OLTL Transcript Friday 5/17/02



One Life to Live Transcript Friday 5/17/02

By Linda
Proofread by Kathy

>>The deceased Megan: My little sister Jessica -- well, I guess she isn't even my sister now is she? She found that cute brother Rex. Nora and Troy are hot and heavy again. I think today might be the day. Of course that won't make Lindsey happy. She's behind bars and there's nothing she can do about it. And Uncle Todd, I never knew the guy but I think telling Blair that her baby was dead was kind of creepy. But that Téa chick is back in town. She might fall for his line. Now you are going to get to see it all, live. Here's "One Life to Live."


 Lindsay: Six weeks of hell on earth. And a million more to come. Things are bad. But at least they can't get any worse.

Tillie: Sure they can, Goldilocks.

Lindsay: Tillie!

Tillie: That's me. Say hello to your nightmare -- out of solitary and looking for payback! Think you're ready for what's coming your way?


Troy: Are you sure about this?

Nora: I want to be with you.

Troy: What changed?


Niki: [As Viki] Jessica! Sweetheart?

Jessica: Mom, hi! I'm really glad to see you.

Niki: I was so afraid you wouldn't make it back to Llanview.

Seth: We pulled into Llanview about 20 minutes ago.

Jessica: Sorry. I should've called.

Niki: That's all right. I'm just so glad you're safe.

Jessica: We're fine.

Niki: What happened with your search? Anything on your brother? What was his name?

Jessica: Rex. Well, at least I met him. I really need to talk to you about what happened, ok?

Niki: Of course. We can always talk about anything, anytime. You know that.

Jessica: Right. But let's get this Allison thing over with first.

Niki: Absolutely. When I think what that woman almost did to you and Seth -- it's just so horrible!

Jessica: Mom, we're ok.

Niki: I know, I know. I'm being so -- it's just the pain and anguish that woman has caused me. I'm not sure I'll ever be the same. Maybe I'd better go to the ladies' room and splash a little water on my face.

Jessica: Want me to come with you?

Niki: No! No, darling. That's all right, I -- I just need a few minutes alone.

Jessica: What's wrong?

Seth: No big deal. It's just --

Jessica: What?

Seth: Allison tried to kill us. She ran us off the road.

Jessica: Right.

Seth: But your mom seems to be acting like it's all about her.


Niki: [Normal voice] man, this loving mother bit is a drag! [As Viki] "When I think what Allison almost did to you and Seth -- it's just so horrible!" [Normal voice] aagh! Too bad that Perkins broad didn't kill those two when she had the chance. I'd have had two less losers to deal with! Ok. I'm going to look on the bright side at least that witch is getting what is coming to her.


Bo: Hey, Jessica. You made it.

Jessica: Hi, Uncle Bo.

Bo: How are you?

Jessica: Fine.

Hank: I'm glad you both got here. Judge Fitzwater likes it when the victims are in court for the sentencing.

Bo: I think Fitzwater will throw the book at Perkins.

Seth: I hope so.

Jessica: Ok. Oh, there's Ben. Excuse me.

Ben: Hi. You made it. Great -- have a seat.

Bailiff: All rise. Superior court of Llantano is now in session, Judge Barbara Fitzwater presiding.

Judge: Be seated. Ladies and gentlemen, we're here today for sentencing in the Commonwealth V. Allison Perkins. Attorneys?

Hank: Henry Gannon for the Commonwealth, Your Honor.

Mark: Mark Glaze for the defense, Your Honor.

Judge: Thank you. A plea agreement in this case has already been received and accepted. This hearing today is for the court to pronounce sentence. Does the defendant have anything she wishes to say?

Allison: Oh, yes, Your Honor. I have a lot to say.


Starr: Why did you say Suzanne took Jack for a walk? He can't walk. He rides around in a stroller.

Blair: Ok -- Suzanne took Jack for a ride. The point is, I wanted some time alone with my favorite girl.

Starr: I'm your only little girl.

Blair: And my favorite. How's your sundae? You want more whipped cream? Honey, will you at least talk to me?

