OLTL Transcript Wednesday 5/15/02



One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 5/15/02

By Linda
Proofread by Kathy

Regis: Hey, it is Wednesday on "One Life to Live ." Llanview is still going live. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what Roxy has in store for Max. Did you see the look on Al's face when he saw Jen that night? How is Niki going to explain her crazy disco dancing to Chad? If Blair doesn't forgive Todd for lying about the baby, maybe Téa will be there with a holder to lean on. You know what I mean? Llanview is crackling. And they are doing it live. Let's sit back and watch "One Life to Live ."


[Niki singing]>> It's raining men Tall blond dark and lean rough and tough.

Chad: Mrs. Davidson?

Niki: [As Viki] Well, now, I didn't hear you come in.

Chad: No wonder. You got that boom box cranked up to, like, 6.5 on the Richter scale.

Niki: Yes, I really love that song. Don't you?

Chad: Mrs. Davidson, I know I don't know you very well, but are you having some kind of nervous breakdown?


Jen: Al. What are you doing here?

Al: I had to come.

Jen: No, you didn't. Now, go, please, before Cristian comes back.

Al: First I have to tell you something. It could really change things.

Jen: Go home.

Al: This will only take a minute. Then you can throw me out -- if you still want to.

Jen: Why are you doing this?

Al: Because it's important.

Jen: To you, maybe.

Al: Mostly to you, Jen. It's about Cris.

Jen: What about him?

Al: Him and Natalie.


Cristian: Al is here?

Natalie: That's what I said.

Cristian: In Vegas?

Natalie: Sure looks like Vegas to me.

Cristian: Who told you?

Natalie: Nobody. I saw him at the Llanview airport. When I couldn't reach you on the phone, I followed him.

Cristian: All the way from Llanview? Why?

Natalie: You've been a good friend to me. And after the way I helped Al keep you from Jen, I figured I owed you one.

Cristian: So where's Al now?

Natalie: I don't know. I lost him.

Cristian: Well, we know why he's here. I got to get to Jen.

Elvis: Not so fast, my friend. You messed with the king. Nobody messes with the king.


Roxy: You sure look down in the dumps, Max-a-million.

Max: And you're here. Coincidence? You be the judge.

Roxy: Ah, come on. I could see that sour puss all the way from the craps table.

Max: You know, you and I would get along a lot better if we ignored each other completely.

Roxy: Look, Maxie --

Max: Max.

Roxy: Max. There's got to be a reason I ran into you here in Vegas. It's -- what do you call it --

Max: Regrettable.

Roxy: Destiny. Now, are you going to tell Roxy what's bugging you, or do I just keep bugging you till you do?

Max: My son hates my guts, ok? Happy now?

Roxy: I hear you, Maxie. In fact, I know exactly how you feel.


R.J.: Ok, let me see if I got this straight. Carlotta saw the notice from the collection agency?

Keri: That's right. The one that says I owe $50,000. You brought it to me, remember?

R.J.: I was worried my daughter would bring some kind of a wing nut.

Keri: But I explained to you how it was all a mistake.

R.J.: Which was a big relief to me, believe me.

Keri: And then I had to hurry off to class.

R.J.: That's how I remember it.

Keri: But not before leaving a copy of Antonio's award-winning paper for Mrs.. Vega.

R.J.: You mind telling me where you're going with all this?

Keri: I left you in my office alone with that bill and the envelope for Mrs. Vega.

R.J.: I feel like I'm being accused here. If you're suggesting something, why don't you come right out and say it?

Keri: Because if it's true, I want to hear it from you. This bill had Antonio's mother believing I was some kind of shopaholic. And the last time I saw it, it was with you. Now, how did it end up in the hands of Mrs. Vega?


Carlotta: Téa, I can't believe it's really you.

Antonio: Who else would tell us to shut up?

Téa: Who else needs it as much as you do? What were you fighting about?

Antonio: Just a little disagreement. What brings you to Llanview? We never thought you'd be back after what happened between you and Todd Manning.


Todd: Anything –

Todd: Anything. You said you could forgive me for anything. Can't you find a way to forgive this?

Blair: No. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't know how.

Todd: Then you didn't mean it when you said you could forgive me for anything?

Blair: I meant every word. But I never imagined you could do anything this horrible.

