OLTL Transcript Tuesday 5/28/02



One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 5/28/02

By Linda
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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Chad: Dude, I was just going to give her a lift.

Sam: Yeah, right, right. I'll take her home. Now, get lost!

Gabrielle: She's not going after Todd for what he did, but she's going after me.

Natalie: I will always be your sister, and you will always be my brother, no matter what our last names are.

Roxy: Didn't you give them the big news? Max and me are married.


Bo: Yeah? Hey.

Gabrielle: So, what's the verdict? Do I need to start packing for Statesville?

[Bo laughs]

Bo: I don't think you have to pack a lot for prison, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: No. I see.

Bo: I talked it over with -- with Hank this morning.

Gabrielle: Well, I'm sure you did all that you could do.

Bo: No, no. Hey, we're not bringing any charges against you.

Gabrielle: You're not?

Bo: No.

Gabrielle: You're not joking me, are you?

Bo: I'm -- no, I'm not joking.

Gabrielle: Oh!

[Gabrielle laughs]


[Jen gasps]

Jen: Who came up with the idea of final exams, anyway?

Cristian: Probably the same person that invented the rack.

Jen: And infomercials.

Cristian: Well, at least criminology is our last one.

Jen: And then we'll have the whole summer just to sleep in and hang out at the quarry, swim --

Cristian: Well, yeah, when I don't have to work.

Jen: If I have to read one more criminal justice theory, my head is going to explode. I need some coffee.

Cristian: Good idea.

Jen: No, I'll get it.

Cristian: Ok.

Jen: Do you want anything else?

Cristian: No. No, just coffee.

Cristian: Hey. How you doing?

Natalie: I think I'm ready for the final.

Cristian: Well, you're one up on me. But I meant personally.

Natalie: Personally?

Cristian: Yeah, I've been thinking about you.

Natalie: Really?

Cristian: Well, yeah. We haven't seen each other since we all got back from Vegas.

Natalie: Well, personally, I am doing absolutely fabulous.

Cristian: You mean that?

Natalie: I just saw my little brother last night.


Jessica: Good morning.

Rex: Yeah, you, too.

Jessica: How did you sleep?

Rex: Good. That is the most comfortable bed I have ever been in. And this house is so quiet.

Jessica: Um -- what would you like for breakfast?

Rex: The cook already made me breakfast -- French toast, bacon, and fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Jessica: Oh.

Rex: I cannot believe you guys live like this.

Jessica: I can't believe I have a younger brother.

Rex: Yeah, I'm still getting used to the whole idea about you and Natalie. It's wild.

Jessica: Yes, it is. I'm telling you -- I mean, Roxanne didn't give me much, but at least she gave me you.

[Doorbell rings]

Jessica: I'm going to get that. Lois is downstairs doing the laundry.

Rex: Lois?

Jessica: The maid.

Al: Jess, you're home! Great. You know, I should've called before I came over, but the craziest thing happened.

Jessica: Your dad married my mom -- I mean, my biological mom, that is.

Al: How did -- how did you know? The redhead.

Jessica: Las Vegas strikes again.

Al: And how.

[Jessica laughs]

Jessica: One big happy family.

Al: Um --

Jessica: You and your dad and us.

Al: I wouldn't put "my dad" and "happy" in the same sentence -- not even the same paragraph.


Max: Nora? It's Max. Get me out of this marriage. No, I can't stand it another minute, and I certainly can't take it another night. I know all about the prenup. There's got to be some way around it -- temporary insanity. Aliens stole my brain! I don't care! Just -- look, I'm coming over there, and the two of us together are going to find a loophole.

Roxy: Aah! Oh, good, you're up. But you're dressed.

Max: Where'd you get those keys?

Roxy: Oh, I took yours and I had a copy made. I was going to surprise you with breakfast in bed -- doughnuts.


[Phone rings]

Blair: Ohh.


Blair: Whoever it is, just go away.


Blair's voice: We can't take your call at the moment. Please leave a message after the beep.

[Answering machine beeps]

Chad: Mrs. Manning? Blair? It's Chad -- Chad Bennett. Yeah, I was just calling to see how you were doing this morning and to tell you I feel really bad about what happened in back of Capricorn last night or what didn't happen. I mean, don't get me wrong. You looked so pretty in that dress. And part of me really wishes I went for it, but, well, you were just so wasted. Well, anyway, I hope you got home ok, and maybe some other time? So, ok. Talk to you later. Bye.