Starr: About what?

Blair: Well, for starters, why you went to Dr. MacIver's instead of to school this morning. Starr, you know you scare me when you do things like that. What's going on?

Starr: You and me and Jack didn't spend last night in that hotel room "for fun" like you said!

Blair: I tried to make it as fun as I could.

Starr: You're mad at Daddy -- you're madder than ever! How come? How come we're here and Daddy's not with us?


Todd: Téa. What are you doing here?

Téa: I had to come back -- for some work.

Todd: Yeah? So?

Téa: And, well, I had to see you. Todd, I couldn't stay away.

Todd: Nice try, Delgado, but you're still a lousy liar.

Téa: I'm telling the truth.

Todd: Yeah, sure you are. You left me who knows how many years ago --

Téa: Two.

Todd: With nothing but a stupid goodbye note. Now you're here telling me you just had to see me again?

Téa: I know the way I left was pretty cowardly.

Todd: Now there's some truth coming out.

Téa: But at the time I was --

Todd: Aw, come on. The best thing that ever happened to me was getting rid of you. Finally, I didn't have to listen to your whining and crying all the time. Once I got rid of the Delgado ball and chain, Llanview was my town again.

Téa: I'm glad you felt you could come back and start over.

Todd: Start over? I hit the jackpot, got back with Blair -- who's absolutely nuts about me, by the way. Check it out -- we've got a son, a beautiful daughter, a beautiful son, beautiful and loving wife. I'm a family man with a capital F.

Téa: Todd, I know you're still angry about --

Todd: Stop telling me what I feel! I feel good! I own Dorian's house now, I swim in her pool every day just because I know she'd hate it. I have a newspaper. I can print all the lies I feel like printing and I can stick it to your whacky friends and you can't say spit about. Never have things been better for me. I have you to thank for that. If you had stuck around, I would have committed suicide. It is time for you to go. I prefer to be alone now and be happy as the day is long.

Téa: I spoke with Sam. I know Blair left you.


Blair: Your daddy and I are having some problems.

Starr: Duh.

Blair: But it's not something you need to worry about.

Starr: But I do worry! Mommy, you're so mad, sometimes you look like you're going to explode.

Blair: Well, I won't.

Starr: When are we going to see Daddy again? I thought we were a family again.

Blair: I thought so, too. Eat your sundae.

Starr: I promise I will be really, really good all the time if you'll go back to Daddy. Ok, Mommy?


Rex: Hi. Could I get a coffee when you have a chance?

Waitress: Be right with you.

Rex: Say, I'm trying to get an address for someone -- maybe you know her. Her name's Jessica Buchanan.

Shawna: We can help. We know all about Jessica. We can tell you everything -- about her or anything else.


Allison: I know this is when I'm supposed to say how sorry I am, everything I did was oh so wrong, and I'm just so ashamed I hurt people. Then maybe I get a couple of years knocked off my sentence, huh?

Judge: Your sentence is preset as part of your plea agreement. But within reason you're free to speak your mind.

Allison: Well, guess what, folks -- I'm not sorry. And I'll tell you something else -- if I have to pay, so should the Buchanan's for what they did to me! That family ruined my life! I spent years in a coma because of them!

Hank: Your honor, Allison Perkins was hit by a car. The Buchanan family had nothing to do with her accident.

Judge: I'm aware of that, Mr. Gannon. We'll just let her have her say.

Allison: You bet I'm going to have my say! I'm the one going to prison, remember? And you want to know why? Because I wanted what was due me! That's all -- what was due me! No one's ever given me that! No one! "Allison can wait. Allison's not good enough. Allison is that pathetic little shrimp. Who cares about her? She's not important." People have treated me that way since forever. Except one.

Judge: Ms. Perkins, are you finished?

Allison: No! All I want to say is this -- Viki and that sweetie pie daughter of hers are one lethal combination. All they care about is their money. They don't care whose life gets ruined. I'm glad I messed up their lives! I'm glad I switched those babies! I'm thrilled!

Hank: Your Honor, enough is enough!