Blair: You took my baby away from me. You came back and told me he was dead.

Todd: But I brought him back to you.

Blair: After you found out that he was yours, too. But first you put me through a living hell. I blamed myself for my baby dying. Having him back will never take away those scars.

Todd: Look, I'm --

Blair: Let me guess -- you're sorry.

Todd: Yeah. Does that make everything ok right now? Ok, it is the biggest lie I ever told you. But since then I have been honest with you about everything else.

Blair: You've told me the truth about everything else.

Todd: Yes. And I always will from now on, too.

Blair: Then tell me the truth, Todd. If I had never told you that you were really Jack's father, would you have ever told me that he was alive?


Niki: [As Viki] nervous breakdown? Why on earth would you say that, Brad.

Chad: It's Chad, Mrs.. Davidson. Chad Bennett.

Niki: Of course. How could I forget? It's such a masculine name. Chad. Chad.

Chad: Thanks.

Niki: Chad, how did you get in here?

Chad: I rang the bell a few times, but there was no answer. But, of course, I could hear your boom box -- everyone in Llanview could -- so I let myself in, followed the music, and here I am.

Niki: And why did you want to see me?

Chad: I didn't. I was looking for Jessica.

Niki: Oh, really?

Chad: Yeah. I promised Jessica I'd bring her these notes from class.

Niki: How thoughtful. Now, about this so-called nervous breakdown --

Chad: No offense, Mrs.. Davidson.

Niki: Oh, none taken.

Chad: It's just that with the hair and the make-up, and the dress and the beer -- it sort of seemed like --

Niki: Like what? I'm a different person.

Chad: Well, yeah. Sort of.

Niki: And guess what, Chad? I am.

Chad: Huh?

Niki: I am a whole different person.

Chad: You are?

Niki: You think you're looking at Victoria Davidson? You're not.

Chad: Oh. Cool. I'm going to take off now --

Niki: Actually, I can't let you go now.

Chad: You can't?

Niki: Not yet. Not until we get something straight.

Chad: Uh-huh. And that would be --

Niki: You can't tell another living soul about seeing me like this.

Chad: Why not, Mrs.. Davidson -- or whoever you are?


Téa: I'm just in the neighborhood for a little while. I handle the legal work for a charitable foundation these days, and they're having a big meeting in Philly.

Carlotta: So you came to see us. I'm so glad.

Téa: I couldn't pass up a chance to stop in and say hello to the Vegas.

Carlotta: I'd be very upset if you did.

Antonio: Still, it must be hard for you, being back here.

Téa: So, what were you two arguing about?

Carlotta: R.J. Gannon. Antonio's dating his daughter.

Téa: R.J. Has a daughter?

Antonio: No one knew except for R.J.'s brother, Hank. Even R.J. didn't know.

Téa: Well, why are you dating her?

Antonio: She's beautiful, smart and amazing. And I'm so glad that I am.

Carlotta: Antonio would never date her if he knew she was R.J.'s daughter.

Téa: It sounds wonderful.

Carlotta: What brings you to Llanview? Can you stay for a while?

Téa: Yeah. It sounds like you are about as happy as Antonio seeing R.J.'s daughter with me seeing R.J.

Carlotta: At least you came to your senses and dumped him.

Téa: Maybe it would be better if I hadn't because I would still be with him and I wouldn't have made the biggest mistake of my life -- going back to Todd.


Blair: The truth, Todd. You promised me the truth. If I had never told you that you were Jack's father, would you have ever told me that he was alive?

Todd: But you did tell me, Blair. So what difference does it make?

Blair: All the difference in the world. Let me put it to you this way. If you still thought Jack was Max's son, would you have ever told me the truth? That's what I thought. You're not sorry for what you did. You're just sorry I found out.

Todd: Maybe what I did wasn't the smartest thing in the world. Maybe people can say it was wrong.

Blair: Cruel and evil.

Todd: Those things, too. Listen.

Blair: What, Todd? What? What? What?

Todd: I love what we have. I love our family. You and me, Starr and Jack --

Blair: But we don't have a family, Todd. We never did.

Todd: No, we did.

Blair: No, no. It was just a lie.

Todd: No, not our family. Yes, I lied. I admit it. We've always lied to each other, you and me.

Blair: You must think I'm so stupid.