Gabrielle: Oh, Bo. Oh, Bo. That's the best news I heard --

Bo: Yeah.

Gabrielle: In a long time.

Bo: Well, I figured that you'd be happy about it.

Gabrielle: Yeah.

Niki: It's worse and worse.

Gabrielle: How did you get Blair to drop charges?

Bo: Well, like I said, I talked it over with Hank this morning, and in deference to Blair's wishes, Hank agreed not to prosecute Todd, so there's no point in going after you.

Gabrielle: This wasn't Hank. You had a great deal to do with this, didn't you?

Bo: Well, your only crime was blackmailing Todd for something that we haven't officially acknowledged even happened -- the fact that Todd took Blair's baby and then told her it was dead.

Gabrielle: But -- but I did lie for him.

Bo: Yeah, but, see, that's not a crime. It does leave you open to a civil suit, but --

Gabrielle: Oh, right. I hadn't thought about that.

Bo: Yeah, but, see, to do that, Blair is going to have to go after Todd, and, for Starr's sake, she's not going to do that.

Gabrielle: So, I owe you my life again.

[Bo and Gabrielle laugh]

Bo: You don't owe me anything.

Gabrielle: Well, I -- I do know how you feel about people who lie.

Bo: Yeah, well, sometimes -- ah, things happen. Hey, let's -- let's just forget about it.

Gabrielle: Will you at least let me take you out to lunch?

Bo: I could do that.

Gabrielle: Great. Do you mind if it's on the early side?

Bo: No, no, early's good for me because I got a busy afternoon.

Gabrielle: Oh, good, because I just want to go over to Max's and make sure that Al got moved in all right, and then I'll be back in here in an hour.

Bo: All right, it's a date.

Niki: That meddling limey.

Gabrielle: Oh, my car out -- out the back.

Bo: Back, yeah. Ok.

Gabrielle: Ok.

Asa: What are you doing, Viki? Spying on my son?


Cristian: This is pretty cool. After all these years, you finally got your brother back.

Natalie: Of course, he is Jessica's brother.

Cristian: And he will always be yours, just like Kevin and Joey will always be Jessica's brothers.

Natalie: Ok, yeah, I guess you're right. And I -- I really do, I hope he can stay on, you know? It'd be great.

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, we'll have a great time this summer.

Jen: We will?


Jessica: I'm telling you, it's like one of those stories they tell you in high school why not to drink.

Al: Yeah, I think my dad was absent from class that day or maybe back in the stone ages they didn't have lectures on that sort of thing.

Jessica: Probably. But either way, here we are. We've gone from being friends to stepbrother and sister.

Al: Who is that?

Jessica: This is my brother -- your stepbrother, Roxanne's son.

Al: Hi. I'm -- I'm Al Holden.

Rex: Rex Balsom.

Jessica: Yeah. So, Al's dad married our mom.

Al: I -- I didn't know that Roxanne had a son.

Rex: I hardly remember. My aunt took me away from her when I was just a little kid.

Jessica: This is a little strange, huh? We are all related.

Al: Not for long. You see, I don't see my father doing the whole Ozzie and Harriet, you know, "death do we part" thing with Roxanne, at least not now that he's sober.

Rex: My mom was probably drunk, too.

Jessica: Yeah, but why did your dad get that drunk?

Al: Because of me.


Roxy: You know, I don't really know you so well, so I sprung for the assortment. I got glazed, I got chocolate glazed, I got chocolate chocolate glazed. I got powdered, I got jelly-filled. I got crème-filled, I got Bavarian crème-filled. I got ones with jimmies on them, I got mocha --

Max: Ok, just stop! Shut up about the fried dough!

Roxy: Listen, I'm just trying to figure out what my bridegroom likes in his doughnuts. Uh -- you know, for future reference, I like chocolate chocolate glazed.

Max: I hate doughnuts. I hate all kinds of doughnuts, and I'm not your bridegroom.

Roxy: Ooh, you got up on the wrong side of the bed. That's what happens when you lock your wife out of the honeymoon suite.

Max: It's not a honeymoon suite. It is my bedroom, and I got a news flash for you -- it is going to stay locked and barricaded, and if you decide you're going to try to scamper up the outside wall and crawl in my window, it is locked and nailed shut!

