OLTL Transcript Tuesday 4/23/02



One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 4/23/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: She said that she didn't run us off the road, that Allison set her up.

Shawna: Antonio Vega and Prof. Reynolds were intimate.

Gabrielle: You will not say a word to Todd's wife, Blair, about how serious their son's condition is.

Alex: What do you want with me?

Todd: The pleasure of your company on a flight to Llanview.


Jessica: So what do you guys think?

Antonio: No, there are definite advantages to being the daughter of a newspaper publisher.

Hank: And the story went out on the wire services last night.

Jessica: Starting this morning, it'll be in newspapers all around the world.


P.A. Announcer: Please keep all personal items and carryon luggage with you at all times. Any unattended bags will be confiscated by airport security.

Allison: 100 grand? That money should be mine.


Natalie: Roxy?

[Roxy moans]

Roxy: Oh, baby, I'm so glad to see you.

Roxy: You are going to get me out of here, aren't you?

Natalie: I just want to know one thing -- did you try and kill Seth and Jessica?


Max: Hey, Chad, listen, before you start up behind the bar, there's a couple cases of beer that need to go in the storeroom, all right?

Keri: I'm not Chad.

Max: Oh! Keri. I'm sorry. I was expecting Chad.

Keri: Chad.

Max: Yeah, Chad.

Keri: I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Max: I am not the least bit disappointed. What can I do for you?

Keri: Well, I wanted to throw that birthday party for R.J., but I need a little help with the guest list? I was hoping you could tell me who his friends are.

Max: Hey, you're looking at him.

Keri: I mean besides you.

Max: Well, on a good day, maybe Nora?

Keri: I'm seri--

Shawna: Prof. Reynolds. It's a little early to be hanging out in a bar, isn't it?

Keri: One could say the same thing to you, Shawna.

Shawna: But this is a student bar. Oh, I know. You must be looking for a new student to hit on.


Dr. Shiller: The latest blood tests show Jack's doing fine.

Blair: Oh, Dr. Shiller, we're so relieved. It was so great to have him home last night, but I'm very confused. I mean, how can a baby be so sick one day and then fine the next?

Dr. Shiller: Like I said, it seems like an iron deficiency.

Blair: Well, iron deficiency. Come on, I've had an iron deficiency, and I certainly didn't have a high fever, and -- well, what causes an iron deficiency in a baby anyway?

Todd: Ok, hold your stethoscope for a second. Let's just talk about that pediatric research project that you want to start next month.

Dr. Shiller: How do you know --

Todd: I did a little bit of my own research.

Dr. Shiller: What about it?

Todd: I'll fund it, the entire thing.

Dr. Shiller: I -- I think your husband needs to be here for this discussion.

Blair: Well, I think he should, too, but I don't know where he is.

Dr. Shiller: What do you mean?

Blair: I mean that he called me last night from Philadelphia, said he was meeting with a nutritionist about Jack, and said he was on his way home, but he didn't come home, so now I not only have a sick son, but I'm missing a husband.


[Knock on door]

Gabrielle: Who is it? Hello. What? You!

Alex: You?

Gabrielle: What do you mean, bringing this creature to this house?

Todd: Oh, ok. Well, this creature is going to be your houseguest, at least until your roommate gets back.

Gabrielle: What?

Alex: Over my dead body.

Alex: There's no way that I'm spending one moment with this over-the-hill con artist. And if you think I am, you've got another thing coming.

Todd: Hey, can you handle this?

Nigel: I can try.


Gabrielle: Todd, I will not have this horrendous woman here.

Todd: Ok, you don't get to tell me what you can and cannot have, all right? I need this horrendous woman. Blair can't find out that I lied to her about Jack.

Gabrielle: What, Alex knows that Jack is your --

Todd: No. Of course not.

Gabrielle: Well, then, what the hell are you talking about?

Todd: Let's just say that without Alex I can kiss my marriage good-bye, which means you can kiss your meal ticket good-bye and your cozy, comfy lifestyle that you have here with the Commish.

Gabrielle: Thank heavens he's out of town right now.

Todd: So you don't mind having a guest.

Gabrielle: Todd, I would do anything for you, probably, maybe, but don't ask me to do this.

Todd: Ok, when you blackmailed me, we became partners, and now I need my partner to keep an eye on Alex. Nobody in Llanview can know that she's here.

