OLTL Transcript Tuesday 5/14/02



One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 5/14/02

By Linda
Proofread by Kathy

[Regis narrates]

>> If you watched "One Life to Live " yesterday, you know the show is on fire! And it's live! And today should be dynamite. I think Carlotta's going to let Antonio's daughter, Keri, have it for being $50,000 in debt. Things are heating up in Las Vegas, too, with Max trying to keep everybody calm, as Roxy keeps stirring up trouble! What is it with Niki? She's desperate to dump Ben, so she's putting the make on his brother, Bo. After all this time, Blair's finally going to let Todd have it for lying to her about her baby being dead. I mean, I can't wait to see it all happen. Next -- live! Now, here's "One Life to Live."


Keri: $50,000? How did you -- Mrs. Vega, I do not owe any money on my credit card.

Carlotta: Please don't try to deny it, Keri. You need help.

Antonio: Mami --

Carlotta: I've watched you throwing money around like so much paper. And you're already over $50,000 in debt.

Keri: But I'm not. I don't owe money to anyone.

Carlotta: Is that so?

Keri: Yes, I swear.

Carlotta: Then why did the credit card company send you this notice?


R.J.: Chad, thanks for coming. What can I get you?

Chad: I'm running late. I can't stay. Why did you want to meet me here?

R.J.: I didn't think Max would like it if I strolled into Break Bar and asked you to come work at Capricorn.

Chad: You want to hire me for your club? That's really cool. Quick question though -- hire me as what, bartender or spy?

R.J.: Chad -- I need a bartender -- although I may ask for your help in other areas occasionally. You'll start at healthy raise.

Chad: I'm going to have to pass. I don't want to spy on your daughter anymore, follow her around town. It's just not me. I've got to go.

R.J.: If you change your mind --

Chad: Right. Thanks anyway.

Nora: Why were you having Keri watched?


Jen: What are you doing here, Natalie?

Natalie: Where's Cristian?

Jen: None of your business.

Natalie: Just tell me, ok?

Jen: No. We came here so we could get away from you and everybody else back home.

Natalie: Well, you didn't do a very good job.

Jen: Since you're here, obviously not. What is it with you? You're everywhere. Are you stalking Cristian?

Natalie: No.

Jen: Or just trying to ruin our trip? Because either way, it won't work. Good-bye.

Natalie: No, no. You're going to shut up and hear this whether you like it or not because I'm not the one you have to worry about.


Al: Dad? What are you doing here?

Max: That's my question to you.

Al: Well, I guess we both decided to grab a little R and R at the same time, huh?

Max: Skip the lies. I know why you came. Jen and Cristian are here. But before you make the biggest mistake of your life, I'm taking you home.

Al: No, you're not. I'm not going anywhere.


Roxy: Yo, Vega. It's true, I can't believe it. Another one of Jessie's friends.

Cristian: Mrs. Balsom --

Roxy: Roxy, honey. Everybody does. What is this, Llanview week in Vegas?

Cristian: I don't understand.

Roxy: It's supposed to be a secret. But heck, since it concerns you, somebody ought to set you straight.


Niki: [As Viki] Ben. I didn't expect you back.

Ben: What's going on?

Niki: Nothing. I --

Bo: Viki and I were talking, and I practically had to drag it out of her, so don't blame her, Ben.

Ben: For what?

Bo: I mean it. Don't blow your top. Viki told me what happened here earlier.

Ben: What happened?

Bo: Between you and Viki. Ben, I think we ought to just get it all out in the open and deal with it.


Todd: Blair, how come you weren't down at "The sun"? Where are the kids? Blair, what are you doing?

Blair: I was just thinking about our son -- our biological son, Todd.

Todd: Well, that's great. But why don't we think about getting Jack back to the airport? If we're going to get out of the country, we've got to get Starr and get --

Blair: Don't you care why I was doing that, Todd?

Todd: Thinking --

Blair: About our son. What happened to him in Mexico.


Jen: News flash, Natalie -- I don't worry about you. So go bother somebody else.

Natalie: Jen, I didn't follow you and Cristian.

Jen: Don't deny it. Just go. Cristian and I came here to be alone.

Natalie: That's fine. But you don't -- ok --

Jen: Every time we turn around, there you are -- in Break Bar, on campus, at our apartment.