Judge: I couldn't agree more. We've heard enough, Ms. Perkins. You will now receive the sentence of this court.

Allison: I'm not finished!

Judge: Yes, you are. Allison Jane Perkins, you are hereby sentenced to a term of not less than eight and not more than 20 years, to be served in Statesville prison. Guard, take the prisoner into custody.

[Judge Fitzwater pounds gavel]

Bailiff: All rise.

Ben: What a piece of work.

Hank: I thought Fitzwater was going to let her go on forever.

Bo: Are you ok, Jessie? She got awfully personal.

Jessica: I'm fine.

Seth: You sure?

Jessica: Yeah. It's over. And at least Mom didn't have to hear all that garbage.

Ben: Yeah. But I really thought she wanted to be here.


Niki: Aw, man, doesn't this lousy lipstick just make you want to puke? I have got to unload Ben and free myself up because playing that wimpy Victoria is going to give me ulcers!


Allison: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I can't possibly ride all the way to Statesville without a break. Do I have to spell it out?

Guard: Well, see, we're short a female guard.

Allison: I'm in cuffs. What is it you think I could do in there?

Guard: They put bars on the windows, you know.

Allison: Then I won't even think about it, will I?

Guard: Ok, go ahead.

Niki: On your way to the big house, huh? Good. Couldn't happen to a sicker puppy. I hope you meet lots of new friends there and they make your life miserable.

Allison: Ooh. So sorry I tried to run your precious baby Jessie off the road. Get out of my way!

Niki: To hell with Jessie! I'm glad you're going to pay for what you did to me!


Tillie: What's the matter, Goldilocks? Feeling lonely? Well, relax. I'm getting moved to your cell. We're going to be roomies.

Lindsay: What?

Tillie: Haven't you heard? Everybody else has. It's the talk of the cell block.

Lindsay: No! No, that can't be true! They wouldn't do that!

Tillie: The girls are all laying bets. You know what the odds are you won't last the night?

Guard: All right, Tillie. Move along or you'll be back in solitary.

Tillie: Save me the bottom bunk.

Lindsay: Wait, wait! That can't be true, can it? You wouldn't assign Tillie to my cell!

Guard: I don't make the assignments.

Lindsay: She tried to strangle me!

Guard: You lived to complain about it, didn't you?

Lindsay: She'll do it again! You can't let them put her in my cell!

Guard: All I know is you're getting a new cellmate sometime later today. Get used to it.

Lindsay: Oh, please! You must have some influence! You could make sure it's not Tillie! They can put anybody in here -- Hannibal Lechter. Anybody but Tillie.

Guard: Well, I do know the woman who makes the assignments. I could speak to her.

Lindsay: Oh, thank you.

Guard: But I won't.

Lindsay: What? I thought you understood how -- how fragile things are for me in here. You let me use your cell phone.

Guard: Yeah, I did kind of feel sorry for you -- till I read more about your case, about what you did to that lady lawyer. What's her name -- Nora Buchanan?

Lindsay: Nora --

Guard: And that handsome doctor? You were going to let him die! The way I figure it, having Tillie move in with you is exactly what you deserve.


Troy: I'm still the same man I was.

Nora: Yes, I know.

Troy: Don't misunderstand. I want this. But I have to know, just for me -- what changed?

Nora: I did. I was finally able to stop being afraid --

Troy: Of me?

Nora: Of what was outside and instead listen to my heart. Earlier, when I saw you in the park, being so sweet to Starr, so loving, so kind, I knew.

Troy: Knew?

Nora: You may have Colin's face but your heart, your soul are yours and only yours.

Troy: Are you really sure?

Nora: Yes, completely. You're one incredible man.

Troy: Lucky. The words you are looking for are lucky. I'm lucky because you care.

Nora: I do. I do. I'm sorry this hasn't been easy for me.

Troy: I know. Because of Colin.

Nora: And Sam. Not knowing if I could move on with you.

Troy: No more fears?

Nora: Are you kidding? I'm terrified.


Hank: Jessica, I'm sorry about the hate speech Allison just gave. I'm glad you both were here.