Gabrielle: Yes, but Alex and I are mortal enemies.

Todd: Can't kill her until after the medical procedure.

Gabrielle: What medical procedure?

Todd: Ah, it doesn't matter.

Gabrielle: Oh, yes, it does. Yes, I need to know what's going on here. I need to know your plans and what you've got planned for me this time.

Todd: All right, Alex doesn't know it, but she's going to supply the bone marrow that we need to cure Jack's aplastic anemia.

Gabrielle: Oh, so you're just going to take the woman's bone marrow and she doesn't know it?

Todd: Uh-huh.

Gabrielle: Uh-huh.

Todd: She was a match for Starr. She'll be a good match for Jack.

Gabrielle: So what does she think she's doing here?

Todd: Oh, well, she thinks we're here because we're running this big con on Asa. I can't trust her to stick around, so you got to keep an eye on her for a little while.

Gabrielle: Todd --

Todd: I'll be right back in a little while.


Alex: I want to know what's going on, what are your plans, and what are you getting me involved with here, and does this Gabrielle have something to do with your bringing down Asa?

Todd: We can talk about this later.

Alex: No, we'll talk about this now and about how much you're paying me.

Todd: You won't be disappointed.

Alex: And why are you stashing me in this dump like some merchandise that just fell off a truck?

Todd: Well, we need to keep your presence here in Llanview a little secret.

Alex: Even from the people that love me?

Todd: Now really, who would that be?

Alex: I have a lot of friends in Llanview.

Todd: I'm sure. Look, you know what? Everything will be clear soon enough. I need to go take care of some details. You all have fun.


Max: We're not open yet. What do you want?

Shawna: A waitressing job. See, thanks to the professor here, I'm on probation at school, and my parents cut off my allowance. But you know about parents, Professor, don't you? Nasty, lowlife parents, like your father?

Keri: Look, if you have a problem with me, that's fine. But leave my father out of it.

Shawna: You don't have a clue.

Keri: About what?

Shawna: Let me see. Where do I begin? Hmm --

Max: Hey, R.J. It's me. Yeah. I think you better get over here fast.

Keri: Obviously, you're just so clueless.


Hank: It's a well thought-out plan. And so far, you've done everything perfectly.

Jessica: So far?

Hank: Jessica, Seth, to make this work, I'm going to have release Roxanne from jail.

Jessica: We know that.

Hank: And Roxanne may have already made one attempt on your life. If she goes free, she could try it again.

Jessica: Oh, well, that is if it was really her.

Antonio: Well, and if it's Allison, then this plan is going to up the stakes for her, too.

Seth: Whichever one of them ran us off the road caught me with my guard down. That won't happen again.

Hank: Look; if I didn't think we could protect you, I wouldn't even consider this. But that doesn't mean there aren't risks.

Jessica: I know that.

Hank: Look, Jessica, there are other ways to proceed. Now, we've got a good enough case against Roxanne on several other counts.

Jessica: Yeah, but, you see, Roxanne wasn't the mastermind behind this. Allison was. I'm telling you, Roxanne -- she's not smart enough to have planned all this.

Seth: And now Allisonís skipped town, leaving Roxanne holding the bag for the scam, and probably for the murder attempt, too. J

essica: Exactly, which is why we have to lure her back before she disappears completely. She started all of this because she wanted money. If she thinks that Roxanne is going to get it, she will come back. I know she will.

Seth: Besides, like you said, it's already in motion. The article's out there.

Hank: And once again, the buck stops with me.

Antonio: No, the buck always stops with you, Hank. You going to let Roxanne go?


Roxy: How the hell could you even ask me that?

Natalie: Did you try and kill Seth and Jessica?

Roxy: Of course not! Allison's car sideswiped them off the road, and that's why the steering was acting funny. She set me up totally, and that's why she wanted me to borrow the car and drive all the way to Vegas so she could say that the car was stolen. You got to believe me.

Natalie: Oh, do I?

Roxy: Look, honey, I raised you, and I know I was a lousy mother, but still, Honey, you got to talk to Jessica. You got to tell her, you know, that I was framed, that I'm innocent, ok?

Natalie: Tell her yourself.

Roxy: Well, Baby, I tried to do that, but she wouldn't believe me. So you got to tell her. You got to convince her that I'm telling the truth, ok, honey? I'm counting on you.

