OLTL Transcript Monday 5/6/02



One Life to Live Transcript Monday 5/6/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Tillie: You made the wrong enemy on the inside.

Troy: I'm actually riding in an Aids bike-a-thon. I have to do 50 miles at noon. You can ride with our squad.

Todd: If Blair finds out that Jack has the same disease that Starr had, she might put two and two together and figure out that Jack is her real kid.

Jessica: I need to know, who is Rex?

Natalie: He's your brother.


Blair: Tell me what's wrong with Jack.

Todd: Nothing.

Blair: I just heard Sam yell at you for not telling me Jack was sick. Now, what's going on here, Todd? Yeah, Sam.

Todd: Uh -- well, Jack -- Jack was sick, but he's fine now. Really, he's fine. It's over.

Blair: Is that true, Sam?

Todd: Well -- of course it's true! What are you asking him for? I just told you. You don't trust me?

Blair: Yeah, that's the point, Todd. I don't anymore.

Todd: So you're going to take his word over mine, huh? And he's a lawyer! Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?

Blair: I don't care how it makes you feel. What I care about right now is how Jack is feeling.

Sam: Jack's ok.

Blair: Thank -- thank God. Why didn't you tell me?


Troy: Ok.

Nora: All right.

Troy: Here we go.

Nora: Oh. Ooh.

Troy: There we go. There. See? We made it.

Nora: Thank you so much. Don't you ever get tired of saving my butt?

Troy: Oh, no, no, not that butt. It's way too cute.

Nora: Oh, you're too kind.

Troy: I'm going to set you down. You ok?

Nora: Yeah.

Troy: You going to stand on your own?

Nora: Oh, I certainly think I should try.

Troy: Ok.

Nora: Ok.

Troy: There we go.

Nora: All righty then.

Troy: How you feeling?

Nora: Oh, feeling good.

Troy: Yeah?

Nora: Ok.

Troy: All right.

Nora: Oh -- ooh -- a little sore. I'm exhausted and I'm feeling a little dirty, but, God, I'm feeling good as new.

Troy: Oh, come on, Nora, it was just a little leisurely bike ride.

Nora: It was 50 miles!

Troy: Yeah, but it was downhill -- some of the way.

Nora: And the rest of the way was uphill. What were you thinking?

Troy: I was thinking that it would be fun.

Nora: Well, it was fun.

Troy: But only because you were there.

Nora: Don't tell me -- you mean we could have stayed here and had fun and I wouldn't be in this pain?

Troy: Oh, I don't know. We could always test that theory out. Why don't you tell the doctor where it hurts?

Nora: You know what? I think I sprained my wrist.

Troy: This one?

Nora: Yeah.

Troy: Yeah? Let me see.

Nora: Oh.

Troy: Better?

Nora: Yeah, but I feel a little pain right -- I think my shoulder.

Troy: Right here?

Nora: Yeah, right there.

Troy: Yeah?

Nora: And my --

Troy: Here? Here?

Nora: Yeah, right there.

Troy: Yeah?

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Troy: What about over here?


Lindsay: 190. Flatten. Fold.

Tillie: Yo, Goldilocks. Me and the girls are blowing off the rest of the day, but you still need some more rehabilitating. Isn't that right, girls?

Woman: Oh, yeah!

Tillie: So, when you're finished with that pile, you can do this one and this one and this one and this one and this one. Hey! Listen to me when I talk to you!

Lindsay: I am not going to be listening to you, so you might as well shut your fat, ugly face.

Woman: Oh!

Tillie: What did you say to me? Nobody talks to me that way!

[Women holler]


Natalie: I don't get it. I mean, come on. You even hit on Chad.

Niki: [As Viki] Honey, I don't know what you think you saw or heard, but I certainly never hit on Chad. I don't even think I know who he is.

Natalie: Well, you knew him well enough to come on to him.

Ben: Hey, Natalie -- I think we've all been under a lot of pressure lately, especially your mother.

Natalie: Is that supposed to be some kind of excuse?

Ben: Could I speak to your mother alone, please?

Natalie: Fine. Whatever.