Todd: A little emotional --

Blair: All those clues right under my nose. Right under my nose. I was just too busy living in this dream world.

Todd: It's not a dream world, Blair. It's a real world for us.

Blair: Todd, I wanted so much to believe in what we had.  I loved you so much. I wanted to believe that you loved me, too. You know what, it was all a dream. It is gone.

Todd: All you got to do now is give me another chance.

Blair: It is too late, Todd. You killed that dream just like you killed my baby in Mexico.

Todd: I didn't kill -- I don't get it. What's the big deal? It is not like the baby is even dead.

Blair: Ok, you know what? Now you have to leave. I want to you go.

Todd: Go where?

Blair: Anywhere. Go anywhere, Todd. I never want to see you again.

Todd: Blair, come on. You don't mean that.

Blair: Oh, yes, I do. I don't want to see your face or hear your voice ever again.

Todd: Ok, you're upset. I don't blame you, but --

Blair: Go. Now. Or I'll call the police and I'll tell them everything you did.

Todd: They already know.

Blair: Then you'd better hurry.

Todd: You can't do this to me.

Blair: To you? I didn't do this to you, Todd. You did all this yourself. Now go! Go! Go! Go!


Niki: [As Viki] what I'm wearing -- it's a disguise.

Chad: A disguise. Uh-huh.

Niki: Yes. You don't think I'd dress like this if I didn't have to, do you?

Chad: Why do you absolutely have to dress like that?

Niki: I'm going undercover for "The Banner." I need this outfit to blend in.

Chad: That outfit is going to blend in? Where?

Niki: The rave scene.

Chad: The rave scene? Isn't that sort of over?

Niki: Well, whatever you call it. I'm doing an expose on illegal drug use at the party scene around Llanview. And I can't very well do that as Viki Davidson, so --

Chad: The rave scene is real contemporary. Aren't you a little --

Niki: What?

Chad: Mature for the rave scene?

Niki: You mean I'm old?

Chad: Not old, no. Just old-er.

Niki: Hey, you know what they say, Chad. You're as young as you feel. That would make me about 21. But you could help me.

Chad: How?

Niki: Give me a crash course in the current slang. Show me a couple of dance moves. You said you were interested in journalism, right?

Chad: Yeah, but --

Niki: Ok, you're hired. Call me at the office and we'll work something out.

Chad: Do you mean money?

Niki: You have a problem with money?

Chad: Only not having enough.

Niki: Then you're in luck. I pay top dollar for people I can trust. Now, can I trust you to keep this between us?

Chad: Oh, yeah. Definitely.

Niki: Good. You know what? I'll be in touch.

Chad: Right. And don't forget to tell Jessica about the notes.

Niki: Notes? Oh, those notes. Sure. Thanks for dropping them off.

Niki: [Normal voice] that is a damn shame. I can teach that kid so much about journalism. So much for having a night to myself.


Roxy: Maxie, I got kids, too. And you know what they have in common? They can't stand me.

Max: So, what do you do about it?

Roxy: There's nothing I can do. So I don't let it bother me. Al hates you? Big deal. Don't let it get under your skin.

Max: Well, it does.

Roxy: Hey. Guess that's the difference between you and me, huh?

Max: Hopefully more than one. Look, I'm in a lousy mood, so if you'll excuse me.

Roxy: Oh, come on. Why don't you let me cheer you up?

Max: I'd rather stay depressed.

Roxy: Maybe we can grab some bar snacks and hit the craps table.

Max: I don't gamble.

Roxy: What? Who are you trying to kid? I've seen you.

Max: Well, I don't gamble anymore.

Roxy: Why not? You suddenly allergic to dice or something?

Max: It's just not for me, ok?

Roxy: Then what are you doing in Vegas? Jeez, you might as well go naked to a costume party. You used to be a high roller. Come on. Let's go make some money --

Max: Look, I have a gambling problem, ok?


Cristian: Take your hands off me.

Elvis: Not till I get my money.

Cristian: What money?

Elvis: The money you just won at my slot machine. I've been working that baby all day. Just stepped away for a second to get more quarters.

Cristian: So?

Elvis: So your jackpot is my jackpot. You were playing my machine.

Cristian: Look, I don't have time for this.

Elvis: Give me the bread, Fred.