Natalie: There's a switch.

Roxy: All right. I know I was lousy mother, but I was the only mother that you got. You know, when the chips were down, you know, honey, we were there for each other. Now the chips aren't only down, but they're completely cashed out.

Natalie: Then you better get out of the casino, then.

Roxy: Yeah, I better get out of here. The air is really stinking in here. I can hardly breathe. My hypoglaucoma is getting worse every minute. I think I'm going to die in this place.

Natalie: You know, you were always one to exaggerate.

Roxy: Look, Baby, you got to tell her just one little thing, ok? You got to tell her that I was just looking for some help with my medical bills, ok? That's all you got to do, because if you don't say something fast, I am going to be leaving here, but it's going to be in a box.

Natalie: You know what? Can it, Roxy! I've heard enough. And I'm not going to tell Jessica any of it because it's all a pack of lies!

Roxy: You selfish no-good little tramp.

Natalie: Yeah, well, there's the Roxy I know, the mother who never even wanted me.

Roxy: Oh, really? And why would I, you worthless little piece of garbage? You never did anything for me before. Why should now be any different?

Natalie: Well, I guess I learned that from you, didn't I? Mothers are supposed to be there for their daughters, Roxy, and you never were!

Roxy: All right! I was a lousy mother because you were a lousy daughter and I just didn't want you around, ok? And if anything that I did was bad, it was your fault.

Natalie: Yeah, well, we know all about those bad things, don't we, Roxy? All those bad things that Jessica still doesn't have a clue about. Let me ask you a question.


Hank: All right. Part two's in motion.

Antonio: Now we just got to get the judge to sign off on the wiretap.

Hank: Yeah, well, then we better get on to the courthouse. If Allison is as greedy as we think she is, we may not have much time.

Jessica: Well, what do you want me to do?

Hank: I want you to stay here. I'll let you know when you can make your move. All right, let's go.

Antonio: Meanwhile, we'll have some plainclothes cops watching you.

Jessica: All right, thank you.

Antonio: Mm-hmm. Seth.

Jessica: What? What's that look for?

Seth: You can still back out, Jess.

Jessica: We went over this and we talked about the plan last night. We have to do this. This is the only way to make sure that Allison gets caught.

Seth: Look, she's dangerous.

Jessica: I know that.

Seth: And she's crazy, too. And I just got you back. I don't want to risk losing you again.

Jessica: You're not going to lose me. Oh, although, you might crush me.

Seth: I can't help it. I love you so much.

Jessica: I love you, too, which is why we have to do this. Allison tried to come between us.

Seth: What do you mean? That's the last thing the car crash did to us.

Jessica: No, no. I'm talking about trying to make it look like you stole the money from the Break Bar.

Seth: Oh.

Jessica: She took that money, I know she did, which is why we have to make sure nobody tries to come between us again.


Roxy: I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

Natalie: Oh, I think you do. How could you forget? I couldn't. I tried.

Roxy: Well, I did some bad things. You did some bad things.

Natalie: This one took the cake.

Roxy: Well, Baby, you know, like I said, I really don't remember.

Natalie: Well, let me refresh your memory. I was 7 years old.

Roxy: 7 years old? You've been carrying around all this stuff since you were 7 years old?

Natalie: It was spring. An afternoon.

Roxy: I think I've heard quite enough.

Natalie: A horrible, horrible afternoon.

Roxy: Guard! Guard, get in here! She's harassing me!

Natalie: I knew you remembered.

Roxy: Guard!

Natalie: You know what? It's ok, because I'm leaving and I am never coming back.

Roxy: Good.

Guard: Is there a problem?

Natalie: Not anymore.

Roxy: What?

Guard: You're free to go.

Roxy: Oh, yeah, right. Am I going to get questioned again?

Guard: No. You're being released.

Roxy: What's the catch?

Guard: I guess somebody paid your bail.

Roxy: Who?

Guard: Do you want out of here or not?

Roxy: Yeah, yeah, sure. Yeah, I'm going, I'm going. I'm going.


Max: I suggest you look for a job someplace else.

Shawna: Why would I look for a job someplace else?

Chad: Morning, guys, Max.

Max: Chad.

Shawna: I can be great for business here. And Chad can tell you how popular I am on campus.