Ben: I know what's going on, Viki.


Natalie: Oh, great.

Roxy: Oh, nice seeing you, too, Snookums. You want to get your mom out here?

Natalie: What do you want to bother Viki for?

Roxy: Well, she owes me big-time, so I came here to collect.

Natalie: For what?

Roxy: "For what?" For putting mean old Allison behind bars and sweet little Jessieís safe.

Natalie: Yeah, well, thanks to you, sweet little Jessieís about to go find Rex.


Gabrielle: Bo, you can't mean what you're saying.

Bo: I always mean what I say. In the long run, I think it'll be better for both of us just to clear the air, one way or the other. So tell me what's going on with you and Manning or you're out of my house and my life. 

Gabrielle: I can't believe you're being this way,

Bo: Well, it's the way I am. It's the only way I can be because I know that there's something on here and I know it's bad and I can't just turn my back on it.

Gabrielle: Bo, really, everything's ok.

Bo: No, it isn't. No, you know, Asa was right just now when he said that I've had a whole run of women in my life that wanted to keep me in the dark. It turned out badly every time. So just tell me about Todd or I'll help you pack.

Gabrielle: I really thought you were my friend.

Bo: Gabrielle, why do you think I'm doing this?

Gabrielle: I don't have any idea. Morbid curiosity, perhaps, or you've got some macho thing to control my life. I don't know.

Bo: No. It's because I am your friend. You know, I care about you.


Alex: A couple touches here and there and Sam won't want to just take me out for drinks. He'll take me out for dinner, dancing. Maybe even breakfast. Ok. Let's see. Wonder how this looks. Oh, this is ridiculous. With all the money this hospital has, you'd think they could afford a full-length mirror in the dressing room. Maybe there's one in here.

[Knock on door]

Alex: Perhaps that's Sam coming around the back way.


Todd: I didn't say anything to you about Jack because I didn't want you to worry over nothing.

Blair: "Over nothing"? Jack is our son. I should have been here.

Todd: Great. You know, I try and help you, and this is the thanks that I get?

Blair: Oh, by not telling me. You think that's great? You know that didn't help me. You know it! Dr. Shiller, is Jack all right?

Dr. Shiller: Jack's prognosis is excellent.

Blair: Well, then, what -- what was wrong with him?

Dr. Shiller: Now that he's out of danger, I see no harm in telling, right? Your son was suffering from --

Todd: An iron deficiency.

Blair: What?

Todd: Only this time it was much worse than it was the last time.

Sam: Iron deficiency?

Todd: Yeah.

Sam: He had a bone marrow transplant for an iron deficiency?

Blair: Bone marrow? Todd, what was wrong with Jack? What?

Todd: Jack had aplastic anemia.


Roxy: You can't tell Jessica about Rex. I said that Rex was the family dog.

Natalie: You think Jessica's as stupid as you are? She knew you were lying. She got the rest from me.

Roxy: How could you tell her? And you're calling me stupid?

Natalie: Well, why did you mention Rex in the first place?

Roxy: Well, because, you know, I was just thinking about it. It just slipped out.

Natalie: You know, you really are an idiot.

Roxy: You're calling me an idiot and you let that little wimp trick you into telling her about Rex?

Natalie: She didn't trick me.

Roxy: Oh, so you just trashed me on purpose.

Natalie: I told her the truth.

Roxy: Oh, great. Now she's not going to throw any money my way.

Natalie: Oh, right, like she would do that anyway after that con you tried to pull on her? Ok.

Roxy: Why did you tell her? How could you turn Jessie against me?


Niki: [As Viki] Well, I'm glad you know what's going on. Perhaps you could explain it to me. I haven't a clue why Natalie would think that I -- what did she say? -- Hit on one of her little friends?

Ben: Well, who know what goes on inside of her head? But I do know what goes on inside of yours.

Niki: You do?

Ben: Of course I do. Anyone can see how much pressure you've been under, and that's going to greatly affect your relationship with Natalie. And I don't think it helped matters by finding that woman in our hotel room.

Niki: Oh, please.

Ben: At least that's one mystery I solved. I know who hired her.