Roxy: Why are treating me like that? It is so unlike you.

Max: You don't even know what I'm like! You don't know anything about me!

Roxy: Oh, yeah, I do. I know all about my big, beautiful love machine, and, you know, maybe you don't remember anything about that wedding night in Vegas, but I remember. I remember every second of it, so if you don't lock your door tonight, I can show you all the things that I learned that you love.

Max: Which part of "I'm not interested" don't you understand?

Roxy: You know, I think a doughnut would really improve your deposition.

Max: I -- I -- I don't like doughnuts! I don't like you! I -- I don't want to talk to you, I don't want to -- I don't want to sleep with you. I don't want to be married to you!

Roxy: You are so unbelievably handsome when you get angry.

Max: You're in denial.

Roxy: Uh-uh, baby. I remember everything that you said in Vegas.

Max: I was drunk! I was beyond drunk!

Roxy: In wino, very tassel.

Max: You're an idiot.

Roxy: No, man, it's Greek. Oh, you are so handsome and so amazing -- you know, that little vein in your neck juts out, it goes like, "thump, thump, thump" because I think that your heart is filling with thoughts of me.

Max: Get out of my house.

[Roxy chuckles]

Roxy: There it goes -- thump, thump, thump, thump!

Max: Now!

Roxy: Hey, Max, you know, I got to tell you something -- you know, if you leave here and you divorce me, I get the house, I get all of the bar, and I get a half a million bucks a year.

Max: I don't care.

Roxy: Well, maybe you don't care about the money, but you care about me, so I'm telling you I am not leaving!

Max: I'll carry you out.

Roxy: I got a better idea -- why don't you carry me up to your bedroom.

Max: Why can't you face reality?

Roxy: Well, why can't you face reality? The reality is, Max, you and I connect! You know that! We do, we do! We connect! We do!

Max: No, no, we -- we -- we don't!

Roxy: Ok, fine, fine! All right! You don't want to be here, fine! Fine! What's keeping you? You know, you could leave at any time. All right! So, go ahead. Who's forcing you to stay here?


Niki: [As Viki] I am not spying on Bo.

Asa: I remember when you were a decent lady, Viki. That was before you dumped Clint. It must have affected your brain.

Niki: Oh! Oh, for heaven's sake!

Asa: Why were you spying on Bo?

Max: Oh! I just got through telling you -- I was not spying on Bo!

Asa: Then what do you call it?

Niki: I was spying on Bo and Gabrielle. They're still together. I thought you were going to do something about that.

Asa: Believe me, I tried. He will not listen to me.

Niki: That's it?

Asa: No, I brought that Rae Cummings over to talk to him. A lot of good she did.

Niki: Rae Cummings -- please, that's a joke. The woman is totally incompetent.

Asa: She's what?

Niki: Well, I mean -- look, it's not her area of expertise, that's all. Besides, it's a family matter, and it should be handled by the family.

Asa: You are not family.

Niki: Oh, please! Bo is my brother-in-law, and I am just as upset about Gabrielle playing these mean tricks on him as you are. Well, I mean, I suppose if you've done your best, then it's time for a woman's touch.

Asa: You be my guest. But I married that Argentine she-devil. And when she sinks her teeth into something she really wants, her grip is tighter than a pit bull.

Niki: Thank you for the warning.

Asa: You know, if you ask me, if you want to get Gabrielle out of Bo's life, I think you're going to have to kill her.


Jessica: Your father got drunk because of you? I don't understand.

Al: Well, he wouldn't have been in Vegas if it wasn't for me.

Jessica: Yeah. Why was he in Vegas? Why were you in Vegas?

Rex: Gambling, right?

Al: Not exactly.

Rex: Showgirls? Hey, I don't know.

Jessica: No. Al wouldn't go there for the showgirls.

Rex: Ok -- he was there to hear some big club act. Come on, guys, help me out here.

Al: Actually, I was chasing a girl.

Rex: Ah. But I guess she wasn't there to be a showgirl.

Al: No, she wasn't, but she should be. She's pretty enough to be a showgirl. She was out there with her boyfriend.

Rex: I don't get it -- where do you fit in?

Al: Um -- I don't. It took me a while to figure that out, but -- it's a really long story. Anyway, when my dad found out I was on my way out there, he decided he'd come out and try to smack some sense into me, and I told him off.