Jessica: Thank you, hank, for all of your hard work.

Hank: Remember, you helped out ok.

Jessica: Could I ask you a question?

Hank: Sure.

Jessica: I'm kind of going through something right now, and maybe you can help.


Ben: This is getting too weird.

Bo: What?

Ben: Viki. Where in the world did she go?


Allison: Ok, I switched babies -- but it was a long time ago, Viki.

Niki: Oh, like that makes it something I'd forget?

Allison: No --

Niki: You dressed up like Niki Smith and took the baby so people would believe that Niki took it -- like that would ever happen! Think you can slap a wig on your head and that'll make you Niki Smith?

Allison: No, of course not.

Niki: You are damn I've met Niki Smith, I've seen Niki Smith in action, and you, you little mouse, are no Niki Smith!

Allison: You're Niki! Let me go! You're Niki Smith!


Troy: You're terrified?

Nora: Absolutely, but in a good way.

Troy: There's a good way of being terrified? I never knew that.

Nora: Well, now you do! You know what I mean. I feel -- close to you -- and I want to be with you. And that's scary.

Troy: But -- why?

Nora: Because there are no guarantees. This could wind up being the most wonderful day of my life or it could turn out to be some kind of -- mistake.

Troy: You have to take a chance sometimes.

Nora: I know. That's what I'm saying. I have to take a risk -- and I want to take that risk -- because I want to find out what there can be --

Troy: For us?

Nora: For us. I want to know.

Troy: I need to know that, too.


Todd: Came for one more laugh, huh?

Téa: No.

Todd: You and Sam, your sides must've been killing you by the time you stopped cackling.

Téa: That's not true.

Todd: But hey, that's right in character for both of you -- twist the knife -- then shove it in deeper and twist some more.

Téa: That's not what's going on, Todd.

Todd: No?

Téa: No. Despite everything, Sam's still worried about you.

Todd: He is not!

Téa: Yes, he is! And I -- I am, too. I probably shouldn't be, but I am.

Todd: Really?

Téa: Really. I came here -- I'm usually not this impulsive -- but I just felt I couldn't leave town, knowing something this awful had happened to you, and not at least see you. I don't know -- maybe I can help.

Todd: You want to help me?

Téa: If I can.

Todd: Like you helped me when I was fighting Blair for custody of Starr?

Téa: That was a long time ago, Todd.

Todd: Sorry, Téa, there's no five million waiting for you this time!

Téa: Todd, I'm not here to --

Todd: What's the matter? Your bank account running low? Well, start looking for somebody else to suck dry -- because it's not going to be me.

Téa: Shut up! Shut the hell up, Todd! I'm offering to help and all you do is attack me? Sometimes you are beyond despicable! I hate you when you're like this! It's no wonder Blair hates you, too!


Starr: Mommy? Is it a deal?

Blair: Starr -- this isn't about you.

Starr: I know I was mean to Jack -- and you and Daddy, too, sometimes -- but I'll never do it again!

Blair: Sweetheart, promising to be good isn't going to change what's happened. It's between daddy and me.

Starr: I'll be nice to Suzanne. I'll even be nice to Heddy when she gets back! And I won't say bad things about Aunt Viki ever again! I'll do anything if we can all just stay together!

Blair: Starr, please stop --

Starr: Mommy, please forgive Daddy! Please, please, please!

Blair: Honey, I'm sorry -- we're going to have to leave.

Starr: Ok. And you can go see Daddy. And when he says he's sorry, you can give him a second chance. Please? For me? For me and Jack?


Rex: So, you guys know Jessica really well, huh?

Mollie: Well enough to know she's got a serious boyfriend.

Rex: Oh -- that's not why I'm looking for her. Do you have her address?

Shawna: Everyone knows where Llanfair is.

Rex: Llanfair?

Mollie: It's like this huge estate. You can't miss it.

Shawna: I could show you. I could show you all the sights in town.

Mollie: Me, too.

Shawna: Think of us as your own private welcome wagon. We'll give you the complete tour. And then throw in some extras. Trust me, you don't need Jessica.