Niki: You do?

Ben: Yeah. The person with the biggest reason for wanting to break us up.


Nora: Well, I think you found the one place that I'm not feeling any pain.

Troy: Oh, lucky for me, huh?

Nora: Oh, God, please don't tell me I look as bad as I feel.

Troy: Oh, no, no, no, no. Are you kidding me? I have never seen you look so beautiful as when you were crossing that finish line.

Nora: Limping, dragging my bicycle an hour and a half behind everyone else. Oh, what, I'm beautiful when I'm humiliated?

Troy: Nora, you were magnificent.

Nora: Oh --

Troy: No, especially the way you wouldn't let anybody else help you out, even me. You know something -- you are one very stubborn woman, counselor.

Nora: And you are a complete maniac. Do you realize you probably biked 100 miles because you kept circling around back to find me? You should have taken a page out of Darwin's book and just left me to die.

Troy: I could never do that.

Nora: Oh, that's sweet.

Troy: It's too much fun hearing you curse.

Nora: And all this time I thought it was because you were worried about me.

Troy: Well, I got to tell you, if it was, I wouldn't admit it because, you see, then that way you would know how much I care about you.

Nora: You care?

Troy: And then I'd be -- oh, I'd be doomed.

Nora: Doomed?

Troy: For life.

Nora: For life?

Troy: That would be it. I'd be history.

Nora: History?

Troy: I'd be no good.

Nora: You care?

Troy: No.

Nora: You do?

Troy: Not at all.

Nora: I think you do.

Troy: Playing hard to get.

[Pager beeps]

Troy: Ugh.

Nora: Is that you or me? Aren't you supposed to hear birds?

Troy: Thought I took the batteries out of this thing.

Nora: Ah.

Troy: It is the hospital. I got to go.

Nora: Ok.

Troy: Shouldn't take too long, ok?

Nora: Well, don't let it, or else I'll have to come after you and drag you back here.

Troy: Oh, yeah? Is that a threat or a promise, tough guy?

Nora: It's a completely empty threat because there's no way. I'm just too exhausted. So, you know, I'm going to order sushi. You get your butt back here whenever you can, ok?

Troy: Ok, I'm going to hurry back.

Nora: But hurry.

Troy: I will, I will. And then I'm going to continue kissing everywhere that it hurts.

Nora: I might have found a few more places by the time you get back, so it could take a long time.

Troy: Oh, I'm counting on it.


Alex: What are you doing here?

Candy Striper: I'm sorry. I came in to tidy up. I thought you were gone.

Alex: Well, I'm not.

Candy Striper: Ok. I'll come back later, then.

Alex: All right. Just a minute. Since you're here already, perhaps you could help me. I'm expecting someone, a man.

Candy Striper: Oh, really?

Alex: Yes, and he's an associate of the man whose child I just saved. Well, anyway, do you happen to know if there is a full-length mirror anywhere in this hospital?


Blair: I need to speak to my husband. Alone. Now.

Dr. Shiller: I'll fetch Jack from recovery. Mrs. Manning, once you see how well he's doing, I think you'll feel much better.

Todd: Did you hear that? I mean, Jack's doing fine. Jack's doing great!

Blair: Yeah, I'm happy for him. You know, I'm just furious with you. You not telling me that Jack was sick is beyond bad. It's bizarre, Todd.

Todd: Yeah, well, you were in Texas, right?

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: If I had told you that Jack was sick, you would have gotten on a plane, come back here. Am I right?

Blair: Absolutely.

Todd: And you would have gotten all upset.

Blair: But why wouldn't I? Aplastic anemia? You know what that's -- Starr almost died from that.

Todd: Yeah, well, there you go.

Blair: What do you mean, "There you go"? What -- you're not even making any sense, Todd. None of this makes sense. When Starr was sick with aplastic anemia, they told us how rare it was. How could this -- how could this happen?

Todd: You know, I said the same thing. I mean, really, how much bad luck can one family have?

Blair: Come on, Todd, it's beyond bad luck. This is practically -- it's impossible. I mean, Jack's not our birth son. I mean, if he were, it would make sense. But he was adopted. Todd, how could Jack have the same rare disease that Starr had?