Natalie: Can you chill for a second? You don't understand what I'm trying --

Jen: No, Natalie, I don't understand. I don't understand why every time I look, you're throwing yourself at Cristian -- having a private talk, a little hug, crying on his shoulder --

Natalie: I did not come here to get involved with you and Cristian, ok? I came here to warn you.

Jen: About what?

Natalie: About Al. He's the one who followed you here.


Al: I'm not going back to Llanview.

Max: Al, listen to me.

Al: See, I'm not the one making the mistake here. Jen is. She's going to marry Cristian.

Max: Then let her.

Al: No, no. You don't understand. If Jen marries Cristian, she's going to get hurt -- much worse than anything I did to her.

Max: You can't stop it.

Al: She doesn't know what she's getting into, Dad.

Max: And you're going to tell her?

Al: Cristian's already fooling around on her. The guy can't even be faithful to her before the wedding.

Max: And you're going to open her eyes?

Al: That's right.

Max: And then what?

Al: What --

Max: Let's say you give her a good dose of reality, you tell her how terrible Cristian is, how he's going to make her life a living hell --

Al: He is.

Max: What then, Al? Do you think Jen will come running back to you?


Cristian: Mrs. Balsom, I don't care about your secret.

Roxy: You should, and it's Roxy, honey. It's juicy.

Cristian: I don't trust anything you have to say -- not after what you tried to do to Jessica.

Roxy: That was all Allison Perkins, not me. I'm not a bad person. Anybody who gives me half a chance will tell you that.

Cristian: Does that include Jessica and Natalie?

Roxy: Natalie, huh? She's been saying bad things about me again.

Cristian: Look, I've got something special planned for my girlfriend, so if you'll excuse me --

Roxy: I got a big hint. Somebody who wants to make trouble for you.

Cristian: Who?

Roxy: And if you knew all the facts, you could probably stop it from happening.

Cristian: Who are you talking about?

Roxy: Interested? Well, your pal Roxy can help you for a price.


Ben: I don't understand. What happened between Viki and me?

Bo: All right. Viki told me about the --

Niki: [As Viki] I told him about how upset you are about Allison Perkins.

Ben: Oh, that.

Niki: I know you're still angry about the way she tried to hurt our family.

Ben: Of course I am. Every time I think about what she did, I want to rip her heart out.

Niki: Ben, don't get all worked up again. And there's no point in making threats. No one's going to hurt our family anymore.

Ben: Yeah, you're right, because tomorrow Allison gets put away -- which reminds me -- I'll be right back.

Niki: Bo, I shouldn't keep you.

Bo: Why'd you stop me from asking Ben about the broken vase?

Niki: I just -- I'd hate to see him get angrier.

Bo: Because you talked to me? Viki, somebody has to talk to him about controlling his temper. Otherwise, how's he going to know it's even a problem?

Niki: When you came by earlier, I was upset.

Bo: You were more than upset.

Niki: Yes, but maybe I went a little overboard when I was describing what's wrong. As long as his anger is directed at people like Allison and not -- anyway, we'll work it out. I promise you that. Goodness, they must need you down at the police station. It's shorter if you go out this way.

Bo: I'm not so sure I should leave you, Viki.

Niki: Oh, please. It'll be all right. I promise you. I'm sure I only overreacted. Please --

Bo: Ok, but you call me. Anytime. I mean that.

Niki: Thank you, I will. And I can't tell you how much it means to me knowing that I have you in my corner.

Bo: Always.

Niki: Ok. Thank you. Thank you. Bye. You go, girl! Viki's marriage is on its way bye-bye!

Ben: Did you see -- where's Bo?

Niki: [As Viki] he was called back to the station.

Ben: I thought you guys would like to see your brother's take on Allison's sentencing.

Niki: How very Todd.

Ben: So, how come Bo dropped by anyway?

Niki: He came by -- Bo and I were just -- Ben, I think I'd better explain about Bo and me.


Todd: You're talking about the kid that you lost? Why are you thinking about him all of a sudden?

Blair: "All of a sudden?" I think about him every single day.

Todd: Yeah, but you kind of stopped talking about him for a while, so --

Blair: Because it hurt too much -- see, I never got to hold him before he died. I never got to tell him how much I loved him before he was take be away and cremate -- before he was taken away and cremated.