Rex: Well, that sounds like fun, but I'll have to make it another time. Right now, I really think I should see Jessica.

Mollie: Why? How do you even know her?

Shawna: And why do you want to see her so bad?


Jessica: Finding out Professor Reynolds is your niece -- it must have seemed pretty strange.

Hank: Very. I'd known about her the whole time, but I never thought I'd meet her.

Jessica: Is it weird getting to know her? As family, I mean.

Hank: I still don't know Keri as well as I'd like. I'm hoping that'll change.

Jessica: Right.

Hank: But I couldn't be happier that she's part of my life. Do these questions have something to do with Natalie?

Jessica: No -- not Natalie.

Hank: Uh-oh. I was due upstairs for a meeting five minutes ago. Any more questions?

Jessica: No. Thanks.

Hank: Ok. Take care -- and thank you both for being here.

Seth: No problem.

Seth: Wish we'd stayed in Detroit?

Jessica: I don't know. Do you think I should have told Rex who I was?

Seth: I'm sure you made the right choice -- it was the first time he'd ever seen you.

Jessica: I didn't want to freak him out. "Hi, you don't know me, but I'm your sister." You want to talk to your mom first, though, right?

Jessica: Yeah. My mom did seem a little distracted today.


Allison: Somebody help!

Niki: Help me! Somebody help me! She's trying to kill me!

Allison: What the hell are you doing?

>> What's going on in here?

Allison: She was after me. That woman is Niki Smith.

Ben: Viki.

Allison: No, that's not Viki. That's Niki! That's Niki Smith!


[Music playing: There's so much life I have left to live and this fire is burning still when I watch you look at me I think I could find the will to stand for every dream and forsake the solid ground and give up this fear within Of what would happen if they ever knew I'm in love with you because I'd surrender everything to feel the chance to live again I reach to you I know you can feel it, too we'll make it through a thousand dreams I still believe that make you give them all to me I hold you in my arms and never let go I surrender ]


Shawna: You should take us up on our offer to take to you Llanview.

Rex: I'll do that.

Shawna: Let's go, Molly. I'm getting bored.

Mollie: Nice meeting you.

Rex: I will --

Shawna: You are wasting your time. Jessica has a controlling, freaky mother. So whatever it is you want from Jessica, you won't get it.


Allison: Let me go! I'm telling you, she's Niki Smith!

Niki: [As Viki] please, just take her away. I won't press charges.

Guard: Come on, you -- now!

Allison: No! She's Niki Smith! She is! She's Niki Smith!

Niki: Ben, you won't believe the horrible things she said to me. And then she came after me!

Ben: What?

Niki: She's absolutely crazy! It was all I could do to get her to let go!

Ben: What was that idiot thinking? To let a prisoner go into a public restroom without a guard? How much training do these people get?

Niki: And the guard just laughed about it.

Ben: What? That's it! I'm going to have his badge if it's the last thing I do!

Bo: Ben? Are you ok?

Niki: No. Ben, please. It's not something we have to worry about now.

Ben: I don't believe this!

Niki: It's ok, sweetheart, it's ok. Would you do me a favor and go see if you can find Jessica? I want to make sure she's ok before I leave.

Ben: Yeah. Be back in a second. Unbelievable.


Bo: What was that about?

Niki: Oh, Ben just -- it was nothing. Don't worry about it.

Bo: Yeah, but I do, Viki.

Niki: It was just this awful business with Allison. He gets upset, then the anger comes and makes it all worse. But don't hold it against him. Today's been very trying for all of us.

Bo: This has got to stop. Excuse me.

Niki: [Normal voice] Yes! It's all coming together!


Téa: Todd, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that. It just came out.

Todd: Save your breath. You think for one second I care what you have to say? I have never cared what you had to say. It -- in fact, you know what? It has been a long time. I'm sorry. I'm having a little trouble remembering you. Who did you say -- oh, that's right. Now I know who you are. You better go. You better get out.

Téa: Todd --

Todd: Get out. Don't ever come back again. I don't ever want to see your lying face again.