Natalie: I don't have to turn Jessica against you. You're doing a fabulous job of that all by yourself. And I told Jessica about Rex because she deserves to know that she has a brother.

Roxy: Oh, really? You don't give a damn about her or anybody else, do you? I swear, I wish Corinne took you away rather than my little Rex.

Jessica: Roxanne, leave her alone.

Roxy: Jessie, baby.

Jessica: Oh, come on. Don't "Jessie, baby" me. Get out of my house, now.


Ben: I just came from seeing Allison at the jail, and I asked her if she was the one who hired the private investigator.

Niki: [As Viki] And?

Ben: And I think she was.

Niki: Really? Did she admit it?

Ben: Well, she was a little confused when I got there. She wasn't sure if she was speaking to Ben or Dave.

Niki: Oh, Dave. Right, right.

Ben: Yeah. But she did admit that she wanted to see us broken up.

Niki: Well, there you go. It was her, obviously.

Ben: Well, you know what? She's wasting her time. Because you are going to be mine for the rest of my life, and no one and nothing is going to break us up.


Gabrielle: Come sit.

Bo: No, this --

Gabrielle: My relationship with Todd is strictly business. I don't expect him to hurt me in any way.

Bo: Yeah, but, see, nobody ever does, right up to the second that he strikes. You've never seen him at his worst, right? I have.

Gabrielle: Todd is no threat to me. He needs me as much as I need him -- perhaps even more.

Bo: No.

Gabrielle: As a style editor.

Bo: Well, then you really are in trouble because Todd Manning hates needing anybody. That's when he's his most dangerous. Whatever this arrangement that you have with him, just get out of it, all right, just as fast as you can. And if you need any help, all you have to do is ask me.

Gabrielle: Thank you. I canít. I've got too much to lose.

Bo: Well, fine. You got even more to lose. So do I. All right, good-bye, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: Bo, wait.

Bo: No, no, I -- you know what? You can't give me your trust; I can't give you my friendship.


Tillie: Nobody talks to me and gets away with it, you hear me? I'm going to --

[Women holler]

Guard: You just bought yourself a week in the hole!

Tillie: I'll get you for this, Goldilocks. You just watch your back, you hear me? You watch your back! You're going to wish you were dead!

Guard: The rest of you, back to your cells. Back! Move it!

Lindsay: I don't think I can take 28 years of this. I'll be dead first. And I'll tell you, that's starting to look like the better deal.

Guard: You are making this way too tough on yourself.

Lindsay: I'm making this tough?

Guard: Rappaport, you are new to the system. You have to make adjustments. You're not in Kansas anymore.

Lindsay: How do I -- do I adjust to Tillie?

Guard: That's your problem, but you have to work it out.

Lindsay: I'll be -- I'll be dead before that happens.

Guard: That's the wrong attitude. I'm going to do you a favor.


Alex: Knock, knock.

Troy: Alex. Hey.

Alex: Hi.

Troy: Something I can do for you?

Alex: Well, no, I was just looking for a mirror, and I saw you in your office, and I wanted to say hello. Hello.

Troy: Oh, well, hello. Sorry. I don't mean to be rude, but I --

Alex: Oh, you are always so busy. I have good news. I've met someone.

Troy: Well, good for you.

Alex: It's made me rethink my decision to leave Llanview. I mean, why would I want to leave a place where I had so much success as a wife and Mayor and guardian angel? So I might stay here permanently.


Nora: Yeah, and with that I'll have the miso soup and the edamame, please.

[Doorbell rings]

Nora: Yeah. Come in! That's right. You want sushi or sashimi?

Sam: Neither.

Nora: I'll just take the order as it is, then. Thank you. Sam. Hi.

Sam: Hi. Jogging clothes?

Nora: What? Oh, well, I was -- you know, I just did a charity bike-a-thon, 50 miles, so --

Sam: Whoa. That must have been a sight to see.

Nora: Yes, it was definitely a moment in the history of sore muscles, that's for sure.

