goodness, yes. I had just started in this registrar's office, and the young man I had married left me for some trashy -- the point is, Gretel got me through one of the worst periods of my life.

Keri: Did you hear that, Antonio?

Antonio: Yes, it sounds like Rae, all right.

Keri: Oh, my gosh. This is so incredible.

Woman: After what Gretel did for me, I always swore I would do anything I could to help her. I'm Judith Chen, by the way.

Keri: Keri Reynolds, and this is Antonio Vega.

Antonio: My pleasure.

Judith: The next time you see Gretel, be sure to tell her that Judith says aloha and mahalo.

Keri: We will. Antonio, my heart is pounding right now. We're going to find Mark. I know it.

Antonio: All right, try to hang on.

Judith: Mark?

Keri: Mark -- that's the name of the man that Rae -- Gretel was in love with at the time.

Antonio: And unfortunately, we don't have a last name on him.

Judith: Mark -- Mark --

Keri: Did she ever talk about him?

Judith: Gosh, it was a long time ago.

Antonio: Well, actually, you know what? Maybe -- maybe this will ring a bell.


Rae: You have to stop this. They don't even know where to look. Why would they? I mean -- I mean, why would Keri, as romantic as she is, waste days in Maui chasing after -- Rae, for God's sake, Maui is a big island. They don't know where to go, where to look. You have this covered. Know that. So stop it. Stop it right now. You're being so stupid and paranoid. You have to stop this.


Mrs. Sharp: This room doesn't need any cleaning. It's that bathroom and that hallway out there.

Lindsay: Ok.

Mrs. Sharp: Go on, honey, make it shine.

Lindsay: Oh, I will.

Mrs. Sharp: Yeah? You got a pass? Who are you here to see?

Ben: A prisoner named Allison Perkins.


Jen: Natalie! Look, I know you're in there. It's Jen -- I want to talk to you. Why did you run away from me? Natalie, this is really dumb.

Jen: Natalie!


Mrs. Sharp: Is Allie expecting you?

Ben: She called. That's why I'm here.

Mrs. Sharp: I'll see if she's accepting visitors.

[Ben sighs]

Lindsay: Ben, I'm so glad that I caught you. I have to warn you about Allison.

Ben: I should be warning you -- she called my cell phone. Look, I don't know what she wants, but this stops now. I'm going to give her one chance to explain, then I'm going straight to the warden.

Lindsay: No, no, no. You can't do that.

Ben: Yes, I can.

Lindsay: No, you can't. You don't know what she's like.

Ben: Believe me, I know Allison.

Lindsay: No, she's worse, Ben.

Ben: Hey, let me ask you something -- what happened to that deal? You were supposed to keep an eye on her. How come I never heard from you?

Lindsay: What can I do? I didn't even know she called you.

Ben: You're her cellmate.

Lindsay: I know. But everybody in here is afraid of her. They let her do anything that she wants. I'm scared. All she talks about is killing people.

Ben: Who -- Viki?

Lindsay: No -- me!

Ben: Why would she want to kill you?

Lindsay: Because she's crazy! I'm telling you, she's going to kill me or she's going to have one of the other inmates do it.

Ben: Ok, look, when I report her to the warden, I'll ask him to get you a new cellmate, all right? But either way, this stops now!


Keri: This is so exciting, not to mention romantic.

Antonio: You think?

Keri: Definitely.

Antonio: Yeah?

Keri: Finding Rae's long-lost love?

Antonio: Mm-hmm. I'll tell you what's romantic.

Keri: What's that?

Antonio: Oh, being here with you. Seeing you so excited.

Keri: Of course I am. I mean, I never actually thought we would succeed. "Mark" --

Antonio: Mm-hmm?

Keri: That's all we had to go on. You really are a wonderful detective.

Antonio: Yeah, that's what I like about you -- not a hint of bias in your opinions.

Keri: Well, it's true, nevertheless.

Antonio: Yeah? Well, it's also true that when you smile, I fall in love with you even more.

Keri: Really? Well, that's good because, if we find mark, I'm going to be smiling all the time.

Antonio: Oh, that'll work for me.

Judith: Ahem. I'm sorry. We checked the records all through the 1970s, and no one named Mark matches this photograph.

Keri: No one?

Judith: I'm sorry.

Keri: Not -- not one? Not even close?

Judith: I checked twice.

Keri: I don't understand. Rae -- Gretel said that this -- this man went to school with her.

Judith: I hate disappointing you like this.