Chad: I can?

Shawna: Well, I mean, look, you've got, like, these hunky guy bartenders to bring in all the girls, but what about a little eye candy to attract the guys with, hmm?

Max: I don't think so. Thanks, again.

Keri: Max, we can talk about that party another time.

Max: All right.

Shawna: No, no, no, no, no, not so fast.

Keri: Get your hands off me.

Shawna: You know, it's not bad enough that you got my allowance cut off, but now you got to make sure that I'm not even going to get a job?

Keri: No, I would love to see you get a job, Shawna, because maybe then you would grow up a little bit.

R.J.: Keri, I thought you had a meeting, and -- what the hell are you doing here?

Max: She was looking for a job, but she was just leaving now.

Shawna: Actually, I think I'll stick around a while.

Max: And I told you we're not open yet.

R.J.: I told you just to stay away from my daughter.

Max: Keri, you ever seen what I can do with a rubber band? I take it that's the student that tried to get you fired?

Keri: Using the term "student" loosely, yes.

Max: Ok.

Keri: But I'm not going to stoop to her level, you know? If you want to hire her --

Max: No, no. Hey, your father's my friend. Any enemy of his or yours is on my list, too.

R.J.: Listen, wherever my daughter is, you are not welcome. You understand? I don't care if it's in a room, a restaurant, or in a store. You just turn around and go the other way.

Shawna: Look, I came to Break Bar looking for a job. I had no idea your little girl was here.

R.J.: Well, now you know, so get out.

Shawna: No!


Todd: You're -- you're probably wondering why I was gone so long.

Blair: Why? When you called last night and said that you'd be home and you never showed up and you were in Philadelphia and that's 20 minutes from Llanview, 30 minutes with traffic -- why? It never even crossed my mind.

Todd: Well, when I called, I told you I had that late-night meeting with the nutritionist.

Blair: Mm-hmm. It sounded lame then and it sounds lame now, especially when Gabrielle had this feeling that you were on a flight somewhere. So tell me, Todd, where were you?


Alex: Do you have any sunscreen?

Gabrielle: Nigel, it's your turn. I've got to check on Al.

Nigel: I'd love to help, but I need to get back to the mansion and Mr. Buchanan.

Gabrielle: No, no, Nigel. No, no, no. I --

Alex: Mr. Buchanan, as in Asa?

Nigel: Yes. I wouldn't want my absence to become suspicious.

Alex: Perhaps I'll come with you.

Gabrielle: I don't think that Asa would be any more happy to see you than I was.

Alex: Don't count on it. Oh, what is all this mail for Bo?

Gabrielle: It's his mail.

Alex: I don't get it.

Gabrielle: This is his apartment. Didn't Todd tell you?

Alex: No. Are you two living together? Are they, Nigel?

Nigel: I don't discuss anyone's personal business.

Alex: Ha! So?

Gabrielle: So? What's it to you?

Alex: Don't get me wrong. It's not that I don't understand the allure of big bad Bo. I dated him once for a while myself. It's just that you're not exactly his type, that's all.

Gabrielle: We're not dating. We're friends.

Alex: Oh. I'll try to remember that one.

Gabrielle: What are you doing?

Alex: What do you think you're doing?

Gabrielle: I am following orders. Todd doesn't want anyone to know that you're in town.

Alex: Well, Todd hasn't paid my retainer yet and I don't take orders from him or you or anybody else. I just wanted to hear the sound of Asaís growl once more.

Gabrielle: Asa abhors you.

Alex: Abhors, adores -- both sides of the same coin. We have a love/hate sort of thing, always have. Isn't that true, Nigel?

Nigel: More of the latter, I shouldn't say.

Alex: Hmm. So, what is Todd's plan, Gabrielle?

Gabrielle: Beats me.

Alex: You have no idea where I fit into it, hmm?

Gabrielle: I haven't got a clue why he would want a bleach-blonde bimbo floozy as part of his plan.

Alex: I don't know how much you think you know about me, lady, but I used to be considered a very dangerous person.

Gabrielle: Nigel!

Alex: Your friend left! You're not very observant, are you, unlike me, who noticed in about two seconds that Todd doesn't care any more about you than he does about me.

Gabrielle: Well, I wouldn't be so sure about that, if I were you.