Sam: Yeah, I bet it was. Listen, Nora, I've got some questions for you about Alex Olanov.

Nora: What? Oh, no. I guess that means she hasn't left town. I was hoping that she'd left town when I saw her yesterday.

Sam: When did you last see her before yesterday?

Nora: Asa's will reading, you know, when he faked his death.

Sam: That would be November, right? Did you happen to get a good look at her?

Nora: Of course I did. She always makes sure everyone gets a good look at her.

Sam: Did she seem pregnant?

Nora: Trust me, Sam; she'd never do that to her figure. Why, did she tell you she was pregnant?

Sam: No, but somebody else did.


Todd: You know, I thought the same thing, so I asked the doctor the same question. I mean, how is it that both of our kids got aplastic anemia?

Blair: What did they say?

Todd: Well, the best that they could do was say that was medically -- coincidental.

Blair: Coincidental?

Todd: Yeah, just one of those wacky kind of, you know, freaky disease, one-in-a-million coincidences.

Blair: Well, you know what, Todd? I'm not buying it.

Todd: Yeah, well, you're going to have to.

Blair: No, you know what? Things happen for a reason. Starr and Jack don't have the same blood. But they do have the same parents and they live in the same house. What if this is our fault? What if it's something that we did, maybe something in the house? What --

Todd: Like what?

Blair: What if we did something wrong? I don't know, maybe it's something that they -- they're drinking or they're eating.

Todd: No, you can't even get aplastic anemia that way. And even if you could, Starr was living at the penthouse when she got aplastic anemia and she was drinking all that soymilk gunk. And Jack -- well, Jack lives at Dorian's, and he drinks his milk straight from the cow.

Blair: Well, maybe there's something else.

Todd: No, there's nothing else. Look, it's not anybody's fault.

Blair: How could you know?

Todd: Because I know! Look, it doesn't matter now anyway. Jack found a donor. He's cured.

Blair: You know, that's -- that's something else.

Todd: What's something else?

Blair: Well, how did you find a donor for Jack so quickly?

Todd: The usual way -- I asked around.

Blair: Well, it was a miracle that Alex turned out to be the perfect match for Starr, but Jack has a completely different makeup. Well, who saved our son's life, Todd?


Jessica: You have no right talking to Natalie like that.

Roxy: You know how you say things you don't mean when you're having a fight?

Jessica: No. Not like that. Wishing someone had taken her away when you were the only mother that she's ever known? You know, maybe that scared her when she was a little girl and she was helpless, but she's not helpless anymore, Roxanne. She's got a family now.

Roxy: Slow down. Look, you know, I kept her, didn't I? And, you know, I'm not as bad as she made me out to be when she was telling you all about Rex. And I got Allison to confess for trying to run you and Seth off the road, right?

Jessica: Yeah, right. You know what? Do me a favor. This is $200 and some change, ok? I want you to take this, buy yourself a plane ticket far away from here, and don't come back. Leave now.

Roxy: Hey, baby -- hey, thanks a lot. But, you know, I'm sticking to you like lint on a sweater. Well, I was just leaving. Bye.

Bo: What was that about?

Natalie and Jessica: Don't ask.

Bo: Is your mom home?

Natalie: Yeah, she's in the library with Ben.

Bo: Oh, thanks.

Natalie: Thanks for doing that.

Jessica: Are you kidding? I hate hearing her talk to you like that, especially after you lost your brother.

Natalie: Hey, like I said -- I mean, you know, it was just a better place for him to go. Kind of made it easier to deal with. You know?

Jessica: Really, Natalie, I don't think it made it easier. In fact, I think it made it worse.


Bo: How's Llanview happiest couple?

Ben: We're happy. And busy. You know what? I got to go do rounds at the clinic.

Niki: [As Viki] Oh, do you really have to go?

Ben: Yeah, I'm really sorry.

Niki: Oh.

Ben: I -- I can't believe Allison. I can't believe she would do that. Allison Perkins is trying to break us up again.

Niki: But, listen, you have to let it go now. She's in jail and she's harmless.

Ben: Yeah, I hope you're right.