Todd: It's probably best to Get over that stuff. Are the kids upstairs? Because we've really got to get to the airport.

Blair: I never even heard him cry. Oh, but wait -- I did hear him cry, didn't I, Todd?

Todd: You kept imagining that you did, yeah.

Blair: And every time I heard him cry, it cut right through my heart. You can't possibly understand how much it hurts a mother to hear her baby cry and not be able to help him.

Todd: Yeah, maybe not. Ok, no -- no, I --

Blair: You need me to explain it to you?

Todd: Yeah. Yeah, do that -- on the way to the airport.

Blair: Oh, right. We're running away because we can't deal with Jack's birth mother.

Todd: No kidding. If Nellie shows up with that social worker and says she's taking Jack away, we're in big trouble.

Blair: I certainly know why a birth mother would want her child. I wanted mine in Mexico. If you asked me what was the worst thing that ever happened to me, you know what I'd say?

Todd: Losing your baby.

Blair: It must have been awfully hard for you to tell me that my baby was dead.

Todd: Yeah, it was hard.

Blair: Oh, I'll bet. You and Paloma, explaining that he was just too small, he didn't have a fighting chance.

Todd: Ok, look, I know you're all upset about everything right now, but we really do need to get to the airport. And besides, Blair, all this is in the past.

Blair: In the past? I don't think so, Todd.


Niki: [As Viki] Ben, you have to understand -- when you came home and Bo had his arms around me -- it wasn't what it looked like.

Ben: To me, it looked like a friend was offering you a little comfort.

Niki: Exactly. That's all it was. I'm glad you didn't see it as something more compromising.

Ben: Viki, I only wanted to know why you were upset. I never thought it was anything compromising.

Niki: I'm so glad.

Ben: Bo's an old friend. Hey, he's my brother. Besides, I know the only guy you'd ever compromise with is right here.

Niki: I'm so glad you trust me.

Ben: The same way you trust me. And you even found me in bed with a half-naked woman.

Niki: That was the strangest thing.

[Phone rings] Thank goodness you found out Allison Perkins hired her.

Ben: I'd better get that.

Niki: Sure. He trusts Viki completely. It makes you want to barf. This is going to be harder than I thought. But at least I've got time. Viki's not busting out anytime soon. Little miss Viki can't face the big, bad secret. But I can't stand being cooped up in this marriage! Guess I'm going to have to go all the way with Bo to make sure Ben gets the message.


Keri: Where did this come from?

Carlotta: Where did -- it came from charging all kinds of things you can't afford. Where do you think it came from?

Antonio: Mami, you don't know the whole story.

Keri: This is all a terrible mistake.

Carlotta: Oh, for heaven's sake. An extra $100 might be a mistake. This is a crime. [Speaking in Spanish]

Antonio: Thank you. Now, if you'll allow me to speak to Keri alone.

Carlotta: Now, remember, I'm not the one who did something wrong here. And I certainly don't want to see either of you end up in debtor's prison.

Keri: You knew about this?

Antonio: You gave Mami my paper to read? That turned up in the envelope by mistake. She showed it to me.

Keri: But how could you --

Antonio: Hey, I defended you. I figured it's your debt. You'll tell me about it when you're ready.

Keri: But, Antonio --

Antonio: And I love you no matter what. So if you're still not ready to talk about it, that's cool, too. Just so you know, I'll back you any way I can. If you need financial help, I'll chip in and I'll ask around, too --

Keri: Antonio, listen to me. I don't need financial help. I'm not in debt.

Antonio: You aren't?

Keri: I pay all my bills every month.

Antonio: Then where did this come from?

Keri: That's what I'd like to know.


Nora: Hello, R.J.

R.J.: Nora, this is a nice surprise.

Nora: Why did you have that guy follow Keri?

R.J.: Follow? No, you misunderstood what we were talking about. Having someone followed sounds more like Lindsay, doesn't it? How is she by the way? Have you heard?

Nora: No, but then I don't expect to hear much from her for the next 28 years.

R.J.: Well, that's got to give you a warm feeling, doesn't it?

Nora: I like when justice is served. I also like getting my life back.

R.J.: You look happy.

Nora: I am. Why wouldn't I look happy? I have Matthew to charm me every day of my life. My work's going like gangbusters. I'm very happy. I have absolutely everything I want, everything I need, or might possibly --

Troy: Thank you.