Alex: You are a glorified babysitter, and if I'm not here when he gets back, I suspect that he will strangle you.

Gabrielle: I don't really care about Todd.

Alex: Well, then you should worry about me. You tell me the real reason I'm here, young lady, or I'll strangle you myself.


Roxy: Ooh, no cops, no Allison. I need a couple of ciggies and a belt. Oh, man. That's me. Whoa. "It's not my mother's fault that she's the way she is. I know Roxanne is not a killer. She needs the best medical care so she can have the fresh start that she deserves. That's why I'm giving her $100,000." Oh, man, $100,000.

Jessica: Roxanne? Mom?

Roxy: Baby, is this on the level?

Jessica: "The Banner" doesn't lie.

Roxy: Are you the one who bailed me out? Are you giving me all this money?


Roxy's voice: If I was a lousy mother, it's because you were a lousy daughter. That's why I never wanted you around. All the bad things that I've done? They were your fault.

Young Natalie: Please take me with you.

Woman: I canít. Now, I have to go.

Young Natalie: No! Please! Please! Please, take me!

Woman: No.

Young Natalie: Take me with you.

Young Natalieís voice: Please! Please! Please, take me!


Blair: So where have you been?

Todd: I was in the city of brotherly love, like I told you.

Blair: Not on some flight, like Gabrielle said?

Todd: Gab-- Gabrielle, as usual, is very confused.

Blair: Oh, so she just made a mistake?

Todd: I don't know. I might have mentioned something about plane tickets to her, and I guess her little brain just got short-circuited.

Blair: Plane tickets to where, Todd?

Todd: Why do you always have to know everything?

Blair: Why do you always keep secrets?

Todd: I can't just plan a family surprise?

Starr: What kind of surprise?

Todd: That's where I was. When I got back from Philadelphia, very late, I might add, I went to the office, and I spent all night trying to plan a family trip.

Starr: A family trip? To where?

Blair: Yeah. To where, Todd?

Todd: To Houston, to visit Kelly and Kevin.

Starr: All of us?

Todd: You betcha.

Starr: Cool!

Todd: Well, you're always saying how much you want to go there, and then, you know, something comes up and --

Starr: So, are there any rattlesnakes in Houston?

Blair: No, there aren't rattlesnakes in Houston.

Starr: But Houstonís in Texas and Texas has rattlesnakes.

Blair: Houston is very similar to Llanview, Starr, ok? Why all of a sudden, Todd? What --

Todd: Because after everything that we've been through with Jack, especially you, I thought that we should go away somewhere. So I spent all night, but I finally got four plane tickets for today.

Blair: Today?

Todd: Yeah, sure. Why not?

Blair: Well, Todd, Jack just got out of the hospital last night. Dr. Shiller --

Dr. Shiller: Well, the fever's gone.

Todd: Well, then, there's no reason he can't travel, is there? But there is a catch. See, I couldn't get four plane tickets on the same flight.

Blair: What? Well, Jack doesn't need a seat, anyway. What's the big deal?

Todd: Well, he may not need one, but I got him one. And like I said, they're not all on the same flight, so you and Starr, you head down this morning and then Jack and I will head down, you know, later tonight.

Blair: What?

Starr: Please, please, please?

Blair: Look; I think it makes more sense to wait, Todd. Come on.

Starr: No.

Todd: Come on. Look, we've been through a lot, and I just think, really, that the best thing for this family is for us to just go away as a family, spend a little time together.

Blair: Since when do you make family plans, anyway, Todd?

Todd: Since you changed me.

Blair: You know what? This two-flight thing -- look, if Jack is going to get on a plane, he's going to travel with me.

Starr: This is a democracy, it's two against one, and you are not canceling that trip.

Blair: I'm not canceling it, all right? I'm just going to change it just a little bit. So here's the deal. I will go with Jack in the evening. You go with Starr in the morning.


Alex: I know ways of getting information out of prisoners that the Geneva Convention doesn't exactly condone.

Gabrielle: I don't know anything about his plan. I promise you that. But as soon as he comes back, I'm sure he'll tell you everything.

Alex: Oh, you are, are you?

Gabrielle: Yes, and as far as paying your retainer, I'm living proof that Todd is very generous to those who cooperate with him.

Alex: How so?