Niki: Yeah.

Ben: I'll see you. Good seeing you, Bo.

Bo: Hey, you, too, Ben.

Niki: I'm -- I'm so sorry he had to rush off like that.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, I wish he could have stuck around, but I do want to talk to you about something. It's -- it's delicate.

Niki: Oh? Well, of course. You know you can talk to me about absolutely anything.

Bo: Good. It's -- it's about Gabrielle and Todd. They're into something -- I don't know. They're into it right up to their ears right now, and I wondered -- you know what it is?


Todd: I don't know who Jack's bone marrow donor is, and I don't care. I don't even want to know. I just feel lucky that we managed to get Jack a match so quickly.

Blair: Yeah, we're very lucky. But I still want to know who it is.

Dr. Shiller: Here's the patient.

Blair: Howdy!

Dr. Shiller: All happy and healthy.

Blair: You come here to your mommy. Oh, oh --

[Jack fusses]

Blair: Shh, shh, shh. It's ok. I missed you so much.

[Pager beeps]

Blair: There's Daddy right there.

Dr. Shiller: Sorry. I'll be back in a moment.

Blair: Ok. You want to sit down right here? You want to sit down? No, I'm going to hold you, ok?

Todd: See, doesn't he? Doesn't he, huh?

Blair: Doesn't he what?

Todd: Doesn't he look great?

Blair: That isn't exactly what I was thinking. I was thinking that he was probably so scared, frightened, here alone without me. You want to see that?

Todd: Ok, well, nothing like this is ever going to happen again.

Blair: Yeah, you got that right.

Todd: Well, look, we finally agree on -- I got to go.

Blair: Todd, where are you going?

Todd: There's many -- lots -- forms.

Blair: Todd.


Todd: Alex --

[Phone rings]

Gabrielle: Hello.

Todd: Gabrielle, you need to get down here right now. I need you.

Gabrielle: Todd, it's a little difficult for me to get away at the moment. You see, I've been ruining my life for you.

Todd: Yeah, well, you're not doing a very good job. You got to get down here. You got to help me find Alex.

Gabrielle: Why? Where is she?

Todd: Well, if I knew where she was, I wouldn't need you, would I? I got to find Alex. Believe me, if Blair finds Alex before I do, it's going to get even worse.

Gabrielle: Worse than what?

Todd: All right, look, I had to tell Blair that Jack had aplastic anemia, and I managed to convince her that it was some weird medical coincidence that he had the same thing that Starr had. But if she finds out that Jack and Starr had the same bone marrow donor, believe me, it's really going to hit the fan.

Gabrielle: I'll be there as soon as humanly possible.

Todd: Sooner.

Max: Hey, listen, where you going? I need your help.

Gabrielle: Max, I have something terribly important to take care of.

Max: More important than your son?


Troy: Well, I am sure that Llanview is going to love having their -- ex-Mayor, did you say? -- Back in town. But --

Alex: I'm going to love being here, too. Oh, by the way, the operation was a big success. So, if you ever need bone marrow, you can look me up.

Troy: Right. Good to know. Ok. If you don't mind --

Alex: You know, you and Nora are together, aren't you? I have a great idea. We could double-date. I'm having drinks with Sam Rappaport later.


Nora: Always assume the worst when it comes to Alex Olanov, and that way you'll always be pleasantly surprised, you know? At least I was when I found out that she had donated her bone marrow to Todd's child.

Sam: How did you know about that?

Nora: Oh, everybody knew about that. Alex made sure of it. I mean, she had herself as Joan of Arc and Mary Poppins all rolled into one in all the papers.

Sam: The papers? I never read anything about this in the papers.

Nora: Well, you couldn't have because it happened before you moved to Llanview.

Sam:  Before? But wait a minute. This doesn't make any sense. Todd and Blair adopted Jack long after I got here.

Nora: Jack? Who's talking about Jack? I'm talking about Starr.

Sam: What?

Nora: Yeah. Alex Olanov donated her bone marrow to Starr Manning -- just about the age that Jack is now, come to think of it.


Lindsay: So what's the favor that you're going to do for me? You going to give me the key to my cell?