Todd: Blair, all that happened a long time ago. Why are you so hung up on it tonight?

Blair: You must've been really upset when you had to help deliver Max's baby.

Todd: I didn't think about it.

Blair: Sure you did. You were in love with me, jealous as hell, having to help deliver another man's baby. Admit it -- you were furious.

Todd: It bothered me.

Blair: How much?

Todd: Look, Blair --

Blair: When you lifted that baby up, saw him start to breathe, fighting for his place in the world, what went through your mind?

Todd: I was so busy, and I don't really remember.

Blair: Tell me.

Todd: I can't tell you if I don't remember.

Blair: You remember. You remember every second. Now, tell me.

Todd: Tell you what?

Blair: What you did. Why can't you even admit it? Why can't you say it?

Todd: Say what?

Blair: Say it! Say it, you bastard! You lied. You told me my baby was dead. And that was a lie.


Jen: You came here with Al?

Natalie: No, Al came by himself. I tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn't listen. See, Al thinks that --

Jen: Oh, stop. This isn't about Al. I don't know why I fell for that.

Natalie: I tried to call, but you weren't taking any calls.

Jen: Right. So people like you wouldn't bother us.

Natalie: Well, I felt like I needed to warn you about Al. He's got this crazy notion that Cristian's no good for you.

Jen: And you flew all the way here to tell me that? Oh, please.

Natalie: I'm serious. Al thinks you're going to fall apart and that he needs to pick up all the pieces.

Jen: Maybe Al does want that, but he did not come to Vegas. You are making that up.

Natalie: Jen, will you please use your brain? Why would I make this up?

Jen: How do I know? Why do you do anything? Why did you work like crazy to get me married to Al?

Natalie: Come on, that wasn't --

Jen: Maybe you just like to cause trouble. Because you're so miserable, you want everyone else to be. Or maybe you just want Cristian for yourself.

Natalie: There you go again. I've already told you, I do not want Cristian. I just don't want Cristian and Al to get in another fight, like they did at the quarry, or do you remember that? You know what? Never mind. Forget it. Just tell me where Cristian went. He'll believe me.

Jen: I've got a better idea. I know how to get the truth.

Natalie: Who are you calling?

Jen: Someone who'll know where Al is. Hi, this is Jen Rappaport. I'm sorry to bother you, but do you know where Al is?


Niki: [Normal voice] Getting Bo to wreck this marriage could actually be a lot of fun.

Ben: Well that was my manager at Crossroads. She's sick. I told her to go home.

Niki: Oh, of course you. Did does that mean you have to cover for her?

Ben: Yeah, and I'll be late. Hey, want to come with me? We'll make it fun. Check out the pool table.

Niki: I wish I could, but I've got too much to do for "The Banner."

Ben: Ok. But I'm not leaving till you tell me what had you upset.

Niki: Oh. This Allison Perkins business.

Ben: It's time to forget about her.

Ben: You can forget about that, because after tomorrow the judge is putting her away for good, yeah.

Niki: Let's hope so.

Ben: I don't like the idea of leaving you alone tonight with Jessica and Natalie both away.

Niki: Don't worry about me. Lois is here.

Ben: Right. I'll see you in the morning.

Niki: Bye.

Niki: Lois! Lois!

Lois: Yes, Mrs.. Davidson?

Niki: I forgot to tell you earlier -- you can take tonight off.

Lois: Really?

Niki: Yes. And tell Cook she can go, too. I'll see you both tomorrow.

Lois: All right. Thank you, good night.

Niki: [Normal voice] Finally! Playing icky Viki night and day is so damn exhausting! Yes! The zookeepers are gone tonight, and this little pussycat is going to bust out and go wild!


Todd: Blair, I know you're upset, but you got to understand something, that baby was so small.

Blair: You couldn't accept the idea I was having Max's idea, so you got rid it, Todd.

Todd: That is crazy --

Blair: Stop lying. I know everything.

Todd: No, you may think you know --

Blair: You gave the by away. Then you told me he died.

Todd: Paloma was the one who told you --

Blair: You lied to me, Todd! Then you stood there, day after day, watching me cry my heart out, wishing I was dead.

Todd: I don't know where any of this is coming from.

Blair: But you did, Todd! I know! Other people know, too. David Vickers -- he showed up in Mexico, and that's why you were giving him money -- to keep him quiet.