Antonio: You know what? I'm going to go check out a few things. We'll meet up at the hotel later, ok?

Keri: What things?

Antonio: I'll tell you later. Thank you for your help, Mrs. Chen.

Judith: Very handsome. Your fiancÚ?

Keri: No, um --

Judith: I understand. But someday maybe.

Keri: I don't let myself dream that far.

Judith: Oh, then I'll stop being so nosy. You be sure to tell Gretel I've thought of her often.

Keri: I will. It's really -- really a shame about Mark.

Judith: Yes, it is. Gretel said he was a -- he was a friend of hers?

Keri: Actually, he was the love of her life. Antonio and I were going to try to find him and surprise her with a reunion.

Judith: Oh, my. That's so romantic.

Keri: Not if we can't find him.


Cristian: Excuse me, Dr. Cummings?

Rae: Yes, Cristian?

Cristian: Have you seen Jen?

Rae: Yes. She left to see Natalie.

Cristian: That's not what I wanted to hear.


Niki: [As Viki] Lois!

Niki: Did Jen Rappaport ever come by?

Lois: Yes, ma'am, I asked her to wait in the library.

Niki: Oh. Well, I guess she must have gotten tired of waiting and left. Went home probably. Thank you very much.

Jen: You!

Natalie: What in the world -- what are you doing here?

Jen: What am I doing? What are you doing?


Antonio: Hey. All right, where's that irresistible smile?

Keri: I was so looking forward to celebrating.

Antonio: I know you were.

Keri: We were going to go have a great lunch, go swimming in the pool --

Antonio: And we can still do that.

Keri: Don't try to cheer me up, Antonio. I wanted this so much. I wanted to find Mark!

Antonio: I know you did, ok? Come on, look, I can't take that frown.

Keri: I'm sorry, but we've been all over Maui, we even found Rae's school, and we have nothing to show for it.

Antonio: Yes, we do.


[Phone rings]

Rae: Dr. Cummings.

Judith: Gretel, it's me, Judith.

Rae: Judith.

Judith: It's a good thing you warned me. They showed up a little while ago.

Rae: Oh, my God.

Judith: The young man's a detective, Gretel. I don't like that at all. I've stuck by you a long time.

Rae: I know you have, Judith. Listen, this will blow over. Tell me, what did they want to know?

Judith: They were looking for the love of your life named Mark.


Lindsay: Please, Ben, don't turn your back on me now.

Ben: I told you, I will speak to the warden.

Lindsay: I don't want you to talk to the warden because then she's going to feel helpless. And when she feels helpless, that makes her crazy. And then she gets out of control. And then there's only one thing that keeps her sane.

Ben: What's that?

Lindsay: When she's talking about Dave. I'm not kidding you -- I think that's why she called you. Really, I think you're her only lifeline.

Ben: Look, I told you, I only pretended to be Dave to gain her confidence.

Lindsay: Yeah, but when she's in Dave Fantasyland, she's different. She's smiling and calm, and she's gentle, and -- I got it! I got it!

Ben: What?

Lindsay: I know what to do. You have to be Dave for her. You have to -- yes!

Ben: No way!


Mrs. Sharp: Oh, what a day. I walked all the way down to arts and crafts, and you're already back here.

Allison: Mm-hmm.

Mrs. Sharp: Anyway, you have a visitor.

Allison: I do?

Mrs. Sharp: Yeah.

Allison: Who is it?

Mrs. Sharp: Well, some guy -- he says you called him. Nice-looking guy -- dark hair, cute bod.


Natalie: Jen, I don't understand. I -- I'm not doing anything. What happened to you?

Jen: Like you don't know!

Natalie: I'm -- I'm sorry, I -- I don't.

Jen: Why did you run and hide in the shed when you saw me?

Natalie: What? What -- what shed? The -- the potting shed? Is that where you were?

Jen: You know exactly what happened. I am really sick of this game.

Natalie: Jen, I've been upstairs taking a nap for the last half hour. I didn't even know you were here.

Jen: Oh, please! You saw me, and you went running like some crazy lunatic!

Natalie: What?

Jen: Yeah, then I ran after you and pushed me!

Natalie: No, I didn't. I -- I swear, Jen.

Jen: What, you think I did this to myself? What is wrong with you?

Niki: This is so great. Well, hate to eavesdrop and run, but got to ditch the wig. Oh!


>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

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Cristian: Natalie said she was upstairs.

Jen: Are you defending her?

Lindsay: You're my only hope.

Allison: Get away from him!


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