Cristian: All right, look, I'll split 50/50.

Elvis: Who do you think you are? My manager? Colonel Parker? It's my money, and I want it all.

Cristian: Hands off me.

Elvis: It is time for jailhouse rock now. Give me room.


Al: Cristian and Natalie are seeing each other behind your back.

Jen: That's not true.

Al: I saw them together at the student union.

Jen: So?

Al: Cris was all over her. That's what I was trying to tell you at the airport --

Jen: You came all the way to Las Vegas just to tell me that?

Al: Cris is cheating on you.

Jen: What do you think we came here for?

Al: To get married.

Jen: That's not true.

Al: I overheard you talking in the casino.

Jen: So you were spying on us.

Al: What choice did I have? I'm not about to let Cris hurt you.

Jen: You're the one hurting me, Al, saying these things.

Al: Sometimes the truth hurts. But lies hurt more.

Jen: Well, you'd be the expert on that, wouldn't you?

Al: I guess I had that coming.

Jen: Al, this is hurting both of us. If you care about me at all, go.

Al: I do care about you, Jen. Why do you think that I'm here? I still love you.


Elvis: And down goes Frazier! The hits, they just keep on coming.


R.J.: You are not thinking that I did something.

Carlotta: To make her think I did something. Maybe to cause trouble for Antonio and me to put an end to our relationship.

R.J.: Seems you've got it all figured out.

Keri: I guess I do.

R.J.: I have been the one that's been supportive of this relationship with the detective.

Keri: Yes, you have.

R.J.: It's Carlotta who's been openly against it.

Keri: And that's worked out great for you, hasn't it? You got to be the good guy. You kept your hands clean while you got other people to do the dirty work. People like Carlotta Vega, like Shawna Quinlan --

R.J.: Shawna? Are you talking about those bogus charges she made against you?

Keri: Unless there's something else I don't know about.

R.J.: Keri, you flunked that brat because she doesn't use your brain. She didn't need me to give her an excuse to get back at you.

Keri: No. But you could give her the idea.

R.J.: I told you I had nothing to do with that.

Keri: And I believed you. I believed you about a lot of things. Was I right to? Or has my own father been lying to me all along?


Niki: Back to being boring old victoria. All I wanted was one night to myself, to be me, Niki smith, party animal. And that gorgeous kid drops right in my lap. What do I have to be? I got to be viki. At least I got one night away from her whiney family.

Todd: You got to help me. My whole life is falling apart.

Téa: I felt pretty safe coming to the diner. This was never one of Todd’s hangouts.

Antonio: Probably because there's a church nearby.

Carlotta: Tonio.

Téa: It's all right, Carlotta. I'm the last person in the world to defend my ex-husband. I know him too well. That's why I'm just popping in and out of town before I run into him.

Carlotta: I still can't believe you fell for a man like that in the first place.

Téa: My heart overruled my brains. I liked R.J., Too.

Carlotta: Yes, and I prayed for you every single day.

Téa: I have to go.

Carlotta: So soon?

Téa: I have a lot of work to do.

Carlotta: You sure that you won't stay with me? We can catch up in the evening.

Téa: I already have a hotel. But I promise to try to stop in tomorrow and say good-bye. Hey, do me a favor?

Carlotta: What?

Téa: Give Tonio a break. Keri sounds great. Bye.

[Speaking in Spanish]

Carlotta: Téa is so wonderful.

Antonio: And smart, too. Mami, you came around to liking Keri before this credit card nonsense. Now you can like her again. She doesn't owe any money. It was a mistake.

Carlotta: You're right. I wish I'd never seen that stupid notice. By the way, how did it get in that envelope in the first place?


R.J.: Keri, you're my daughter, I love you.

Keri: Your point being?

R.J.: However Carlotta got that notice, she judged you before she had the facts. Is that how you want to be with Antonio and his family? Always on trial? Trust me, it's not a fun life.

Keri: As far as Mrs. Vega knew, this notice was the facts. She had every right to be upset. She's not the bad guy here.

R.J.: Of course not. And I am?

Keri: And you know what? Through all my misunderstandings with his mother, Antonio never let it come between us -- not once. If anybody was thinking that it would -- that person was wrong.

R.J.: Can you look at this from my side? You're my daughter, and your boyfriend hates my guts. His whole family does.