Todd: Did Vickers call here?

Blair: Gabrielle knows. That's why she got a job at "The Sun." Right, Todd? Poor Paloma. That's why she came all the way to Llanview to tell me. Because she knew how much I was hurting.

Todd: Paloma's confused --

Blair: Alex knows because she gave her bone marrow for both our children.

Todd: Did Alex tell you? That stupid –

Blair: Sam confirmed it.

Todd: Sam.

Blair: But you didn't care, did you? You gave the baby away. Then you got it back. But you didn't care how much it hurt when I thought my baby died. You didn't care about me at all.

Todd: No, listen, Blair --

Blair: All you cared about was whether or not I found out what kind of monster you were. The kind that would take an innocent baby and get rid of it because he couldn't raise another man's child!

Todd: There are so many mistakes that --

Blair: Just admit it, Todd. I want to hear you say it and be honest. For one moment in your sorry life I want you to tell me what you did.

Todd: I did it. I did everything you said I did.


Keri: My credit card was stolen when I was in grad school.

Antonio: Did you report it?

Keri: Immediately.

Antonio: Then you're only responsible for the first $50.

Keri: Right. And the bank even waived that. They sent me a new card with a new number and said my credit was A-1.

Antonio: Then what's this about? Keri: Who knows? Some collection agency got hold of it, and the computer just won't quit.

Antonio: Did you call them and --

Keri: I call every month. And they say "Don't worry, you won't get a bill next month."

Antonio: But you do.

Keri: An even bigger one.

Antonio: Ah, those credit card interest rates --

Keri: It's climbed to over $50,000. I called them last month and -- what's so funny?

Antonio: I'm sorry, but I knew it had to be something like this. Running up big debts -- that's not the Keri Reynolds I know. And love.

Keri: Your mother sure bought it in a heartbeat.

Antonio: Don't worry about Mami.

Keri: Did you really defend me to her before you knew the truth?

Antonio: I meant what I just said. I love you. If there's a problem, I knew we could solve it. End of story.

Keri: I still don't understand how this bill got in your mother's hands.

Antonio: I told you. It was in the envelope with my paper when you --

Keri: I know, but I distinctly remember putting only your paper in the envelope. I was in my office and R.J. was there when I had to -- I had to leave. I have to go.

Antonio: Want me to walk you?

Keri: No, I'll fine.

Antonio: You sure?

Keri: Yes. I'll call you.

Carlotta: What's her rush? Is there a sale at Logan's? Oh, I forgot, no sales.

Antonio: Stop it, Mami. Keri didn't do anything. None of this is her fault.

Carlotta: Then whose fault is it?


R.J.: I thought you and the good doctor twin were friends. Especially since he put Lindsay away for you. Listen, if he has the same effect on you as that psycho brother of his, I'll show him the door.

Nora: No. Don't do anything. Troy doesn't upset me. Ok, I'm a little upset, but it's not what you think.

R.J.: Then what should I think?

Nora: I need a refill. Excuse me.

Troy: How much is that?

Woman: That's ok, Dr. McIver. It's on the house. Come back soon.

Troy: Those prices.

Nora: I -- I spilled my coffee, so -- hi.

Troy: Hi.

Nora: How are you?

Troy: Great. How about yourself?

Nora: Great.

Troy: Good. Look, Nora, small talk's not really my thing, but you look great. You take care of yourself. Ok?

Woman: Yes, ma'am? Did you want a free refill?

Nora: Oh, yes, please. Colombian regular.

Nora: Rae? It's Nora. I need help.


Jen: Mr. Holden? Are you there?

Max: Yes, right here, Jen. You wanted to know about Al?

Jen: Yes. I don't need to talk to him or anything. There's just been this weird mix-up, and I need to know where he is.

Max: Actually, Al's right here with me. At Break Bar.

Al: What?

Jen: Oh, great. That's all I needed to know. Thanks. Bye.

Natalie: There. What did I tell you?

Jen: A lie, as usual. Al's in Llanview with his father.

Natalie: What? That's crazy. His father's lying.

Jen: He has no reason to lie. But you obviously do. You can leave now.

Natalie: Jen.

Jen: I don't want to hear anymore. Not another lying word out of your mouth. Get out.


Al: Dad, she must have needed me for some reason.