Gabrielle: He admires the work that I do at "The Sun" as his style editor, and he pays me very generously. And I'm certain, even though I don't know his plan, that he will pay you a significant amount for your participation.

Alex: Define "significant."

Gabrielle: Oh, six figures?

Alex: That's a start. Now, I was promised a suite at The Palace. I suggest you try to make me a little bit more comfortable right away.

Gabrielle: Well, I'll do the best that I can.

Alex: I'd like an iced tea with a lemon wedge, a sprig of mint, and a bendy straw, please.

Gabrielle: Well, I don't know about the mint or the bendy straw. But I'll see if I can find one.

Alex: Thank you.

Alex: Hmm. It's rather mysterious, isn't it? Why all the secrecy? Why won't Todd tell me his plan? Why would he hire that tart to be the style editor of "The Sun"? And why would Bo share his home with her? As far as Nigel is concerned -- yes, no matter what Asa ever did to him in St. Blaze, I can't imagine him ever plotting a revenge -- unless this doesn't have anything to do with Asa. Hmm. I think I'm going to have to use all my fab skills to figure this one out.

Gabrielle: Lemon, no mint, straight straw. And if you had such fabulous skills, you'd still be married to Asa, wouldn't you?

Alex: Federal anti-crime bureau fab. Thank you.

Gabrielle: Oh, it's where you learned your interrogation skills, is it?

Alex: Precisely.

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm. They also teach you how to steal funeral urns?

Alex: Mmm. I'm starving. I'd like to have Eggs Benedict, light on the hollandaise, please.

Gabrielle: We don't have hollandaise.

Alex: Oh. Whip some up or send out for it.

Gabrielle: Excuse me.


[Phone rings]

Nigel: Buchanan residence.

Gabrielle: It's Gabrielle. I cannot take this any longer. I am out of here.

Nigel: You can't! Todd explicitly forbade you to leave.

Gabrielle: Oh, well, I think I remember him saying that forbade both of us to leave.

Nigel: I'm on my way. Please, Madam, don't do anything rash.


Todd: That's a terrible idea.

Blair: No, it is perfect. You take Starr, I'll take Jack.

Todd: No. I want Jack to come with me.

Starr: Neither of you want to take me! You both love Jack more!

Blair: No, Starr, we have been over this. We love you both the same.

Starr: Then how come neither of you want to take me?

Blair: It's not about that. It's -- Jack has been sick, Sweetheart, and your daddy and I are worried sick about him, and if he is going to travel, he should be traveling with his mother, ok?

Starr: The doctor said he was fine. What difference does it make?

Todd: You're right, Starr. It really -- it shouldn't make a difference. This isn't about who loves you. This is about who can't stand who.

Blair: Todd!

Starr: What do you mean?

Todd: No, no, not -- it's Kelly. I can't stand Kelly.

Starr: Why not?

Todd: Well, have you ever talked to her? But the thing is it's not important. You like her, your mother likes her, so that's why I planned this whole big surprise. You go down, you see her, you leave in the morning. That way, you get to spend more time with Kelly. That makes sense. Doesn't it make sense?

Starr: Makes sense to me.

Todd: That way you get a whole extra day with Kelly, doing all kinds of blonde cowgirl things, like horseback riding and cow-tipping and cattle-branding.

Starr: Cattle-branding?

Blair: There's not going to be any cattle-branding.

Starr: Why not?

Blair: Because Kevin and Kelly live in a house, not a ranch -- a house just like ours, except ours is bigger.

Todd: Yeah, but it still -- this is the way that it makes sense. Blair, I've thought about this a lot, and this is the way it's going to be.


R.J.: You better watch your tone with me --

Max: I hate to interrupt, but I have to meet a new supplier and Chad has to get to a class --

R.J.: Hmm.

Max: So I've suggested to Keri that she stay at the bar until you finish taking out the trash.

R.J.: Hmm. All but done.

Max: Be sure and lock up when you and your daughter leave.

R.J.: Sure. Why are you still here?

Shawna: Look, your little "gangsta" act doesn't scare me.

R.J.: Tell me, this stupidity -- is it native to your people?

Shawna: Look; I'm not scared because I'm holding all the cards here. See now, I think you should go speak to your friend about telling him to hire me when he gets back.

R.J.: Hmm.

Shawna: Mm-hmm.