[Guard laughs]

Guard: You should learn to curb that tongue, Rappaport. Look, let me give you some advice.

Lindsay: I don't need advice.

Guard: Oh, yes, you do. The way you're going, you will die in here.

Lindsay: You don't care.

Guard: Sure, I care. If you do it on my watch, it could mean my job.

Lindsay: Well, that makes me feel so much better. What's your advice?

Guard: Simple -- find a reason to stay alive. I've never seen anyone make it through here without one.

Lindsay: I will never find a reason to live in this place.

Guard: Well, then, you find one for the world outside.

Lindsay: I'd almost forgotten it exists.

Guard: Remind yourself. Here.

Lindsay: What's that for?

Guard: To call anyone you like. Hopefully someone you care enough about to stay alive for.


Alex: Wow.

Troy: You know, I'm going to say that the idea of a double date with me and Nora and you and Sam probably isn't the best idea you've ever had.

Alex: Oh. Well, Nora does get sort of jealous sometimes.

Troy: Well --

Alex: Well, anyway, I wanted to ask your opinion about something. I've had some really hard luck the past few years, and I was just wondering -- do you think that Sam Rappaport is a good prospect?

Troy: Well, I would say that he seems like a very, very nice man.

Alex: Yeah. Is he comfortable?

Troy: I'm sorry -- comfortable?

Alex: Secure.

Troy: Oh, you mean financially secure?

Alex: Yeah, now that you mention it.

Troy: Well, I know that he's a very successful lawyer, so I'm sure you can draw your own conclusions from that.

Alex: He really is a lawyer?

Troy: Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, and one of the best, from what I hear. Now, listen, if you do not mind, I have to get back to this report.

Alex: Ok. I used to be a lawyer.

Troy: Did you?

Alex: Yeah.

Troy: Again, good to know.

Alex: Oh -- please give my best to that dear, sweet Nora.


Niki: [As Viki] Todd and Gabrielle?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Niki: Well, if Todd and Gabrielle are involved in something together, then she's behind it. I mean, Todd's no dummy. He would never be involved with her unless he absolutely had to be.

Bo: You seem pretty sure about that.

Niki: Don't forget, Gabrielle and I go back a long way. That woman is evil, conniving, selfish, dangerous. She's a miserable excuse for a human being.

Bo: She was starting to grow on me.

Niki: Oh.

Bo: No, no, no, no. It's -- it's ok. I was pretty rough on her myself. I took her in just so I could stick it to Pa for what he did to her and Max, and then -- I don't know -- I just started to like having her around.

Niki: Well, I'm very sorry.

Bo: No, no, no. No, don't be. I didn't like hearing what you had to say, but, you know, I was starting to wonder myself. You know, she was always trouble before, and I guess she's still trouble now.

Niki: I'm afraid she is. Bo --

Bo: Hmm?

Niki: I don't want to see you get hurt. Please, take it from somebody who cares very deeply for you -- get rid of her before it's too late.

Bo: I wanted you to give me a straight answer. You sure did, and I appreciate it.

Niki: Oh, sure.

Bo: Thanks.

Niki: Yeah. Bo?

Bo: Yeah?

Niki: Now it's my turn. There's something I need to talk to you about.


Max: Al's been all lips lately.

Gabrielle: It's understandable. He's just lost Jen.

Max: I'm not so sure he's accepted that. He still wants to move into that loft near her and Cristian.

Gabrielle: Oh, Max, we can't let that happen. There's no greater hell than living next to something you want but you can't have it.

Max: Yeah. Well, I certainly don't want our son to go through what we went through. So I've arranged to buy that old millhouse. I would really like Al to move in with me. Think there's any way you can help me talk him into it?

Gabrielle: By all means. I certainly don't want to see him get hurt again. And I trust that you can probably stop that from happening.

Max: Thanks for your vote of confidence. I'll do my best.


Todd: Have you seen a woman -- she smells like a wet muskrat. Ok, very blonde, very nuts.

Candy Striper: Oh, yeah, her. She's roaming around here somewhere, looking for a full-length mirror.