Max: Al, listen to me. I just covered for you so Jen wouldn't realize you're stalking her.

Al: I'm not stalking her. Cristian's going to hurt her so --

Max: Son, please, don't make a fool of yourself. If Jen needs you, she'll call you or come to you. If she finds out you're following her, she'll be more than angry and more than a little bit scared of you. You'll be worse off than you are now.

Al: You only see things your way, don't you?

Max: Whatever. Humor me. I lied to Jen. You cover for me by going home. Otherwise, my word's meaningless. I'll never be able to help you out with her again.

Al: Fine, I'll go.

Max: Thank you.

Al: I'll catch the first flight out tomorrow.

Max: Use my flight. It leaves in two hours.

Al: Fine. But don't expect any thank-yous. And don't expect me to be at the millhouse when you get back, ok?

Max: What do you mean?

Al: I'm not living with you. I don't even want to see you.

Max: Come on. Once you cool down, you'll --

Al: I mean it. I'm sick of you trying to run my life. Find somebody else to hassle.

Max: Son, I just want --

Al: And stop calling me "son." You were never there when I needed a father. Now you're running around trying to play super dad when I don't need you? You were always a lousy father, anyway. So give it up! I don't want anything to do with you.


Roxy: If I'm willing to tell you the big secret, you ought to be willing to come up with a C-note.

Cristian: Forget it. I'm not playing games.

Roxy: Honey, this is Vegas. Ain't about nothing but games.

Cristian: Yeah, but I'm not interested in yours.

Elvis: Come on now, baby. Come on, baby. Daddy wants a brand-new pair of blue suede shoes. Do me now. Do me now. No. Oh, no. Baby, we're almost there, baby. We're close. Now, you stay right there. Yeah, I'll be right back, baby.

[Bells sound]

Man: We have another winner.

Cristian: Thanks. How do I get the money?

Man: I'll have to get you a payout slip. Wait here. I won't be long.

Cristian: Ok.

Al: That's right, Cristian. Count your winnings, because you'll be losing something else.


[Niki singing]

>> For the first time In history it's going to start raining men it's raining men hallelujah it's raining men amen I'm going to go out I'm going to let myself get absolutely soaking wet it's raining men hallelujah It's raining men every specimen tall blond dark and lean rough and tough and strong and mean

Chad: Mrs. Davidson?


Jen: Cristian, wherever you went, when you come back, I've got a surprise for you.

[Knock on door]

Jen: Cristian? Did you forget your key? What if I don't want to let you in?


Man: You can cash in at any of the cages. Tonight, tomorrow, any time you like.

Cristian: Thanks. And sorry about the --

Man: No problem.

Cristian: This is so great. So great.

Natalie: Cristian?

Cristian: Natalie? What are you doing here?

Natalie: Long story, very boring. Let's cut to the chase -- Al is here.


Max: Unbelievable. You do right by your own son and he turns on you.

Roxy: Max-a-million? This must be old home week. How about if you buy a poor, lonely girl a big, stiff drink?


R.J.: Well, look who's here -- sit down. Want to grab a bite with your old man?

Keri: No, thank you.

R.J.: Is something wrong?

Keri: I just had quite a scene with Mrs.. Vega.

R.J.: Really? I thought you and Carlotta had become close.

Keri: She was upset because somehow she got hold of the bill that says I owe $50,000. But that doesn't really surprise you, does it?


Carlotta: Did Keri tell you it was all someone else's fault?

Antonio: Mami, let's not talk about it now, ok?

Carlotta: I see. You're just going to let her walk all over you.

[Speaking in Spanish]

Téa: I could hear you guys all the way down the block!

Carlotta: Oh, my goodness.

Antonio: Téa.

Téa: I'm back.


Blair: How could you?

Todd: I brought Jack back here. I made everything all right.

Blair: You made everything all right, Todd?

Todd: You happy now? We've got our family. Everything you always wanted.

Blair: And the lies?

Todd: I tried to tell you, Blair. I did. Tried to tell you before we got married. I tried to tell you after we got married. Remember that time you said you would forgive me no matter what I did I almost told you then.

Blair: You're a liar.

Todd: You said that -- you said you loved me. And you said that you would forgive me no matter what I did. Well, that's now, Blair. That's now. That's right now. What do you say, Blair? You got everything. All you got to do is forgive me.

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