Jessica: What do you mean?

Al: I mean I lit into him. I mean, I really, really let him have it. I yelled at him for being a lousy father, I yelled about how he had abandoned me when I was -- the whole deal.

Rex: I know the score when it comes to getting dumped by a parent. It bites.

Al: He was so wrecked by what I said. I mean, you should've seen the look on his face. I -- I felt awful. And now there's this huge mess, and I don't want to be within 100 feet of my mom when she catches wind of this.


Gabrielle: That was clever -- opening the door before I even had a chance to knock.

Roxy: Who are you, and what do you want?

Gabrielle: I beg your pardon?

Max: She's Al's mother.

Gabrielle: Max, it's a very good idea to hire a maid for you and Al, but couldn't you have found one with a bit more manners?

Roxy: Who the hell is Al?

Max: Al? My son?

Roxy: Ah, you mean Legs!

Gabrielle: "Legs"?

Roxy: Hey -- doughnut?

Gabrielle: No, thank you. Can't you go and find something to dust?

Max: Whoa!

Gabrielle: Ahem.

Max: What brings you here?

Gabrielle: Oh, I just thought I'd see how and Al are getting along, see if he moved in all right.

Max: No, he's changed his mind. He's not moving.

Gabrielle: Why? Everything was settled. What happened?

Max: Why don't we talk about this later.

Gabrielle: Why can't we talk about it now?

Roxy: Because maybe he wants to spend the morning with his new bride.

Gabrielle: What?

[Roxy laughs]

Roxy: Yeah. We got hitched in Vegas. We had the Venetian fantasy. Isn't that right, Maxi?


[Blair groans]

Blair: Dear God, if you will just take away this headache and this stomachache, I swear I'll never drink another alcoholic beverage as long as I live. Please.

Sam: Uh-huh. That's what they all say.

Blair: Sam.

Sam: You look lovely.

Blair: Thank you, and I feel the way I look. Oh, is -- is that clock right?

Sam: Well, I'm afraid so.

Blair: Oh, I got to get up. I got to get Starr and Jack --

Sam: No, no, no, no. Kids are fine. Jack is with Suzanne, and I just put Starr on the school bus.

[Blair sighs]

Blair: You did that?

Sam: Yeah, I did that.

Blair: Oh, I am a terrible mother!

Sam: No, you're not a terrible mother. You're a terrific mother. You just had too much to drink.

Blair: Yeah. Terrific mothers don't drink too much, Sam.

Sam: Well, if you did it on a regular basis, I'd agree, but you don't.

Blair: Were you there last night? Yeah, you were, weren't you?

Sam: Yeah, I found you out back of the Capricorn.

Blair: Was I alone?

Sam: You were with a young man.

Blair: Hmm. I thought maybe I dreamt that.

Sam: Hmm, no such luck.

Blair: Well, it's Chad, he's young enough to be my younger brother, and I was -- was all over him, huh?

Sam: We got your dress back on.

Blair: Oh. Why did I drink so much, Sam?

Sam: Because you were in pain, because Todd hurt you -- badly.

Blair: Why did he do that?

Sam: Because that's what he does -- he hurts people.


Chad: Can I help you?

Todd: Oh, yeah. Um -- you know what? As a matter of fact, you can. Allow me to introduce myself. Ahem. My name is Todd Manning. I'm Blair Manning's husband.

Chad: Chad Bennett.

Todd: Yeah, I know -- I remember. I -- I heard the phone message. So, what were you doing with my wife at Capricorn last night?

Chad: Nothing.

Todd: Oh, "nothing." Oh, "nothing." So -- so when you say that part of you really wishes that you went for it, which part of you is doing the wishing?

Chad: I can explain.

Todd: I really hope you can because I'm not someone that you want to mess with. I'm liable to do something that I probably wouldn't even regret.


Jen: So, your brother's going to be here all summer?

Natalie: Oh, I don't know. I mean, I hope at least for most of it.

Cristian: Well, yeah, of course, so we can show him a good time. Right?

Jen: Sounds fun.

Natalie: Jen, I thought that at least we could all be friends.

Jen: Stranger things have happened.

Natalie: Well, friends don't lie to each other.

Jen: Are you lying about something?

Natalie: Not me.