Téa: I thought you must've changed, that Blair wouldn't have married you again if you hadn't.

Todd: Change? And become a loser like you?

Téa: But you never will. It's kind of amazing.

Todd: The door's open, Delgado, use it.

Téa: You've had the whole world handed to you -- money, power, success, even love. Especially love. But all you do is lie and cheat and belittle people. You scream and curse and blame everything on someone else.

Todd: I haven't even begun with you, Delgado, but I'm getting tempted, so you'd better move it.

Téa: You know how to do everything except be honest or admit you're scared or that you might need help.

Todd: Do you ever shut up?

Téa: That's why people leave you, Todd. Because they can't reach you -- ever. So they go. And sooner or later, they stop coming back, no matter how much they care. Or how much you love them.


Waitress: What happened to your friends? They seemed pretty hot for you.

Rex: They were just kidding around.

Waitress: Did you get the address you needed?

Rex: Yeah, I got it. Now there's someone I have to go find.

Jessica: Rex! What are you doing in Llanview?


Troy: What?

Nora: That's what I was wondering.

Troy: What I was thinking?

Nora: Yes.

Troy: Just how happy I am.

Nora: I'll accept that. That's not what you were thinking but I will let it pass. I'm a very, very patient person. I can wait maybe, oh, 20, 30 seconds for you to give me the real answer. Troy?

Troy: I was thinking about what I told you the other day when it looked like we were history. I was pretty sure we were over. Otherwise, I wouldn't have said it. But I did. And frankly I'm glad I did.

Nora: What did you say?

Troy: That I thought I was falling in love with you. Are you ok with that?

Nora: Yes. Because I think I'm falling in love with you, too.


[Footsteps approaching]

[Key turns in lock]

Guard: Ok, Lindsay, here's your new cellmate.

Lindsay: Hello.

Allison: You're blonde. I hate blondes.


Ben: Damn! I just missed Jessica, the one thing Viki wanted.

Bo: Ben, we need to talk.

Ben: About what? Asa?

Bo: No. You -- and your problems with anger.


Niki: Am I good or what? Bo's going to help me wreck Viki’s marriage. I stuck it to Allison, but good. That stupid little Jessica's eating out of my hand. I'm going to get a divorce and live the way I want to -- forever. Niki wins! Niki wins! Niki gets it all!

Viki: Oh, oh, my God! Oh, thank God Niki is gone!


Antonio: Hey.

Téa: Antonio, hi.

Antonio: What's going on? When I saw you earlier, I thought you were leaving town right away.

Téa: I should have.

Antonio: You went to see Todd. This isn't a joke, Téa. He's poison. He's poison to everyone, but especially to you.

Téa: He's in such pain, Antonio.

Antonio: He deserves to be in pain.

Téa: I can't help caring what happens to him. I try not to, but I can't help it.

Antonio: Look, whatever he's brought down on himself this time, it's like every other time -- you can bet he deserved it.

Téa: You're right, of course.

Antonio: So, what's sad?

Téa: What's sad is all he really wants is to be loved. No, it's true. And he loves Blair. I know he does. And now he's lost her.

Antonio: She's a piece of work, too.

Téa: You can say that again. You know what's amazing?

Antonio: What? That you can let the guy go?

Téa: That both Blair and Todd are better people when they're together.

Antonio: So let Blair have Todd, and you stay away from him.

Téa: I have to. You're right.

Antonio: So do it!

Téa: I should get to the airport.

Antonio: You want a police escort?

Téa: To make sure I get to the airport safely or to make sure I actually leave?

Antonio: Both.

Téa: You don't have to worry. I can't help Todd. He's on a self-destructive course now, and no one can stop him.


[Blair walks in]

Todd: You're back. You came back.

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Minister: I'm the one who married you and your lovely wife last night.

Lindsay: Lindsay Rappaport.

Allison: Did I ask?

Rex: Came to see my sister.

Jessica: Your sister?

Blair: She wants us to get back together.

Bo: Well, what happened? What is it?

Viki: Bo, it's Niki Smith.

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