Alex: Yes, I think I will stay here in Llanview for good. Oh, that Sam Rappaport -- he doesn't know it yet, but he is about to be the luckiest man alive.


Blair: Thank you, Doctor. Thank you so much.

Dr. Shiller: Oh, don't thank me. Thank the bone marrow donor.

Blair: I will. Are they in there?

Dr. Shiller: I wasn't speaking so literally.

Blair: Oh.

Dr. Shiller: Generally we discourage contact between donors and recipients and their family, and, well, there was no permission given and --

[Pager beeps]

Blair: What?

Dr. Shiller: Oh, sorry. Time for more blood work.

Blair: Oh, you have to take Jack? You have to go with Dr. Shiller. You ready to go? You ready to go? Listen, you be a brave little boy, ok?

Dr. Shiller: Yeah.

Blair: You be a brave boy.

Dr. Shiller: Yeah, you be a brave, good boy.

Blair: Yes, you're such a good boy.

Dr. Shiller: Ok.

Blair: I'll see you in a minute.

Dr. Shiller: Ok.

Blair: I'll see you in a minute. Let me get the door for you.

Dr. Shiller: Thank you.

Blair: Ok.

Dr. Shiller: Ok.

Blair: Bye, sweetie! Bye.

Todd: Oh, hey! What you doing? Where you going?

Blair: Dr. Shiller said that the donor's in there.

Todd: Really?

Blair: Yes.

Todd: Whoa! Boy, was he wrong.

Blair: Well, you know what? We'll wait, then, because I really want to thank them for saving our son's life.

Todd: No.

Blair: Well, why not?


Natalie: I used to write Rex these long letters, asking him if maybe he could ask Aunt Corinne if I could come and stay with them. But then I just got all those letters back in the mail, so I finally accepted that I would be with Roxy for a long time.

Jessica: Natalie, are you sure you don't want to come with me and Seth?

Natalie: I really couldnít.

Jessica: Ok.

Natalie: Look, thank you. Thank you for asking and thank you for saving me from Roxy just now.

Jessica: Come on. 20 years too late.

Natalie: Jess, think twice before going and trying to find Rex. Remember what happened when you went looking for your biological mother.


Niki: [As Viki] Oh, Bo, I've been so upset recently, and it's not because of Natalie.

Bo: Well, then, what?

Niki: This is so hard.

Bo: Well -- hey -- maybe it'll be easier after you tell me, you know? And maybe I can help.

Niki: Maybe you can. It's Ben. Things are not going well at all for us.


[Phone rings]

Troy: Hey, Nora. I'm on my way.

Lindsay: This isn't Nora.


Sam: Are you telling me that Alex Olanov donated bone marrow to Starr Manning?

Nora: Yeah. Actually, she saved Starr's life. She had a rare disease called --

Sam: Aplastic anemia?

Nora: That's it. How did you know that?


Todd: You're not -- you're not supposed to see the donor, you know. It's, like, a rule because it gets real weird and emotional and stuff.

Blair: I think I can handle that, Todd. And, really, I think I would feel better. Because I wasn't here for the procedure, it would make me feel like I was a part of it.

Todd: Look, I'm -- I'm -- I screwed up and I probably should have told you that Jack was sick.  Sorry Blair, I thought I was doing the right thing.

Blair: I know you did, Todd. And I'm sorry that I got so upset.

Todd: Yeah, well, let's just call the whole thing even. I mean, you know, I really want to stay anonymous because I don't want somebody out there, you know, nagging at me, bugging me. You know, people are always hounding us, trying to get little pieces of our hide.

Blair: This was hard for you, wasn't it? I mean, you didn't have someone to, like, share your burden.

Todd: You have no idea. And, I mean, I just want to turn the page, you know? Go spend some time with my family.

Blair: That's exactly what I want, too. After we say thank you to the person who saved our son's life.

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Lindsay: I'm going to get you and Nora back for this if it's the last thing I do.

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Carlotta: Why should I?

Nora: What is it? What's wrong?

Sam: I don't know. I'm going to find out.

Blair: They should know how grateful we are.

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