Jen: Well, I don't know what you're talking about.

Natalie: Um -- well, I get the feeling that after school's out, you would rather have Cristian all to yourself than have Rex and I tagging along.

Jen: Maybe, but I don't really see a problem with wanting to hang out with Cristian's friends, too.

Cristian: Well, there. You see?

Natalie: Anyway, I don't know how long Rex is going to be in Llanview. He could leave to go back to Michigan tomorrow, for all I know.

Cristian: Well, keep us informed, huh?

Natalie: I will.

Cristian: Well, right now I want to get back to some more of this cramming for this exam.

Jen: Yeah, me, too. Let's get back to the table.

Cristian: Yeah. Hey, you want to join us?

Natalie: I don't know.

Cristian: Well, come on. Three heads are always better than two, right?

Jen: Right.


Al: I couldn't have hurt him worse if I tried.

Jessica: Al, just because you and your father got into a fight, that doesn't make it your fault that he went off and got drunk and married to Roxanne.

Al: Well, it didn't help.

Jessica: Yeah, but don't be so hard on yourself.

Al: Look, this wasn't an ordinary fight. I knew exactly what I had to do, exactly what I had to say to hurt him, and I did. I went right for the jugular. And look -- now he's stuck with this horrible, awful, terrible --

Jessica: Ahem.

Al: I -- I'm sorry. Listen, I'm sure that your mom has some good points.

Rex: Beats me. Like I said, I haven't seen her since I was a little kid.

Jessica: We should get going, actually, Al. Our final's in less than an hour. You want to come? You're more than welcome to check out the campus.

Rex: No. No, I think I'll just hang here.

Jessica: You sure?

Rex: Yeah. I'll see you later. Good luck with your final.

Jessica: Ok. Thanks.

Al: Thanks. Hey, look, it's good to meet you, bro.

Rex: Step-bro.

Al: Temporary step-bro.

Jessica: Let's go, temporary step-bro.


Gabrielle: Your bride? This -- this is your bride?

Max: Look, I told you Al's not here. He's probably taking a final, so if you want to go over to the campus, you can probably find him.

Gabrielle: And interrupt his studying? What sort of mother do you think I am? Besides, I haven't had the opportunity to properly congratulate you and the new Mrs. Ho-- Holden.

Roxy: Well, I know it can be very awkward when the ex meets the new wife, but I'm ready to be an adult about it if you are.

Gabrielle: You have nothing to worry about, dear. Do you think I have interest in Max?

[Gabrielle laughs]

Roxy: Well, your loss is my gain, honey.

Gabrielle: Yes. Yes, just such a shame -- I wish I were still the style editor of "The Sun." I would so love to do a series of articles on you.

Roxy: Really?

[Roxanne laughs]

Gabrielle: Oh, absolutely.

Max: Ok. Ok, Gabrielle, you had your fun.

Gabrielle: I have barely just begun to warm up.

Max: I think it's time to leave.

Gabrielle: Max -- my Max, you turned me down because I clearly wasn't good enough for the great Max Holden.

Max: Ok, don't do this.

Gabrielle: But I can see that you were clearly right. Oh, yes, I do understand, now that I have seen what you were waiting for -- the prize you were looking for.

Max: I was drunk, ok?

Gabrielle: Darling, you must have been positively paralytic.

Roxy: Hey, stop making fun of my husband. I do not allow that.

Gabrielle: Wow, what a lucky boy you are -- she's defending you. That's wonderful. I can't wait to hear what's going to come out of your mouth next.

Max: Ok, enough, Gabrielle. That's enough.


Asa's voice: If you want to get Gabrielle out of Bo's life, I think you're going to have to kill her.

Asa: You still with us?

Niki: [As Viki] yes, of course I am. I was just thinking. And actually, I do think you're right, Asa. I think there's probably nothing that anybody can do about Bo and Gabrielle. We're just going to have to hope that he comes to his senses on his own eventually.

Asa: Gabrielle was really in there with Bo?

Niki: Oh, yes. Asa? Didn't you stop by to see him about something?

Asa: Oh, yes, but -- but I forgot, I have a meeting at my office.

Niki: [Normal voice] like hell you do. Well, I don't know what you're planning. But you're right -- if I want to get rid of Gabrielle, all I have to do is kill her. Oh.


Blair: What is this?