Keri: Then try changing their minds about you, not about me. The dirty tricks stop now. Is that clear?

R.J.: Keri, you're my daughter. I love you. I was only thinking about what was best for you.

Keri: And you are my father and I love you. Don't do this. But please don't force me to make a choice. It might not be the one you're hoping for.


Suzanne: What's the matter? What's wrong, sweetie? What's wrong? Jack is getting a little fussy. I think he wants his mother.

Blair: My son. Yes, you are. You're my beautiful boy.

Suzanne: Mrs. Manning, are you all right?

Blair: Yeah, you come here to your mommy, oh, Jack. Hey.

Suzanne: Mrs. Manning --

Blair: I love you. I love you so much. I missed you so much. It is going to be ok now. Everything is going to be all right. I got you back in my arms. Everything is going to be all right. Oh, beautiful boy. Let me look at you. It is ok. Oh, god. How did your daddy ever do that? How could he ever take you away from me?


Todd: You are not going to believe what happened.

Niki: You look terrible. Really terrible.

Todd: Thanks.

Niki: You told Blair the baby was dead and he wasn't dead. Now she knows.

Todd: Who told you, Bo? I'm surprised I'm not in jail.

Niki: You are not sure that will happen.

Todd: He's probably sprucing up my jail cell to make sure it doesn't have any toilet paper.

Niki: You know what you need, Todd?

Todd: A country without an extradition treaty?

Niki: A beer.

Todd: Yes. Why not? Softening me up for a big lecture? I know what you're going to say.

Niki: Todd, you blew it --

Todd: Ok, here it comes.

Niki: By getting caught.

Todd: What? You shouldn't have been bad to Blair and told her about the dead baby.

Niki: Life is complicated, Todd. You do what you got to do to get through it all. Sometimes other people just get hurt. That just the way it is.

Todd: You don't have to tell me.

Niki: Besides, you gave Blair the baby back, didn't you?

Todd: Exactly, the moment I knew the kid was mine.

Niki: So nobody got hurt, right? Not in the long run, anyway.

Todd: That's exactly what I was trying to tell Blair, but she wouldn't listen. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Something's wrong here.

Niki: What?

Todd: You're agreeing with me.

Niki: So what?

Todd: You never agree with me. What's wrong with you?

Todd: Like some really bad science fiction movie where Viki has been possessed by alien Niki pod people.

Niki: Todd, you are so impossible!

Todd: Oh, no, you are back.

Niki: I never left.

Todd: I knew it was too good to be true. So why were you sticking up for what I did to Blair?

Niki: I thought if you heard your own words thrown back at you, you'd realize how appalling they are.

Todd: Appalling. It was too good to last.

Niki: You told a mother her baby was dead. How hideous is that? Our children are our treasures.

Todd: Ok, so I hid my treasure for a while.

Niki: Todd, this is nothing to joke about.

Todd: You're telling me. I've never seen Blair like this before.

Niki: I'm not surprised. Are you kidding? It is much worse. This is right up there with something Victor Lord would have done.

Todd: Mentioning my -- our father at a time like this, that's really a low blow.

Niki: Well, you want a different answer, ask a different person.

Todd: Thought I did. Guess I was wrong.

Niki: [Normal voice] I must be slipping. I almost feel a little sorry for him.


Roxy: Max, you got a gambling problem?

Max: Yes.

Roxy: What kind?

Max: The usual. Once I start, I can't stop.

Roxy: Well, I guess I have a gambling problem and a drinking problem and a smoking problem.

Max: In other words, you're an addict.

Roxy: Hell, no. I just like having a good time. Anything that's fun gets called an addiction these days. I heard they even have sex addiction. I'm thinking about trying that one, too. See? I knew I'd cheer you up.

Max: You're one of a kind, Roxanne. I'll give you that.

Roxy: And I'll take it. Stop beating up on yourself and look at where you are.

Max: Where am I?

Roxy: Vegas, man. A whole city of folks doing only one thing.

Max: Yeah -- trying to empty my wallet.

Roxy: And having a hell of a time while they're doing it. It's just 12 paces to the craps tables. That's my kind of 12-step program.


Elvis: Well, thank you. Thank you very much.

Natalie: Oh, my God! Get him!


R.J.: Watch it, manning.