R.J.: Mm-hmm. Why would I do that?

Shawna: Oh, I don't know. Maybe because I know who engineered that plan to get your daughter fired.

R.J.: Hmm. You know, if you were smart -- but then, we've already covered that. So why don't you just forget all about this?

Shawna: Oh, no, no, no. See now, then I'd be stupid.

R.J.: Well, listen. If you ever open that mouth to breathe one word about this, I will make you sorrier than you can possible imagine. Now get out of my sight.

R.J.: I'm sorry. Just give me a minute. I need to go wash the Shawna off my hands. Be right back.

Shawna: Let's see who'll be sorry. Ahem. I've got a late-breaking news flash about your dear Daddy.


Natalie: She should have taken me. She should have taken me, too.

Natalie: Stop! I don't want to think about this!

Natalie: Oh, class. I got to go.

Natalie: Oh, no.


Roxy: Well, baby, I bet you would just love some coffee, and I got it right here. Uh -- well, well, you know, I know I got it someplace. Well, tea. You know, that's a much healthier drink. And water. That's the healthiest of all. Ok, just a second.

Jessica: You know what? Roxanne, I'm really not thirsty.

Roxy: Well, you know, I don't blame you. I wouldn't drink water out of this dump, anyway, you know. But when I get my money -- I mean, you know, when I go for treatment at Greenhills -- I mean the real Greenhills -- then I'm going to make a real proper and dignified place, a place that you'd be proud to visit, and I'm going to have it loaded with great stuff, really well stocked, and, you know, pictures in real picture frames and whatchamacallits -- doilies, honey! I'm going to have, you know, little candy dishes. I mean, you know, not for me, you know, because I'm going to be doing my health thing, but, you know, for anyone who happens to visit.

[Phone rings]

Roxy: Oh. Sorry. Yeah? Hello?

Allison: Roxy, it's me. I just heard the wonderful news, that you got of jail. I told you my plan would work. Now we're finally in the money.

Roxy: Yeah, but you're not getting any of it, not from me. Don't call here ever again.

Jessica: Who was that?

Roxy: Nobody, baby. Nobody. You know, just some silly phone sales.


Allison: Well, we'll see about that. Buenos Aires? I don't think so. I think I'll be heading back to Llanview and my big payday. No way am I going to let that idiot Roxy cut me out.


Hank: Play it back.

Allison's voice: I told you my plan would work. Now we're finally in the money.

Antonio: We got her.


Keri: I'm not interested in anything you have to say.

Shawna: Don't be too sure. One of your specialties is ethics, right?

Keri: Mm-hmm, yeah, something you obviously know nothing about.

Shawna: Maybe not. But I do know that I wasn't the one who came up with the plan to lie to the dean about you and Det. Vega. Oh, no. See, that was all your dear Daddy's doing. Why don't I leave you two kids alone?


Starr: Please can we be the ones to spend more time with Kelly?

Blair: Fine, fine, fine. We'll go down this morning.

Starr: Thank you! Thank you so much! You're the best parents in the whole wide world!

Blair: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. All right, well, we'll head out, but I'll have Hedy pack a bunch of stuff for Jack, but don't forget his blanket, and put, you know, extra formula on the plane --

Todd: You know what, Blair? I'll figure it out. I will. You better get going. You're going to miss your flight.

Starr: Come on, we're going to miss it. Come on, let's go.

Blair: Bye. All right, let's go.


[Knock on door]

Dr. Shiller: Mr. Manning, I don't care how large a donation you're making to my research project, but that baby needs treatment. And if something happens to him --

Todd: Nothing's going to happen. I took care of it. That's where I was last night. Everything's set.


Gabrielle: The last four hours have been impossible!

Nigel: It's been barely an hour, Madam.

Gabrielle: Do you see? You see? I cannot do this any longer, at least not alone.

Nigel: I have duties at the mansion.

Gabrielle: Well, they're not my problem.

Nigel: There must be some practical solution to our problem. Anesthesia, perhaps.


Todd: I found her.

Dr. Shiller: Found who?

Todd: The perfect bone marrow donor. She's ready and she's waiting.

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Alex: There's no place like home.

Asa: Somebody is poisoning our son against me.

Viki: He's going to find out, Niki.

Jen: We really are back together.

Cristian: To stay.

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