Sam: Well, this is my famous sure-fire hangover cure. I invented it back in college.

Blair: Ooh -- what's in it?

Sam: You don't want to know.

Blair: Well, then I don't want to drink it.

Sam: No, no, no, no -- yes, you do.

Blair: No, I don't.

Sam: Trust me, it's good for you.

Blair: But it's green, Sam.

Sam: I know it's green. It's going to make you feel better. Come on, take a sip.

Blair: Well, just a little one.

Sam: Ok.

Blair: Oh, that is bad! That -- that tastes as bad as it looks.

Sam: Well, that's --

Blair: Oh --

Sam: That's part of the behavior modification component, you see? You think twice before getting drunk again.

Blair: What?

Sam: Just relax. It calms your stomach down --

Blair: Oh, no --

Sam: It cures your headache, and it gets rid of those -- the cotton mouth. You know? Come on, keep sipping.

Blair: Yeah. Ok. You must think I'm a complete idiot.

Sam: A complete idiot?

Blair: Yeah.

Sam: No. Just because you got drunk?

Blair: No, I'm talking about the rest of it.

Sam: Hey, far be it from me to cast the first stone. I mean, I got drunk when Nora and I split up. And if I remember correctly, I made a pass at a certain someone, whose name I can't recall for some reason. But she was not only cute, she was -- she was beautiful.

Blair: Yeah. So do you think I'm beautiful now?

Sam: I'm just telling you to cut yourself some slack. Ok? I have to get to court. You going to be ok?

Blair: Yeah, I'm going to maybe drink this a little bit, and then I'm going to crawl out of bed and go get in the shower, then crawl back in bed and sleep this off.

Sam: All right, now.

[Blair sighs]

Sam: You just keep -- you keep sipping.

Blair: No, you're just being so mean right now. No -- wait, wait. You're actually very sweet, Sam. You helped me last night so I didn't get into more trouble than I probably would have, and you really helped with the kids this morning, and I appreciate it.

Sam: That's what friends do for each other. I'll see you.

Blair: I just wish you could have saved me from Todd.


Todd: That's it?

Chad: That's it. Nothing happened, I swear. The instant she took her dress off --

Todd: She took her dress off?

Chad: Um -- sort of. Look, I -- I realized how completely drunk she was and how wrong it would be for me to take advantage of that.

Todd: You're just the perfect gentleman, aren't you?

Chad: And you're someone who doesn't seem to know how to treat his own wife.

Todd: A perfect gentleman who will swallow his own teeth.

Chad: It seems to me, Mr. Manning, sir, that it would serve you right if Blair did run off with another guy.

Todd: I'm going to count to 10.


Bo: Viki, what are you doing here?

Niki: [As Viki] oh, actually, I came by to talk to you. Do you have a minute?

Bo: You know, I'm on my way to a line-up.

Niki: Oh. Oh, could I take you to lunch?

Bo: Oh, I'd love to, but Gabrielle beat you to the punch about half an hour ago.

Niki: My loss.

Bo: Hey, I thought you were leaving for London to see Clint.

Niki: I canceled the trip.

Bo: Because Ben was jealous?

Niki: No, no -- oh, no, no. Of course not.

Bo: Come on, Viki. It's me you're talking to.

Niki: Bo, Ben is never really going to hurt me, you know, because he loves me.

Bo: But that is the reason that you came down here, right?

Niki: Oh, God, this is so silly.

Bo: Now, look -- I'm late for this line-up now, but I want to talk to you about this.

Niki: I don't know that there's any point in it, and I'm so sorry for bothering you in the first place. I really am.

Bo: Are you going to be at "The Banner" later?

Niki: Yes, I suppose so, but --

Bo: Ok. I'm going to call you just as soon as I get back from lunch with Gabrielle. Ok?

Niki: Yeah.

Niki: [Normal voice] thing is, Gabrielle probably won't make it to lunch.


Max: For your information, my wife is an exceptional woman.

Gabrielle: An exceptional con woman. From what I read in the paper, she's lucky she's not in jail.

Max: So are you. And for the record, I would rather spend the rest of my life with Roxy than one more minute with you.

Roxy: Oh, Maxi, I knew it.

Gabrielle: What could you possibly have in common with that piece of trash?

Max: You'll never know.

Gabrielle: Would you like to know what I think you have in common?