Todd: You watch it. What's the matter, R.J.? You having a bad hair day?

R.J.: No, no. But I understand you have trouble getting it up in the morning.

Todd: Oh, I get it. You woke up on the wrong side of the dred.

R.J.: Shut up! Shut up!

Nigel: Mr. Manning? Is everything all right?

Todd: Everything's peachy, Nigel.

Nigel: Your son's still doing well, I trust?

Todd: Jack's fine. Jack's great.

Nigel: Then?

Todd: Blair knows.

Nigel: About?

Todd: The truth about Jack. She knows Jack's her real son. She knows the baby I told her was dead isn't really dead.

Nigel: Oh, dear. How?

Todd: Doesn't matter, does it?

Nigel: No, I suppose not. She's not happy?

Todd: She hates me. I've lost her and I've lost my children.

Nigel: Oh, sir, surely not. But you love her and Lord knows you love those children. And she'll see that, Sir.

Todd: I don't think so.

Nigel: Oh, give it time, Sir.

Todd: Time heals all wounds, Nigel?

Nigel: Not all, but many.

Todd: It's not going to heal this one. What are you doing here anyway? Shouldn't you be off somewhere kissing up to Asa? That's what you do best, isn't it?

Nigel: That's what I'm paid to do.

Todd: So what are you doing here?

Nigel: I'm buying him coffee beans. His latest addiction is sumatran --

Todd: Go away. Just go away.

Nigel: Indeed. I know how dark it seems just now, Mr. Manning, sir, but don't despair. Things change. That's all I really know about life -- even when everything seems at its very bleakest, something turns up. Something changes. Something will change for you, too. Just hang on. It will. You'll see.


Antonio: No, you listen. Professor Reynolds wrote to you, and you're still hitting her up for that 50 grand. Clear it up by tomorrow morning. We got some brand-new consumer fraud laws in Llanview -- fines, jail terms, the works -- and the D.A. Is just dying to try them out. Hey, you heard all that.

Keri: Yeah. If I'd known it was that easy to fix, I would have told you about it a long time ago. You had me scared.

Antonio: So where you been?

Keri: R.J.

Antonio: Is everything ok?

Keri: Maybe not ok but clear.

Antonio: Well, on this end, too. Mami feels terrible about what happened, and she's going to apologize.

Keri: It was just a misunderstanding. We've had a lot of those lately. But not about what matters.

Antonio: What's that?

Keri: You have to ask?

Antonio: Guess not.


Max: No, no, really, Roxanne. No matter how depressed I am about Al, gambling isn't the answer. Drinking is.

Roxy: It's not supposed to be the answer. It's supposed to make you forget the question. You can at least blow on my bones.

Max: Ah, what the hell.

Roxy: Ok, do this for mama. Whoa!

Max: Nice roll.

Roxy: "N the bones are hot tonight. In fact, they're sizzling. Give me them bones. Are you going to put a bet or what?


Elvis: Oh, man. This is the worst thing to happen to me since the Beatles.


Jen: Are you ok?

Cristian: I'm fine. It's only this golf ball on the back of my head that hurts.

Jen: What happened exactly?

Cristian: Well, it started right after I hit the jackpot on the slots downstairs.

Jen: You hit the jackpot?

Cristian: Problem is our Elvis had been playing that machine all day. He figured the money was his. I even offered him half, but --

Natalie: I saw him stomp off. I guess he followed you.

Cristian: And knocked me out with something.

Natalie: He was standing over you with a steak knife.

Cristian: You screamed.

Natalie: Yeah.

Jen: And then Al saved your life.


Niki: Missed. Better get rid of these before anybody else decides to drop in. Poor Todd. I almost blew it with Todd. It's getting harder and harder to keep up this queen victoria act. I got to ditch the hubby fast. Missed. Hey. Well, here's to you Bo Buchanan. You got a date with destiny and that's me.


Blair: Oh, Jack, it's really you. I knew you were crying for me in Mexico. You were crying for me. You don't have to cry anymore, beautiful boy because I'm right here and I'm never going to leave you. Hush. Hush, little baby don't say a word Mama's going to buy you a mockingbird and if that mockingbird don't sing Mama's going to buy you a diamond ring and if that diamond ring don't shine your daddy's going to break this heart of mine heart of mine.


Téa: Todd.

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