Max: No, I don't! And you know what? I would like you to leave our home! And don't come back unless you have an invitation.

Gabrielle: Well, that's fine. I wouldn't want to interrupt the honeymoon -- or the gourmet delicacies.

Roxy: You are such a wonderful man. I knew you were going to come around. I just thought it was going to take a lot longer. That's why I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Max: Get off me!

Roxy: Max, what? What? But you said -- you know what you said!

Max: You actually believed that garbage?

Roxy: Yeah, but you know what you said.

Max: No -- I said that because I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of rubbing my nose in the biggest mistake I ever made in my life!

Roxy: Max, you don't mean that.

Max: Guess again, honey.


Niki: Nah.

Niki: Rat poison -- for a poisonous rat! Perfect.


Cristian: Oh, I cannot wait for this criminology exam to be over already. Burglary, larceny, robbery -- you know, I can't get those three straight.

Natalie: Yeah, well, actually, robbery is required to use force, and larceny isn't. And then burglary -- you break into a building or into a home and commit a felony.

Cristian: Now, why can't I remember that?

Natalie: You're just on overload, that's all.

Cristian: Oh, you can say that again.

Natalie: Me, too. But we're going to get through it.

Jen: You know, I want some more coffee. Anybody else?

Cristian: No. No, I'm already a little too wired.

Natalie: No, thank you.

Jen: I'll be right back.

Cristian: Ok.


Al: Hey.

Jen: Hey.

Al: So, you ready for your final?

Jen: I guess so.

Al: Um -- look, Jen, I -- I meant what I said at the airport about getting over you and, you know, moving on.

Jen: Good. I'm glad.

Al: Listen, I know that this is all new, and that you're probably still a little awkward --

Jen: I'm fine!

Al: Right.

Jen: I just want this stupid final to be over with so I can just get on with the summer and just hang out with people we want to hang out with -- and nobody else.


[Doorbell rings]

Roxy: Oh, my God, what ex-girlfriend is this?

Roxy: Hey, Boy Scout, whatever you're selling, we're not interested.

Roxy: This is private property. You want me to call the cops?

Rex: I'm not selling anything.

Roxy: Yeah? Who are you, and what do you want? Make it snappy.


[Answering machine beeps]

Blair's voice: We can't take your call at the moment. Please leave a message after the beep.

Chad: Blair, hey, it's Chad Bennett again. Listen, I just ran into your husband, and he knows all about what happened between us last night. And, well, he's not exactly happy, so if I were you, I'd stay clear of him for a while.

Blair: Oh. Oh. Whew. Oh. Oh.

Blair: Oh, my God. That's so bad. Where is that thing? Yes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Oh, yes. Oh.

[Door opens]

Blair: What the –


Niki: Oh, come on, Gabby. You said an hour. I hope you meant it.

Gabrielle: Bo?

Niki: She meant it. Bingo.

Gabrielle: Viki?

Niki: [As Viki] oh, my goodness. Gabrielle. What brings you here?

Gabrielle: Where's Bo?

Niki: Bo had to step out for a minute. He'll be right back.

Gabrielle: Did you stop by with some more muffins?

[Niki laughs]

Niki: No, no. Bo and I had some family business to discuss about Clint.

Gabrielle: Ah. So you just thought you'd hang out?

Niki: Actually, I'm glad I did stay because I've been hoping to have a chance to speak with you.

Gabrielle: Really? Don't you have a newspaper to run?

Niki: Gabrielle, I realize that there has been a good deal of -- oh, I don't know, how do I say this -- animosity between us. And, frankly, I think it's probably much more my fault than anyone else's.

Gabrielle: You do? Really?

Niki: I really do. And it would mean ever so much to me if we could -- I don't know -- make the effort to bury the hatchet -- figuratively speaking, of course.

Gabrielle: Oh, Viki, I -- I honestly don't hold any ill will towards you.

Niki: Really?

Gabrielle: Yeah.

Niki: Oh, that's nice. Thank you. Thank you. Do you think we could just sit, chat for a few minutes? Oh, maybe over -- over a cup of coffee?

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Blair: What do you want, Todd?

Todd: Just to see you.

Natalie: He went to go find Roxy.

Rex: It's me -- Rex, your son.

Max: You got me an annulment.

Nora: Not exactly.

Niki: To letting go of the past, to forgiveness.

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